The opening of the seven seal – Who can awaken kundalini? Why awaken kundalini?

Also consider initiations. Without taking a great initiation, there is no way for us to enter the door of Vajrayana; we cannot listen to tantric teach-ings or practice tantra. This means that we have no opportunity to achieve enlightenment quickly or to free other sentient beings from suffering and bring them to enlightenment.

There is no way we can achieve enlightenment without a qualified vajra guru planting the seeds of the four kayas in our mind through granting us the blessings of the four complete initiations of Highest Yoga Tantra. Each initiation leaves a potential, or seed, in the mind of the vajra disciple. For example, receiving the vase initiation allows us to meditate on and actual-ize the generation stage and leaves a special imprint on our mind to achieve the nirmanakaya.

Receiving the secret initiation allows us to meditate on and actualize the path of the illusory body and leaves a special imprint to achieve the sambhogakaya. Receiving the wisdom initiation allows us to meditate on and achieve the clear light and leaves a special imprint to achieve the dharmakaya. Receiving the fourth initiation, the word initiation, allows us to meditate on and achieve the path of unification and leaves a special imprint to achieve the unified state of Vajradhara, or the svabha-vikakaya, which is the ultimate nature of a buddha’s omniscient mind. We receive all this by the kindness of our vajra gurus.

In contrast, Western societies are extremely left-brain oriented, analytical, and precise in language and communication. These societies tend to be materialistic by nature. Lives frequently become focused upon the search for power, control, and material acquisition. Happiness is often defined by the amount of goods and properties owned. This materialistic philosophy has been summed up rather appropriately by the popular saying “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Western societies have gradually weeded out mysticism from the experience of everyday life. Individuals have begun to pursue science as a type of new religion where technology is the fruit that the scientific priesthood has harvested. Western society is now guided by a sterile scientific philosophy that has become obsessed with an overly mechanistic, reductionistic viewpoint of life. Yet there are many who struggle to find deeper meaning in their lives.

The older mystical, shamanistic societies were highly aware of the importance of key life events and created special ceremonies honoring specific rites of passage.

Such initiatic rites were a common part of a shaman’s training. Each different rite was a form of personal transformation and ascension along the pathway toward attaining higher wisdom. As the higher wisdom was attained and shared with the rest of the tribal culture, all life could be seen as part of an integral webwork of cosmic life energy, infused by the god/goddess into many different forms of earthly expression that included rocks, trees, fish, and animals, as well as people. Through the awakening of their third eye chakras, the shamans grew increasingly aware of the multidimensional nature of the universe.

All parts of nature were viewed as a part of the unfoldment of cosmic life patterns. The shamanic elders were the evolved individuals within these cultures who helped to explain the mysteries of life to the rest of the members of their society.

These knowledge keepers frequently looked to the Sun, Moon, and stars as important cosmic forces in their lives. Astrological timekeeping helped to synchronize the timing of the planting and harvesting of crops. In addition, astrology provided information that suggested the most favorable timing for important symbolic rituals as well as for ceremonies (such as the solstices) that celebrated the guiding forces of nature.

Today, there is a movement toward rediscovering the uses of astrology and the importance of the shamanistic viewpoint of the world. There is, by some, a turning away from the scientist-priests as the purveyors of all knowledge and wisdom. What we are beginning to realize is that left-brain knowledge alone is sterile and incomplete.

We cannot comprehend the bigger picture unless right-brain knowledge is also incorporated into the greater worldview. As a result, we have seen an explosion of right-brain paths of consciousness exploration over the past three decades.

A deeply buried need to experience mystical ways of knowing and perceiving the world is reawakening. In this search for greater self-knowledge, many have sought to learn the shaman’s path to inner knowing. These trailblazers seek to revive the ancient right-brain technologies of learning through following sacred paths of initiation, exploration, and ascension via symbolically meaningful rituals.

They search for ways of adapting shamanistic knowledge gathering and the creative, harmonious use of power to rediscover, through the magic of ritual and dreamtime exploration, the reenchantment of the world. They quest for deeper meaning in their lives.

