The resurrection….is the revelation of what is, and the transformation of things, and a transition into newness.” Those who have the resurrection, the text tells us, “receive again what at first was.” – ACCESS THE POWER OF YOUR HIGHER SELF,

If you want to maximize the potential of your brain, it is imperative that you learn how the brain functions—at least on a basic level.

Exploration of the mind is man’s true final frontier, yet there are only a few who are able to truly navigate throughout this terrain, with expenise.

In the previous section, we introduced you to the various mental states, in addition to the states of consciousness and activities associated with each mental state.

The subconscious mind (meaning “under the conscious mind”), is actually where thoughts and actions stem from—although we are generally unaware of what is happening subconsciously.

The Alpha State is known as the gateway to the subconscious. You reach this state naturally just before you fall asleep, and the moment you awaken. These are prime times to program your subconscious.

Many people utilize these times to program their subconscious mind. However, it is possible to access the Alpha State at will. There arc several ways that this can be done.

When we hear the word resurrection, most of us think of Jesus’ return to life after his crucifixion or of the expected return to life of all Christians at the end of time. But resurrection does not necessarily mean the return of the physical body to life after death. Some of the Greek words in the New Testament translated as “resurrection” also mean “awakening.”

In a mystical sense, resurrection can mean that you are changed from a state of being spiritually dead or asleep into a state of being spiritually alive and awake. The resurrection is the awakening of the soul to her divine nature. This realization that you are God is more than just knowing it intellectually; it is affirming and manifesting your divinity in every particle of your physical and spiritual being.

When you awaken to the truth that you are God, you begin your transformation into the divine being that you were at the moment of creation. As the Gnostic scripture the Treatise on the Resurrection tells us, “The resurrection….is the revelation of what is, and the transformation of things, and a transition into newness.” Those who have the resurrection, the text tells us, “receive again what at first was.”

When you are resurrected, then, you not only understand your divine nature, you also have access to the power that you When you invoke the resurrection flame regularly, it will gradually open your spiritual energy centers, or chakras, so that they are capable of receiving more light, specifically the light of the ascension. Though the flame of resurrection can also have a beneficial effect on the body, it doesn’t necessarily prevent people from dying physically. Its primary function is to propel the soul to enter the state of eternal life, which is union with God.

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.”

The Greek word for resurrection, anastasis, also means awakening, so the ancient word for resurrection has within it the notion of a spiritual awakening. From soul’s point of view resurrection symbolically represents our waking up to the reality of our own soul from a state of unknowing. The ancient mysteries considered this state as similar to being dead so that awakening was a true resurrection—rising from the dead. “you are asleep, dreaming dreams. Wake up and return!” urges the fourth-century tractate “The Concept of Our Great Power” (The Nag Hammadi Library 6.4.40).

Our “great power” is the knowledge that we are spiritual beings, souls, living a human life. The earlier Christian miracle story of Lazarus being raised from the dead can be seen as an allegory for spiritual rebirth through initiation. The crown center invites you to look back. Your life of not knowing your own true reality may now seem like a time of sleep or even a kind of living death. With consciousness of your spiritual reality, you are alive and awake. You have gone through the struggle of confronting your illusions and of dying to your old concept of self.

THE CROWN CENTER welcomes the triumphant, joyful arrival of the pilgrim. Located above the head, the crown center sits at the top of the subtle energy system and is the gateway between physical and spiritual reality. The brow center permits and oversees access to the crown. It ensures that we are equipped to meet our Selves in the crown center. The crown center processes our illusions about the reality of soul, spiritual reality, and the reason for our existence.

Heart-centeredness in the crown center is experienced as our direct connection with the Source/Oneness as we are initiated into the transcendent. While the heart center is the place of soul and soul guidance, the crown center is the place of spiritual Light (the energetic presence of the Source) and access to the Light. The Inner Circle Teachings describe someone who is totally disconnected from their spiritual reality as living an unreal life in which their soul cannot express their sacred reality. The promise of the crown center is that because of our oneness with the Source, it is always possible to reconnect and to become truly alive. We can let go of the past and be born anew. This is the meaning of resurrection.


To fully awaken we need feminine wisdom—the state of knowing that comes from accessing the heart for soul guidance. This is not an intellectual knowing but the excellence of Oneness, or the soul, within one’s heart, enabling a person to say, 1 do not believe, I know.” The crown center monitors the four essential qualities of the heart (see chapter 10) and the readiness of the subtle energy system to receive unconditional love. When we open our heart to a person or any object, we enter into relationship with that person or object and we experience a change in our being as a result. Openheartedness accords with the rhythms of Nature—they are fluid not stagnant, ongoing not finite, a source of infinite activity, able to transform.

