The future of humanity is enlightenment, The Superconsciousness of the Future, The Future Man, The Future Humankind, “Homo luminous” THE BIRTH OF THE LIGHT BODY, the fountain of youth or the philosopher’s stone. Superconsciousness is, in fact, the Second Birth, Self-realization, the Christ consciousness! Homo luminous to describe the next level of humanity’s advancement on this planet. We are in the very process of the evolution of our species from Homo sapiens to Homo luminous.’ The salvation of man lies in the transformation of his mind leading to the vision of eternity as the sole and absolute reality. Salvation is not only about saving one’s soul; it is also about learning how to seek liberty from the illusions of life, a quest that can never be achieved without knowing where one stands in their faith.

What the three dimensional world will provide is a RFID-chip. transhumanism, to become a prototype of a homo-cyborg being, connected to a digital global world brain that thinks for you. Computers disconnect the right brain hemisphere.

The more they can keep you coming from the left side of the brain, the more easily you can be controlled and manipulated, and the easier it is to distract you from finding out who you truly are and what you are truly doing here. The leaft brain is also the core that is using fear to stay in control and power, and fear is also the component that opens up the channels for mental negative programming of the mind. The powers using computers to dumb down the masses and the next generation. Computers eliminate all right-side brain activity. The right side is the side that produces creativity, innovation, intuition, imagination, and insight, and these aspects go hand in hand with consciousness, creating, and the essence of your soul.

The ego has become a god of this world – a tyrant of control and it doesn´t want anyone to re-connect to energy, powers, knowledge, wisdom that the ego can´t control, so the ego distorts, disturbs, and distracts the energy system, the path and blinds the mind of humankind.

Supermind is something beyond man and his limits; it is a greater consciousness than the highest consciousness proper to human nature.

“Homo luminous” to describe the next level of humanity’s advancement on this planet. IT`S THE BIRTH OF THE LIGHT BODY

The future of humanity is enlightenment .

The Superconsciousness of the Future

Imagine what we could achieve if we developed our capacity to its full potential—to 100 percent. According to the point of view of initiatic science, this full potential comes from the superconsciousness, from this inner being, this inner spark, this profound spring, our Higher Self, where everything comes from. This source is often referred to as the fountain of youth or the philosopher’s stone. Superconsciousness is, in fact, the Second Birth, Self-realization, the Christ consciousness! Superconsciousness does not emerge from the intellect but manifests through other faculties that are more subtle and sensitive, such as the intuition that lives in the soul and spirit. Our full potential is the superconsciousness; it is, in fact, the Christ within!

From these new currents, the sixth race of human beings will be born with a more fraternal consciousness. With this new race, peace and harmony among nations will prevail.

But the moment can come when, through the grace of God, the spark within us rekindles and we see again with its light. This is the most precious moment in the life of a soul, when we reconnect with our divine nature, when the journey Home begins. Our reawakening to this light can take many forms: we might meet a teacher, be inspired by a spiritual text, or in a sudden unexplained moment of truth experience our eternal nature.

Whatever the outer form, inwardly the moment is the same: the Higher Self gives us an energy that comes into our heart and the spark of light that is our gift from God begins to glow. The light of the Self awakens and brings its divine consciousness into our life. In this light we glimpse our true nature and the divine in life all around us. Usually the glimpse lasts just for a brief moment, and then the shadows of our ego, our mind, and the world close around us again. But it is enough to turn us away from life’s illusions, to draw us on the eternal search. This is the first step on the journey Home, the journey that can lead us to a full awakening to our divine nature. Ignorance is the first challenge to overcome. Ignorance represent the slumbering dreamstate or the darkness and unlighten mind. The more igonrance that is been pierced or removed the more enlighten one becomes.

As we start to wake up to the many mysteries of our universe that exist outside and inside our bodies, we learn that each of us has a critical and central role to play in the grand scheme of this shared existence. We are intimately connected to all that is, and we are the willful agents of the natural patterns of the One life force. Yet, we feel trapped — trapped within these physical bodies and further trapped in the dramas of our shadow energies. We feel drained and disconnected and always wonder why we are so lost. Until now.

Mass consciousness creates aleination from the real higher divine self and powering thought of being lost in mass consciousness of the ego.

There is an inherent level of distortion that we humans begin with when we incarnate here on Earth.

We keep falling asleep to the deep trances burned into our shadows, and so we must set constant reminders and perform practices that illuminate our awareness of this phenomenon. This is an incredibly powerful and effective way for us to attain real results in a short amount of time.

The Earthly Life Mind is immersed in the maya-hypnotized existence, remains in ignorance, deeming himself to be a physical being. The maya-hypnotized ego creates the distortions of reality or distortions of the powers within. The first distortion-error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, the second distortion-error is made through believing in the dying nature of man, and not the undying nature of the real Self/Soul. The third error-distortion of man´s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The human body system and chakra system has “three knots”. These knots are found within the energetic interior of our psychic system. They are problematic because they bind us in a state of ignorance, distort everything we experience, and lock up our wisdom. These mind-errors is the mind-illusions that distorts reality. Another term for illusions is “maya” and the “dream state” of the mind is the maya-hypnotized mind.

The development of our correct understanding of the nature of our existence leads us to dissolve the egos of our self-conscious identities and literally “step aside” and allow superconsciousness to feed information directly into our subconsciousness. This, in turn, makes our self.

The Yoga Sutras in particular present a system for temporarily shutting down the thought processes of the mind and entering states of superconsciousness called samadhi, which roughly translates as “with complete higher consciousness and knowledge.”

