One of the most important things to learn is how to raise your vibrations to a Higher Level of Consciousness. By first reaching into your right cerebrum to [re]discover your inner self and then by raising the vibratory essence of your core to a Level that knows for certain that you possess the power to influence the future, you will have raised yourself to a transcendent stage which becomes your new level of enlightened self. It is from this platform that you are empowered to will your future. Tavistock Institute. Part 61

The leaden consciounsess is been fed, controlled, conditioned and programmed by fear, which produces low vibrational frequencies, and low vibrational cells can´t hold so much light, and light is information.


Finding ways to get out of our self-induced consciousness prison is the goal. The true purpose of this spiritual journey was about reconnecting with a consciousness that reflects our true essence. We learned that we are not alone on such a path.

The Sidhe did not only invite us to go on our own spiritual explorations, but they also invited us to support each other on our respective journeys. This realization makes it crystal clear that our sharing had a purpose beyond simply connecting with the Sidhe. Many times during this odyssey, you may feel nvitation to break through the limitations of our collective consciousness.

We really live in a matrix with cords that binds us. We continually tell ourselves and others that we are free and have free choices, but the reality differs. We are locked within a world filled with limitations that are based on beliefs we share and keep alive. All of the promises from teachers and systems rarely lead to freedom.

So why do we still feel locked within the matrix? The reason is obvious: We have not yet found a way out. The only escape is to connect to the morphogenetic field that we share with the Sidhe. Initially, people think this would be easy. Although it is just a matter of refocusing from the morphogenetic grid to the field, it turns out not to be simple at all. Interestingly, this challenge is the same for the Sidhe.

Because both of us are looking for ways to get out of our respective matrixes (morphogenetic grids) and reconnect with the same morphogenetic field, we may be able to help each other. Still, based on these sharings, it is clear there remains an enormous gap between us. Whether we choose to work with the Sidhe or not, there is one thing that we need to do.

We need to raise our vibration. Raising our vibration means that we need to transform all our energies, emotions, and thoughts that are of a lower vibration, for example, fear-based thoughts and emotions. This is primary because the connection with the Sidhe in this stage of human consciousness is not likely to happen for most people.

Even when there is a connection with the Sidhe, it does not help someone to escape the prison of the grid. We need to start doing some major inner work first. Yes, suggestions from the Sidhe are helpful. It will also be helpful to check regularly with them to see where, from their perspective, we are with respect to our efforts in raising our vibrations.

The Sidhe and humans share the aspiration to break free of their respective matrices, their respective morphogenetic grids. However, their paths to accomplish this will be notably different. The path that human beings need to take is in many ways more challenging than that of the Sidhe because the human matrix keeps humans locked in a physical world. Humans are caught up in their daily survival and spend most of their time earning money to be able to eat, clothe themselves, and have a roof over their heads.

For most people, this requires so much energy that the idea of raising their vibration is merely a sweet dream. At best, it is something they are able to do to limited degrees for short periods of time. Many people mainly experience a heavy, vibrationally dense, and tiring perspective of our world. In their experience, it seems impossible to escape survival mode.

Now is the time for us to make different choices. We can continue to look at the world as heavy and difficult, and assuredly, nothing will change. We cannot change if we choose to think about the world in the same way we have been conditioned and have gotten used to living.

We are spiritual beings, although many people have forgotten this. Our challenge is not to be spiritual but to be physical. We have chosen to come to Earth to experience physical reality for whatever reasons we decided before incarnation. Now that we are here, we need to learn to live optimally in this physical world.

We can only transcend the matrix of the physical reality when we deeply know and master it. Raising our vibrations and expanding our consciousnesses offer us the possibilities to increasingly master our physical realities, thereby allowing us to bring more aspects of our spiritual essence into this world and helping to raise the vibration of Gaia as a whole. And this will help to bridge the distance between the Sidhe and humans that might help both of us to reconnect to the morphogenetic field.

STEPPING OUT OF FEAR The most important step in raising your vibration is to diminish the amount of fear in your life and, ultimately, to live fearlessly.

What make people to live fearlessly? Information, knowledge and wisdom, but fear is the main component that blocks all spiritual progress for mankind. Fear keeps mankind tuned into low vibrational freqincies that then can be fed, controlled, conditioned and programmed by fear on a every dat basis through media and movie industry.

The whole Matrix is controlled by fear, and the whole mass consciouness is created on the base of fear, and the ego is the creator of fear, so people will not get any help from their ego. They must learn to re-connect and tune into their Higher Divine Self to get any supportive knowledge in their spiritual journey upwards, and if tthey ever want to find their inner hidden stone.

Release of fear is the a key support on the path of birthing a new consciousness.

Fear has numerous faces and has been engrained into our systems in countless ways. Fear is reflected in our beliefs, emotions, and the collective consciousness grids. It is locked in our energy bodies, organs, and cells, and it is an inherent part of our minds. This means that stepping out of fear is a process that requires time, diligence, perseverance, willingness, and a clear intent to never give up, even though the process might at times be incredibly frustrating. We will never step into a new consciousness if we are not willing to undertake this path. And we will never make a real connection with the Sidhe. The process of stepping out of fear has three major steps: connecting with your heart (divine essence), connecting with the frontal lobes of your brain, and the stimulation of the frontal part of your amygdalae.

The difference for humanity however – is that it has a lot of low level ignorance to overcome — ignorance that is a lower vibration than what is coming in. So, much of humanity chooses to fight the higher vibration, rather than let it in. This causes hard times on this planet — as people actually resist the raising of consciousness. The Earth is one of the places in the universe that is still somewhat dark. We are not talking about darkness, in terms of sunlight. We are talking about spiritual, mental and emotional darkness.

As your love for God increases, the Holy Spirit within your soul is stimulated, and it responds with a stronger vibration, like a tuning fork.

The Active Knowingness of Spirit is the essence and energy of every Consciousness on this side of the veil or the other. There is but one Guide, and that is the very Vision, Wisdom, Energy and Power of the Universal Christ pressing out (expressing) as the Spirit of all. So whether the Voice is speaking from your Christ Self or through a Guide, it is still the same Voice reaching you at different vibratory levels.

Your Spirit is constantly flooding the chambers of the lower mental and emotional faculties to awaken you to the glory that is yours as a Son of God and lead you back to the Father’s House. In the Awakening Process, the mysteries of the Kingdom are revealed and the Path of Discipleship is unfolded. But if your vibration is too low or scattered to receive the Light, the Divine Inspiration will be of little benefit. This is where your guides come in.

Now, as we said, the Spirit in you and the Spirit in your guides is the same Spirit, and although each guide is “interpreting” Spirit according to his/her level of consciousness, his or her primary purpose is to help you during the low vibration states to bring your lower nature under the control of your Soul. (The only true Teacher is within you.) This is done primarily through energy impulses stepped down to the vibration where you are at the time.

As the vibration increases through these impulses, your Soul Light can begin the process of transmuting or purifying the lower nature, and the Journey Home progresses. Once you are on the Path, the role of your guides is to inspire you to action in the service of others, and ultimately to world service. Their function is also to protect you when necessary through streams of force (energy) to alert you to an unforeseen danger, and to guide you in the implementation of your life plan. But again, there is but one Guide, one Voice, using different channels to reach you depending on the vibration of your consciousness.

One of the most important things to learn is how to raise your vibrations to a Higher Level of Consciousness.

By first reaching into your right cerebrum to [re]discover your inner self and then by raising the vibratory essence of your core to a Level that knows for certain that you possess the power to influence the future, you will have raised yourself to a transcendent stage which becomes your new level of enlightened self. It is from this platform that you are empowered to will your future.

To understand alchemy and the pursuit of The Stone, you must view it from two perspectives. The first view relates to the world without, while the second, to the world within. The first is the well-known material alchemy. Their quest was to create elemental gold out of base metals, such as lead. The promise of great riches to the alchemist who accomplished this feat lured many into field. The alchemical symbol of turning lead into gold , for example, has no significance if it does not somehow help the practising student of alchemy to transform his own leaden states of consciousness into golden, pure and radiant states of mind. Tavistock Institute. Part 60

However, their quest proved ultimately futile. We now understand that only nuclear reactions within stars or particle accelerators can produce the energy required to transmute elements. However, the science of alchemy does not end there-The second is esoteric or divine alchemy. The esoteric alchemist’s aim was to transmute the base metals of ignorance into the gold of awareness.

The objective was to transmute leaden consciousness into golden consciousness. It was to transmute bondage into freedom and poverty into prosperity through a direct rapport with the Higher Self. It was to dissociate from the lower self, the Ego, and associate with the Higher Self, or Spirit. The esoteric alchemists called this shift in identification The Great Work’.

It is this life transforming shift in identification that was the real gold that the esoteric alchemists sought. On your journey toward self-realization, you start out as an apprentice Alchemist. Eventually, you will acknowledge the urges and impulses that compel you to seek knowledge that will empower your transformation.

The alchemical symbol of turning lead into gold , for example, has no significance if it does not somehow help the practising student of alchemy to transform his own leaden states of consciousness into golden, pure and radiant states of mind.

As ego dissolves, the conventional separation between heart and mind yields to a state of perfect heart-mind unity, and, similarly, other tokens of duality or conflict in the material world are reworked into the truth of unity.

The process of raising consciousness beyond the limits of duality and into oneness is a lesson in alchemy. Historically, alchemy focused on the processes by which we might transform base metals into precious metals, such as lead into gold. Although many historical alchemists pursued the literal transmutation of one substance into another, the core principles of alchemy reflect spiritual transfiguration, with physical changes being a secondary manifestation of the inner changes taking place.

In healing the heart center, we are brought to the cusp of this evolutionary process. Once we arrive at this plateau, we must make a concerted effort to rise to the next level in growth. This is where we stop identifying with the world of the material plane altogether and find our awareness moved into the realm of the unseen. Even the word spirit denotes an invisible essence, something that is just out of reach or comprehension in the physical world.

The heart recognizes this quality, and embracing it yields dynamic change in our life. Spirit is the basis for inspiration. It is literally the act of being filled by spirit, and it applies equally as well to the breath as it does to creative pursuits. In both instances we empty ourselves in order to receive the blessings of life itself. Medieval texts describe “spirits” as vapors or energy fields originating from the heart, not unlike how the heart center, or Anahata, of ayurvedic tradition is closely linked to the air element and to the breath. Whichever view you choose, the heart orchestrates our existence, as it is at the center of our physical and nonphysical anatomy.

The very hollowness of our physical heart reminds us to become empty as the alchemical crucible. By focusing on a spiritually oriented paradigm of the heart, we start to lose our attachment to the mundane, dualistic world. The leaden consciousness of the slumbering mind is transmuted into its golden, luminous state of perfection: the heart-mind that identifies with its own holiness.

In this awakening, we cultivate a direct, continuous relationship with Creator, and through this relationship, unconditional love transforms everything that it touches in our lives. When the heart is fully awakened, it can be harnessed to transmute any aspect of our existence into its highest potential. Thus, the pinnacle of healing the heart can be considered the noblest form of alchemy.

The center for transformation through transmutation The energy for which this center is the focal point lifts up the heavy, leaden residues of experience and transmutes them into a buoyant, calm and peaceful, golden state of balance.

In the Play of Consciousness, GURU´S writes : As I gazed at the tiny Blue Pearl , I … a mysterious alchemy of transmutation that reveals within the leaden world the glow of the golden light of consciousness.

The sovereign Alchemist that in a trice Life’s leaden metal into gold transmute. If read in the inner meaning it signifies the opening consciousness of the Buddhic level which leads to inner recognition of the Supreme Reality.

Subtle alchemist: Divine consciousness, which subtly but surely and completely transforms worldly consciousness, as chemicals change the nature of metal. In a trice: Transcending the limitations of time, which governs the ordinary slow progress of man’s evolution to higher consciousness. Life’s leaden metal: Prosaic everyday life full of dark and heavy vexation. Gold: True and lasting happiness.

If, we begin work with these inner energies consciously, we keep the physical body in balance, and generate extra stores of subtle energy. This extra subtle energy can help to heal the physical body as well as to build and nourish a higher spiritual body. As we build up this powerful higher vibrational energy within the system, an alchemical transformation will begin to take place. It will generate a third force, a powerful neutral energy within the system that will eventually create a permanent unification of the opposing active and receptive forces within our consciousness and subtle energy field. This neutral force activates the higher mind—the wings often pictured on the central staff that lift us to a higher level of consciousness, a consciousness of unity.

For example, ‘gnosis’ or enlightenment is the outcome of expe-riencing heightened consciousness, when knowledge and energy are one. This consciousness is achieved by developing the organs of subtle anatomy via the practices of inner alchemy.

Between High Heaven and oblivion The spirit forces and material Are striving to control man’s consciousness.

This closely resembles the goals of alchemy—to change the “leaden” everyday self into the gold” of the Divine human being.

The lower nature (earth) gives birth to the higher nature (gold). This is the Divine Alchemy in which the black earth of ignorance appears to be transmuted into the gold of Wisdom.

“The transmutation of the normal physical consciousness of man into the divine consciousness was the magnum opus on which the true alchemists were en-gaged, and much that is grotesque imbecility in the directions and recipes they have left behind, if we read it simply as nineteenth-century chemists, becomes beautiful spiritual philosophy in strictest harmony with the laws governing human spiritual evolution, when we put a symbolical construction on the quaintly expressed formuhe relating to coctions and distillations and the mercury of the wise, and fiery waters and ferments.”—A. P. Sinnett, Growth of the Soul, p. 371.

“The prime object of alchemy was held to be the production of the Philoso-pher’s Stone ; that perfect and incorrupt substance, or ‘noble Tincture,’ never found upon our imperfect earth in its natural state, which could purge all baser metals of their dross, and turn them to pure gold. The quest of the Stone, in fact, was but one aspect of man’s everlasting quest of perfection, his hunger for the Absolute.

Gold, the Crowned King. or Sol, as it is called in the planetary symbolism of the alchemists, was their standard of perfection, the ‘ Perfect Metal.’ Towards it, as the Christian towards sanctity, their wills were set. It had for them value not sordid but ideal. . . . Upon the spiritual plane also they held that the Divine Idea is always aiming at ‘ Spiritual Gold ‘—divine humanity, the New Man, citizen of the transcendental world,—and ‘ natural man’ as we ordinarily know him, is a lower metal, silver at best, a departure from the plan ; who yet bears within himself, if we could find it, the spark or seed of absolute perfection, the ‘tincture’ which makes gold. . . . The an of the alchemist consists in completing the work of perfection, bringing forth and making dominant, as it were, the ‘latent Boldness’ which ‘lies obscure’ in metal or man.”

The seventh stage of alchemical transformation, Coagulation, is where the alchemist may discover the Philosopher’s Stone, the spiritual essence that we have been seeking and that is made manifest as a self-realized consciousness. It brings the seeker full circle, back to Divine Essence where it began—it coagulates it, but now with full conscious awareness of the mystery of being—which, in alchemical terms, would mean the transformation from lead to gold has been completed. All that we have processed within ourselves in the seven stages have now been solidified into a new, transformed being and an authentic representation of our essence originally created by the Divine Spirit.

So, where is the knowledge that allows us to reclaim our capacities of clairvoyance, healing and rejuvenation? According to the Azez, it is in our cells, our genetic memory banks. This resonates with the old alchemical assertions that the gold” is inherent within the “lead: and that the processes of transmutation will “free” the gold within the lead.

An alchemical process can occur whereby the leaden ego is transmuted into the gold of the Self. Our ego and our body are the stuff of the divine work of peace and compassion on Earth.

All spiritual transformation and awakening is just a shift in identification—not an intellectual shift, but a vibrational shift. All authentic transformation is just this: a shift in identification from who you thought you were to who you are in your fullness, a shift from forgetfulness to remembrance. This is why it is called the Great Return.

Real transformation and authentic remembrance have to be vibrational shifts. When you make these shifts at your core, you’ll be experi-encing yourself differently, and experiencing everything else differently. You won’t have to think about it—you’ll be living it.

With continued practice, we learn to “unhook” from our customary home in our ego-based identity—and then sustain an embodied presence and relatedness known as “open-hearted awareness.”

When spiritual awakening occurs and when you awaken from what you think of as your normal state of consciousness—awake, eyes open, moving about in the world—to your deep, essential, true nature. It literally feels like waking from a dream. It’s as if you wake up from the dream of thinking that you’re already awake in your ordinary waking state. When you are spiritually awakened, what you thought was an awake state now seems like a dream. There’s a shift from one order of reality to another. In a certain sense, the center of your regard shifts from yourself as a separate person to that which unifies us all. That’s really what spiritual awakening is: a shift from seeing yourself as a limited, isolated, separate person to realizing you are essentially that which all beings partake of, that which all beings essentially and truly are. After awakening, that deeper sense of reality is available to you and your sense of who you are, your identity has undergone a transformation.

Hermes, says, “you will separate the fine from the coarse, sweetly, with great ingenuity.” Taking a slightly different perspective, Peter French, in his excellent book on John Dee, defines the most basic concept of Hermeticism thus: “Man must know himself and recover his divine essence by reuniting with the divine men?’ or mind. These two objectives—changing lead into gold and reuniting human consciousness with the divine mind—don’t, on the face of it, seem to have much to do with each other. If one embodies the highest of human aspirations, the other looks like a cheesy get-rich-quick scheme. Yet they may not be so far apart. To begin with the transmutation of lead into gold, we know that gold is good for tooth fillings and wedding rings, for stabilizing currencies, and for diversifying one’s portfolio. But is it really worth all the attention it’s gotten? Is it so important that the occult secrets of its manufacture were encrypted in the sculpture of the great French cathedrals, as the mysterious alchemist Fulcanelli asserts? Even our own age, so roundly decried for its materialism, hasn’t resorted to the ploy of putting scientific formulae on the walls of churches.

If you are sophisticated about such things, you may reply that of course alchemy isn’t really talking about literal gold and literal lead—it’s all a symbol for something in the psyche. And alchemists, in their cryptic way, seem to agree. “Our gold is not the gold of the vulgar,” they say. How can we reconcile the apparent opposition between the symbolic and the substantial, or, as the Emerald Tablet puts it, between the “above” and the “below”?

“No one can excel in the alchemical art without knowing these principles in himself and the greater the knowledge of self, the greater will be the magnetic power attained thereby and the greater the wonders to be realized.” So what are these principles in ourselves? “We can say that in general the Sun is `form’ and the power of individuation,” Evola writes, “while the Moon—which preserves the archaic Mother and Woman symbols—expresses the ‘material’ and universal: to the undifferentiated vitality, to the cosmic spirit or the ether-light, corresponds the feminine.” Still a bit abstract. To simplify further, we could say that sol, the Sun, gold, represents the principle of consciousness, that which experiences— the “I.”

The Self, the Knower, “that conscious, feeling, ever-existing One that in each of us knows himself as existing.” Luna, on the other hand, is a name for that which is experienced. The Greeks called it hyle. This word is usually translated as “matter,” but it seems more to resemble tliphas Levi’s “astral light”—a watery astral substance that has no shape of its own but can take on the shapes of specific things. This is to say that experience has no qualities in a pure state; we never just experience, but rather we experience something, and we experience it as something—a table, book, chair, or what-have-you. This is matter in its fixed state, or “lead.” If so, then Hermeticism, in one of its many dimensions, could have to do with transmuting the “lead” of ordinary experience into the “gold” of consciousness.

Alchemists say you have to have gold in order to make gold. This would mean that you have to start with the raw material of your own experience (“lead”), using what consciousness you already have (“gold”) to create more consciousness.

Alchemy is the process of transformation.

Most people think of alchemy as the transmutation of base metals like lead into gold. But for the true alchemist, the process was something much deeper. The alchemists knew the pursuit of science with spirituality was a path to deeper knowledge and spiritual awakening. Thus, they sought to transform the “lead” of an undeveloped consciousness into the “gold” of an enlightened soul. Alchemists discovered that the evolutionary process of transformation is broken down into seven stages. This process is a natural one that we go through all the time, and you may recognize these stages in your own life. However, when left to Nature alone, it usually takes a long time for things to naturally evolve. By harnessing consciousness, alchemists work with forces to advance the evolutionary process towards spiritual awakening.

Day 1. Calcination: The purifying fire

The alchemist reduces life to ashes. To build something new, we must first destroy the old. We experience the fire of Calcination, often involuntarily, when our ego gets burned or when jarring life events force us to think twice. It’s a caustic experience, but one which brings us face-to-face with the facets of ourselves that are holding us back; a conscious awareness of our true feelings soon emerges. A lifetime of conceit, poor habits and hubris stands between us and our philosopher’s stone. We burn what has calcified to the ground and allow us to start over.

Day 2. Dissolution: Stirring the pot

The alchemist dissolves the ashes in water to create something new. A churn of emotions often follows the ego-bruising effects of Calcination, from reactionary disillusionment to resignation. This is the stage of entropy and chaos; a lack of clarity is not unusual. Untethered on a turbulent ocean, we rely on gut reactions, which connects us to the deeper stirrings of the subconscious. Many embrace the creative arts – ritual, writing, music, dance – as they accept and express the feelings that rise to the surface.

Day3. Separation: The good and bad

The alchemist separates what has dissolved. Allowing the wash of emotions and experiences to settle reveals a welcome opportunity for further reflection. Like brushing dirt from a fossil, the natural process of Separation makes visible the aspects of our nature that are authentic and must be retained, and those that are toxic and can be discarded. The parts we choose to keep are ripe for further refinement; the rest will fade to dust in the heat of the playa.

Day 4. Conjunction: The point of no return

The alchemist mixes a cocktail. We’ve faced the truth about ourselves, good and bad, and decided what’s worth keeping. Conjunction, the halfway point in our journey, is the amalgamation and reintegration of the those elements into something new. All the good things, freshly scrubbed, are reconciled with one another in harmonious proportion, igniting a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. This new conscious awareness, along with a strong sense of connection and communion, will be essential for the journey ahead.

Day 5. Fermentation: Death & ressurection

The alchemist creates new life. Putrefaction is the letting go of any remaining influences of the ego – our newly-awakened consciousness will help inform the experience – while Fermentation symbolizes the birth of the newly-developing Self. Lingering impurities at this stage are less obvious and need more soul-searching to resolve, but the result is a higher vision of perfection and a strong and authentic identity. A new, unified vision begins to take root in this fertile ground.

Day 6. Distillation: Refinement in stages

The alchemist uses the sacred fire to burn off any final impurities.Having freed ourselves from undesirable elements, everything that remains is essential, and ready for the intense refinement and elevation of the distillation process. In the same way the alchemists would heat and cool a solution over and over to augment purity, Distillation ensures that no residue of the ego – or our former, ego-centric selves – is left behind, leaving us free and independent in thought and spirit as we cross the final threshold.

Day 7. Coagulation: A new beginning golden light

The alchemist discovers the light of evolved consciousness, the philosopher’s stone. The final stage of our endeavour, and the culmination of our efforts, is to see it all come together in one final, enlightened form: a permanent vehicle of elevated consciousness, embodying the highest aspirations of body and soul. It is normal to brave the journey more than once before coming face-to-face with your philosopher’s stone, for this is not the end of our transformation. Rather, it is another beginning, as we start the cycle anew in search of ever deeper communion with the connected universe and ourselves.

When you expand your heart charka, in many of the cases, Rudra granthi automatically breaks, paving the way for kundalini to ascend easily. Rudra granthi is the toughest of the three blocks. If this block is removed, your gateway to liberation is opened. Time is a mass consciousness creation, time is not a foundation of reality that was here before humanity existed. The mass consciousness of humanity created it.Tavistock Institute. Part 59

THE DANCE OF ego, soul, and spirit takes place within the chakras. It can be seen that the ego, the separate identity of the self, is animated by the energy of the first three chakras. The Soul is the Heart Chakra, with allegiance to both ego and spiritual realms. Spirit infuses the upper chakras. The ideal is that each chakra integrates its gifts and perspectives with all the others. Growing in conscious-ness is knowing more of the territory of your being, ultimately expanding to encompass all of the chakras simultane-ously. Ultimate awareness. Not easy to obtain, however, because of attachments. Attachments limit, hold and freeze consciousness to certain points of view, perspectives and opinions. Attachments are natural; they spontaneously arise, but it must be seen that they will contaminate the experience of oneness by putting the self where it doesn’t belong.

