The powers elite that are dominating us by using fear, lowering our vibrations, making heavy and solidifying our reality. If we could see who we really are, all inner and outer conflict will end, no one could manipulate us. Nobody can manipulate God or universal consciousness, whatever name you choose. The “Illuminati” are a small group of wealthy families who have controlled and manipulated the human population for their own power and gain.

If we could see who we really are, all inner and outer conflict will end, no one could manipulate us. Nobody can manipulate God or universal consciousness, whatever name you choose. We are all God who manifests in various forms and experiences of this reality called life. But other most advance parts of God have overwhelmed and trapped us into a false reality.

Although this speech may seem contradictory or unusual, hold on as I’ll express my perception of reality. We are all God who experiences himself through us. If you pause for a moment on your ‘inner field’ where silence and peace reign, you will understand that this the the truth: we are formless beings who are experiencing form and materiality, but all this is illusory. We are not as solid as it sounds.

The powers elite that are dominating us by using fear, lowering our vibrations, making heavy and solidifying our reality. Even though they are God expressing through them, these technologically more advanced beings have no consciousness of being him, they have not evolved spiritually.

So their struggle for survival has the upper hand over the true nature of unity: which is collaboration and love without limits. That’s why disagreement and disharmony between the parties is dominating: it has separated us into prey and predators, divine dichotomy seems a paradox but we are all God and all part of him.

Our mind has been programmed with false information and false religious dogmas to project an illusory reality giving us a false sense of being separated from the whole.

There is no good and evil as we have been taught; instead remembering and existing represent our true reality. I am, I exist: this is our true nature, the true being. So stop worrying and fearing, as nothing can destroy God, forget everything you have taught, you are not submitted to anyone, you are free and immortal, indeed you were never born since you have always been absolute reality, you are Alpha and Omega.

Unfortunately you have no awareness of your Self. You are trapped in an interspace created by your thoughts misled by false beliefs. Because you are divine cocreators your thought will materialize your inner world and your material reality. But if you keep your false beliefs of a fake paradise and phony hell, you will be trapped even after death in an interspace you’ll consider real, materialized by your false data.

The reptilians and illuminati know this reality, they are God who wants to dominate other parts of God, they are various evolutionary stages of the same divine essence, prey and predators unknowing of being unity, all God.

Be awake, friends: it is not a war between good and evil, but a great hologram we can break whenever we want, we have the remote control of our fake reality’s big screen.

When you are conscious of being God, it will disappear like a dream. Now our unconscious reptilian “friends” want to dominate us and themselves: they have engineered a fake reality and the human perception.

Break out of the Matrix

The Matrix is a system.

We have been deliberately controlled, manipulated and lied to for perhaps over 3000 years. So you need to understand this . . . . we have definitely been controlled.

The “Illuminati” are a small group of wealthy families who have controlled and manipulated the human population for their own power and gain. This is the name they give to themselves, meaning the illumined ones. However, we know that they are far from being illumined, or illuminated. To be illuminated means to take on the persona of Unconditional Love of Source/Creator. They definitely do not do this. They are also called The One World Order or The World Management Team.

Even the ascended masters refer to them as being the ones who are trying to prevent us in our ascension journey. We cannot be controlled once we have taken back our power, and therefore they will fail if we do so.

When you become aware of the control forces at work, then you are in a better position to do something about it. You can begin to take back your own power and this knowledge assists you to do that. The Illuminati control us in many ways, but their main avenues as I see it are in the Media, Economy, Education, Religion and Medical systems. When I am talking about these areas of control, please know that I am not talking about the grass roots lay people, the teachers, bankers, priests, reporters, doctors, etc. I am speaking of the hierarchy of control forces, those that set in motion the methods of control.


One of the main ways of controlling the minds of people is through radio, television and magazines, and in particular news reporting.  The One World Government people owns and controlling the Media, and through this they controls the human ego-perception.


We are under the control of the monetary system, and it never lets us, or most of us let’s say, have enough. We seem to live eternally in survival mode, with only just enough money to get by.


Now I need you to understand something very important. The Illuminati was back then, the Roman Senate. Different name, different time, but same purpose . . . to control the people. They certainly achieved that end. Religion has dominated the planet ever since, and definitely not to the spiritual benefit of the people. The Bible, centre point of western religion, has been written, translated and re-written many times, each time being changed with deletions, alterations and additions that established a wider control over the people. The so-called “freedom” of western religion is contained within dogma and doctrines. Religion seeks to control freedom of thought by telling their people what to believe and how to live.

