The Illuminati don´t want people to understand this: Secret teaching about Yoga & Kundalini. The reason why the tomb was empty when Mary got there is symbolic that once the kundalini arrives. No force can open that Pineal Gland or Tomb of Lazarus except Jesus. .” Lazarus means “Assistance of God.”  The name Marie means ‘pure sea,’ and this is the symbol of the waters of the body. The word Magdalene means – That which produces or brings forth.’ Now the pure waters of the body become Mary Magdalene, because it brings forth the fish and when this is scattered in the waters of the body it is Martha because this means – bitter waters ( Part 1 of 4)

Western psychology, like Western religion and philosophy, is obsessed with the ego. If we agree with the Cartesian proclamation “I think, therefore I am,” then what happens in those rare moments when we are not thinking?

Do we cease to exist? Of course not, unless we never existed at all, unless our actual identity is a nothing that embraces everything; since an everything cannot look at itself, we create the illusion of separate selves, leading to the illusion of survival, and on to all our pain and suffering. It is the ego’s fear of death that led to the notions of Heaven, and then of Hell.

The Easterners actually view reincarnation as a bad thing—get rid of the ego and all that is left is ecstasy. “If we identify ourselves with our thoughts or our bodily instincts, we are evidently pledged to partake of their partiality. We make ourselves items of the interaction of our own illusions.”1°°2 Your ego is created by other people; this is the single thing all modern theories of psychology agree on. We do not exist as individual selves, immutable, unchanging, and separate; ultimately, there is no self staring us back in the minor—we are all mutually defined.

By the death of ego you go nearest to God . By dissolving the ego you reach the state of sahaja . Metaphysically, once a man reaches the state of sahaja, he is not subject to rebirth; he remains in the eternal place of Christ or Buddha, in bliss, to eternity.

One who knows the sahaja is “dead in life”; he no longer feels the pull of lama and the delusive, ensnaring qualities of the world on his material nature. “He is dead while yet alive; he is the best of men. A sign of him is that he experiences the ultimate state]: he has reached the farther shore.’ His condition is one of complete indifference, in which there is no longer any dis-tinction between the human and the divine in him: “His material self [riipa] has become divine [svarripa], there is no difference between them.”

“The ‘second coming’ of Christ is a transformation of human consciousness, a shift from time to PRESENCE, from thinking to pure consciousness, not the arrival of some man or woman” (Eckhart Tolle). We have to let go of the ego if we want to find God.

Dissolving the boundaries within meant deepening into the cradle of creativity, discovering the deepest part of her being, and crossing a different kind of ocean – the inner one.

 Christ’s suspension between good and bad thieves is said to tell us that the growth and differentiation of consciousness inevitably lead to the crucifixion of the ego (the Son), to the intense suffering necessitated by our suspension between “irreconcilable opposites” (1968a, p. 44). We have to be crucified with Christ. We are involved, Jung says, in a moral suffering of opposites fully equivalent to physical crucifixion. Jung enjoins us not to repress the painful states of consciousness resulting from the manifestation of the separated opposites, but to experience them fully. Only thus is consciousness expanded and made whole. The ego is what has to be sacrificed. It must “let go” and give up its centrality of position.

Consciousness (the Son) must let itself be set aside so that the unconscious (the Father) can have the opportunity it needs. The life of Christ, Jung remarks, is the story of a human being trans-formed by his destiny. The events in Christ’s life are the story of the psyche and happen everywhere. Jung views our present age as a stage in the development of the psyche. We modern Westerners are far re-moved from God (the unconscious), and our ego must die to itself to reach God. This is said to be foretold in the crucifixion of Christ.

Kundalini awakening is part of this spiritual process and is at same an alchemical process of transformation from leaden consciousness to golden consciousness.

When Mary arrived she saw the angel sitting on the rolled stone and Amen was no longer inside. The angel in verse Matthew 26:32 where he went. Matthew 26:32 But after I am risen again, I will go before you into Galilee. Galilee comes from the word thta (gelila), meaning circuit, boundary or territory. The feminine noun Nth), (gulgoleth), meaning skull or head. The reason why the tomb was empty when Mary got there is symbolic that once the kundalini arrives, the Amen (Christ) that was in the tomb has now flooded the well-being of the individual. The energy in the fornix of the brain is called foramen. The impulse within has symbolically rolled away the stone allowing the crown psychological center to open as the chemicals are released from the pineal flooding the brain circuitry. Amen has risen is symbolic of the opening of the Crown chakra.


Coming from Ephesus then up to the door of Smyrna; and then the other center, Pergamos. In opening Ephesus you will have such an experience as cannot be told. ‘He that overoometh the Center of Smyrna shall not be hurt of the Second Death.” When the Center of Pergamos is opened you will eat of the hidden manna. Inside the skull is the Pineal Gland, the Third Eye – hard – white – atrophied. This is the home of Lazarus. The name Marie means ‘pure sea,’ and this is the symbol of the waters of the body. The word Magdalene means – That which produces or brings forth.’ Now the pure waters of the body become Mary Magdalene, because it brings forth the fish and when this is scattered in the waters of the body it is Martha because this means – bitter waters.” Lazarus means “Assistance of God.”

No force can open that Pineal Gland or Tomb of Lazarus except Jesus. That is the White Stone’ and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.’ It is always written, never pronounced. Now how to get the name. Well it is ‘I AM.’ That pure Spirit Force, and if we bring it unto its rightful place it becomes Christ Jesus and then Jesus Christ. Its rightful place is the Pineal Gland and then you see the office of the White Stone, Pineal Gland means ‘Home of God.’

