Raising the Earth to the Next Vibration. The WAY OF THE HEART is a path of awakening which is defined as the path of the middle, the path of truth. THE ULTIMATE REVELATION! The keys are in the secrets we call Philosopher Stones.Heart is the seat of Consciousness. We have the power within us to awaken and reshape our minds through our hearts and stir the same within our fellow human beings.

The Ascension of the Heart is an alchemical transformation that unites our conjoined surface self and Deep Self with the Divine, creating the Philosophers’ Stone. In its complete and perfect manifestation, it is the simultaneous redemption of the alchemist, the Earth, and the Universe.

Unconditional love is a power that cannot be misused because it does not know enemy, fear or doubt. It does not want to create conflict, not taking advantage at the cost of others. It gives without expectation although it is the most supreme power in the world. It is able to move mountains, make impossible things possible and do so called miracles.

Our is therefore the will of God and will undoubtedly be fulfilled. This is the magic of love, the biggest secret among all secrets and therefore the real key stone of the pyramid. The philosopher’s stone for which all adepts and searchers of this world have ever looked for.

The Magic of the Heart

Unconditional love is the most supreme healing power because it is sacred power coming from the heart. This means that it is beyond separation which is the reason for any suffering and every disease. Disease arises if we separate each other from our divine core/from our soul thus forming blockages in our subtle fine energy system. This means that the energy of life, the basis for the proper functioning of all organs in the human body cannot flow unhindered. When we are in the unconditional love, energy blockings and thus all our complaints and diseases will dissolve. Any suffering vanishes bit by bit and we are radiant of energy and joy of life.

Unconditional love is able to lift the frequency of our vibrations to the highest possible level which means that we only attract what is in harmony with this high-vibration frequency. Any bad luck, disease and suffering will not encounter us any more because these conditions are on a much lower frequency. Unconditional love is able to overcome any low vibration. In its presence, even darkness is without chance: Like in a dark room in which the light is switched on, unconditional love takes over.

It is the highest power in universe and there is nothing beyond. it can change everything, heal everything and create everything.

Our is therefore the will of God and will undoubtedly be fulfilled. This is the magic of love, the biggest secret among all secrets and therefore the real key stone of the pyramid. The philosopher’s stone for which all adepts and searchers of this world have ever looked for.

Mind, Matter and Love

The WAY OF THE HEART is a path of awakening which is defined as the path of the middle, the path of truth. The golden mean was already defined as truth by the ancient wise men from the Far East, especially since Confucius, who revealed it as being the truth. In his sustainably impressing philosophy Confucius tried to see opposites in their conditionality thus uniting them from a supreme point of view. Even long before, Hermes Trismegistus determined in his spiritual laws, especially in the law of polarity the centre as being the point where we are able to recognize truth.

Thus, we read in the Kybalion: “… like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” Walking the WAY OF THE HEART we are taking up the thread and make an important step forward. We are showing that the path of the middle which has already been recognized as the path of truth, is also a WAY OF THE HEART. This step is meaningful because with its help and by means of our (subtly fine) heart and its qualities and abilities we can find a way to truth, a path to God because god is truth. This means that the WAY OF THE HEART is a path to awakening, which via the centre, our heart, is leading to the truth.

The WAY OF THE HEART is built on the spiritual laws and amends them by the law of neutralisation and the law of love.

Regarding the human astral body this corresponds to the process of creation; and the separation between Shakti and Shiva means the decline of the human energetic and spiritual potential from the highest chakra at the position of the apex point on the head (Sahasrara) which is associated with consciousness of Shiva through all chakras down to the Muladhara Chakra on the pelvic floor.

Every chakra which Shakti is descending within human consciousness means deeper involvement in rough categories of being. If all human levels of experience have unveiled which means a total alienation from divine origin and nature, Shakti rests in the bottom chakra as potential divineness, as latent spiritual energy. This spiritual or awakening energy is called ‘kundalini’. The different techniques of hatha and Kundalini Yoga make it possible to wake up the power of kundalini from its ‘Sleeping-Beauty’ slumber guiding them through the different chakras upward, back to their real truth, divine or Shiva-consciousness.

In her ascent Shakti withdraws all her strength from Maya (exterior world, world of illusion): With every further step the veil of ignorance is taken away bit by bit; man recognises his true being even more precise. The world in its former shape is dissolving; with every step on the way man is raising his state of consciousness, becoming more and more one with the world of divineness. This state of ‘coming home’ is called Samadhi, the cosmic consciousness.’ This metaphor of separation of Shakti and Shiva shows the circle of creation as an image which is finally nothing more than a circle of vibrations. As Shakti moves through the chakras, the subtle fine-energy centres of human beings, from the bottom where she had ascended up to the highest of steps, the connection with the divine aspect, thus reuniting with Shiva, the same way we can ascend by lifting our level of frequency from the deepest point of total identification of our consciousness with matter to the connection with the supreme consciousness (unconditional love) uniting with our divine self. This way, we may awake from the illusionary dream and become able to walk the path of enlightenment.

The re-unification between Shakti and Shiva, the unification of the individual soul with the divine soul began with the 7th law, the principle of gender. The separation which started in the 2nd law, the principle of correspondence, is now neutralized. The (spiral) circle is closing in order to gush again into the form. This spiral circle is the explanation why evolution bears a direction: an evolution and sublime development, forward and upward.

The spiral shape ascension makes development possible, it is even inevitably connected with the form. Every circle of creation bears the benefit of experience and thus further development. Although after every circle we return to the original condition, we are not the same we used to be at the beginning of our journey. We return, however, we are changed, richer in experience, thus ascending one step of the ladder of evolution.

The form of the spiral is closely connected with evolution which is why we can find it everywhere in nature as for example from snails, sun flowers, spider webs, the DNS of our genes to the planets, galaxies and spiral nebula. The spiral is a symbol of the universe and of creation and can also be found as holy symbol in several old cultures. Ritual dances were often performed in spiral form where the in and out often was a symbol of death and ‘resurrection’, i.e. re-incarnation.

By opening our heart, wrapping it around the stone, we receive the stone’s mind and allow its silence to enter us. When we release stones from enchantments, breathing psychically and heartfully into them like the fairy-tale princess into the spellbound frog, they automatically lead us into the spiritual capacities and acts that they entail.

