The philosopher’s stone is said to transform what it touches to gold. Health is the true Philosopher’s Stone, and turns all things into gold , for it gilds every enjoyment that embellishes life. To find the philosopher’s stone, you must discover the secret of the breath. The discovery of the philosophersstone and the awakening of Kundalini are treated as one. Man has been an alchemist from the time when he first raised himself, and with the powers long latent pronounced himself as human.

The analogy in alchemical writings is referred to as the problem of multiplicatio. They say that at a certain moment when the philosopher’s stone is made, the vessel is opened and the stone begins to emanate a transforming activity, and every metal touched by it is transformed into gold. The analogy is that the philosopher’s stone is made inside a vessel, where it goes through dissolution in the darkness and then resurrects. The vessel is opened and the stone develops into an activity which was called the process of multiplication. The psychological analogy seems to have to do with the fact that when one succeeds consciously and positively to relate to an archetypal constellation, there is a widespread effect.

Those who transcend these are not enslaved by this attraction and aversion, and so they are free. They attain Enlightenment: `When a sadhu, a saint, touches someone, they are transformed. The saint becomes like the philosopher’s stone, which by touching metal, transforms it into gold. People become like this when they are free. They radiate Light; wherever they go, they disperse darkness.

Thus, the whole goal of the alchemical art lay in “the general idea that the powers of the cosmic soul must somehow be concentrated in a solid, the philosophers’ stone or elixir, which would then be able to carry out the transmutations that the alchemists desired.”37 It was an attempt to reconstruct, for specific cases, the descent of specific minerals from that undifferentiated cosmic soul” or medium as exactly as possible, in order to incorporate that cosmic soul’s” very powers of.transmutation in ordinary matter. As Holmyard states it, “The undeilying idea seems to have been that since the prime matter was the same in all substances, an approximation to this prime matter should be the first quest of alchemy.”38 The ability to confect such a “philosophical gold” would indeed give its possessors an awesome power.

Health is the true Philosopher’s Stone, and turns all things into gold , for it gilds every enjoyment that embellishes life.

To find the philosopher’s stone, you must discover the secret of the breath.

Before the development of science, the alchemists searched for God in their famous philosopher’s stone. An old Arabian alchemist Morienus, said: “This thing (the philosopher’s stone) is extracted from you: you are its mineral and one can find it in you: or, to put it more clearly, they (Alchemists) take it from you. If you recognize this, the love and approbation of the stone will grow within you. Know that this is true without doubt.” The stone symbolizes eternal mystical experience of God within the soul. When the superfluous matter burns through sufferings, the stone within shines. When the inner experience is recognized and permanentized as a stone “the Self becomes the inner partner toward whom one’s attention is continually turned.”

Emerson also describes this imperceptible yet all-sustaining source: “The Over-Soul … is a stream whose source is hidden. Our being is descending into us from we know not whence.”405 The alchemists, medieval scientists who hid sacred truth from church authorities, explored the inexhaustible and invisible soul presence. The soul links to the spine via the kundalini, which they called the philosopher’s stone. The stone is the key to soul transmutation. “Because the Stone could turn a corruptible base metal into incorruptible gold, it would similarly transform human beings from mortal (corruptible) beings into immortal (incorruptible) beings.”

The discovery of the philosophersstone and the awakening of Kundalini are treated as one

Kundalini is like the mythical philosopher’s stone. The philosopher’s stone is a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning base metals like mercury and lead into silver and gold. The philosopher’s stone is a power that can cause inner alchemy. It is also called the elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation. The philosopher’s stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolising enlightenment and heavenly bliss. The function of the Kundalini is also similar as it causes complete metamorphosis and alchemy in man. Fire, light and heat are the symbols of the Kundalini. It transforms a man, similar to how the application of heat changes the ductility and malleability property of the metal, and then the metal can be worked upon and various objects created out of it. Kundalini works upon a man and makes him a beacon of spiritual knowledge. Kundalini makes an ordinary man a philosopher and grants him great intelligence and wisdom.

Jungian psychology equates Kundalini arousal with the seven stages of transmutation of metals (=activating/transmuting the seven chakras] in the attainment of the coveted Philosopher’s Stone, described in ancient alchemical texts. Halligan showed how the raising of Kundalini to the crown chakra at the top of the head essentially equates with alchemical “conjunctio”, the mystical marriage of opposites in any spiritual journey which makes union with the Divine a subjective reality, where the Self is fully formed. “A conjunctio metaphorically creates the Philosopher’s Stone, the Self, unity with the Divine. Therefore, for many Jungians the experience of Kundalini awakening is the Eastern version of individuation [coming into Self-hood].