For within this newfound ability to awaken ourselves, there exists a paradoxical void. Soon after we have learned the tools to break from our trance state and plot our own course, we are being told to surrender to the superconscious will and become a participating agent of this consciousness. We then discover that we must do this work and dissolve our egos so that the intelligence of the Divine Self can guide us freely through the world as conscious co-creators of reality.

Homo luminous to describe the next level of humanity’s advancement on this planet. We are in the very process of the evolution of our species from Homo sapiens to Homo luminous.’ Although this coming progression is the ancient, stated birthright of all humans as taught by a number of worldly traditions, it has, until recently, been a lost spiritual technology for many centuries. This knowledge has fortunately re-emerged for the masses.

Homo luminous is the result of the practice of all yoga (which means “union”) and is the natural consequence to our illumination. The more aware we become, the clearer the Light Body practice continues to be for us. The more we wake up, the more we can see the energy fields and luminous bodies of others and eventually ignite our eternal Light Bodies.

Here the ultimate object is change of the life and existence, for which a full descent of the Divine Consciousness into … The omnipotent power of the Supermind is the spiritual alchemy that can transform the lead of earthly life into the gold of life. The Earthly life is the leaden consciousness that can be transmuted or tranformed into gold consciousness. leaden consciousness is also mass consciousness.

At that time our collective consciousness expressed as unity consciousness. The tunnels that link us directly to the universe were once a natural part of our awareness. Hypercommunication information, light language, and light codes passed through them unobstructed. This previous Golden Age was an era of great peace, advanced consciousness, evolution, and group connectedness to multidimensional realities. However, as we descended into duality consciousness and separateness, our DNA atrophied. For thousands of years we have experienced a third-dimensional consciousness, which vibrates at a low level, and the tunnels of light information exchange have been mainly dormant for a long time. We have almost completely lost our capacity for hypercommunication. To explore and experience duality, the descent in consciousness was a necessary and vital part of the evolution of the human soul. Now, as we find ourselves on the threshold of another Golden Age, we can regain a state of unity consciousness and access to information from many dimensions via our DNA.

Hypercommunication is dependent on DNA to receive the data that streams into the group consciousness of the Earth from sources outside third-dimensional consciousness. Hypercommunication is a natural process and is responsible for sudden flashes of information and insights that are ordinarily outside of our accessible knowledge. The state of hypercommunication is most pronounced when we are in a state of deep relaxation, in a heightened state of consciousness, or in a hypnogogic/trance state. Anxiety, stress, and mental overload can block our ability to pick up sparks of these transmissions or we can interpret what we pick up in a distorted way or with no significant meaning.

Through the resultant reactions to our aversions and cravings that were born from this “fall,” we began to create “noise” in the channel. Noise harassment, inducing stress, triggering fear, negativity, anxiety or terrorizing the mind is the work of organized gang stalking. It blocks the spiritual progress, and it blocks activation of new dna strands. This is how this world suppresses humankind downwards to the low vibrational frequencies and prevent them from becoming enlighten or expanding their consciousness.

It is also fascinating that we have recently discovered a whole internal system of language that involves the release of photons (particles of light) when our DNA zips and unzips. The photons somehow communicate with the DNA in our cells, and a system of coordination instantly orchestrates our growth and direction based on this information. In other words, somehow, superconsciousness relays information to us via our DNA, and our subconsciousness then takes this information and encodes it into a photon-based language, which it instantly communicates to all the cells in our body.

We also know that much of our genetic expression comes from the trillions of bacteria within us. It seems that life is having a profound conversation all around us. We instantly shift what it is we are doing, and we literally “create” a new reality based on this new encoding. This is where the magic happens.

Once we learn to listen to superconsciousness, we begin our resonant tuning with the primal will to the good of the entire universe. It seems that there is a definite direction in our evolution and that this has been encoded through our DNA, which has been driving us to become more self-aware since the very beginning.’

However, that first moment when we became self-aware as humans also ushered us into polarity consciousness.

Through the resultant reactions to our aversions and cravings that were born from this “fall,” we began to create “noise” in the channel.

Noise is a distractor in the acihvement for supermind or super consciousness. Noise is pollution for the mind. Today these actions of noise and sound interference is been created by the collective mass consciousness.

We began feeding energy into the shadows of our subconscious reasoning, distorting the message or the light based language that flows from super- to subconsciousness. We stopped hearing the inner voice and fell further and further into confusion. We became convinced that “this is it” and deluded ourselves that we had attained the highest level of evolution possible on the planet.

This then forced us to invent tools and technologies to make up for the inherent powers we had forsaken. we thought we lost Eden, but all we really lost was our ability to see it. We fell asleep and have been living a dream ever since.

He had given the whole message: this moment is all there is. This moment—the whole past, the whole present, the whole future, is involved in this moment. But you cannot see it in its totality because your mind is so clouded, so dusty with thought, dream, sleep; so much hypnosis, desire, motive. You cannot see. You are not total, your vision is not total. ‘Once the vision is total – past and future exist in the present, but they are not experienced in the present because they are on different planes.’ The past has moved on a different plane. It has become your unconscious—superconscious, and you cannot move in your unconscious so you cannot know your past—future. The future exists on a different plane. It exists in your superconscious. But because you cannot move in your superconscious you cannot know you future. You are closed in your small consciousness, very fragmentary. You are just like the tip of an iceberg: much is hidden deep, just beneath you, and much is hidden just above you. Just below, and above, and the whole reality surrounds you, but you are clinging to a very small consciousness. Make this consciousness greater and bigger.

