The ego fears its discontinuity, its non-existence. The ego cannot fully accept the idea of immortality for it really does not exist outside of this illusionary reality. All the fears created by the ego are illusionary. We have released everything that the ego was clinging to and overcame the ego in meditation. Tavistock Institute. Part 121

The Archons control the Matrix, and the Archons using all forms of emotion-thought based fear concepts to keep mankind enslaved and imprisoned within the Matrix, and fear of death is the strongest of them.

The Bible, God’s instruction book for humanity, tells us that all `through fear of death have been living all their lives as slaves to constant dread’ [Hebrews 2:15;]. It says every human being is a slave to the fear of death. We live in a constant dread of it.

Fear of Death and Immortality

“The Fulcrum of human fear psychology—the epicenter—is the fear of death. You have fear of death because it is an unknown process. The ego fears its discontinuity, its non-existence. The ego cannot fully accept the idea of immortality for it really does not exist outside of this illusionary reality.

The ego knows it for sure and fears death, the death of this human body, yet this fear acts as the food for its own survival till death. Eradicating the fear of death involves mastery over ‘death in every moment: A thought arises and dies out.

The ego learns to capture your attention by jumping from thought to thought, in a sea of emotions and by jumping between past and future times. Death is like a game where every thought becomes a winning point. One more thought survived.

The ego pulls out more and more of them from the subconscious, reacts to each stimulus from the external environment, pushes you to ‘work’ hard for the survival of this mind-body system and everything that is impermanent. All the fears created by the ego are illusionary. Actually it only fears the Witness, the present moment, Enlightenment and the concept of immortality!

Once you become aligned WITH any of these ideas, slowly the ego los-es its battle. The ego is deprived of its usual weapons of time, illusions, fears and death. In the death of the ego or rather the transformation of this illusionary ‘monkey ego’ to the permanent Divine Self, you over-come the basis of all fears—the fear of death, the fear of the unknown, the fear of God, the fear of Truth and the fear of fear itself!

We don’t need any symbols along our path, even if we may have used many up until now. This is because if we use symbols, we are handing over our own power to them. Often, our world is full of symbols that we consciously or unconsciously “worship.” At first we may have “worshipped” material things in the external world. We made cars, houses, people, or money our symbols and false gods.

Then we turned away from the material path and started to look inside ourselves for answers. In doing so we often exchanged material goods for intangible ones. Perhaps we worshiped sacred symbols in this way. But even such symbols are nothing more than effigies to which we hand over our power. Our ego-based mind will tell us that by ourselves, we cannot make it hack to our Buddha-nature, that we are weak and need help. But after we have made a certain amount of progress in our practice. we need neither Buddha statues, nor saints, nor alters, nor incense, nor teachers or masters. nor other effigies or symbols for our path. Even if we believe that we arc not using any symbols, our ego-based mind is still trying to cling to such old ideas.

In this way it will even cling to the concepts of emptiness and no-mind. It is only we who project traits onto symbols. Let us therefore take back our own power, let us be strong without symbols. they only needlessly prolong the path. In truth, we have all the power in us which we need for the path. We need only ourselves, our connection with the emptiness. and our own willingness to work on ourselves and deal with our deep-rooted old ideas.

Life and death We will come quite close to our Buddha-nature, but will not be able to move forward if we have not dealt profoundly, at least once, with the subject of death and dying. This concept is the very foundation on which the ego-based mind rests. If we can get to the heart of it, we will no longer fear death. I low can we overcome our fear of death?

Actually. the question is: why do we still cling to the illusion that we must die? In Zen, it is said that one must surrender oneself in order to be able to experience liberation. Erroneously. this state in Zen is traditionally called The Great Death-. The ego-based mind naturally grasps at this illusion.

Life and death are real for us so long as we cling to our ego.

Who taught us the concept of life and death?

It’s been explained to us that the price of life is death. But that’s not true. Neither life nor death exists. Let us remember what we have experienced during zazen. Have we not transcended our thoughts, feelings and bodies?

We have released everything that the ego was clinging to and overcame the ego in meditation. It has thus already died once. And nonetheless we returned from the state of no-mind back into our bodies. What have we felt outside our body and apart from our thoughts and feelings? We were already there beyond life and death, even though we were perhaps unaware of this. Neither life nor death exists, just being. In meditation, we ultimately simply were. We have felt the infinity and immortality of the emptiness.

How can we persist in clinging to the concept of We and death? There is only being, nothing else. When our learning in this world is finished, we will lay down our bodies and continue to exist We are not our bodies, nor our emotions, thoughts, or ego. We are spiritual beings who arc immortal. The concept of life and death can therefore exist only if we are under the delusion that we are our bodies.

“The concept of life and death can therefore exist only if we are under the delusion that we are our bodies.”

Its the ego who creates or feeds the concept of fear of death and its the same ego who want´s everyone to identify themselves with their body-identity

Your fear of death will be replaced with the joy of life. Awareness of your glorious perfection will undo the false concepts of egotism and pride.

Death is an illusionary concept and can only appear real in the illusionary dualistic world of separation.