ILLUMINATI and the NEW WORLD ORDER wants create a; a one-world government, a one world banking system, and a one-world religion. These things is mention above;

The impact of this great prophecy fulfillment and the split-second disappearance of so many people could propel the world into a frantic spin that could lead to a public outcry for a One-World System with a One World Ruler, hence, ushering in a new One World Order. For a world in turmoil, despair, and disorder, even a false hope will be comforting for those who missed the rapture of the church. With frustrations mixed with desperations, the world will cry out for a god-man to rule over them, and as a result, this will give birth to a PRODIGY: A “god-man” (a world-organizer-genius-superstar) who will be introduced, not as a world Christian or government leader, but as a god, which will then introduce the new governing structure of the Marking and Numbering of all humans, creatures, and commodities. This PRODIGY will also mandate a one-world government, a one world banking system, and a one-world religion (If we can call it a religion). Thus, with the introduction of the new ruler to the world as a god, (2 Thess 2:4, Dan 11:36-37) this “god-man “will speak with the mouth and wisdom of a deity. Thus, “…he had power (sovereignty) to give life unto the image (to start the new government) of the Beast” (Rev 13:15). By his power and global sovereignty, he will restart the three (3) governingsystems that collapsed, and in the process, all mankind will sanction his Marking System. With so many religious structures in the world that have collapsed, he


Over time the public began to be disillusioned by the doctrines of the churches, and congregations were diminishing in numbers. So the Roman Catholic Church, albeit the Illuminati, decided to establish another form of control. They left the Vatican as the head of the church, but re-established their headquarters in Washington DC. They set up a system of control that we call politics. Under the banner of politics they set up various state departments of control. Their most effective ones were probably the Military, which pushed for wars and acts


With the public becoming disillusioned with pharmaceuticals, the Illuminati turned their attention to the food industry. “If we can’t control them through drugs, then let’s control the food they eat”. The fast food industry’s unwritten mandate is to make money at any cost.

George Orwell shows how the totalitarian State doesn’t simply want to monitor and control your behaviour, but actually strives to create an impoverished language (“Newspeak”) that makes it impossible for you to think outside the parameters it sets. It wants to create a language that makes the very possibility of thinking subversive thoughts inconceivable. The vocabulary and grammar of the language would be so constrained, so well designed to favour the stance of the dictators, that there would be no words or grammar available to shape a free thought, a subversive idea. You would obey like an automaton because Newspeak would have so conditioned your thoughts that you could not do otherwise. Every thought you were capable of having would be defined beforehand by your mind controllers. What could be more disturbing than the ability of dictators to shape language itself, to determine what thoughts you were able to think?

The acquisition and consolidation of ever greater wealth, natural resources, total political power, and control over others are the motivating forces which drives the decisions of the Illuminati.

The powers of the minds will open up. Sooner or later the matrix will not be able to hook and plug the minds of men by the use of their own weakness, ignorance and non inquired thoughts.

Soon enough the effects of the drugs, artificial colorants and preservatives that were created by the such called Illuminati, will no longer be able to manipulate the system of the human body.

These beings that based their reign with fear, are but puppets of the races that control them inside the matrix. They created all these ailments, all these artificial weapons to control the mind of the masses. For it is well known by the governments and the higher intelligences in them that the mind of man is the ultimate creator. They try to keep dormant this consciousness as these will remove their power when awakening takes place.

It is an illusion and a dishonor to the universal laws to try to change, and project your own teachings, limitations, and projections and generated belief statements unto others.  The true master sustains a congruent action/thought/word/mind set all of the time and beyond it. Rise and see.  We will speak to many, few will take action. Even less than few will remain congruent in the probable futures that exist.  There will be success in few. All are meant to succeed if the heart and mind is aligned with congruency.  

We begin now. One by one the veils of illusion will fall. The mind of God shall expand.

Listen well. The ascension process is very simple and the unplugging from the un-natural shields is possible. Breathe, Meditate, do what is right.

The hidden ones will be unveiled. The governments of Earth have secret information regarding the way the astral and the planetarium forces work.

Evolution will take place.

While the pull towards fear is stronger than ever, the power of presence and consciousness humans have manifested will end the tug-of-war between the forces that go forth and against the human collective awakening.

To create the necessary speed of awakening, the masters must:

1. Create momentum and bring their students forward as they focus strongly on the mastery of thought and mind.

2. Command with intent, the gravity to attract these mastery of thoughts and bring it to the Universe of Absolute Harmony

3. As the pull and forces between momentum and gravity take place, all inferences must be dispelled by continuous good deeds and proper meditations

4. While gravity pulls thoughts into the Higher state of Mind, the forces will attain balance when mind is focused on the now.

5. Keep moving orward so that speed attains more momentum than the gravity pull, which would bring the intent to collapse, when focus is lost.

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