That’s what meditation is all about—how to make your consciousness bigger, how to make your consciousness infinite. You will only be able to know that much reality; in the same proportion will you be able to know the reality as you have consciousness. If you have infinite consciousness you will know the infinite; if you have momentary consciousness you will know the moment. On your consciousness depends everything.

The final stage, the collectivized superconsciousness of the mass-formation, its a movement from the collective ego to the collective soul.

The superconscious is surely unconscious to us at the moment , but while the unconscious is the dynamic retention of our past , the superconscious is the inherent evolutional possibility for the future . If man is not the end state of evolution then surely the future possibilities of the growth of consciousness have in some sense a present reality . That is really our superconscious.

The supramental or gnostic being will be the perfect consummation of the spiritual man. In the Ignorance one is there primarily to grow, to know and to do, or, more exactly to grow into something, to arrive by knowledge at something, to get something done. Imperfect, we have no satisfaction of our being, we must perforce strive with labour and difficulty to grow into something we are not; ignorant and burdened with a consciousness of our ignorance, we have to arrive at something by which we can feel that we know; bounded with incapacity, we have to hunt after strength and power; afflicted with a consciousness of suffering, we have to try to get something done by which we catch at some pleasure or lay hold on some satisfying reality to life.

To maintain existence is, indeed, our first occupation and necessity, but it is only a starting-point: for the mere maintenance of an imperfect existence chequered with suffering cannot be sufficient as an aim of our being; the instinctive will of existence, the pleasure of existence, which is all that the Ignorance can make out of the secret underlying Power and Ananda, has to be supplemented by the need to do and become.

But what to do and what to become is not dearly known to us; we get what knowledge we can, what power, strength, purity, peace we can, what delight we can, become what we can. But our aims and our effort toward their achievement and the little we can hold as our gains turn into meshes by which we are bound; it is these things that become for us the object of life: to know our souls and to be our selves, which must be the foundation of our true way of being, is a secret that escapes us in our preoccupation with an external learning, an external construction of knowledge, the achievement of an external action, an external delight and pleasure.

The spiritual man is one who has discovered his soul: he has found his self and lives in that, is conscious of it, has the joy of it; he needs nothing external for his completeness of existence. The gnostic being starting from this new basis takes up our ignorant becoming and turns it into a manifestation of the self-knowledge of being, all power and action into a power and action of the self-force of being, all delight into a universal delight of self-existence.

Attachment and bondage will fall away, because at each step and in each thing there will be the full satisfaction of self-existence, the light of the consciousness fulfilling itself, the ecstasy of delight of existence finding itself. Each stage of the evolution in the knowledge will be an unfolding of this power and will of being and this joy to be, a free becoming supported by the sense of the Infinite, the bliss of the Divine State of Consciousness. the luminous sanction of the Transcendence.

Regarding the Superconscious: “In the first place, instead of being the greater memory, or storehouse of the impressions of the past, as is the subconscious, the superconsciousness of the individual is the latent possibilities of the future man, or superman. And the flashes from this region that occasionally reach the field of consciousness are practically the prophecies of the future of the race. That which is now the superconscious region of the individual will some day become the ordinary plane of everyday mentation of the advanced race. The superconsciousness is the consciousness of the future individuals of the race, and in it are stored the latent faculties and mental activities of a higher race of beings. To some favored ones of the present race there come flashes from this wonderful region of the mind, and we call this ‘genius,’ ‘intuition,’ and other terms denoting higher and uncommon mental activities and states. In each individual there is stored this great reservoir of future mental development—why, or how, we do not know—but that it is we do know.

There is latent faculties and powers in the mind of each and every individual, awaiting the stroke of the clock of evolutionary unfoldment. And when these flashes pass down into the field of consciousness, we recognize them as coming from above, and not from below.

The mental evolution of the race is not alone a matter of growth in the sense of addition—it is in the nature of an unfoldment of the latent qualities, faculties, and powers inherent in the mind, or perhaps the unfoldment into expression of some inherent power or quality of the Ego. At any rate it is undoubtedly an unfoldment—a revealing of something that has been hidden away from sight and expression…The man of today is slowly, laboriously, but surely unfolding into greater and grander mental states and activities. Mental growth comes not alone from without—there is an inner urge constantly at work, pressing ever on toward higher and greater things.”

In the higher regions of the mind are locked up intuitive perceptions of all truth, and he who can gain access to these regions will know everything intuitively, and as a matter of clear sight, without reasoning or explanation.” This attainment is Realization,—the belief in its possibility is Recognition.

Realization, the second step in unfoldment, is something higher than mere Recognition, although proceeding directly from the latter. It is very difficult to describe this Realization. Realization, you know, means: “The state of entering or bringing into actual existence, being or action; appreciating thoroughly and vividly in the mind,” etc. In short means the making real. In this second step or stage the individual not only intellectually recognizes the existence of the Superconscious, but he also enters into a knowing on the plane of the Superconscious itself.

He not only knows that the Superconscious is, by means of the intellect, but he also knows that it is, by reason of entering upon its own plane of knowing or consciousness. It is almost impossible to explain this to those who have not experienced it at least in a faint degree. It cannot be well described in the term of ordinary thought. It belongs to the unclassified and unnamed mental phenomena which the old psychology refined to admit. The old mystics and occultists understood it well.

