THE ROLE OF KUNDALINI SHAKTI AWAKENING FOR REALISING THE GOD AND ATTAINING SALVATION, the seeker gaining salvation in this life its elfaince the moment the Sahasrar chakra gets opened all the I.000 layers of ego and superego gets broken down completely and also the thousand petal lotus opens up in the sahasrar chakra which completely illuminates the spiritual seckar. it takes around estimated 12 years for the kundalini shakti energy to complete the cleansing process of all the 7 chakra’s of the spiritual seeker.After the cleansing process is completed. the sanchit karma’s of the spiritual seeker completely gets burned down and thus, the spiritual seeker becomes omniscient is that the knower of the past.present and the future.

The awakening of one’s Kundalini energy is a by-product of spiritual gmwth,which takes place at a higher spiritual levels.The Kundalini is a spiritual energy, which lies dormant. coiled at the base of the spine for an average person.

Through spiritual practice when one achieves the spiritual level of 60% it begins to rise from the base of the spine through the Central channel (Sushumnanadi) right till the top of the head. While it does so.the Kundalini awakens each of 7 chakras along the way.

Whatever the spiritual path may be. when there is a spiritual growth. the Kundalini rises exclusively by the pace of the Guru (Spiritual master) then it automatically travels upwards and transforms the spiritual seeker.

No person on the earth can awaken his own kunalini shakti without the grace of the God-realized spiritual master who transfers his spiritual energy called the kundalini energy unto his disciple after he has become qualified to receive such an extremely powerful energy.The energy which rises through the Sushumnanadi and reaches till the top of the head and opens up all the seven chakra’s which was lying closed.One’s the energy crosses the last chakrawhich is the Mtaster chakra it confirms or ensures the union of soul and the Supersoul.

And thus. confirms the seeker gaining salvation in this life its elfaince the moment the Sahasrar chakra gets opened all the I.000 layers of ego and superego gets broken down completely and also the thousand petal lotus opens up in the sahasrar chakra which completely illuminates the spiritual seckar.

Then one realises his very true spiritual nature and his true purpose of human life i.e. the god realization which was being covered by the illusory energy of the lord.There are three ways in which the God-realized spiritual master transfers his spiritual energy unto his disciple i.e. the first way is to touch the disciple and transfer the energy-second way is through mere glance at the disciple and transferring the spiritual energy and the last one is by merely thinking about the disciple and transferring the spiritual energy who may be present anywhere in the wortd.

Once the kundalini shakti awakens in a seeker his entire being is purified i.e. the cleansing process starts of each of the 7 chakra’s and it starts burning all the previous life sanchit or accumulated karma’s slowly or gradually thus freeing the seeker from the reactions of his past life actions and getting the seeker closer to the lord Shire Krishna.The meditation becomes an easy process for the one whose kundalini shakti has been awakened by the God-realized spiritual master.

Thus whenever the seeker meditates on the name or the form of the lord his kundalini energy rises naturally in the form of vibrations through the sushumnanadi to the Sahasrar chakra without giving much of an effon. And thus. giving the feeling of great ecstasy and eternal bliss and the seeker goes into trance with great ease and also one is able to withdraw his mind and senses completely from the caner world and totally focus on the lord and his name which advances the seeker more and more on the spiritual path until one finally realizes the Brahm one day.Kundalini energy itself acts as a guru (Spiritual Master) on a subconscious level to guide the seeker to follow the certain steps. on the path of truth.for triutsfonning the entire being of the spiritual seeker.

Thus Making him eligible to receive the grace of the lord and finally attain salvation in this life itself.The true meaning or essence of the Bhagavad-Gita or any other spiritual texts are understood better by the one whose kundalini energy has been awakened by the grace of the spiritual master and such a devotee can surely attain the supreme absolute truth,the Lord Shree Krishna. and can go back to the kingdom of God where we all truly belong to.There are seven chakras in a human body i.e. Muladhaar.Swathistlyamblanipur. Anahat. Visuddha. Aagaya and Sahasrar chakra and all these 7 chakras stays closed until a self realized spiritual master awakens the spiritual seeker’s kundalini energy which has its roots in the Mulhadra Chakra.

But it is in a deep and motionless sleep.When the self realized spiritual master awakens this slumbering potential that lies within the Muladhira Chakra then the spiritual seeker is abk to work his way towards the light of knowledge and attain the fruits of Self-Rcalisationit is the process of the development of consciousness from the Mfilldhira Chakra to Supreme Consciousness.