As we shift our vibration, the psychoidal being follows our intent. It is extricated by our service to it, so it graces us with something vast and wonderful. We should want to experience the psychoidal aspects of nature, to receive pictures from its crypts. When we close our eyes after gazing at a stone, inside its after-images are vistas, inhabitants, soul presences of other worlds, landscapes far more radical and alien than any science-fiction mise en seine. An invisible and sacred light fills us with crystal hives deeper than Earth’s oceans; congresses of intelligent steams dancing in auroras across entire Arctics; phosphorescent globes forming armadas of heliacal spirals; flocks of worms hovering over magenta seas; color and shape realms we have never imagined; chaos fields different from any weather or foliage here. In our interchange with psychoids we ensoul the inert and empty aspects of ourselves, our voids; we let bright intelligent energy stream in. We accept blessings from unknown sources. We find off-selves, quiet and virginal, impartial and alert, selves that we always knew were there. When we restore the Earth from debris up, not ideas down, we become philosopher’s stones ourselves, honest brokers and liaisons between spirit and matter. Less greedy and fearful at an ego level, we become more dedicated to the universe and its distress. We spread intelligence and experience nondenominationally.

When you still the mind and breath, the heart will naturally follow suit; heart and lungs functions interdependently; then, the prana will be released from the senses, to become one, with that great sea of Om in the body, and transcend, to become Universal Aum Vibration outside of the body; this, philosopher stone, is the divine vehicle and comforter Jesus said he’d send us; this prophecy has long, since, been fulfilled by Mahavatars, avatars and Christs, but purposely kept from the masses of people, so you’ll remained enslaved to this world! Until you receive that great bliss, light, ecstasy, do not be satisfied! Without subconscious joy of sleep, the diagonal existence would be impossible!

Sleep is a reminder, of what is beyond the state of sleep, the state of the soul; go beyond subconscious and conscious minds; go to superconscious, where the electricity of God, flow into the spine through the Medulla Oblongata, and diffuses into spine, limbs, organs, tissue and brain. Do not, be a slave to the senses! Meditation, is a practice in the presence of God!  Yoga and  Meditation, are the highest practices in the presence of God!

One should never, say, I am God, rather say, “it is an ocean of bliss, an ocean of pure divine love, and grace energy that has become this little body!” Let me make it very clear here, I and the Father are One, yes! But only God, is God! if God chose to, He could extinguish, my little light, and yours, at His Supreme Beckoned will, for all eternity. College degrees and diplomas are distributed by mere mortal single-minded limited men; I’m a premier, scribe, for The Ultimate Reality, there is no limit to my access of His data.

Recognition, submission to God, is the first divine original universal law of creation; thus is, the original pattern, from which all creation is formed and originated for the supreme good and salvation liberation of the soul, and is the original light. Light of suns, came later, to shed light on some, parts of the universe, to be seen through the brain. The brain, is an extension of the spinal column, along with its chakras, located along its axis, and is supported by the inhalation/exhalation, of our breaths, in wakefulness and dream states.

All manifestations, are a great, divine, dream of The Ultimate Reality. Breath is involuntary and voluntary, being brought forth by subconscious and conscious will. These Philosopher Stones are among the greatest secrets of the original Godson Brahma, that was imparted, to original Africans, who lost the secrets. Losing the greatest of secrets, that keep men enslaved, are hereby revealed and disclosed, and goes beyond, the riddle of the Sphinx; now share this sagacity with the world as we have shed with you.


just as there is nothing new under the sun, it is equally factual that, these works are also recycled wisdom. The outcry of wisdom in these pages, goes back millenniums and eons in time, before time. We say outcry, because of its timely messages, and severe, consequences, of not knowing truth! we are rapidly spinning toward the coming age, the age of Aquarius, some have dubbed it; immortality, is humanity’s next evolutionary frontier destination.

Whatever you wish, to call it, there will be no more business as usual; all of the world’s present systems shall fold, because, under such states of being there can never be real peace or true justice. Like things are, union is un-accomplishable! These systems where happiness, is only a fleeting moment, a thing of the past. As long as so-called humanity’s, systems prevail, and kept alive, the more our solar system, galaxy and universe are weakened; under such weak, man-made constructs of race, religion, social systems, governments, civil authorities (who are not civil at all) under these horrid conditions of policing, judiciary, Frankenstein mentality, lock-step, mummified existence, and private international banking systems, God’s light cannot shine through the cold, Artic blast of murk mire and haze of such fiendish crazed minds.

The cruel, blackened hearts, where, every man is for him-self; Mother Nature and death shall take us all away! Ain’t no justice, peace, love, and certainly no forgiveness; no true life and love; only lies hate sin, graft and corruption, homo-sexuality, and fiendish plots, perpetrated by Satan himself, to bring us all down, real low, to hell, to be with him; under his reign, of mental turmoil and smoldering dictatorship of Sodom and Gomorrah; jericho’s walls, must, come down! Whose responsible, for this, heinous mess, of a life, we live, me, you and everyone who exists, on God’s Earth; whites, and blacks alike, who bent over, and allowed, such men to ride our backs, like witches, rides, her broom! But it shall all be over soon!

The oil spills in the Gulf, marks the beginning, of our end! Hence the great purification! We’ll all run to the mountains and say, cover us! We’ll run to the churches, mosques and synagogues, and say, protect us, oh Heavenly Father! But first, ye shall die! All those, who have died already, shall be the fortunate ones, ain’t that, a trip? Death, your dearest friend, and living, a cruel harsh nightmare! In this unholy existence, life and death are inseparable, and as one! Here, love is hate and hate is lovel Peace is war and war is peace! Peace is submission and submission, is liberation; a world where food carries death, instead of nourishment; it carries fear, pesticide, growth hormone, bacteria and geno- warfare of racial mass destruction and decay.

Earth has become, an extension of hell.

If you seek the keys to the kingdom, and the meaning of life and creation, and travel to Himalaya in search of a guru, if, you should find one, and convince him to bestow upon you, the secrets of connecting to the oneness to be one with God and experience, ultimate, reality; if you should find, such a master; if he bestow on you, the blessings of his grace, he would readily initiate you in the scientific sacred art of self-realization, so you may rediscover & express, your ultimate worth potential; to become a immortal servant of God. We are the eyes of this universe looking at itself! Inherently we possess all the powers it contains; just as scientist and great thinkers has discovered the powers within atoms!