Man is a threefold being, comprising `animal man’, ‘human man’, and ‘spiritual man’. The so-called subconscious comprises the knowledge and memory of all that appertains to animal man; that the average brain-consciousness embraces all that concerns the life of the human man; and that the superconscious is man’s channel or link with the spiritual realm, or world of causes, wherein is pictured the plan and purpose of world history from the beginning to the end.

We can understand in this way how, through his human side, man is in interaction with the physical world of the lower three dimensions; how, through his animal nature, when properly developed, he is in interaction with the fourth-dimensional world of vibrations and radiations, which play through the ethers—just as animals are—and gains in the same way his guiding ‘instincts’, which ate responses to natural laws; and how, through his spiritual nature, as soon as he can tune up to it, he is in interaction with the fifth-dimensional world of plan, of cause, and of pattern, wherein is shown life as a whole, past, present and future, and time no longer exists in its lower-dimensional sense. In this realm, time, instead of spreading out through space, is converging into the great withinness of which we spoke, and thus past, present and future have come together, presenting one completed picture. When man can link success-fully with his superconscious he obtains infinitesimal flashes of this completed picture of truth, which result in what we call intuition.

We now come to an interesting point. So long as man remains pre-eminently human man he has to rely for his knowledge upon memory, that is to say upon those facts which have been imprinted upon his physical brain since birth. His knowledge, therefore, consists of a mass of facts, statements and ideas communicated to him through other human beings. As soon as he is able to contact for himself, through concentration, meditation or contemplation, either deliberate or in-voluntary, dimensions higher than the physical he begins to obtain first-hand information.

He obtains this information in a realm not constricted to words, nor conditioned by time.

This means that he can learn to obtain infonnation instan-taneously, and eventually upon any subject. This means that memory, as we know it, is no longer so necessary! Men will come to realise that instead of having their brains packed with an assortment of facts which they may or may not need, it is better to train the powers of the mind, to develop concentra-tion and one-pointedness (or the power of tuning up to a certain vibration and sounding it forth steadily for as long as desired, thus contacting everything of affinity with it) so that they can at any time contact instantaneously any knowledge which they definitely require.

At the beginning of this section we made the statement ‘the humanity of the future must be global’. And perhaps we can now, after having undertaken an initial journey through the spirit worlds, have the feeling that global means more than to develop a consciousness which can be receptive to the physical world in all its variety.

Global means that all worlds, from the most material up to the highest (supermaterial) energy level, reveal themselves to us fully. And global also means that not only do space and super-space reveal themselves to our growing consciousness, but that we become liberated from the fetters of the material body and can move about in higher worlds, which have as yet found no expression on the earth, just as naturally as we can go into a town with our physical body, and accept this as perfectly natural. Global would also mean that the time dimension is disclosed to us, so that we no longer move through time, but with time and through it move across the world of space, for time is an energy to which the dynamic soul responds. The soul contains in itself the body of time and can give rise to the whole of creation as a projection of itself.

Not only can it look into the past and the present, but can above all things see the radiant vision of the future. A life of truth on the earth which is no longer determined by the exclusivities of a defectively organised reason, will thus become a flowering of the fully outfolded soul of man which of itself creates forms which correspond to its creative vision and open up the path into worlds of consciousness, of power and of bliss into which the human being can ascend as a higher life-form: a life-form which is no longer mentally limited but sees and acts in the full light of the superconsciousness, a life-form which is supramental and thus truth-conscious.

During this transformation and the awakening of ever more people to the necessity of a continual change, a constantly greater flexibility in mind, life and body, as well as new forms of expression will be created to serve as vessels for the New Consciousness. We spoke in this connection of a cell-like growth, of the arising all over the woad of points of light, initially centred around individuals and then expanding to form cellular organisations perhaps in the form of communications centres and educational and living communities, until finally the first complete organisms in the form of community structures as large as cities come to expression.

When this magnitude has been reached — or is approached — we can also speak of the release of a cultural trigger, a dynamic-creative soul impulse which will not only influence world developments, but will transform them, offering to humanity hitherto unimagined possibilities of perfection.

These new future perspectives will be based not only on the external material form of expression of things, but on their inner causative factors, the trigger of infinity which is immanent in the whole of creation. But in order to recognise this inner cause of all things and to make it the actual basis of existence, a number of connecting links must be set up between man’s outer. unknowing and defective existence and his higher nature of knowledge, totality and love.

We spoke in this connection of various mental levels, which are in fact variously-structured energy levels, leading from the spiritual energy locked up in matter, via various intermediate levels up to spirit energies which can act in increasing freedom.

But we have also pointed out in the course of our presentation that these levels are themselves but stages within specific dimensions of consciousness.

We have thus expanded our initial investigation of the make-up of the various spirit levels and presented a multidimensional spirit-cosmology which showed us that the human being himself is only the expression of a specific dimension within the whole: he is above all the essential expression of the mental principle, which casts a glance below to dimensions of consciousness of the animal, plant and mineral worlds and the hidden structures of matter which it can observe and contain within itself and upon which it has been built up in evolutionary stages.

But as individualised man we can also look up to higher regions, to dimensions of consciousness beyond the mental, levels of pure being, pure power and bliss. Although within his own mental dimension, man has no direct access to this higher nature, he can by means of self-development attain the further regions of his mental nature, which we called the experiential mind, the border region from which he can take the step into the supramental world.

One difficulty Is that in the past this entry into the experiential mind and the revelation of its reality was already felt to be the final point of development. But it is in truth the starling point for a new creation, for the creation of a materialised supramental world and the development of a new being which we call Future Man.

