The Magnetic Power of the Kundalini/ illumination.  Secret teaching about Yoga & Kundalini. The Power responsible for all our temporal and spiritual triumphs and all our intellectual advances is Kundalini.

In a number of verses, repeated reference is made by our author to the irresistible fascination exercised by the accomplished sadhakas, blessed by the Shakti, on the members of the fair sex who come in contact with them. “Lovely women, tormented by the fire of love, succumb to these men of concentrated minds. On them ceaselessly center the looks of charming ladies made restless by the arrows of Cupid.” “Beautiful-eyed maidens casting away their modesty run after them and they become the objects of undivided attention, in the abode of Cupid, on the part of youthful maidens smitten with love.”

“Even if ugly they appear like the mind-alluring God of Love in the eyes of youthful damsels with large well-formed hips.” With these and other telling phrases the author draws attention to the erotic aspect of the transformation effected by an awakened Kundalini. At another place (III.5) he adds: – ” ‘I wish to drink him with my eyes; ‘I wish to touch his limbs with mine; ‘I wish to absorb him into myself.’ Such are thoughts that cross the minds of youthful maidens in regard to the accomplished devotees of the Goddess when sitting in their company.” Saundarya Lahari goes a step further to say: – “Damsels in hundreds with their locks disheveled, their sarees flying off their figures, their girdles bursting asunder with force, their silk garments slipping down, run after a decrepit, ugly and impotent man, who falls within the range of Thy side glances.” This acquisition of a power of fascination is mentioned again and again in some of the Tantras and books on Shakti Shasta.

According to Yoga-tattva Upanishad, Hatha-Yoga secures such personal beauty to the yogi that all women would desire him, but they have to be resisted. All these colorful and, at places, highly exaggerated statements are not without a hard core of truth. They refer to a profound psychological factor which forms the basis of attraction between the male and the female in the play of love. We still do not know what causes work and what magnetic waves pass between a couple intensely drawn to each other in the bond of erotic desire or what makes complete strangers take a sudden liking to each other.

The lion’s mane and the gorgeous feathers of a peacock are alluring sexual characteristics provided by nature to draw the members of the opposite sex to the copulative act. A thousand different devices are used by nature to fulfil the supreme purpose of propagation. A high forehead, broad shoulders, an athletic figure and high intellectual or artistic gifts in men, beauty, grace and symmetry of face and figure, modesty, sweetness and gentleness in disposition, in the case of women, are some of the alluring features that not unoften exercise their sway in the intercourse of love between men and women in different parts of the world. It is a well-observed fact that famous leaders, dictators, eloquent speakers, champion athletes, great actors, musicians, painters, as also well-known authors and even reputed saints draw crowds of admirers and adorers of the opposite sex. This is a phenomenon which has been witnessed all through the past and will continue to be witnessed in future also for it is an essential adjunct to the evolutionary dynamics of the human race. Still unidentified, mysterious forces work in the subconscious depths of human beings to create eugenic preferences and tastes helpful to evolution. But our lack of knowledge, adverse social barriers, impetuosity of youth and many other man-made factors stand in the way.

The statements made in Panchastavi, Saundarya Lahari and other works on Kundalini definitely refer to these hidden forces which create the ferment in the psychological depths of human beings. The ascent of Kundalini into the sahasrara has the potentiality to transform an average human being into a Cosmic Conscious sage, a genius of the highest order or a prophetic seer with highly-developed psychic gifts, full of vigor and charm.

It is, therefore, no wonder if he becomes an object of admiration and love to members of the opposite sex who come within the circle of his influence. These verses in Panchastavi and other allied works are only intended to emphasize the fact that, with the ascent of Kundalini into the brain, the adept attains a stature among mortals that even gods would envy. Beauty, health, lofty traits of character, higher intellectual and artistic gifts, and eloquence, with a magnetic personality, are the priceless boons attainable with the discipline. What is there then to belie the statement that accomplished yogis of this calibre would excite the interest and admiration of the womenfolk susceptible to their influence?

It is to this total transformation of personality, raising man to the stature of a superman, that Panchastavi (IRS) refers in the subjoined verse: – “0 Goddess, before him, who even once humbly completely prostrates himself before Thee, emperors bow down from his very birth, the crests of their diadems laid trembling at his shining footstool.

