The thousand-petalled Lotus called the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is associated with the seventh energy center, the Shashara Chakra, sometimes called the “Thousand Petalled Lotus,” “Tenth Gate,” “Gate Of Salvation,” “Tisra Til”, or “Crown Chakra

⦁ The Pineal Gland is the bridge between the higher planes of consciousness and the physical plane of expression
⦁ The power and intelligence which operates through it is the bridge between the finite and the infinite
⦁ The pineal gland acts like a bridge between the two substances
⦁ The pineal gland, bridge (the Antaskarana), the pituitary medial lobe, and third eye chakra
⦁ The pineal gland is a bridge between the physical and non-physical

Pineal Gland is designed to trap frequencies like a super-radio-antenna

The Pineal Gland may be associated with higher forms of inuition that have referred to as extra-sensory or multi-sensory perception.

The All Seeing Eye within the pineal gland is the spiritual connector to God’s inner realms.

The highest, located in the brain, called Sahasrara (pineal gland) was symbolized as the thousand-petalled lotus. The pineal gland is a small conical, dark-grey body, located in the brain immediately behind the extremity of the third ventricle, in-a groove between the nates, and above the cavity filled with sabulous matter said to be composed of phosphate and carbonate of lime.

The pineal gland, believed by modern anatomists to be the vestige of an atrophied eye, is termed by them “the unpaired eye.”

According to the Masters, there are twelve spiritual centers in the brain relative to the twelve major pairs of nerve terminals in the cave of the brain, and they surround the pineal gland. These twelve spiritual centers are the twelve houses of the Zodiac in the true spiritual astrology. In every man one is open and dominant, and the cause of this is that the power which flows through them impells man through life.

The twelve centers and the pineal gland, called the Royal Center by Masters.

The twelve disciplis represent the twelve spiritual channels.

In the Ancient Mysteries this symbolism was carried out in the Golden Plate, the Holy of Holies, and the twelve stones represented the twelve spiritual powers.

The Pineal Gland is the first center of power in the body that must be awakened before one can rise to the higher plane.

The theta brain wave is sought after most with meditators and mystics, mainly because, with the right conditions, it’s said to open up the pineal gland – and the theta brain wave state is also the collective subconscious mind that holds all of the experience and human programming in the grid of the Matrix. Theta brain-wave state that connects him with a higher god-source power and bring enormous transformation, conscious access to it. Your greater capacity exists in such subtle energy of self that you can only know it in this relaxed theta state. A great benefit of thinking in theta connected to Source is that you disconnect from the limiting and fearful thoughts.

When the seventh center is quickened, the man is able by passing through it to leave his body in full consciousness, and also to return to it without the usual break, so that his consciousness will be continuous through night and day. One can relate this to the Book of Revelation 21:23; “the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it”. When one is able to leave the body with full consciousness one has actually overcome the lowest frequency of sleep/death.

Superconsciousness has its bodily center in the frontal lobe of the brain.

Several Indian masters have claimed that the frontal cortex in most humans is in a sleeping state and needs more energy to awaken. There are also indications from recent research into meditation and higher states of consciousness that under the right circumstances the frontal cortex can function at a much higher energy level, generating very fast brainwave frequencies called gamma waves.

The ‘prefrontal cortex’ when energized is associated with intuition and insight, elevated emotional states

An area called the prefrontal cortex, part of the frontal lobe, is the primary centre for consciousness; the site of the self and many higher intellectual functions.

The prefrontal cortex provides higher order cognition and regulates and integrates much of the rest of the cortex.

The frontal lobe of the brain provides our advanced insights and our sense of inspiration. Together, the lobes make up a complex superhighway of information processing.

The superconscious receives these answers through its receiver and passes it on to the subconscious and the conscious mind and then uses this creative powerfor imagination and creativity.

In the Garden of Eden stage, man functioned only in the superconscious.

the attainment of Samadhi, the state of superconsciousness where the individual. soul merges into the Universal Soul.

the soul and that connects the Superconscious with the conscious.

