The discovery of the philosopher’s stone and the awakening of Kundalini are treated as one. The word “yoga” means “union,” and comes from the Sanskrit “yuj,” which means “to yoke” or “to bind together.”

In Christianity kundalini is referred to as the Holy Spirit. It is the primal life force that animates all living entities, the evolutionary force behind all living matter. In Tantric Yoga kundalini is an aspect of Shakti, the divine female energy.

The objective of Kundalini Yoga is to raise the kundalini energy to the crown chakra, where it unites with Shiva, or the male polarity, and inspires awakening. Intriguingly, the kundalini life force energy, referred to by various names, appears to be a universal phenomenon in esoteric teachings for at least the past three thousand years. Kundalini has been interpreted from the Bible as Christ consciousness, the recognition that we are all children of God, animated by the Holy Spirit or kundalini: “The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” (Job 33:4 KJV) This life force energy is also referenced in alchemical tracts using the symbol of the philosopher’s stone.

Jungian psychology equates Kundalini arousal with the seven stages of transmutation of metals [=activating/transmuting the seven chakras] in the attainment of the coveted Philosopher’s Stone, described in ancient alchemical texts. Halligan showed how the raising of Kundalini to the crown chakra at the top of the head essentially equates with alchemical “conjunctio”, the mystical marriage of opposites in any spiritual journey which makes union with the Divine a subjective reality, where the Self is fully formed. “A conjunctio metaphorically creates the Philosopher’s Stone, the Self, unity with the Divine. Therefore, for many Jungians the experience of Kundalini awakening is the Eastern version of individuation [coming into Self-hood].”

The discovery of the philosopher’s stone and the awakening of Kundalini are treated as one.

Kundalini is also known in the Sufi tradition, according to Irina Tweedie in The Chasm of Fire. She quotes her teacher, a Sufi master, as say-ing: “… kundalini is … As a rule the energy at the base of the spine is more or less dormant. By our system it is awakened gently … When it reaches the heart chakra: it means peace, bliss, states of expanded consciousness.”

When most people in the West think of yoga, they think of hatha yoga, the physical exercises or postures known as asanas. However, these are just one aspect of yoga. Yoga is, at its roots, a system of discipline and practices designed to stimulate kundalini and spiritual transformation of conscious-ness in a healthy way, so that the practitioner would ultimately experience the realization of his or her union with the Divine. The word “yoga” means “union,” and comes from the Sanskrit “yuj,” which means “to yoke” or “to bind together.”

Kundalini is held to be the mechanism, a kind of biological, psychological. spiritual force, which, when activated, speeds up the spiritual transformation of the brain, astral brain, and consciousness, so that the realization of one’s union with the Divine is more rapidly possible. The word “kundalini” means “coiled up” in Sanskrit and in the ancient yogic texts was symbolized by a serpent that sleeps. coiled three and a half times. at the base of the spine.

By following the mental, physical. and spiritual disciplines of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the student prepares herself in body, mind, and spirit to “awaken” the kundalini, resulting in STEs (Spiritial Tranformative Experiences) and more expanded states of consciousness. Most yogic traditions teach that it requires many years of sincere devoted effort in self-development and regular spiritual practice, as well as the grace of the Divine, before a spiritual aspirant may experience the awakening of the spiritual energy/kundalini.

The awakened spiritual energy/kundalini is said to rise up the astral spine, passing through the chakras, the energy centres that exist along the astral spine and brain. When kundalini is fully awakened it reaches the astral brain, enabling the yogi to have a mystical experience, or “samadhi.” Usually, after a IS moments, the spiritual energy/ kundalini descends again to a lower chakra, often the one at the base of the spine.

With persistent spiritual practice and moral development, a yogi may become able to maintain the ongoing upward flow of the spiritual cncrgyl kundalini to the astral brain for increasing lengths of time, thereby attaining more expanded states of consciousness and deeper levels of samadhi. The advanced yogi may ultimately reach the extremely rare sahaja state, nirbikalpa samadhi, ongoing mystical communion, or “nirvana.”

According to the Tantric texts, Kundalini is a mysterious psycho-spiritual force, a conceptual and practical mainstay of Tantra, which originally served as a road map to awaken the Kundalini power. If it is uncoiled and raised to the thousand-petalled lotus at the crown of the head known as the seventh chakra, which represents spiritual unfolding,

it obliterates the sense of individua-tion and floods the body with divine nectar, the Kula-amrita, thus allowing you to have inexplicable beatific state of experience. When Kundalini begins to ascend through the chakras, it brings increasing powers into play, until it reaches the highest point of total awareness and realization. To awaken and uncoil it is to break the ontological plane and attain the sacred center or enlightenment.

In Alchemy they are the male sulfur and the female quicksilver, the power of transformation, the solve et coagula of the Great Work, the synthesis of opposites and the transcendent function of mediation between the upper and lower realms. The outspread wings at the upper portion of the Caduceus represent divinity, which protects and pervades the power of the deity and the power to transcend, freedom, swift victory, and the golden harvest.

Alchemists knew this Yantra Divine Vision would unfold the realization of the micro/macro cosmic relationships and that this powerful psychic effect within the Yantra would lead to the Divine pathway of unlimited resources; it is your great advantage in your internal and external life if this technique is properly used.

Once this Divine inner vision is linked with a higher universal macro vision as one unit, great upheaval of manifestation is possible, much as the way Jesus Christ brought miracles on earth. Furthermore, the prophetic vision will be acquired to foresee future event. This Alchemical Divine Vision Expansion itself is so potent in its psychic effect that you can acquire a tremendous benefit in life.

When this “Divine eye” technique is used in conjoint with the rest of the Alchemical components, it amplifies into a triple potency to generate a Quantum Jump. It reveals the best way of advancing and producing new conditions in the body, new circumstances, environments and associations in your world regardless of what your present life is like.

Alchemical Divine Vision Expansion will bridge the gap between the inner world and the outer world reality. Symbolically speaking, it will bring heaven upon earth.

For the principal pair of opposites is the conscious world and the unconscious world, and when the two come together, it is as if man and woman were coming together, the union of the male and the female, of the light and the darkness. Then a birth will take place. Therefore in alchemy the Lapis philosophorum [the Philosopher’s Stone], which is the reconciling symbol, is often characterised by the union of the male and the female.

In Gnosticism, we call the spinal vertebrae canyons or pyramids. Each canyon is related with certain esoteric powers. There are 33 spinal canyons. When the Kundalini fire has already risen through the 33 canyons, then within the Astral Plane, the Staff of the Patriarchs is delivered to the Gnostic. High Initiation is received when the Staff of the Patriarchs has been received. High Initiation is the fusion of the Spiritual Soul with the Innermost. The Spiritual Soul is the Buddhic or Intuitive body. When the Buddhic Body is fused with the Innermost, then a new Heavenly Man, a new master is born. This new master has to take out his psychic extracts, which are enclosed within his Vital, Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies. This task is really very difficult, and this is performed by means of the fire of the Kundalini.

Kundalini , which is the only power that can trigger the explosion of the Open Mind , is , known as the “ Holy Spirit “

A man ‘ s spiritual consciousness is not awakened until his Kundalini is aroused .

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