The Guru is the Philosoper´s Stone, The Guru of the World; touching the Philosopher’s Stone,He was transformed into the Philosopher’s Stone. Kundalini is like the mythical philosopher’s stone. The philosopher’s stone is a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning base metals like mercury and lead into silver and gold. The philosopher’s stone is a power that can cause inner alchemy.

There is also figurative use of the philosopher’s stone , which transforms the base metals into gold . The Guru is like the philosopher’s stone , who transforms the iron – like ego centrics into gold – like Enlightened persons

The Guru of the World; touching the Philosopher’s Stone,He was transformed into the Philosopher’s Stone.

First of all Guru Ji cites the example of the philosopher’s stone, about which it is believed that if any iron piece comes in its contact it turns into gold. So comparing the Guru to such a stone, he prays: “0′ God, bring me in touch with the philosopher’s stone (Guru). Like the meritless rusted iron, we are (persons of) extremely insipid (character. Please show mercy and) make us (virtuous like) philosopher’s stone by uniting us with the true Guru.

At that moment the king realised that this was a test of the Guru for his disciple and said, “Go and take shelter at the Feet of the Guru who has given you this jewel! What your Guru has given to you is the Guru’s Grace itself. And this is priceless!” The mantra which the Guru gives is priceless! The Grace that the Guru bestows upon the disciple is priceless! The one who recites the Guru Gita automatically becomes holy and wise, and the source of salvation of others, because they carry with them this ‘philosopher’s stone’. And whoever touches that ‘philosopher’s stone’ is also imprinted with that same Grace.

As iron becometh gold by touching the philosopher’s stone , so do the virtues of the Guru , who is the philosopher’s stone , enter his disciples . The great being , the true Guru , is a philosopher’s Stone.

Referring to the yogis’ practice of observing fasts and performing other rituals, Guru Ji says: “(O’ yogi), death does not agonize that person who makes truthfulness the fast and religious vow and burns his or her wrath through the true Guru’s word. (Such a person) fixes his or her attention in the tenth gate, (the subconscious mind). This way by coming in contact with the philosopher’s stone (Guru) that person obtains sublime status.”

The Revered Guru’s touch is the philosopher’s stone creator.

One through the Preceptor’s favour attaining joyl in the Lord , By quaffing it shall get everlasting bliss. One by union with the holy Preceptor makes himself the philosopher’s stone.

The Guru is even possessed of a magic power: like as the philosopher’s stone turns everything, that it is touching, into gold.

Gold is not gold, but light consciousness or to become fully enlighten. Its more like a change from low vibrational frequencies to high vibration in unison with the guru high frequencies.

We cannot say if such a stone actually exists in the world ; but the company of Saints transforms ordinary human beings into angels and Gods ; and therefore we can say that Saints and Guru are the real philosopher’s Stone.

The Guru is the philosopher’s stone – Paras – which turns man’s dross (darkness) into gold (pure thoughts).

The company of the good is like a Philosopher’s stone which turns ordinary people into gold (Light and Enlightment is Gold).

The guru kindles the spiritual fire , shows the path and leads to the goal . He is the most potent factor in uniting the devotees with the Lord. Ravidas also believed in the concept of guru. To him, the guru was like philosopher’s stone.

Kundalini is like the mythical philosopher’s stone. The philosopher’s stone is a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning base metals like mercury and lead into silver and gold. The philosopher’s stone is a power that can cause inner alchemy. It is also called the elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation. The philosopher’s stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolising enlightenment and heavenly bliss. The function of the Kundalini is also similar as it causes complete metamorphosis and alchemy in man. Fire, light and heat are the symbols of the Kundalini. It transforms a man, similar to how the application of heat changes the ductility and malleability property of the metal, and then the metal can be worked upon and various objects created out of it. Kundalini works upon a man and makes him a beacon of spiritual knowledge. Kundalini makes an ordinary man a philosopher and grants him great intelligence and wisdom.

Constant repetition of the mantra changes one’s body chemistry. A tried and tested mantra suiting your constitution can work wonders as it transforms your energies and can take you to a totally different dimension.

Kundalini is perhaps the greatest revelation to mankind. This entire Kundalini energy circuitry is present in the soul, which consists of etheric, astral and causal bodies of man. The invisible structure of the soul is revealed after the Kundalini awakens. Here, invisible means that which is not in the band that human eyes or presentday scientific equipment can capture it. Now, with the help of modern science, man has realized that this world is just not limited to the range of our senses, but what we experience through our senses is but an infinitesimal part of the universe. In matters of the spirit, the five physical senses are not to be trusted. One of the ways maya traps us is by hypnotising us to believe there is nothing beyond our senses and great doctors, scientists and intellectuals fall into the great spider’s (maya’s) web. The only way to know things of spirit is by intense spiritual practices and penance. It is a super Herculean task if one does it parallelly while doing a responsible job.

