We call the kundalini a tribute to total enlightenment, because total enlightenment means when you get to peer beyond the veil you get to know what has never been known. The seat of the subconscious is not in the midbrain; it is in the reptilian brain. The subconscious is located here [lower cerebellum]. Every atom in our body, is reshuffled and reprogrammed according to this dream.

The reptilian brain surrounds the upper brainstem in an area called the reticular formation. Now listen very carefully. The seat of the subconscious is not in the midbrain; it is in the reptilian brain. The subconscious is located here [lower cerebellum].

Moreover, this reticular formation, as you have seen on your drawing, is actually a trunk line of switches that allows certain information to go and to flow onto the neocortex up here. This is a computer. Whatever is programmed into it becomes reality, especially affecting the body. So when the serpent energy or the dragon energy of the kundalini rises up the spinal column, it is ionizing with polarized energy this entire fluid that flows up and down the spinal column. When it hits the reticular formation, it opens up all of the switches. Now what does that mean?

All of the doors to the subconscious are flung open. Further, the energy, like a dynamic conqueror marching, destroying, setting on fire everything in its path, is the march of the kundalini. When it comes to what is called the midbrain section, this entity here called the thalamus in ancient terms was called the guardian at the door.

And in myth and lore everyone thinks that the guardian at the door is Saint Peter, but it is not so. It is Saint Thalamus. The kundalini energy activates this door to be open. Now the thalamus is critical in the midbrain section because it also is the protector of the pineal gland, and you are going to learn a little bit more about that later. But the thalamus is where all the trunk lines from that which is termed the nerve endings meet and all of the fibers from the reticular formation meet, and it is a switching point.

When the kundalini opens this energy, what it means in effect is that everything that has been hidden from you in the form of the subconscious, now that energy flows free will to a specific point in the brain, this area right here, the frontal lobe. Why is that so dramatic) Because the kundalini opening up the switches and doorways, allowing ancient knowledge to come to the surface, it really is allowing the subconscious total access to your conscious mind.

We call the kundalini a tribute to total enlightenment, because total enlightenment means when you get to peer beyond the veil you get to know what has never been known. You get to experience in a moment all that there is and in a moment you know all that there is. In a flash of blinding light vou can immediately see all the lives that you have lived and all the ones you are going to live, and immediately it is all known. How is that possible? The kundalini energy, or the dragon force of the Near East, sits here [base of the spine], has been encoded. It was set there to be, as we u ould call it, rocket fuel to enlightenment. This energy, how do I describe it in terms of the triad? Which one of these energies is it? Which one of these is it? It is none of them. The kundalini is

Well, remember we went all the way down, we are falling all the way down to way out here — we are down here on the first plane, three-dimensional; that is where you are right now — and that I said to you that the consciousness that operates the human brain swings like a pendulum. It is supposed to, in order to dream.

There is a magic moment that happens that even science now recognizes, that in the swinging of a pendulum, just as the swinging of human consciousness, there is a moment that it pauses. Come on, let’s go way out here.

Let’s swing like a pendulum for a moment: negative/positive, no/yes, lower/higher, dark/light. Now let’s do it in slow motion. Is there a moment when the movement of this hand is not going forward or not going backwards?

Is there a moment when it is standing still? How many of you agree? There is. It is the moment it comes right up in alignment with this hand here.’

When you put both levels of consciousness in alignment like this, we call this the eternal Now — the eternal Now It is the center of the magnet. At this moment here there is a dynamic force of energy that is reflected from this mirror to this God. It is like in a tunnel, right here. That tunnel energy is exactly what the kundalini is.

Now it is rarely ever shaken from its slumber in human consciousness because most human beings have this shut down and they are doing this [swinging].’ Understand? In other words, to totally know, to totally be focused, to totally be unaware that you are human is a very rare moment indeed. That only comes when we have two levels of consciousness working, the Observer and the doer. Got it? Now if we wake this [kundalini energy] back up and we put this into focus of it, the force-field between these two [points of consciousness] is like a powerful magnet. You understand?

Whenever you dream a dream, it means that your consciousness has moved out here [forward swing]. It is dreaming. It is dreaming. When it is finished with the dream, it is supposed to move like this [alignment]. In other words, it is a mirror. It has captured the drawing; correct? Its natural momentum is to close up like this. The pyramid is collapsing to Point Zero. That means that in order to affect reality we have to take a drawing back to God so it doses up all time and we are in a no-place. We disappear for a moment.

When these part, look what happens. We have closed up the pyramid. Now we are pulling this vacuum, this energy, back down. What is important about this pull? What is important about it is that our dream was the new program for energy and we are pulling the energy down with a mental thought. So every one of our bodies, every atom in our body, is reshuffled and reprogrammed according to this dream. Got it?