The feeling that the experiential mind represented the attainment of the endpoint of development was in past ages the origin of religions and was simultaneously the reason for their failure. There crystallised in them the principle of limitation and exclusivity, as it were on a divine scale (although this divinity was man’s creation); the result was the pathological gulf between Man and God, enmity towards nature as a consequence of this and thus a fameaching paralysis of the central evolutionary impulse within man.

This negative aspect of religion has permeated man’s creative spirit via thousands of different paths over the centuries. The blind and desperate flight of an extemalised human being into the titanic illusion of a machine culture based only on economic factors is the result of this separation of Man and God.

There the illumination in the experiential mind was translated into a reconciled community of the divine with the human, expressed through the effects of his many aspects and appearances. But the same limitation is manifest here too. The relationship to the divine worlds is not an expression of an ascent to these worlds with the intention of making one’s way towards new horizons.

They are dead ends, eternal powers which guide that which is transient and themselves descend to the transient to remind the world, in human form, of its higher existence or to effect the course of events. But both kinds of religious development have carried the development of the human consciousness further only to a particular degree and during a particular period. When their mission has been fulfilled, they must of necessity become obstacles which desire to keep man locked within the old boundaries.

We are now at this point and the first people who have begun to feel an interest in the higher or divine consciousness quite apart from any connection with religious traditions will attain, as a result of conscious selfdevelopment, the experience which Is the origin of all religions and will, starting from this experience, open up further dimensions of consciousness which are no longer mental, but supramental, and will activate these in their earth consciousness for the further evolution of the human race.

A reactionary instinct that is turned towards the past must be changed into a creative instinct turned towards the future. Through yoga. mediation and alchemy one can reverse the reactionary instinct into a creative instinct turned into real time presence. It´s through the present time reality humans have access to instant intuition of higher knowing. The electrical energy system of the 2 dna strand is a slow system. When humans through yoga, meditation and alchemy re-connecting and re-wiring their minds and consciousness to their 10 etheric dna strands they will have access to knowledge instantly through intuition and the re-activated sixth sense.

Knowledge at the mental level is largely mixed up with ignorance, but knowledge at the level of the Supermind is free from ignorance. Spirit is Supermind; Spirit is Consciousness; and Spirit is also Transformation. The whole principle of the Psychology of the New Consciousness is the raising of all existential energies to higher levels of intensity until the stage arrives when all these energies are transmuted by a new rhythm acting from above and below

The speciality of man is that like other animals and other plants a change of form is not necessary to house a change in consciousness. The change in consciousness from the mind to the supramental is so big that at any lower grade of manifestation it would not be possible without change of form. But with man his unique nature is such that he can go on housing new and newer states of consciousness without having to change his form. His mind is capable of exceeding itself. That is because mind itself is the extreme and fine point of the supermind.

Knowledge at the mental level is largely mixed up with ignorance, but knowledge at the level of the Supermind is free from ignorance

The Life Divine is based on an evolutionary model with the Supermind as the evolutionary destiny of humanity.

Spirit is Supermind; Spirit is Consciousness; and Spirit is also Transformation.

Visualized the transformation of even earth-nature here and now. The spiritualized society of the future would live like its spiritual individuals, not in the ‘collective ego’ but in the ‘collective spirit’ or soul. Evolution is never a new manifestation other than the individual or race manifestation. One has always to move into the future and not go back to his past consciousness, if he really wants to grow in his life.

In new scientific discoveries that will “thin the walls between soul and matter. The idea of Supermind is no dry linear concept, but consists of “yet un-dreamed-of mind-powers and life-powers” that could free humankind from the limitations of time, distance, and the material body.

Divine light in an all-comprehending supermind, the soul realize its divine-self in the all-possessing, all-blissful ananda at the heart.

The more they can keep you coming from the left side of the brain, the more easily you can be controlled and manipulated, and the easier it is to distract you from finding out who you truly are and what you are truly doing here. The leaft brain is also the core that is using fear to stay in control and power, and fear is also the component that opens up the channels for mental negative programming of the mind. The powers that are using computers to dumb down the masses and the next generation. Computers eliminate all right-side brain activity. The right side is the side that produces creativity, innovation, intuition, imagination, and insight, and these aspects go hand in hand with consciousness, creating, and the essence of your soul.

The Divine Body, the New Consciousness, The vision of the New World, the Consciousness of Future Man, The Supramental Soul, the Divine Principle. The result of this filling of the life forces with peace, joy, bliss and strength is a liberation of all ego-bound forces in a joyful self–opening to the action of the supramental consciousness, the revelation of the Divine consciousness, and how the Archon agenda prevents spiritual progress of this world. Spiritual resonance, Self-Realization, The yogic powers, The superconscious state of mind, The Transcendental Power, The power of the heart and intuition, “Lifting of a veil of ignorance by knowledge. Alchemy, and how to switch from beta brainwaves, and how to change the inner vibrations of the mind

The whole principle of the Psychology of the New Consciousness is the raising of all existential energies to higher levels of intensity until the stage arrives when all these energies are transmuted by a new rhythm acting from above and below. And this development will not stop short at the gates of material existence, for our body, no less than the higher and more subtle dimensions of being, will also participate in the breakthrough of the New Consciousness.

The starting point for the material transformation. One of the first effects of this inner psychological dynamism is to cause the brain-bound thinking to open up to greater mental expanses, to achieve perception of a growing intensity of light which flows into the brain structure. There. it causes a clarification and cleansing of the nerves, liberating them from the darker and more violent currents and eddies of unregenerated nature. The body cells become permeated by a light which illumines even the body’s physical expression to give it an aura of lightness, purity, clarity and loving peace. This process goes hand in hand with an expansion of awareness and a development of the complementary psycho-physical energy currents in the body.