The discovery of the philosopher’s stone and the awakening of Kundalini are treated as one and the same phenomenon.

Once an accomplished individual’s divine spirit becomes disclosed through its obvious radiance, it is then that man begins to realize the manifest divinity and subsequently instates the image of this divinity in his place of worship. And yet, rather than comprehending in retrospect the true nature of the Supreme Divinity revealed through the human embodiment, rather than realizing an accomplished person posteriorly while failing to recognize the divine essence in the present human being, man would do well to strive for knowledge of the spiritual core so as to discern the divine nature of His incarnations. Rather than worshiping the symbolic image of the divinity, man would do well do venerate the living deity personified in the accomplished human being. This, however. requires a certain amount of spiritual effort, of thoughtful consideration and contemplation which man is not prepared to invest. Why not?

Because we keep ourselves wrapped in the folds of mahamaya, of illusion. Whenever we attempt to emerge a little, this illusion falls upon us, increasing our egoism instead of reducing it. Whatever constructive task I wish to perform, my illusion does not allow me to carry out that task.

What does this illusion indicate which holds us back and blocks our way towards the divinity? Its implication is separateness — an artificial separation of the human soul from the Supreme Soul, a false notion of human individuality grounded on otherness rather than sameness, of spiritual emancipation rooted in dissociation from rather than union with the Supreme Spirit. To overcome this misconception is most vital for man’s spiritual survival.

This Kundalini can become active any moment when you are near a Guru. That is why Jesus Christ often said, When you are near me, you are near fire. This is fire. ‘Near me means when you are near me’, ‘you’ means the consciousness in you, and ‘me’ means the Cosmic Consciousness. When the body of Guru is near the body of the sadhaka, the attention is also in the form of the Guru. That is the advantage. But merely two bodies being close to each other will not create the current. This fire will not become active. But when your attention is in the Guru, it means that your individual consciousness is in touch with Cosmic Consciousness.

A LIBERATED SOUL The Guru is himself a liberated soul which has freed itself from human bondages , in so many births … in the form of a Guru to work for the uplift of humanity through his acts of grace and by transmitting to the humanity the message of God and knowledge of reality in all spheres.

The Guru has risen to union through his efforts and grace in previous births.

As the guru descends into your heart, you feel, coming down through your body – or rather through your whole psychophysical organism – a flood of what is called knowledge nectar. You feel as though you have absorbed transcendental wisdom, as though you are becoming filled with nectar, until it fills your whole body, your whole being. As that happens, the guru in your heart is transformed into the light of great bliss, overwhelming ecstasy, and you feel your body, speech, and mind becoming one with the body, speech, and mind of the guru.

The guru is a person equipped with divine knowledge, who has attained the experience of the Supreme Divinity and in whom the immanent spiritual energy has been fully awakened.

Gurus are those who are avataras, who are embodiments of the divinity, who are superhumans, who take us from darkness to light: in the syllable gu rests darkness, in the syllable ru dwells light – – the syllable gu means darkness, the syllable iv means dispeller: he is therefore called a gum because he dispels darkness — that means when out of darkness he makes us reach the light, then he is the guru.

It is this guru, the source of supreme wisdom, whose words the Bauls follow at all times, and whom they venerate as the most excellent being, as their most precious spiritual wealth. Representing nothing less than an extension of the Supreme Being, the guru descends to humanity in the concrete manifestation of the human being yet endowed with all the qualities of the divinity.

This guru who is the Supreme Lord Ownself, the Ultimate Being, the highest truth of existence, descends to the realm of humans in the guise of the human being. Thus He manifests Himself time and again as the concrete embodiment of the transcendental reality, assuming the appearance of an accomplished striver, a wise man, a virtuous person.

What is it that prompts the guru to take birth as a human, to incarnate Himself in ever new human revelations? It is His desire to effect the good of humanity, to lead man to the light of supreme knowledge guided by the radiance of His Own luminous presence.

Man, however, remains unable to fully partake of the divine grace for as long as he and the Supreme Being act on different planes of existence. For this reason, either man has to raise himself to the level of the divinity — a task that can be achieved only at an extremely advanced stage of spiritual perfection, or else the divinity must enter the phenomenal world of man in a concretely discernible form.

