The Kundalini, when awakened, is the giver of all power, health, wealth and success. Kundalin is a science of the soul and can not be understood intellectually. Sakti is Earth. Siva is sky. Illusion or maya is nothing but the Earth and the sky appearing as meeting at the horizon.

First of all, there are the phenomena that occur in the awakening of Kundalini and in the healing of the life force body, that is, in the healing of the chakras and the psyche. However, this does not exhaust the possibilities of Kundalini experiences -basically, these possibilities really unfold after the awakening of Kundalini. Kundalini awakening is not only about the healing itself, but above all about the subsequent life in the healed state. By the healing of the life force body, one achieves the passibility of using the life force to a far greater extent than before. These possibilities are known in India as “siddhis”; in Christian culture they are usually called “miracles”. The awakened Kundalini enables more extensive and profound forms of magic.

Three phenomena often occur spontaneously when Kundalini awakens – they relate to breathing, sleeping. and eating, three basic functions or necessities of the body. When the Kundalini awakens, it happens that these three vital activities are suddenly no longer necessary. The awakened Kundalini apparently directs the life force and keeps the body alive independently of breathing, sleeping and eating.

The “no longer needing to sleep” is known especially from Tibet. It some-times occurs initially as a change in sleep – there are longer periods during the night when one is “dreaming awake” or “sleeping awake”, so to speak, i.e. when one is conscious while sleeping or dreaming. This is obviously a coordination of waking consciousness or subconsciousness (dream) with deep sleep consciousness. The same happens also with the dream journey (waking + dream), that is “conscious dreaming”. This state of consciousness happens also with the silence meditation, with which the consciousness is without contents – one is just conscious of being conscious (waking + deep sleep), that is “conscious silence”. The Kundalini thus seems to promote the integration of the different modes of consciousness – which is very plausible, since it rises through the seven chakras, which are connected with the four modes of consciousness (deep sleep: heart chakra; dream state/subconsciousness: solar plexus and throat chakra; waking consciousness: ham and third eye; ecstasy: root chakra and crown chakra).

The Kundalini is the creator and the sustainer of the universe. She is the All in All. The best authority on the Kundalini is the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. It says: “The Kundalini is sleeping, closing the door of the Sushumana. She sleeps above the Kanda or where the Nadis unite. She gives liberation to the Yogi and bondage to fools. He who knows her knows Yoga.”

The Kundalini, when awakened, is the giver of all power, health, wealth and success.

“When Prana and Apana are mixed, it will naturally cause heat in the body; then the body becomes light and powerful. This extreme heat when felt by the Kundalini, causes her to awaken from sleep. Then she goes into the Sushumana.”

When the Kundalini awakens or moves, what then remains? What will become of the Kundalini? She will go to the Six Chakras and also remain at her place. As steam is converted from water by heat and again returns to it, so rises the dynamic energy ofthe Kundalini, which goes up to the different Chakras and returns again and again. While she will reach to the Sahasrara, still she will be at her home at the Muladhara Chakra. The Kundalini power can only be known by Master Yogins, but some times even ordinary Yogins can see it, however not as clearly, as long as the inner eye is not open. When the Yogin has opened the inner eye, then he sees the different Chakras and the energy of the Kundalini, which is Life of Life, and Light of Lights.

The energy moving to the brain is known according to Gopi Krishna as the ‘dripping of nectar’, it is likend to the movements of the river Ganges. This nectar flows into the brain and helps neurons to develop A luminous ether enters the brain. It is like being in an ocean of light, a living conscious light. It is a profoundly inner experience and inner luminosity. It is the luminous matter of the mind and brain. It is a biological transformation of the body. Light is an invariable aspect of higher consciousness. Ideally with a kundalini awakening is a more lucid and clear state of mind than before. Visions of Christ.

Light is an invariable aspect of higher consciousness. Ideally with a kundalini awakening is a more lucid and clear state of mind than before. Visions of Christ, Buddha and other sages and prophets are expanded. A deep insight into spiritual truths abounds. Love, or Agape is felt with all living beings and the universe. Higher consciousness is a state of being.

Kundalin is a science of the soul and can not be understood intellectually.

It is known that we use only about 10% of our brain capacity. This means that 90% of our brain is open to other uses and other realms and dimensions of experiences. At the crown of our brain there is the seat of what the Hindu’s call Brahmin. When this center is awakened we are connected to other forms of consciousness. The seat of the ‘Other World’ is within us. This is what Christ meant when he said that ‘the kingdom of heaven of heaven is within you’.

Andrew Harvey says of the Dark Night: “This first dark night purifies all of the senses so that they can become the vehicle of the inner Divine Self. This first dark night is extreme, but it’s not as extreme as the second dark night. It’s a purification that enables the ordinary senses to start registering the divine world. Through devotion, through meditation, through intense mystical practice, you start to see the divine light. At first it just flashes, and then when the process is complete, you have an overwhelming experience in which you see the entire creation as a manifestation of the light, and your consciousness is one with that. This is not enlightenment. This begins what is called the state of illumination. Although the senses are purified, and although they’re able now to register the divinity of the world, the Ego is still subtly present. So there has to be a second death on the path, which is the death of the personal identity “.

“This is in the end the only kind of courage that is required of us: the courage to face the strangest, most unusual, most inexplicable experiences that can meet us.”

Playing with the kundalini power, which I am talking about, is dangerous indeed; there is nothing more dangerous than this. No danger can be greater than this. But what is the danger? This too is a kind of death. If the energy within is awakened, you will die as you are right now and a totally new individual will be born—an individual that you never were before awakening. And it is this fear that prevents people from becoming religious.

It is the same fear which, if it grips a seed, prevents it from becoming a tree. Now the greatest danger facing a seed is that it will be buried in the soil, it will be treated with water and manure and then it will die as a seed. It is again the same clang’s that faces an egg when it grows and breaks its shell.

Then it has to die as an egg so that it becomes a bird. In the same way we are in the preceding state of something yet to be born. We are like an egg which is going to become a bird. But we take the egg to be everything and nestle down in it. When this energy will rise, you will be no more; there is no way for you to survive. And if you get frightened, your fate will be what Kabir describes in a beautiful couplet. Kabir has said a beautiful thing.

So there is great danger. The danger is that the person that I was till yesterday will not survive; when the energy will be awakened it will totally transform me. New centres will be awakened, a new individuality will emerge, new experiences will happen—everything will be new. If you are prepared for the new then you must gather courage to part with the old. But the old has gripped us so firmly in every way, it has fettered us so strongly, that the vital energy cannot raise its head, cannot rise upward. The journey to God is really a journey into insecurity. But the flowers of life and beauty only bloom in insecurity.

Kundalini is sleeping a trance-sleep (Yoga-nidra), and when it is awakened from this slumber and made to work, the Yogi perceives all supernatural truths. The resurrection of the soul from the grave of untruth becomes an actual fact, and perception of beauty, which is an attribute of the Self, fills the heart with joy. Health is also said to be the gift of Kundalini ; Kundalini is the mother of joy, of sweet rest, of sleep, of faith and of wisdom. Kundalini is the queen and guide of lives that breathe, i.e., of all vertebrate animals. What is this Kundalini which* is a prime-mover of the practice of a Yogi and to which such wonderful powers have been attributed ? Kundalini has long re-mained a mystery.

Sakti is Earth. Siva is sky. Illusion or maya is nothing but the Earth and the sky appearing as meeting at the horizon. In fact, they are meeting at every point on Earth. Realization is nothing but knowing and understanding this fact fully well.

Earth has been considered equivalent to Muladhara Chakra.

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