The journey to personal Mastery, We all dream of becoming more than we are at this moment and most of us feel intuitively that we have abilities and powers that we haven’t unlocked yet. Awakening the Kundalini is the beginning of a life changing journey that reveals our hidden powers and abilities, unlocks the mystery of life

By awakening the Kundalini, blockages in the chakras and thus in the psyche are usually dissolved. This allows the life force to flow freely again — and also the Kundalini, which is part of the life force, to flow freely in one’s own body. There are, of course, as always, exceptions to this rule, e.g. in the case of the short, violent rising of the Kundalini, in the case of the rising of the Kundalini with the help of drugs, in the case of the rising of the Kundalini accompanied by the perception of one’s own fears, addictions and pains, etc. But in general, the pursuit of the Kundalini rising triggers a gradual dissolution of one’s blockages.

Such a dissolution of the blockages leads to a new basic attitude. Before, one was fixated on the solid, rigid, hard, delimiting, holding on and clinging — afterwards, one is oriented towards the flowing, soft, elastic, elegant, connecting and affirming. This transition is also described by Buddha in his writings as the attainment of the four boundaryless qualities of an enlightened one: boundless serenity, boundless compassion, boundless love, and boundless joy. In this state, there is no longer any delimitation to the outside world — identity is no longer based on delimitation, but on the perception of one’s own quality.

The boundless serenity arises when one recognizes that everything con-sists of exchange processes. This corresponds to “looking”. – The boundless compassion arises from the fact that one emotionally participates in everything else — a logical consequence of the boundless serenity, by which one can see things as they really are … just everything connected with each other. This corresponds to “feeling”.

The boundless love arises from the fact that due to the boundless compassion one wants to care for the other as much as for oneself — one is also the other. This corresponds to “embracing.” – Boundless joy arises from the dissolution of demarcation and from swinging together, because this “swinging together” is what joy is. This corresponds to the effect of “look, feel, embrace”.

Consequently, the awakening of Kundalini leads to a different state of conscious-ness, to a different attitude in life. This development is also described in other systems such as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. There the Kundalini appears as the “snake of wisdom”, which ascends from the bottom to the top. The lowest area (“Malkuth”) represents the body, the following seven areas (“Yesod” to “Da’ath”) the seven main chakras and the three uppermost areas (“Binh” to “Kether”) the unity underlying everything.

In the Indian scriptures it is reported in very many places that by the awakening of the Kundalini also new abilities arise, which are called “Siddhis”, which could be translated as “magical abilities”. These abilities are also described by the Kabbalists of reaching Da’ath and in the Bible they are found as miracles. These abilities are more or less unlimited and include multiplying loaves of bread, turning water into wine, drinking poison or liquid copper without harm, walking on water, curing diseases, raising the dead, telepathy, telekinesis, seeing and walking through walls, levitating and levitating oneself (levitation), being able to fast indefinitely, ceasing to breathe for several hours or days, ending the need for sleep, and so on.

This list could be continued for a long time. Now, of course, this does not mean that everyone who has awakened their Kundalini will have all these abilities, but awakening the Kundalini can lead to one or another of these abilities. It is different for everybody, because everybody is different — from his soul, from his psyche, from his horoscope and so on. The awakening of the Kundalini is also interesting in itself, but actually it is not an end in itself, but leads to self-healing. This is associated with a new attitude towards life and also with new abilities. This new attitude towards life is what it is all about —what Buddha calls “boundless joy”, what in India is called “Ananda”, what in Ancient Egypt was called “hotep” and what in Christianity is roughly described as “bliss”. This attitude towards life leads to a quiet smile as in the Buddha statues or in the statues from ancient Egypt — with a somewhat more fiery temperament, this new attitude towards life can also lead to a “Cheshire cat grin”. This is what is actually valuable to be found by the awakening of Kundalini.

The Kundalini is a part of the “life force circuit” in the life force body of the human being. The chakras are the “organs” of this life force body. The life force itself is a concept or image that describes the transition between consciousness and the body. The unimpeded flow of the life force is therefore essential to both physical health and the happy state of the psyche.

There are many different approaches to allow the Kundalini to flow freely again: meditations, rituals, therapies, etc. These different approaches have different effects and can support each other.

 You can start to awaken your Kundalini yourself.

Apart from self-healing, which enables the awakening of the Kundalini, there are also many other effects of the awakened Kundalini in the field of magic. The path does not end when self-healing has been achieved – life really begins when you have achieved this healing!

The journey to personal Mastery We all dream of becoming more than we are at this moment and most of us feel intuitively that we have abilities and powers that we haven’t unlocked yet.

Awakening the Kundalini is the beginning of a life changing journey that reveals our hidden powers and abilities, unlocks the mystery of life and helps us become the people we were born to be. If you have the courage and the patience to really get to know yourself and unlock your hidden potential within you.     

Socrates reminds us of how happy he was during their journey to the top. He helps us realize how he allowed his disappointment and judgement of what was waiting squash his enthusiasm and excitement. This is a powerful lesson about the wisdom of avoiding attachment to external, temporal things, and to stay focused on what really matters: being present and enjoying those moments. This scene also brilliantly messages how despite our accumulation of higher knowledge and wisdom, there is always more to learn. Our journey to self-mastery is never-ending.

Despite its heartbreaking controversies, the mythology and messages in The Matrix are potent, mind-bending, and relevant. It is truly an important film for the beginning of the 21″ century. It asks us to question how we might be enslaved to a survival-driven, technologically advanced culture that doesn’t know how to recognize or support our sacred human need for meaning and purpose in life.

Synopsis of the Film In a time unknown in the future, the highly anticipated and heralded creation of artificial intelligence (AI) has resulted in machines taking over the world. The machines have created a virtual reality for humans, who they can breed and use as their energy source. The main character, Thomas Anderson, also known as Neo, is a typical 9-5 young urban professional during the day, and a notorious computer hacker by night.

As the story begins, we learn that he is obsessed with finding a man named Morpheus, who he believes has information about “The Matrix,” a mystery on the web which Neo feels driven to solve. When Neo is unexpectedly contacted by Morpheus’s associate, Trinity, for a meeting, his life will never be the same. Not only does he learn what the Matrix is, but he is told, and to his chagrin, that he is considered a saviour. Neo is resistant to being “The One” who can end the war and save the human world, until he is faced with the choice to save Morpheus or himself.

Transformation, on the other hand, suggests an emotional and spiritual metamorphosis in order to experience life beyond our wildest dreams. Take the caterpillar for example. The caterpillar consciously and willingly goes through a metamorphic process because it knows that its life has greater meaning (Okay, we know it’s a natural occurrence but, follow my point).

A caterpillar experiences the freedom of flight as a butterfly because it chooses to go through certain stages of development in order to discard all those things that were preventing it from living a fulfilled life. In the end, its life as a butterfly could never be mistaken for that of a caterpillar regardless of the outside temperature or other situations it may find itself in.

Once becoming a butterfly, the qualities of the caterpillar becomes nonexistent but, rather the butterfly lives by a totally different set of principles in order to live its life the way it was intended. The butterfly now relies on its newly infused but time-tested qualities to influence its various environments. “Self-Mastery” provides the reader with those “newly infused qualities” that we can use each day. It motivates and inspires you to live a life of purpose and to fulfill your divine potential. Enjoy the read and prepare to soar with your new

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