Once the energy rises through the Sushumnanadi which is in the middle of the spinal chord, thereby opening up all the 7 chakras on the way till it reaches the Sahasrar chakra and opens up the thousand petal lotus which was lying closed from many many births where the union of shiva and shakti takes place and ones own consciousness gets submerged into the supreme consciousnestChice the kundalini shakti is awakened in the spiritual seeker. the kundalini energy stens cleansing all our seven chakras and burning down the sanchitkanna’s slowly and slowly.

As the cleansing process is going on. our spiritual evolving process also starts and we become more and more aware of our true very self and start seeing things as it is and one’s discrimination power also increases while the cleansing process is going on totally depends on our spiritual inclination and how fast we tread on the path of truth and how desperate we are for realising the truth which will increase the cleansing process of the 7 chakras accordingly.

Generally its being told by the great saints who have gone through this transformation period as a result of the kundalini awakening that it takes around I 2years for the kundalini shakti energy to complete the cleansing process of all the 7 chakra’s of the spiritual seeker.After the cleansing process is completed. the sanchit karma’s of the spiritual seeker completely gets burned down and thus, the spiritual seeker becomes omniscient is that the knower of the past.present and the future.

And such a person doesn’t have to bear the reactions of one’s karma’s since the Nlaa kundalini shakti liberates that person even while living itself and one is sure to the cross this worldly ocean of birth and death after leaving this mortal body and will not take birth again on this mortal planetThe planet which is full of miscries,suffetings and sorrows.

The spiritual seeker can’t go to his spiritual master and say that please thuudev, awaken my kundalini Shakti.This is not the way one’s kundalini shakti can ever be awakened instead one has to tread on the path of truth or devotion as shown by his spiritual master and the lord Shree Krishna with extreme inclination and selfless devotion for the spiritual master as well as for the the supreme absolute truth the lord Shree Krishna equally. There is no difference between the lord and the self realized spiritual master.

Only after seeing your exclusive devotion for him and the lord and also when the past life karma’s of yours permits you to tread on the path of salvation then the spiritual master transfers his spiritual energy in you.

By awakening and raising his Kundalini the yogi gains spiritual power, and by uniting it with Sahasrara he wins salvation. The awakened Kundalini gives to the Yogi superhuman power and knowledge and many yogis have practised Yoga rather for this than for salvation. Some adepts of this form of Yoga have developed powers which cannot fully be accounted for by European medical science and which cannot be explained away as subjective, but the physiological basis of laya- and hatha-yoga is certainly false; there is no Kundalini, susumna or sahasrara. The ancient mystical indologists, but by open-mined biologists and psychologists, who may reveal the true secret of the yogi. For whatever we may think about his spiritual claims there is no doubt that the advanced Yogi can hold his breath for very long periods without suffering injury, can control the rhythm of his own heart-beats, can withstand extremes of heat and cold, can remain healthy on a starvation diet, and, despite his austere and frugal life and his remarkable physical contortions, which would ruin the system of any ordinary man, can often survive to a very advanced age with full use of his faculties.

It is taught that the kundalini normally lies coiled and dormant, but when awakened it arises and begins to travel upward. In its journey from the base of the spine to the top of the head it passes through six psychic centers called chakras, imparting various psychic experiences and powers at each one. When it reaches the top chakra, called the sahasrara (or “crown”) ehakra, the kundalini supposedly empowers the individual to perform miracles and achieve liberation.

It is not difficult to awaken kundalini but it is very difficult to raise it up so as to be led to sahasrara. We must awaken the Kundalini , then slowly raise it from one lotus to another till the brain is reached .

Samadhi or salvation corresponds to the Kundalini reaching the sahasrara chakra

The real way to salvation lies in a spiritual bath in the reservoir of the awakened ” kundalini ” ( formed by the fusion of Ida and Pingala ) through rigid discipline and asceticism

By some mystics, however, the opinion has been expressed that Alchemy was not a physical art or science at all, that in no sense was its object the manufacture of material gold, and that its processes were not carried out on the physical plane.

According to this transcendental theory, Alchemy was concerned with man’s soul, its object was the perfection, not of material substances, but of man in a spiritual sense. Those who hold this view identify Alchemy with, or at least regard it as a branch of, Mysticism, from which it is supposed to differ merely by the employment of a special language; and they hold that the writings of the alchemists must not be understood literally as dealing with chemical operations, with furnaces, retorts, alembics, pelicans and the like, with salt, sulphur, mercury, gold and other material substances, but must be understood as grand allegories dealing with spiritual truths.

According to this view, the figure of the transmutation of the “base” metals into gold symbolised the salvation of man—the transmutation of his soul into spiritual gold—which was to be obtained by the elimination of evil and the development of good by the grace of God; and the realisation of which salvation or spiritual transmutation may be described as the New Birth, or that condition of being known as union with the Divine.

