The Kundalini evolves and progresses according to the merits of the heart. The Kundalini must ascend towards the brain; it must then proceed towards the sacred sanctuary of the heart. The Kundalini dwells within the electrons. Sages meditate on the Kundalini. Devotees adore and worship the Kundalini in their homes of perfection. When the solar and lunar atoms unite, we drink the nectar of immortality because the Kundalini has awoken. The solar and lunar atoms unite in the triveni, which is located near the coccyx. Then by way of electric induction, the union of these atoms awakens the Kundalini.

Whosoever raises the energy of the Kundalini to the pineal gland, actually achieves supra-consciousness (Nirvikalpa Samadhi). The person who reaches this higher state is an illuminated one, a God.

When the Kundalini reaches the pineal gland it opens the church of Laodicea. This chakra has 1,000 splendid, sparkling petals. This is the crown that shines like an aura of light upon the head of the Saints. The atom of the Holy Spirit exists in the pineal gland. It is in this church that we attain the white dove of the Holy Spirit; here we fill ourselves with illumination, wisdom and omniscience.

The atom of the Father is found within the magnetic center at the root of the nose. The atom of the Son is found in the pituitary gland, and the atom of the Holy Spirit is found in the pineal gland.

From ‘Taoist Yoga”: A characteristic feature of Taoist mysticism is the transformation of animalistic life forces into a spiritual essence of light from which the diamond body” is developed (diamond as a symbol for the pure and imperishable). This transformation of the inner powers does not only happen through the mystical exercises of light circulation, but also through a conformable change in way of life, combined with physical exercises. The Taoist yogi merges Ching (sexual energy, abdomen) with Chi, the fire of the heart (or etheric energy), and both are merged with Shen, the spiritual light of the head. The now developed “fluid light” is brought back to the abdomen again, where the golden pearl and later the golden embryo is formed.

Through an inner akhemistic process, Ching (water and life force) and Chi (fire of the heart) are transformed into vapour (ascending water), which ascends the spinal column to get lightened by Shen (heavenly light) in the head region. Through this process, the golden life elixir is developed, which accumulates in the abdomen and grows to become the immortal body of light. With ongoing meditation, a body of light or even several bodies of light are formed and released.

The first psychical localization that is conscious to us is the abdomen; we are not conscious of anything deeper. I don’t know of a trace in primitive psychology where people would locate their psyche in their bladder. Then the next is the heart, which is a very definite center that still functions with us. For instance we say, “You know it in the head, but you don’t know it in the heart.”

There is an extraordinary distance from the head to the heart, a distance of ten, twenty, thirty years, or a whole lifetime. For you can know something in the head for forty years and it may never have touched the heart. But only when you have realized it in the heart do you begin to take notice of it. And from the heart it is an equally long distance down to the plexus solaris, and then you are caught.

For there you have no freedom at all. There is no air substance: you are just bones and blood and muscles; you are in the intestines; you are functioning there like a worm with no head. But in the heart you are on the surface. The diaphragm would be about the surface of the earth. As long as you are in manipara you are in the terrible heat of the center of the earth. as it were.

“There are seven bodies of the Being. Each body has its “cerebrospinal” nervous system, its medulla and Kundalini. Each body is a complete organism. There are, therefore, seven bodies, seven medullae and seven Kundalinis. The ascension of each of the seven Kundalinis is slow and difficult. Each canyon or vertebra represents determined occult powers and this is why the conquest of each canyon undergoes terrible tests.”

“When the Soul fuses with the Inner Master, then it becomes free from Nature and enters into the supreme happiness of absolute existence. This state of happiness is called Nirvana. Nirvana can be attained through millions of births and deaths, but it can also be attained by means of a shorter path; this is the path of “initiation.” The Initiate can reach Nirvana in one single life if he so wants it.”

“The human personality is only a marionette controlled by invisible strings… Evidently, each one of these I’s puts in our minds what we must think, in our mouths what we must say, and in our hearts what we must feel, etc.

Under such conditions the human personality is no more than a robot governed by different people, each disputing its superiority and aspiring to supreme control of the major centers of the organic machine…

First of all, it is necessary, urgent and imperative that the Magnetic Center, which is abnormally established in our false personality, be transferred to the Essence. In this way, the complete human can initiate his journey from the personality up to the stars, ascending in a progressive, didactic way, step by step up the Mountain of the Being.As long as the Magnetic Center continues to be established in our illusory personality we will live in the most abominable psychological dens of iniquity, although appearing to be splendid citizens in everyday life… These values which serve as a basis for the Law of Recurrence are always found within our human personality.”

“Whosoever wants to be born again, whosoever wants to achieve Final Liberation, must eliminate the three Gunas of the Prakriti from their nature.”

Fire is a masculine element that gives us the energy and will to bring our ideas into manifestation. It is symbolic of transformation, purification, death, and rebirth. Fire helps us transmute lower aspects of ourselves and limiting beliefs into productive energies. The fire element brings light to darkness, burning away our formcr identity and dissolving our ego.

Fire creates and destroys. It represents digestion, personal power, will, passion, vitality, creativity, and courage. The fire element allows us to purify that which no longer serves us and holds us back from our truest selves; the fire element sets us free.

The spirits of the fire teach us how to clear out the old in order to make space for the new to arise. Fire is connected to the phoenix, dragons, and salamanders. Fire governs planning and implementing, inventions, and leaders. In shamanism, fire is thought to help you communicate with the ancestors and spirits. A person with a strong fire element is passionate, bold, strong, visionary, and focused.

The opposites of death and new life combine in the spiritual mystery of the wounded redeeming heart . Water also represents the dissolution of ego , as in myths of mermaids who lure the sailors of ego into the sea of spiritual rebirth . The waters of … We see this in the Holy Spirit brooding over the deep to create the world in the first sentence of Genesis , as well as impassioning Jesus with a sense of his mission , and later , gifting the apostles with the fire of Pentecost .

The waters of baptism dissolve the ego we inherited from Adam and Eve so that the birth and resurrection of Christ can happen in us. Initiations and new births, in spiritual literature, happen around or in the water. Openings lead to a vision, as in the above prophecy of Ezekiel. Mystics enter the interior world of the soul and openings happen. They then may experience a vision of Christ’s heart, itself opening the panorama of divine love.

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