The average person may think that kundalini belongs only to those whose spiritual practice elevates them into a ratified atmosphere of consciousness, but this is not so. Kundalini is universal, available to all. Anyone who prays or meditates regularly is likely at some point to feel the power of kundalini. Gateway to higher consciousness. Tavistock Institute. Part 111

When we remain absolutely still we experience the exquisiteness of the breath as transformer of the subtle body as the Kundalini is activated. The wakening of the Kundalini is not simply the arousal of a dormant force within us, as Gopi Krishna explains: The arousal of kundalini, in its true sense, does not simply imply the ac-tivity of a hitherto sleeping force, but actually the start of a new activity by changing the whole system to adapt it to a new pattern of conscious-ness through changing the composition of the bioenergy or subtle life force permeating the whole body.

When Kundalini awakens. She spiritualizes the body and mind as if the divine influence of God has descended on the physical plane. Such influence varies in intensity with different persons and in particular individuals too its flow of intensity fluctuates from time to time.
As a minute spark of fire may burn heaps of straw in no time and the ensuing big conflagration is not different from the original spark, so the divine spark of the awakened Kundalini is the Lord Himself. When the whole heap of straw has been consumed, the fire extinguishes into voidness. Burning of straw is but the manifestation of heat lying involved in it through the involutionary process. All the fire that appeared from combustion was simply lying hidden in the form of straws, as if the fire itself had assumed the form of straws. Ignition once started soon uncoils the whole amount of heat stored up there and sends the whole heap into flames. Similarly when a master throws sparks of divine fire, it ignites and sets the involved Kundalini to flames, which soon takes up the form of a big fire—the Lord on the physical plane. A Yogi calls Him the self of his self, but when all straws have been burnt, like the extinguished fire, the Kundalini power also merges into the Absolute. One has simply to raise one’s self to the ignition point. All other preparations in the form of piety, virtuous deeds, devotion to God, and prayers or other methods of invoking God, improve our combustibility in that respect that the slightest touch
or contact with spiritual persons may light in us the divine fire instantaneously.

When Kundalini lies in dormant condition, spiritual consciousness remains clouded with the physical forces and Atman appears in bondage, but when She is aroused shining with the dawn of spiritual consciousness, she assumes the role of Guru.

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in the sky (activation of the Seventh Sense Power), saying, The Kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms are of lord (Real Man); and he shall reign for ever and ever (Rev. 11:15).

This is the Super-conscious Department of Mind, so potent that no one is able to measure it, with a vibratory rate beyond the rate of vibration capable of being registered by any mechanical instrument so far produced by science, and which psychologists say never forgets, and even contains all the wisdom of past ages.

“There should be Time no longer” means that in the Sevenfold Hind Power man rises above the illusion of Time (Rev. 10:6).

And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice from the temple, from the throne (brain), saying “He is born.” (Rev. 16:17).

This is the birth of the Redeemed Man, with the Sevenfold Mind Power. This is the Resurrection of the World Within, the Kingdom of Heaven within; the Resurrection of the god (Pineal Gland).

At this point, the church fathers also falsified their translation, making it read “It is done” (Rev. 16:17). They changed “He” to “it,” and “born” to “done.” “He is born” becomes “It is done”

Revelation in this Forbidden Field was carefully guarded. What little the Masters wrote about it was always so heavily veiled in symbol and fable that only the most advanced Occultists could decode it.

Neither should we relate the secrets of this Forbidden Field in any but the most general terms. Only a few can comprehend what we say, and fever still can be constrained to believe it.

Science knows not that the Pineal is the organ of the Seventh Sense. It is the organ of memory, of expectation and anticipation. It is the organ that never forgets and even contains all the wisdom of past ages.

Man would know nothing of past or future without the function of the Pineal. Many have poor memory, some have little, others almost none, because the Pineal is dormant, semi-dormant, sluggish.

It seems that the conscious phase of mind depends on the Pituitary and Pineal glands. The weaker their function, the weaker the conscious phase of mind. By increased action of these glands, man’s knowledge of himself, of his environment, and of the universe is increased.

Some increase in the action of these glands may be produced by concentration of thought. Also, brain power to perceive situations is thus improved.

