The Fire of kundalini, (the inner fire of matter), is aroused as a final step in man’s spiritual development. There is much misapprehension about the raising of kundalini, but let us assure you, it is most difficult to raise.

Only when it progresses geometrically up all three spinal tracts, ida, pingala, and sushumna, with simultaneous action and uniform vibration, is true kundalini fire aroused, and it can only be done by the Higher Self. Then, when all three fires merge and blend in man’s highest chakras, will he emerge as a perfected Being, and the powers latent within him will be full expressed. In this way, man is slowly changed by solar fire through the long process of earthly evolution and persistent rebirth.

But man can be changed rapidly by the Divine Alchemy of meditation, a process whereby Solar Fire is consciously brought to bear on the personality and on the mental, emotional, and physical bodies of which it is composed. Man is prepared for entry into the Fifth Kingdom and moves from mortality to immortality, from transience to permanence.

Seventh, absorption into Kundalini of sense-consciousness in the manas centre. Eighth, absorption into Kundalini of intellect in the indu centre. The absorption of sense-mind, intellect, and sense-consciousness into Kundalini occurs in the ajfia, manas and indu centres. This is the last phase of absorption at the senso-mental level.

Thereafter Kundalini passes into the thousand-petalled centre and consciousness becomes Mahan—superconsciousness in which superconscious concentration arises and the whole consciousness is lighted by the luminous Kundalini. There is nothing but kundalini. This is the stage of samprajiiata samadhi.

At this stage absorptive-concentration is transformed into superconscious concentration. It is the fourth stage of concentration. At the highest stage of superconscious concentration, superconsciousness is absorbed into Kundalini. Then Kundalini unites with Parama Shiwa—Supreme Consciousness and becomes one and the same with that. This is the state of asamprajfiata samadhi. In layayoga, it is called Mahalaya—supreme absorptive concentration.

What is the nature of the beingness of Shiwa (Christ)? It is beyond the senses and intelligence; it is even beyond superlmowledge arising from super-concentration. When the functions of the senses, sense-mind and intelligence completely stop owing to the operation of supercontrol, super-conscious knowledge arises from the calm and one-pointed consciousness. Even this knowledge appears to be too gross in relation to supreme knowledge of Shiwa; so it does not reach Shiwa.

The supermind (mahan manas) which is super-purified and illuminated by super-light of samadhi, appears to be much coarser than Supreme Consciousness. When superconsciousness is dissolved by the control developed to its highest point, then a state of mental negativity arises. This non-mental state is neither darkness nor nothingness. It is the state of Supreme Consciousness—the disembodied Consciousness at its highest level. Knowledge of the world cannot penetrate into concentrated superconsciousness, because this knowledge is associated with the oscillatory form of consciousness.

Also the most rarefied concentration-knowledge (samadhi preifia) is below the non-mental supreme knowledge which exists only in the form of Shiwa. The highest stage of one-pointedness of consciousness is samadhi—super-concentration. In this state, prana (power principle), functioning in relation to mind, becomes concentrated and, as a result, mind is transformed into supermind.

Science recognizes “survival of the fittest” and “natural selection” as the operative mechanisms behind evolution. But is there not another mechanism working at a higher level, one called the evolutionary impulse? Not perceptible by everyone at this time, this mechanism drives certain beings toward super-consciousness, allowing them to recognize and access energy fields beyond the confines of the circumscribed physical universe, beyond the five senses.

Those who do experience it say this super-consciousness manifests itself as vibrational energy. If so, could it become perceivable at some future time by all humans as a result of a rapid surge in the quality of human evolution? A revised layer at the top of Maslow’s pyramid dedicated to higher consciousness? In other words, could all human beings eventually become conscious of consciousness at each and every moment of their lives?

We live in a sea of energy. Energy vibrates. Everything in the manifest cre-ation is vibrating. Even seemingly solid, inanimate objects are constantly vibrating. They are simply vibrating at a slower or lower frequency than animate objects. Some vibrations are audible, they are sounds we can hear with our ears. Thoughts are silent sounds, electromagnetic vibrations.

The higher the frequency, the less dense and more etheric the quality of the vibrations we hear and speak, the more our own vibrational frequency is raised. Raising our own vibration brings us closer to experiencing and merging with the highest vibra-tion of all, GOD, the original cause of the creativity of the universe.

“Kundalini is the basic bioenergy of being, the highest fre-quency of prana. Most people access only enough of this to be barely alive. Kundalini yoga is a systematic and graceful way of building up this energy, a slow catharsis.

The entire universe is made up of energy vibrating at various fre-quencies. Your thoughts, feelings, words, state of being — everything is a vibration of energy. Denser materials vibrate at lower frequencies, and higher frequencies resonate with spiritual connection and your true essence.

The light body is what the Egyptians call “Ka.” It is the highest subtle body on the astral plane, and is the farthest from the dense physical body. “Ka” refers to reaching a very high level of super consciousness where the dense physical body is no longer needed.


These 7 primary chakras represent the basic structure of the Cosmos starting from the state of highest density, touchable and material to the state of subtlety, untouchable and immaterial. They also represent a path of human evolution, which goes from the organic darkness and unconsciousness to a cosmic consciousness, which radiates. Each one of these primary chakras has its own level of vibration determined by the current state of the Kundalini energy.

These seven chakras play the leading roles in the process of Kundalini rising and with the primary energy channel known as Sushumna nadi and the two secondary energy channels Ida nadi and Pingala nadi, they make the powerful energy stream that Kundalini energy runs through. These centers have touch points in human’s physical body along the spinal cord. It is well known that in this spinal cord, there is a cerebrospinal fluid and when Kundalini energy awakes in the lowest chakra helped by the pranayama, this fluid starts agitating.

On its way up the spinal cord during the rising process, the Kundalini takes this cerebrospinal fluid along, straight to the brain, changing the states of consciousness in the same time. That’s why before the great awakening happens; Kundalini Yoga strongly suggests fully prepared person’s inner self if one is to take the heat of the Kundalini rising, which induces a mighty wave of many psychic effects.

Thus, the Kundalini will be canalized directly to its last destination with no side effects only if one’s spirit is ready, purified and focused in the right direction. It is well known that at first one is better not to experiment with this powerful force on his/her own, except if forced to, as for example when the Kundalini awakes unintentionally and without one’s will. In that case, an immediate search for a guru or at least an advanced and experienced student in this subject is recommended. It would be very foolish for anyone inexperienced to start playing with this dangerous force.

Anyway, the Kundalini Yoga is primarily for the strongest that are determined to find the purpose of their own existence. If the nature loves you, it will provide you the way to reach what you are after. When your Karma is ready, the nature will start the process of awakening of the Kundalini force on its own. There is nothing mystical about this; it is just a simple fact of how the nature works. When the Kundalini has been awaken and is in full power, you become a fire of a living knowledge, a user of incredible mental powers and driver of your own destiny.

The energy system is certainly not prepared to take the heat of the rising and the Kundalini can easily strike some chakra with all its strength, the result of which can sometimes be very dangerous.

When one invokes the highest frequency vibrations into one’s system, they enter through the top of the head. This descent of cosmic energy sets up a new order of vibration through-out the entire being. A chain reaction of accelerating frequencies is set up.

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