To move beyond the limited view of the first three chakras does not require going against the perspectives they bring, simply beyond them. Moving beyond means to delve into the conscious awareness of the soul. The soul is always there, of course, but our conscious awareness of it may not be. The center of consciousness has to shift in order to allow the awakening of the heart, the seat of the soul. You have to be able to take that leap of faith of believing that it is safe to lower your defenses. That one leap is a mighty leap, however, because it allows you to bring the heart into your life experiences. Life without heart is a tough experience. Awakening to the heart softens life and allows joy—the song of the soul—to be present.

“When you expand your heart charka, in many of the cases, Rudra granthi automatically breaks, paving the way for kundalini to ascend easily. Rudra granthi is the toughest of the three blocks. If this block is removed, your gateway to liberation is opened.”

The key is to break the Rudra granthi knot. This is the energy center between the eyebrows that is the seat of higher intelligence. The ego transforms in this chakra. As all the six chakras are cleansed, the Kundalini energy will rise and reach the thousand-petal lotus or the Sahasrara chakra. Located at the top of the head, when the Kundalini energy reaches the crown chakra, you attain complete realization of the Truth or the Higher Power or the Universe, whatever name you may call it. The ego transforms here, and you are merged with the wholeness of the universe. This is the experience called. Samadhi, or enlightenment. Your perception about life and the universe changes entirely.

In Western cultures, there has been a revival of the temple system in the form of school as mandatory for all citizens of a certain age. We are now so used to school as a part of reality that it is hard to imagine a time when everyone was illiterate except for a handful of scholars. It is hard to imagine that subjects such as biology were taught only to those who had taken spiritual vows to particular gods and goddesses. In general, it is hard to imagine all of the centuries that have transpired with the majority of humanity in darkness, their chakras barely open or under control.

What is also hard to imagine is that souls who seem to have a quick understanding of the subjects taught in schools are reviewing topics that they are already familiar with. A massive number of souls in the Western culture are going through the process of having their root chakras brought under control with organized sports and dance; their emotional chakras balanced through reli-gious and moral training; and their solar plexus chakras activated in schools, colleges and universities.

However, often they are left without enlightenment and their lower ego is running rampant. This is a major problem in modern society. The majority of people in Western cultures are left at this point and are looking for something more, something that has been missing. They seek enlightenment and spiritual teaching. They are ready to complete the initiation of the solar plexus and move up to the initiation of the heart chakra. They are often stopped by their lower ego.

When the individual who is seeking to embody a loving consciousness is surrounded by others who are driven by the lower ego (the matrix and mass conscioness), it is like being in shark-infested waters, metaphorically speaking. In the home, the workplace and in social settings, the individual is constantly at the mercy of others driven by their lower ego to acts of unkindness, cruelty and selfishness.

Everything that the master teacher Jesus ever said that was recorded and written down at some later time, had something to do with raising the consciousness above that of the lower ego, to the level of the higher self, which is loving and compassionate. All of the lit-tle parables that he told describe some situation where someone acts from the level of the soul and not the lower ego.

The fire of the Christ Consciousness, the “I AM Presence,” must rise above the ego consciousness to reach the God-Consciousness of the 8th chakra

Time is a mass consciousness creation, time is not a foundation of reality that was here before humanity existed. The mass consciousness of humanity created it. When God created physical existence, time did not exist until humanity created it. To the mind time seems like a foundation of reality that is not flexible. Time is a creation that can be transformed by the power of divine love. Time is elastic. It can expand or contract. When you become enlightened, you move from living in the creation of time to living in the “Now” moment.

The now moment is eternity, there is no past and future in the reality of your soul’s unlimited existence. Living in the ‘now’ moment does not mean that you have no remembrance of events of the past or that you do not plan for the future. But it does mean that you stay in the divine power of the ‘now’ moment. If you did not create linear time you would live in the Now Moment in which you would progressively experience, but not because of past or future. The important difference with the Now moment vs. linear time is that you do not build perceptions in the Now moment. You build perceptions from your experiences in linear time, and you refer to those for your next experience. This is why humanity created time to begin with, because once we thought we were not safe, we thought we needed this system.

The only way to obtain liberation is to die out of your self-made prison of ego-armor. “Die, ere you die, so that if you should die, you will not die,” (seventeenth century). And twelfth-century mystics tells us: “At night you must plunge into the depths of your nothing should a morning dawn for you in the brilliance of the highest light.” This is the path to liberation. To die means to awaken out of the ego-engendered dream of samsara. Become absolutely nothing —mu!—and you awaken. This is surpassing life and death and thereby surmounting all duality, accepting and rejecting, right or wrong. Die and be utterly dead, and then do whatever you want—all is good.

The problem comes down to your being afraid of fear! And that’s an emotion. “When emotions arise, wisdom ceases,”. Wisdom is the reality of your Self-Being; it’s the absolute here, the absolute now! Now is the beginning and the end.

The goal of all yoga practices is samadhi or superconscious union of the little self with the Higher Self or God. Samadhi comes after one learns to dissolve his ego consciousness in the calm inner light. Once the grip of ego has really been broken, and one discovers that he is that light, there is nothing to prevent him from expanding his consciousness to infinity.

  1. The fourth chakra is the first chakra of transcending individual ego.
  2. And at this level the root chakra is then no longer the base of fear-survival energy, and the HEART will become the new root chakra which energy-frequency is based on LOVE and HEALING.
  3. And at this level the person has liberate himself from the lower matrix and influencing control of mass consciousness.

Moving Beyond Duality andf its frequencies….Duality Vs Oneness, Fear and Love frequency

The Living Light Body’s axiatonal lines and spin points were disconnected during the Fall of Consciousness to prevent communication with the Over Soul, Higher Self and Soul Spirit, and also with Creator. As a person begins the ascension process and enters higher and higher levels of consciousness, the body’s cells match that higher vibration and begin to hold greater levels of Light.

The highly vibrating cells affect the entire physical body. As the axiatonal lines and the axial spin points upon them are integrated and activated, they have a direct connection to the meridian system and acupuncture points. You might imagine the Living Light Body as a fine open-woven mesh with tiny nodes at every intersection lying just above your skin. It is a garment of Light, a coat of many colours. With the activation of your body of Light, the potential for change within the physical body is significant. The physical body regenerates cells at a regular pace. For example red blood cells renew in approximately four months, stomach cells in two to nine days.

As the energy and Light connections are created between the Living Light Body’s spin points and the spin points within the cells, a resonance between the two bodies develops. The denseness begins to be eliminated and cellular regeneration starts to occur from that more perfected state. Newly regenerated cells vibrate at the new higher level of Light. It may go without saying that this interface between the Living Light Body system and the physical system is not possible while holding your attention in a third-dimensional state. No matter how many years one spends praying and working and studying, the only way to merge the Living Light Body with the physical body is in a consistent fifth-dimensional state of being. One must become a body of Light before having a Light Body.

It may go without saying that this interface between the Living Light Body system and the physical system is not possible while holding your attention in a third-dimensional state.

These seven layers of unique energetic components that are each composed of Light, colour, sound and the frequency ranges of each. This is an initiatory process that began in this last gathering of the students. They are offering their service not only to raise their bodies to a higher state of being, but also to facilitate the raising of planet Earth out of the density of a third-dimensional matrix. This upgrade takes place within the physical body, as well as the consciousness of the Soul Spirit. It can be then modelled and translated through the Elementals for a re-creation of the way in which Earth is held within energetic configurations. An alteration is made not only of the matter of the body, but the matter of the planet itself. But it first has to be taken and utilized at the personal level. Here is where you find yourself at this moment: holding a consciousness that was not available previously in regards to creation of Light within the body and within form. When this conversion is translated by the Elementals and made usable within the Earth, the ley lines of the Earth begin to be activated, recharged and enlightened. They begin to operate as the meridian system does within the physical body. This takes the direction of the Elementals, just like it takes your conscious direction, to direct the Light through the various channels

Activating this first layer of the Living Light Body allows you to begin to configure the cells and alter the glands and fluids of the body so that it may begin to hold a greater level of Light. It also unifies the Higher Mind with the Mind of Creator, also known as the Universal Mind. This activation unifies all the previously separate systems of the physical body, upgrading the functioning of the chakras, Triads and the Unified Field. It also creates a synergy within the morphic fields surrounding the physical, etheric, mental-emotional, causal and Christed bodies, allowing for the merging of those bodies.

There are many energetics being placed into the physical realm through you that not only will open the consciousness of the body, but also will set a new level of awareness for you to observe. The Mind of Source is now within your Higher Mind. The Holy Spirit is within your Soul Spirit and within your body. When you begin to fully acknowledge that the Mind of Source and your mind are one and the same, it allows that eighth chakra to begin to function at a much higher frequency range. This Light is distributed throughout the system, down from the pineal, into the pituitary, the hippocampus and the hypothalamus, throughout the glandular system. It also engages with the cellular system. As that Light begins to spin and vibrate at a higher frequency range within the pineal, there is another aspect of that liquid Light that begins to take form. It is much thicker and has a viscosity. This nectarlike Light is flowed throughout the system. The liquids within the body’s cellular system, glandular system and digestive system must all contain this liquid Light in order to have this conversion into the Light Body. This Light also runs through the meridian system and engages the axiatonal lines and spin points to further disperse these higher frequencies into the system.

Upgrading the second Triad

When each layer of the Living Light Body is awakened, many other layers and systems need to be upgraded or adjusted to function best with this higher level of Light. You’ll upgrade the Colour Codes, Triads, pituitary gland, DNA and more (and hopefully you’ll upgrade your amusement, neutrality and personal goals as well). Think of this as being similar to when you install a new operating system on your computer and some existing applications need to be updated. A series of automatic functions within the second Triad become engaged with this activation. The second Triad is upgraded here. This automatic functioning allows your pineal gland to constantly create Light, and this magnifies one-hundredfold when you consciously place your attention in that second Triad, reinforcing the presence of the first layer Light Body.

The collective consciousness of the group responded with, “Awareness of their existence is the first step in the healing process. The ability to be ‘conscious’ of more than one dimension simultaneously takes practice and dedication. Once you become ‘aware’ of these aspects of self, the healing process is relatively simply and will lead to a higher vibrational response. To be Multi-Dimensional in your con-sciousness you must first acknowledge that you have the ability to develop your perceptual awareness of all dimensions—those below as well as those above.”

Our cells store this energy, and it also creates the electromagnetic field around the body we call the Aura. When these forces operate within us unconsciously, we generate and store only enough of this energy for the everyday health and maintenance of our system. If our positive and negative currents become blocked or are out of balance in some way, our subtle energy stores become depleted and illness results. If, on the other hand, we work with these energies consciously, we keep the physical body in balance, and generate extra stores of subtle energy. This extra subtle energy can help to heal the physical body as well as to build and nourish a higher spiritual body. As we build up this powerful higher vibrational energy within the system, an alchemical transformation will begin to take place. It will generate a third force, a powerful neutral energy within the system that will eventually create a permanent unification of the opposing active and receptive forces within our consciousness and subtle energy field. This neutral force activates the higher mind—the wings often pictured on the central staff that lift us to a higher level of consciousness, a consciousness of unity.

High thought is generated by high vibrations . … In order that the vessel which is consciousness may ascend from a lower to a higher level of operation , it first must cease to expend itself in motions relative to its lower ( fallen ) condition.

The new ​consciousness of the supramental creation is an alchemist of the ​spirit – it is able to transform everything.

When tachyons slow down , third – dimensional matter is created , and when they speed up , the higher planes of consciousness can be achieved

“The conscious conquest of matter, life and mind which you started we have completed, and that is why man left earth … The single electron of hydrogen turns on ever higher levels; its atom becomes less and less material, more and more … pure electromagnetic vibration, thus capable of expressing the highest delight of being — the love which created the universe. … 35 opened to man the secrets of matter as well as the doors to space and to the knowledge of the alchemy of the suns.

You are a powerful multi-dimensional being living a human existence.

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the downpour of nirvanic energy into your personal vehicle or into manifestation. This experience is happening right now on a larger scale on the planet. It has been happening since beginning of time. The process of human evolution is a process of enlightenment.

You integrate energies which are coming from a higher plane of consciousness: Nirvana. When this downpour of energy is sudden and conscious, you truly feel transcended by light vibration. In most situations however it is more like a drop by drop pouring of energy into your consciousness.

Everyone is getting enlightened to a certain extent. The flow of life force in your consciousness is a process of enlightenment. The totally of humankind is going through this process. Now, when you consciously meditate and invoke energies from these higher planes, you strengthen the “bridge” with these higher levels of consciousness and speed up your spiritual evolution.

The key to understanding this faster moving energy is like changing gears on a car. Instead of changing gears on a car people can learn to switch frequencies from lower (gears) to higher and through it make the atomic cells produce more faster moving energy. It then becomes like a super-speeding Internet, were information moves in the speed of light and instantly.

The Earth based “GEAR” is the FEAR-GEAR and its FUEL is low vibrational freqiencies. Everything on Earth is designed to keep humankind locked and tuned into their lowerst GEAR of low vibrational frequencies. Thw whole mass consciousness is under the spell of FEAR and slowest GEAR.

Raising ones inner vibrations means they must changing GEAR, and to be able to do this they must leave the slow-gear of mass consciousness. The whole media news apparatus, and the movie industry is channels that producing and feeding mass consciousness with low vibrational energies of FEAR. Therefore, people can´t change or switch GEAR. When human begin to moving faster they STRESS, and this stress is negative. Raising inner frequencies to a higher state creates calmness, and a balanced state of mind.

The practices of Yoga are intended to move the consciousness beyond the ego-bound human personality through identification with and expression of this divine consciousness based on Oneness and direct experience, not mental reasoning or inference.

The human EGO just allows humankind to operating on one dimension and this dimensions is controlled by one GEAR – the slow vibrational frequencies of FEAR. This is what has fueling the human mind and Mass- Consciounsess for eons, generation after generation.

The human EGO is the FEAR creator and therefore controls the GEAR of FEAR. So when someone begins to change GEAR (change frequency) the naturally reaction for the ego is to scare yo back and to become passive. Then the EGO is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS people around you will begin affect your life with fear and negativity. They actually become working much like how media news spreading low vibrational energies of mind-controlling fear.

Earth is under the SPELL of the FEAR-GEAR and people has become to scared to change GEAR.

What prevents enlightenment? The answer is the FEAR-GEAR, because it keeping mankind locked into their slowerst frequency-gear, and this keep their thought pattern captivated within a mind-matrix knows as the mind-prison. Mankind is enslaved within this low range of frequencies, and this Matrix has become the HIVE MIND of mass consciounsess.

The hidden purpose with the One World Government and the Digital Global World Brain is to prevent anyone to be able to change their inner GEAR. The forces behimd the One World Government is same EGO-Reptilian powers that has govern Earth and peoples minds for thosuends of years, and they will not suddenly begin to freeing people from this state of mind. Instead it will enslave everyone and they will forever loose their ability to change GEAR from FEAR freqiencies to the Higher LOVE frequency.

This world is designing a world were all decision making is moved from people to computers or the global world brain. It´s a combination of; Let the computer think for you and building highway for driverless cars. These are the three main concepts how they slowly taking over the human mind.

  1. The computer that is thinking for YOU
  2. Designing a society were the mind decision making is moved into a computer based reality
  3. Designing products they must buy that fits the modell were all decision making is moved into these new products they must buy and use.
  4. By designing the society in this way they continue to control the GEAR-FEAR
  5. The RFID-chip and microchipping everyone is just another methods to take over and control peoples lifes. By designing the whole society in this way people will not have any choice and must be microchipped to be able to buy or sell anyting (Book of Revelation).
  6. The Reptilians of this world somehow is in control, or influence or owns all media, television, movie industry, music industry and books stores. They control or owns all companies in the world that can affect or control the human mind. They are owner of all companies that can affecy or control the human FIVE-SENSES. Everything people read, listen or watching is owned by people who controls what is fueling the human mind. This creates and world of limitation. We are fed by same low vibrational frequencies information. This is the state of duality in in charge and people are trapped within a 3 dimensional reality of the EGO.

The process begins with requesting the electrical bridging or rewiring to prepare your twelve-body system for the next higher voltage of energies.

The lower part of a chakra is a pitch at the bottom part of that frequency range. It Is like the gears in a car; initially the revs are low and the torque of the engine helps the car accelerate upwards through the gear until its maximum revs are reached. The cycle is repeated when we change gear again. We move through each part of the inner planes and our chakras in a similar way.

The ‘gear changes’ in between are the abysses that separate the energetic centres, their frequencies and different roles. We may experience being ‘in limbo’, or have the feeling of not wanting to engage particularly in anything, when we are crossing these abysses. These periods are generally indicative of moving into new energy settings. The only danger here is that because it is a ‘pause’ or a step into the unknown, there is sometimes the backward glance to where we have just been; the safety of what is known can cause our consciousness to go back down to the lower energy setting instead of moving upwards.

When we start to work with another chakra, our behaviour and demeanour naturally change too because our overall subtle energy is different. Our auras change as do our desires, likes and dislikes. Once we have progressed over halfway through a chakra, or an inner plane for that matter, we are naturally attracted to the upper portion of it, as In a ’rounding up effect — similar to the effects of spiritual gravity.

This tends to happen at various stages of our lives, similar in physical terms to when, every seven years, we are completely regenerated at a cellular level. One step ahead of this process of physical change is the subtle system; it defines and feeds the physical body with a blueprint of what it Is likely to become. This Is not to say that it Is all predetermined because our will and higher aspects of energy can affect our subtle picture too.

We can guide our physical and subtle systems to become something more, through accessing the higher mental aspects of our higher selves. Again, in this way, there is always a bigger picture of energy that can filter down, affecting and influencing everything that is underneath it.

Changing GEAR from the FEAR-GEAR to LOVE-GEAR will change the inner power and withit Courage is increased in vibrations. The increase is due to the incoming energy and rise of the vibrational frequency of the planet. These higher frequencies are heart based. As a result of incoming energy onto the planet, the vibration values will change. These higher energies empower Living the Way of the Heart. Reason involves the mind which is split between the influence of Spirit and ego.

What people should learn is to switch into the COURAGE-GEAR and become FEARLESS. Its the EGO identification that´s keeping mankind tuned into the FEAR-GEAR-FREQUENCY of low vibrational energies. As long people identifying themselves with the body and ego, then the power of ego will have control over their minds. When people instead learn to identify themselves with their inner Higher Divine Self, they slowly become FEARLESS, because FEAR can´t exist at same level as the higher LOVE-frequency. The Divine Higher Self can´t die and therefore can be afraid of nothing. Its eternal. Ego is the temporal. The FEAR of DEATH concept also keeping mankind tuned into the FEAR-GEAR and SURVIVAL-GEAR.

This switch in GEAR, or SWITCH in frequencies is actually a switch from the EGO to the HEART, and within the spiritual HEART there is no fear. This will change the whole life purpose, and re-connect and re-uinte them with their inner divine state they have been separated and disconnected from for thousends of years.

TRANSMUTING FEAR INTO VICTORY.Fear is the frequency of separation, and generates dualism. Duality is a culturally indoctrinated lens of perception. The purpose of duality isn’t about choosing sides; it’s about transcending the illusion of sides altogether, and learning to embrace the whole. Darkness is light distorted through consciousness. Distorted, fragmented, and seemingly separate though it is, darkness is still light. Our purpose here on Earth is to bring these fragmented aspects of duality—our fragmented aspects of duality—back into wholeness. Tavistock Institute. Part 58

Fear is the frequency of separation, and generates dualism. Duality is a culturally indoctrinated lens of perception. The purpose of duality isn’t about choosing sides; it’s about transcending the illusion of sides altogether, and learning to embrace the whole.

Darkness is light distorted through consciousness. Distorted, fragmented, and seemingly separate though it is, darkness is still light. Our purpose here on Earth is to bring these fragmented aspects of duality—our fragmented aspects of duality—back into wholeness. We are here to bring the darkness home. When we incarnate, we agree to allow darkness into our beings so that we can understand it, and learn from it. This relationship allows us to cultivate the ability to meet the darkness with love, which is what—ultimately—allows the darkness to be redeemed and to return home to the light.

Ego is one of the main programs that can stop you from reconnecting with the God within, but ego can be broken. It’s a distraction that produces emotions that must be mastered in order for you to see the illusion of separation for what it is, an illusion. Ego divides, which is what the Archons want. Ego is the reason for the Tower of Babel (as described in your Bible), which led to the separation of humanity and loss of the experience of Oneness.

Ego or the false self, the counterfeit spirit or mind that causes separation from God, is the primary ‘ weapon ‘ of the negative.

Satan and the Antichrist are superstitious understandings representing the shadow side of man and woman. Humanity has an ego and an alter ego. Your soul’s ego is pure and is the working duplicate of the loving, joyous, compassionate and powerful manifesting God that created it. Your alter ego is riddled with fear, anger, againstness, separation, scientific and religious dogma and a whole host of lower vibrational attitudes and emotions, as well as limiting mental concepts-such as Satan. Satan and the Antichrist are representative of the shadow side of humans.

The Antichrist is all that which is against the Christ consciousness coming forward within the individual. It is all that which is altered from the Christ consciousness, and it resides within the soul as the alter ego. The great war between the Christ and the Antichrist is the war between the soul’s true ego and the alter ego.

It is a war within self It is experienced in the outer world as will operating from the soul’s true ego, using love as the manifesting force behind all creation and cherishing humanity and nature, versus will operating from the baser alter ego using fear, selfishness and againstness, usually at the expense of humanity and nature. We cannot blame Satan or the Antichrist for our realities created by our own consciousness, thoughts and actions. If you want to war against Satan, clean up your consciousness.

When you are free from all fear, anger, againstness, separation and judgment, you will see he no longer exists. All you will experience is omnipresent God. “As you believe, so it is.” If you believe in Satan, you create this evil within your mind. Many worship Satan by constantly looking for him. He is alive within their own mind. If Satan is no longer within your consciousness, he will not be a part of your reality.

You will never truly understand any expression until you have experienced it. Through experience one also gains the wisdom that enables one to have love and compassion for others. At the core of every man and woman is an eternal and unique, loving, joyous G o d – no matter how vile or ugly the outer expression. There is also the desire to remember.

Many masters have awakened to their true identity, yet they are barred from the very religious organizations created in their names. They are ignored, chastised and often killed by their own people. They are a threat to the positions, power, graven images and idols of the organizations. Where would organizations be if everyone knew that God loved them unconditionally, that God was within them and not in the ethers, and that you cannot buy or earn what is given freely?

You can see why the masters are a threat and the necessity for their removal. This pattern has been going on for eons. The Pharisees were a grand example of an organization of men who worshipped their positions, fine wine and the false power of money over truth.

Fear of death is what´s feeding the human ego. The more you are identified with ego, the greater you will fear death. The ego , that part of the psyche that is conscious and selfaware, motivated by this fear, brings about humanity’s flight from God. it keeps us locked in complex strategies of defensiveness and control that undermine the possibility of deeper connection.

Thus, to gain greater access to the gold of our nature in relationship, a certain alchemy is required: the refining of our conditioned defensive patterns.

Perhaps it is easier to be enslaved by fear than it is to face the risk of being free.

We are not as powerless as we have grown to believe we are. We are not enslaved to the current system if we choose to exercise our free-will. Freedom is only renunciation of fear, and each and every person, no matter their condition, can choose freedom over fear if they want to.