The old age that is passing away is not just a period of time. It is a personality. At the foundation of this age lies a malevolent mind. In its essence, the age is personal and evil (Gal. 1:4). It is the diabolical mind of Satan, and it blankets humanity like a fog. It is a philosophical stupor that is continually projected into the thinking of men. It is a mental anesthetic by which humanity blithely conforms to the will of Satan. It creates within all people the fear of death. In the matter of Job, Satan revealed the essence of his mental venom: “Skin for skin! Yes, all that a man has he will give for his life” (Job 2:4 NASU). In Hebrews 2:14-15 we are told that the devil holds men in slavery all their lives by the fear of death. This is therefore the fundamental means by which Satan has become the God of this world. Satan is the God and king of every man controlled by fear. And of course fear is also the foundation of greed and man’s quest for power. In the new age there is no need for greed or for power as God is sovereign and his blessings enable supernatural provision for every need (Phil. 4:19).

Death … transition, form, time. survival, fear, loss. change

In the illusionary dream world of separation, an eternal life is impossible because we identify who we are with a temporary form . our body. In an illusionary world of duality the mind created everything as separate. impermanent. decaying. constantly changing. and continuously dying. When we believe we are a physical body. ego identity. or soul personality. death is a constant threat.

The constant threat of death is what makes the separation so frightening and surviving this inevitable outcome so all pervasive. When we believe that we can die. we put our faith in what will inevitably bring us hopelessness and fear … we do not live at all. When death is our enemy, we live out all our days protecting ourselves from the threat of the many forms of loss.

We are constantly protecting ourselves from the threat of death . we exist in a state of survival and fear. When we spend our days surviving the threat of death we are not fully alive. It is impossible to be fully present and fully alive and simultaneously fearful of death … the fear of death is only possible w hen the mind entersjudgment the past, and the future. All fear dissolves when we become fully present, absolutely neutral, and aware of the infinite beauty of the now moment.

To believe in death is to believe in a reality that is impermanent, that has a beginning and an end. that is fleeting, limited. that can be destroyed and threatened. Death is just a made up belief in limitation, impermanence. structure, and form.

Death is just a box the mind chooses to believe, yet has nothing to do with Truth or Reality.

The limited box we call death. is a prison that robs the mind of the choice to live a life of unlimited joy. eternal love, and permanent freedom. Death is an illusionary concept and can only appear real in the illusionary dualistic world of separation.

Death is a made up concept within the separation that tells us that something can end, die, be threatened, or lost … that life is limited to what the five senses can perceive, and if we cannot perceive it with the five senses it is not real or it is gone. In Reality you never die … who you truly are is eternally alive, who you are is Life itself. Even within the illusion your awareness continues after physical death and you live. love. experience. grow. and evolve in the illusionary etheric realm just as you did when you dwelled in the physical realm.

The concept of fear of death keeps the ego alive and at same time keeps Your real Divine Higher Self asleep.

In Christianity, the concept of the immortal soul allows for the survival of individual identity even after death. … contrary, the total loss of individuality that eliminates the fear of death.

Self-expression involves the concept of ego-preservation. In its broadest sense it includes the individual’s endeavor to seek means of gratification, self-preservation, and ways of overcoming fear, including the fear of death. Individual, yet gregarious, man has a continuing need to readapt his person, his society, and his culture to changes in nature, in society, and in self so as to achieve equilibrium sufficient to maintain life. This continuing and necessary readaptation, however, demands a fundamental conformity, a denial of self, a sacrifice through selflessness.

If you understand that love is life’s reality, and that grace is all pervasive, you will also realise that your reality is love, and that freedomexists when you are united with the giver of grace — Divine Will. The development of the ego has manufactured a defensive world, full of anxiety, compulsion, insecurity, projection, and all those neuroses that psychologists enjoy theorising about. As you seek love by practising it, these masks can be released. With them go previous definitions of pleasure. Instead of attachment to this or that, you begin to find love in more and more of the human and natural world. You begin to appreciate creation in all its forms. The practice of love creates the conditions for surrender to Truth; it frees the body’s energy, allows it to become a chalice for omnipresent love, and provides liberation to bliss. The practice of conscious surrender supports that process. It proposes:

⦁ God, not self, is the doer.
⦁ Acts are done for God, not self.
⦁ The results of actions are God’s, not self s.

The life fear and the death fear : The problem of separation is expressed specifically in the concepts of “ life fear ” and “ death fear

Who is creating and feeding all these concepts; fear of loss, fear of death, feeding body-identity, and feeding separation concepts – the answer is the EGO, EGO, EGO, EGO.

The more you are identified with ego, the greater you will fear death.

“There’s only one thing I can think of that’s worse than death: that’s living with the fear of it.”

The human ego is afraid for silence, and one the weapons the ego is using is to create a constant chattering voice or constant sounds of interference. Therefore the goal with yoga and meditation is to shut off the ego-shattering voice

It is true that on the threshold of silence we often experience fear. It is the ego that is afraid. In the panoramic attention that you devote to choiceless awareness, the ego is not allowed to occupy center stage, where it thinks it belongs, and it begins to wonder what it will be like in silence, where it won’t be present at all. This fear resembles the fear of death, because entering into silence is a temporary death for the ego. The great silence would be its permanent death. Naturally it is afraid.

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