Secret teaching about Yoga & Kundalini. Kundalini yoga is designed to work on the subtle body to bring about profound energetic effects aimed at elevating your consciousness and promoting feelings of connection, peace, and oneness. Kundalini yoga is about connecting with yourself on a deeper level; what you call that connection (divinity, God, cosmic consciousness, Kundalini energy dwells in a potential state at the base of the spine, ready and waiting to be released. Once activated, the vibration of kundalini initiates a process of spiritual development that leads to the realization of your true nature and mergence with universal consciousness.

Kundalini yoga is designed to work on the subtle body to bring about profound energetic effects aimed at elevating your consciousness and promoting feelings of connection, peace, and oneness.

Kundalini yoga is about connecting with yourself on a deeper level; what you call that connection (divinity, God, cosmic consciousness, Buddha, nature) is up to you. Remember, you are there to have an experience of your highest Self in your body, that’s all.

 It’s definitely one of the most palpably spiritual class environments among yoga styles, but you don’t have to believe in anything in particular.

However, all the exercises, techniques, and terms can be a bit overwhelming. Try not to get caught up in the language or science of things. The teacher is there to guide you. Nothing is expected of you, except that you come with an open mind and try your best.

Kundalini Energy: The Sleeping Serpent The exact science of Kundalini yoga (referring to specific meditation techniques that generate specific effects or outcomes) was developed as a direct and efficient means to access and integrate kundalini-shalui, the pri-mordial power of the universe embodied in every individual. Like prang, this power is a basic bioenergy; however, kundelini is a much more powerful and potent force that remains dormant in most people, while prone is active, is more accessible, and can be sensed more readily in the body. Not to be underestimated, pram maintains the functions of the body and mind, keeping your entire system in working order.

Without Prana there would be no life. On the other hand, kubdalini-shakri is the cosmic energy of consciousness that propels psychospiritual growth and healing in all human beings. It’s a wellspring of creative energy, the boundless energy of your soul representing your immense capacity and power to thrive.

Kundalini energy dwells in a potential state at the base of the spine, ready and waiting to be released. Once activated, the vibration of kundalini initiates a process of spiritual development that leads to the realization of your true nature and mergence with universal consciousness.

The cosmic energy increases spiritual capacity when awakened in an individual. As psychic energy, kundalini moves through the subtle body, breaking apart stuck patterns in your cellular makeup and psyche — deconstructing your personal identity, which has sustained the experience of separation.

The energy is drawn up along the spine to activate the higher centers of the brain, opening you to deeper levels of sensitivity and receptivity and broadening your perspective beyond the normal capacities of the conditioned mind.

Your entire consciousness expands, so much so that you begin to sense that everything and everyone is part of you. Accessing your brain’s higher centers increases your mind’s capacity to first imagine and then experience your infinite Self beyond limited notions of reality. The heightened state is usually temporary (you inevitably return to your normal orientation); however, the shift in perspective is not completely lost, and with more sensitivity and awareness than before, you begin to live your life from an elevated place.

The practice of Kundalini yoga is geared toward opening the chakras and purifying the energy channels, so that once its path is free, kundalini-shakti can gently and naturally be set in motion up the spine without force. As kundalini ascends the shushmana, it works to further release various contractions in the subtle body, activating, balancing, and connecting all seven chakras in turn along the way. The upward movement of kundalini through the chakras is typically gradual; it can even take years of genuine spiritual practice for kundalini to rise (though there are accounts of it spontaneously rising). Once the cosmic energy reaches the crown chakra, activating the dormant potential of the brain, complete spiritual unfoldment is said to occur. Here, the animated human life force binds with universal, or cosmic, consciousness in the merging of individual self and God.

When kundalini-shakti rises to the crown chakra, the energy activates the pituitary and pineal glands, causing them to secrete certain chemicals in the brain — altering your state of consciousness. (Yogi Bhajan initially introduced the practice of Kundalini yoga to a generation of youth experimenting with psychedelics to achieve the same effect.)

While the functions of the pineal gland remained a mystery to West-ern science until the twentieth century, mystical and yogic traditions have understood its important role in spiritual awakening for centuries. Related to divine thought, the pineal gland, located near the center of the brain, is considered the highest and most powerful source of ethereal energy available to humans. The pea-sized gland is known as the “seat of conscious-ness” and is linked to psychic development and intuition.