Many people are afraid to choose to live a life that is different than what their current cultural system dictates. They are afraid to meet with disapproval from others within their community. They are afraid that if they do not function within the accepted guidelines of their culture they will not be able to survive. So they go on about their lives, ignoring the inner voice that tells them something is not right, rationalizing their choice to simply go along with the status quo and instead seek comfort and self-worth in the stockpiling of possessions, awaiting the arrival of someone else who can redeem them.

Perhaps it is easier to be enslaved by fear than it is to face the risk of being free, like a jailbird who has lived most of his life behind bars finds himself terrified when faced with the uncertainty of how he will survive beyond the prison’s walls. But fear is merely a state of mind, based on the illusion of ego.

The fear of death means attachment to life . But arising, decaying , and changing are the true aspects of life and the essential characteristic of human existence- Those enslaved by the idea of an ego cannot break free from the stream of birth and death; they have lost their freedom of escape.

From the usual viewpoint birth and death are nothing but transmigration.

The matrix exists to make you forget that you are a quantum creator by keeping you operating in survival mode, and making you a slave to the system, which sustains itself by stifling your life force, and dumbing you down by: pumping you up with sugar, jacking you up on caffeine, dulling you down with fluoride, poisoning your body with pills, programming your consciousness with fear and lies and celebrity gossip, and whacking you so far out that you don’t even notice when things are imbalanced and out of alignment—kind of like our planet right now. Because once your brain has been hijacked by the darkness, you become more concerned with following the herd, and being like everyone else, than with thinking for yourself, let alone with living a lit life as a quantum creator.

Only in duality is good pitted against evil, but to believe in both good and evil is the fall from grace, a stark denial that we are all equally made in the image and likeness of God. The belief in evil replaces the truth with the illusion of separation, the result-ing fear leads to attacks, and peace is made impossible. As long as we think separation serves us, that our salvation however that is defined—depends on being among the chosen few, we cannot let the illusion go. We thus evict ourselves from the Garden of Eden and place Oneness beyond our reach. The story of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace helps explain how we lose our way, why Oneness has been difficult to achieve, and why duality has been so tenacious. Recognizing the differences between Oneness and duality and how they operate in our world opens us to the possibility of the body and the living soul, sym-bolically called Adam and Eve, returning to the Garden of Eden by leaving duality behind.

Fear is the frequency of separation, and generates dualism.

All pairs of opposites will have their unifying center, making a triangle instead of a polarity: Whole Self Fear Frequency (separation/duality) Love Frequency (creation/divinit ) …

The only thing stopping us from being the love we are is the fear-based programming that we have been imprinted with.

The work of transmuting the ego actually means to transmute and overcome fear, because the ego is the fear producer.

Courage is required to motivate us to do everything possible to seek a positive outcome in any predicament.

The good news of the Gospel is that Christ came not to destroy death, but to strip it of its alien terrors. A close study of Hebrews 2:14, 15, will reveal that “the fear of death” was not an unreasonable fear.

There are many frequencies of energy that descend from your Presence, appearing to the spiritual sight both as beams of light and scintillating flames. But only the violet flame has the unique ability to transmute negative energy. It transforms hatred into love, fear into courage, anger into compassion. The violet flame is also known as the flame of the Holy Spirit.

As you give this “Violet Fire” decree daily, you’ll find yourself moving with greater free-dom, liberated from the burdens that have been weighing you down. You’ll think more clearly and act more decisively. And you’ll be able to connect more easily with your Higher Self whenever you are in need of guidance or direction.

“Where there is no spiritual purpose, there is nothingness” (shadows). Keep this in mind and your abundant eye shall be activated to even more acuity of sight. The ear shall be activated to more acuity of hearing. Give up the power projected to nothingness by transmutation and project into the Power beyond Power. Remove the veil of that which is meaningless and commune with the “ALL. When mankind realizes that they are Spirit, the desire and need for psychics and mediums shall dissolve. In this, the power utilized by psychics and mediums shall be retained and the true mission of these workers shall manifest unto them. Within each prodigal soul is the Divine seed of Wisdom and healing.

He who has destroyed the desire to grasp can never be troubled with the fear of loss. Loss and gain are alike foreign to him.


There is no bondage in the Heavenly Life. There is Perfect Freedom. This is its great glory. This Supreme Freedom is gained only by obedience. He who obeys the Highest cooperates with the Highest, and so masters every force within himself and every condition without. A man may choose the lower and neglect the Higher, but the Higher is never overcome by the lower; herein lies the revelation of Freedom. Let a man choose the Higher and abandon the lower; he shall then establish himself as an Overcomer, and shall realize Perfect Freedom. To give the reins to inclination is the only slavery; to conquer oneself is the only freedom. The slave to self loves his chains, and will not have one of them broken for fear he would be depriving himself of some cherished delight. He clings to his gratifications and vanities, regarding freedom from them as an empty and undesirable condition. He thus defeats and enslaves himself.

By self-enlightenment is Perfect Freedom found. While a man remains ignorant of himself, of his desires, of his emotions and thoughts, and of the inward causes which mold his life and des-tiny, having neither control nor understanding of himself, he will remain in bondage to passion. sorrow, suffering, and fluctuating fortune. The Land of Perfect Freedom lies through the Gate of Knowledge.

All outward oppression is but the shadow and effect of the real oppression within. For ages the oppressed have cried for liberty, and a thousand man-made statutes have failed to give it to them. They can give it only to themselves; they shall find it only in obedience to the Divine Statutes which are inscribed upon their hearts. Let them resort to the inward Freedom, and the shadow of oppression shall no more darken the earth. Let men cease to oppress themselves, and no man shall oppress his brother.

Men legislate for an outwardfreedom, yet continue to render such freedom impossible of achievement by fostering an inward condition of enslavement. They thus pursue a shadow without, and ignore the substance within. Man will be free when he is freed from self. All outward forms of bondage and oppression will cease to be when man ceases to be the willing bond-slave of passion, error, and ignorance. Freedom is to the free. While men cling to weakness they cannot have strength; while they love darkness they can receive no light; and so long as they prefer bondage they can enjoy no liberty.

Strength, light, and freedom are ready now, and can be had by all who love them, who aspire to them. Freedom does not reside in coOperative aggression, for this will always produce, reactively, coOperative defense—hence warfare, hatred, party strife, and the destruction of liberty. Freedom resides in individual self-conquest.

The emancipation of Humanity is frustrated and withheld by the selfenslavement of the unit. Thou who criest to man and God for liberty, liberate thyself! The Heavenly Freedom is freedom from passion, from cravings, from opinions, from the tyr-anny of the flesh, and the tyranny of the intellect—this first, and then all outward freedom, as effect to cause.

The Freedom that begins within, and extends outwardly until it embraces the whole man. is an emancipation so complete. all-embracing. and perfect as to leave no galling fetter unbroken. Free thy soul from all sin, and thou shalt walk a freed and fearless man in the midst of a world of fearful slaves; and, seeing thee, many slaves shall take heart and shall join thee in thy glorious freedom.

Transmutes fear and darkness into light and joy! Golden Light is the strongest light of transformation in the physical universe!

“From your birth to your death you are caged in worldly trappings, weighted down by the world. You are encased in rock, in a cold tomb, and you see little beyond the cave in which you were born. You are lead—ugly metal for everyday use, unworked and touched only briefly by the light. But you may, having glimpsed the light in the shadows of your tomb, crawl toward it, put your self through the alchemical process that transmutes lead into gold. One day you will hear the call of awakening and resurrection, and you will break free from the earth and rise up, rejoicing. You will cast off your chains and let go of fear, moving from darkness into light. You will stretch your arms to the heavens and cry out that you are free, and the tears that fall down your cheeks will take fear with them.

Darkness can be transmuted into light before you realise it, so did the spell of fear in the minds of the people gradually fade away and become faith.

Dying is simple transmutation . Dying is changing form and changing condition . It is the emergence from darkness into light. It is the glorification of those elements in man which ally him to God.

Transmuting Fear into Light

This is a powerful process you can model to permanently dissolve your fear into light, and also to remove some collective fear from the world. It doesn’t matter what your fear is about or how real it seems — fear is fear, and you can transmute it into light.

The True Flame of mankind can bring a transmuting light and warmth into our egotism and fear.

Those who choose to step out of duality don’t have to depend on the cycles of earth to balance their energy of positive and negative anymore. It is a multi-dimensional type offrequency, and the only way a person can tie into this is by moving beyond the belief of good and evil, or duality (2-d).

We have been creating as mortals in the third dimension of duality, we are more than that. We are divine creators capable of creating heaven on earth. The ancient wisdom of who we are and why we are here is returning to planet earth. With the return of the frequency of pure love and light, we are raising our frequency and therefore raising the frequency of our manifestations. With a higher frequency of pure love and light, we begin to live in two dimensions simultaneously. We move beyond mortality to combine our divinity into all that we are. We move beyond duality to unity: a state of zero-point, a state of perfection. Then, as creators working in both dimensions simultaneously, in unity, our intentions have a higher frequency.

Why is meditation so difficult? Imagine that every atom and molecule of your body is oscillating in a certain low frequency. Atoms are moving slowly and it takes a lot of energy to get them excited. While meditating you increase the energy flow within your body and try to make yourself vibrate faster. In the beginning, this is very exhausting and requires a lot of energy—like getting a ship/truck moving from a stand-still. It takes less energy to increase the velocity while the movement is already taking place. Similarly, continuous prac-tice of meditation makes reaching the previous oscillation level easier. Even though the example deals with a “physical” situation, meditation is purely a mental practice. The practitioner needs to focus and align the internal energy flows and use this con-centration for expanding the consciousness. The fewer the distractions (thoughts and the like), the more united and efficient the results. Finally, the practitioner is capable of realiz-ing the balance state between/beyond duality and just simply be—become enlightened.

The Aware Ego is not a destination that can be reached, but rather a process that must be lived. It gives us more choices, more possibilities, more directions in which to move. The true light comes from Higher Power, which is beyond duality and is the Source of all consciousness.

The ego must be transcended to reach the supreme consciousness. We must move beyond fear and realize that any kind of possession is an illusion. Letting go of primal fear, we access the Primal, which is the Divine. To reach to this union or come by this contact it is necessary to enter or at least open into a greater consciousness than that of the human mental being who is shut up in the limitations of an individualised living body. Tavistock Institute. Part 56

The ego must be transcended to reach the supreme consciousness. We must move beyond fear and realize that any kind of possession is an illusion. Letting go of primal fear, we access the Primal, which is the Divine.

The West has accepted only objective experience. They think that within the objective uni-verse you will be able to see the infinite Spirit. That you can-not. Therefore, science is trying to realize the Infinite with the objective method of science. But when you become illumined you will realize that Consciousness is not connected with your finite self, but with your infinite Self. And that can be possible only when you have accepted an illumined soul as your guru.

Our goal is to transcend duality and to achieve the Supreme Self – God – who exists above all. In order to reach this goal it is necessary to concentrate our mind and heart on the divine reality.

In the spiritual traditions of the East , the attainment of a fully expanded consciousness is often described as “ reaching the other shore . ” The vast sea of the unconscious mind lies between the secure ground on which we stand , i . e . ego. To reach the other shore one must first cross this sea. the development of consciousness as a “ journey. It must find itself by always transcending itself. To reach an absolute – super – consciousness both the relativity of individual and the reality of the cosmos have to be transcended.

To reach to this union or come by this contact it is necessary to enter or at least open into a greater consciousness than that of the human mental being who is shut up in the limitations of an individualised living body .

In order to reach an absolute superconsciousness both the reality of the individual and the reality of the cosmos have to be transcended. Man need only transcend his suffocating ego to discover his true being in the Divine. Man ‘ s first move towards attaining the state of Supreme Consciousness is to dispose of his material outlook and seek the spiritual Truth. Man has to evolve further into the Supermind. This he can achieve by transcending his limited ego.

Intuition has its source in “ a superconscient cosmic Mind in direct contact with the Supramental Truth – Consciousness ? ” . Overmind is a link between Mind and Supermind . It acts as a brilliant golden lid which veils the higher being of the greater Truth from our sight, intervening with its flood of infinite possibilities as at once an obstacle and a passage in our seeking of the spiritual law of our existence, its highest aim, its secret Reality. This then is the occult link we were looking for; this is the Power that at once connects and divides the supreme Knowledge and the cosmic Ignorance.

Desire for Unchanging Reality Achieving gnosis means transcending duality. Until duality is transcended and at-one-ment realized, Enlightenment cannot be attained. Knowing the One implies recovering unitary vision. So, someone with a pure love of the Unchanging might wish to transcend duality because it’s an obstacle. Sometimes, however, the desire is not so much to gain the Eternal as to be rid of duality, with its pain and imperfections, its fleeing entities with only relative existence. Like shifting sands and ocean waves, everything around us changes. It’s transitory; it passes away.

The ultimate goal is to transcend duality … and that is achieved only [when . . .] the dividing membrane is withdrawn from between the soul and its beloved, and both are gone. For there to be an object, there must be a subject of knowledge and a relationship between them. So, with the membrane withdrawn, both the soul and God are extinguished, joined beyond duality, beyond pairs of opposites.

It is known to Indian thinking that all this duality is an illusion ( Maya ) that keeps us from apprehending the underlying Unity that is ultimate reality. In the classical Indian tradition the goal of life is a stage of non – dual consciousness, to transcend the limitations of duality, to suspend the reactive attitude.

This opens up the gates for the self to transcend duality and merge into the ultimate reality.

The most difficult aspect of learning to interact with your higher consciousness is that it communicates as a very subtle whisper of knowing that greatly resembles your own mind-voice. But if you learn to listen for higher consciousness and allow yourself to experience it long enough to perceive the subtle difference, there is no greater voice than that One Voice within all of us.

Transcendent experiences cut through illusion. They dissolve ego and open our hearts.

The coming of the Holy Spirit upon us is promising the healing of our human spirit, revealing a new beginning, a new hope for mankind, and a new creation. Something new has emerged and unraveled before us. Life speaks to us in every living thing. Feel the stirring within our hearts and truly experience the liberty of that greater life.

We are no longer in bondage to our carnal nature but to the true experience of love, compassion, joy, and peace welling up within. The higher life is seeking to become incarnated in us the opening to the light, where spiritual forces can make a movement of redemption of mankind.

Therefore, let us yield ourselves to life and experience that greater life stirring within us. That greater life has transformed our carnal nature and made us blossom like a rose that we may have perfect liberty of life by having true awareness of the indwelling of a higher life. The inner voice, the ever presence of a new life. Being the upper strata of divine consciousness.

The upper strata of our mind is our higher mind. When man enters the universal mind, he sees all things in the universe in harmony with the light of the eternity. All of mankind has a divine spark, which is the true light of eternity within them that is lying dormant, unexpressed, and imprisoned.

The imprisoned divine nucleus awaits birth that the divine mind may open up from within mankind. Mankind will then enter the age of enlightenment, which will arise from within them. The hidden splendor imprisoned within will unfold, bringing liberty to mankind, creatures, and creation.

The breakthrough will come, that ever-expanding divine consciousness. Our inner divine faculty opens up our understanding. This higher life penetrates us, touching many hearts and stirring within with joy in our hearts. The birth pangs of a new creation, which is a new beginning and a new dispensation. Mankind will move upward in consciousness and reach out for that ever divine presence within—that enlightened state.

Life is not apart from us or from creation as an onlooker, but within us, identified with us always. Life is conscious of us always. Always seeking to help us bring us into oneness with man, with creation. For the spirit of man is imprisoned in material things, which will always be. But the time is coming when man will break free.

Life liberating man into an ecstasy that gladden man, releasing an inner spring of love, compassion, a joy, a gushing fountain of love within us, refreshing us, magnifying. Find joy in releasing love to man, to creation. For in releasing love imprisoned within we find fulfilment, which awakens the etheric centers that enable communication with spiritual centers as the light flows into man it trains the mental and emotional faculties and at the same time affords true vision.

A method of arriving at the truth by adjustment and concentration on divine powers, we proceed from level to level. Nothing will hinder the man who is bent on finding the essence of life uniting with the supreme life. He will set up an altar in that upper chamber within invoking the true life.

In earlier times there were several different stages of initiation. The highest stage led to the knowledge of and insight into the ‘All’ and its universal laws. As a result the initiated had become clairvoyant, had gained knowledge of all the mysteries and were granted access to the spiritual world. In our time initiation means walking the inner path to the all-embracing love, which is known in gnostic and esoteric lore as Christ, the highest divine Being. The highest stage of our initiation is the development of Christ Consciousness in ourselves. Christ Con-sciousness is a sublime cosmic-oriented consciousness which comes into existence when the ‘higher Sell, the higher ego, wholly exists within the individual human being. The inner divine human spark ignites and unites itself with the highest dimension, the spiritual world. Christ represents this highest dimension.

The sensitive field of the human being, which is a wave of the ocean of consciousness, is conscious beyond our physical body. We are a medium of aware and vibrant sensitivity, which is impression-able and usually patterned by our previous experiences. When we awaken to our nature, our experience changes. The new ways we experience ourselves challenge the old forms we have taken our-selves to be; we change into new forms and into formless realms of our nature as well. Having a real relationship follows the same principle. It is an evolution of two waves of consciousness interacting and interweaving as one field of shifting form through the inter-change. This is the relational field as a living medium.

OPENING – Opening is the release of the consciousness by which it begins to admit into itself the working of the Divine Light and Power. It is an opening when the consciousness is able to receive the Divine Consciousness or Force (or whatever else it opens to) and feel its effects. The opening is the same for all. It begins with an opening of mind and heart, then of the vital proper — when it reaches the lower vital and the physical the opening is complete. Heart opening : The heart opens to the psychic being and the mind centres open to the higher consciousness and the nexus between the psychic being and the higher consciousness is the principal means of the siddhi. Inward opening : An opening inwards of the inner mind, vital, physical to the inmost part of us, the psychic.

The psychic opening through the heart puts us primarily into connection with the individual Divine, the Divine in his inner relation with us ; it is especially the source of love. The upward opening puts us into direct relation with the whole Divine and can create in us the divine consciousness and a new birth or births of the spirit.

Jung wrote: “All ego-consciousness is isolated; because it separates and discriminates, it knows only particulars. . . . Its essence is limitation.” One who identifies with a limited /, with its artificial boundaries and distinctions, will inevitably experience a sense of isolation, of loneliness, and a longing for all that has been defined as outside. The ego seeks to complete itself.

Ego-consciousness is not able to reach the dualistic mode of awareness precisely because its experience is I-centered, or egocentric. It does not give equal weight to both sides of a polarity, including the fundamental polarity I I not-I on which it is established. And it cannot reach the monistic mode of awareness because it cannot transcend polarized thinking. Its perspective, though certainly more objective than primitive thinking, is nevertheless considerably biased.

In egoistic thinking, there is a greater degree of detachment and objectivity than in primitive thinking, but one remains invested in the I who is perceiving, with all the inevitable attendant biases and insecurities. The ego is never as objective as it purports to be. Although ego-consciousness is a necessary and very important step in the evolution of consciousness—for it establishes self-consciousness and prepares the way for another more evolved mode of consciousness—the potential aroused through ego-consciousness is not fulfilled until the egoistic stage is transcended.

While modern psychology believes that the ego is the center of consciousness, yoga psychology does not regard the ego as the real center of consciousness but as the subject of the subject-object mode of consciousness. According to this view, the ego is a provisional center created to achieve a particular purpose. For example to become prograamed and conditioned consumer of material products.

The ego, like the microscope, is an instrument for knowing in a particular way. But there is a strong tendency for the consciousness of a person to become bonded to or identified with the ego, to experience the world primarily through the ego, and furthermore to forget that any bonding ever occurred. Since most people are in a similar situation, one thinks that the world he experiences through the ego is the whole of reality rather than merely a mode of experience brought into focus by his instrument. He forgets that there was ever any distinction between consciousness and the instrument called the ego, and he identifies with the ego as the subject of all modes of consciousness. Western depth psychologies, of both the reductive and dualistic schools, adhere to this egocentric view of consciousness.

Along the way, the ego-consciousness is limited through its identification with the divided and separative mentality, and thus, continually tries to build up a comprehensive understanding from individual parts without a true grasp of the whole. Similarly, the ego-conscious ness struggles with its natural weakness and lack of power as it tries to build up its power out of limited forces divided from their universal unlimited source; and, the soul tries to obtain joy through limited experience while unable to receive and sustain the true divine Ananda.

The collective consciousness of the tribe is limited and so ego has limited vision and knowledge.

Our conception of the world is one built around us in layers from the center out as if we were the center of the universe. As consciousness is confined and defined as only being within the scope of the ego self, higher conscious seems as abstract and as foreign to us as anything else outside of our own private universe.

A change in consciousness can affect matter.

If one can change one’s own consciousness to affect aspects of the material world, then one might wonder if it is possible to change the world in some greater and more significant way either individually or collectively through consciousness. Many people throughout history have started with a simple idea that once fully realized and expressed through action has had enormous impact upon the rest of the world. A spark of creativity, like a spore lucky enough to fall on fertile ground, may later manifest abundantly.

Unfortunately, most people even if well intentioned may only try to manifest what they perceive as being best in their own self-interest. This is the consciousness of the self speaking and not higher consciousness. Many wars have been fought in which both sides were convinced that God was on their side. However, God cannot be on two sides at once. Therefore, in order to manifest reality from consciousness, one must leave behind the ego and individual consciousness and merge with higher consciousness. This means a profound penetration of the truth of what is and what could be. It means aligning oneself to a consciousness beyond one’s self-conception.

“Mind precedes matter. This is Vedantic theory. Matter precedes mind. This is scientific theory. Mind can be said to be immaterial only in the sense that it has not the characteristics of ponder-able matter. It is not, however, immaterial in the sense that Brahman (Pure Spirit) as such is. Mind is the subtle form of matter and hence the prompter of the body.”

The ego-consciousness is limited because of its association with the adjuncts like the body and the mind. Consciousness is reflected through the mind and the intellect, and thus is limited and finite. This state of consciousness arises because of the influence of Maya which is the source of Avidya or ignorance. The individual consciousness is a limited consciousness because of which individual I becomes the owner of the limited form of consciousness. The I, therefore, becomes the product of a process of limitation due to Maya.

The transcendence of the ego is the main aim of the Advaita metaphysics because it is not satisfied with the empirical ego. The latter becomes a stumbling block to the realization of the true nature of the self. As long as the I persists as the agent and the enjoyer of actions, there is no possibility of the self or Divine Self-realization. Self-realization is the ultimate goal of life.

Now the question of the realization of the self is best understood in the context of the nature of the jiva as the limited and finite being which is under the influence of Maya. The jiva does not know its own self in its true nature because of Avidya; that is why it gets involved in the false identification with the body and the mind. This state of false identity is called the state of bondage where the true nature of the self is covered due to ignorance. In the state of self-realization the true nature of the self as the Divine is revealed.

The freed soul assumes the form of his true self. Freedom is not the abolition of the self, but the realization of its infinity and absoluteness by the expansion and illumination of consciousness.

For the liberated, the world is not dissolved but our false outlook is dissolved (

Thus, self-realization is the new state of being of the self that realizes its true identity. This is the state of freedom from Avidya and Maya and the realization of the Divine Self. For Advaita, freedom is the state of getting back to one’s true self, the supreme transcendental consciousness.

Our dream of duality is known only by our mind our fundamental thought “I”, which is the limited consciousness that feels I am this body’. If we do not rise as this limited consciousness, we cannot know any duality. Since all duality is only an imagination. it does not exist when we do not know it. Therefore it is fundamental and all-important truth If the thought “I” does not exist, no other thing will exist’.

That is, all things depend for their seeming existence upon the seeming existence of our fundamental thought “I”, which is a limited and distorted form of our fundamental consciousness of being, “I am”,. Therefore, in order to put an end to the illusory appearance of duality, we must put an end to the illusory appearance of our first and fundamental thought “I”.