But, how do we become immortal saints? Where do we go to find the secret holy keys, the answer, is right under your noses! in Christian theology, the death of Jesus is accepted as fact, however, it was his ascension from the grave, that’s considered proof, he’s a son of God. When the people found the grave empty, and Jesus reappeared to them, it was an explosion of intense widespread faith. It’s wasn’t Jesus’ crucifixion but his resurrection, that gives creditability, to him being one, with God! The question may be asked, whether it was necessary for Jesus to make his ascension with his body? The answer is yes, because it’s in the mystic tradition; Jesus knew, to leave his body behind, would’ve proved him a false prophet. For Jesus proclaimed “destroy this temple, and I shall raise it up, in three days!”

There will also be significant physiological changes; transformation, in the greater sense that all material arrangements will be upgraded and re-placed, by concentrations of prana (life-force) in each and every cell of the body; our organs, shall become centers of conscious energy, moved by conscious will; our stomachs, heart brain circulatory system & lungs will be spiritualized; our base qualities will disappear and give way to a different play of vibrations, representing what these organs and its function are symbolically; physical body, will be composed of concentrated energy that obey the will rather than being a little, soul carrying corpse.

The change of consciousness will be the chief factor. The initial movement of the physical modification will be a subordinate factor, a consequence. We must break into another space and time, where you be-come one, with the entirety of the universe; at the same time, become the minutest, conscious photon, light, quark unit of energy, in each and every atom. That fathomless, astonishment of light and love’s grace; a grand reversal of night and day, and all your world values would change. We can break through to superconscious, which is the basis of all matter, experiencing illumination and bliss, in each and every cell in the body.

The secret of this transformation, is the consciousness above, is the consciousness below! Heaven in its rapture dreams of perfect Earth! Earth in its sorrow, dreams of perfect heaven; they are kept from their oneness by the ego, enchanted fears, and unchecked sense gratifications. Senses, were not given, to destroy us, but to try our strength! If you don’t fight with a stronger person (or power) you cannot gain strength. We must unite in our consciousness, the truths of unity, peace, power, wisdom, love, beauty, knowledge, humbleness, true empathy and divine will.

The more we descend into lower mental planes the more we become fragmented, and the courser our bodies become. What is needed, is the connecting truth of the body and the spirit, not just, the truth of the great sea of spirit & heaven; another power is needed, one which can resist ego’s senses, and the downward divisive powers, to which human nature is subject and fain to. We must unite Shiva with Shakti (God with Nature). It is so obviously clear that, our minds and our so-called-civilization have not, been able to change human nature radically enough! You can go on changing institutions infinitely, and yet, the imperfections and Satan himself will keep breaking through all your institutions and acts! So, it must be another power that can, not only resist, but overcome, that downward pull towards hell.

The keys are in the secrets we call Philosopher Stones.

Heart is the seat of Consciousness. We have the power within us to awaken and reshape our minds through our hearts and stir the same within our fellow human beings. Follow your heart . . . we are tied and bound together at the heart level in unity, peace and harmony. Heart has the direct link with Universal energy or the light of eternity. Through this electromagnetic energy from the heart, the entire human body is linked with at the micro-cellular levels.

Heart is the seat of Consciousness. We have the power within us to awaken and reshape our minds through our hearts and stir the same within our fellow human beings. Follow your heart . . . we are tied and bound together at the heart level in unity, peace and harmony.

All of us are connected to this electro-magnetic field of the heart but a few know how to make this energy flow in our lives, as there are many negative and stressful events that dissipate this energy from our bodies.

Heart has the direct link with Universal energy or the light of eternity. Through this electromagnetic energy from the heart, the entire human body is linked with at the micro-cellular levels.

Most of us identify with body and the mind and ignore the most vital part of our being . . . the spirit or spirituality. It is the spirit that is in control of mind and body. The heart plays a vital role in making us realize that we are spiritual beings. Heart is the source of light, inner peace and tranquility, and it is through this current in the heart that we are directly linked to this unlimited source of energy.

We also find that conscious thought impacts the body’s healing processes in profound ways. The heart is an electrical organ. The electrical energy from the heart moves into every cell in our body. This electrical field can be measured outside the body. The nervous system is also an electrical system. Most humans generate minute amounts of electrical voltage depending on what is happening in our lives. When our hearts and minds are aligned, a strong, coherent energy is sent out that is more powerful than any of us realize. We can send information out to the universe, but we can also receive messages, like an antenna, from the cosmos. We just need to listen carefully and intuitively to hear. Healers know that quartz crystals

the heart of the bolic antenna

The human heart is like an antenna that receives the emana-tions of subtler levels of existence. It has its proper field of func-tion beyond the limits of the superficial, reactive ego-self. Awakening the heart is an unlimited process of making the mind more sensitive, focused, energized, subtle, and refined, of joining it to its cosmic milieu, the infinity of Love. The heart, in a sense, is spiritualized mind. We can trace the development of spiritual awareness in terms of the levels of mind. An ordinary human being of our time and culture lives within the limits of his or her social and familial conditioning. Most of what we experience is in our thoughts and emotions. These occupy our so-called con-scious mind, that narrow slit of awareness that is easily filled with particular thoughts and feelings. This mind is not truly conscious—that is, transcendently aware—but is the focal point of a limited awareness. It operates at an automatic level of functioning much of the time and occasionally at a more sensitive level of functioning, as it notices and deals with changing circumstances. It is a mind filled with associations, influenced by unconscious beliefs, compulsions, and contradictions, but it can seldom discriminate between these unconscious forces and the deeper prompts of the heart. Insofar as this conscious mind is a slave to unexamined likes and dislikes and egotistical im-pulses, it cannot see into or connect to its own depths. It sees everything through the distortions of its desires and it “thinks” distortedly as a result of them. It experiences emotions accord-ng to whether these desires are satisfied or frustrated.

Men tally it operates through associations, concepts, categories, stereotypes, preconceptions, and so forth. It doesn’t see the forest for the trees, and the trees are not seen for what they are but as things on which it projects its expectations, concepts, and neediness. At the beginning of spiritual work, and for as long as it takes, it is necessary to go through a process of deconditioning: meticulously observing the influences of our conditioning, learning more and more to see things as they are. Simultaneously, it is necessary to cultivate our more sensitive and con-cious capacities. Now trees become trees. Now, too, we can perhaps see the forest. Now an is-ness or such-ness comes through, because we are consciously aware.

