“The guru awakens the kundalini force. And this brings a surge of love for the guru. The awakening of love is grace, because it is beyond your control and feels like the greatest gift you could possibly receive. Bhakti arrives unbidden, mysteriously.

The serpent is more than a symbol of the force of gravity which draws us back to Earth; it can also represent the ascending Earth force, the Kundalini. And although the initial goal in Kundalini yoga is to raise this force to the crown chakra, the second and complementary phase entails letting the nectar thus produced flow back down through the entire body, to the base of the spine and the soles of the feet. So in addition to symbolizing the elemental Earth force, the serpent also stands for the rising and falling energy currents on the axis mundi, the Tree of Life which both separates and unites Heaven and Earth, source and manifestation, and which, in terms of the microcosm, is the human spine.

Life energy which has been imprisoned for a long time in a place too low for it becomes filled with negative emotions, with fear and anger; the aspect of the psyche which is forced to stare death in the face becomes filled with the powers of death, simply as a survival mechanism. This is what happens to the emotional body while one’s higher psyche is soaring through the sky: the emo-tions become charged with transpersonal violence.

Ganesha is immortal. In him lies the seed of omniscience, and the most subtle mysteries of the universe are known to him, including the mysteries related to our mind, karma, and the cycle of birth and death. The rays of light emanating from him enable us to comprehend our deeply rooted karmic impressions and discover how to attain freedom from the binding forces of our mind. Only then are the obstacles emerging from its unlit corners fully destroyed. Hence he is called Vighnesha, “the lord who removes obstacles.” Like fire, Ganesha consumes anything in his path with his enormous appetite. He is pleased with any offering we make to him with love—he gladly accepts our problems and con-cerns and swallows them, granting us freedom once and for all. No force other than Ganesha is capable of consuming our ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion, and fear of death. That is also why he is called Vighnesha, “the lord who removes obstacles.”

The scriptures identify Ganesha with the sacred sound Om, and the shape of his trunk resembles the word written in Sanskrit. Because Om is the source of all mantras, repeating any mantra is tantamount to meditating on Ganesha. All sounds, words, and mantras in their dormant form rest in the muladhara chakra, where Ganesha resides. The most subtle, vibrationless state of sound in the muladhara chakra is called “para.” At the behest of Ganesha, who presides over gravitational energy, a stirring arises in the muladhara chakra that can be detected only intuitively. This vibrationless vibration can be felt when it reaches the navel center; when it reaches the heart center, it assimilates the power of thinking; and it becomes audible when it reaches the throat center. Ganesha oversees this entire process. Without his assistance and guidance we can neither gain access to the muladhara center nor receive the ensuing revelation. That is why Ganesha is said to be the gatekeeper at the palace of the Divine Mother.

Though Ganesha’s feet are quite small, he outruns all the forces of the universe because he pervades everything, he is already everywhere. Without moving, the lord of gravita-tional energy makes everything move. With his enormous body and tiny feet Ganesha dances to the song of the Divine Mother, and exhilarated by his movements, She joins in. Then, as mother and son perform their cosmic dance, all the arts and sciences spring forth. Unable to contain the divine ecstasy, the sages emerge from their absorption in Ganesha and assume their roles as our guides. This cosmic dance sym-bolizes the process of kundalini awakening. The forces of darkness can cast their spell of slumber on us only as long as we are outside the pale of this dance. Thus Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, is the one who awakens the divine force in the form of kundalini shakti. He blesses us with shaktipata (the bestowing of divine energy). It is he who sends a sat guru (a true master) into our lives, and through his grace the forces of love, compassion, self-motivation, self-confidence, and determination unfold. Thus the scrip-tures assert that the door to the Divine Mother’s palace opens when Ganesha is pleased.

The Resurrection Flame made up of milk and honey ascends through all chakras, flowing from the Base of the Spine Chakra, the milk and honey crosses over each other at the Seat of the Soul Chakra, and then again at the Solar Plexus Chakra, and so on up.

As they do the energy of the in-breath and out-breath is balanced through Alpha and Omega in each chakra, bringing harmony and balance, of yin and yang energies, and resurrecting all that is of Divinity. The Ascension Flame is a buoyant flame, and yet it lays resting as a coil of energy in the Base of the Spine Chakra, known as the sleeping serpent of the Kundalini.

The Ascension Flames of the Mother, need the movement of the Waters of Creation by the Ions that positively charge and purify all Matter through the 4 lower bodies in order to raise the kundalini in the Base of the Spine, raising the buoyancy and velocity of the Ascension Flame. As one clears all shadowed weights known as karma from the energy fields, that cells, atoms and chakras of the 4 lower bodies, more of the temple of man is Being resurrected, and from this the Ascension Flame raises its velocity, the Light in the cells and atoms carry less weight (shadow substance, gravity), and the seed, the Son becomes buoyant.

The redeemed seed, the Solar Plexus, is free of the consciousness of gravity, that is the consciousness that congnisized the energies of belonging to earth. This means that the redeemed Son can raise the energies of the Base of the Spine Chakra which corresponds to the element of earth, to the plane of the Solar Plexus, which is water, thus becoming buoyant, maintaining perfect balance on the horizon of air and water. Hence the seed can walk upon the water, as his weight is Lighter than the force of gravity and displaces less weight as Mass, in and the water.

The Son redeemed, fully integrated, the Body and the Blood, the Christ in the center of the 12. The seed has been raised from the Pituitary gland (feminine gland, of the Mother), the rock and the altar of New Earth, where all parts were washed again (raised in vibration 1000-fold), prepared to receive the Father in the pineal gland.

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