Once man comes to realize his own inner essence, once man acquires the knowledge of his own soul which enables him to ‘perceive the inner being that transcends our ego and has its deeper affinity with the All’4, he becomes ready to receive the Supreme Reality in its full infinite excellence. Why? Because self-knowledge weakens the powers of the trivial and thereby creates the space in us to embrace the power of the Absolute — the Supreme Power. Supreme Power means what? —guru takti, the power of the guru: the Supreme Power which is the guru, the Supreme Power which is attained through the guru. Attained in what way?

That which instills the Supreme Power of the guru into us is the bijamantra. This bijamantra is the Supreme Power. The authority over this power rests solely with the guru. It is the guru alone who can bestow it.

Apprehension of the guru, realization and complete knowledge of the guru, however, is an imperative and most essential prerequisite in order to attain any progress whatsoever on the path of the spiritual search, for it is by realizing the guru that the matters of the world are discerned within the guru. That means it is the guru who represents the highest and most excellent reality in the universe. That means there is nothing without the guru– there is nothing except the guru, there is nothing beside the guru, for the guru Himself is the sole truth in which all manifest and non-manifest realities exist as outward extensions of the one, undivided Supreme Truth.

Whatever we establish in the world at gross level, that which is called mundane matters — these are all material things, worldly objects that have no worth. Value rests alone in that Supreme Power — it is this power which has merit.

To apprehend the Supreme Power as the sole object of excellence, a striver needs to keep the company of his spiritual master who is endowed with the capacity to evoke this power. What is more, beyond merely associating with the guru, the seeker must respect the guru and, placing him in the highest seat, must contemplate on the guru and worship him as the revered divinity in a manner characterized by faith and esteem suitable for approaching the spiritual master.

The self divided into two distinct parts is the self separated from the Supreme Reality. Separateness, discrimination between the human self and the Supreme Self constitutes man’s largest obstacle on his path towards accomplishment, for accomplishment itself means union: union of the cosmic soul with the human soul, union of the Absolute Divinity with the divine that rests in man. In separating himself from the Infinite Reality by perceiving his own inner essence as different from the quintessence of universal existence lies the root for man’s illusion, which eventually prevents him from realizing the truth of being and makes him unable to meet the aspired divinity. And yet, unaware of the nature of this illusion, man clings to his faulty mind-sets and worships separateness as the ultimate factuality.

And this Divine Messenger, the expression of the limitless, the reflection of cosmic entireness is who? — He is the guru. The guru is the one who releases and spreads the message of the Infinite in the phenomenal world, the one to whom humans resort in their quest for the Absolute Reality. The guru reveals himself in many forms, yet he is ultimately one — that is to say, the guru is the utmost articulation of unlimited fullness. But what does fullness imply in the concrete, what is the intrinsic meaning of cosmic oneness, of wholeness? And what is it that ensues once the transcendental message has been proclaimed in the realm of humans?

Without the guru, no path can be traversed.

If the guru is thus supreme and unsurpassed in every respect, it is this very guru whom we have to place in the foremost seat, on whom we have to meditate, whom we have to realize and, having apprehended Him in mind and heart, whom we have to worship with intense devotional fervor and eagerness. Worshiping the guru, rendering one’s service unto the spiritual master, what ensues? Then, the power of knowledge increases. Once this elemental power of knowledge rises, gradually all other powers intensify and augment from within one’s inner being. That is to say, the power of expanding these individual powers is then conceived in its entireness as it enters the inner spheres of human consciousness. And it is this complete power which then reveals itself within — the undivided power given out by the Supreme Divinity, the energy of the Supreme Being Ownself conferred upon the human seeker.

That means He is giving me His entire energy, bestowing it upon me. Then, if I remain with eyes closed, I can see that He establishes this energy right before me: that means it dwells before the inner eye; from here, a transcendental energy emanates.

What does the emergence of this transcendental power signify? It reveals the grace of the guru. Partaking of the most sublime divine energy released by the Supreme Being, man receives the highest gift to be obtained in the world.

This means nothing else than the guru having given out his grace. Guru kip§ hi kevalam — that is to say without the guru there is nothing besides in the world. It is the guru alone who can ferry us across to the other shore. It is the guru alone who can do anything. The guru is able to bestow peace. Grief, sorrow, disease, suffering — granting liberation from all these, the one who only and alone can sustain man in peacefulness, He is the guru.

Therefore the guru is but everything, the guru’s grace is the sole truth. This guru in his genuine human manifestation, however, is not easily attained. Why not? Because the concrete embodiment of the supreme transcendental reality can be assumed only by those who have reached the highest level of spiritual accomplishment and who are free from all defects acting at the baser levels of human existence.