We have deconditioned the mind of associations and egotistic projections, and reconditioned it through conscious awareness, which al-lows a direct perception and communion. This, however, is not the final stage, because although we have become more conscious, we are not yet functioning with all our subtler subconscious faculties. Only when these faculties are available to the mind do meaning and value flood into consciousness. We not only see trees as they are, but we perceive them as the embodiment of qualities and meaning. The difference between the quality of meaning that is experienced through the deeper (subconscious) mind—that is, the heart—and the meaning that is projected when the mind is identified with the lower self, the ego, is this: Heart knowledge is living and creative, while the ego is repetitive and predictable. Only when our subconscious faculties are awakened is our true human inheritance available to us as it could be. An awak ened human being begins to live in contact with and work in cooperation with the Creative Power.


How much of the latent capacities of the mind do we employ? How often are we conscious, actively receptive, living in true service, or asking a real question? How often do we listen within, and how often do we consciously receive the subtle im-pressions of the heart? On the other hand, how much time do we give to keeping our mundane accounts, imagining a make-believe future, reliving a limited past, scheming to get more of this or that or to prevent this or that loss, judging, blaming, and worrying? The subconscious mind is tapped in myriad ways. A creative artist, through discipline, craft, and surrender, can tap into it. Any men or women of knowledge can tap into it by proper preparation, by becoming familiar with the knowledge of their field, and then by framing what they need to know with an appropriate question. A psychic may select a target and gather impressions from the subconscious. Those who truly yearn for wisdom can listen within for the subconscious to yield its secrets. One of the ways that knowledge is available to us is through our subconscious faculties. Within the mirror of our own awareness, however, we experience a concatenation of impressions that include immediate sense impressions, emotional re-actions, mental associations, and memories, as well as the subtle perceptions that hover right at the threshold of consciousness.

Kundalini is a strong and powerful force which can produce radical physical and mental changes. Kundalini is a powerful force or energy that rises up through the chakra system from base to crown. You can raise the power and energy of kundalini through the chakra system to connect with universe or to link with a god or a particular deity or for specific forms of psychic work.

It is easy to awaken kundalini but it is very difficult to take it to the crown chakra through the different chakras. It demands a great deal of patience, perseverance, purity, and steady practice. The yogi who has taken it to the crown chakra is the real master of all forces. Generally, yogic students stop their spiritual practices half way, on account of false satisfaction. They imagine they have reached the goal when they get some mystic experiences and psychic powers. They desire to demonstrate such powers to the public to get reputation and fame and to earn money. This is a sad mistake. Full realization alone can give the final liberation, perfect peace and highest bliss.

When, by the power of long internal meditation, the vast mass of energy stored up travels along the sushumna and strikes the head centers, the reaction is tremendous immensely superior to the reaction of sense perception. Wherever there is any manifestation of what is ordinarily called supernatural power or wisdom, there is a little current of kundalini which must have found its way into the sushumna. In the vast majority of such cases, people have ignorantly stumbled on some practice which set free a minute portion of the coiled-up kundalini.

When this kundalini force is aroused, it will steadily increase the vibratory action of the chakras and of the physical, astral, and mental bodies The rising of the kundalini has two basic effects. First, it begins to eliminate all that is coarse and unsuitable from the physical, emotional, and mental vehicles. Second, it causes the consciousness to absorb into its sphere of influence the lofty qualities that will raise the energy content of the etheric body. One of the main objects of activating the kundalini to move up the sushumna is to awaken the pituitary and pineal glands, which results in the opening of the third eye. This results in a revelation of the subtler planes of spiritual life. When dormant, it can be stimulating to the reproductive organs and sexual impulses. Many young souls dissipate this energy by overindulging in sexual activity, hence missing the opportunity to raise a portion of this energy up the sushumna to the third eye and crown.

Kundalini begins to move from the root center. First, the guru prepares the eight-spoked wheel” in his own heart, then unfolds it. For, as she moves up to the heart which starts vibrating, Kundalini must be full of force and ardor, or else she would not be able to pierce the disciple’s heart. Sending her out through the nine apertures of his body, the guru makes her enter the initiate’s body through the same apertures.

During this penetration the guru gathers into his heart all his virile potency (bindu), brings it to its full force and, when it be-comes a live flame capable of enlightening the disciple’s consciousness, he takes it up to the middle of his eyebrows; then he makes it enter the consciousness of the disciple, who, likewise, focuses on the bindu situated between the eyebrows. If the disciple’s center is pure and fully awakened, the master deposits the virile potency there; if not, he places it in his heart, or if again impossible, in the bulb. Then, as it touches the root center, the breath is transformed into a very powerful seminal flow which, in both master and disciple, spreads throughout the body and rises to the brahmarandhra; the initiate, then, becomes aware of the virile potency streaming through his centers, and all attraction toward the pleasures of this world vanishes.

The phenomena known as “Kundalini Rising” is a spiritual growth process in which the energy centers of the body begin to vibrate at a highly increased rate. For some people, the Kundalini Rising process is like being plugged into a high voltage power line. As the energy rises from the root chakra up through the body, any blockages in the other Chakras are hit by the rising tide of electromagnetic energy and profound reactions can take place in the body’s energy centers. The massive influx of energy is the body’s way of clearing itself out to adjust to the higher vibrational energy it is now connecting with at the higher spiritual levels. This affects not only the physical body, but the other subtle energy bodies, Chakras and the body’s normal analytical thinking processes.

Kundalini energy will infuse them with new energy and blow the blockages apart. This is much like blowing an electrical circuit breaker. The Heart Center then begins to open up like the blossoming of a flower. The Heart Energy radiates out ward and upward. For some people this is a gradual process. For others it

“Whereas the vibrations of love energy represents wholeness and unity, the vibration of fear makes the universe around us appear unsafe. However, in a larger sense the energy of the universe is us. When we fear the universe or feel uncertain of our position in it, we cut ourselves off from the larger part of ourselves. The vibration of fear is a separation from the whole. Fear is a step backwards from unity consciousness.”