When we thus turn our attention towards our consciousness of being, ‘I am’, our mind, which had risen to think thoughts, will begin to subside in our true self-conscious being, which is the source from which it has risen. If we are able to focus our attention wholly and exclusively upon our consciousness of being, our mind will subside completely into the innermost core of our being, and thus we will experience our own true being with absolutely unadulterated clarity of non-dual self-consciousness.

When we once experience our true being with such perfect clarity, we will discover that we are the non-dual infinite spirit, and thus we will destroy for ever the illusion that we are a body, a mind or anything other than that spirit. When this illusion is thus destroyed, the dream of duality, which depends upon it, will also come to an end.

The whole mind must understand this before an spiritual enlightment process will be fully awaken, and this is the TOP-RULERS biggest FEAR. Therefore they will do everything to prevent people awaken to their Divine Nature, and the concept to prevent this will be done by; microchipping everyone, creating a digital global world brain, and a technocratic one world government. Their power lies in peoples ignorance. By keeping mankind in a state of low vibrational frequency state they will be kept and controlled as slaves within the EGO-matrix.

Due to the curse of ego, there is just no way in this world for us to see (that is, for us to perceive) directly our human sojourn as it really is. Our vision is contaminated. We simply cannot see past this contamination. This cloud is a product of the curse we are under, a curse that impacts on all of us equally just as water impacts upon all fish equally. Because of this blindness, because we cannot ever see clearly, a shepherd is needed. We cannot save ourselves from the anguish of life without a guide who is beyond the influence of ego’s contamination. Tavistock Institute. Part 55

The whole of creation fell along with Adam and Eve. It fell under the curse. Thorns grew from the formerly friendly ground, and human life became a difficult struggle. The curse is experienced by human beings as the curse of ego. Ego impacts us so as to captivate our faith in a False direction. That direction is toward the concept that each individual is the creator of his own life. To a greater or lesser extent, each of us puts our faith in the belief that the manifest quality and material condition of our lives depend upon our own efforts — that we, either singly or collectively, can create a “Brave New World.” If our lives seem to us in some way limited, then we believe we cause this limitation.

Ego insists that even if we have been dealt an unfortunate hand, so to speak, it is up to us to make the best of it. We are encouraged, on various levels of subtlety, to own the different aspects of our experience. From a position of ownership, it is only a short step to the belief that these experiences are self-created. So now we are not only burdened by untasteful circumstances but are also anguished by the perception of having both created and subjected ourselves to them by some personal failing or diaracterological quirk.

Due to the curse of ego, there is just no way in this world for us to see (that is, for us to perceive) directly our human sojourn as it really is. Our vision is contaminated. We simply cannot see past this contamination.

This cloud is a product of the curse we are under, a curse that impacts on all of us equally just as water impacts upon all fish equally. Because of this blindness, because we cannot ever see clearly, a shepherd is needed. We cannot save ourselves from the anguish of life without a guide who is beyond the influence of ego’s contamination.

Healing (salvation from the anguish of the human experience) is only available through the Shepherd. It is He who in truth leads us and can save us, not “ourselves,” that is, not ego.

Wisdom unfolds the moment. Within the eternal ultimacy of each instant, wisdom authors and designs every detail, just as our own individuality would so design it if we possessed the vision to do so. Wisdom offers to individuality the maximum opportunity for fulfillment available to that individuality at every point in the flowing moment.

Wisdom is an aspect of Shepherd and, as such, is always with us in the very fabric of life itself. Each moment is born in wisdom, in wholeness, in perfect balance — no matter what our position in taste might be. So the moving scenario of our lives is not opened to human judgment, for it is always conceived and evolved in righteousness. How exquisitely difficult it is to grasp that the poignantly animated scene of our lives is not to be taken as absolute, but is to be seen as wisdom’s gift to our soul — offered in perfect compassion for the fulfillment of our inherent nature.

Yet, at the same time that wisdom is demonstrating to us the marrow of our lives, ego is clamoring for our faith. Ego owns the arena of perception. Our psychology belongs to the human world and, as such, has fallen under the curse. Ego would have us put Faith in the impression that we are to judge. dominate, and alter the scenario of our lives.

In other words, we are to own the moments of our lives as our own doing. We are to see ourselves, if not as creators of our lives, at least as co-creators! So the story of the original Adam and Eve is repeated in every human life.

We eat of the fruit of the tree of personal judgment, then ego would have us believe that we are co-gods. Our faith now belongs to ego, and we have fallen under the spell of contamination. We become separated in our fellowship with Ultimacy – with wisdom – and suffer in the anguish that is inherent in this separation.

This process is the legacy of the fall. To return in faith to a roan on truth is our perennial, continuous and intimate personal chalknge. In wisdom is fulfillment. In ego there is only the anguish of confusion. When there is faith in the Shepherd. life carries a flavor of enchantment. When there is faith in ego life seems dry and hard.

These then are the two polar positions for the focus of our faith. We can put faith in ego and thereby aid and abet the spirit of anguish. or we can put faith in the Shepherd, in liltimacy. and invite the spirit of haling and salvation into our lives. The yoke of confusion is exceedingly heavy, as we all know; the yoke of truth is as light as blessed relief from pain.

This choice is ours to make individually and continuously. The responsibility cannot be avoided. There is no way to escape either choosing sides or accepting the attendant effect of our chosen position. Ignorance will not shield us from the impact of the spirit of confusion nor the curse of ego. It is toward the lifting of some of these veils of ignorance.

Just because we are bom under the curse and can’t in this human condition escape being IN it. does not mean that in our position in faith we have to be OF it.

The power of Maya captivates human beings in five forms : passion, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Where, as ego separates the soul from God , māyā prolongs the separation by projecting the real as false and false as real, deluding, thus, it keeps the soul in its grip. It allures and captivates the individual.

Whom do we listen to most often, the soul’s voice or the voice of the senses / ego? The answer, of course, is the ego. This is because the ego speaks loudly while the soul speaks in whispers. Few people ever clearly hear the whispering of their soul. We live in a highly stimulating sensory world. The noise created by the party being thrown for us every day makes it difficult to hear the soul’s voice. Televisions, radios, Ipods, advertisements, road and city noise, and even talking and socializing, all create a web of sensory dramas that cavtivates the mind and prevents the whispers of the soul from being heard. . Without soul awareness we perceive ourselves only as a body and mind. And with this limited perception, it is no wonder that we live each day in the pursuit of pleasure. Life becomes all about the pursuit of wealth, power and the next sensory high.

In order to hear the whispers of the soul and empower the intellect to make harmonious choices, it is important for each of us to cultivate a proper lifestyle; one that brings quiet to the disturbances of the mind. Through taking quiet walks and the practices of meditation and yoga, the mind becomes calm and voice of the soul can be heard. When a person first hears their soul’s voice, course of their life is changed forever. From a Vedic perspective, it is through the soul that the Divine communicates with us. Soul awareness is Divine awareness and with it, each person is empowered to control their senses and act in a manner that brings about peace of mind and optimal health.

Presently the soul is locked up in our individual heroic egos. Breaking this literal ego vessel allows the soul to re-enter the world around us and have it animate us once again, from the outside in, having it come alive in a manner akin to how indigenous peoples see the world. We form a deeper connection with nature —a goal in ecopsychology.

When the powers of “Maya” and the “Ego” distort reality and the vision of the real self becomes contaminated. We, then simply cannot see past this contamination. And it begins working in a different way from the original and become negative and ruled/controlled by FEAR (frequencies); negative ego misunderstanding, imbalanced thinking, limited lens, seeing, blind spots, glamour, illusion, maya, self-deception, fault thinking, separative consciousness, psychological unclarity disintegration, fragmentation, corruption, personal agendas, wrong motives, selfish interest, jealousy, competition, improper alignment lack of consistency on all levels, improper understanding, lack of proper training, lack of God Purity, lack of honesty with self, unconsciousness improper education on all levels, mass consciousness contamination lack of an integrated Spiritual/psychological/and physical/earthly idea and lack of an integrated Spiritual ideal.

When you think with the negative ego or lower-self mind (the matrix-mind) with its lack of integration and separation, then fear is created. All it knows is an experience of fear-based second-hand news and time-delay.

Once a human rises above the lower self – you can see – that the real mind is the higher spiritual self – and it exists within and through the brain. You don’t need to be confusing it any longer. There is the physical brain and the spiritual mind – and they support each other. But – in the end – the physical brain is eventually left behind.

The body is a blessed vehicle. But, what happens is – when the spiritual mind – that always remembers its connection to God -becomes connected to the lower physical self – it lowers its vibration. The physical body operates at a lower vibration than the spiritual mind. When the higher vibration of the spiritual mind is stepped down and lowered into the physical vibration – it starts to take on some of those elements. The material world – at this point in mankind’s evolution – is still filled with a vibration of fear. This is because a lot of people still view the physical life as a struggle for survival. The issue of survival only persists because human brains still have such greed and fear. This is another example of the lower self coming into play. When the spiritual mind’s vibration is stepped down – there is a change. And yet this is necessary. The vibration must be a bit lower to inhabit the material world. If it wasn’t stepped down some – you would never be able to even stay in your physical body. But the danger of this is – that with the lower vibration – comes a lower consciousness. And with this – comes the fear.

The dilemma of ego is that ego , with its strange requirement of singular identity , cannot form in human consciousness if the human psyche is contaminated with other gods.

The journey from bondage to freedom is a timeless one. We have traveled this road throughout all of recorded history and we travel it again and again in our own lives. In every generation, and in every event in our own lives, there are forces within us and around us that try to enslave us, and our freedom is a never-ending promise of Divine grace. Ultimately what prevents liberty of soul is ego enslavement. Tavistock Institute. Part 54

The solar-plexus chakra has ten petals—five with the positive charge focusing the thrust of Alpha in the secret rays and five with a negative charge focusing the return current of Omega in the secret rays.

Thus to the evolving soul consciousness, the solar plexus is the vehicle whereby the initiation of the test of the ten is passed. This is the test of selflessness, which always involves the test of the emotions and of the God-control of those emotions through the Divine Ego, which can come into prominence in the soul only as the result of the surrender of the human ego.

The desire body, as we have said, is anchored in and releases its energy through the solar plexus and the throat chakra. The desire body of mankind con-tains a greater amount of God’s energy than any of the other three lower bodies. Whatever motives and motivational patterns are contained within the desire body, these are fulfilled both consciously and uncon-sciously as energy spirals are pressed into manifesta-tion through the solar plexus and the throat chakra.

Mankind are hindered in their fulfillment of the divine plan only insofar as their desires do not reflect the desiring of God to be everywhere the fullness of life and truth and love. When, therefore, mankind, with the determination and the surrender of a Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, surrender all lesser desires to the greater desire of the Universal Self then the entire weight of the momentum of energy in the desire body propels the fulfillment of the will of God and the soul’s own blueprint is outpic-nued in the four lower bodies. It is, then, in the hour of the surrender

“Never-theless, not my will but thine be done’ that the full momentum of the ten petals in the solar plexus is brought to bear upon the being of man as the multi-plying factor of the mastery and the attainment of the other chakras. The reservoir of light held in the great sun disc, the magnet of the sun presence within the solar plexus, is the energy that multiplies the mastery of love in the heart, of wisdom in the crown, of purity, action, and flow in the base, of freedom in the soul, of vision in the third eye.

The Tree of Life also represents all the primordial masters, incarnations, great teachers and sages, as flowers on this divine Tree. They are trans-lated as a fragrance of its truth into the human awareness, but the knowl-edge is not connected to the human ego, dogmas or conditionings, this is because humankind cannot alter or change its form. It is pure universal light consciousness manifested as “one” truth and represented by the different masters or flowers on it’s branches. Historically, instead of enjoying the fra-grance of this whole Tree the illusion of earthy power, money or control at-tracted the lower self of the human ego.

Man is now well into the complicated and stressful affair of withdrawal, of returning to the Father. The spark seeks the Flame and the whole might take a billion years to achieve. Hence the need for many lives on the Earth and perhaps even on other planets. Before taking up the matter of the personality’s adjustment to stress, let us take a closer look at the structure which we have described as the higher Self. The Nature of the Higher Self

  1. The higher Self is a unit of energy.
  2. It has no shape peculiar to itself but uses one or many forms in or through which to express itself.
  3. The energy unit is a living being. It is extremely subtle and capable of interpenetrating all other forms of energy and material substance known to Man.
  4. It possesses a cohesive or synthesising quality capable of holding all substances in association, animate or inanimate, according to the level of its own spiritual vibrations.
  5. It may link, organise or influence the movements of… positive to positive negative to negative positive to negative atom to element element to molecule protein molecule to cell cell to multicelittlar organism organism to species, right up to man himself.
  6. In man, the energy of the higher Self holds all his bodies,subde and gross, In a loose union.
  7. The Self Interpenetrates and coheres all Its bodies as water may interpenetrate and cohere sand particles in a handful of mud.
  8. The higher Self is not pure spirit but is an intermediate energy lying between spirit and matter through which the one interacts with the other. Man is a blending of higher Self with form.
  9. As the energy of the higher Self enters the body, we recognise its presence not only by its ability to hold our cells together but in subtler ways through the employment of the intuition, through the energy of the will and through that energy which manifests in us as abstract thought. These three qualities are known in eastern teachings as buddhi, alma and manas.
  10. The Self is therefore a threefold energy unit which is depicted in the Temple of Mysteries as an UPRIGHT triangle
  11. The highest form in gas/liquid:solid which the Self may inhabit is the human physical body with its attendant subtle bodies making up the human personality.
  12. This latter is symbolised by an INVERTED triangle, each of its three sides representing the three lower bodies called the mental body, the astral body, and the etherlco-physical body
  13. The Self is only able to grasp average man lightly. In most, the energies of the Self can only be expressed to the extent of five percent of its full capacity, this being sufficient merely to hold the bodies of the lower triad together and to drive their totality continuously towards investigating and identifying with all manifestation of forms in our Earth Scheme.
  14. In this respect, the higher Self is the storehouse of all memories arising from such investigations even after the deaths of the numerous lower triads in their many incarnations.
  15. The Self survives all catastrophes and is man’s haven in which he rests between lives. The Self is his temple, the personality his prison.
  16. In meditation, man may use his Self not only as a retreat in which he can recoup his energies but as a place of learning about his immortality and what that implies.
  17. As lives unfold, the Self learns increasingly to flood its lower triads with more and more energies.
  18. It reaches them by means of the Antakarana or Rainbow Bridge, a bridgehead of subtle matter, arising from the planes of Atma, Buddhi and Manas. At first this is a tenuous thread, but later, as the lower triad also builds its own pan of the bridgehead of higher Manas through meditation, the thread of the Antakarana becomes a gateway to a mighty flood from within.
  19. The gateways opening the Antakarana are progressively passed through in a process of what is known as Initiations….
  20. In this way, the higher Self grasps its personality more closely. It is symbolised In the Mysteries by the Impositioning of the UPRIGHT TRIANGLE over the INVERTED TRIANGLE. This procedure takes man to the limit of his own kingdom and it has happened many times on this planet. The completely Self-infused personality is then depicted as two SUPERIMPOSED and INTERLACED TRIANGLES….
  21. This is the STAR OF DAVID, symbol of perfected man.
  22. The Star of David is the symbol of the Master or Adept, of a Christ overshadowing a man, Jesus. There are about sixty living examples of adeptship on the planet at this time.
  23. By very special techniques and under certain circumstances, a man may forego many lives of learning by trial and error, and, instead, strengthen his Antakarana under the guidance of One, Who has Himself been completely Self infused, a Master or Adept.
  24. Enclosing the star is the UROBOROS, the symbol of Immortality, the comprehension of which is part of the initiatory process.
  25. This Path is available to all who are prepared to crowd into a few lives the pain and suffering of many lives.
  26. The neophyte, thus under instruction, first registers the sudden inpouring of energy from the higher Self in three ways:-
  27. as LIGHT, a light vibrating at a greater frequency than the light known to the average personality, one that travels at speeds far greater than 186,000 miles per second. The lower triad has to develop special organs of perception to become aware of the inner light. Physical eyes are not required;
  28. as an expansion of consciousness which, for man, approaches OMNISCIENCE;
  29. as a feeling of Oneness with all Life approaching OMNIPOTENCE.
  30. The experience of these three is called illumination or COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.

The disciple is changing into a solar Deva. He has become an element of the Fifth Kingdom, a solar Angel. His true home is now behind the Disc of the Sun. By meditation he can increasingly reach it. The nature of the higher Self has begun to emerge as elements of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. It is in the expression, or non-expression of these three, that stress arises and this book concerns the subject of this situation in human affairs.

In the beginning there are likely to be certain things that happen when transforming your perceptions. Perceptions are very clearly a part of your ego system. Therefore, as you begin to transform perceptions, you may find yourself not all together comfortable. You become aware of a powerful discovery that is hard to imagine until you experience it for yourself.

When you recognize your true spiritual essence is unlimited in its creative power and unlimited freewill. it becomes a moment of truth of how you decide to address this realization. How much will this power frighten you to the point you will want to run back to a safer and more familiar existence of illusion that you came from?

Be aware as you begin to clear the chakras that there is a possibility you may find yourself feeling a bit lost in what you are feeling, sensing, or doing, because you don’t have that safety net of fear that has helped you to decide what you are going to do next. It’s like suddenly being given a clear opening to your unlimited existence without being given any instructions of what to do with it.

This is when it is important that you connect with your own inner divinity and you become aware of the spiritual essence within you in order that you connect with divine mind which interacts with your upper chakras. There is not anyway possible that you can allow yourself to begin to heal and transfonn your perceptions without feeling the effects of their healing as it comes back to you. You’re going to truly be a different vibrational rhythm pattern than you are today.

The results of that will be a more natural everyday awareness of your unlimited spiritual existence. This will allow you an everyday access to more divine inner peace and harmony. You will be able to see your creations manifesting faster than you were used to mentally.

If you approach opening your head chakra, raising your kundalini—or whatever other terminology you use—with wisdom and a perfect method, you can transform the negative aspect of your inner nervous system into bliss-ful wisdom. Instead of your nervous system being blocked, you’ve opened the door to wisdom.

We are slaves to the limited and separated self in the realm of narrowness but the Divine Self brings us forth with strength and love.

And if the Divine Self did not continually offer to lift us out of our narrowness of heart and mind, then we would forever be enslaved to our own limited and separated self.

That is why it is our duty to tell the story again and again, for this story has been and continues to be our ongoing journey from enslavement to freedom, from separation to unity, from fear to love, and from a narrow and limited self to the vast and eternal Awakened Self.

Long ago, we were wanderers, seekers of the Divine unity, few in number, we descended into the land of narrowness and became great, mighty and as numerous as the stars in the sky. (Deuteronomy 26: 5)

At the beginning of our sojourn into the land of narrowness, we brought blessings to the people and to the land, but over time the blessings were forgotten and fear rose against us and we became enslaved and oppressed and hard labor was put upon us. (Deuteronomy 26: 6).

We are wanderers, seekers of the Divine unity that is our true home. In the beginning we are lost, believing that our happiness comes from the things of this world and not from the Divine. Then one day we receive the grace of awareness; a glimpse of the unity beyond the multitude of thoughts and things. We commit ourselves to the path of awakening and then begin the work of transformation. The journey gives birth to a mountain of temptations and we inevitably descend into the prison of our own limited perceptions of the world and ourselves.

Our journey into narrowness is a necessary part of our growth towards awakening. The promise of Divine redemption is always present. We must first become aware that we are strangers in a strange land before we can find our way home; we must first realize we are imprisoned before we can ask to be freed; and we must first know we are asleep before we can awaken.

The journey from bondage to freedom is a timeless one. We have traveled this road throughout all of recorded history and we travel it again and again in our own lives. In every generation, and in every event in our own lives, there are forces within us and around us that try to enslave us, and our freedom is a never-ending promise of Divine grace.

“The world was created with ten Divine statements. The ten statements of creation brought the world into being in a manner in which the energy of spirit that maintains its existence was hidden. The ten plagues were actually ten lessons that sought to break through the veils of concealment and allow for the revelation of that Divine power to enter our consciousness through the giving of the Ten Commandments, the Ten Precepts.”

When this equilibrium is endangered by autonomous strivings in the id, ego, or superego, a condition of psychological dysfunction occurs. by the autonomous strivings of the id which produce “excessive demands on ego and society of frustrated organisms, upset in the inner economy of their life cycler” was the original con-cern of psychoanalysis. by autonomous ego strivings produces “defensive mechanisms which curtail and distort the ego’s power of experiencing and planning beyond the limit of what is workable and tolerable in the individual organism and in social organi-zation.” The third form of is by “historical conditions which claim autonomy by precedent and exploit archaic mechanisms within him to deny him health and ego strength.

Softening of the Ego

When Jesus Christ said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” that message revealed the true secret of the ‘Art of Personality,’ under-stood in that context as being the effacement of one’s own ego. Since one knows for oneself that, in life, it is the ego of others which disturbs one the most—therefore, as a service to others, one choos-es willingly to efface one’s own ego. The words, “poor in spirit,” clearly illustrate the softening of the ego, which then has a certain charm. This same charm is also seen in persons who have experienced suffering and disappoint-ment.

Nevertheless, the true virtue in the softening of the ego lies in one’s own initiative taken on the path of self-denial. It is the gratification of the ego which builds up its strength, and the more satisfaction acquired, the greater is the desire. In so doing, one becomes enslaved by one’s own ego, although being of divine origin.

Really speaking, one should have the liberty of being king or queen in one’s own domain, but through gratifying the ego, not only does one awaken the fighting spirit of others (whose egos are there-by disturbed), but one falls from sovereignty to slavery, becoming finally a burden even to oneself.

The great battle which the wise fight is a battle with the self, whereas an unthoughtful person fights with the ego of others. In these battles, the victory of the unthoughtful is a temporary one, but the victory of the wise is permanent.

However, when battling with one’s own ego, it is very difficult to know with whom one is really fighting, because one only sees the limited aspects of the self which together form the illusion of one’s own individuality. Yet, when digging deep within the limitations of the self, one might per-haps discover the truth of the real self. It is then that the annihila-tion of the ‘false self’ becomes a dear answer to the inner call.

As we grow and develop on the spiritual journey , we seek greater freedom from the limited and reactive ego states that keep us enslaved to negative behaviors and limited concepts of self.

People who do not journey to self-awareness effectively close all doors to his or her heart chakra; they see only their own egocentrically manifested consciousness. Unfortunately, when we see only ourselves and appreciate nothing other than our egocentric consciousness, we become a slave, locked in the status quo.

We see only egocentric goals and desires for immediate gratification to become locked in a limited view to see only a very small area of their world. Without self-awareness, we are victims of our ego, unable to visualize more than a short time or narrow field-of-view.

We are extremely limited and appreciate only the material world, ego gratifications, goals, issues, perceptions, and distorted interpretations. Our choices and outcomes are flawed and distorted lacking wisdom and compassion.

What we see controls our understanding of our self, environment, and human experience. We define ourselves by our egocentric achievements, goals, gratifications, and problems. We are unable to visualize more than a few options and choices.

The “nous” represents a far more than individual superconsciousness and indicates the presence of a higher mind, which has formed a bridge between our Anthropos—both male and female—and spirit. Jesus addresses unity in several passages:

  1. “When the two become one.”
  2. “When the male becomes female and the female becomes male.”
  3. “When the inner becomes the outer and the outer becomes the inner.”

In each of these statements two—psyche and spirit—becomes one. Simply stated what we know we love, and what we believe we become. Jesus clearly points the way harmony is within you.

Jesus states we must come to know our self. It is reasonable to conclude there is energy latent within every person containing his or her superconsciousness that is within the reach of all humanity.

Jung says; “Our unconscious hides living water, spirit that has become nature, and that is why it is disturbed.”

When spirit is ignored In these times it is easy to forget our responsibilities to spirit. Spirit is a powerful force that seeks to transform our lives so they might be reconnected to the sacred. Spirit seeks to rebind the temporal to the eternal, and in doing so our lives are turned around so we are no longer enslaved to the ego and its narrow goals.