Kundalini is also known, is a catalyst which leads to enlightenment and transcendental consciousness

Kundalini awakening and the subsequent changes in the physical and mental bodies is not a psychosomatic or unnatural event. Instead Kundalini awakening is a very scientific and biological event in the body. Today research done in the mind and consciousness seem to be coming closer to this understanding. They can see that there are marked physical differences in those men and women who have consistently practiced meditation.

After the crown has fully opened, the feminine and masculine energies of the body can move permanently into wholeness. Once this has occurred, the now undifferentiated force can flow back downward, opening the spiritual heart and completing the process of enlightenment. Some choose to postpone achieving full enliqhtenment in „ order to be of service to their fellow humans, to be a catalyst, or assistant for the evolution of humankind.

The fear of death dissolves. A drastic reorganization process occurs in which we no longer focus on the sort of commotion and projections emerging out of trauma and blind emotive reaction, nor identify with the human form as the dominant force and concern in our existence.

The key points for understanding kundalini from a Thomist perspective are the nature of the human soul as a spiritual being in potency which needs to be united to the material universe in the body in order to activate itself, and how the human soul contains and animates these lower levels of material being. What is kundalini? It is a fundamental energy of the soul that activates all the levels of the soul, from lowest to highest, fitting it for enlightenment

If kundalini is such a fundamental, energy why don’t more people experience it?

We have to distinguish between this energy in a general sense which all of us have and which is operative in our development, from kundalini in a dramatic and manifest form which is limited to a few people. This fundamental process moving us toward enlightenment can take place even if we are not consciously aware of it, but kundalini in its manifest form gives us an invaluable picture of what is at stake.

When the Kundalini reaches the Sahasrara, it means the person is on the first step towards what Krishna calls moksha and Buddha calls nirvana or liberation Depending on the person, it may take lives for awakening the Kundalini, and it may take many lives again for the Kundalini to reach the Sahasrar, and again, many lives to attain liberation.

You can remain locked up and limited in the conscious ego’s physical motivation and walls of protection or you can free yourself and go beyond time.

The Kundalini Deep inside the body lies a treasure, Of which humanity is ignorant, Only a few have discovered it, The perfume of which is fragrant. Vast is this treasure, Beyond timeless measure, Available to but only, The saintly and the austere. It hath no directions, no map for it,

To fall into the hands of the unholy and the impure. This treasure in its grace reveals itself, To the holy one who dives deep within himself.

The Kundalini Book of Living and Dying is such a significant work; it explains the nature of kundalini, why it is important, and how any person can bring its benefits into his or her life. In the process of enlightening our-selves, we contribute mightily to the enlightenment of the soul of global humanity.

Our ability to evolve as human beings and as souls, our ability to unite with God, our ability to leave behind forever hate, war, and ter-rorism will be facilitated—even determined—by kundalini.

This energy of enlightenment resides within each and every one of us, often dormant until we make the choice to seek unity with God. In our ensuing spiritual study and practice, we awaken the sleeping power within, and we are profoundly changed—physically, mentally, and spiritually. The hallmarks of kundalini are phenomena such as surges of electricity in the body, detachment from the body, intense heat and fire, buzzing sounds, a feeling of being in the presence of God, and awareness of spiritual presences such as angels.

More important, however, are the benefits that lie beyond the phenomena: creativity, genius, enhanced well-being, longevity, and, most significant of all, enlightenment. Experiences of kundalini have been recorded around the world since ancient times. Kundalini is the divine fire of God and the gods, the samadhi of adepts, the raptures of saints, the healing power that floods through the hands of healers, the inspiration of invention, the intense happiness of a peak experience.

The average person may think that kundalini belongs only to those whose spiritual practice elevates them into a ratified atmosphere of consciousness, but this is not so. Kundalini is universal, available to all. Anyone who prays or meditates regularly is likely at some point to feel the power of kundalini.

By means of this sacrifice, this individual incarnates the Christ, thereby embodying the supreme source of wisdom and compassion. This is the entrance to the Direct Path to complete liberation from the ego, a route that only very few take, due to the fact that one must pay the entirety of one’s karma in one life.

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