The pituitary gland, on the other hand, is known as “the seat of the mind,” representing the individual self, its two lobes (anterior and posterior) associated with regulating emotional thoughts and comprehending intellectual concepts. When both glands are stimulated, as they are in the practice of Kundalini yoga, their vibrations unite to activate the third-eye center, opening the doorway to higher consciousness.

The secret formula o hidden knowledge is: when the pituitary and pineal glands vibrate in unison then the “Third Eye” will begin to open. Everything in the Western world is designed to prevent anyone to achieve opening the Third Eye because the Ajna Chakra is the gateway to the brain.

Another reason why the Third Eye can´t open is because of FEAR. Our society pulsating fear vibrations or lower frequencies of FEAR. How does it WORK? FEAR and NEGATIVIY keeps mankind trapped and tuned into a lower magnetic field which is controlled and govern by the EGO. The EGO also needs negative karma to survive and using people´s past to prevent to reach higher than the three physical chakras.  

Watching and reading daily news preventing people from grow spiritually because of all negativity/fear news.

When we learn how to change or vibrate our DNA to be more intuitive or psychic, then we can activate with vibration many unused strands in our DNA. By looking within your body intuitively, similar to x-ray vision, you can access where energy may be blocked. Healing can be achieved through thought. You can use the intuition as your birthright—some of us have just forgotten how to do so. Intuition can be activated by way of certain strands of DNA that lie dormant within you. Those strands, located within the cells of the pineal gland, can be accessed through thought. You were born to communicate intuitively, but technology—computers, mobile phones, and so forth—has limited your ability to do so. What is more, negative thoughts block the receptors in your cells and prevent you from receiving love and manifesting that which you desire. The eight strands in the cellular DNA of the pineal gland may not vibrate as they should.

By accessing the Universal Library (Akasha Records)y, you can communicate with many cultures at places where, and during periods when, knowledge was considered (and kept) sacred. Ancient healers from Peru (and in many other cultures) witnessed the vibration of the extra strands that I speak of. It’s time now to awaken—to activate those frequencies of vibration in your own body that will help you understand why some aspects of your life produce grief. You will be shown how to activate those dormant strands in your DNA and in so doing raise your vibrations higher every day.

The most important thing to grasp is that the pineal gland contains piezoelectric crystals which act as a conductor much like cell phones and GPS systems. This means that “the seat of the soul” is able to not only transmit information, but receive it as well.

The most important thing to grasp is that the pineal gland contains piezoelectric crystals which act as a conductor much like cell phones and GPS systems. This means that “the seat of the soul” is able to not only transmit information, but receive it as well. Perhaps ability to perceive more subtle planes of existence, and therefore, the source of their knowledge.


Since Guenon published his metaphysical works touching on this subject, a vast amount of new material has been released in the West giving information about kundalini shakti in the context of the human body. But for most of us the concept of terrestrial kundalini is still an unfamiliar one, never directly addressed. In examining this once-secret department of Indian metaphysics, however, we should remember that kundalini shakti has always had relevance to many areas of knowledge oilier than the personal yogic.

The kundalini science has been at the core of all the Hindu philosophies and these have been as much concerned with the study of the earth and its forces as with religion, for it is a science that strives to comprehend the cosmos in its entirety. Acknowledging this fact, some quantum physicists and biologists are already seeking inspiration in the subtle byways of Tantra and it well may be that one day geophysicists interested in the constitution of the planet will do the same. In the meantime, a brief recapitulation of general tantric doctrine and Its central principles may be helpful to an understanding of Guenon’s more specialized and esoteric thesis regarding terrestrial kundalini, for it is doubtful whether we can understand his concept of the World Axis without it.

As is now widely known, kundalini yoga is based on the premise that in human beings a spiritual body of finer matter interpenetrates the physical and extends beyond it.

“According to the highest tantra,” Lama Thubten Yeshe explains, “our body and mind exist not only on the gross level we are normally familiar with but also on subtle levels about which most of us are completely unaware….Within the boundaries or atmosphere of this physical body is another far more subtle body; the so-called vajra body, ‘vajra’ having the connotation of indestructible.”

Within this conscious vajra body of light there circulates a primal nonphysical vibration called kundalini that actually underlies all the coarser vibrations of the physical system and is so intimately connected with the nervous system that it is often incorrectly identified with it. Indian cosmology calls the primal formative energy of the universe in its static state Maha-kundali, “the great coiled power,” of which, strictly speaking, kundalini is the diminutive form applied to the same energy when found in individual bodies. This unmanifested primal energy is an all-pervasive, all-nurturing, all-organizing life-principle filling all space and matter and forever inaccessible to us except through its manifested forms, be they gross or subtle. It is found in a highly concentrated form in the chakras of the human spinal system, which distributes the energy throughout the body.