If you feel the energy vibrations of fear encroaching on your life, calm your self by visualizing your center. Visualize your center of energy in the solar plexus (just below the navel). Then visualize a full column of light extending downward from your solar region, into the earth. Visualize that same column of energy also extending upward through your body and to the energy center above your head. Holding your core energy in this way is also one of the steps in the EMF Balancing Technique”, a powerful process of calibration, balancing and self-empowerment.

“One of the attributes of the new energy will be the absence of fear-based decision making…. Once the truth is known and the path validated, fear will cease to be a player in everyday life… This is indeed the Alchemy of human spirit! Going from fear to Love is Alchemy process….”

“Fear-based decisions will bring poor results in the new energy… over and over. Love-based decisions will elevate a person into new areas of discovery. Therefore the evolving human (who takes responsibility for all that happens to him) may try both, but it won’t be long be-fore the results speak for themselves and the fear-based decisions are discarded?

Whenever we see or read of any miracles of supernatural power shown by human beings in India it is always done by Yoga.

What is this Yoga that gives such wonderful power, divine peace, longevity, etc.?

Yoga is the science of sciences, it is the way that leads to Godhood.

“The Yoga we practice, is not for ourselves alone, but for humanity. Its object is not personal Mukti (liberation), although Mukti is a necessary condition of the Yoga, but the libration of the human race. It is not personal ananda (bliss), but the bringing down of the divine Ananda—Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven, our Satyayuga upon the earth”. —An excerpt from “The Yoga and Its Objects”.

“Humanity is evolving. Yoga is the means of carrying that evolution forward with great and victorious rapidity”. “The goal marked out for us is not to speculate about these things but to experience them. The call upon us is to grow into the image of God, to dwell in Him and with Him and be a channel of His joy and might and an instrument of His works.

“The Kundalini is sleeping, closing the door of the Sushumana. She sleeps above the Kanda or where the Nadis unite. She gives liberation to the Yogi and bondage to fools. He who knows her knows Yoga.”

The Kundalini is the support of all, the Yoga is the means to reach her.

That harmony is by change of heart. Such change and harmony comes by Yoga. Yoga can and will change the mind, heart, and action; this change is from within; not from without. Not by politics nor by creeds but by the realization of the Goddess Kundalini, remodeling life by pure Wisdom not by knowledge. This Divine Harmony is not alone for suffering humanity, but for even the smallest insects, animals, etc.

The Kundalini, when awakened, is the giver of all power, health, wealth and success.

“There is nothing which can not be obtained on earth or in the Heavens, by Thy Grace.” This is as it should be, as the Kundalini is Power of Powers, Light of Lights, and All in All. The Kundalini is Divine static and dynamic energy. The static energy (Kundalini), is sleeping at the Muladhara (Root Chakra).

The Kundalini power can only be known by Master Yogins, but some times even ordinary Yogins can see it, however not as clearly, as long as the inner eye is not open. When the Yogin has opened the inner eye, then he sees the different Chakras and the energy of the Kundalini, which is Life of Life, and Light of Lights.

The lower mind is ignorance itself, and until this fluttering mind is made to come to one point, the blessed state of peace cannot be attained. All danger is caused by ignorance. There is no danger that comes from wisdom.


Self-realization is the process of knowing our true nature; and living the true self in thoughts, words, and deeds. Self-realization is a process, and not an event. It is also called, God-realization.

When it reaches our anahata chakra (heart chakra) it unites with our individual consciousness in what has been described as an explosion of bliss. United, or re-united, they together move higher and ultimately unite with global consciousness (God) in our Sahasrara chakra (crown chakra). The union of energy with consciousness has significance in Hindu philosophy. It holds that the world began as pure consciousness/Godhead (Purusha), and from this the material world energy (Prakriti) was created. Consciousness is also referred to as Shiva and energy/matter as Shakti. The union of Shiva (male aspects of God) with Shakti (female aspects of God) marks the beginning of the sojourn back to God and the reversal of devolution into the material world. Swami Satyadharma says that the rising of kundalini begins our inner experience and lifting the veil of maya:

At a certain point in man’s evolution, kundalini begins to awaken and arouses man from the dream. With the ascent of kundalini, man begins to experience the inner reality. The veil of maya is gradually removed as the boundaries of individuality are dissolved. With the rising of kundalini, one’s self identification progressively expands to include the universe. Thus it is said to be the same kundalini which creates and binds the jiva in the body, and which also withdraws the bonds by revealing the process of liberation.

The same process of kundalini energy rising within our individual body is also at work within Mother Earth. When we pray, meditate, have positive intentions or do good loving things we can attract energy to a particular location.

Kundalini is a strong and powerful force which can produce radical physical and mental changes.

Kundalini is a powerful force or energy that rises up through the chakra system from base to crown. You can raise the power and energy of kundalini through the chakra system to connect with universe or to link with a god or a particular deity or for specific forms of psychic work.

Kundalini is said to be the force that links us to the earth beneath our feet and the heavens above our heads. It brings sudden enlightenment and it can bring feelings of ecstasy of the kind that people experience when performing certain shamanic rituals.

Kundalini and Soma – Forms and Powers. Men, as soon as they discover this most secret place, become free from rebirths in this universe. The proper awakening of the Kundalini provides a tremendous energy and inspiration, a vast widening of the consciousness, and can aid in deep healing, rejuvenation and longevity.

Without the proper prior preparation of the Soma or nectar in the crown chakra, the Kundalini fire can overheat and burn up the nervous system, depleting our Soma and even reducing our longevity. That is why for anyone who seeks to develop the Kundalini, developing the corresponding Soma is imperative. In fact, if one develops the Soma above, the Kundalini will naturally arise to partake of it. No other effort, action or practice may be required. On the other hand, if one seeks to develop the Kundalini and has no inner Soma, the Kundalini will be irritated, not awakened. We must remember that Kundalini awakens in search of the Soma. To awaken it without Soma is to awaken a serpent but have nothing to feed it. Meanwhile to awaken the Kundalini in a positive manner, we must also stop seeking the outer Somas. It is the outer Somas of sensory enjoyment and ego imagination that keep the Kundalini asleep.

