Tesla always said, “He who controls the photons, controls the universe.” Both Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla were Freemasons. In fact most of the Apollo astronauts were also Freemasons. Freemasons are very well known, well connected, and are a worldwide occult group with lodges all over the world. Tesla worked with the shadow governments in late 1930. Along with being Freemasons Albert & Tesla were also known to have worked for the shadow government involving many of their black projects that took place from the 1900s to the early-1940s. In fact Albert Einstein often had a habit of dropping certain quotes that were believed to be quotes that exposed certain truths he knew but could not openly tell people. Tesla had learned of a project that the shadow government had in the works that would be a project that enlisted agents to time travel for the shadow government (Part 1 of 2)

By 1891, he further invented the wireless transmission of electrical power called the Tesla coil transformer. Tesla always said, “He who controls the photons, controls the universe.”

One of the most controversial aspects about the cover-up relating to black projects is the subject of time travel. One thing I have learned is that everyday people who are not in-to-know on this research are more likely to believe that there are moon colonies then believe that time Navel is possible, and can actually be performed. However these same people have very limited understanding due to the fact that television only does rot the brain. Albert & Tesla’s so-called theories (yes I say so-called) are the points within the science where I will describe certain factors of teleportation, and time travel.

These two great minds believed that in order to time travel you had to build a device based on weather modification principles that was able to rip a hole into one of the time streams. The circuit board if you well moves through the atmosphere of the planet earth, and also through the other planets as well. The idea was to use certain sound waves at certain modulations to be able to pinpoint a stream of light, and these sound waves can even can’ a signal back to the device so you can see if that is the point of time you are looking to enter.

Once this has been located then the device was used to power an energy beam where the energy will come from the magnetic-gravity field of earth, and that energy is then pulled down into a beam, and then the beam is shot back into the atmosphere at the point of the light stream. The beam would then start burning a hole into that stream, and send the light back down towards the place where the beam came from. At this point the hole opens before the persons that are before the beam. This hole is what you would call a supernatural gate that has been formed by forecasting a certain device. To move through it would not be pleasant, and could actually kill you.

Once a person or persons, steps through the gate they will disappear before the eyes of those left behind. However what is also strange is that once they disappear it was believed that an energy signature would be in place at the point where the hole was made. The reason being is because since time is moving around, and around in a circle it also will send back anything that does not belong within its stream pattern. This means that persons cannot be sent back in time, and live there indefinitely. ‘What it means is sooner or later they are sent back rather if it takes minutes, days, months, or years all depends on how much light came through the beam to fill the amount of time they have there.

When persons travel through time, and they managed to survive the painful experience according to these two men they believed that these persons at the moment they travel into time are actually existing in two different places in time at once. A part of them is still connected to the place they came from while the other pail the physical part is in a different point of time. Also when these persons go back in time in technical terms they have already changed something about that point of time. They changed it just by showing up there. However whatever they do will never have a horrible change on the present time stream pattern.

That is because the present time stream is in a different course of light then the timeframe these persons have entered. That is why the past is called alternate dimensions by these men because truly the past has come, and gone, and truly you cannot bring back the past or alter the destiny that God has assigned to this life. The environmental danger that can relate to time travel that can affect ow- present dine is the effects of when a hole, is forced open.

These holes can cause ripple effects that sometimes can effect some small sphere of time but not the present time. Many times the ripple effects can cause earthquakes, and shifting changes in the oceans’ waters that can melt massive ice-caps, and icebergs. When these persons go back in time according to these studies of these two men they believed that these persons would age slower than everyone around them, they would be more durable to violent attacks, and more keen then the others around them. The people around them are actually persons that have once been but are no longer. These persons who go back in time would thereby be harder to kill but they can be killed. If they die in that timeframe they die in the present timeframe.

The kind of information I just gave you is believed to be the kind of information that would have got me killed about 30 years ago in terms of revealing it to the people. However because information has become so available (larger due to those who were previously killed) I now live in an age where it is time the public starts to be informed. Albert Einstein, and Nikola Tesla did have astounding knowledge that was even above maw of their peers at the time. The history of these two men does have some controversial aspects to it that Christians should be made aware of. For instance how did these Iwo men know so h about time travel, and other technological details when it was known that these two men starting out did not believe in God? It was not in till much later on in their late years is when they stalled to see what they called the evidence of God. Before that they were receiving astounding information without reading the Bible. Many people would simply say these two men were just that smart and intelligent. Though it is true they were smart at the same time the knowledge they had regarding these subjects was a type of knowledge that was controversial, and even considered evil to have when them is no moral faith to check it.