It would follow, of course, if this theory were true, that the genuine alchemists were pure mystics, and hence, that the development of chemical science was not due to their labours, but to pseudo-alchemists who so far misunderstood their writings as to have interpreted them in a literal sense.

In many places he quotes this text, sometimes fully and at other times partially, or makes references to it, to the effect that in his understanding of Christian spirituality it is a cardinal point. For ‘the possibility of achieving spiritual rebirth is central in the Gospel of Christ.”‘

But except in two places where he quotes the text in ful1, he speaks only of rebirth in the spirit, whereas Christ says: “unless one is born of water and the Spirit This text is pointed out by theologians as one of the most important texts in the New Testament on Baptism. We cannot affirm that by the omission of ‘birth of water’ he purposefully avoids any reference to Christ’s teaching on Baptism.

Even though he speaks of a birth in the spirit, the spirit he speaks of is not the Holy Spirit of the Trinity. In fact he does not speak of the spirit as a particular person in the mysterious life of God. In his writings birth in the spirit can be understood as a spiritual awakening, a superconscious experience or a renewal of the mind. Swami Prabhavananda emphasizes the connection between the new birth and the vision of the kingdom of God?”

He presents the new birth as being absolutely indispensable for seeing the king-dom of God and attaining life eternal. Evidently by seeing he means realization. And this is possible in this very life. According to him when Christ said “unless a man is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God,” He was not denying every value in the present life. This life is necessary in order that we may transcend it. The new birth does not take place at death. “We must struggle to be born in spirit, to attain superconscious knowledge in this very life.”

In the vegetable kingdom matter predominates, but there is a certain degree of expression of life and consciousness. In man there is an unfolding of the two, but man too is not free from matter. It is only in Christ and other illumined souls there is an infinite ex-pression of the infinite consciousness. They transcend the sense of ego which limits the infinite consciousness in man. He says:

“To transcend this ego and unfold the infinite consciousness is what Christ would call the birth in spirit.” Swami Prabhavananda understands Christ’s saying and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (Jn 8:32) as an invitation to everyone to realize God as Christ Himself did. The experience of this truth is made possible through spiritual rebirth. He identifies this new birth with what the Upanisads call the `Fourth.’ ” “Christians call it the mystical union,” says he.” He asks: “What does it mean to have Christ born in our hearts? It is to come face to face with God and thereby to attain perfection.

Where is this perfection to be sought? He says that Christ refers to a transcendental wisdom, which is the unitive knowledge of man’s true being as one with God. “To uncover this true being, or divinity, which lies hidden within oneself, is to become perfect.”

This rebirth, Swami Prabhavananda notices, is the death of the ego. For he asks to “die the death of the ego and be reborn spiritually, even in this life.

And finally, Swami Prabhavananda asks why only a few indi-viduals reach perfection. Because few care to seek for it.

According to Swami Prabhavananda meditation is a wrestling with the spirit.% Lazy people cannot meditate. For meditation requires ardent desire to reach God and strenuous effort to con-centrate the mind. It is in this sense that he says meditation is an unbroken flow of thought toward God.

In other words, the meditant should feel to be enveloped by the constant presence of God. When the mind is established in the constant union with God, the stage of meditation is described as constant recollected-nessfs To reach this state the meditator must acquire a certain degree of purity of mind and detachment from sense-objects.

For this purpose he suggests a meditation on Christ. The present meditation comes in his commentary on the Yoga-sutras 1.51. This meditation on Christ has three successive stages. The first stage begins with the gross phenomena. Here the meditant approaches Christ as a human being. He tries to know about His life as much as he can do.

As a result he begins to love Christ; love, when intensified, becomes an urge to be like Christ; he seeks to serve Christ and resolves to spread His message and models his life upon Him. “Through this service and this love non-attachment to other, lesser loves and objects comes naturally.” % In the second stage Christ is not meditated upon as a human being; He is an avatar.

It is a passage from the gross phenomena to the spiritual one. This passage is made possible through devotion to Christ and meditation upon Him. The divine aspect becomes prominent in this stage. Higher indeed is the third stage, the stage of consciousness. Here Christ transcends even the state of avatar.

For behind Him is the Supreme God, the ultimate Reality of which He is but a partial, individual representation. When meditation on Christ deepens, then in the stage of consciousness the meditant is: united with That which was manifested in Christ and hidden within our unregenerate selves, but which is eternally present in all of us. And this union is the state of nirvikalpa samadhi.”

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