The hidden power when kundalini connects wither higher chakras, The caudate nucleus involves millions of head antennae which in the future will involve all psi ability, The antennae for the centers for psi focused at a point. The circuits in most people do not connect. Finally, full Enlightenment occurs when the entire power of the kundalini energy reaches the crown chakra. This is all intended to be a slow, steady, gradual process of Spiritual endeavor.

Each Tattvic tide serves as a vortex through which one may access the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records themselves lie within the odic mantle of Earth, an occult term for the etheric components of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Starting from the top, the crown chakra is the main psychic centre of the human organism. Then comes the christ centre—some people call it the third eye. When this centre is open you have perfect vision. Your vision is not governed by a time frame. You can see the past, present and future as happening in the now.

There are very few people on Earth, despite their claims, who have this centre fully opened. This centre cannot be opened by surgical operations, despite the claim of some so-called lamas. It can only be opened in one way, and that is by strict control of the kundalini. When “she” rises from the base centre and lodges in the christ centre and even above, you have control over all the psychic centres. You are on Earth for one reason: to control the power of kundalini.

There is no truth higher than this, nor can there be. Do not take my word for it, read the Akashic Records, where it is written plainly in the universal language to last forever. When kundalini is risen to this centre, you are a master. Then comes the throat centre. When the power of the kundalini is lodged in the throat centre, you are a master of sound. Although you may not be able to speak them, you can understand all the languages on the Earth and you will be initiated into the only real language—of “TUL”. This language varies with the time-frame continuum as it moves and evolves, so a phrase in “TUL” at 20 minutes past seven one evening could not possibly be expressed in the same way at 10 minutes past eight the same evening.

The heart centre comes next. When the kundalini lodges in the heart centre you are capable of levitation and also, you hear the great sound made by the tremendous in- and outflow of energies through the heart centre. It is rather similar to the sound which comes from the sun every 32 minutes of the day and night. This tremendous gong-like sound comes from the heart centre.

Next comes the solar plexus centre. This is the battery of the human body. Just as there is an electric battery in your car, so we have a solar plexus centre. Lower down is the sex centre, and down at the bottom of the base of the spine is the lowest centre of all. The base centre is joined through the aura, through a subtle nerve system, to the base of the spine.

In the spine we have what is tantamount to a cyclotron. Outside in the atmosphere there is an inexhaustible supply of energy. At the base of the spine, in the bottom psychic centre, we have an energy referred to in the ancient books as the fire of kundalini. It is called the Goddess and is like a three-and-a-half-coiled serpent which lies sleeping in Muladhara, or the base of the spine psychic centre.

Now if we bring these two great forces together with sufficient intensity—the energy outside of our bodies, the universal life force, and the energy latent at the bottom of the spine—we have something tantamount to a minor atomic explosion.

This explosion releases the fire of kundalini, or primordial force, upwards—not each side of the spine, through the left hand channel (ida) or the right hand channel (pingala), and certainly not through the front of the psychic centres, but up through the tiny channel in the centre of the spinal column (susumna). The channel within susumna is called citrini, and is about one hundredth part of a human hair in breadth. It is extremely subtle.

Most of us are born with one or two of the chakras highly developed and our other chakras undeveloped, which is why it is not a necessity to complete the rising of the kundalini in the exact order of your chakra alignment. However, going up in order is a far safer way. It is also important to understand that we develop our claire senses as our kundalini rises through the chakras. Opening the heart chakra, for example, results in an automatic ability to forgive, to give gratitude, and to display compassion.

With your kundalini in the heart chakra and fully radiating, you also receive the quality of clairsentience.

When kundalini rises to the fifth chakra, you receive the ability of clairaudience, or spiritual hearing. You will be able to hear your guides and angels speaking to you either in your ear or out loud.

When kundalini rises and rests in the sixth chakra, you will receive the ability for clairvoyance, which is why this chakra is also referred to as the third eye. You will be able to see your angels, guides, ascended masters, or spirits from all over the universe either in your mind’s eye or directly in front of you.

When kundalini rises to the seventh crown chakra, you will be able to spontaneously open your crown chakra at will and allow the deploying of divine light, and you will also be able to control the amount and intensity of the light coming through your crown chakra.