The proper awakening of the Kundalini provides a tremendous energy and inspiration, a vast widening of the consciousness, and can aid in deep healing, rejuvenation and longevity. Yet as a powerful electrical force, Kundalini can be difficult for the nervous system to handle, particularly in the case of practitioners who are not adequately prepared to handle its powerful currents. We must be able to endure and sustain the awakening of its power, which requires the necessary Soma, calm and peace.

There tends to be an overemphasis on Kundalini in modern books on Yoga and the chakras, which rarely emphasize the necessary preparation for arousing this powerful force or the necessary factors for keeping it in balance, once aroused. There is a naive thinking that one can manipulate the Kundalini mechanically by personal effort, through certain asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, mantras or yoga kriyas, largely of a physical or mechanical nature, as if it were little more than a matter of technique to get it to move.

The role of Soma in the awakening of higher consciousness is probably more important than that of the Kundalini, though it is a secret not easily found. If one’s Soma is not first protected and prepared, the rising of the Kundalini can have side effects or fail to occur altogether. If our Soma or inner mind is pure, the Kundalini will naturally arise to receive it and will do so with grace and gentleness. Kundalini, we must remember, is a force of the non-ego and for the ego to try to manipulate it will only serve to inflate the ego, taking it eventually to a point where it is likely to break and disturb the nervous system.

Kundalini is a force of nature like lightning that is beyond our personal control or our ability to predict. To safely arouse the Kundalini requires the right life-style, emotional balance and power of concentration. In fact, if one has the right preparation, particularly the inner Soma to attract it. the Kundalini will arise in a gentle and harmonious manner. Kundalini is a sacred spiritual force, a power of the Goddess that we must approach with reverence, respect, devotion and humility. To allow the Kundalini to arise in the best possible manner, we must first prepare our Soma. This means developing the cool, content, meditative mind of the crown chakra or lotus of the head. It requires that we ourselves, particularly our psychological natures, become the Soma and allow ourselves to be purified and consumed by the higher forces. As a power of fire. Kundalini requires our own internal purification or tapas. We must be willing to burn up our own ego in the Kundalini fire, which occurs in the lower chakras where both the ego and Kundalini dwell.

Kundalini as the Shakti naturally seeks out this detached Shiva energy or Soma, which is her lord. If an undetached motivation awakens her, she will not be happy. The yamas and niyamas of Yoga help purify the Soma, as do the other limbs of Yoga, if applied in the right manner, notably pranayama, mantra and meditation. We must learn to breathe in the Soma, which occurs through the third eye, when the mind and breath are calm and balanced. This hap-pens when our mind has no burden of memory and our emotions have been transformed into devotion. This unitary breath is the basis of both Soma and Kundalini, which are the water and fire aspects of this primal Prana or air energy. When the Soma in the crown chakra fully develops it overflows and descends to purify the body and to collect in the ocean of the spiritual heart that is its final abode. That is why Soma is closely connected to the heart as well.

The Sushumna as the Soma Channel To access the chakras and their Somas, as well as to awaken the Kundalini, we must first energize the Sushumna, bringing the prana into the central channel of the subtle body. If the Sushumna is not energized then we cannot directly access the chakras, whatever else we may do. All the chakras are connected to and can be regarded as an expansion of the central channel or Sushumna of the subtle body,which is our inner space or void.

The chakras can only be opened by an expansion of that inner space of awareness, not as mere physical locations, emotions or personal powers. Sushumna means ‘what is very blissful’. It is our inner space in which the Soma can flow. Higher Yoga practices require opening the Sushumna or central channel of the subtle body. Otherwise neither Kundalini can arise nor can the Soma descend. This opening of the Sushumna in turn requires releasing the knots of the heart, letting go of our deep seated fears, desires, anger and attachment.

Without developing our inner Soma, there is no space for the higher energies to move within us. To reach that inner space requires the unification of the dualistic energies inside us, which are mirrored in the duality of our breath, thoughts and emotions. We must go beyond inhalation and exhalation, attraction and repulsion, like and dislike.

Soma is the key to all higher Yoga practices, the magic, the nectar and inspiration that allows them to work — and the flow of grace that takes us beyond personal effort. Learning this yogic alchemy of Soma is the true immortal art. It not only revitalizes the body but also creates within us a consciousness that can endure beyond death.

The Arising of the Shin or Purusha Energy Along with the ascent of the Kundalini, there needs to be a complementary ascent of the soul, an arising of the Shiva consciousness, which is part of the awakening of the Purusha or higher Self. This is experienced as an ascent of calm and expansive force, around which the Kundalini spirals and is held. This rising Shiva energy, symbolized by the linger or pillar of Shiva energy, affords stability to the mind and nervous system. This ascending Shiva force rises to reach the immutable immortal Shiva force in the head. Yet it is also like the power of a mountain. It is on that mountain of Shiva that the Soma can be found. Like Kundalini, with which it is connected, this ascending Shiva energy is fiery. It needs to be continually cooled through pouring the water of Soma over it.

The ascending Shiva energy is also called the Hamsa, which means both the Prana and the bird of the soul. It flies upward with the breath as it were. Hamsa is also the bird that dwells on the lake of the Soma. As the higher spiritual fire and light energy arises within us. whatever name or form we give it, we must learn to bathe it with the descent of water and grace which is Soma. This bird of Soma becomes the eagle of higher perception as the flow of Soma cleanses the doors of our perception and opens us up to the vision of all things as infinite and eternal.

During realization, the Kundalini absorbs the ego and the superego. Thoughts fade away. There is no past, no future. All that remains is reality, that is, the present. And in the present the Spirit, shining in the heart.

Kundalini’s Forms and Powers

The ancients say that when kundalini travels into the void region (sahasrara), she remains only momentarily, then returns to muladhara (root chakra). Only by consistent practice does divine union become permanent. When Shakti unites with Paramashiva in sahasrara, the perfected siddha (adept) becomes jivan mukti (liberated soul), dwelling in eternal bliss, possessing all powers. As kundalini travels through the chakras, she exhibits various forms:

1. In root chakra (muladhara), she is Kula (root, lineage, dynasty) Kundalini. Here she rests in samadhi (transcendence) as svayambhu linga. She is a nonentity, as if asleep.

2. When awakened, she is termed Vahni (fire) Kundalini, deep red in color as she moves from muladhara to the heart chakra (anahata).

3. In anahata, she becomes Surya (Sun) Kundalini of brilliant vermilion color as she moves to the bottom of third eye chakra (ajna).

