The Mind of the Guru, He who takes this mind to the higher regions , the mystery of the three worlds is revealed to him, The popular phrase “A teacher appears when a student is ready”. A True Guru Wants You to Be Independent , A True Guru Goes Beyond Religion , A True Guru Will Dismantle Your Ego, A Guru’s job is to make you a tough seeker, able to face any challenge in life.

The word of the Guru in order to acquaint bis mind with the wisdom of the Guru , the lofty words of Divine Wisdom and ultimate truth. It is preliminary training of the mind through the eyes and the ears . It lifts the mind of the aspirant from the usual to the Divine.

He who takes this mind to the higher regions , the mystery of the three worlds is revealed to him

When the mind is illumined with Divine knowledge The mystery of the three worlds is revealed . He , who is the seeker of virtue , Shall never forget the holy Name.

This world in the Guru ‘ s view is not a reflection of some higher worlds . … has realized God’s Will knows that the same Spirit abides within him and in the three worlds.


One of the first things that must strike a render of the Granth is the very great importance attached to the Guru. AR it states in one place :— “The very fortunate one obtahls a sight of the Divine By true love to the word of the Guru. Six philosophical systems are current : But the system of the Guru is profound and boundless. “By the system of the Guru emancipation and salvation are ‘ brought about. That true one himself dwells in the mind of the disciple. By the doctrine of the Guru the world is saved. If one bestow affectionate love on it.”

Gurus enjoyed a high position also because they were believed to possess various divine powers or siddihis


what do you do when you have to buy a new car or a new home? I assume you do research, ask your friends for their opinions, and use your own knowledge to make the right purchase. Even when you buy a new phone or tablet, the decision is based on what you like, what’s available, and what suits your style, right? You select your life partner carefully, too. Would you marry a person you didn’t like from day one? So, since you have been choosing the most important things in your life based upon research and comfort, you will choose the Guru using the same model, right?

You will pick the Guru that you like. You will find solace in the Guru who makes you comfortable. You will seek out the Guru who matches your lifestyle. Not so fast. Finding a Guru bears no resemblance to shopping for one. A Guru is not meant to make us feel more comfortable. They arrive in our lives to push our buttons and ignite transformation. So we can’t go from place to place, looking for the “right fit.” when we decide that we are ready for a Guru, the best thing we can do is begin to work on our egos. The biggest roadblock to meeting a true Guru is the ego. Remember, you can think of ego as standing for “edging Guru out.” Take the Guru out, and the ego will walk in. Allow the ego in, and the Guru will walk out. The ego stops us from accepting the idea that someone with flesh and bones can teach us life lessons.

The popular phrase “A teacher appears when a student is ready” is absolutely true in this situation.

The ultimate truth is this: You cannot find a Guru. You can only let a Guru discover you. The only thing you can do is prepare yourself for the Guru’s discovery.

Try as much as you want. if you go out and search for a Guru, you may land at a place where your ego is fed. The title of this section is somewhat of a trick for your ego and shopping habits. Butt am not trying to deceive you. t just want you to have clarity. You are much too precious to end up in the wrong hands.

A Guru’s job is to make you a tough seeker, able to face any challenge in life.

When a Guru is alive, there is vibrancy. There is freedom and yet a management of the journey. A Guru lives in the present. The past and future are irrelevant to a Guru. Their solution to the same problem may change over time because the student’s energy, or even the world’s energy, may change as time passes, too. A Guru responds to the present moment, not to past information.

⦁ A True Guru Wants You to Be Independent
⦁ A True Guru Goes Beyond Religion
⦁ A True Guru Will Dismantle Your Ego

A Guru’s message goes beyond religion and all other popular norms. Gurus don’t repeat heavy quotes from scriptures; instead, they guide you from experience. A Guru will accept you in your religion. There won’t be a need to convert into anything.

A True Guru Will Dismantle Your Ego – A Guru will attack your ego from many angles. You can either take these attacks as insults or learn to understand the hidden lessons in them. The problem is that we’re programmed in such a way that any simple method to cure the ego doesn’t work. Society, media,news, schools, and doctrines and brainwashing propaganda feeds our ego and fear programmning keeping mankind tuned into lower vibration (low state available information). One person, a Guru, wants to detoxify you from all of the ego clutter. It is a lot of work, but it can be done if you apply yourself.

Servants of the universe and the elders. The universe is Yours; You are the Lord of all. You created all. Some serve at Your door and their sufferings are dispelled. They are honoured in God’s court; the guru frees them. The guru breaks the bonds of ego and does not let the mind to be fickle. Meet the guru and follow his way. By which you find God and not have to answer for your account. Eliminate ego and serve the guru.

Without the guru the transcendent Lord no one is yours? Serving the Guru is the way to salvation by praising God forever.