When using the fourth through seventh chakras in unison, you will have the ability to combine clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance all at the same time. You will have the all-knowing capabilities of clairsentience. You will also be able to instantly retrieve data from the akashic records with your clairsentience. You will have the ability to hear direct guidance with your clairaudience, and you will be able to converse in person directly with entities on the other side with your clairvoyance.

Through the eighth-chakra portal over your head, you will be able to pull down the beam of light through your seventh chakra and create a clear bubble of light around you for protection and divine combat. It will look like a large, clear bubble of protection, and you will be encased in its protective power.

This impermeable bubble of clear light will act as a radiating force and can blow out strong rays of divine light beams to the subject you direct it at.

The clear bubble can send the negative situation or person out against the landscape and disintegrate their negative force without sabotaging your own karma. This is the realm of the shamans, and you can literally eliminate dark energies and people, and practice healing magic to push away or cleanse anything or anyone hurting you.

You will magically find that the person hurting you will lessen or go away all together and cease to bother you. The reason for this is that the light you are blasting them with is the light of love. Love combined with forgiveness for bringing this negative situation into your life is what dispels all the darkness and all the pain from the event.

The seventh chakra is a fabulous place to be and will help you transcend the need for this life. It is at the seventh and eighth chakras that karma is no longer created. The seventh and eighth chakras are where you catch yourself before you make a mistake and erase it before the ink dries. If karma is created, it is only for an instant, and all karma left is transmuted by prayer and the asking of forgiveness from the universe.

In a sense the soul has Its focal point in the brain. The liver as minus charge relates to the astral and to the personality, the latter in a sense as having a focal point in the liver. A too poisoned liver malfunctions the brain. Plus and minus polarities exist in the brain. The seven chakras repeat in the brain. Th brain polarity corresponds to the liver I the liver-brain polarity. Carotid bodies in the head and neck correspond to the liver in relation to the cerebrum. The alta major etheric chakra corresponds to the ethric kundalini center.

The top etheric head center or chakra has a polarity to the alta major center, repeating and corresponding to the top head center and the kundalini center. The brain in the future will more develop the extrapyramidal system.

The caudate nucleus involves millions of head antennae which in the future will involve all psi ability.

The sending-receiving station for telepathy locates In the caudate nucleus. The ability to read the planetary or akashic records involves certain antennae activated in the caudate nucleus.

The top head center and kundalini center interplay via the caudate nucleus, its outer focus as the ajna center. The caudate nucleus handles this ability etheric to physical.

The ventricles of the brain function as a screen as for motion pictures. VPN described the thought-form of the caudate nucleus seen in out-of-body class as about three feet long, two to three deep. She saw innumerable lines like solar radiations and various psi centers.

With thousands of fine lines, the caudate nucleus functions like a brain for higher development.

The antennae for the centers for psi focused at a point. The circuits in most people do not connect.

Antaskarana or the bridge in the brain referred to a connecting of the caudate nucleus with the rest of the brain or at least with the antennae circuits.

A sending and a receiving station operates on each circuit. The student builds the anytadkarana in the etheric brain, then in the brain and caudate nucleus.

When Kundalini energy is initiated and raised from the root chakra, climbs up your spine clearing all the chakras, and opens up the crown chakra, your connection to The Divine is completely synchronous. It is as if a huge volume of energy is released into your mind and body, and a wealth of knowledge is downloaded into your system. You are pretty much plugged into the “Universal Mind” or Universal Consciousness. The modern accepted term is connecting with the Akashic Records. This theory states that everything ever known in the universe is available to anyone capable of raising his or her Kundalini energy to the crown chakra.

Consciousness: the quality or state of awareness, or being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as sen-tience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wake-fulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind.

Akashic Records. The Divine Plan for everyone and everything is held in Heaven in what is called the Akashic Records, along with information on everything. It is like a Divine memory. This is Sacred information that is held in the subtle planes/levels of reality in a manner perhaps slightly similar to computer memory (except this has nothing to do with computers).

What this world of controllers trying to do is to replicate this by the creation of a Global World Brain govern by a few people of the One World Government and then ruled by a one world leader.

Finally, full Enlightenment occurs when the entire power of the kundalini energy reaches the crown chakra. This is all intended to be a slow, steady, gradual process of Spiritual endeavor.

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