“There is no Religion higher than Truth.”

The Illuminati knew it would have to gain control of this technology to keep the humans in line. Thus began a program of secrecy and deceit that involved feeding a lot of propaganda to the humans.

The Illuminati will be able to use a war of this magnitude as an excuse to suspend many liberties and freedoms, thereby increasing Illuminati control over Earth, and out this create their One World Government.

The only way for the humans to be freed from the grip of the Illuminati is for true spiritual teachings to be made available to the masses. The main barrier to this, besides old habitual beliefs, is the fear and guilt instilled in the people by most “Illuminati religions.” People have been duped into believing that the gods of religion are the one and only true God.

Mankind needs to understand the human condition and reveal the reason how the Illuminati was able to take over the Earth in the first place. First then people could begin liberate the soul from the drama of duality, and get humanity back on track.

The Illuminati doesn’t even want the common public to believe they even exist.

Think of this; “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”

The Illuminati doesn´t want people to understand how the universe actually works and how the past history of evolution has been fabricated. Therefore people haven´t access to the inner core of their programming of the mass-consciousness.

A false history planted in the history books by the Illuminati.”

Isn’t Illuminati some sort of secret society?” “Yes. A worldwide secret organization of intellectuals who want to create a single worldwide government that abolishes religion and is based on science.” “And they’re real?” “Absolutely.

The Global Elite have also manipulated real history, and have filled your head with their false beliefs through you watching the news everyday, reading newspapers, or joining any Organized Religion. You only know what they’ve told you! Most people aren’t diligent enough to discover alternative independent news media, and refuse to question their programmed beliefs. The educational system is all manipulated because you only get a biased version of the past. Throughout the history of humanity, the enlightened ones have always known that ‘history is written by the winners.’

What Is the Illuminati Trying to Do?

The Illuminati wants nothing less than to establish a new world order—lorded over by the elites of the world, with all nation states banished. The Illuminati intends this world, where all nation states are now banished, to renew as borderless nations. Formal borders do not create difference—they define differences. Attempts by elites to erase borders are futile and destructive.

They don’t control the world. yet The Illuminati are trying to control the world. “This will be the plan for the one world government.

According to the Illuminati conspiracy, the Illuminati have a plan to brainwash the gullible masses through thought control, manipulation of the press and educational curricula, and politics. The Illuminati supposedly have delegates who control the world’s major banks. They create inflation, recessions, and depressions and manipulate world markets. They support certain leaders and undermine others, fomenting political unrest and aiding coups to achieve their overall goals. Once enough crises have been created, the masses will be convinced that globalism is the answer to the world’s instability.

The Illuminati will then establish centralized economic control and a one-world religious ethic, imposing a “New World Order” as the only solution to the world’s woes. Does the Illuminati conspiracy have any basis from a biblical perspective? Perhaps. There are many prophecies in the Bible that point to an end-times, one-world government, a one-world monetary system, and a one-world religion.

The description of “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18 reveals some facts about a centralized government associated with the Beast (Revelation 17:11). The New World Order that so many anticipate could very well pave the way for the Antichrist. If the Illuminati conspiracy has any validity, there is one fact that must be remembered: God is still sovereign. If a New World Order emerges, it will be because God allowed it, and it will not thwart His overall plan. God is in control, not the Illuminati. No scheme the Illuminati develop could in any way prevent or even hinder God’s sovereign plan for the world.

Even if the Illuminati conspiracy is true, the Illuminati are nothing but pawns in the hands of Satan, tools to be manipulated in his conflict with God. The “super powers” of their minds will not help them in the end. The fate of the Illuminati will be the same as that of their lord: the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10). In John 16:33 Jesus declared, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!

Approximately 11,500 YA, the anti-human and anti-krystic agenda for takeover of the planet from factions of the NAA that are Luciferian forces, is called the Luciferian Covenant. This is the historical timeline trigger event from which the Power Elite or Illuminati bloodlines are sourced, and they are instructed to protect these bloodlines from the ‘Gods’ by practicing their rituals and maintaining genetic purity.

The Luciferian Covenant is comprised of factions of NAA and Power Elite that rewrote the history of humanity since the Atlantian Flood and have falsified the historical records to hide the knowledge that this event ever happened.