And this awareness is also accompanied by an increasing capacity for conscious individual evolution which more and more liberates the human being from bondage to unconsciousness in body and life and from the tyranny of mental conceptions. He enters into a higher evolution of his soul and spirit and approaches supramental perfection. All this is brought about by the sours trust in its own divinity, by its expression and revelation in a conscious experience which -banishes the mind’s meaningless rigid rationality and reveals the all-encompassing meaning in all things. Life becomes simple. full of light. joyful, unburdened, happy. And the body also participates in this happiness, lightness, serenity. light, love and power. It can become joyful, full of light and love when it responds to the soul. And if it is not tyrannised, the body can respond in a simple and trusting way to receive ever more of the New Consciousness, awaken to the new vibration and express it in matter. Oppression by the narrow reason and the egoistic instincts of life have injected into the body a profound distrust of itself.

The anti-body attitude of religion and moral teachings have contributed their share. But all these are mere opinions, rigid mental formations which cannot exist in the presence of the Soul Light. When we entrust ourselves to it, the body will also awake to its Divinity, to its Truth. The wonderful new lifestyle in the new communities, the Cities of Transformation, will allow mind, life and body to free themselves -simultaneously. The new lifestyle will no longer tolerate the imposition of order via suppression and rigidification. True order will come from an inner truth, an inner agreement based on a unification in the depths of our being. We and everyone else will be accepted for what we truly are, so that everyone will have the opportunity to express their full divinity.

This new world will have nothing to do with breaking human beings or moulding them into conformity, because they will be totally accepted. An inner law of inmost truth will ensure that totality and rightness prevail. Thus will every human being be encouraged to live his wholeness and rightness. Within this atmosphere of bust and expansiveness, the body will quickly learn to develop its wholeness and rightness. And precisely because of its materiality, which has been damned so often, the body will give life its ultimate beauty and concreteness.

Wben all fear of self-expression and self-knowledge is gone. for the two are one since the body becomes aware of itself through action, it will attain a physical security and experiential certainty that it is not separated from the universe but is a homogenous component of the entire cosmos. Wthin material experience, the body will develop and embody an immense bust. Nature and man will be nourished by a new force which formerly was beyond his reach. When the power of trust flows In the body. in the cells. nerves and organs, then the surroundings also echo a new material response. The fear of nature withdraws and a joyful encounter results, a perfect material expression of an experience which has long been possible for the mind.

And the body opens itself out to the experience of its divinity, it learns to recognise itself as pure divine substance. And wherever this experience comes to dwell, the shadow of death retires into the background, withdrawing increasingly from the body’s awareness which is at the same time increasingly able to maintain itself in an endless sea of energy, the unbound energy of Shakti — Consciousness Force. Death is the egoism of matter. When it disappears, it dissolves into its true form of deathless energy.

Thus, when the body loses its fear and forgets death in a fully material way by living without the vibrations of fear and dissolution —it experiences itself more and more as a flexible receiver, maintainer and generator of this unlimited energy. To the degree that it becomes conscious of the supramental force streaming into it, it can acquire the means of receiving this energy current which flows through it in ever more abundant measure. It is the same current which streams through sun and planets. Under direct supramental influence, the body leams how to dissolve all obstacles still standing between itself and the universal energy. A direct flow of supramental energy occurs from soul to body without any bypaths through the realms of life and mind. It can receive ever greater quantities of energy in its soul, brain and body. This growing perfection of the body and its increasing capacity to receive ever greater quantities of unbound energy and its manifold expressions is the whole goal of material evolution.

As this perfection of the body progresses, the meeting of the complementary psycho-physical energies of the male and female will be followed by the experiencing of a material nerve current. It is an electrical energy bound to the body and moving in a complete cycle liberated from all hinderances so that it becomes totally effective.

When this cycle of nerve currents flows unhindered, the north pole (earth side) and south pole (spirit side) of the body, Pratistha and Karana, are connected in an infinite loop. Warmth, light and electricity — Tejas — flow along this cycle in the bodily substance —Retas. Since this cycle has an evolutionary trend, its strength depends on the body consciousness so that right at the beginning the qualities of warmth, light and electricity are still latent in Retas — the bodily substance. If the body consciousness is raised to give rise to greater amounts of inflowing energy and an enhanced capacity to store and emit this energy, then the body is more intensively stimulated. The first thing which is produced is heat or Tapas. This is why the Indian yogic methods for enhancing energy by self-discipline are called Tapas or Tapasya, because they produce stimulating warmth, a -source of powerful action and success.

The next thing to happen is that light is created — the primal Tejas — the energy which stands at the origin of all knowledge. The third stage of development gives rise to electricity — Vidyut — which is the basis for all powerful mental and physical action. Finally, the pure, unbound energy in its highest form — Ojas or Pranashakti — awaits its awakening from electricity in which it lies latent. This highest form of energy is at the same time the most refined form of matter and fills the entire body with physical strength, energy, brain power, pliability and consciousness. This conscious intensification of the nerve currents and excitation of the finest substantial forms in the body structure forms, under the influence of the supramental force, the next step of expression in fine materiality after or while we have grown conscious of the complementary psycho-physical energies in the body. Both types of energy thus link up at a specific point of development, which can vary greatly in individual cases, to give rise to a yet further evolution. It becomes obvious that these two types of energy initially meet in the solar centre, the natural or feminine energy pole.

