The Emanation of Healing Light Spiritual light and spiritual energy have unique properties. In the emotional body, emotions are observable in the color and density of the aura. The physical body is, of course, observable. Even the mental body can be measured in terms of observable electromagnetic activity in the brain. Yet the mental body has aspects of spiritual energy because the source of the mind is connected to many aspects of the spirit world. The mind contains points of access to the universal unconscious.

Spirituality includes the realm of psychic abilities. Psychic abilities include
aspects of telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, prophecy, and ultimately the
projection of healing energy. The highest level of healing comes with the
connection and projection of spiritual light, spiritual energy, and spiritual unity.
When two spirits unite, a new quantum light and energy emerge.
Spiritual energy from the universe is coming to Earth. This spiritual energy is
not well described, and it is not well formulated in the mind of the inhabitants of
Earth. This spiritual dimension, the third dimension, is filled with a unique lifeforce energy, or chi.

Planet Earth has an accumulation of life-force energy and spiritual energy that
has created what we call the biosphere. The biosphere is a force field of energy
around the planet. It is like an aura. It is an energy field that has many features
similar to a person’s aura. For example, Earth’s aura contains the life-force
energy field. It contains meridians. It contains different paths of force fields
coming from many different sources. These sources are not yet known to
humankind. We have been using one such light source — quantum light. It is
used for quantum healing. We call it omega light, which is a form of quantum

Omega light is a spiritual energy force part of the divine life-force energy that
flows through the universe. Omega light has a special power and special
characteristics because it comes from a higher source. It has tremendous healing
abilities complementary to the biosphere and to all beings who live in the

The omega light has a great healing quality because it can adjust to the
resonance of the biosphere. The biosphere radiates at a special frequency, and
the omega light knows how to be in resonance with that biosphere. All who
receive the omega light get a boost of energy into their systems. When people
receive the omega light, they feel more whole, more unified, and more in touch
with the spiritual light and energy that exists at the highest level.

The third dimension is at a lower vibration than the fifth dimension, and the
third dimension has polarized, dense aspects. Yet the third dimension is able to
vibrate and resonate at very high frequencies. It can receive omega light. Now
the channel will sing, and you will receive an upgrade from this wonderful light.
[Sings] “Omega light.” Know that you are rebalancing yourself on the third
dimension so that you are in resonance with the biosphere and the spiritual light
forces of the universe. [Sings] “Omega light.”

Omega light is one aspect of the spiritual-light force field that exists in the
universe. The omega light is also not visible in the normal human spectrum of
vision. It is not even perceivable by normal human measurement devices. Yet
just like dark matter or dark energy, this aspect of the spiritual light force of the
universe can have a tremendous healing effect.

You have a mission to be here to show that the spiritual energy field can become
a dominating force; it can influence and shape the planet.

On Earth now there is a powerful energy of awareness of global change,
galactic change, and galactic awareness. This type of energy is composed of a
spiritual energy force now directed toward this planet.

One has to take a galactic perspective of how this planet operates and how planets in the galaxy develop. In the stages of planetary development, different types of crises emerge. At a certain point, an energy shift comes to a planet that creates a global consciousness shift that involves a spiritual energy. Global consciousness is a spiritual light. How will this spiritual energy and light be interpreted by humanity? How will it be downloaded? How will people use the energy and light? Also, who can interpret this energy and light? Who can feel it? Who can know what to do with it? Implementing this new consciousness becomes the mission of groups of lightworkers like you and like the Group of Forty.

The lightworkers’ mission becomes to understand and interpret what this spiritual light is about and how to implement this energy so that it will be used to heal and rebalance Earth. You have already gone through several different stages of implementation. For example, the Group of Forty is now going through the stages of working with the planetary cities of light.

Astronomers cannot prove or observe dark energy and dark matter, but they know it is out there because it affects everything. It affects the gravitational fields of other stars. It affects the gravitational field of the whole galaxy, and it might even be responsible for the expansion and recession of the galaxies. The spiritual world is also invisible. The spiritual field you emanate goes out into the ethers and into Earth’s aura; therefore, even though it cannot be seen, it has a powerful effect.

The imbalances that are now on Earth are dangerous. Other planets have not even been able to survive such extreme imbalances. Earth’s survival is an indication of the resolution of the planetary healers and starseeds and the other great spiritual leaders and teachers on this planet. The work of downloading higher light and communicating through the noosphere is helping Earth.

Biorelativity is creating new healing light, and the ring of ascension and the planetary cities of light are also helping. The numerous other works of nativepeoples and countless other spiritually minded people all contribute positive healing energy to Earth. A big contribution toward planetary healing is coming from the masters and teachers.

The Emanation of Healing Light Spiritual light and spiritual energy have unique properties. In the emotional body, emotions are observable in the color and density of the aura. The physical body is, of course, observable. Even the mental body can be measured in terms of observable electromagnetic activity in the brain. Yet the mental body has aspects of spiritual energy because the source of the mind is connected to many aspects of the spirit world. The mind contains points of access to the universal unconscious.

The mental body, or mind, has access to the collective unconscious and even participates in the galactic unconscious. There are many different energy fields that the mental body participates in continually. Of course, you even have the akashic records, which contain the histories of everyone’s actions and thoughts. The akashic records are related to the energy fields of both mental and spiritual energy. Mental energy, which contains spiritual thoughts and the spiritual body, cannot be observed and measured. Yet these aspects have the potential for a powerful impact on the third dimension.