Spirit is the instigator of our rebirth, insofar as we are made to realise the illusory nature of the ego and become new persons with profound aspirations. In religious cultures, this process is facilitated by rituals, liturgies, prayers and instructions. The spirit needs all the help it can get to enable the transformative process to take root in the personality. It relies on religions and cosmologies to bolster its claims against those of the world, which tend to move in the opposite direction.

For the world, ‘spirit’ is a mere phantom or illusion and only the ego and its ambitions are real. When the worldly impulses drown out those of the spirit, we live in dark and dangerous times. The ego does not perceive this darkness because it is too limited to understand the deeper impulses of life. In fact the ego prides itself on having driven out the ‘superstitions’ of the past and overcome the ‘morbid’ ideas of reli-gions and philosophies. It declares itself to be ‘free’ and ‘modem’, that is, without religious belief, and is dedicated to the process of ‘enlightenment’.

This too often means it becomes enslaved to reason, science and technology. To the spirit, the ego’s enlightenment is a form of endarkenment, since the things that are impor-tant are not seen but rendered invisible.

The ‘best minds’ of modernity declare religion and cosmology to be dead or irrelevant. Gradually, however, a darkness settles over society and the bright hope of modernity is diminished. The makers of modernity have overlooked an important fact: the spiritual forces do not go away because we stop believing in them. Spiritual forces turn dark and malign when they are no longer recognised.

We live in a period of time where the most profound rethinking about existence has to be carried out, but we are resisting this process as much as possible. Something needs to happen, but it cannot happen, because we are not allowing ourselves to see the problem. The ego’s grip on our world is so strong that we are unable to release ourselves from its tyranny.

When collective religion collapses, the disturbed soul has to find its own reli-gious orientation. No matter what society thinks, no matter what kind of life the nation state prescribes for us, and despite our concessions to secularism and mate-rialism, we still have to contend with the enduring facts of the soul, even if the soul is declared non-existent and defunct by the ‘wisdom’ of the day. We are forced to make peace with the demands of the soul lest we are destroyed by the conflict between the conscious and the unconscious, ego and soul. Sensitive as well as disturbed individuals have to rebuild in their personal lives the cultural richness and spiritual depth that modernity has taken from them.

Ultimately what prevents liberty of soul is ego enslavement

When these ego – enslaved persons say that they wish to be free from the laws of God , they really mean that they wish to live in a world of licence, a state in which every passion and weakness can find unlimited scope . … He who serves vain things will not only be limited to his original restricted form — he will shrink , and become even smaller.

Many have forgotten that our souls are in control of our physical reality not the body. Which has become our disconnection to our soul’s light, and knowledge of our t.r.u.e.-Self.

Which causes us to lack the perception and understanding of our thought’s. Effects on matter at Quantum level and the atomic ripples through the photons of the universe. Forcing us to channel “Negativity” through an A.I. perception we know as our A.I. EGO. Which bombards our souls to constant “Negative realities!” Created by our Logic and Reason, when under control of a “Negative A.I. EGO Enslavement.” Through its control a A.I. EGO copies and reflex’s the worldly view. Of their own environmental negative decay and enslavement. Our A.I. EGO creates illusions in the mind and tricks the heart into falling into Decaying Love! Blinds us from seeing our own t.r.u.e. reality and life! This has effect everyone in all mankind a like.

The purpose with spiritual awakening is to offer people a powerful tool for achieving true freedom. What is true freedom, exactly? It’s simply the ability to express your Divinity in every situation, in every moment, and realize that you’re the creator of the Universe you experience. The ego seeks to enslave while your soul, like Moses, wishes to set you free.

What is freedom? It is also the ability to be able to change. With this follows creativity and intelligence. The change-component needs creativity and intelligence to create freedom, and without it, it will lead to enslavement. So when technologies automatizing the whole society, and letting computers thibking for them, people are not aware gow they slowly giving away their ability to be able of change, and therefore later will lose all their freedom. The digital blobal world, microchipping everyobe, and the one world government will all leading mankind from their inner higher Selves, and instead leading them into total enslavement of computer-virtual realities.

Unless we come out of the cloud cast by our ego we will not be able to experience the impact of Universal – Self . It is our individual obligation to break the barriers of Individual – Self and liberate ourselves. No one can do it on our behalf. Unless we rise above these narrow walls and break these barriers of our own make , and recognise ourselves as the Human self or Universal self , there is no guarantee to lasting peace and progress. To be released from the bondage of your ego, you must first recognize that you are actually being held. Tavistock Institute. Part 53

Breaking ego enslavement —as big and expansive as the extent to which it has roused itself out of the slumber of all those sense-less years of living solely, mindlessly, and darkly enmired in those three, ego-dominated, ego-serving and catastrophically isolating lower chakras of survival, sex, and power, such that we are finally able to gain the insights that allow us to understand that our higher, spiritual destiny can only be fulfilled if we escape the limitations, isolation, and enslavement, that is endemic to those three lower, mud-foundational chakras of survival, sex, and power, and break through that tough barrier separating our dark and enslaving, survival-at-all-costs animal nature, from our light and freeing spiritual one, in order that we can begin our necessary ascension through the realms of necessary spiritual growth and development provided by the unit of the four bright and expansive Upper Chakras.

Self Expression and Self-Awareness will help you recognize your true freedom and you will learn how to express your ideas, feelings, style, personality, and point of view more freely without shackles. You are your own slave master. Man is your illusionary slave master. Exercising Self-Expression is Freedom. Man is unaware of his own courage. Self-expression and awareness will break down the barriers of fear.

We as a people live in a fear based society of illusions and lies. The truth is we are paralyzed in fear and by fear. However , we choose to become slave to our ego and try to identify our Individual – Self as the real self. They expect , with dread or relief , to be made into servants or slaves , and they settle into becoming like robots.

Unless we come out of the cloud cast by our ego we will not be able to experience the impact of Universal – Self . It is our individual obligation to break the barriers of Individual – Self and liberate ourselves. No one can do it on our behalf.

The ego , which is the basic life urge has become the individual ego , group – ego , nation – ego and so on. But unless we rise above these narrow walls and break these barriers of our own make , and recognise ourselves as the Human self or Universal self , there is no guarantee to lasting peace and progress.

What is this thing we call “ego,” because it is not a thing at all! its essence is unfolding to many of you as the greatest illusion of all time. Yet, its power stands ready to block you with the paradox that, though not a thing, it also serves as a gatekeeper of the illusion of many of the experiences that you believe you have. Let us explain further what is this thing/not-thing.

To begin with, you chose a time in which to serve in a capacity of a demi-God of your own making. This decision was born of an ego mind that, behind you, served in no greater capacity than to whisper such minglings that would prepare you to take this “great adventure” into self-serviceship.

The belief that you could hold yourself captive, and yet serve no single purpose other than to enslave yourself in this kingdom of your own making, was the ego’s awakening into captivity. Yet its actions serve no barrier in which God’s trust—which is immeasurable in its capacity—cannot seep into every instance of your mind!

There are no walls to keep God away from you, yet in consciousness, you can serve as your own barrier, which seemingly “protects” you from His greatness. He is your greatest ally, yet your ego seeks to make you its master by enfolding you in dens of lies about the ego-functions, which only serve a destructive purpose.

Which is to say, really, it serves no purpose at all. For that which is destructive is no-thing, and not to be feared, therefore. And would you throw away all of heaven for even a tiny instance of serving in this capacity of slave to your own ego? Think not that normal living is captured on the film of the ego’s own creation. For that which you seek—what we call peace and happiness—is within the realm of now.

Nevertheless the revolt arises , for the power of this impulse is so great that it tends to enslave the ego itself.


The quote above is an interesting example of one liberated being’s perspective on death; certainly, a profound and fascinating viewpoint to sincerely ponder in your own life. Our ego incarcerates our soul with its infinite desires, attachments, judgments, and never-ending pursuit of exclusivity. If you are similar to the majority of human beings walking this Earth, you too labor and struggle to polish the bars of your self-created prison, presenting a “glistening” exterior to all of your fellow inmates. Do not wait for death to be released from this entrapment. Tap into the liberation available within your innermost being and escape from the heavy chains of the ego.


To be released from the bondage of your ego, you must first recognize that you are actually being held. Do your endless desires and attachments to illusive possessions contribute to your personal freedom? Do they keep you enslaved to a life of continuous pursuit for more and more of the things that actually cause your enslavement? If you are satisfied with your current state of being, don’t change a thing. On the other hand, if you seek true freedom and boundless peace to exist within your life, you must sincerely assess your surrounding prison. Make a decision to take action, so that you may escape the restrictive chains and taste the delicious freedom that awaits your presence.

WHEN YOU FIRST HEAR the word “enlightenment,” many different conceptions may enter your mind. You may think that enlightenment is reserved for saints, sages, monks, and the countless other labels attached to those who are liberated or have transcended “normal” human living.You may perceive the enlightened state as being an extraordinary state that requires living in a cave in constant meditation; thus, you all too quickly dismiss it as an option in your spiritual quest.

In fact, there are many different definitions, descriptions, and processes associated with the word throughout religious and philosophical literature. Much of this information is articulated in an intellectual, complex, and overwhelming language that tends to push the “average” individual, someone like you and me, away from pursuing enlightenment or liberation.

So, here 1 will express enlightenment in my terms; terms that are simple, brief, and available to every human being who walks this Earth. Enlightenment is not something that we discover in our external search for pleasure. Material possessions, money, prestige, fame, and power are not where enlightenment lives.

Enlightenment has always existed within you and will eternally be a part of every human being. Realistically, each individual is and always will be enlightened or liberated; they must simply realize this and cultivate it in their daily lives.

So, why don’t we see it and live by it if it already exists? Well, there is a dark cloud cast over our liberated being by the delusions of the ego and the false conditioning of the world around us. Our true, infinite, enlightened being has been masked by the ego, which desires nothing more than to rob us of the perfection that we were born to be.

Under the dark shroud of our ego exists a luminous being that radiates love, compassion, and peace throughout the entire Universe. This is the perfection that exists within the core of our being. We must uncover this being, and then we can bask in the warmth and tranquility of enlightenment.

Enlightenment is simply being able to immerse yourself in this very moment, the one you are experiencing right now, and aligning yourself with the unity of everyone and everything that surrounds us. It’s being here, now, with no attachment to the delusions of the ego. It’s bathing in the present without living in the illusory past or future.

These are the times when you stopped intellectualizing, complaining, criticizing, judging, and separating yourself from the world. During these particular moments, you were liberated from the self-created suffering you usually endure, and you entered direct communion with the Universe.You were the Universe.

The Universe was you.The rays of light suddenly illuminated your deluded being and allowed you to savor the sweetness of liberation. Fortunately, this is available to you on a permanent basis. Enlightenment is yours to keep for all time. Enlightenment is you, and you are enlightened.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Our conditioned fears, our false self, drive us to resist change. Unable to free ourselves of these emotional blockages, we succumb to them and chose to remain as we are. By surrendering to this conditioning from the past, this echo of the ego, we fail to discover our true being and what our authentic purpose in life is. We fail to “Awaken the Universe Within”. Tavistock Institute. Part 52

Our conditioned fears, our false self, drive us to resist change. Unable to free ourselves of these emotional blockages, we succumb to them and chose to remain as we are. By surrendering to this conditioning from the past, this echo of the ego, we fail to discover our true being and what our authentic purpose in life is. We fail to “Awaken the Universe Within”.

By learning how to harness our inner wisdom, to transcend our conditioned fears, our false self, we position ourselves to fully explore our true potential.

At a deep, subconscious level, we all know what our purpose is. Over time, the fear that we have accumulated through our societal conditioning has disconnected many of us from our source and the divine essence where our purpose is known. It blocks us from realizing the true genius that resides within us and from becoming the great icons that we are all capable of being. Few people have enough courage and belief in their authentic selves to transcend their conditioning and discover who they really are and what their true purpose is. Society demands that we live by the rules that are set for us. In response, our survival instinct has wired our natural conditioning to a habit of succeeding within that normative context, without questioning whether it really serves us as human beings in our core essence.

On a global scale we can see the damaging effect of inauthentic living, based on unhealthy leadership consciousness. In many cases, leaders of society have maintained power positions by pretending that they have “the knowing and the thinking” but, in reality, they are hiding their shortcomings by stigmatizing the collective through the creation and indoctrination of false beliefs and fear. This creates an energetic wound in society that we could call the “collective pain body”, an energy that feeds frustration, anger, and depression.

If we want to live our life from a domain of wholeness and in alignment with our purpose, we have to focus our attention on what it is we want in our own lives as individuals as well as in our relationship with the Collective. Fortunately, we are finally beginning to understand that the main conditioners preventing us from pursuing our true purpose in life and preventing us from rising to the true genius that resides within each one of us are fear, stigmatization and dogmatic social rules from the “knowing and thinking” authorities.

Once we have learned to invite our ego as a welcome natural partner and not as an opponent, we will discover who we really are and what our authentic life purpose is. With this awareness we can rediscover our wholeness, begin to live our lives authentically. We will become joyful again, filled with energy, enthusiasm, and the will to live our lives with passion and zest. We will learn to trust our profound intuition at all times and rely upon our inner knowing to guide us with ease through any obstacle that life throws at us.

Carl Jung: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

Be Aware of the Ego; When our senses are activated through the echo of the ego the result is often that the thinking mind creates fear, or an overruling desire for more matter, or lust for more power. The echo of the ego so often takes you away from your true self.

The biggest challenge for the industrial/technological, rational driven world is that we have lost identity (disconnect of self) and meaning (disconnect of purpose) in life by enslaving ourselves to the relentless and endless pursuit to produce material economic growth, resulting in a total disintegration of the natural balance of life. If we look to all of these problems — and there are many — we can ask the question, “Can they be solved?”

The answer is “Yes.” What is needed is more understanding of the miracle of life, and a lifestyle of wellbeing for all. Each person, within the context of the collective, needs to “Awaken the Universe Within”.

To intuitively reconnect with the essence of life, it is critical that we again become aware of our existential life journey and that we reconnect with our authentic selves, as it is in that connection that our life pulse originates. While the detail may be complex, the principle is just unconditional love. We need more heart/soul energy in every aspect of daily life. Heart, in its earthbound flow, is the love and affective connection, the essence of emotional intelligence.

The heart’s energy is the soul of your inner knowing. The miracle of life is that if we find balance, if we are able to embrace our connection with all of life’s essence we can all enjoy the unlimited prosperity that is the inextricable result of soul and matter integration. To recognize the universal flow of life and to connect both individually and collectively in a manner that is in harmonious alignment with your personal being and the collective development potential, is the main purpose of the Universal Life Cycle. Through its art, a journey of boundless possibilities of soul/matter manifestations opens up and can connect us with our inner wisdom.

Finally what is a timeless mind, and how does it influence the biological clock? More and more, I’ve become convinced that our experience of time directly influences the activity of such a clock. If you’re “run-ning out of time,” your biological clock will speed up. If you “have all the time in the world,’ your biological clock will slow down. In moments of transcendence, when time stands still, your biological clock will stop. The spirit is that domain of our awareness where there’s no time. Time is the continuity of memory, which uses the ego as an internal reference point. When we go beyond our ego and enter the realm of our spirit, we break the barrier of time. Ultimately, both the quality and quantity of life depend on our sense of identity. If we have meaning and purpose in our lives and our iden-tity is not tied to “a skin-encapsulated ego,” then both the quality and quantity of life will be dramatically enhanced. More than any nutritional supplement or exercise, the most important thing that you can do to change your life is to practice the following principles:

• Have your attention on the timeless, the eternal, the infinite.

• Get your ego out of the way.

• Be natural; relinquish the need to hide con-stantly behind a social mask.

• Surrender to the mystery of the universe.

• Have a sense of communion with Spirit or Divinity.

• Be defenseless, relinquishing the need to defend your point of view.

Unless we break the barrier between the two it is not possible to use the entire mind for productive purpose. Unless we replace negative thoughts by positive thoughts , the barrier cannot be broken. Barrier of Ego Ego separates one from Universal – Self which is the nourishing source . Ego does not allow us to love or express compassion . It prevents us form relaxing and enjoying blissful life.

The beings trapped by the barrier then become freed and make their way out through the ego and return to the spiritual world . At the same time the overall effect is to break down the barrier which was preventing the outer activity from entering and carrying out its function.

The resistance is often experienced as a barrier that has arisen involuntarily, a literal block between the conscious self and its sources of material in the unconscious.

Each one of us has that reservoir inside him , ready to flood his life with joy , wisdom , and immortality , if only he will break down the eg , the barrier. Ego is a barrier to become our Divine Self; if we break down Ego people can become more like the Divine or Higher Self.

The Ego separates humans from God. Man can defeat it. “The ego is the main thing within us that is not God; it is the strongest barrier between ourselves and God. In simple terms, when we break down the ego, we become like God.

When we live as God, we realize God’s nature in every cell and we eradicate the barriers between our true nature and ourselves.

It is going to be your decision as to whether or not you stop moving forward. Excuses don’t stop you. Disabilities don’t stop you. Obstacles don’t stop you. Circumstances don’t stop you. Only quitting, stops you.

The ego arose from the separation, and its continued existence depends on your continuing belief in the separation. The ego must offer you some sort of reward for maintaining this belief. All it can offer is a sense of temporary existence, which begins with its own beginning and ends with its own ending. It tells you this life is your existence because it is its own. Against this sense of temporary existence spirit offers you the knowledge of permanence and unshakable being. No one who has experienced the revelation of this can ever fully believe in the ego again. How can its meager offering to you prevail against the glorious gift of God?

If we eliminate the ego barrier by being humble, we can then come close and bond with God. In truth, the ego is a wall or a barrier that keeps the Spirit from making its abode in the soul.

Through this global lens, it is striking that our great spiritual, religious, and philosophical traditions concur that we humans cocreate our worlds through the conduct of our minds. Furthermore, our egocentric patterns produce fragmentations, dualisms, and existential alienation that generate all sorts of pathologies. So if it is, indeed, a global axiom that egocentric patterns of mind produce suffering, the obvious question is: Why has it been so difficult for us as individuals and as a species to overcome these egomind addictions and to rehabilitate our mind practices in more integral and healthful ways? Why do we continue to choose to suffer individually and collectively perhaps now more than ever? Can we break through the egomind barrier?

Buddha’s enlightenment revealed that the egocentric patterns of our minds—judgment of others and attachment to cherished outcomes—are the origin of human pathologies. Buddha’s profound prescription for humanity to remove this primal cause of human suffering is summed up in his Four Noble Truths. The principal way to end suffering is to recognize that egoic patterns of thinking directly cause our afflictions. We must become aware that our day-to-day reality is caused by how we use our minds, and we must learn to see clearly that our egocentric habits of mind can be terminated. We have a direct choice to break these negative habits and regenerate new integral patterns of the mind that bring us into alignment and harmony with our Selves and with each other. Buddha’s Eightfold Path is precisely this prescription of how to break the old egocentric mind barriers and cross into a new life of awakened mind, or as the authors of this book would say, “Give up the story of who you think you are.”

The egocentric constructions of artificial entities generate dualities and separations on all levels. The insight of nonduality is that all things are interrelational or dialogical in their being. The old substance cosmologies that act as if things had independent self-existence are displaced, and now true reality shows itself as a vast, interactive, co-aris-ing, dynamic, ever-changing process.

Once we truly give up a belief in independent entities, especially the illusion of ego-existence, a deeper power of minding is released, and the “self” is no longer any kind of entity but a dynamic, co-arising, interactive process. In this respect, the “no-self” is the interrelational process of Right Minding, minding the Dharma. When the Awakened Mind breaks the ego barrier and ignites to the dynamic flow of the interrelational process, it dances with the interplay of reality. This is the Dialogical or Holistic awakening of Mind.

Once the ego barrier is broken, the Awakened Mind rises to a higher order of functioning and moves in unison with the dynamic, interactive Uni-fied Field. The great principle of co-arising, the Principle of Relativity, implies a nondual Unified Field of dynamic interrelationality. This is the secret of the dialogical nature of reality itself It is in the new language of this Unified Field that the Buddha’s great insights flow.

Jesus breaks the dualistic barriers and embodies a more profound nondual communion. The global truth of Jesus requires the letting go of egocentric life. Jesus becomes the Holistic living embodiment of the Universal Law of Logos. This Holistic or Dialogic turn in being opens up the new global covenant, the prototype, to all humans. This is why Jesus is the mediating being who existentially joins the separated realms of Infinite and Finite and is seen as the Logos that has become Flesh. In this way Jesus expands and fulfills biblical Script to its global signification, breaking old ethnic boundaries and identities that arise from egocentric life.

Those barriers between man and God must be removed if this world is to know greater harmony and peace.

If soneone want´s to change their inner frequency they also must become a “Barrier-Breaker”, from one level to another, or from one dimension to a higher. Our function is to break the seven barriers; the seven seals to self-realization. The Barrier-Breaker don’t focus on how big the barrier or problem is but rather how big God is and His promise to help us overcome. A Spiritual Barrier-Breaker must be fearless. The Divine Energy is the active component for all spiritual progress and transformation. The ego is the passive component that prevents all spiritual progress. Tavistock Institute. Part 51

Our function is to break the seven barriers; the seven seals to self-realization.

The seven seals that prevent the unfolding of truth are only one individual barrier.

Truth is not created, but it is creative; it is not passive, but active. It is, indeed, activity itself.

The life of God has not only been made available to man, but also that life works in man. The life of God the Father is eternal and active, not passive, but also creative, life-giving and inherently communicative.

The active, he holds , always includes the passive, but the passive does not include the active

The Divine Energy is the active component for all spiritual progress and transformation. The ego is the passive component that prevents all spiritual progress.

Intelligence not only reflects but constructs “objective” reality, since objectivity is “a process and not a state”, and intel-ligence, by its distinctive mobility, is the cognitive process par excellence. Only by organizing itself through evolution of its categories can intelligence organize the world it is perpetually constructing, and this progressive organization, which presupposes both initial differen-tiation and continual interaction of self and things, is the goal of the mobile equilibration that constitutes intelligence itself.

Jesus said basically, “All power and authority has been given to Me, now go because I give you that same rod of authority, and remember I am with you always” (see Matt. 28:18-20). He was saying, “I, the Breaker, am in you to help you break through! You have My scepter of power, authority, and grace. Now go break through!

The important thing is that we rise up to our full potential in Christ and use the breaker spirit, grace, and authority that we have been given.

Jesus was demonstrating what we have mentioned throughout this book as what the Lord was and still is looking for. He is looking for that barrier-breaker spirit in humankind, no matter their age. As we said before, that power to break through already dwells in those who are Christians. We just need to grow and develop it into something greater and more powerful in our lives. We can see with John and Jesus that they too had to grow and develop into barrier breakers. The Bible says that they both grew up and became strong in the spirit.

Become strong! Notice it says they “become” strong. This means it will require a choice, discipline, work, effort, and a process on our part to become strong barrier breakers. We can grow stronger in grace and our breakthrough in the spirit, but it doesn’t come without working at it! That is what the Bible says about both John and Jesus; they grew strong in the spirit! The key to grace and breakthrough is a constant, daily life of growing and becoming stronger in our spiritual lives. We can’t expect to become strong spiritually if we don’t invest into our spiritual life.

Grow in wisdom! Jesus “increased in wisdom.” Again, it wasn’t automatic just because He was the Son of God. He came as God in the flesh and had to study and apply human effort as well. He had to grow and attain godly and human wisdom. Wisdom is necessary for breakthrough and winning in spiritual battles (see Prov. 24:6). Too many times people want a breakthrough but don’t use the wisdom and guidance of the Lord and then never reach their desired goals. It isn’t a lack of grace or power available to you that keeps you from breakthrough but often a lack of appropriating godly wisdom.