The progressive handover to the activity of the New Consciousness, the psychological principle, and the increasing liberation of all the soul’s modes of manifestation raises both the energy currents from the solar centre into the heart centre. The supramental force can then act directly from soul to body, giving rise to a new experience in the most material parts of the physical body: the body experiences Soul Conditions directly, i.e. the soul begins to materialise.

The vision of the New World materialises and more and more the body acquires the power of direct materialisation. These new bodily experiences, and it must be repeatedly pointed out that this process of transformation is not subject to a rigid principle. It will find suitable and individual expression in line with the needs and tendencies of each body, of each human being. We may record only a few general lines of development: the principle of an inner handover, transformation of the complementary male-female energies, transformation and intensivation of the nerve currents and their centering in the soul centre.

All this may happen in separation, or simultaneously or successively, but everything follows naturally from the initial inner handover to the supramental powers which influence the soul. At all times, a number of disciplines and rules have existed which were used within certain paths of development to achieve a deification of human nature. But the handover to the force emanating from the Consciousness of Future Man is quite different, being subject to no fixed rules. Everything develops under a direct inner guidance which works from the background as long as the ego is active but which becomes manifest and all-encompassing as soon as the identification with the soul has been achieved. Various methods may be used along the way, in tune with the inner guidance. But the only law is that of evolution itself, the handover. It is the basis for the New Consciousness and the starting point for the emergence of Future Man.

The Supramental Soul causes the Ideal Body, which contains all energies, to flow into the previous body structure. The Ideal Body is thus formed in a more subtle dimension, and at the same time the material body develops further towards the fusion to which the soul is drawing it more and more. We see what an important part of this process the progressive incorporation of the divine principle represents, which is the unification of all energies in a multidimensional Oneness. This principle stands behind the male and female expression, making apparent the importance of a further development of the relationships between people in order to attain this higher at-one-ment.

This transformation is made possible by the complete handover to the intensive activity of the love-wisdom-consciousness force of the Divine Principle.

While the New Body is formed, the eyes — for example — become messengers of light, gates of the soul, mediators and receptors of an inner language of the soul. They can project and receive energy through space and time. The hearing develops into a form of perception which can hear both these aspects of energy of Manifestation (Space and Time). Eye and ear as well as all the other organs and functionings of the body are no longer subordinate instruments of the mental and vital consciousness: the organs themselves develop an intrinsic consciousness, and every organ and every part and cell of the body is filled with the Supramental consciousness. The central principle is no longer the mental or vital consciousness, but the Soul Consciousness.

The brain can transmit new thoughts, no longer self-existent and limited, but carriers of a supramental vibration which has transformed the entire mental field and its different dimensions, the five mental levels, into a continual supramental ladder of ascent. The brain cells become storers of energy, receptors and transmitters of the Consciousness of Truth, the Real Idea. Both halves of the brain develop a similarly individualised and unified reality of consciousness, a synthesis of linear and global aspects.

The limited mental function, the limitation of thoughts, is replaced by a direct supramental vision of the whole and the inner relation of all details to the whole and to every part in the brain cells. This is simultaneously the start of a constant materialisation of new substances or substance vibrations in the body.

A new organ of perception opens out in the back of the head. It can extend over the entire back. The larynx develops the capacity to perceive subtle and acoustic-physical oscillations and their nature. It can increasingly generate the new vibrations, fill the atmosphere with the supramental force and also perceive consciously which vibratory patterns are present in the atmosphere and precisely recognise which of these vibrations are closed, which are open and which belong to the New World.

It is a vast field of oscillations that can be perceived, a field in constant motion. The heart and the inner organs also develop an intense consciousness, a capacity of perception to become channels of communication. Through the physical consciousness centered in the brain, the soul can permeate the whole body with light and force and love, so that it assumes completely new dimensions, a kind of fluid vibration, without losing its form. The heart becomes a material energy point for soul love, a helping force which can have a direct effect on other hearts and other lives.

The hands, arms and legs become energy conductors, transmitters and receivers of the supramental forces. They develop a marked consciousness which allows them to work without the mental will, to move the body. The healing force of the soul streams out through the hands.

A direct contact with the earth takes place through the feet, and a consciousness current flows into the planet so that its emanation is transformed from within. Matter, the very ground itself, acquires a new vibration so that nature and the surroundings of the New Body become increasingly transformed. Blood, nerves and skin become bearers of light-vibrations. The surface of the skin changes to become a differentiated oscillating field of light-consciousness.

Every part of the surface develops its particular capacity for perception, its mode of communication and radiance. The purification and light-permeation of the nerves is one of the first changes to occur, since the nerve paths stand at the boundary between the material and finely-substantial bodies, so that they are the first to open up or extend towards the Ideal Body in the finely substantial medium.

During a certain period of time therefore, both the grossly-material nervous perception and its mode of functioning take place as well as the nervous perceptions in the still unmaterialised finely-substantial body. The blood develops an awareness of freshness, of vitality and perception through light. The bone marrow becomes an intensively radiating battery of light-forces. A part of its light substance can be transferred to the blood vessels of other bodies, the physical heart awakes to a secret consciousness.

All separatedness disappears from the body. The consciousness of the material body can increasingly live in all bodies. The old body fades away to make way for an indescribable new condition which is simultaneously universal and individual. But this transformation is not only experienced by the mental consciousness, but by the body, its organs, cells and forces. The become supramental beings materialised supamental vibrations.