At the superconscious level, the intuition gives access to vistas usually unimaginable by our ordinary personality. Thus we can have a direct intuitive realizaton of a psychological quality, a universal law, of the interconnected-ness of everything

The soul is our access point to the genuine experience of universal life; it filters and absorbs those aspects of divine intelligence, love, and will

We can use the intuition we are born with. Intuition can be activated by vibrating energy to certain strands of DNA, which lie dormant within us. The eight dormant strands are located within the cellular DNA of the pineal gland and can be accessed through thought. We were born to communicate intuitively, but technology such as computers, mobile phones, and thoughts of the collective groups of people, may interfere with our ability to do so. Negative thoughts block the receptors in our cells and prevent us from receiving love and manifesting that which we desire. By being positive and accountable with your thoughts and actions, then you can activate the potential within your dormant DNA strands and receive wise messages that can come through the endocrine system, glands and body.

By accessing the Universal Library, we can communicate with many cultures in places where knowledge is kept sacred.

This third eye chakra is associated with the pineal gland which resembles a tiny pine cone located near the center of the brain, between the two cerebral hemispheres. The cells of the pineal gland have a strong resemblance to the photoreceptor cells of the eye. Some evolutionary biologists believe that the vertebrate pineal cells possess a common evolutionary pathway with retinal cells, hence the “third eye.”

“Close both eyes to see with the other eye” —Rumi

Many cultures conceptualize the third eye as a mystical inner eye that can access intuition, clarity and insight. It is said to expand our awareness and inspire high ideals; connecting us to a higher consciousness, leading to a transformation of the soul. It symbol-izes a state of enlightenment. It is not determined if these states are related to dimethyltryptamine, a hallucinogenic substance, thought to be secreted by the pineal gland.

Those that learn to exist with Superconscious awareness in Superconscious Mind live in a free, infinite, and Universally expansive Higher consciousness of illumination.

The Superconsciousness Mind has a kind of complete separation or difference in vibration than the Conscious and Subconscious Mind. This is indicated on the Mind chart by the horizontal line between Subconscious and Superconscious

You have a higher mind. Everyone does. It is located in the upper prefrontal cortex of the brain.

Spiritual Vibrations are sent out and received through a certain physical organ located in the upper part of the brain behind the Pituitary Body and called the Pineal Gland. The continual, conscious rising within our own selves of our highest emotional vibrations, stimulates more and more the Pineal Gland, that organ of our Super-consciousness, which is also the most sensitive organ in our body. The Pineal Gland then begins to function with increasing power, and in that way acts as a physical channel through which are contacted Spiritual Vibrations, the highest we know of in our present state of consciousness.

Your instrument for doing this is the ever available Power of Universal Life Energy Itself. The more you direct that Force to the promotion of a fuller contact with your own Superconsciousness the better you will develop your inner channels for bringing it within your conscious reach. Your Pineal Gland, the organ of Superconsciousness in your brain, will develop and function with growing ease, strength and efficiency as constant use and the invigorating current of Life Force give it the exercise it needs. As it has been explained before, that Gland is the physical door through which all the Infinite Knowledge and Power in your Superconsciousness.

Pineal gland activation raises our consciousness to the higher self and allows visualized utilization of universal life force energies.

Directly in line with this center, in the middle of the brain, lies the pineal gland, which releases chemicals that may control higher consciousness.

According to Eastern Indian tradition, the body has seven major chakras or energy centers that are conduits for subtle energies. The word chakra actually comes from a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Chakras are the openings or pathways by which spiritual or subtle energy is taken into the body and translated into a form of energy that the body can use, literally use, at the cellular level. Just as the pineal gland is the energy transducer for our bodily experience, the chakras are the energy transducers for subtle energies. They convert the subtle energies to a resonance that the body can use, which means that the subtle energy band is transduced into hormones and neurotransmitters.

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