4. In ajna, she is called Chandra (Moon) Kundalini, white and nectarous as she travels to nirvana chakra.

5. In sahasrara, she becomes Turya (fourth state) Kundalini—samadhi, beyond the three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping. Here she is the nature of pure consciousness, experienced in samprajnata samadhi.

As kundalini pierces each of the chakras in turn, she absorbs the principle (tat-tva), element (mahabhuta), and sense object (tanmatra) associated with each chakra. In the root muladhara, she absorbs the earth element and odor. In pelvic svadhishthana, she absorbs water and flavor. In solar plexus manipura, she absorbs fire and form. In heart anahata, she absorbs air and touch. In throat vishuddha, she absorbs ether and sound. In third eye ajna, she absorbs manas (lower mind). In manas chakra, she absorbs china (sensory mind). In indu she absorbs buddhi (intellect). In nirvana chakra, she absorbs dhi (higher mind) and ahamkara (ego). After nirvana chakra, Chandra (moon) Kundalini passes through the visarga power-bridge to the triangle lying in the nectarous moon region of guru chakra. From there she travels into the luminous triangle within the moon region in the center of sahasrara chakra. Here Chandra Kundalini becomes Turya Kundalini, only realizable in samadhi.

While in the luminous triangle of sahasrara, kundalini exhibits three aspects: 1. Her ama kala form, the experience of samprajnata samadhi. 2. Her nirvana kala form, beyond samprajnata samadhi, into which she absorbs even samadhi consciousness by virtue of her power of supreme control (nirodhika vahni). 3. Her nirvana shakti form, the all-absorbing kundalini power. Here she absorbs Prakriti, Purusha, and Maya, and passes into supreme void, the circular region within the luminous triangle. The center of the void is Shiva. Kundalini coils around the circular void, forming the circumference. The void, experienced only in asamprajnata samadhi, contains four aspects: supreme bindu, supreme nada, Shakti, and Shiva.

• Kundalini first coils around supreme bindu, absorbing supreme bindu.

• Kundalini then coils around supreme nada, absorbing supreme nada.

 • Kundalini’s third coil is around Shakti, which she then absorbs.

• Kundalini coils halfway around Shiva, whom she unites with and absorbs.

• Kundalini is then without coils and is absorbed into Paramashiva. This is the final stage of asamprajnata samadhi—the supreme absorption.

Sahasrara Attainments

“Men, as soon as they discover this most secret place, become free from rebirths in this universe. By the practice of this Yoga, he gets the power of creating or destroying the creation, this aggregate of elements. When the mind is steadily fixed at this place, which is the residence of the Great Swan and is called Kailas, then that Yogi, devoid of diseases and subduing all accidents, lives for a great age, free from death.” —Siva Samhitas

Living from the Heart – The heart’s electric field is 60 times stronger than Earth`s magnetic field, and its magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s. Kundalini Inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand gigawatt amperage. Anyone who calibrates over 700 can counterbalance the negative energy of over 700,000 people. We just using 6-10% of our brain potential because life on Earth is designed to keep us disconnected from ONENESS, INTUITION and HIGHER WISDOM.

Kundalini energy will infuse them with new energy and blow the blockages apart. This is much like blowing an electrical cir-cuit breaker. The Heart Center then begins to open up like the blossoming of a flower. The Heart Energy radiates out ward and upward. For some people this is a gradual process. For others it happens very fast. When it occurs rapidly, it can take a while for a person to adjust to the new energy.

During Kundalini Rising, the heart center can open up with tremendous volume and can cause life-changing events to take place. On the negative side, those with blocked heart energies are often subject to heart problems, sometimes resulting in a need for medical intervention, or so serious as to cause heart attack. Working with the heart center to help balance all the upper and lower Chakras is a good way to facilitate clearing blockages and promote a healthy energy flow.

The rising of Kundalini energies from the root chakra up the spine encounters the energies of the fourth chakra as well as any blockages that reside there. The blockages in each chakra are opened up since they cannot withstand the direct power of the Kundalini energies. This rising of the Kundalini and the opening

Once the shifting starts, the person may be drawn to make major changes in their life style, personal interactions and/or be drawn to move to another physical location. The transformation from being third chakra centered and becoming fourth chakra aware is a major turning point in a person’s spiritual evolution. There is no going back from this point. Old paradigms and control mechanisms will no longer work for the person. A new consciousness is born out of the Heart Chakra energies and it creates new energetic pathways all through the energy body. This is an extremely powerful energy redistribution within the entire being, including all subtle energy levels and levels of consciousness. This is an evolutionary process.

The Evolution of Our Physiology

This new energy of the heart also affects our physiology and creates new brain pathways, giving us greater access to subtle energy centers in the body and greater access to our inherent creativities. New talents can emerge and often do. New goals begin to replace older, more third chakra centric goals. This transformation can wreak havoc in a person’s life as it will turn relationships upside down. Personal relationships, work relationships and love relationships will be affected. Some relationships will be transformed, others will end and new ones begin. This is a time of tremendous change and growth. Me speed and power of these changes can be unsettling for the person involved and for those around him or her. Most people do not recognize a spiritual awakening of these energies and only perceive the shift in third chakra energies into something else as a change, sometimes unsettling, sometimes mysterious, often frightening


There is another interesting phenomenon in the human condition and that is that people tend to be aware of the energy interchanges and reality level of the chakra they are primarily operating through, but not consciously aware of the chakra immediately above it. Those who are focused on third chakra energies operate at the worldly level of power, acquisition, judgement and control do not “understand” someone who is operating from the heart center energies. Third chakra-focused people view fourth chakra-focused people as an oddity, or weak or even threatening. People who operate primarily at the third chakra level see the world through the eyes of self-centric power. They are closely tied to the lower vibrational energy of fear.

Fear, Anger and Power

Fear, anger and power are closely associated. Fear is energy go-ing out from us in a dispersal pattern. When we experience fear, we lose our sense of focus. We feel out of control. Fear is a loss of power from the whole chakra system, but most significantly from the third and lower chakras.