The body also develops a new supramental language, which is so completely different from what we understand mentally as language, that it cannot be described. It is a permanent material-supramental way of being. The body becomes what it sees. Space and Time also change, since we have hitherto seen with mental eyes only. In the materially supramental consciousness, space and time are not separated. Everything collects in the supramental soul, and not the future alone, but also the past is flexible and mutable.

Matter expresses its life in states of soul, thus marking the beginning of complete transformation, a revelation of supramental omni-potence. It is a consciousness in which absolutely no opposition any longer exists between creation and its origin, so that it is capable of a complete self-expression in which whatever it sees becomes manifest. When this change-over in matter first appears, it means no less than the beginning of a New Creation. A new material expression, a new material form and finally also a new material substance are the necessary result of such a change in the Divine Consciousness.

The Soul of Future Man becomes incarnate and matter expresses its life in states of soul. At first in the form of planetary centres, then in growing organisms, in Cities of Transformation and finally in a complete supramental transformation of matter. This will lead to a completed relationship between Body, Universe, Society and Matter. The key lies in the smallest cell.

The New Consciousness affects the mind to produce a growing transparency of all mental dimensions. It is expressed beyond thoughts, in the silence of the mind, which becomes totally translucent for the supramental vibration in utter tranquility.

The Supramental Creation is its simplicity. It is here, it surrounds us and leads us in all conceivable ways into the unknown, but its results are always totally certain. And when we have begun to open ourselves a little to the smiling presence of the supramental consciousness, we quickly recognise how superseded are the old ideas of mental discipline, of Yoga, the thousand methods of mental man, in the light of the new consciousness. What now happens — and we can call it Supramental Yoga — is that a simple self-opening increasingly fills us with a new vibration, easy and straightforward, for the supramental manifestation has taken place, the new vibration oscillates everywhere, around us, above us, in us, below us, by the side of us.

And while we open ourselves up, we rise quite naturally into ever higher and further regions and worlds of the highest consciousness — in serenity and lightness. The New is simpler than the Old. The New Creation is simpler because it is more all-encompassing, broader and greater and thus capable of including all things. This had never been possible before, an incapacity which had obstructed progress in the past. For every progress has its obstacle to overcome, to become a secure fact in the consciousness of the earth. Spirit is infinity, and the highest force of the spirit, the force of the Divine Consciousness.

But every creation by this force will express only a partial potential of this force and its possibilities as long as it is not aiming at consciously revealing the infinite in and through the finite form, a revelation which is the nature of the New Creation. We consequently see an evolutionary universe, we ourselves form a part of this universe, imbued by the principle of evolution. Thus progress in the past has initially been concerned with the liberation of the divine element in its formulation through mind, life and body, and ways and means had been found corresponding to these efforts. The spirit immanent in this threefold formula of creation was liberated from the limitations of these forms, so that a heaven of the beyond, a leap into an indescribable nirvana took place.

The old spirituality had therefore to detach the life of the ego from earthly life and earthly identification and unite with the highest spirit by extinguishing the ego. But since life in the limited formulation of the individual being is, by virtue of its origin, a power of the Divine, of the hidden force of the Divine Consciousness, something unsolved and enigmatic was attached to this extinguishing of life in favour of a beyond. The leap was -possible, but life nonetheless remained stubbornly existent and followed a slow path over tremendous periods of time towards a distant goal. But because the efforts of the past concerned themselves only with the limits set by the mind, life and the body, this secret determination of the universal and individual nature could not be revealed. Life thus came to be seen as an obstacle to spiritual perfection, since it fettered man to the body and to material existence and flooded his mind with the needs of this coarse life, even made him into a slave of nature.

The efforts of the early spiritual disciplines therefore aimed at a twofold detachment of this life nexus: firstly the body was trained to develop capabilities allowing it to become free of the surge of the life forces by the vital nature of man and its constant flow of energies, so that he no longer had to follow the impulses of his vital nature. This fettering of the life forces in the body system was supplemented from the mental side by enabling the mind, by way of a supraconscious -enlightenment, to affect the life forces and finally master them by discipline.

The new or supramental method is based on an evolution of the consciousness beyond the mental and physical limits. The life -forces are then liberated from their fettered state. It is not mind or body which affect the vital nature, but the supramental force and the soul united together in a single divine unity.

Thus the supramental initially forms the mental and teaches it to open itself. This supramentalised mental nature then turns to the life forces. In the same way, the soul from its dimension instructs the body and teaches it self-opening. By means of this self-opening it becomes more and more receptive to the supramental forces, which it receives through the soul, and then turns to the life forces as supramentalised body. When the life forces revolt due to their conservative egoism, the mind does not react with confusion: it understands the problems of the vital nature and passes them on to the supramental which solves the mental problems resulting from the revolt of the vital nature. The body is not shocked by the agitation of the life forces. It is without fear and turns to the soul, which loves the body and gives it suppleness.

The result of this filling of the life forces with peace, joy, bliss and strength is a liberation of all ego-bound forces in a joyful self–opening to the action of the supramental consciousness, the revelation of the Divine consciousness. of the origin of the world, and mind, life and body completely express the Divine through Eternal Youth, Boundless Energy and Immortality. This is the Yoga in the shape of a City, which we can receive, with its strength to redeem the suffering and darkness of life and to open the portals to a New World OF LOVE, FREEDOM, PERFECTION and TRANSFORMATION.

The New Consciousness can both look into and out of this lens. Within it we may see a beautiful, clear landscape with a mountain: an image of the future world.

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