The ocean is very deep, filled with fiery water; the guru carries us across.

The guru breaks the chains of death; the guru-willed realizes the reality. Cheated by falsehood, they walk on many paths. The heat of fire destroys the self-willed. The guru is the great giver of sacred name. Reciting God’s name attains eternal peace. The amazing true guru teaches the truth. Eliminates all sufferings and puts on the right path. No thorn pinches the foot of one who has the guru as his protector.

Meeting the true guru, the mind is stabilized. In his refuge they obtain God’s name. He bestows God’s priceless name.

Get imbued with God’s love forever; this is the essence of meditation and self-discipline. Recite God’s name through guru’s teachings. This essence is found in devotee’s congregation. Search your soul through guru’s teachings You will never go through womb again. Bathe at the sacred shrine of truth and sing God’s praises. Contemplating God with love realizes the reality. In the end the devil of death cannot rob those who say God with love.

The guru the bestowal is very wise. Those with truth inside merge with truth. One, whom the guru unites with him, gets rid of the fear of death. The body is formed combining five elements. God the jewel abides in it. The soul is God, God is soul; God is realized through guru’s teachings. O brother; be truthful and content. Be kind and stay at guru’s refuge. Search your soul and find God; it is realized through guru’s company. The faithless are stuck in falsehood and deceit. Day and night, they slander others.

Tell me: without the guru, who the faithless has been saved? Acting in ego he falls into the terrifying world-ocean. Without the guru, no one is saved; one crosses over reciting God. No one can erase guru’s blessings. The Lord carries across those whom He blesses. The pains of birth and death do not touch those who have the unlimited infinite God in the mind. Those who forget the guru come and go in reincarnation.

You are the almighty kind Lord. No one knows Your amazing plays. You are the perfect architect of destiny. From the beginning of time, throughout the ages, You take care of all. You the kind and beautiful Lord abide in each and every heart. As You wish, You cause all to follow; everyone acts according to Your command. O life of the world, your kind light shines in all. Everyone enjoys you and drinks your essence with love. lie gives and He takes in the whole universe. lie is the mother and father of the world.

He created the world and set the play in motion. He placed the soul in the body of air, water and fire. The body has nine gates; the tenth gate remains hidden. There are four terrible rivers of fire. Only a few guru-willed realize Him through guru’s unique teachings. The faithless are drowned and burnt through evil-mindedness. The guru saves those who are imbued with God’s love. You created water, fire, air, earth and the sky. You created life combining the five elements. They remain imbued with guru’s teaching eliminating worldly wealth and ego O brother.

The mind drenched with guru’s teaching gets satisfaction. Without God’s name there is no place to rest. They are being robbed inside; the faithless do not know the devil of death. The scary messengers and ghosts make lot of noise. These demons create lot of trouble. Without realizing guru’s teaching he keeps coming and going and loses his honour in the process. The body of the false person Is like a pile of salty dirt. Without God’s name what honour you have?

Without God’s name; salvation is not obtained; today or tomorrow he is going to fall In the hands of death. There is no friend without the guru. Here and hereafter, God is the saviour. He bestows God’s name by His grace and unites with him like water in water. Guru guides the misguided followers. He puts them on the right path when they are going stray. Serve the guru forever day and night; He is the destroyer of pain and he is your friend.

The Creator established nine gates. In the tenth gate, the unseen unexplainable infinite God lives. The seven seas are filled with pure water. The filth does not attach to Him. The lamps of the sun and the moon give light to all. Creating them, He watches His greatness. Embodiment of beauty, light and bestowal of happiness is honoured through truth. Within the fortress are the stores and markets; the business is transacted there. The supreme merchant weighs with the perfect weights. He buys and sells jewel and He determines the price as well. The appraiser appraises its value. The carefree is full of treasures. He has all powers, He pervades all; only a rare guru-willed understand Him. By His grace one meets the guru. The devil of death cannot strike him. He blossoms like the lotus in water; he recites God with joy. He rains the stream of nectar, jewels, diamonds, and priceless rubies. Meeting the guru realizes the perfect God through priceless love. Whoever receives the priceless treasure of love? It never decreases in weight. It is weighed correctly. The trader of truth buys the true merchandise.

Spiritual Master’s (Guru’s) powerful

“If one doesn’t understand the hidden sense of a mantra, one will have to surrender to an authentic master.” It goes on to add that when it comes to making mantras work it is the guru who is the path. The guru is seen as the supreme mediator between the ordinary and the divine. As the text puts it, “It is the guru who is the supreme pas-sageway (tirtha), in comparison to him any other passageway is of no use.” As a passageway to the divine the combination of the guru’s image and speech is especially powerful.

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