Grow in the grace. This comes by walking in the grace you have been given by faith, pleasing God. The Bible says, “But without faith it is impossible to please him” (Heb. 11:6). We are saved by grace through faith, and we have been given this grace for breakthrough. We then need to continue to build our faith, walk in faith, and use our faith to bring breakthroughs into our lives through the grace given. The key is to seek to please God and grow in His grace.

Barrier breakers wait on the Lord to receive strength and then mount tip; they don’t stay down! They flap their wings, soaring above life’s challenges, and they won’t faint or quit!

We have these same tools available to produce breakthroughs in our lives as well. If we apply them, they will prepare us for the times we may need to break through.

“Many believers have the tendency, to ‘wish for,’ rather than ‘create,’ their breakthrough.” We can’t just wish for breakthrough; we need to create it with faith. Those men could have just wished they were inside the room where the breakthrough was available, but instead they reached down on the inside of themselves. They tapped into faith in God that if they could break through the roof they could receive their breakthrough for the man on the stretcher. One of the greatest ways to create a breakthrough in our lives is by praising God. Some of the most powerful barrier breakers are those who praise God. It is praise, worship, and intimacy with God that are vital for a continued life of victory and answered prayer.

What makes praise so powerful is that it is a weapon against the enemy (Darkness) and brings deliverance from bondage.

The Bible says that when we praise, God comes and inhabits our praise (see Ps. 22:3). Our praise brings God on the scene, and He goes before us to break through for us and leads us into victory.

There is power in our praise that gets God’s attention and can also defeat the enemy. Praise helps to lift the ceiling of oppression and resistance that often tries to prevent our breakthroughs! Our praise is a weapon that breaks through the enemy opposition and brings the Lord on the scene to defeat Darkness.

As we develop in our lives, like Jesus and John the Baptist did, we too will wax strong in the spirit. The more we make praise a part of our lives and develop it, the more we will see the benefits of it.

The Barrier-Breaker don’t focus on how big the barrier or problem is but rather how big God is and His promise to help us overcome. They stand on God’s Word and aren’t afraid to step out in what God has said.

A Spiritual Barrier-Breaker must be fearless

You might be asking yourself, “What does it mean to break open the fountain of your deep?” The answer is in learning how to develop a stronger breakthrough spirit within you and how to release prayers that break through for you, giving you the results that you desire. When you are filled with the power of the Holy Ghost, you possess a different spirit and one that is equipped for breakthrough. We can see our prayers answered and break forth as we pray in the spirit.

The way you release that power is when you can break open the fountain of your deep. This is speaking of your spirit in prayer, by praying in the spirit.

Praying in the spirit helps to make you spiritually stronger because a barrier breaker is made from within and learns to break through in spiritual realms of conflict. The power to break through is available to us through the power of the Holy Spirit, who enables us to break any barrier we may be facing. Breaking open the fountain of our deep is also how we as barrier breakers can tap into the Holy Spirit’s power. This power is inside of Believers to raise up a standard against the Darkness and win in the battles of life.

When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you receive that power in you to break through and become a barrier breaker. As we pray in the spirit, we spiritually fill or build ourselves up. It helps to equip us and ready us for life challenges and gives the ability to experience victory.

Yet with every strike from the enemy, something was being birthed. Had the enemy known what was about to happen through Jesus’ crucifixion, he would not have crucified this royal seed. What he didn’t know is that this spiritual DNA, which existed in the line of people who brought Jesus into the earth, was now going to continue in everyone thereafter who was born into Christ!

Therefore, this Barrier-Breaker ability was imparted into you. You are part of that same royal line of barrier breakers that has the ability to bring the seed of Christ into the earth. You are His powerful witness of the resurrection. The attitude needed for success isn’t just something you have to try and create with your own willpower. It is something that is in you because you are born from barrier-breaking seed! It is in your spiritual DNA. Just like Jesus, and even the line of barrier breakers before Him, you can overcome fear, disease, torment, and yes, setback after setback! You can have this not only in your life, but you can also reproduce it again into the lives of others as you share the power of Christ with them. The line of barrier breakers didn’t end with Jesus; it was just the beginning! Now multitudes and generations of those spiritually born of His Kingdom have arisen, and we carry Barrier-Breaker ability DNA! A new generation of barrier breakers has been born.

Your faith will be ignited and your spirit stirred to get the results you have been praying for. Discover the process of how to operate in the spirit of breakthrough so you can see your victory through to completion, just the way Jesus and those of the royal seed were able to do. Once you step into it, you will begin to walk in breakthrough after breakthrough and watch yourself become a true barrier breaker!

They who crucified Jesus Christ wouldn´t crucified him if they know he was coming from a incorruptible seed. You can´t destroy incorruptible seed because it carries the power to resuurect and reproduce.

They thought Jesus was like everyone else, of corruptible human seed, making Him subject to the power of death. They didn’t fully understand the mystery of Christ being born of incorruptible seed. Seeds can produce a harvest even when it looks like nothing is happening!

Many Christians fail to understand the power in a seed for breakthrough and blessing. They often can’t see past the troubles of today because they don’t realize the power of incorruptible seed within them that can produce a breakthrough. It gives us some insight as to why Jesus was able to see past the pain of the cross.

Christ was born of seed that cannot be held by death.

Your conception and your very beginning set you up for breakthrough. The same is true for you when you were born again. You were born again from winning seed, and that is from the barrier-breaking seed of Jesus Christ.

He said that if we had even the smallest amount of faith, like the size of a tiny mustard seed, we could remove big problems.

The Holy Spirit is not just for Jesus alone; it is for all of us.

He was showing them that even though the kingdom of heaven had started with only one person believing in God , it could grow and grow just like the tiny mustard seed does.

The Ego is a negative force that prevents the power Barrier-Breaker powers to grow and constantly suppress/oppress these energies into the low vibrational frequency state of the mind. Therefore, fear has become the tool of the ego to oppress people back to the limited perception of life and reality and a state of low vibrational frequencies. A Barrier-Breaker must work through all the ego oppressive methods and powers and continue its journey forward and upwards and through this work he is able to raise and change the low vibrational frequencies to a state of high vibrational frequencies.

Breaking the bonds of your own thought, is the release into Divinity, accepted, realized and enjoyed, here and now. Our function is to break the seven barriers; the seven seals to the realization, that we are the Life that He revealed us to be. As far as we can tell, only about 5 to 10 percent of our genes are actually working; what the rest are doing remains unknown. In other words, it seems the majority of our genes are inactive. Divine Self realization. Tavistock Institute. Part 50

Divine Self realization

The very important Christ consciousness movement is meant to save human society from spiritual death. At present human society is being misled by leaders who are blind, for they do not know the aim and objective of human life, which is self-realization and the reestablishment of our lost relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is the missing point. The ‘Christconsciousness movement is trying to enlighten human society in this important matter.

We are not meant to solve economic questions of life by balancing on a tottering platform; rather, we are meant to solve the ultimate problems of life which arise due to the laws of nature. Civilization is static unless there is spiritual movement. The soul moves the body, and the living body moves the world. We are concerned about the body, but we have no knowledge of the spirit that is moving that body. Without the spirit, the body is motionless, or dead. The human body is an excellent vehicle by which we can reach eternal life. It is a rare and very important boat for crossing over the ocean of nescience which is material existence. On this boat there is the service of an expert boatman, the spiritual master. By divine grace, the boat plies the water in a favorable wind.

Contemporary civilization is much too concerned with making the material body comfortable. No one has information of the real destination of life, which is to go back to Godhead. We must not just remain seated in a comfortable compartment; we should see whether or not our vehicle is moving toward its real destination.

There is no ultimate benefit in making the material body comfortable at the expense of forgetting the prime necessity of life, which is to regain our lost spiritual identity. The boat of human life is constructed in such a way that it must move toward a spiritual destination. Unfortunately this body is anchored to mundane consciousness by five strong chains, which are:

(I) attachment to the material body due to ignorance of spiritual facts,

(2) attachment to kinsmen due to bodily relations,

(3) attachment to the land of birth and to material possessions such as house, furniture, estates, property, business papers, etc.,

(4) attachment to material science, which always remains mysterious for want of spiritual light, and

(5) attachment to religious forms and holy rituals without knowing the Personality of Godhead or His devotees, who make them holy.

These attachments, which anchor the boat of the human body, are explained in detail in the fifteenth chapter of the Bhagavad-gitci There they are compared to a deeply rooted banyan tree which is ever increasing its hold on the earth. It is very difficult to uproot such a strong banyan tree, but the Lord recommends the following process: “The real form of this tree cannot be perceived in this world. No one can understand where it ends, where it begins, or where its foundation is. But with determination one must cut down this tree with the weapon of detachment. So doing, one must seek that place from which, having once gone, one never returns, and there surrender to that Supreme Personality of Godhead from whom everything has begun and in whom everything is abiding since time immemorial.” [Bhagavad-gita 15.3-4].

The beginning of our present material life cannot be traced, nor is it necessary for us to know how we became conditioned in material existence.

We have to be satisfied with the understanding that somehow or other this material life has been going on since time immemorial and now our duty is to surrender unto the Supreme Lord, who is the original cause of all causes.

The preliminary qualification for going back to Godhead is given in the Bhagavad-gita [15.5]: “One who is free from illusion, false prestige, and false association, who understands the eternal, who is done with material lust and is free from the duality of happiness and distress, and who knows how to surrender unto the Supreme Person attains that eternal kingdom.”

One who is convinced of his spiritual identity and is freed from the material conception of existence, who is free from illusion and is transcendental to the modes of material nature, who constantly engages in understanding spiritual knowledge and who has completely severed himself from sense enjoyment can go back to Godhead.

Such a person is called anzadha, as distinguished from migiha, or the foolish and ignorant, for he is freed from the duality of happiness and distress. And what is the nature of the kingdom of God? It is described in the Bhagavad-gitii [15.6] as follows: “That abode of Mine is not illumined by the sun or moon, nor by electricity.

The Christ consciousness movement is trying to bring that spiritual existence to humanity at large. In our present material consciousness, we are attached to the sensual material conception of life, but this conception can be removed at once by devotional service to Christ, or Christ consciousness. If we adopt the principles of devotional service.

The human image that you have entertained about yourself, is your mental imitation about the Divine Image that you are. The Divine Immortal Image is your name. The fullness of the Father is your being, the human image is that men-tality that we entertain about the Divine Image and that is the na-ture of the hypnosis that binds men within his own thought.

Breaking the bonds of your own thought, is the release into Divinity, accepted, realized and enjoyed, here and now. That’s only the first letter to the church of God in you. Now as you practice each week what the Spirit saith unto you, then you are having an ear. It’s not enough to hear it.

Spiritual Consciousness never merely hears, it functions. It lives. And therefore, you must practice that which you are capable of accepting, until it’s a living force, not an intellectual idea.

Then you will come to the second letter, and the third, and the fourth. And each level of Consciousness that you bring, will enable you to receive even better, the next level that is presenting itself to you.

Our function is to break the seven barriers; the seven seals to the realization, that we are the Life that He revealed us to be.

We can’t do it just by meeting on a Sunday. That can spark us into what we do twenty-four hours a day. And if it does, we will find that this series is going to do (or us, that which we started out to do at the first of the year to take dominion over mind and body.

The more we spiritualize our consciousness, the better chance we have to get to know ourselves—attaining self-realization, spiritual realization, God realization, and God consciousness.

What we think affects how our genes work, and this results in either sickness or health. Some scientists even believe that our genes and the way they function determine whether or not we lead a happy life. This does not mean that human happiness is genetically predetermined at birth. Genes that govern happiness must exist latently within everyone. The genes are just waiting to be switched on. What we must do is activate them and set them to work in a way that benefits our lives.

As far as we can tell, only about 5 to 10 percent of our genes are actually working; what the rest are doing remains unknown. In other words, it seems the majority of our genes are inactive. The fact that our psychological state can change the way our genes function may actually be because so many genes are dormant. Some of those genes we do not yet understand may respond strongly to our mental condition.

Genetic Thinking

This Creates the Dimension of Energy as Real

It is truly in the experience of Death that energy resonates very powerfully as real. It is where the new paradigm vibrates as a truth where the Mind is no longer what is real—in the realm of energy. In your Death it is the energy of your Self that exists as real. It is your breath, as energy, that leaves your physical form. As you Connect to this “knowing,” you can access the force of energy that resonates as your Self.

You have access to leaving in the “knowing” of the energy of your Self as who you are. You can honor your Body for what it has provided you—an experience of your Self as energy. The vibration and frequency in which you resonate live in the “knowing” of your Self as the journey. You are leaving the physical realm, and in doing so you can embrace the dimension of energy and have this dimension as a source of deep peace and divine presence.

You can activate the divine nature of who you are, and in that “knowing” you leave the physical realm as it was designed to be—a pure gift in which you got to discover your true Self. It is in this moment when the duality is the clearest for you—where the Mind is in the end and your Self is in the eternal nature of your journey—that you can embrace a more powerful connection to your experiences in the physical realm. You can experience the duality in its fullest essence.

You can be in the fullness of the journey you chose. You can allow your experiences to resonate for what they were for you: a journey where you got to have the gift of “knowing” your deepest and most divine Self.

You can hold the world for what it is, an ongoing experience where you get to bring your highest Self for what you have brought to the experience of life. You can hold and know your Self as deep love and honor for each person and life itself. You can hold your connection to the physical realm as a truly momentous occasion, and you can be atpeace in the “knowing” that you did unfold your journey. From your Self you will presence where you honored your Self.

You will leave in the “knowing” of another experience of who you are in the face of the Mind’s truths of who you are and what you did not fulfill. In this you claim your experiences as your choice. In this choice you are within the awareness of the shift in your energetic realm, as you once again leave the duality in the “knowing” of your Self as an energetic force of divine consciousness.

Jesus taught that if we think anything negative, then we are following our egos. If we were experiencing Christ consciousness, then we would see only reality, which is love.

You activate the power of the Holy Spirit by gaining knowledge about God and then acting in faith upon what you know. You Receive God ‘ s Nature Through His Promises God has given you promises so that you might receive a new life and a new nature

To join with your Divine aspects and activate your Divine purpose , you need to heal the Reality of Duality , break from the line and seek to align vertically to Love within the Rod of power .

Make this your time , a time to get to know yourself and evolve a greater awareness of your Divine nature . The more you practice the deeper you will go , and more will be revealed to you.

In the beginning you may not feel much , it is difficult to get any energy going on your own but it will come with practice . The best way to activate this third eye is through an initiation by one who is already awakened. For example; An awaken GURU or MASTER has the ABILITY to AWAKE others.

Miracles are very natural and they are a part of the Divine Nature. They are simply multiple levels and dimensions of experience being woven simultaneously into reality as we understand it…were able evidently to activate an extraordinary degree of resonance and crossexchange of their own neurological systems, driving their mind-brain systems to a new level of awareness and capacity.

The crystalline structure. This structure holds a pure frequency of light and acts like a transmitter, electrical in nature, and has an unlimited ability to hold the highest frequencies of your divine light.

When fully activated, it will allow your full divine frequency of light to be held within your physical body. You choose the moment when you are ready for this aspect of your enlightenment process. The crystalline structure within each of you holds a unique divine component, so no crystalline structure is the same. However, each individual crystalline structure contains a common element, the God consciousness, enabling all of you to have a direct experience of Oneness with each other.

Know that this crystalline structure simply births you back and re-unites you with your natural spiritual state. This activation will change the energetic dynamic of your physical body, and it will allow you to hold the full energetic aspect of your divine light within the cells of your body. Up to this point, the greater aspect of your light has been held outside your body because your electrical system could not cope with this level of energy.

Now that dynamic has changed with your crystalline activation. Once you begin to activate your crystalline structure you will set in motion your own birthing process. It is time for you to move into a place of self-empowerment. This is what the New Dawning is about: You birthing you—anchoring the full energy of your enlightened Self within your physical body.

We can attract at the Lower Self level and at a deeper Subconscious Self level. The surface of the soul consists of lower frequencies; the energies of the souls which are deeper within consist of higher freauencies. Setting aside time to tune into their presence will help you to fine tune your divine intuition and deepen your conscious connection with the divine higher realm. Faith is a visionary force that allows us to open our hearts as we awaken to our souls. Light is not stuff, light is vibration. The key Is to go through your authentic self. where you can become at one with your divine essence. Your authentic self is the doorway to your divine essence. Tavistock Institute, Part 49

During the Confluence Age, when the energies of the soul are touched by God‟s energies, they are influenced to resonate at the same frequencies as God‟s pure powerful divine frequencies, while they become energised.

Vibrations have to be powerful so as to resonate at the same frequencies as God’s. Since God’s energies energise our energies, we are able to resonate with the frequencies of God. Thus, if we concentrate on the Divine knowledge, we will get God’s assistance to go beyond, since our frequencies will fall into step with the divine frequencies of God’s energies. The powerful divine frequencies, which we begin to resonate with, cannot be measured because the energies of the soul cannot be measured. The frequencies of God, the soul and the light cannot be measured since they are spiritual in nature. One can only measure frequencies in the Real World.

Since all the vibrations in the Corporeal World influence each other, the 2D SWD and what exists in the Outlined World Drama can be changed based on the changes in the frequencies that surrounds them. For the same reason, those walking in (who are not powerful spiritual effort makers) can be influenced to become divine through coming into contact with God’s powerful divine frequencies which have been emitted through other Confluence Aged souls.

Everything (including the chakras, bodily organs etc.) is vibrating at different frequencies, therefore, our thoughts consist of all their different frequencies when we think of them. Since the energies of the soul have a causal quality, the different vibrational frequencies of everything that exists in the universe can be created within a thought or visualisation. This means, in our visualisation, the object which we visualise will be having the frequency which it has in the Real World. Thus, what we visualise will consist of vibrations that are vibrating at numerous different frequencies. Since the energies used for the visualisation etc. have a light and a sound of silence aspect, the visualisations have a subtle movie-like nature.

The Holographic Universe is the womb of creation where different kinds of energies are involved with the creation processes through getting tuned to different frequencies. When the Divine Light and quantum energies get tuned to the different frequencies for creation purposes, information is encoded, decoded or recoded in the Divine Light and quantum energies so as to create what exists in the Real World.

Over time people has lost theire ability to decoce higher energies of light or frequencies that surrounds them and could guide and lead them to a higher levels of consciousness.

We can attract at the Lower Self level and at a deeper Subconscious Self level. The surface of the soul consists of lower frequencies; the energies of the souls which are deeper within consist of higher freauencies.

Setting aside time to tune into their presence will help you to fine tune your divine intuition and deepen your conscious connection with the divine higher realm, Meditation will help you to raise your vibration and set the stage for the entry of divine consciounsess. As people begin to release themesleves to their inner Divine Self, their vibrations shifts from the demse material plane to the higher emations of divine energy.

A great deal of this ability to open the heart lies in the ability to make a full and conscious connection with the soul, for, as you will understand, at a soul level all is love. There is nothing else that is more important in the frequencies of light than the concept of frequency and the vibration of love, for in the living light which is the substance and body of the divine creator this frequency of love is the most preponderant. You could say it is the one which contains many other frequencies, and because of this it is one of the dominant frequencies of the universe, for there are many sub-frequencies which lie within it.

Every vibration contains certain power. There are vibrations that are very powerful, while others are less powerful. Each one of us is the generator of vibrations. There are people of such powerful vibrations that they can move out and heal other people or help other people. A blessing is a vibration that moves out of the holy ones to us.

Light is not stuff, light is vibration.

Our mind is vibrating and if we take these mantras , slokas , hymns , all these things are of a lower frequency.

Soul is more powerful than all these units , so when mind is connected , when mind is attuned into the Ultimate Reality , the mind vibrates with the same frequency as the Ultimate Reality.

Often the energies we experience are quite negative, and are low, slow vibrations. Because of the law of resonance, you tend to easily get stuck in the lower energies of the earth plane.

The ancient ones who step forward at this time, those who have incarnated in the role of Avatar or Spiritual Leader, guide us to the knowledge that as we heal fear, and experience God’s love bringing the word (the sound of intelligibility) full of grace and truth into our flesh and cleansing our cells, we move to a different trajectory, and our DNA vibrates at a higher frequency, creating greater atomic fusion. This literally means our energy field radiates more light, and we glow with the energy of the Christos, the Christ light. Jesus said:

“He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do.” What do you think would happen if you radiated 90% atomic fusion?

Faith is a visionary force that allows us to open our hearts as we awaken to our souls. It is a belief in the fact that the Universe knows what it’s doing, and as we yield to spirit and release the Ego, we realise that we are called forth to splendour.

Faith is an awareness of the infinite field of unfolding possibility, the stream of wellbeing that flows through the Cosmos, from the inside, whereas our outer quests often require us to make a leap of faith, and fall into the workings of supreme trust in God’s power. When we trust we float into this brilliant force, and the Angels carry us through divine succour. Any attempt to control interferes with the flow, whereas our willingness to relax and yield means it works on our behalf.

The ancients believed that the source of all wisdom was found at a meeting within us, of two conduits: the axis mundi and the anima mundi. In the deepest part of this conjunction is a reflection of the very essence of whom we are. Wise, serene and powerful beyond measure, this meeting crosses the realm of the heart, the lodestone from which all love pours. This is where the icon of the Cross was created; but not as a nexus of bitter sacrifice — rather as a rendezvous of glorified service.

Both Axes are formed like the signpost of life itself. Both are partners in a dynamic and exciting dance of opposites, for in their embrace both matter and consciousness reach a point where each is informed and enhanced by the other. This is where mind and body correlate into the mystery of spirit, because this is where the heart and brain, the literal and the meta-phoric, the proven and the unproven, the seen and the unseen meet to create an incandescence of truth.

The Axis Mundi holds a key to our vertical nature, the heart and the brain, the body and the mind, the gravity of the earthly magnetic matter and the heavenly loftiness of the electrical spirit.

To strengthen this Axis means we must organize the core principles of the self. For these polarities reflect the conditions of the female and male energies, the yin and the yang, the being and the doing, the thinking and the feeling, the soma and the psyche, the profane and the sacred, the dark and light, the earth and the heavens, the freedom and the effort.

Victory creates a radical commitment to a new way of being, which begins with practice and discipline formulated by meditation and prayer, allowing the development of spiritual muscle. Honed in the soul’s gym, we become embodied with such strength that we defy the ego’s voice and truly inherit the victorious kingdom of heaven, not there but here.

Spiritual victory is not about becoming more complex from a metaphysical perspective or of acquiring psychic technology by reading the latest book; rather it is a question of becoming simpler and of evolving through the heart’s truth.

The soul’s gym uses the work of Meditation (listening to God) and Prayer (speaking to God) as its major trainers. These eternal compasses are designed to strengthen our spiritual conviction, to develop the hardware of our DNA.

Through exercise the Divine permeates deeper into our being, and as we bring our souls fully into our physical body, we have the chance to truly experience spiritual alchemy. Conversely, if the ego dashes our souls from our bodies, our thinking becomes confused, our feelings bridle in utter chaos.

What changes when we bring our souls back is not simply what we do, but more importantly who we become. Meditation and prayer discipline our mental, emotional and physical bodies; they allow us to configure greater peace, and radiate greater stillness. You see in the stillness of meditation we find the infinity of the soul, which we are led to believe is within us, whereas truly we are within soul.

The Story of the Luciferian Conspiracy; These controlling groups of beings have very powerful plans to disturb certain areas of the Earth.

Your divine spark is made up of the same light as that of the universe. The light is within you, and you are in it. The light is you. and you are the light! In the same way. your divine essence lies within, just as youressence lies in your divinity. are one and the same. When you are identifying with your divine essence, you are connected to all that is within and without. because you are at one with the universe and the universe is one with you. When you are fulfilled by your desire, you know what it is to have peace, joy, and fmetiont. You are the creator of your awn life.

Your own innate blueprint is your Individual code that is stored in your DNA. Even your DNA is connected with your divine essence, while It Is not a part of it. When you tune into your divinity, your connection positively Impacts the body, stemming from your thoughts and way of being. Your thought patterns can also as as keys that can unlock the sacred codes of your DNA.