  • The overcoming of Smyrna entitles man to wear Crown of Life,
  • The overcoming of Pergamos entitles man to eat of the Hidden Manna, and to have the White Stone with a new name written on it.
  • The overcoming of Ephesus entitles man to eat of the Tree of Life.

These different names of churches represent just names for the seven chakras within humans.

It is the ascending fiery stream of Kundalini the flame of the Dragon—that, upon reaching the pineal gland, fuses the grains of brain-sand therein and “confects” (produces) the Stone of the Wise. It is the descending elixir from the stone—the universal medicine—that transforms the physical body. Kundalini is an integrating and illuminating power. As it rises, it draws into itself the powers of the chakras—the inner metals—purifying, uniting, and sublimating them in its ascent.

MEANING of PETER. “And I call thee Petros, and on this rock I found my church”, said Christ. This “rock” represents the spiritualized pineal gland. It consists ordinarily, we are told, of sand-like particles, but when the life force is raised to this gland in the regeneration of the body, it cements the sand-like particles together and so makes it a “white stone” or rock, and IT IS UPON THE “ROCK” OF THE REGENERATED BEING THAT CHRIST FOUNDS HIS CHURCH and not upon any individual. This “white stone” of the pineal gland is also the stone or rock on which the man built his “house”, and the “storms” of the lower nature could not prevail against it, while the house built on the “sands” of the unspiritualized pineal gland fell when the emotional “storms” beat against it. This should be clear enough to tell us what to do in order to become as Peter, A SPIRITUAL ROCK ON WHICH THE CHURCH OF CHRIST IS FOUNDED, AND WE SHALL BE ONE OF THE FOUNDATION STONES OF THAT CHURCH.

In the common slang of the hour, we say: “He lacks the sand,” or “grit.” The mineral salts of blood were called sand or salt by the Hebrews. The cell-salts that are found in the pineal gland are chiefly potassium phosphate, the base of the gray matter of the brain, but all of the 12 inorganic salts are represented. In Revelations, the pineal gland is called “the white stone.” In Biochemistry, the phosphate of potassium is given as the birth salt of Aries people. Those who build their house upon a rock are they who conserve the substance that unites with the sand cell-salts and thus form the rock upon which a body may be built that will be free from sin and sickness. The mission of Jesus, the Christ, was to triumph over death and the grave, over matter, and transmute his body and also materialize at will. He not only succeeded in doing this, but stated most emphatically that all the things that he did, we may do also.

The platinum body is available through the seventh seal and chakra, the location of the pineal gland. The platinum body is best activated from the divine pathway, but it can be awakened after the seals are set on the power pathway. Afterward, the pineal gland has “total control over what will and will not transmit” in the body, leading to a “simple state of knowing,” says Laurence Gardner in Genesis of the Grail Kings.’ 3° Through the platinum body we can make universal truths real and attainable on the power and elemental pathways.

Researchers has found fine granular particle within the human pineal gland., like crystals in a wireless receiving set, in the pineal/pituitary area. These particles are linked to findings in a hidden repository of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, where researchers have found a platinum-based powder. Gardner, in his studies of the Templars and ancient Egypt, relates that this white powder of spun gold has a “stunning effect on the pineal and pituitary glands.” He reveals that the powder is comparable to residue from a “Paradise Stone,” which, in ancient times, gave youth to the old. If the stone was weighed before being converted into dust, it registered physical mass; afterward, it was said to hold no weight. This stone is proposed not as a stone, but a powder produced by striking metal with a high heat, which would establish a certain spin. After spinning, 44 percent of the weight disappears—as pure light, translated into a dimension beyond the physical plane. What’s left can be “made to disappear completely from sight, moving itself into another dimension.” What’s left? A platinum base—a transition metal.

The knowledge and book study in philosophy of the alchemists like Fulcanelli, Nicolas Flamel and the gold burning furnaces in Europe. All come to the forefront as we were taught of the White lion – the philosopher’s Stone, the white powder gold, the angel wings of the mist. The green lion binding the pineal gland, the sixth seal master. Finally the red lion as the die is cast in to the crowning seal, the pituitary gland, the seventh seal is collectively firing the human bodily crucible and furnace to an inferno and the Star floats, emitting the radiation transmuting the Adept in forever’s backdrop.

If you work at dissolving the ego , you will find that the presence of God consequently becomes more real to you. The practice of ego reduction is facilitated not only by the practice of the presence of God but also by a number of …

It is this flash of spiritual understanding of the depths within one’s consciousness which meditation can foster. “When a man is satisfied in the Self alone and has completely cast out all desires from the mind, then he is said to be of steady wisdom,” says the ancient Bhagavad Gita; when one has purifed the mind, mastered the ego and be-come a ruler of the senses, only then can he realize “his Self as the Self of all beings.” Oneness is described in other ancient scriptures also. In Zen Buddhism it is called “satori,” a sudden merging with nature, this merging being the only event that makes the inner life complete. Yoga also seeks to achieve the state of unity or oneness with God, according to Gopi Krishna (“The True Aim of Yoga,” Psychic, ,January-February, 1973).

All yogis who disconnect their minds and discrimination from the senses and place them on inner perceptions attain the state of change-less soul consciousness. The practice of yoga frees the mind (manias) and the discrimination (buddhi) from slavery to the senses, and concentrates these faculties of perception on the all-knowing intuitive wisdom of the soul the microcosmic image of Spirit manifested in the body. In realizing the one-ness of soul and Spirit, the yogi is then able to feel the blessedness of the Infinite Being existing not only in the material world, but also in endlessness beyond vibratory creation.

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