He who worships Thee is worshiped by celestials. He who sings Thy praises is praised far and wide. He who meditates on Thee becomes the object of fond attention on the part of beauteous damsels smitten with love.”Karpuradi Stoma expresses the same idea in verse 22 thus: — “Numbers of women with large eyes, like those of the antelope, impatient for his love, ever follow him. Even the king becomes subject to his control. He becomes like unto Kubera (God of Wealth) himself.

An enemy fears him as if he were a prison. Living in continuous bliss, the devotee is liberated when yet living, and is never again rebom.”11 Erotic desire is a most essential factor in the unfoldment of the Drama of terrestrial life. Animals on land, birds in the air and fish in the ocean submit to it. Form, figure, features, colors, sounds, odors, signs and signals, all are used by nature to bring about the union of the sexes for this great purpose.

The continuation of the human race, with all her great achievements; has been entirely due to the operation of this mighty urge. A forcible distortion, inhibition or extinction of the powerful impulse cannot but lead to distortion, decline or extinction of the race. For natures plan of evolution it is absolutely necessary that the amatory impulse should continue to work to create more and more evolved specimens of humanity.

Atrophy or extinction of the instinct implies a violation of the law of evolution and a negation of the Will of God. It is idle to expect that an extended knowledge of the power reservoir of Kundalini can lift all the race to a higher dimension of consciousness within a foreseeable period of time.

On the other hand; it is wiser to assume that the transition will take ages to accomplish. Both before and after the transition, gradations in the mental, physical and spiritual stature of individuals will continue to exist.

With the climb of each step of the ladder; the number of highly evolved persons must show a progressive increase. It is not only in the achievement of higher ethical standards or superior intellectual talent, but also in the attainment of greater beauty, charm and longevity for the body that the evolutionary change will manifest itself.

It is safe to presume that the highest products of the process will exercise their power and cast their magnetic influence over the crowds among whom they live. The attraction felt by the other sex towards the prodigies of this class, to conform to the instinctive hunger for more evolved, ideal offspring, will continue to be a natural feature of human life as it is now. It is to these profound instinctive impulses in the human mind to which the verses refer. No man-made barriers or cultural prejudices can ever stand against the overpowering might of the evolutionary impulses.

The institution of marriage and the play of erotic passion will always be subservient to the dictates of this irrepressible urge. The ideal forms of wedlock in which the ethical, erotic and eugenic demands will find fulfillment, in keeping with the overall purpose of evolution, have still to be determined.

From a distance of more than one thousand years, Panchastavi beckons the present-day war-torn, divided mankind to the glowing vision of a new world. Not the madding, shrieking world of giant machines, nor the diabolic world of magic, sorcery and supernatural power, nor the pleasure-crazy world of vice, crime and violence, but a world of harmony, beauty, peace and happiness, existing both within and without

Civilizations rose and fell without translating this glorious vision into actuality because ignorance of the physical laws of the Universe stood in the way of a better understanding of the laws of the spiritual world. Unhealthy asceticism in the field of religion, unbridled power in the hands of a few in that of politics, extremes of want and opulence in the social realm, and dogma in the sphere of knowledge combined to keep mankind fettered to ways of life antagonistic to the manifestation of the Divinity within.

The Divine side of the Universe, by too much stress on the material side alone, will always remain hidden from the sight of science unless this stubborn attitude registers a change. No power on earth and no achievement of the intellect can ever succeed in placing forever the god over the brute in man.

The shift from good to evil and from evil to good will continue like a giant see-saw, lifting mankind up for a while to plenty and undisturbed peace and then plunging her down into the abyss of war, suffering and want. Were the Riddle of the Universe so easy to read that the puny human intellect could find the answer, it would reduce the Creator of this, for the human mind, unimaginable world, to the position of only a magnified human being.

But continued penetration into the Mysteries of Creation for millions of years to come would not exhaust the infinite mine of wonders that shall continue to excite the curiosity of mankind. The paramount importance of the research on Kundalini lies in this: that the very first successful experiment would reveal the hidden possibilities of spiritual transformation existing in the human frame, and the unbounded world of consciousness which this transformation can open to view.

