The return journey – The kundalini energy is the biological stuff which gives mankind the ability to express its latent potential to move into the evolutionary stream of mind expansiveness . Kundalini is a reservoir of latent energy that resides at the base of the spine of every human being. We have to Awake Super Mind and Consciousness.

The awakening of dormant Kundalini followed by its ascent up through Sushumna marks the return journey. To awaken Kundalini is the biggest hurdle, an extremely challenging task. An entire lifetime of pursuit and practices may not be enough to achieve this goal.

A strong hand will be required in order to introduce order among chaos and to point man at the correct way. … The human will learn that he will live more than one life and he will understand that the light never becomes dim…”

Spiritual awakening by oneself is very difficult, nearly impossible. Help of a realized guru is needed to enlighten the path of the seeker. It is not given to everyone to charter one’s course all alone. They are the blessed few, the elect that can attain to salvation on their own. A real guru removes the disciple from darkness and shows him the path of reality.

It is said that biological parents give physical birth but the Guru gives spiritual birth. Under the guru’s guidance, through meditation one treads on towards perfection of body, mind and soul. Progress depends on the disciple’s sincerity to walk that path. Those who have sincere yearning will make of their struggles a proof of unconditional love and devotion, and growth will doubtless appear. For someone to benefit fully from meditation the guru’s grace is imperative. God bestows his grace upon us through the Guru.

The guru awakens the kundalini shakti present in all human beings. The kundalini shakti remains dormant until the Guru’s grace is received through the Guru Mantra. The gurumantra is the guru’s ineffable grace for eternity.the guru mantra.

The awakened kundalini generates within his being an immediate spiritual purification process.

The gurumantra has the power to cause miracles in our life. It unlocks the door to the treasures of meditation. It steers us on the spiritual path. The sound form of God, it is melody divine and the sound sublime. It is the call of our heart for the loved One, the Absolute God.

If Kundalini has risen to the heart centre or below, she can go down at any time, but if she reaches the fifth centre, you will never be the same human again, and she cannot go back.

Sarnadhi  (Crown Chakra) has stages also, but if you reach that state and can enter into it in your own will, you will no longer need any advice from the external sources of this world.

All mysteries will be revealed to you then. You will be the master of your own destiny, and no one can take it from you. Your existence in this world will change its purpose, and you will no longer be subject to nature ever-changing circles.

Only the yogi who rejects supernatural powers, attains the highest state of Samadhi. Having given up the vanities of powers he attains divine communion and guruhood. A genuine renunciant will never meditate for supernatural powers.

To raise the kundalini is the object of all practices of yoga and meditation. Only an awakened kundalini allows man to evolve through direct experience of the Self. Intellectual knowledge of God does not give direct knowledge of God. Unless the kundalini is awakened a human being cannot evolve spiritually. The guru performs the greatest of miracles, the awakening of the seeker by spontaneous awakening of the kundalini. Only a true guru can initiate one and raise the kundalini. There is no greater benefactor than the guru who ever bestows blessings on us for our upliftment and ever guides us on the path of self realization, the goal of human birth.

Kundalini is a hidden source of energy within the human body, which when activated gives the person super-human powers. Kundalini is described in TANTRIC and other texts as a coiled serpent, located at the base of the spine. Spiritual, breathing and physical techniques are prescribed to arouse the sleeping kundalini, and lead it through the CHAKRAS or energy centres to the crown of the head. The Crown Chakra.

The kundalini energy is the biological stuff which gives mankind the ability to express its latent potential to move into the evolutionary stream of mind expansiveness .

Kundalini is a reservoir of latent energy that resides at the base of the spine of every human being. She is located in the Muladhara Chakra, lying in a coiled form of three and a half time at the mouth of Sushumna, the central energy channel of the subtle body, keeping it closed. Psycho-spiritual in nature and an aspect of Shakti, she is also known as ‘Liquid Fire’ or ‘Liquid Light’.

We are like a light. When you are enlightened, what happens to you? You see the light. In that light, you see yourself. All confusion is finished. You know the truth and you feel so blissful and happy because you know everything. There is no chaos. You are so relaxed and the power starts flowing through you all the time. It is never lost and you see in that light whatever is good and whatever is bad. You understand everything so well. When you become the light, what do you do? You give the light to others so that they can also be enlightened.

