The Almighty resides there in Kundalini . It is a pious temple . In this New Yoga , the powers of Kundalini work in enormous speed . We can practically experience its powers working in us . The male and female parts of the individual then become united ; the result is that personal power becomes enormous. Therefore, we must understand that Kundalini energy like Fire or Atomic Energy

Kundalani is the OJA – the Essence of our life energy formed out of the giant earth energy, the water (blood) and the food/ fire energy provided by interaction of Mooladhara, Swadhishtana and Navel Chakra respectively. Most of the writers on Kundalini have treated it as a fiction, without defining it properly and show it as a sleeping monster, capable of dangerous outcome, if aroused prematurely, with very few persons being able to control this giant energy to reach enlightenment; because they used wrong means/man-tras to activiate Kundalini. We must understand that Kundalini energy like Fire or Atomic Energy, if not harnessed properly, can burn or destroy us. And we know that every form of energy is both a friend and a monster capable of harming us.

Kundalini has the power of giving or transmitting Life, in a contradistinction to Prana, or vitality, which has the power of organizing Life, and Fahat, or cosmic electricity,

Tantric yogis believe that it is the nuclear energy of the human psychophysical system . It is comparable to the nuclear energy of the atom.

SECRETS OF POWER To fully appreciate the value of this great gift Yogi Bhajan has brought us, we need to understand why, for thousands of years, the Yogis kept it secret. They preserved and carefully guarded the knowledge of the inner and outer workings of a human being, very cautiously revealing the technology, selectively passing it down verbally from Master to chosen disciple.

They were selective because knowledge gives power, and power can corrupt. Traditionally, disciples had to spend many years proving their trustworthiness and ethical purity to receive the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga.

Only after the student demonstrated humility, self-discipline, and obedience would the Teacher reveal the secret Kriyas. Yet Yogi Bhajan has taken it upon himself to share his knowledge openly with everyone. (See the chapter My Spiritual Teacher for more about this remarkable human being, Master of Kundalini Yoga and White Tantric Yoga.) He has done this in order to prepare humanity for the major changes that the planet is going through. The world we knew even ten years ago has totally changed—geographically, socially, eco-nomically, morally. We have already crossed from the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius;

As he has said, “What used to work, won’t work anymore.” It’s a new Age already, and this ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga can give us the awareness and the strength to make our transition smoother.

THE POWER OF PRANA t Kundalini Yoga deals specifically with the most powerful thing in the universe, the basic life energy, prana. Prana is the sub-atomic -e,, energy, the life force. It was known to yogis for thousands of years, long before the scientists split the atom. It is prana that you receive with every breath. It’s mighty powerful stuff. Kundalini Yoga is the path of discovery of the source of the prana in us and teaches us how to use it.

To the inner eye, the ascent of this ix-w.’or is like that of con-densed lightning rising from the Muladhara Chakraf which, gathering momentum from chakra to chakra, its voltage keeps increasing as it ascends to the pineal gland in the brain. When this point is reached, ecstasy (Samadhi) and four-dimensional or cosmic conscioussness result.

The pineal gland awakens and starts to function as a third eye, and clairvoyance becomes a normal sense. When Kundalini sleeps at the base of the spine one lives in a shadow world of mirages and is dead to the real world. When Kundalini awakens, one is asleep in this world and is awake and lives in the real or astral world in one’s other body, one’s astral body. Then the highest happiness is attained.

There is no royal road to Yoga, which is, in fact, a complete reversal of the natural order of things in the aspirer. Round after around, the aspirer must ascend, fortifying his body and brain with energy and vitality.

Kundalini, when awakened and released, is an Inner Fire which by yogic practices is kindled into flames which burn up the dross of the body, leading to ccrrplete physiological purificaticn and rejuvenation.

The ascent of Kundalini from center to center until it reaches the brain may take years to achieve in sore and months in others, depending on the in-tensity of the individual’s efforts exerted in yoga postures and breathing exercises in an attempt to arouse the Serpent Fire.

A person who has awakened Kundalini sees it as a central fire that raises up through the spinal canal to the brain, which becomes radiant. Fire is seen flashing from center to center with such rapidity that little can be seen of its mcvements. The fire ascends to the pineal gland in the center of the brain, which beccres luminous. An intense heat is felt first at the base of the spine and then up through it as Kundalini ascends.

The Kundalini Force cores from a Cosmic Sun, the central sun of our uni-verse and is a force distinct from Prana, which is derived from ions that cos-mic rays form after they strike the earth’s atmosphere. When buried under-ground for long periods of tine, yogis are able to keep alive for long periods of time without breathing or taking in Prana, depending cn Kundalini alone. Kundalini, through cosmic radiations that are picked up by the nuclei of all cells, is thus the origin of life.

Ordinarily the opening of the spinal canal at the bottom of the spine is sealed, but through yogic exercises may be opened.

Kundalini energy is like atomic energy that it has vast powers, and if not handled with extreme caution, it can cause serious damage to the nervous system when unleashed.

Kundalini awakening was said to happen when our individual kundalini con-sciousness rises up the spine and merges with the infinite, cosmic, eternal kundalini. In Western terminology, this same experience is referred to as mystic communion with the divine—as we come fully alive to our full spiritual potential.

Kundalini is born in fire . As this Sakti is a power of fire , like atom power , it is also called Kundalini-sakti .

Now, what is Kundalini Shakti? By splitting the atom you release its energy. How do you split the atom? Using uranium or plutonium. When you split the atom through the help of a reac-tor, the energy which was bottled up is released.

Just as one may forcibly open a door with a key, so the yogin should break open the door to liberation by means of the kundalini.”

Kundalini is a conscious and intelligent force. It is more than power or cosmic capacity. It is both physical and spiritual energy. The experience itself is physical. The energy itself is spiritual. Mastery of this inner fire is the yoga practice of awakening kundalini.

The power to burn is Shakti of fire and so forth . … 8 These three types of energy are therefore aspects of the one universal life , as it expresses itself through a solar … The physical body is the expression in its component parts or atoms of the third type of energy , and the sum – total of that atomic energy is called Kundalini …

The Kundalini is hidden like a buried treasure which is designed symbolically by circles or wheels or ” chakras ‘ .

Kundalini Yoga is a science through which a person can use his mental , physical , and spiritual energies to tune into the infinity of God .

Kundalini Shakti is also known as “ Serpent Power ” or the atomic energy of the microcosm . It is a great power …The awakening of Kundalini places in the hands of man enormous power — he is endowed with superphysical capacities

But a man who does not know the right use of even his thought – power , what will he do with this limitless power given to him through the arousing of Kundalini.

The aim of the adept is to awaken the kundalini and bring it through these centres up to sahasrara at the crown of the head by Yogic means . … completely transformed and a superior mind is born which is capable of conferring siddhis , or extraordinary powers , on the adept

Supernal Vision and the Brain The possibilities inherent in Kundalini are unlimited . Its implications in respect of every sphere of human life are enormous .

The power of kundalini is enormous , and individuals who have experienced it say it is beyond description .

The Almighty resides there in Kundalini . It is a pious temple . In this New Yoga , the powers of Kundalini work in enormous speed . We can practically experience its powers working in us .

The male and female parts of the individual then become united ; the result is that personal power becomes enormous.

If we allow the vibrations of the right frequency and phase to reverberate in the brain , we can accumulate enormous amount of energy . This energy is Kundalini . It can give super natural strength to our muscles. The activation of Kundalini merely makes use of a potential already present in the body .

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