This experience alone can subdue the otherwise unyielding pride of the intellect It is only when the dormant life forces in the body stir to activity to raise the perceptive powers of the mind that the illusion created by the senses fades to bring into view the glorious world of consciousness.

This is what the author of Panchastavi has in mind when he says (V.1): -“0 Mother of the Universe, Thou shinest as the moon to dispel the darkness, dread and fever of embodied life. All these followers of different creeds, in dark about Thy real nature, disputing with each other, stumbling and sinking deeper into the web of Thy illusion, helpless to save themselves, go to destruction. But we (Thy devotees), bowing to Thee, seek Thy protection, 0 Sovereign of the worlds.” It is only the inner transformation that can change for the better the outer environment of mankind. The animal chooses or creates its environment according to the demand of its instinct.

Man creates his environment according to the dictates and tendencies of his intellect, but without long experience he can never be sure about the soundness of his choice.

All the social and political orders ever formed have been only the reflections of the inner working of the minds of those who created them. Revolutions occurred whenever an attempt was made to superimpose a newly thought-of pattern over the one already in vogue. The change worked for the better when the good element predominated in the minds that devised the new pattern. The intellect was equally at work both before and after the change. But what makes the intellect more prone to good in one case and more prone to evil in the other, we do not know. This is the secret of Kundalini. It is the predominance of the noble or divine element &rya) in the leading intellects that alone can bring about a wholesome change in the affairs of man.

The modern world, modeled on the blueprint designed by science, is proving a shrieking failure because the determining factor behind the intellect is still hidden from the eyes of the empiricists. The giant productions of technology, which overawe with their complexity and performance, are but the creations of an extremely subtle, invisible stuff, i.e., the mind which, in an individual, seems too weak for such a gigantic role.

But we never suspect that there can be even subtler entities behind the mind that can make its giant creations either instruments of welfare or engines of mass destruction. It is, in ignoring the decisive part played by this determining factor behind the mind, that the greatest error of modern knowledge lies. Without taking a lesson from the experience of the vanished cultures of the past, preserved in the religious literature of all mankind, to determine what disciplines and ways of life are necessary to bring about the predominance of the sattvic (divine) element in its mental constitution, humanity will continue to pay forfeit for the unpredictable errors of the intellect.

It is only by upraising the divine that the brute can be vanquished. This cosmic Truth is represented symbolically in the saga of war between Mahishasura and the Goddess Durga (Kundalini) in which the former is killed. This has been mentioned to show what all-important, perennial Truths are embodied in the allegoric myths and stories contained in the Shakti Shastras current in India.

The Shakti Shastras and, in fact, all the ancient scriptural lore of mankind contain the living germs of a great discovery that alone can help science to bring about the glorious transformation of which we dream. But then material science itself will have to yield its pedestal to the now emergent Super-science of the Soul. It is Divinity itself that has come to live on earth in the guise of man.

We are all Rays of light from an eternal Sun that is the life of all that exists in the Universe and the breath of all that breathes in any part of space. All the mineral and organic resources, so liberally provided by nature, are for the delectation of this immortal being to enable him to live and grow to the stature ordained by nature in his case.

The instrument for his enjoyment of all the healthy pleasures of human life and also of his release from embodiment and illusion is Kundalini. This is the great secret unfolded by Panchastavi when it says (M. 15): – “0, Thou shyer of Asuras (demons), what sorrow (that can afflict human beings) is there which carrot be ended by keeping Thy remembrance constantly in one’s mind? What is (the height of) fame, 0 Thou blooming lotus of Kula (the manifested world or Tannic system of worship) that cannot be attained by (singing) Thy praises?

What Siddhi (perfection or psychic power) is there, 0 Thou adored one of the Deities, that cannot be gained by Thy worship and what Yoga is there that cannot be achieved by centering the mind in Thee?” This refers to the glorious future of emancipated mankind — legitimate enjoyment of all the healthy pleasures of earth — love, beauty, adventure, bodily comfort, food, drink, health, longevity and, at the same time. constant awareness of the Divinity and the immortal nature of the soul within. It is towards the realization of this idyllic dream that mankind, both in war and peace, laboriously inches its way up the steep ascent.

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