What is it that capacitates the guru to make the light of knowledge rise? Which are the virtues a spiritual master must possess so as to illumine the mind of the disciple?

If the light is to be shown, one has to watch out for a person who has mastered his passions, a self-controlled person. A self-restrained person means – Holding the form, proceed to manipura. There, a great person rests, a jewel of a man, seeing whom you will remain dead while alive.

Then, man will stay alive — yet in a state of being dead. This is because he has then become one within That One. Merged into one, he remains excited in That One, that means he is experiencing, is enjoying – he is then partaking of the most sublime transcendental experience which signifies nothing less than the ultimate fulfillment of man’s highest quest of union with the divinity. It is the one who has attained this utmost spiritual experience, who has tasted the divine in its full transcendental sweetness, who gains authority to take the role of the guru. For this reason the guru represents a very powerful spiritual agency.

He is powerful to such extent that it is said, worship of the guru resting weightily draws the water upward to the roof. This means it is said that the guru is so powerful a presence that worship of the guru resting weightily – striving for the guru, serving the guru is very difficult, extremely difficult. And in order to be able to accomplish this endeavoring and worshiping, in the manner a pump raises the water, like this drawing the water upward to the roof— that means the transcendental energy is then made to rise. That means there is the power of respiration which makes the energy rise by way of inspiration and expiration. But if this is not sustained, if the guru’s power does not come forth, then he will not be able to do this. To accomplish this is possible only and alone if the power of the guru rests within a person; then, that power of respiration will come.

Performing s5dhan5 while keeping the two antagonistic powers side by side without the one destroying the other constitutes a highly demanding spiritual task, whose accomplishment is essential in order to effect the process of self-purification which enables man to raise the primal energies from gross level to the most refined state of spiritual perfection. Sublimation is achieved once freedom from desire has been attained, once the quality of niskama, of dispassionateness, has been established within the emotional consciousness of man. It is once a striver reaches this state of complete self-control that the two counteracting forces can be maintained beside each other in such a manner that no adverse results ensue.

The guru path is different. The guru has nothing to do with evolution and has everything to do with guiding the individual spark to liberation. The guru is transcendental consciousness, transcendental energy, unity consciousness, rarely descending to the world of multiplicity or duality. He remains in the world of duality only as long as necessary, and immediately goes back to unity the moment the purpose of descent is served.

To go beyond this takes life after life after life. Always remember, you are aspiring for the most precious thing of this creation, the Creator Himself. What price are you prepared to pay? Do you think you can get it by your dollars, by your rupees, by your gold? No. You can only get it by the purity of your heart, by the purity of your surrender, by the one-pointedness of your mind. You can reach God through the grace of the guru. There is a “through” and it will always be there You can never make the big jump from man to God. You need an intermediary: God who is in man form. That is called guru.

When your intellect will be free from the mire of delusion you will be indifferent to what you hear and to what is yet to be heard. When through samadhi your bewildered intellect is free from all contradictory statements and rests in the Self in a steady and undistracted position, you will attain to yoga. Bhagavad Gita, Verses 99-100

These verses have a direct relevance to what is happening today, when our mission is being bombarded by the forces of resistance. Gita contains the celestial weapons that will enable us to face the enemy and overcome all obstacles and challenges. In these two verses, Lord is explaining how the yogi can know that he is ready for attaining the state of the Being. What are the inner experiences? ‘What are the outer signs or symptoms? When the intellect will be free from the mire of delusion, then one is fit to enter into the realm of the Being and be stabilized there. Samadhi is the stabilization of the consciousness, that is, the mind, the vital and the intellect. The Sanskrit word chittavritti refers to all types of inner and outer movement of consciousness towards the world of lower prakriti. Until and unless this state is stilled, is made transparent, one cannot be called a true yogi.

Life has a purpose in the world of matter. Life has a goal in the world of spirit. Either you have to fulfill the purpose in the world of matter or you have to reach the goal in the world of spirit. Once you enter the world of spirit, the world of yoga, no purpose is left. Only the goal is to be reached. In the spiritual life there is no profit and loss, there is no accounting. There is only an ever-expanding circumference.

“Just as a few scientists working in a laboratory bring the solution that benefits the whole mankind, so also, let there be a few spiritual scientists who will work in the laboratory of their own consciousness to enable mankind to derive the benefit of mass enlightenment.” – SRI ATMANANDA

The Guru’s inspiration descends into our consciousness through his Word and he can transfigure an ordinary man and make him a god in flesh.

Those who do not act upon the Guru ‘ s word remain caught in ignorance and mist of attachment.

God descends and becomes man, so that man ascends to become God.

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