Thus opening the heart to another person occurs as a function of feminine wisdom. It is a mutual, reciprocal movement that happens on all levels, whether or not these movements are seen or unseen, spoken or unspoken, sensed or unfelt. Like falling in love, where we seek to become one with the other, the movement of feminine wisdom is in fact the soul revealing itself to us as a permanent state of oneness. This experience of deep knowing, grounded as it is in wisdom, is an erotic event where we sense that we are the experience of knowing and intimately joined with it. Feminine wisdom may be interpreted by the mind as knowledge, but it is knowledge that can only be gained through the way of the heart. Those who experience the deep knowing of feminine wisdom do not have power, they embody it.


To know the Mystery of God, we must come to know our shared identity, which is symbolized by Jesus. Hence in The Gospel of lohn Jesus teaches: ‘No one comes to the Father but by me.'” This phrase is endlessly plas-tered over church notice-hoards and has probably been the source of more bigotry than any other religious dogma. For the original Christians, how-ever, it does not mean that the only way to God is to be a Christian, in the exclusive cultish sense of the word. As The Gospel of John makes clear from its introduction, which equates Jesus with the Logos, ‘No one comes to the Father but by me’ means that the way to the Mystery of God is via his Son, the Logos!, We know the Mystery through its manifestation as Consciousness.

Resurrection from the Dead Having understood the symbolic nature of the Christ, we are now in a position to understand the most important motif in Christian mythology, which the original Christians used to express the essence of their message. This is the image of the resurrected Christ, which represents the realiza-tion of Gnosis. In the Creek language, in which they wrote, the word for resurrection, annuls’s, also means ‘awakening’, so the idea that resurrec-tion represents spiritual awakening was obvious.” The ‘resurrection of Christ’ symbolically represents ‘awakening the Christ within’.

Later Christian Literalists taught that an historical person called Jesus literally died and resurrected for us, and that if we believe this we will go to Heaven when we die, whilst if we disbelieve we will be condemned to torment in Hell. This has nothing to do with the understanding of the original Christians, however. They taught that we each need to resurrect for ourselves, because we are all dead and in Hell right now! As usual, the Gnostics turn our ‘common sense’ view inside-out.

The underworld – Hades or Hell – is usually taken to be the place souls go after death. But for the Gnostics, the world we presently inhabit is the under-world, where we exist as the spiritually dead.” Plato writes: ‘I have heard from the wise that we are now dead and the body is our tomb.'” The Pagan Gnostic Glympiodorus teaches: ‘When separated from the body the psyche lives in reality, for here she dies.'”

With characteristic irony, the Gnostics also describe the state of being identified with the physical body, which we normally think of as being awake, as falling asleep. Our ‘normal’ state is not being alive and awake —it is being asleep and dreaming we are in Hell. Plotinus explains that to incarnate ‘is to descend into Hades and there fall asleep’ 6′ The Christian Secret Book of John urges, ‘Be wakeful so that you come out of heavy sleep and take off the clothes of Hades.’ The Christian text The Concept of our Great Power urges, ‘You are asleep and dreaming. Wake up.'”‘ We think we are alive, but really we are dead. We think we are awake, but really we are asleep and dreaming. We think we know who we are and what life is, but really we are lost in illusion. We need to resurrect. We need to wake up. We need Gnosis. Quoting a pre-existing hymn, Paul writes:

‘Awake, sleeper. Rise from the dead, and Christ will illuminate you.n°
We are all the dead Christ and need to resurrect to our true identity.

If we awaken to Christ Consciousness, we will know Heaven to be an ever-present reality. Heaven is the centre of the circle of self, where we permanently exist as the Christ. Hell is the circumference, where we mistake ourselves to be separate egos and so temporally exist as the spiritually dead. Heaven and Hell are both here and now, depending on whether we are spiritually dead or resurrected. In The Gospel of Thomas Jesus teaches: ‘The kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the Earth and people don’t see it.” But Paul explains: ‘When anyone is united to Christ there is a new world. The old order has gone. The new order has already begun.”

The Greek word for resurrection, ”anastasis,” also means ”awakening,”suggesting that the idea of the resurrection also represented the spiritual awakening from the alchemical art- or Gnosis. Therefore, we have all of the elements for producing the Philosopher’s Stone contained in the symbols of the events around the crucifixion

How the Resurrection Flame Acts on Your Physical Cells

As the resurrection flame is transforming your soul, it can also revitalize your body. When you invoke the flame of resurrection, it begins to work inside your physical cells, starting with the centrosome inside of the cell and expanding out until it infuses and fills every part of your body, your mind and your emotions. Some people have found that when they invoke the resurrection flame, they can feel the reversal of the effects of aging.