When one feels that his or her power is being drained from the third chakra, they immediately descend into the level of fear. Their reaction is to fight back against a perceived attack, or to flee the attack. ‘They are unable to take the quantum leap in aware-ness to the fourth chakra level where they will see relationships and interactions with others as mirrors of inner struggles and growth processes within themselves. When they can eventually make this transition to the heart level energies, they will find the heart energies will transmute the fear they have into a feeling of unity. They will be able to transcend the need for daily power struggles and will be able to relate to other beings on a higher vibrational wavelength.

The Anatomy of Fear  – “Fear is the little death…”

The Archetypal Warrior and the Eternal Battlefield

In our daily lives, it is very easy to get pulled down to the third chakra level of power struggles. The third chakra is the home of the consciousness of the “Eternal Warrior.”

The nature of the Eternal Warrior’s energy vibration is one of eternal struggle. There will always be another battle to wage in order to prove the validity of that energy’s existence. You only win the third chakra battles by transcending that vibrational level into the higher levels of heart energy, the fourth chakra.

As beings on this planet we have lived for many millennia within the energy sphere of the third chakra. It is the cause behind our wars, our battles over territory and our battles over food, re-sources and power. Some of these archetypal struggles were a necessary part of our evolution as beings, but we must not make them the focal point of our future energies.

When someone who is operating at a third chakra level challenges you, it is an attempt on his or her part to bring you down to a lower vibrational energy level. Once you come down to the level of third chakra power struggles, there is no ultimate win or loose to that game. The playing field of this game is the “Eternal Battlefield.” ‘the biblical message “Love your enemy” does not mean ignore violence and become passive. It means do not play the game of returning hatred and violence with more hatred and violence. From an energetic standpoint it means transmute the energies of hatred and anger into higher vibrational states. You never win by hating your enemies. You only win when your enemies cease to hate.

‘This viewpoint of third chakra energies and fourth chakra energies should not be taken to mean that one does not confront evil in the world. It is important for loving beings to act together responsibly for the betterment of our world conditions. The challenge is to do this from a higher vibrational level and not from a level of judgment or hate. This is an extremely difficult challenge at this time.

Heart Energies and the Global Consciousness

Just as individuals operate from different levels of consciousness and different chakra energies, the nations of earth also operate from different levels of group consciousness and group energies. Many poor nations on the planet today are at the first or second chakra consciousness of basic survival and procreation. Many other nations are at the level of the third chakra consciousness in their evolutionary growth. These third chakra nations see all other nations as being in a potential power struggle with them. They build armies either for protection or for expansion. They focus their energies on maintaining extreme nationalism, enforcing boundaries, zealous control or slaughter of their own internal populations, and exploiting or even wasting earthly resources. None of this is reflective of fourth chakra energies. It is important for the eventual survival of humans on this planet that nations are able to evolve through and beyond the third chakra energies into the fourth chakra energies. It is at the level of the fourth chakra consciousness, that nations will act in brotherhood with other nations, and will recognize that all nations are partners on the planet. The fourth chakra consciousness will bring with it the ability to understand one-another through love and compassion, and a realization that conflict harms both sides.

The Archetypal Struggle of “Good vs. Evil”

There is no doubt that the earth is still in the midst of the powerful good vs. evil archetypal battle. Old power struggles and hidden forces are coming to light and being exposed on a global scale. Bringing dark energies into the light will raise their vibration. Those that can transmute to higher levels of energy will do so. There will be some that cannot change at this time. One of the goals of the energy facilitators we talked about in Part One is to raise the vibrational energy and consciousness of those trapped in this archetypal battle so that they can evolve beyond it. This is a global consciousness shift that will be unlike any previous era in human history.

As part of this shift, social structures and conditions will be affected on a broad scale. Things will simply not be the same as they have been in the past. The perspective from which we view these changes will be a reflection of our level of consciousness at this time. There will be times of confusion as old paradigms cease to work and old social values are brought into focus for re-examination. People will be challenged to look at their own individual life priorities and make conscious choices on how they want to live their lives. People will need to make choices as to what mental thought forms they want to hold in their minds and in their hearts.

We are moving into an era where the compassion and wisdom of the heart will be sought out and valued as a means to balance the lower energy vibrations of fear and control.

The Wisdom of the Heart

“Open your heart. Let it show you what it knows. Learn to trust what you know. You’re wiser than you think.”  —Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart

Because of its vast interconnected web to other energy centers in the body and to the body’s energy field itself, the heart has a greater depth of wisdom than you will find in the intellect alone. The heart and the head (intellect) do not speak the same language.

The wisdom of the heart runs deeper into your psyche than does your intellect. It is very important to achieve a sense of balance between the head and the heart. Many people who have ignored or suppressed their feelings for years have a difficult time listening to the heart. For them, this is a new and different approach. It may take some getting used to. This is part of the modern paradigm of the new energy, which is to “think with the heart.”

An Open Heart and the Power of Healing

When the Heart Chakra is open, a person has a heightened ability to sense energy flows from other people and other living beings. A person with an open heart can also send heart energy (love energy) outward to others to help them heal and achieve greater wholeness. On open Heart Chakra is an energy vortex that can be used to focus energy and connect with the energy fields of others. When your heart center is open, there is a definite feeling of deep warmth in this area, a deeper warmth than any other you have known. As your heart energy expands out from your heart center, it has a radiating quality that can be very healing to other people. This is a very real energy, not an imaginary feeling.

The Rulers of this world has hidden plans for mankind. They want keep whole mankind disconnected from higher powers in all forms, and they using FEAR to strengthens the lower negative magnetic field – because then they can keep the soul bounded, caught, controlled, fed, manipulated and enslaved below the three first chakras.

The heart’s electric field is 60 times stronger than Earth`s magnetic field and its magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s (McCraty, Bradley, and Tomasino 2004-5, 16).

The real secret is this; we are disconnected from each other on a electrical field meaning.

Those who do energy healing know the tremendous power that the Heart Chakra holds. One makes an energetic connection with another through the heart center, and expands their love energies into a powerful healing, radiating flow.

Here is some other secret facts the rulers don’t you to understand:

Kundalini Energy: Kundalini is actually the power of consciousness, whether it’s in our body or in the universe at large. The awakening of kundalini is the greatest enterprise and most wonderful achievement in front of man. That inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand gigawatt amperage.

A fully awaken individual who can reach the heart-chakra and then the crown chakra may then be the most powerful man walking on planet Earth. The rulers have always and for thousands of years suppressed mankind to following and accepting their way

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