For instance take their knowledge about time travel. Since they at the time had no faith in God but yet they learned the principles of time navel a question can be raised…who showed them this Nikola Tesla was born in 1856, and died tinder controversial circumstances in a trans-hotel in Manhattan in 1943. Albert Einstein was born in 1879, and died an old man in 1955. Albert often spoke highly of Testa, and considered him to have been smarter than him; and all of his peers at the time. The controversial aspects involving Tesla & Albert are occult aspects. The Bible has already showed us that rulers, and elites received advanced knowledge, and technology from the host of Satan. The Book of Revelation shows that this practice will be going on in till the day Jesus destroys evil forever. Both Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla were Freemasons. In fact most of the Apollo astronauts were also Freemasons. Freemasons are very well known, well connected, and are a worldwide occult group with lodges all over the world. Most people already know the controversial aspects regarding them. Among Freemasons they do not see themselves as an occult group that worships Satan. Many of them would even say they are Christians while other members are not.

However they explain it the Bible teaches that groups like the Freemasons would be considered an occult group because they do things in secret, and their intensions are not revealed to the public. Nikola was the lint to tap into this knowledge when he was studying sound modulations, and energy pulses. Albert’s theories on time travel were actually based on pervious, studies from Nikola Tesla. Along with being Freemasons Albert & Tesla were also known to have worked for the shadow government involving many of their black projects that took place from the 1900s to the early-1940s. In fact some of them later become public knowledge like the Manhattan Project. Knowing that these two men were in an occult group is important for taste Christians.

That means that all their knowledge cannot rightly be said that it came from them only. It shows that there is a strong reality that they learned this knowledge from beings that had higher intelligence than them; and from higher ranking persons in their group who also had contact with such beings. Those beings would be called wicked spirits in the Bible. In fact Albert Einstein often had a habit of dropping certain quotes that were believed to be quotes that exposed certain truths he knew but could not openly tell people.

For instance Einstein one time said this, ‘The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil. But by those who watch them without doing anything.’ Such kind of persons Albert is talking about can also be seen within the personality, and tactics of Satan. Some people believe that Albert was talking about the wicked rulers, and bankers. Though it is true that powerful, and world controlling forces exist among rulers, and bankers but at the end of the day those rulers, and bankers are also receiving their marching orders. That is who Albert was actually talking about. He was talking about the forces who do nothing but yet are the ones who masterminded the evils in this world. The Bible calls such a force Satan.

Nikola’s theories regarding time travel was developed lust through his studies of developing the principles for mankind to one day achieve teleportation as a means of travel. Many people may be surprised at the fact that Nikola at the time when he was doing this research he was being funded by the U.S. government through various institutions, and his work was taken seriously. In fact it was taken so seriously that the New York Times published Testa’s article on the subject on April 21, 1908. Tesla at the time had created a device called the Electrician’s Lamp. In fact the article was called the Electrician’s Lamp May Contact New Worlds. Testa at this time was studying quantum mathematics, and how they related to the matters found in the universe, and earth’s atmosphere. Many people believe that when Tesla referred to new worlds he was talking about creating alternate worlds. In fact that was not what he meant. Testa at the time was just tapping into the realities of the time light streams when he was discovering that teleportation was a reality. Testa at the time had created a fuel source along with his new invention called the Electrician’s Lamp. This fuel source had a familiar name. It was called ether.

Testa believed that ether was an menu source that had the power to manipulate atoms that were found within the atmosphere. Testa believed that these atoms, and other substances found there existed in a Iona of a spinning motion like a whirlpool of water upon a calm lake wherein the lake would be the heavens universe, and the sky above us. Tesla’s energy source was believed to be able to power his machine to create another spinning effect. The objective of the invention was to pinpoint a certain location within the light streams, and thus send another spinning effect to unravel a hole within it, and then enter it. Interesting enough the improver’ story about Testa was that his interest in the occult started with watching certain persons in the occult demonstrate what he saw to be supernatural power. He would see persons levitate, and even teleportation without the use of technology.