A new form of whole-brain learning and perceiving the world around us is developing. We have begun to integrate our left-brain analytical skills with our recently rediscovered intuitive, symbolic right-brain skills of knowledge gathering. As we combine the best of both worlds to understand the meaningful symbolism of events in our own lives, we accelerate our spiritual learning and integration of life experiences. We have, as a culture, just begun to uncover the hidden spiritual agenda of soul growth and attainment of higher wisdom. The shamanistic path of exploration holds great power for us to begin to integrate our right and left brains to achieve personal transformation and spiritual awakening. It is a tradition that works with the forces of nature to create harmony on both the personal, microcosmic level and the planetary, macrocosmic scale.

There is a tremendous potential for mass transformation of the entire human race if people could begin to utilize shamanistic and scientific knowledge as well as left- and right-brain skills to integrate the wisdom of ancient Eastern and modern Western cultures and to harmonize and balance their masculine and feminine sides.

This trend has already begun with a small but growing group of evolutionary spiritual explorers. They have set out on a course of rediscovery of ancient mystical knowledge that is based, in part, on a rediscovery of the multidimensional self and all of its higher potentials. Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini is a guidebook for those of us who wish to begin to integrate our outer and inner worlds by uncovering the hidden meaning and synchronicity in our lives.

And, if we are lucky, we can use the tremendous potential energy of midlife crisis to become more conscious, spiritually awakened beings who can begin to make a difference in the world.

A Gradual Awakening

A major misconception in the West regarding Kundalini is  that it can be a dangerous practice. In 1970 the Indian Kundalini practitioner Gopi Krishna (1903-1984) wrote Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, in which he described his own sudden awakening. Gopi Krishna undertook arduous daily meditation for many years until, at the age of 34, he had a startling moment of profound awareness, which he described in his autobiography as the effect of Kundalini energy rising through him to transform his consciousness.

Although this book did much to popularize the concept of Kundalini, it also led to concerns that the sudden development of awareness when an individual was insufficiently prepared could be alarming. The key point in all Kundalini practice is to develop awareness of your internal energy in all its aspects. Meditating on the qualities of each chakra in turn is an important way in which the different aspects of your psyche can be integrated.

The aim is not to rush headlong to the goal of total awareness and enlightenment, but rather to gain wisdom and understanding from all the energies of your psyche.

The great psychologist Carl Jung studied the passage of Kundalini through the chakras and saw it as a process by which the psyche becomes whole, in which the functions of thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting are reconciled and balanced. This means that each stage of the journey of Kundalini through the chakras is an important point at which to pause and absorb its meaning.

Far from the focus being on the achievement of a great rush of energy up the spine, the process should be about a gradually growing awareness and a resolving of tensions and energetic blocks. As with any discipline, problems arise when we expect instant results without practice and understanding.

Expanding Awareness

Kundalini energy is the awakened identity of your true self, which can be experienced as a timeless and infinite love of the soul. Kundalini is a complete science that may be divided into different components, yet it is the experience of participating in the totality of that structure that allows you to touch something beyond the physical body and recognize the infinite quality of the soul. In the moment when Kundalini is awakened, the ego has nothing to do.

There is only bliss, joy and a huge sense of gratitude for that which has been given as a gift to all of us. The total experience of a Kundalini awakening can have a profound effect on your awareness of your mind, body and spirit. The transformative power of the awakened Kundalini releases blocks and overcomes difficulties, opening paths to healing and change.

Kundalini energy has the capacity to cut rapidly through the limitations of the ego, so that you can tune in to your innate wisdom and true potential. There are no words that can capture the experience. The human mind has the potential to be creative and expansive, but in practical reality we don’t train our minds to take part in this process.

Through regular Kundalini meditation you can awaken Kundalini energy and release the mind’s control. Training the mind in this way and giving it a regular experience of its infinite potential will free up the creativity of your intellect and the intelligence of your soul. Once Kundalini energy is raised, it can cleanse the subconscious mind of all the different elements that become trapped there – fears, phobias, unfulfilled desires and dreams.

Once released, our thoughts become lighter and clearer and we can then begin to understand how to train our minds to realize peace, prosperity and health at all times. It takes time, patience and commitment to discipline the mind, but even a few minutes a day can create a good habit and establish a path to expanding awareness. This book will give you the techniques to learn how to develop your intuition and work toward a neutral mind, so that you recognize what is real and important to you.