As the frequency of your thoughts and emotions rises in vibration. so does your way of being on a physical level. Your vibration. when raised, can activate your DNA even further in ways you have nut experienced up to now. As your DNA activates, it can mutate into higher levels of being. Nov It is known that your DNA Is influenced by electromagnetic fields, and this includes thoughts. Expressing your divine essence is the key to your DNA activation. You resonate at a higher frequency in vibration when you are attuned with your divine self.

At this higher vibration. your experience changes as you can see more of 41 that is. Now you undersiand at a deeper level how the universe operates and how you can manifest all the abundance. joy. and happiness you desire. Thus is your birthright. You are a magnificent being. much more co than you realize.

You really have the power to manifest your true desire in physical form, for this is your mission in realizing the vision of your desire. The higher your vibration, the easier It Is for you to manifest what you desire into your life. Your divinity is at one with your authentic self, and only by going inward can you bring out what you truly want in life to fulfil you soul purpose.

The key Is to go through your authentic self. where you can become at one with your divine essence. Your authentic self is the doorway to your divine essence. Keep your spirit high by radiating love (unconditional) and light. Keep your thoughts enlightened and in line with your own truth instead of outside appearances.

At birth, this knowledge of your essential nature is forgotten. It can be recollected during life through your bodily experiences of your senses interacting with the environment. Even though you may think you are a human being that has a few occasional spiritual experiences, you are actually spirit having a human experience. Your essence is the core of who you are in your heart. This divine essence is your birthright. It is where your power emanates from, and it is linked to the field of quantum possibilities. This is your authentic self. You are much more than you think you are. You have more power inside than you may realize. Through the conditioning of human life, you have forgotten who you really are. Remembering is a journey in itself that results in the layers of conditioning being removed. At the centre is your divinity. Once you become aware of this aspect of You, know that you have more power in co-creating what you want in your life.

The green or heart chakra is the combination of the four lower bodies and is the gateway which every body must pass through to the three higher vibration energy bodies of the divine triad. The four lower bodies when balanced and aligned, produce the personality- the real individual us.

The greater your connection to divine love, the more powerful your ability to transform your perceptions of pain, fear, and limitation. The key is to connect to the purest source of divine love possible.

Love is the key that opens up our divine potential from bondage, that we may be lifted up and become a part of the spirit of life that is perfect. Which is our vehicle of expression in the higher planes of divine consciousness. For the time is coming for our consciousness to unfold its true potential.

Being the divine potential is realized within, which enables us to become free from our carnal nature, entering into a state of freedom revealing that hidden life, the divine potential is realized within, which enables us to become free from our carnal nature, entering into a state of freedom. Perfect tranquility of being. Mankind has now reached a new stage of enfoldment, the heavenly journey has begun. The inner action of the Holy Spirit brings spontaneous process of purification within, which transforms our entire personality.

When the intuition faculty within mankind is awakened, then mankind will have the ability to understand the laws of the universe and to recognize the truth. The divine embryo which is abiding within awaits our discovery, but is unable to be seen or felt through our physical senses, only discernable through our higher divine faculties, which can only be developed through a change of consciousness and as it grows and expands it brings a change within.

For the embryo of life dwells within our very being working in the very inner levels of our consciousness for the time of change is about to come. The divine birth has begun, bringing a change within us. A new dimension of consciousness arises within. The carnal world will recede into the background the divine consciousness imprisoned within now unfolds to reveal the divine splendor.

The awakening of the spirit of mankind from bondage from the carnal world. The breakthrough has come.

The new beginning has begun becoming aware of the ever divine presence within. Merging with the inner rhythm of the universe attuned to its finest vibrations of the universal life. The opening up of our divine consciousness, as though a door of understanding has opened up within us.

There arises a spontaneous urge to surrender our carnal self for our higher self urges us to rid ourselves of our lower self that we may be cleanse that which is out of harmony with our higher self.

While the carnal self acts the higher self cannot be realized within. Our carnal desires stand in the way. There are many who know not within. They are not conscious of the higher self within. For there must be a change within man, before the inward divine faculty opens up within mankind. Without divine intuition the divine scriptures are of little value to us as we do not understand the truth.

No matter how much the inspired work is written in the world scriptures it can find no echo on our hearts, for we are truly carnal. Lord Jesus the embodiment of that true life reveal to mankind your higher self dormant within awaits birth. Know that true love is the key that unlocks the divine energy within, to experience an all embracing divine reality the hidden divine splendor, which was imprisoned, not released.

Life universal, giving rise in bringing into being mankind, creatures, creation, galaxies, our universe. For we must all admit our dependence is upon the universal life, which has caused our existence out of itself must return some time in the future to itself, to the whole, let us be this true life but we can only be this life, if we realize it. Through being it, then we must let this divine energy work through us, bringing harmony in our lives.

Mostof us function from our surface consciousness.Only in enlightened moments are we harmonizing with the higher levels of life, or the hidden splendor. The true essence of life lies hidden within man, which is the light that is life. Each of us has a choice to make, the and that choice lies within us. If we live after the manna of our carnal nature, we imprison our true life. and we will not advance in our unfoldment. If we fdl our minds with the things of the world, they will become our way of thinking and our way of life.

If we seek to any them into the future, they will stifle the hidden, divine potential that waits to be born within. We are rejecting the divine potential and the divine pattern planted within. One must reject the conditioning of the mind, which is forced on us by the so-called society. We will receive immeasurable joy in the yielding to the hidden life within. which is the kingdom within. Not imposing any religious doctrine, or being dogmatic upon anyone, but sanctifying the hidden life within us and around us.

This opens up new dimensions of the hidden life within. which is the unborn divine potential seeking birth. We stifle it in its womb. the creative powers planted within, for the whole mystery of life is within us. That hidden splendor is the inner joy of the spirit. The hidden divine faculty and the opening up of the inner vision become conscious of a deeper level of life.

It is the awareness and understanding of life that dwells within and knows all things. The outward man that we see is not the real man. For the time for the real man to appear is not yet but will arrive in due course. We must steadfastly dwell on the divine presence. and when we are lifted up in the spirit. our life is raised higher until we vibrate in harmony with our hidden life.

This is quickened by the Holy Spirit and made alive in realizing the inner power, which fills us with a greater life of love, compassion, and purity of being. We then rejoice in the wholeness of all things and receive fulfillment of being. We are present in all life, for we are part of life and that higher life dwells within us. The Lord Jesus has acknowledged that greater life invited mankind into the same relationship with this greater life.

Unity consciousness is a state of enlightenment where we pierce the mask of illusion which creates separation and fragmentation. Behind the appearance of separation is one unified field of wholeness. Here the seer and the scenery are one. Tavistock Institute. Part 47

The “dark night of the soul” is very profound and was seen by the medieval mystics as a descent into hell. The desolation and despondency may be so immensely acute that total inertia overtakes us and we have no strength left to get out of the darkness. We feel separate, alone, and dislocated from our very self. Yet this shattering of the sense of self is seen by some seekers as an act of grace.

The false ego has lost its grip. In our destitute state, we are given a glimpse into the darkness, the shadow side of our psyche and the absence of the light of truth and consciousness. The struggle to reintegrate ourselves into a new and greater harmony is the beginning of wisdom and the beginning of our spiritual work.

The greater the depth of the dark night of the soul, the greater the yearning for change and the desire for truth. Some individuals experience a milder but more persistent crisis. Not content with the prevalent view or with living life on the surface, they are aware of the disharmony in their existence. Their intuition tells them that there is more to know and that there is a more harmonious way of being and enjoying this magnificent creation. Their state of consciousness is already expanded through their personal efforts to transcend a banal existence.

Through their struggle to escape ignorance and by direct experience of their true nature, they have acquired certainty. Such individuals often gain wisdom from the hard knocks of life and the agony of defeat. They have come to the point where they want to assume greater responsibility and find their “rightful place and proper duty,” as Emerson would say. The idea of a personal God no longer serves them. They are seeking to integrate their relative knowledge with their inner knowing.

A cloud of ignorance hovers over our lives, our affairs, our thinking and being. This cloud is heavier and darker than ever before in the history of mankind. It arises from education, conditioning, and imitation, and is maintained by holding on to the past, to our imaginings and self-deception.

We allow the cloud to form by the power of our convictions and beliefs, which arose from this cloud in the first place. Beliefs change over the centuries — we no longer give credence to omens or to the wrath of nature gods — but they are promptly replaced with new superstitions and cults.

Our minds are implanted with ideas, concepts, and information, inseminated with opinions, ideologies, and theories, and impregnated with cravings, desires, and needs by electronic, vocal, subliminal, and other means — a process that is happening faster and more insidiously than every before.

The eminent scientist Lewis Thomas touches on this concern when he says, “The human brain is the most public organ on the face of the earth, open to everything, sending messages to everything…. Virtually all the business is the direct result of thinking that has already occurred in other minds. We pass thoughts around, so compulsively and with such speed that the brains of mankind often appear, functionally, to be undergoing fusion.”

WHEN WE INDISCRIMINATELY SUBJECT OUR MINDS to this bombardment as if they were inert receptacles for information, and we give credence to these messages, we are giving up our authority to the powers that be. We are thereby contributing to the density of the cloud of ignorance. We give authority and power to ignorance every time we choose to ignore what is really going on in our relationships, our families, our schools, our society, in our government, and more tragically within ourselves. Our lives have become so busy and complicated that we choose to delegate our decisions, our responsibilities, and our very psyches to the experts.

The cloud of ignorance casts a darkness over our institutions of higher learning, which cultivate a disbelief in anything that cannot be perceived and verified with the five senses or by the scientific method.

The authority of ignorance clouds our upbringing as well. When we are small, parents and teachers keep us in a narrow line of behavior and an even narrower spectrum of perception, and we in turn pass our mental inhibitions on to our children. We cannot know ourselves or meet the living present until we break down this stale conditioning based on the past and fed by imagination, identification, and self-deception. This is the gloomy side of the picture — the bad news. The good news is that this authority of ignorance deals in surfaces and in procedures. It is ugly and insidious, but in fact has no reality of its own. It is a manmade construct, an illusion, and therefore cannot permanently affect the human spirit or change what is. It can only for a time cover the human condition with a blanket of arrogance, ill will, and violence. When we stop giving collective power to this cloud of ignorance and withdraw the authority we have lent to it, it will dissipate without delay.

As individuals endowed with the powers of self-reflection, intelligence, and reason, we have the ability and responsibility to dispel our self-deception right here and right now. We do not have to succumb to the authority of ignorance, nor do we have to live in this collective twilight one moment longer. We do not have time to await the arrival of a messiah, of mysterious forces from outer space, or of a philosopher-king, nor do we have the luxury to dream of a kinder, gentler nation. We are free to make a choice and to take charge of our lives.

We can come out from under the cloud of ignorance, step into the light of knowledge, and join the many that are on the path of self-recovery and self-determination. The path is getting wider, and the number of seekers is rapidly increasing. These trailblazers have already discovered that ignorance has no real existence and therefore no real power. When we come to know that for a fact and realize it — that is, make it real – in our minds, hearts, and deeds, we will weaken the power of ignorance and let the light of truth shine upon our human affairs.

“Unity consciousness is a state of enlightenment where we pierce the mask of illusion which creates separation and fragmentation. Behind the appearance of separation is one unified field of wholeness. Here the seer and the scenery are one.”

Bliss is a state of consciousness that is literally beyond words.

This world-illusion has arisen because of the movement of thought in the mind; when that ceases the illusion will cease, too, and the mind becomes no-mind. This can also be achieved by the restraint of prana. That is the supreme state. The bliss that is experienced in a state of no-mind, that bliss which is uncaused, is not found even in the highest heaven. In fact, that bliss is inexpressible and inde-scribable and should not even be called happiness! The mind of the knower of the truth is no-mind: it is pure satva.


The Power of the Heart

Humanity is situated at a crucial time now as we enter a new planetary cycle. This vitalizing cycle is bringing in a potent Light that allows us to move beyond our physical selves and become who we truly are: a part of the All. Many beings of Light have come to Earth to guide and help us to attain God-realization. To know God, to realize that we are one with the Creator, we need to awaken to the fact that this realization is the true purpose of life. God-realization and its accompanying shift in consciousness is accomplished through the spiritual heart.

Energetically, our spiritual heart is located in the center of the chest. It is a beautiful, swirling energy mass that when awakened can extend beyond your chest. It has infinite layers and as these layers unfurl, the heart has the potential of stretching out infinitely. The more developed it is, the higher the frequencies at which the heart vibrates. In the higher frequencies, the heart vibrates at the same frequencies as the Earth, making it possible to connect to the elemental energies easily. When the heart opens, it vibrates at the frequency of the spiritual planes and facilitates our connection with the higher realms.

Bliss is a state of consciousness in which we experience the Creator’s Love directly. We do this by expanding and elevating our vibrations—the frequency of our energy—to reach the vibratory level of our higher self. Our higher self is that part of ourselves that remains connected to the Creator and, when we align to our higher self we are able to have God-awareness experiences that bring us bliss and lead us on the path to enlightenment.

Unfortunately, we have lived most of our lives within our minds and emotions and we have lost the capacity to enter into our hearts. This is why in most human beings, the heart remains clouded by emotions and the constant activity of the mind. Once we awaken, open and connect our heart to the Creator’s infinite Love, we are able to raise our consciousness and experience bliss.

Once you live within the peace, love and joy of your heart, your life changes. Not only does the quality of your life improve, but everything around you becomes positive and joyful. As you live in the peace and joy of your heart, you develop the tendency to think and act positively, not according to your limited perceptions but according to the real truth that exists within your heart. As you dwell in your open heart, you reject whatever is negative in your life, including negative relationships, negative habits and other adverse circumstances. You begin to fulfill your mission of being of service and bringing love and light to those who have not yet opened their hearts. When your heart opens it radiates a beautiful frequency of love and healing that affects all those around you.

When you awaken, open and live in your heart all the time, you exist within the real peace and joy that are there and you relate to others with compassion and love. This is an enormous accomplishment in every aspect of your life. The authentic spiritual path brings about a shift in consciousness that allows you to be aware that you are One with the Creator, one with everyone, with all existence. And you understand, finally, that it is through the heart that we bring healing and love to all beings. By activating and opening your heart, you make this shift in consciousness possible.

You have spent countless lifetimes searching for your true purpose so that you can fulfill your ultimate destiny. It is in your heart that you can realize with absolute certainty whether you are fulfilling your purpose in life or not. Only from your heart can you realize what you were meant to do. When you awaken and open your heart, you realize that:

• You are not a separate being, isolated from others and the world.

• The true nature of reality is accessible through your heart.

• You are capable of living and experiencing different levels of reality.

• Enlightenment is possible in your lifetime.

The spiritual heart is the key to awakening to Union with the Creator. It is located at the center of your chest and it is the nonphysical center of love and compassion within the core of the self. Your spirit, a spark of the Creator, resides within your heart. Your heart contains your divinity and it is your infinite connection to Oneness. This is where all truth, wisdom and the essence of pure love dwell. Spiritual understanding is attainable through the spiritual heart and it allows you to open to the realization that everything you need to progress is in your heart. It is in the heart that you not only find answers to your most fundamental questions, but you inhabit the peace, joy and love that are permanently there. When you open your heart you realize that everything in existence collapses into the Love, for life is all about Love. Living within the Love, living within its peace and joy, loving unconditionally and having compassion for others is the path to the true happiness that is not dependent on external situations and other persons. The heart is your key to self-realization. It is through the heart that we can bring in the high frequencies of Light needed for enlightenment.

Within the spiritual heart is the heart chakra which powers the spiritual heart by bringing in the vital energies that revitalize it3 and removes the negative energies that interfere with its functioning. In the deepest level of the spiritual heart is the sacred space of the heart which is not really a space, but an expression of the profound depths of the heart. As you work with the heart and open it more and more to the Love that is there, you will submerge yourself in its depths. The depths of the heart are endless and its openness, infinite.

The Ego

A new Light is flowing to Earth for the purpose of awakening and opening our hearts to the Love of the Creator. The heart is the key, the crucial connection between our selves and our Source. In this center of truth and wisdom we can find answers to any questions. However, most human beings are dominated by the ego and by the ego’s most powerful instruments, the mind and emotions. The domination of the ego blocks our ability to listen to our hearts. While the ego exerts its dominion, the spiritual heart remains closed in most people and we are unable to access its wisdom and truth.

There are many references to the ego in the Bible. In the language of biblical times we recognize the serpent in the Garden of Eden as the ego and Jesus’ final days in a physical body represented the difficult task of destroying the ego. As Jesus faced the ultimate destruction of his physical selfhood, he declared: “I have overcome the world.”

The crucifixion itself was the final act of relinquishing the ego and resurrecting as the true self: One with the Creator.

The Poisoned Arrow of the Ego

One of the most distinct challenges in our path to enlightenment is the barrier created by our ego that does not allow us to remember who we are. The ego is that part of ourselves that deludes us into believing that we are separate from the Creator, from others and from the rest of reality. The ego’s only interest is to keep itself alive and well by driving us further away from Union with the Creator. Union causes the dissolution of the ego and the ego will do anything to avoid its own destruction.

Every instant of your short life, remember who you are and why you are here. You are not here to resolve the problem of existence. Philosophers have been trying to do that for millennia without success. You are here to attain the liberation of your spirit, enlightenment, union with the Creator. The constant quest for answers to questions that, ultimately, will not bring you to enlightenment is a function of your ego, which will only try to distract you from your true goal in life. Let all those questions go. They are important only to the mind, an instrument of the ego.

When your heart is at peace in the awareness that you are Light, that you are Love, these questions will no longer have a hold on you and you will be free to surrender to the Light and Love. Allow the poisoned arrow of the ego to be removed without useless questions. Pull the poisoned arrow out yourself and feel the joy of awakening to the truth of who you really are.

When your heart is at peace in the awareness that you are Light, that you are Love, these questions will no longer have a hold on you and you will be free to surrender to the Light and Love. Allow the poisoned arrow of the ego to be removed without useless questions. Pull the poisoned arrow out yourself and feel the joy of awakening to the truth of who you really are.


Besides reflection on useless questions, the ego uses drama to maintain us firmly entrenched in the world of illusion and separation.

The Light, which is the Creator’s Love, is everywhere and available to you as long as you open your heart to receive its magnificent Presence. This Light can fill you every instant and bring joy and a deep understanding to your heart. It can bring you fully into the moment, especially when you fill yourself with this Light and radiate it to others.

But when your heart is closed, the Light cannot enter because you have shut off the connection. You close your connection to the Light when your heart tightens with emotions and you retreat into drama. Emotions are always negative. They include hatred, frustration, impatience, envy, sadness, anger and other negativities that emerge from your emotional heart in the solar plexus area (below the heart in the pit of the stomach). Feelings on the other hand arise in the spiritual heart at the center of your chest and they are always positive.

The heart is filled with happiness, peace, love. compassion, joy and tenderness. In the spiritual life we aspire to exist within the feelings of our heart and not allow the negativity of our emotions to drain us, including the drama that so easity pervades our days. Drama is the act of failing into emotions and allowing these emotions to rule you. Drama is one of the quickest and most efficient ways of shutting down your connection to the Light. of severing your connection with the Creator’s love. For as long as you remain in the drama your heart is closed, you cannot bring in the Light and you cannot be in the moment. As a result. you cannot experience the divine Presence.

Drama is an instrument of the ego that convinces you that other people’s negative actions (or what your ego perceives as negative actions) or your emotional reactions to people and situations are so important that you permit the emotions that arise from these experiences to dominate your life. Drama is when you allow yourself to be overcome with the emotions of frustration, anger, bitterness, sorrow and so forth and you let yourself be pulled into the experience until the emotion takes over. You may even have the paradoxical satisfaction of being a victim of other people’s actions towards you, such as when someone says or does something that hurts your feelings, and you feel justified in hanging on to your hurt. Or when a situation occurs, such as having a flat tire and being late for work, that allows you to cling to the anger you have been harboring against your husband because he didn’t take the car in for maintenance. And you believe that you are the victim of others, that it is others who hurt, anger and disappoint you. At that moment when you fall into the drama of the situation, you relinquish your responsibility for holding onto the emotion and blame others for your unhappiness.

As you close your heart, you lack forgiveness, compassion, tenderness and love because you have been completely taken over by your ego and caught in the ego’s rationalizations. And the ego is only interested in making you feel separate from others, unaware of the Light in your heart and closed to anything that may threaten it. It wants to keep you from the Light because Light represents the death of the ego. Distraction is one of its weapons. Drama is one of the distractions the ego uses to keep you in the dark, completely blinded to the truth of who you really are. And the more you fall into the drama, the more hurt you will feel so it becomes a vicious circle that is difficult to break through. There is no joy in the ego. Only suffering. You did not come to this Earth to nourish the ego. You came to transcend it.

You are not separate from others and, if you are on a spiritual path do not expect to make much spiritual progress by isolating yourself. In this era of cooperation, it is more important than ever to work with others to help make this a better world for all sentient beings, including the Planet herself. The ego is master of separation and if you feel separate from others, you will feel separate from the Creator and all Creation. This sense of separation is what causes most of the ills of the world, from war to planned famine. The best way to overcome this sense of separation is to look into the eyes of everyone you encounter, whether in the office or the shopping mall, and see the spark of the Creator that is there. It is the same spark that is in your heart. Open your heart to the Creator’s Love and feel that Love in your whole self. Experience the peace of being in the Love, the joy of radiating the Light. It is an effective weapon against ego domination.

Falling into the drama, on the other hand, strengthens your ego, closes your heart and does not allow you to bring in the Light. You close yourself to the Creator’s Love. Yet every moment, every instant, you can make a choice. Either you allow yourself to fall into the ego world of drama or you let everything be as it is, understanding that all our experiences are lessons, and you dwell in the magnificent Presence of the Creator’s Love.

It is your choice.

Doubt is a product of the ego and it is rooted in fear. When people have experiences that transcend the bounds of our physical/material world, they fear. They fear that what they are seeing is somehow bad and will harm them. They fear that what they are seeing is not really there and that there is something wrong with them. They fear that if others knew what they were experiencing, they would judge them harshly. These are just some of the fears that the ego brings up in an effort to keep people tightly entrenched in the physical realm. Yet, there is a spiritual realm that lies beyond the physical plane that is vibrant, beautiful, profound and deeply satisfying to our souls. The physical world that we are so accustomed to is a faded reflection of the non-physical realms. The non-physical realms exist and are open to exploration by you at any moment, as long as you let go of the fear and the doubt.

Once you begin a spiritual practice, such as daily meditation, prayer and self-healing, you will start to experience subtle energies and will often begin to see/hear/sense/perceive what lies beyond the physical realms. This may manifest as seeing brilliant colors around people, hearing beautiful music or words, knowing when things are going to happen, and many other non-physical experiences. When this occurs, it is important to acknowledge what you see, hear, sense or perceive and accept that you are having spiritual experiences that are valuable and positive. If you begin to doubt your spiritual experiences, the doubt and fear in your heart closes you to further exposure to the spiritual realms. As these valuable events cease, you lose an asset that can propel you toward rapid spiritual growth.

You are born with the beautiful gift of the imagination that allows you to experience the higher realms and connect to more elevated dimensions. It is a gift that entitles you to co-create with God a world of beauty and peace. The imagination lets you envision what is not here in the physical realm, but that exists in other realities. Through the imagination, you see the world as it should be. This powerful tool offers you the connection that you need to propel yourself to the world of spirit and creation. The imagination is a gift given to you by the Creator to further your destiny as a visionary and co-creator.

This is your original and ultimate mission to co-create with God a world of beauty and peace. The imagination offers you a vision of this possible world.

Rather than allowing your doubts to flourish and take hold, acknowledge and accept your spiritual experiences as the reality that they are. Our physical world is not the true realm of existence. The spiritual realm is what is true and real. The more you can experience the truth of this realm, the more you will grow spiritually.