However Testa still knew that there was a power behind this unseen power these black magicians were borrowing from. Tesla wanted to tap into that power not by demonic possession means but by scientific technology based on many principles established by Tesla 3.5 years earlier from the point of the year 1930. During the 1930s is when Tesla realized that time travel could be done based on the developmental sciences invoking teleportation. This discovery did not make Testa excited because he started to see the dangers of teleportation that could lead to mishaps that could involve time traveling. Tesla believed that the shadow government knew these facts already, and wanted Tesla to tap into the knowledge to use it for future projects that could lead to time travel. Testa knew that the government would use such knowledge not for educational purposes but for their own purposes even if it risked thousands of lives, and the earth itself.

During the mid to late-1930s is when Tesla had a falling out with the shadow government over a project they were doing that would lead to a very well known, and denied project called The Philadelphia Experiment. Tesla himself was not directly involved with The Philadelphia Experiment because he refused to take part in it.

In 1943 Testa was living in a trans-hotel, and was completely broke; and was dying. In fact in that year Tesla would die. Before this stage of life happened to him which is believed to have been brought on by the damage Edison did to him Tesla had long since quite working on shadow projects since the mid to late-1930s. Tesla had learned of a project that the shadow government had in the works that would be a project that enlisted agents to time travel for the shadow government. The purpose of these time travel missions was to record past events, and to take certain items back with them.

The project was believed to have been codenamed Montauk. Tesla warned them that the earth could sustain environmental damage, and their agents could risk their insanity by going back in time on a regular bases. Testa believed that such missions should have been every 30 to 50 years for the safety of the environment, and that experienced stable scientists should be the ones going, and not military agents or spies. The shadow government had different ideas regarding it, and Tesla at that point refused to work for them even though he really needed the money at the time as Edison had already ruined him at this point.

Some more thoughts about the shadow government, knight templars and bankers

The Knights Templars were believed to be agents of the Catholic Church who worked for the shadow government of those times. They are believed to have not only invaded the Middle East to raid ancient artifacts, and set up banks but they also visited America many years before anyone heard of a Christopher Columbus, and they also came here before the Vikings. When the Templars took over Jerusalem the first action they engaged in regarding the new government they set up was establishing European banks in Jerusalem.

These banks were controlled, and owned by Khazar Jews from Eastern Europe who worked hand in glove with the Catholic Church. It was even said that the Khazar families were the real money power that funds, and supports the Catholic Church which in technical terms means that the Catholic Church also works for these families’ interest. The ones who control the money actually are the ones who rule the world. The Templars not only set up banks there they also raided gold, silver, gems, and artifacts from die original temple built by Solomon, and later rebuilt by the Hebrew priesthood twice. The Templars also set up lodges in every town in the Middle East they had control over. When the Templars had these banks up, and running that is when the Khazar Jewish banking families were able to connect these banks to the banks in Europe thus creating die model of die system that became worldwide central banking. Today Rothchild controls nearly 165 central banks in the world.

In the late-1700s the Freemasons lodges under orders from the Illuminati found various ways to start wars against the traditional monarch governments in order to overthrow the old order as they called it. To engage these activities meant that certain royals were going to betray other royals to their deaths in order to end their governments.

The royals that came out the survivors became members of the shadow governments of their lands as they oversaw the new government they helped to give birth to in Europe. In America among the colonies this situation in Europe was the same here. America was called New England at the time, and America was the colonial property of the Empire of Great Britain which was under King George at the time of the late-1700s. The Freemasons of the American lodges were the ones who instigated, and influenced war with Britain

The Freemasons got this activity started by raising up community speakers, ministers, and their main weapon was the printing press. The printing press was the media of those times. The main goal of the American Freemasons was to encourage a state of anarchy in a hidden way, and then revolution in the minds, and hearts of the colonial Americans. Through their printing press die Freemasons circulated story after story of British governmental abuses rather if it was true or not. They would lay the stories on thick, and even embellish the story or add things to the story in order to really upset the people against the British governmental authorities. Ministers who were Freemasons began to speak of die abuses of the British government, and prayed for judgment to come upon them. The Freemasons created a feeling of paranoia, and a general state of anxiety towards the British.

(Text source; The Paranormal by Michael Hur)

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