This flame transforming your mind and your emotions. And it will also be transforming your soul. As your resurrection decrees become a daily ritual, you’ll find that your entire being is accelerating. You’ll also find that the spir-itual centers at the crown of your head and the center of your forehead will begin to open, like flowers facing the dawn.

When you ascend your soul accelerates into permanent union with your I AM Presence. Sometimes, as in the case of Jesus Christ, the physical body can also ascend. If you were in a physical body at the moment of your ascension, you might look as if you were disappearing into a cloud, as the Bible says Jesus did at his ascension. Your atoms and molecules would begin to vibrate at fre-quencies that are not visible to the human eye, and you would simply disappear from view.

But most people don’t ascend while they’re still in their physical bodies. If they have completed all the requirements for their ascension, they experience it soon after death.

The ascension is the only way that you can avoid reincarnating on earth—being placed in a new physical body after death. When you ascend, you pass from time and space into eternity. It’s not an end but a be-ginning. For after the ascension, you have the freedom to move through other dimensions and to create, learn and love as never before. In order to ascend at the conclusion of this life, you must have balanced more than half of your karma—p percent, to be precise. Your soul must also have fulfilled her mission and become one with her Holy Christ Self.

After you ascend, you are known as an Ascended Master. Many other people besides Jesus—from well-known saints to humble servants of mankind—have ascended in the last two thousand years.

…sincere intent and effort into your own consciousness. extracting your true self-awareness, higher self. and spiritual I-ness from this world. This “extraction” of your true divine identity must be separated from your material worldly identifications. material awareness, and fragmented identification or ego. These are mostly caused by ow uncontrollable desires. normal worldly concerns. and worries. persona identifications. sensory distractions. or emotional addictions. This process of -uniting younclff is done so that you can unify all your -bits of conscious fragments”. so you can unite them into your contiguous (becoming whole) and continuous (time lasting persistence and non-forgetfulness) selltawareness of your Spiritual Self-awareness.

In that united conscious state, one truly and unmistakably awakens into a new being. a conscious rcbinh into a new reality apart limn your worldly state. This new-being state is as different as the wakeful state is to the sleep state. This new rebirth is a self-aware wakefulness state that is exuemely different from our normal wakeful state. In other words, you will feel like you are -reborn” or re-awakened from yon nonnal waking states and will reality that your foster worldly waking state was truly a state of sleep in a delusional ego.

In that new united state. your being expands outwards into a contemplative eternal state that some call. “in the presence of the Spirit of God”. In a dreames sleep state; thee are accounts of living relatives communicating in the spirit state but within a dream-like setting, with the perceived undarurrent of God’s plan or the Will in the world. Also in such dreams. and sometimes swiftly in a waking state with some time distortion. other living personalities “visit-. presenting their present and future life situations.

But their shallow worldly waking personas are not these “visitors” in these dream states but rather something more than their worldly or waking personalities. They visit or communicate into the sleeper’s dreamt from their pure soul or spirit being levels. since they talk and predict about their own destiny. as if they are speaking in a very detached manner about their physical personas as being confused. “sleeping” ignorant and embarrassingly weak.

These living souls in their visitations to the dreamer speak about themselves. like actors speaking off-stagy about their stage persona or their -theatrical- pan in an actively unfolding play. feeling almost helpless in trying to nix their unfolding destiny. So when we speak of sleep, waking. and the more in-the-light consciousness, the soul is not in the same sue in any of them. Each state is a different consciousness state ‘garment” having different abilities and knowledge (power and glory) for the soul.

“Garment” in Matthew (22; 8-14) is one’s right conscious level or state, to qualify you with the right and spiritual preparedness to enable you to choose to be allowed to enter into Revelation’s City of God.

But with the belief from experiencing the above independent non-material. non-brain emergent property of consciousness or state. then one should be able to accept that there should exist some level of consciousness beyond our corporal existence. But there is also another ordinary human limitation in truly comprehending divine reality that is our inability to remember after returning to the normal waking state these experienced maim of awareness.

Although one daily experiences the waking state, at night in our dreaming state we seldom comprehend ow waking state, no trotter how many times the waking slate has been experienced. Likewise. your extraordinary divine revelations and experiences soon become incomprehensible and dim memories. In this manner, we can understand that, while the disciples frequently witnessed and experienced the extraordinary Light in Christ. they remained confused. fearful. and doubtful when not in Christ’s pretence.

Their faith solidified only after Christ breathed the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of Truth), on then, giving them the permanent “remembrance- of their states in the divine Light. and therefore retained the courage to spread Christ’s Ministry (John (8:32)”And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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