When amplified by spiritual techniques, kundalini intensifies the activity of the chakras, thus expanding consciousness, opening up the intuition to the subtle energy body that underlies the physical, increasing intelligence and the capacity for love, and maintaining the physical body in a highly augmented state of health and vitality.

The subtle chakric system on which kundalini depends for its permeation and maintenance of the body gave birth to the symbol of the Egyptian caduceus or Hermetic staff of the medical profession.

“The two serpents in a double helix around a central rod are known in yogic terms as Ida—related to the Moon, the female or negative polarity, magnetic in nature and Pingala, related to the Sun, the male or positive polarity, electrical in nature,” says a widely read researcher on the subject, Mark Bal-four, in The Sign of the Serpent. “They represent two of the major Nadis or conduits through which polarised Bioenergy (life-force, kundalini or serpent force) is normally conducted throughout the biophysical system.”

The central rod is known as the sushumna, within which is the hair-thin central duct, the Brahma Nadi, which carries the awakened kundalini to the crown of the head, a stage of evolution that represents the effective conquest of the higher states of being.

“We have proved conclusively that the human is more than a body and a limited intellect. He possesses non-physical properties and energies that are still largely unknown and uncharted by traditional science. Man has three bodies, the physical, the astral and the causal, which overlie and interpenetrate each other. Each level of the human’s three beings is sustained by the energy of that dimension. More refined matter is to be found in the higher dimensions….The forces we are dealing with are so far removed from what we regard as the material world that they will completely revolutionize physics and philosophy and bring about a profound change in humanity’s perception of reality.”

Rene Guenon was fully aware of these forces and of Vedanta’s tantric teachings on the role of kundalini in the higher evolution of human beings. But in extending his understanding to cover a far wider field of enquiry—the spiritual nature and evolution of the planet itself—he was well before his time.

Thus Spangler, the Findhorn philosopher of the seventies, says that the earth is surrounded by its etheric field or vital body, which can receive energies flowing through the cosmos or from higher dimensions of vibration and transform these energies into qualities capable of nourishing and vitalizing the denser matter of the physical level.

The etheric field, then, is the source of the basic, primal creative energy from which the physical forms are built and from which they are sustained in being.

He is in fact describing what a Buddhist sage would call more generally the earth’s vajra body or light body. Spangler believes that psychospiritual energy is not confined to the human body, but that the individual body is analogous to the etheric field around the earth.

The latter also possesses cosmic energy centers as does the human body. “This field,” he says, “is criss-crossed with lines of power flow, just as a country may be criss-crossed by high-tension electric lines. Seen clairvoyantly, from one level, this network of lines gives the impression of being a web, hence the phrase, ‘the etheric web of power’ …Cosmic Power Points receive energy from universal sources and transform them to planetary requirements.”

And because of the correspondence between human and planetary etheric fields, ancient adepts and initiates who had knowledge concerning them were able to use the cosmic power points to establish their own centers of spiritual radiance. So much is now becoming more widely accepted. Yet the revelation that the earth is limned by lines and loci of subtle power flow is surely but the beginning of its hidden story.

The many allusions found in occult literature to the magnetic currents and chakric power points in the earth have said nothing about a unifying arterial system of which they are a part; nor have they related such a system to the mysterious Axis Mundi so often cited without further qualification.

And so if we are to grasp the meaning of the latter and its relation to Shambhala, we must return again and again to Rene Guenon and to the traditional sources, some of great antiquity, on which he has drawn. For Guenon is not so much an innovator as an expositor and interpreter of a system of thought so old, so abstract and so well guarded that few have known of its existence. As a consequence, there is possibly no ancient doctrine so little understood today.


In the entire realm of yoga, nothing is more misunderstood, sought after, maligned, reviled, worshiped, feared, and misrepresented than kundalini, the primordial energy that enlivens us and is, as Gopi Krishna calls it, “the seat of all genius.” The human energy system is the circuitry through which life energy flows within us. This energy is called by many names, including chi, ki, bio-energy, and the force.