Yet no one prizes it, though, next to the human soul, it is the most beautiful and the most precious thing upon earth, and has power to pull down kings and princes.

Although alchemical writings are complex, confused and even chaotic, the basic scheme of the opus (work) is quite simple. It is as follows: The purpose is to create a transcendent, miraculous substance, which is variously symbolized as the Philosopher’s Stone, The Elixir of Life or the universal medicine. The procedure is, first, to find the suitable material, the so-called prima materia, and then to subject it to a series of operations that will turn it into the Philosopher’s Stone.

In other traditions, the Philosopher’s Stone is known as enlightenment, samadhi, nirvana, satori, spiritual awakening and individuation. It is when we become Self-oriented rather than ego-oriented.The realisation that something inside us is eternal, divine and transcendent. The prima materia is our own personal, psychological material.

But before you leave, you make big promise to all life here. You say, you come back. And when the last of you has awakened to your promise, the great Philosopher’s Stone will be put back together again. But great stone do this itself. For it know when time be right. And when it is, it call the thousands of parts of itself back here again and they find their home inside the great stone frame you see before you.

When great stone come back together, it rise to the top of the Earth once again. It do this on its own so everyone can know of its presence. And when they come to it, they touch it, like in the first days of life here, and they begin their journey back into the light. There be one sign that happen, just before it time for this great stone to be put back together. There will appear, out of the ground, a white powder. It been called White Gold Powder by people who use it long ago. They used it to reach their spiritual goal, and that mean to learn all the lessons they come here to learn. When that done, they leave this Earth, without having to die.

That thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ”

Christ questioned His Disciples concerning His identity, to test their spiritual sight and perception. They all realized that He was a great soul, but only Peter possessed the clairvoyant vision which enabled him to recognize the great indwelling Christ Spirit. With this vision, of course. would also come a corresponding state of spiritual consciousness. “Flesh and blood”, says the Christ. or a physical means, could not have given Peter his knowledge. This required spiritual sight is gained through regeneration. Peter or “Petros” means “a rock”.

Peter had built the “white stone’ mentioned in Revelation (within his being), which is also the Philosopher’s Stone, and is produced by cementing the sand-like particles of the pineal gland into a hard, rock-like condition. This is accomplished through the raising of the Life Force and by directing this Force properly when raised. The opposite type to Peter is the man who built his house upon the sand, which was destroyed by the storm.

This is the story of the Person who builds his spiritual “house” or “church” upon the foundation of the unregenerated being. It is always destroyed by the “storm” of the unrestrained emotional nature. The man who builds his “house” upon a “rock” is the —Peter” or “Petros” who has regenerated himself and built the “white stone” of Revelation within. This is the Philosopher’s Stone or Diamond Soul. No “storm” of unrestrained emotions will harm such a man.

Man has been an alchemist from the time when he first raised himself, and with the powers long latent pronounced himself as human. Experiences are the chemicals of life which the philosopher is experimenting with. Nature is the great book whose secrets he seeks to understand through her own wondrous symbolism.

His own Spiritual Flame is the lamp by which he reads, and without this the printed pages mean nothing to him. His own body is the furnace in which he prepares the Philosopher’s Stone; his senses and organs are the test tubes, and incentive is the flame from the burner. Salt, sulphur, and mercury are the chemicals of his craft. According to the ancient philosophers, salt was of the earth earthy, sulphur was a fire which was spirit, while mercury was nothing, only a messenger like the winged Hermes of the Greeks. His color is purple, which is the blending of the red and the blue—the blue of the spirit and the red of the body.

The alchemist realizes that he himself is the Philosopher’s Stone, and that this stone is made diamond-like when the salt and the sulphur, or the spirit and the body, are united through mercury, the link of mind. Man is the incarnated principle of mind as the animal is of emotion. He stands with one foot on the heavens and the other on the earth. His higher being is lifted to the celestial spheres, but the lower man ties him to matter. Now the philosopher, building his sacred stone, is doing so by harmonizing his spirit and his body. The result is the Philosopher’s Stone.

The hard knocks of life chip it away and facet it until it reflects lights from a million different angles.

Man can create nothing from nothing, but he does contain within, in potential energy, all things; and like the alchemist with his metals, he is simply working with that which he already has. The living Philosopher’s Stone is a very beautiful thing. Indeed, like the fire opal, it shines with a million different lights, changing with the mood of the wearer. The transmuting process, whereby the spiritual fire passing through the furnace of purification radiates from the body as the soul body of gold and blue, is a very beautiful one.

The Marriage of the Sun and Moon: This takes place in man when the heart and mind are joined in eternal union. It occurs when the positive and negative poles within are united, and from that union is made the Philosopher’s Stone.

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