So we are naturally supposed to dream, focus just like this, into a Now Nothing else exists except this [the Now]. When this is accomplished, it is this energy that is moving up the body that is bringing about the state of euphoria. This euphoric state is when the dragon awakens, when these are in alignment to one another. Close it up, bring it back, it is destiny. Bring it all the way back, move off,’ the serpent has now programmed the entire cellular structure and is now collapsing back into form all the way down here [first plane].

Move off of it and the next moment reality is re-formed. That is how it works. Do you understand? How many of you understand philosophically about the kundalini? It is an energy that exists only in total alignment in the Now That is the only time that energy exists. Now how many of you recognize this drawing?’° What is it? Caduceus.

What does this symbol represent? Health. What does this look like to you? Well, the staff looks like the spinal column. The orb on top is representative of the brain. The two different serpents winding in complement to one another and then facing the orb look like the kundalini, doesn’t it? And why do we have wings on the orb?

What would the wings represent symbolically? Freedom. It is no accident that the caduceus, representing absolute health and well-being, is represented in the medical profession, except they forgot what it means, because this sign of antiquity tells us that when we move into the Now with the focus of radiant health, and if we can hold the Now, this is exactly the story of what happens and we are healed.

This is the original two-dimensional caricature-style drawing Ramtha used for his teaching on the function of the brain and its processes. He explained that the different aspects of the brain in this particular drawing are exaggerated and colorfully highlighted for the sake of study and understanding. This specific drawing became the standard tool used in all the subsequent teachings on the brain.

We are carrying it with us through evolution. But this was the brain that we accessed all levels of energy with when we were first in this body. The tissue of this brain is vastly different than the neocortex. Let us say we took a shave. We took a little razor and we took a little tiny shave of the material of this organ and we put it under a microscope. That tiny shaving of the lower cerebellum has more tissue, more atoms in one slice, than the entire neocortex put together. So this grainy, darkly colored organ is the transmitter and receiver from all of these levels here [all seven levels].

So the first hominid was actually us, bringing with us the intelligence of that which is termed six other bodies, and we unfolded a stream of consciousness through this mechanism here. The yellow brain, the neocortices, does not receive a stream of consciousness. That stream of consciousness only enters here [lower cerebellum] and it enters at the back of the brain here. So we get new knowledge from the back door, not up here [neocortex].

This reptilian brain then became — up to 455,000 years ago — it was our transmitter and receiver to the higher and multiplex dimensions of which we had just come from. The midbrain section was intact, and that which is called the pineal gland was much larger prior to 455,000 years than it is today. And the reason is if the reptilian brain is the seat of the subconscious, the midbrain itself is the seat of all psychic activity. It was created to be that way.

The midbrain section is sensitive as a receiver to infrared radiation. Now it is the only part of the brain that is sensitive to infrared radiation. In other words, infrared would be if you are occupying this level at eight hertz, the second level up from this, which happens the moment you die; you enter that realm. That is called the infrared realm.

Now infrared as a band has a low end and a high end of its wavelength. This is what we have called the second plane of reality, very far from where we came. This band, because its wave is faster than out here, is called the psychic realm.

The hominids prior to 455,000 years ago were telepathic. They communed much like the animals do today. Animals today are very telepathic creatures. Their brains are ultrasensitive to infrared radiation, and infrared is the psychic band. So the hominids picked up and received thought through the bandwidths, and their brain was the perfect receiver. They picked up communication with this area right in here.

The pineal gland, often called the soul of man, it is called that because it is the pineal gland that is responsible for manufacturing two neurotransmitters that are tantamount to consciousness in the yellow brain. The neurotransmitter serotonin — don’t go to sleep — we call her Sara for short. Sara is a day girl.

The pineal gland, when there is light, is producing serotonin. Think of serotonin as a key. Now the moment the light diminishes in the retina of the eye that contains the same cells — your eye in its retina contains the same cells that are located in the pineal gland — so the moment that light begins to darken, it signals the pineal gland then to stop manufacturing Sara and start manufacturing Mel. Melatonin is the second neurotransmitter and melatonin is created to put the body to sleep.

So they configured that the off- and on-switch of human behavior was located in the head, and when they finally realized that it was the pineal gland they said, ah, that is the master switch. It is not. However, it is the gland that we call the gland of the sixth seal, is tantamount, important because — listen to me very carefully — if this little gland, according to your eye, as soon as light penetrates your eyelid — that is why your eyelids are transparent, so even if they are closed you still get light in when the light comes up — the moment light starts to hit the retina, this starts to produce the serotonin.