This spiritual energy field can have a powerful influence on upcoming Earth events. Spiritual energy can be powerful enough to influence the outcome of Earth in its current crisis. It can be powerful enough to influence and counterbalance upheavals and disruptions known as earth changes. The core concept in biorelativity is to connect Earth to a stronger spiritual energy. The core aspect of spiritual energy in biorelativity is in the idea called “emanation of healing light.

Everything on the planet, in this dimension, and in the universe has a wave. Everything has a vibrational field and in fact also has an energy field. When things are congested or blocked or when the planet is sick, then the vibration of the life-force energy field becomes distorted and misaligned. You then need to work in biorelativity to shift and unblock that energy vibration. In biorelativity, one of the most powerful things you do is emanate a healing light. You emanate a vibrational frequency of spirituality, directing it to the spirit of Earth. We call this aspect of biorelativity emanation because the light emanates from you.

The emanation comes from the lightworkers and the groups doing the exercise.
Create a Spiritual Energy Field How much force, how much power, or how much light is needed to shift a planet? Doing planetary healing work is hard, and doing planetary healing work in the third dimension is extremely challenging. Doing biorelativity work is complicated. Doing planetary city-of-light work is challenging.

When you do biorelativity, you can do healing energy work both ways. You can begin by emanating light to the aura of Earth, and after that is achieved, you go to the specific place you want to heal.

Thought power is related to spiritual energy. You project a thought and connect it with spiritual light. You use the principles of spiritual techniques to influence Earth’s aura so that it is filled with a bio-light frequency that allows it to experience planetary health and planetary balance.

Spiritual energy can be influential in causing change. Spiritual energy on Earth has to be demonstrated somehow. There are cases in history in which people have aligned with spiritual energy. Biorelativity is a spiritual force that can lead to some type of positive change that can lead to even a forceful action for positive planetary shifts.

Earth’s interactions with extraterrestrials have occurred physically and also etherically. Of course, many of you know that there have been extraterrestrial manifestations, for example, the Nephilim, who are referred to in the Hebrew Bible in Genesis as “the fallen ones,” or “those who came from above.” The Nephilim interacted with Earth’s energy field and decided to incarnate on Earth. When you interact with a planet’s etheric energy field, you can choose to manifest from that field onto the planet. This is exactly what the Nephilim did. Once you incarnate on the planet, you realize that you become involved with its incarnational cycle.

The human energy field has many similarities to a planetary energy field. For a moment, visualize your aura and your energy field. You might become aware of it and realize that it is vibrating.

Your energy field has multiple layers. You have layers of spiritual energy, mental energy, physical energy, and emotional energy. You are multidimensional beings. Many of you struggle to understand what it means to be multidimensional. Being multidimensional includes interacting with the etheric energy fields. The planet has an aura just like the human aura, but the planetary aura is filled with vast energies from the collective history of the planet and all its beings. This includes all the animals and plants as well as numerous other sources of energy.

The biosphere, for example, is also related to the etheric energy field of the planet, which can be described as the aura of a planet. It is divided into etheric layers that are uniquely related to the existence of humans inhabiting the planet. In comparison, the aura of a planet like Mars is different from Earth’s aura.

The main difference is that there is a collective energy field of human thought and energy stored throughout history within Earth’s aura. This means that the thoughts, energies, emotions, and other emanations from the human spirit fill Earth’s aura. Earth’s aura is similar to the akashic records, the collective library of all thoughts and events for all beings throughout the galaxies.

Earth’s energy field consists of layers. One layer is Earth’s mental energy, which includes the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious includes many transgenerational animalistic and cultural symbols. This means that they occur in multiple generations across many cultures.

There is a special layer of energy in the mental layer of Earth’s aura called the noosphere. This layer of energy is related to higher energy and higher thoughts. The noosphere is directly related to the overall evolutionary process of the human species. It has a relationship with the collective unconscious as part of the thought energy field of Earth. The noosphere contains a special section of thought patterns that are related to higher light and to humanity’s higher evolution. Higher thought patterns directly influence the evolutionary process, relating to such concepts as the fifth-dimensional Earth, the just society, the planetary cities of light, and the etheric crystals.

Here is a central key to understand the concept of One World Government; When they create the artificial global world brain the Earth will no longer be able to acending in Consciousness. It will become like the Matrix or Mind Prison.

Planet Earth knows how to relate to her noosphere. In fact, the noosphere is a planetary energy field that relates to Earth’s evolution. You as planetary healers are working to ascend this planet, bringing it to a higher level. Therefore, the etheric energy field within the noosphere will help to manifest a higher reality on Earth.

Earth is in the omega time zone. Planetary healers can take advantage of it by gathering their forces and energies and using the thought powers in a simultaneous manner to create a shift or change. This shift, or change, is amplified by the dimensional waves that are already occurring because Earth is closer to its intersection point with the fifth dimension. Interdimensional waves are electromagnetically charged particles that contain the omega-time energy particles. That means that these waves can accelerate the shifting of energies. To take full advantage of the omega time zone and the omega particles, you have to use advanced spiritual technologies to interact with the omega time particles.

Earth’s feedback loop system is not in a stable zone because it is attempting to bring itself into a different balance that humankind might not like. Humankind is blocking meridians on Earth. When humankind creates undue pollution in the air and lots of carbon in the atmosphere, these blockages create a communication pattern to Earth’s feedback loop system.

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