The terminology varies depending upon culture, tradition, the lineage of teachers, and language, but the energetic force remains the same. I choose to refer to the life energy as kundalini, because the yogic articulation of this force seems more accurate and complete than any other I have ever found. The word kundalini invokes curiosity, fear, and suspicion. It is misunderstood largely because sensational literature has portrayed the most lurid, outlandish aspects of this force while minimizing the benign fundamentals.

Kundalini is the primary life force within us, the primary evolutionary force, a sliver of the Absolute dwelling within the human body. Kundalini is sometimes referred to as the serpent power, portrayed as a snake coiled at the base of the spine. In fact, kundalini is a force within the human brain that activates the chakras; it is typically first felt at the base of the spine, in the first chakra. The Siva Samhita describes this when Siva says, “From the base or root of the palate, the sushumna extends downwards, till it reaches the Muladhara (first chakra) and the perineum . . .” (verse 121), and then in verse 124, “In that hole of the sushumna there dwells as its inner force the kundalini.” Kundalini is not a mystical snake; it is the primary psychobiological force.

Kundalini is the energy that enlivens, vivifies, and motivates the body and mind. Kundalini is always active. It fuels the entire human energy system, causing life energy to circulate within us on a continual basis. For most people, the extent of kundalini activity is minimal, though it is always operating within us to some extent.

If you could compare kundalini to running water, most people have a small garden sprinkler running at low flow within them, while the full force of kundalini is equal to the immense power of Niagara Falls. The full potential of kundalini is massive, inconceivable. The practice of yoga strengthens the channels of the human energy system and prepares the body for enhanced kundalini flow. Meditation activates greater kundalini activity, increasing the intensity of this force. As the body and energy channels are better prepared through yoga practice, a person can withstand more kundalini activity. As the mind becomes more focused and concentrated in its attention, more energy gets moving. This in a nutshell is how it works. The arousal of kundalini energy can happen in many ways. It can occur slowly, almost imperceptibly over time, producing a steady but gradual increase in energy and mental alertness.

Or it can occur in stages during which you may experience phenomena such as sensations of warm energetic currents rising up the spine. These sensations are relatively common among people who practice yoga and meditation. But kundalini can also arise suddenly and without warning, and its intensity may be incapacitating.

Kundalini energy can burst up the spine like a bolt of lightning with intense heat, blasting open the chakras like dynamite exploding mud out the mouth of a cave. Experiences of this kind can be scary and disorienting, and are responsible for the lurid and ominous tales told of kundalini.

If you practice yoga and meditate with concentration, you will be reasonably well prepared to accept an increase of kundalini flow within you. I say reasonably well prepared because you cannot be fully ready to receive something as monumental as the power of kundalini. It can surprise and overwhelm the strongest and best-trained people.

The only thing you can do when kundalini moves powerfully through you is surrender to the experience. Do not fight it.

Kundalini is stronger than anything you have ever encountered.

The arousal of kundalini is a process that has plenty of latitude to it. In other words, you can set a course to more fully awaken the kundalini energy, but you cannot manage every aspect of how and when that will occur. As the primary psychobiological force, kundalini is something that almost everyone has experienced, usually during moments of sudden inspiration or within orgasm.

The experience of falling into space, of losing control and feeling a wave of ecstasy upon orgasm, is a sexual kundalini experience. At moments of profound reverie, when the world seems particularly magnificent and rich, kundalini is at play. With training you can increase your capacity for kundalini flow and stimulate more of that force within you.

The chakras and the primary energy pathways will become increasingly activated and vital, opening up a little more each day as increased kundalini energy circulates through you. The urge to practice yoga or to meditate comes from kundalini. It is this force that impels us forward, encouraging us to become involved in pursuits that purify the body and enhance the mind. Many changes occur as the flow of kundalini increases. You feel stronger and more alert, and your sensory acuity is enhanced.

The senses are chakra related, and everything is enhanced when kundalini is stronger within the body. Food becomes more flavorful, subtle aromas are easier to smell, colors appear more vivid, touch becomes more sensitive, music has more acoustic dimension, and so on.

The world becomes a more vital, sensual place. With greater kundalini flow your basic energy level also increases. Some people initially require more rest than usual when they first undertake a yoga practice because they are experiencing major physical and energetic changes. Eventually, less rest will be required daily. You will find yourself more active and stimulated, sleeping less and maintaining a more constant level of energy throughout the day. You will find that you can apply yourself to challenging mental tasks for long periods of time with less fatigue. In addition, you might find that you can simply will yourself to be more energetic when it is really needed.

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