Serotonin is the get-up-and-get-going neurotransmitter. It unlocks everybody that is asleep and turns them on. Now the moment the light diminishes, is seen through here, it switches and produces melatonin. It is the thing that makes you lazy and lethargic and puts you to sleep. However, if the pineal gland is a little factory that manufactures these very important neurotransmitters, it does something else extraordinary: It synthesizes from melatonin a hallucinogenic drug called pinoline. Would you write that down, pinoline.

The pineal gland synthensizes from melatonin a substance called pinoline

Now the shaman in the brain is the pineal gland. After midnight, at around one in the morning until about three in the morning, you move into your deepest level of sleep and your most lucid dreams occur there. Lucid dreaming is only possible if the pineal gland has had enough time to take Mel and change Mel into pinoline. And why pinoline?

Pinoline is the brain-substance that the subconscious uses to allow the brain to communicate with the deeper spheres. You got that? Now people who stay up late at night don’t get to produce pinoline and therefore are robbed of this communication. What that means is that pinoline, distributed throughout the sleeping neocortex, fire-reverses the neurons, thereby allowing this entity [mirror consciousness] to talk to this entity [Point Zero]. Got it?

Pinoline opens the door to the subconscious mind and, if it does, it allows out-of-body experiences to occur. Furthermore, it allows prophetic vision to be seen on the timeline. And it allows you to move up into these [higher] layers of consciousness, and that before you return to your body, the pinoline that is a short burst in the neocortex is absorbed, and that is all that is produced, and the door shuts and you are back in your body. Got it?

How many of you understand? Now the pineal gland produces what? Louder. And how about after midnight? is there truth to the Cinderella story? Now when the kundalini rises and hits this area [pineal gland], it immediately — immediately, by virtue of its alignment and its energy — ionizes the spin ratio in the neurotransmitter serotonin.

Now when we say ionizing the spin, what does that mean? Fancy words, eh? Well, if serotonin is a neurotransmitter molecule, then all molecules are made up of atoms. How many of you agree? Correct? Now the atoms that it takes to make a molecule of serotonin is that they have all agreed to have an association and in that association their spins are relative to one another.

They interchange electrons together, thereby changing mass, which in turn changes its chemical nature. So if this is a molecule of serotonin, and then we have a hot wind of kundalini and we have a powerful magnetic field of kundalini passing through this molecule, that energy is going to reverse-spin that molecule, thereby changing its characteristic.

The molecule itself becomes fractured and then is reconfigured, and what it is reconfigured in is its highest body — never its lower body — its highest body. The highest molecule potential of serotonin is pinoline. So then this energy moves up into the midbrain, opens the door of Saint Thalamus. Energy moves and starts firing simultaneously on the left and right hemispheres of the brain. All of the neurons start to fire.

And with pinoline, immaculately changed in the twinkling of an eye, the brain is thereby capable of logging and registering timelines that go back to a point of eternity. Now turn to your neighbor and explain what I have just taught you about the brain so far. Now, my beautiful people, you have a little better understanding about what is sitting between your ears? What is this? The pituitary gland is the seventh seal, it is the crown, because the pituitary gland directly affects the yellow brain and is the turn-on of all other glands starting from in the head throughout the rest of the body.

The pituitary gland does this by secreting certain hormones that then in turn turn on the pineal. The pineal then secretes its hormones and its neurotransmitters and turns on all of the rest of the glands going down into the body. If you were to have this removed, this entity right here [pituitary gland], then you would be dwarfed in your size and would not live for a great time. In the beginning, prior to 455,000 years ago, this particular gland was mutated. In other words, it did not have the capacity then that it does now. There was no need to have it then.

So in the beginning stages, if we were to see that which is termed a proper hologram of Homo ercctus’ brain, then we would be able to determine that that brain in those times did not have a seventh seal, that the seventh seal has become a graduated gland according to the use of energy. So this is the brain. The yellow came when, as I told you, the Gods came and took you as primitive entities and commingled that which is termed their genes with yours. And the timeline from 455,000 to 40,000 years, that is what it took to get seeded into the human DNA that which is termed the differences of the DNA from your brothers and your sisters that gave you new physical possibilities.

Gods. The Gods are technologically advanced beings from other star systems who came to Earth 455,000 years ago. These Gods manipulated the human race genetically, mixing and modifying our DNA with theirs. They are responsible for the evolution of the neocortex and used the human race as a subdued work force. Evidence of these events is recorded in the Sumerian tablets and artifacts. This term is also used to describe the true identity of humanity, the forgotten Gods.

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