“When the light is enlightened, it automatically feels responsible that it has to give light.” Nobody has to tell it to give light. “Because it is eternal light, nothing can kill it…. It’s such a powerful light you have got within yourself. You can verify whether it is eternal or not. You should introspect and see for yourself. You’ve got such a unique light within you. Not in the history of this world of spirituality so many have got Realization, such light within them.

“My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.” – James 3:1 (There is only one Master of Masters, namely Christ, the Perfect Multiple Unity. Nevertheless, whosoever incarnates Christ is a true Master).

Physical instruments show the inner or solar being exists in a vibratory plane far above that of the body. The body is physical, the occupant of it is 4th dimensional. Mind power is infinite and limitless; it crosses the time-space barrier; it penetrates steel as easily as space. The individual controls his or her destiny, works out salvation and completion by knowing the following: the divine processes of the body, the dormant organs and lost powers, the mysterious chambers in the skull (the sinuses), the workings of the glands, the positive and negative solar organs in the body, the seven seals or chakras, how the kundalini gives liberation to the yogi and bondage to the fool, purpose and development of pineal gland and pituitary body, the laws of rhythm, polarity and correspondence; cosmic polarity, cosmic trinity; how to transmute sex force into brain power, the five kinds of cosmic prana, breathing, law of birth, death degeneration, regeneration, immortality.

The meaning of immortality. The symbology of the sacred beetle which is self-begotten. When the creative fires have passed up through the spine and activated the pituitary and pineal glands opening the single eye that fills the body with light, the human being is then raised up, not from an earthly grave but in a state of consciousness where the glory of God can be realized.

Be aware also, that the Planetary Christ is assisting humanity by gradually raising the fire of the collective Kundalini of humanity, the fiery consciousness that is to gradually rise in humanity. As a visualization, think of water being heated to boiling, then turning to steam and then grad-ually evaporating until the steam can no longer be seen. Stimulation of the collective humanity oc-curs as each individual Kundalini rises. As this occurs each human being will be lifted toward a higher consciousness/vibration. Love is the sacred fire we are striving for. We need to grasp the de-scent into matter and then understand the ascending side of the ladder between the Earth and the Higher Planes.

The earth kundalini energy is called the Serpent of Light or called the Great White Snake in other Oriental traditions. Not only is the earth’s kundalini energy very similar to a human being’s, but also even such massive energy fields as the merkaba field of the planet and the human merkaba field (light body) are exactly the same except for proportional size. The earth’s kundalini energy connected to the center of the earth behaves like a snake as it moves, similar to the way kundalini energy moves in the human body which is the secret energy, the inner Shakti, that gives rise to the kundalini awakening of spiritual seekers everywhere on earth.

When you Sungaze, millions of Photons of Light Enter your Eyes every second and bathing every cell in the life giving light of the SUN. Every living things gives out Photons from its DNA. (cancer patients have fewer Photons) Sungazing with its unlimited potential heals your entire being, when you sungaze, millions of photons of light enter your eyes every second and bathing every cell in the life giving light of the SUN. These photons come into your eyes, flood your Pineal and Pituitary glands, radiate out to the rest of your brain, then go down to your Spinal column and via nerve pathways reach all 70 trillions of your cells. The Photons continuously pour in at the speed of light. thus making you lighter and lighter. Safe window period is 1st hour of Sunrise and last hour of Sunset.

Manu (first man on Earth/ Primal Human Being/ Root state of Human Consciousness) is the Earthly Manifestation of the Cosmic Intelligence that comes through the SUN, Evolutionary Power is Inherent in the Sun which is responsible for the unfoldment of the Solar System. The Sun is the Source not only of Light and Life, but also of Intelligence, Consciousness and Spirituality. The Sun is the Abode of the Vijnana, Buddhi, Supermind and Cosmic Mind all of whom are connected in Vedic Thought. The Kundalini is but a portion of the Solar Energy latent within our Deeper Consciousness. We have to Awake Super Mind and Consciousness.

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