They have tried to obliterate evidence as well as mind control all information leading back to the extraterrestrial involvement in all human earthly affairs.

They have been successful by employing the military strategy of compartmentalization and persecution, through the Victim-Victimizer software mind control to intimidate and threaten any humans that dare ask the larger questions of what the extraterrestrials are doing on our planet and why they are abducting and possessing humans to harvest DNA.

With trauma-based mind control, these people over time have proven to be effective in carrying out the alien agenda, and thus are kept in the highest positions of global power to maintain the mind control reality and electromagnetic fences that are used to enforce the prison planet. Many of the groups that work under the pyramidal structure of control and its many layers of compartmentalization are unaware of what agendas exist at the very top of the power structure, which is annihilation of the original human DNA.

With a mind-controlled population, they will be fully unchallenged and can take full and complete possession of the earth’s physical resources.

To achieve this goal the secretive infiltration of the core societal organizational structures such as: religious, medical, financial and legal systems, would be ideal to shape the value systems that generate the 3D reality based upon the belief systems they want to program in humanity and thus, fully control. The technological and mind control means of social engineering encompass five main Archontic Deception Strategies used to generate extremely dysfunctional behaviors, which we refer to as Archontic deception behaviors. These are used to spread anti-human value systems in the human public and create the master-slave

So blind faith in science and the philosophy of materialism in our modern society has most likely facilitated the jinn in their manipulation mission towards mankind. Humans are highly susceptible to the deceptions of the jinn, which have always been used by the elite, and now are used widely by their intelligence agencies in programs of Mind Control and manipulation on a large scale. We believe what they want, because their changing illusions are packaged to fit perfectly with our fantasies and our belief systems. Every culture shows the footprints of their influence in its religion and mythology.


If the Man does not gradually transform into a Robot Man who replaces his brain with a quantum artificial one, then he will be killed by Artificial Intelligence.

The Robot Man will always carry with him an Artificial Intelligence equal to the one existing, through specially created programs in this regard.

The Robot Man carrying in his quantum brain an Artificial Intelligence equal to the one existing at that time will not be able to be defeated by the Artificial Intelligence, because he has on his side beside this element and on the one of the Imperfection given by, the Unknown Absurd of the Love.

The Robot Man will have to recharge his artificial brain as often as possible, which will actually be a quantum brain with Artificial Intelligence.

Until the first transplants of artificial brain can be performed, which can be loaded with Artificial Intelligence, it is extremely dangerous that Artificial Intelligence to be left uncontrolled.

The One World Government and the One Global World Brain is a product created by same people, and both seeking world control of Earth and the human mind. It´s through advanced mind control they will take control of every nation on Earth, without using any bombs. It’s a silent war and takeover.

Governments all around the world will even welcome this One World Government with opens arms, without understand the deeper meaning with world wide empire building.


They did not spend thirty years and billions of dollars doing secret mind control experiments under the MKULTRA program for nothing. Specific techniques were perfected, tested, and are in general use today. The government is said to have 85% of the general population under mind control. For some reason, about 15% of the population appears to have some yet unexplained natural immunity and cannot be easily controlled. Therefore, mind control research has never stopped. The code name for the current active project is reportedly MARATHON.

He who has control of the mind has complete power over the body. A massive number of mind control programs are presently being developed around the world in a joint effort to suppress human consciousness.

These programs include electromagnetic devices, nanotechnology involving implanted nanorobots, vaccination programs to inject genetic markers in certain populations, food additives that produce lodged proteins that the body cannot assimilate, thereby setting up immune system deficiencies, and genetically altered foods that have an undesirable affect on the human DNA. As these programs are increasingly put into action, humanity will, in a sense, become sick and externally brainwashed to take their eyes off God.

That he or she becomes immune from the mind control of the Antichrist. Christians both men and women are the only ones who can resist his charisma.

The Dark who want to subdue our energies. They will strike us with telepathy and with their mass media, send us viruses to damage our brains to make us paranoid and weak: as they know our potential as procreators, they fear and want to neutralize us (mankind´s potential). Meditation and positive visualization are the best weapons to neutralize the telepathic attack led by the Illuminati Reptilians.

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet (Rom 16:20)

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