We all experience challenges and stresses in our everyday life, and the key to rising above those pressures is to develop a more meditative mind. If everyone desired a neutral, calm and intuitive mind, imagine how much happier humanity would be! With a more balanced mind, life’s challenges don’t seem so overwhelming and one is able to trust that the difficult times will pass. Awareness creates clarity and a knowingness that life is about successes and failures and that it is possible to embrace it all. Kundalini can help you to achieve a clear and intuitive mind to help you to face these challenges.

What the different names for kundalini mean

In Sanskrit, kundal implies a loop, thus kundalini has been portrayed as “that which is snaked”. This is the customary conviction, yet it has been erroneously comprehended. The word kundalini really originates from the word kunda, signifying “a more profound spot, pit or hole”.

The fire utilized in the function of inception is ignited in a pit called kunda. Additionally, where a dead body is scorched is kunda. On the off chance that you burrow a dump or a gap it is called kunda. Kunda alludes to the curved depression where the cerebrum, taking after a looped and dozing snake, settles. (On the off chance that you have the chance of looking at an analyzation of the human mind you will see that it is as a loop or snake nestled into itself.)

This is the genuine significance of kundalini. The word kundalini alludes to the shakti or force when it is in its lethargic potential state, however when it is showing, you can call it Devi, Kali, Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi or some other name as indicated by the appearance it is displaying before you. In the Christian convention, the expressions “the Path of the Initiates” and “the Stairway to Heaven” utilized in the Bible, allude to kundalini’s climb through sushumna nadi.

The climb of kundalini and at last, the drop of profound effortlessness, are symbolized by the cross. This is the reason Christians make the indication of the cross at ajna, anahata and vishuddhi chakras, for ajna is where the climbing cognizance is risen above and anahata is the place the plummeting effortlessness is made show to the world.

Whatever occurs in otherworldly life, it is identified with the awakening of kundalini. Furthermore, the objective of each type of otherworldly life, regardless of whether you call it samadhi, nirvana, moksha, fellowship, association, kaivalya, freedom or whatever, is in certainty awakening of kundalini.

Emblematic portrayal of kundalini In the tantric writings, kundalini is considered as the base force or vitality. As far as present day brain science, it tends to be known as the oblivious in man. As we have recently talked about, in Hindu folklore, kundalini relates with the idea of Kali. In the way of thinking of Shaivism, the idea of kundalini is spoken to by the shivalingam, the oval-molded stone or column with a snake curled around it.

In any case, most normally, kundalini is outlined as a resting snake wound three and a half times. Obviously there is no snake dwelling in mooladhara, sahasrara or some other chakra, however the snake has consistently been an image for proficient cognizance.

 In all the most established spiritualist religions of the world you discover the snake, and on the off chance that you have seen any photos or pictures of Lord Shiva. you will have seen snakes supporting his midriff, neck and arms. Kali is additionally embellished with snakes and Lord Vishnu interminably rests on a huge wound snake.

This snake power symbolizes the oblivious in man. In Scandinavian, European, Latin American and Middle Eastern nations and a wide range of human advancements of the world, the idea of the snake power is spoken to in landmarks and antiquated curios.

This implies kundalini was known to individuals from all pieces of the world before. Be that as it may, we can consider kundalini in any way we like on the grounds that really, prang has no structure or measurement, it is endless. In the customary depictions of kundalini awakening, it is said that kundalini lives in mooladhara as a wound snake and when the snake awakens it uncoils and shoots up through sushumna (the mystic section in the focal point of the spinal line). opening the different chakras as it goes (see Sir John Woodroffe’s The Serpent Power).

Brahmachari Swami Vyasdev, in his book Science of the Soul, portrays the awakening of kundalini in the accompanying manner: ‘Sadhakas have seen the sushumna as an iridescent pole or column, a brilliant yellow snake, or once in a while as a sparkling dark snake around ten inches in length with blood overnight flights like seething charcoal, the forward portion of the tongue vibrating and sparkling like lightning, rising the spinal segment.’ The significance of the 3 I /2 loops of the snake is as per the following: The 3 curls speak to the 3 matras of Om, which identify with past, present and future: to the 3 guns: lamas. rajas and sattva: to the 3 conditions of awareness:

“Sadhalcas have seen the sushumna as a radiant pole or column, a brilliant yellow snake, or here and there as a sparkling dark snake around ten inches in length with blood overnight flights like seething charcoal, the forward portion of the tongue vibrating and sparkling like lightning, rising the spinal section.”

The significance of the 3 1 / 2 curls of the snake is as per the following: The 3 loops speak to the 3 matras of Om, which identify with past, present and future; to the 3 gunas: tamas, rajas and sattva; to the 3 conditions of cognizance: waking, resting and dreaming; and to the 3 kinds of experience: abstract understanding, exotic experience and nonattendance of experience. The 1 / 2 curl speaks to the condition of greatness, where there is neither one of the wakings, dozing nor dreaming. Along these lines, the 3 1/2 curls mean the complete understanding of the universe and the experience of greatness.

Who can awaken kundalini?

There are numerous individuals who have awakened their kundalini. Saints and sadhus, however artists, painters, warriors, essayists, anybody can awaken their kundalini. With the awakening of kundalini, not just dreams of God happen, there is unfolding of imaginative insight and an awakening of supramental resources.

By enacting kundalini you may become anything throughout everyday life. The vitality of kundalini is one vitality, however it communicates contrastingly through the individual clairvoyant habitats or chalcras – first in net natural manners and afterward in logically increasingly unobtrusive manners. Refining of the outflow of this vitality at higher and progressively inconspicuous degrees of vibration speaks to the climb of human awareness to its most noteworthy prospects. Kundalini is the imaginative vitality; it is simply the vitality articulation.

Similarly as in multiplication another life is made, similarly, somebody like Einstein utilizes that equivalent vitality in an alternate, increasingly inconspicuous domain, to make a hypothesis like relativity. It is a similar vitality that is communicated when somebody creates or plays lovely music. It is a similar vitality which is communicated in all pieces of life, regardless of whether it is developing a business, satisfying the family obligations or arriving at whatever objective you try for.

These are for the most part articulations of the equivalent inventive vitality. Everyone, regardless of whether householder or sannyasin, must recollect that awakening of kundalini is the prime reason for human manifestation. All the delights of arousing life which we are getting a charge out of now are proposed uniquely to upgrade the awakening of kundalini in the midst of the unfriendly conditions of man’s life.

A procedure of transformation With the awakening of kundalini, a change happens throughout everyday life. It has little to do with one’s ethical, strict or moral life. It has more to do with the nature of our encounters and discernments.

When kundalini awakens your psyche changes and your needs and connections likewise change. Every one of your Icarmas experience a procedure of coordination. It is exceptionally easy to comprehend. When you were a youngster you adored toys, yet why not love them now?

Since your brain has changed and thus, your connections have additionally changed. In this way, with the awakening of kundalini, a transformation happens. There is even the chance of rebuilding the whole physical body. When kundalini awakens, the physical body really experiences numerous changes. By and large they are certain, yet on the off chance that your master isn’t careful, they can be negative too. At the point when the shakti awakens, the cells in the body are totally charged and a procedure of revival additionally begins.

The voice changes, the smell of the body changes and the hormonal discharges additionally change. Truth be told, the change of cells in the body and mind happens at an a lot higher rate than ordinary. These are only a couple of perceptions. In any case, logical analysts are as yet stepping into this field.

Why awaken kundalini?

In the event that you need to take up the act of kundalini yoga, the most significant thing is that you have an explanation or a point. On the off chance that you need to awaken kundalini for clairvoyant forces, at that point please proceed with your own fate. In any case, on the off chance that you need to awaken kundalini so as to appreciate fellowship among Shiva and Shakti, the genuine fellowship between the two incredible powers inside you, and in the event that you need to enter samadhi and experience the total in the universe, and in the event that you need to comprehend reality behind the appearance, and in the event that the reason for your journey is extraordinary, at that point there is nothing that can come to you as a hindrance. By methods for kundalini awakening, you are remunerating with the laws of nature and accelerating the pace of your physical, mental and otherworldly advancement.

When the incredible shakti awakens, man is never again a gross physical body working with a lower psyche and tow voltage pram. Rather, every cell of his body is accused of the high voltage prana of kundalini. What’s more, when absolute awakening happens, man turns into a lesser god, an epitome of eternality.

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