The spiritual heart is where we attain the realization that we are One with the Creator.

The emotional heart, located in the solar plexus area at the pit of the stomach, is the realm of the ego. All emotions such as sorrow, anger, fear, hatred and jealousy arise from this energy center. Contrary to feelings, which are invariably positive, emotions are always negative. Humanity is now at a critical juncture in which mass enlightenment is possible. For this reason and as part of an evolutionary leap, the emotional heart and the solar plexus chakra that is inside it are programmed for extinction. This is why in the discussion on chakras that follows, the solar plexus chakra is not included as one of the major chakras. Rather than strengthen this ego center, it is best to accelerate its evolutionary process and allow it to fade away. Strengthening the spiritual heart and activating the emergent chakras, in the heart area will allow human beings to be ruled by unconditional love and compassion rather than by the ego and its instruments, the mind and emotions.

We are infinite beings, divine particles of God that are loved and never separated or abandoned. This is not a mere illusion; to the contrary, the religious teachings used to control the masses have been delusional and detrimental to true spiritual enlightenment. This is not an easy time for those who are sleeping. The time has come to claim our true identity: Who We Really Are, and Why Are We Here? This is truly a new age in which we have more spiritual freedom, and clearer awareness and discernment within Self. Enlightenment cannot be controlled by any religious authority anymore; we are witnessing an individual spiritual awakening without restrictions.

The Sacred Heart Frequency

Initiation and transmission into the Heart Resonance frequency

The seven levels of the third eye

  1. Illusion. The truth is that there is only love and light for that is God’s essence and therefore your own. Anything that tries to tell you of separation, war, hurt, superiority or lack of love is illusion. Angels of light are part of the oneness and only whisper oneness and love. You can, however, encounter temptations on the spiritual path which try to induce you to feel different or better than another. This illusion will stay with you until you embrace love again. Then you have passed the test of this chamber.
  2. Mental healing. This is about focussing and directing your thoughts towards a person or situation with healing intention. You use the power of your third eye.
  3. Telepathy. This is the ability to tune in to all the frequencies of humans, spiritual beings and angelic forces, so that you receive their communications on all levels.
  4. Creation. You use the power of your thoughts and visions to create and manifest.
  5. Clairvoyance. This is clear seeing with the inner eye.
  6. Abundance. Moving beyond, as you give so you receive, you now have a knowing of divine abundance and are ready to accept it.
  7. Claircogniscence. This is all knowing, or gnosis.

When you’re only operating on lower dimensional frequencies, It’s easy to forget there’s a higher source of knowledge accessible from the mountaintop view. When you explore consciousness instead of form, you step beyond the boundaries of imposed limited perceptions. The Life Force is infinite. When you open the door to It, It fills all space without ever being depleted like the way the sun fills a morning sky. An ascended being is one who is able to, by their presence; transmute the lower vibrations of reality. Tavistock Institute. Part 45

It’s important to recognize the low vibration energy of mass consciousness is not reality, or at the very least it doesn’t have to be yourreality. These planted beliefs can be addictive. To move beyond the societal thoughts being spoon-fed to the masses, you have to change the frequency but, breaking the addictive habit of falling back on low vibrational frequencies in order to rise above the lowest common denominator isn’t easy. In fact, it’s quite difficult because people are trained to embrace a fascination to the lower lurking physical energies that make up the tabloid consciousness

So how do you rise above it? Start shifting your energetic vibration by cutting down your brain-numbing screen time. Take your awareness back to Life’s Originating Source. With so many of our lives revolving around technology, this might ultimately be the biggest challenge. Remember, your genetic codes are vibrational and the propensity of their energy fields can be changed by transforming your mind. That transformation is accomplished in your shift of awareness. See the domino effect there? If the observing self isn’t allowed to have its new perspective, your genetic codes will continue to hold the shape of the container they’ve been placed in.

Fear, like competition, is a low-density frequency that pulls you into descent.

Some feel the pineal gland functions as a third eye or the access point to other-dimensional abilities. As this gland is physiologically damaged by the bombardment of many unseen energies and as a result of the repeated insult you become stuck in the most common earth frequency present. Microwaves operate on their frequency, cell towers on their radio waves, and power lines exude their crackling escaping energies, all of which scramble and impact the sensitivity of the human energy system and, in particular, the pineal gland. You are a sensitive antennae able to pick up electromagnetic frequencies whose pulses disrupt and alter your personal energetic field.

These vibrations can and do mess with your biological function, at the cellular level, among others. Your bio-electromagnetic frequency Is as unique as your fingerprint. As electromagnetic pollution Invades your body’s field In multiple ways, It de-stabilizes your ability to connect with the Infinite. With foods no longer carrying the natural nutritional energies of the earth, the addictive additives are scrambling your natural frequencies through your digestive system. Everything from noise to light pollution assaults your body daily.

The toxic air you breathe caries nanopartides of pollutants into your cellular makeup. You aren’t solid, you’re boundless through consciousness. Yet, as one would imagine through the barrage of electromagnetic pollution, you’re becoming more body-bound as the truth of who you are Is forgotten. As interference is thrown at the natural brain rhythm, you disconnect from the restorative life flow.

Anything that requires itself to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work creates an electrical field of its own. Just as the currents around power lines can be measured, on a lesser scale, your everyday Is Impacted by the movement of electrical waves all around you. All of this electromagnetic pollution and activity in the atmosphere overwhelms your body’s natural currents. It’s a perfect storm. In this time of rationalism, people who live by the process of reason have become reliant on their logical thinking.

When you’re only operating on lower dimensional frequencies, It’s easy to forget there’s a higher source of knowledge accessible from the mountaintop view. Even some of the most logical people can find themselves stuck on one station of perspective. It can be difficult to push past generally accepted positions or favorite stations. The scrambled brain waves of today, make the fight for one’s mind control of utmost importance. Blurred and blocked, a higher awareness has been relegated to the back of the line while your mistaken sense of self embraces your rather warped states of thought as who you really are.

This confused embrace of the truth of who you are can cause emotional upheaval, as well as, physical challenges when accepting the way of the physical world as the highest reality. The accumulation of subconscious mental impressions along with physical evidence can influence you into believing this is the truth.

With paradoxes at hand, not to mention the pull of earthly motion, your Intellect is rendered useless in finding the mystical. Experiencing Life Itself is your spirit’s assignment not your head’s undertaking. With change often being the outcome of an intuitive directive from a higher frequency, the rational mind (which by the way, deplores change) will tell you to stop listening to that channel!

It will prompt you, instead, to turn your attention to a different area of your life. Next comes the clash between your lower self in the frequency from its known world which wants to keep you in familiar territory and your higher connected self who perceives options from the mountaintop. Your higher self is pulling you with guidance toward a greater expression you’ve not yet realized while your lower-self pushes you towards the lower vibrations you are already intimately familiar with. This conflict is waiting to happen through the controlling domain of your physical form.

You’re always being called to reclaim your life force. Interestingly, when you languish too long without honoring your higher calling you’ll eventually exhaust your earthly strength. The death spiral which follows will leave you in a depleted place, often referred to as the dark night of the soul.

When you explore consciousness instead of form, you step beyond the boundaries of imposed limited perceptions. The Life Force is infinite. When you open the door to It, It fills all space without ever being depleted like the way the sun fills a morning sky. The mystic knows how to be a conduit for Its flow without exhausting personal self. As you dial down into the lower, denser frequencies you shut down, which blocks that inexhaustible flow. Healing happens when the Life Force flows, purging anything unlike Itself.

One of the big challenges to a natural state of life-flow is many people think they must protect themselves by closing down their heart centers. You might delude yourself into believing you are protecting yourself by building a fortress so you won’t be hurt again. But, what you’re really doing is cutting yourself off from the fresh arrival of good. In an awakened state, energy flows. Notice how your energy, positive or negative, excited or depleted affects people around you.

When energy is flowing life opens like the petals of a flower. The heart serves as the transforming spot between the celestial realm and earth. When your energy flows, your vibration is raised. The best you’ve ever felt is a result of this upliftment as the force moves through you with an unparalleled strength. It’s a wonderful reminder of how good you can feel. When old negative patterns, jealousies, or unhealthy perspectives return and vie for your attention, let the energetic current of the truthful life force wash it away. Clinging and defending the heaviness anchors you in time.

Open the drawbridge around your heart allowing the pain in and trust the Divine frequency to transform the situation at hand. Your world doesn’t have to implode to see where you might still have some attachment to lower frequencies. The mystical quest to the mountaintop perspective lifts you out of the shadows.

Turn your dial from the cry of the commotion around you to the call of a higher frequency. Do this by calming the mind, tuning your breath with the rhythm of life, and stilling the impulsive triggers that activate your anxiety and adrenalin centers. Be the Divine Communion or the Mystical Union and await the sensation as your body stills. In this relaxed state, the door is unlocked, the blinds are opened, and the drawbridge is lowered.

Living from a higher vibration allows your entry into a new non-sensual picture of possibilities. This mountaintop view alters the perception of what you see which creates a domino effect changing the shape of the world you live in. There are as many options for the out-pictured experience as there are frequency waves right where you are standing. The vantage point you’re watching from can’t be described, but you can live and create from there. Don’t just pine to be there. Imagine yourself already there. The lower vibrations don’t have the capacity to understand the finer, higher ones. Just like lower math doesn’t understand higher math and the heaviness of the needy can’t comprehend the activity of the affluent, nor can the wealthy understand struggle over a grocery bill. There are many vibrational fields as an option for living and at any time you (the observer) can move from one frequency to the next. Just remember, you’re so much more than the vibrational field you’re in.

One dimensional reality is a line. Two dimensional objects are a flat surface, and it’s the third dimension that most people operate in, with shape and form presenting itself in time and space. The fourth dimensional realm is where it gets interesting with ideas and imagination infinite in potential. It’s in this dimensional field that your imaginal body gets to play. In the fourth dimension you can be at a particular awareness level at a particular time but you don’t have to travel to get there. As you raise the quality of your awareness, you change the pattern of your experience. In the realm of the fourth, you can experience change without movement and you don’t need to travel to get around because it’s without space as we know it.

Extending your awareness into the imaginal body of the mythic realm will deliver a never-before-imagined expanded esoteric experience. Just over the threshold of the subjective lies the ability to release yourself from present form and shift the perspective beyond the continuum that rules your earthly reality.

The higher our Energy-Body frequency, the closer we are to the frequency of the Creator, and the less anything within the external world can affect our state of vibration.

An ascended being is one who is able to, by their presence; transmute the lower vibrations of reality. We all know people who we connect with, and instantly feel our energy vibrations take a lift. We have to learn how to do this at will for ourselves, and we know that we are achieving this when we stir up from within any energy mass that is of a low-vibrating quality. The more that we embody the higher frequencies, the less we encounter negative situations. It is at this point that we can turn to serve humanity, which is one of the energetic qualities of a Higher Vibrational Life.

We now live at a particular vibrational frequency on the energy matrix of existence. If we even think about going to the next level, since that is always where our goal is, the frequency level at which we presently exist will manifest everything necessary to keep us there.


First, there is the possibility of consecrating to positively bring the earth vibrations up to a higher level.


The other possibility is, to desecrate, that is, to negatively keep the frequency and vibration level of the earth down. Desecration is the ‘act of cursing’. The ‘fear of God’ of devotees, is a lower emotional vibration that holds down the earth’s vibration. The vibration level is lowered by emotions like fear of terrorism and horror, as generated in blood sacrifice and war rituals. In occult literature it is widely known that fear takes part of the lower vibration level. The threshold of perception has, throughout the ages, been lowered by first; creating, second; extracting and then third; exploiting the fear of the masses. The elite use the negative devotional vibrations or ELF frequencies to their own occult goals. They can store the fear-energy via subtle energy technology, in altars, statues of saints, crosses or crucifixes etc.

They create relics that accumulate electromagnetic vibration energy, which is carried through extra low frequency waves (ELF-waves). This could be the prominent role of the altar in ancient temples and other sacred places. The science of subtle energies lies behind this.

Fear vibrates at a low density frequency. Without full expression, the energy of fear cannot evolve beyond the low-density vibration. The high frequency vibration of love will not be balanced out with a low density vibration like fear or shadow or darkness.

Fear is one element responsible for quickly lowering our vibration level. As the infant gets exposed to the low vibrations of his environment, low vibration thoughts and feelings enter his energy field and lower his vibrations.

Humans can add to this change in energy fields, for if the human consciousness is low and fear runs freely, the vibration will mirror this feeling.

Knowing you are energy can help you. You are a flow of energy. Purification or cleansing the cells of low density vibration is a process of tuning in to your highest possible vibrational self. It lets your energy flow at its lightest and allows the fine-tuned higher energies in.

By releasing your fears, you tap into the creative force of the universe, which is love. As you examine and change your beliefs, you literally change that which you can achieve or create. And, through this change in your vibration (from a low density vibration limited by fear to a high vibration fueled by love) and through an understanding of how you create your experience, you become conscious creators.

The low vibration holds our programming and prevents us from moving out of it, and even if we do momentarily shift upward, that low vibration will take us back into behaviour programmed by our chip.

We need to lift the shadow into light, expose it, and look at it head on, so that we can lose its darkness and so change the level at which we are vibrating.

When people have removed the demagnetizing low vibrations of fear , the higher vibrations of health will flow into their minds and bodies. The better information people have access to, the better result in health. The more of us who process our fears and ultimately calm them, the less fear goes into the collective hologram (The Matrix and Mass Consciousness)

The drama will play itself out upon the plane as the tyrants struggle in a last ditch effort to attempt to stop the natural progressions of nature and the natural elements. The forces of the lesser gods will go so far as to attempt constraint of the expansion of the present matrix for consciousness through the use of mind-control frequency Star Wars technology, attempting to manipulate and numb out the awakening of our DNA. The agenda is a simple one, ‘Keep them asleep.’ This all will cause much stress upon the body. So allow for the body to restore and reorganize to its new frequencies. Remember, this is change. You are finding new realities both obvious and many, many more that are in the greater, yet more subtle energy fields making up our reality experience, and as well, some which are being manipulated.

It can be so difficult to grasp this reality when we are still trapped in the illusion of time and the false sense of mortality.

Do not look for heaven or divinity out there in time and space; for the Kingdom of God is within. Develop the art to vibrate once again in the Higher frequency ranges. We all are in a position of awesome power, and it’s all locked up in our consciousness. We miss it because we are busy, being distracted by the material world that constantly demands to be fed. Tesla was simply stating that everything has energy and energy gives rise to vibration at a frequency determined by that energy and the mass of the vibrating components. Tavistock Institute. Part 44

Nikola Tesla — ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

Tesla was simply stating that everything has energy and energy gives rise to vibration at a frequency determined by that energy and the mass of the vibrating components.

Mass consciouness is built up around low vibrational frequencies of FEAR. Everything on Earth is designed to create a lifestyle that just promotes low vibrational frequencies. This includes culture, media, food industry, technologies.

Do not look for heaven or divinity out there in time and space; for the Kingdom of God is within. Cosmic Awareness is within. It lies beyond mind, emotion, and feeling in the Cosmic Void or vacuum within where lies the purest of all frequencies or vibrations in the highest of all frequencies, the creative frequencies of God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and the Holy Host Consciousness or the Creative Trinity of the Mind of God.

The entire universe appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second. That is just a way of saying that, all the universe is vibration or frequency in scales made up of infinite octaves of frequencies. Sound is frequency, and radio waves are frequency, and above sound and radio waves is heat, and that heat is also frequency for the microwave oven and the infra red make heat with frequencies above the speed of sound and radio.

Energy is information! In certain circles, it’s believed that the universe is made up of energy (information) and that each individual human being interacts with an invisible energy field by way of vibrating at certain frequencies. The foods that we eat – which carry energy – can have a direct impact on our personal energetic vibration. Some foods can lift us up, some foods can bring us down. But the key is understanding what kind of information you’re putting into your body. Does the information promote physical health? And does the information raise your vibration higher? Not only does your physical body stay healthy, but a higher vibration will open up the world to you in an entirely new way. Or simply put, a higher frequency will open you up to an entirely new dimension of reality.

Protection against 5G radiation

But, if we can’t prevent the introduction of 5G, how can we protect ourselves individually from the effects of 5G radiation? – The best way is to increase our own frequency. We all have an individual everyday vibration, meaning a neutral basic vibration when we’re neither particularly sad nor particularly happy emotionally. Our everyday vibration is the vibration that we naturally have when we get up in the morning. If our everyday vibration exceeds a certain level, the 5G frequency will affect us less or not at all. It’s important for us to increase both the vibration of our consciousness and, in parallel, the vibration of our physical body because there should be no disharmony between these two frequencies. As soon as we succeed in raising the vibration of our consciousness and the vibration of our body to a certain level, the frequency of 5G can no longer harm us.

We also have a vibration frequency, and as soon as our frequency is higher than that of 5G, 5G can no longer harm us. Basically, everything that is happening on Earth at the moment is part of a huge war that is ultimately about vibration frequencies. Whatever happens, whatever is reported on in the mass media -ultimately, the side of the unlight is only interested in spreading fear among human beings. This is because fear has a very low frequency, and through this frequency of fear, the total vibration of humanity can be kept low. So the two crucial questions are: What allows the vibration of humankind to increase? And what makes it fall? It’s also very important for us to take care to not only increase the vibration of our consciousness but also the vibration of our physical body. After all, it’s our physical body that’s exposed to the effects of the 5G network, for example. If it’s just our consciousness that vibrates at a high level, but our body remains stuck in low frequencies, it’s not going to help, and we’ll still have the problems. It’s also not enough for us to only temporarily increase the vibration of our physical body through isolated moments of happiness, for example. Instead, we should try to increase our everyday vibration permanently, meaning the fundamental vibration that we have independently of occasional highs or lows.

Each of us should ask ourselves the question: what exactly can I do to permanently increase the everyday vibration of my physical body?

Then subjects such as individual nutrition become important, meaning that we need to pay attention to which vibrations we absorb into our body – as well as the decision about which vibrations we want to keep in our body and which not. We need to dissolve obsolete patterns that are still stored in the cells of our body and block us. This also includes clearing out those things from our ancestors that we’ve carried around with us in our cells for generations. It’s possible for us to drag certain data and patterns around with us throughout our incarnation – things from our ancestors that are still in our cells and that actually don’t belong to our soul at all.

It’s never too late for a change like this in our consciousness and behaviour. No matter how old you are, no matter who you are, where you are, what you’re like, what religion you belong to, what you look like, what clothes you wear – you can always change for the better. If you think you can’t change because you’re too old for it or for whatever reason, that’s just an excuse. However, our motivation for increasing our individual vibration shouldn’t only be to protect ourselves from the manipulation of the 5G network, for example, but far more because we want to develop ourselves spiritually and ultimately wake up out of our forgetting.

The human body is a magnificent creation. It’s wired to receive and store information in a way that’s very similar to modern technology. We have our own internal WiFi system, so to speak. Let’s take our DNA as an example. The old-time belief was that DNA is unchangeable, but modern science proves this to be the complete opposite from truth. DNA can indeed be changed! DNA has the capacity to receive and store information, and this affects the cell structure of the body. And we all know that cells are being renewed on a continual basis. The information received by the DNA will impact how the renewed cell structure of the body is rebuilt. The information you put in your body can make or break you, literally!

Being that information is energy, our DNA will absorb information from the particular frequency that we’re vibrating on. And remember, food (which is information) affects whether we vibrate at a high or low frequency. So if our DNA is able to change based on the information received, then we can indeed change parts of our biological makeup. That’s no coincidence, seeing that countless people have successfully reversed genetic illnesses passed down through their family line by simply changing their diet!

Your DNA receives and stores those emotions as information and with that information, you can either break down the body or build it up. The wonderful thing about your body is that it’s always looking for homeostasis; meaning, it’s always looking to restore balance within itself. So the best thing we can do is learn to listen to our bodies. They have a lot to say. If you honor your body, your body will honor you.

Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness

Some of that guidance is placed specifically within the Higher Self for that particular lifetime. It’s possible that the Higher Self may be replaced during a particular lifetime: this is choke made by All-There-Is because an assignment is fulfilled and the life heads in a different direction. The Higher Self may be replaced to support the change in life’s path. So this is a powerful and important source of wisdom and guidance. moreover it can be connected with consciously, or it may remain in the background as it does for most people prompting and suggesting to the individual while communicating back to All-There-Is on a continuous basis. There is a relationship between the Soul and The Higher Self, not only in the sense that they are able to wink logetho, but a relationship in the sense of the elements tlynnselves Everything is vibration.

There is a difference in vibration, which we would consider it to be a frequency. These particles that come to structure the soul. that fonns the Higher Self has an extremely high frequency, it is one of the afrangements or reason because of this high frequency.

As you might sweet the frequency of the Higher Self is much higher than the frequency of what we call the Soul itself, and this is an imponant design, and arrangement to understand because it is what stimulates the necessity for the Higher Self and the Soul to be two distinct compositions men though they are connected with one another. Those elements. which form the soul, are of such a nature that they can be in your dimension and they can hat< connection or blend with the physical body itself, so to work in an optimum manner they should be able to enter into the physical body.

Howeever there is no way the higher self may be involved in such a design because those particles. or elements are at an even higher frequency than what can be considered the Soul as well as what can be considered the physical body. For that reason it never enters the physical body itself, instead messages can be sent forth so there is a direct line of communication in the consciousness of the individual and actually the mindfulness of the soul that connects to the awareness of the Higher Self.

It was this difference in vibration. which allows a Mending of the Soul into the body. If the partcles or elements in you were positioned in a different way there would be a much closet relationship between the human being and the Higher Self. But because of this difference many times the Higher Self is not activated in such a way that the human being can actually feel and hear and sense the direction of the Higher Self.

Those individuals who are on a much Iowa frequency can only be taught and guided on an intuitive manner. Individuals of very low vibration are working under a detachment between themselves and their intuitive functions. Therefore for those of a very low vibration that guidance that should be available to them with regards to the Higher Self is cut, it is the very reason why the Higher Self must interconnect with the Soul directly. There is a communication, but those of a lower vibration have difficulty even in the connecting to their soul because they are not in the flame of mind where they believe there is such an arrangement.

So for many people they wander around with a complete disconnect from spirit. Although some of the subtle bodies can come through the portal that we call spiritual and yes there can be communication between that phase and the soul itself, however, it is more desirable for the individual to have communication with their Higher Self, but for many this communication does not exist, as there is a barrier placed there. The reason this becomes important is because the Higher Self is the portal or gateway to All-There-Is.

Because of the difference in frequency between these two bodies, The Higher Self and All-There-Is, have set up communication with each other. A person must be very advanced spiritually to be able to connect with the Higher Self and move beyond to All-There-Is.

The most desirable part of all this would be to go directly to All-There-Is, but for most people this is an impossible task and it is because they do not sit in a place where they apply a belief in a spiritual practice.

Most people who sit there are there perhaps, because they do not believe. Belief motivates all aspects of human beings into more advance realms of vibrations, energy and manifestation, or display. The very basis of all this is belief.

Our consciousness has vast potential as long as we refuse to close our minds around belief alone. Let others be as they are and explore as they will through any path they deem most worthy. You have that same right of exploration or not as you deem right to choose. Just choose and explore and while you are in the process, appreciate your ability to be here right now and experience all the wildly imaginative, creative, seemingly concrete aspects of reality that is life on Earth. Let your mind and heart expand not with belief but knowledge. Nothing limits a mind more than belief. Your consciousness is not limited by belief unless you believe it to be.

The illusions that we consider truth run like a common thread through all of our lives and the really amazing and wonderful thing about us is we get to live and through our experiences learn to discern truth from fiction, fact from fantasy and knowledge from mere belief.

Actually the true polarity is within yourself in the change from ego consciousness to truth consciousness. In the study of traditional, physical alchemy, the alchemist works with the material energies of the polarity—say you would collect metals, chemicals and mathematical formulas that represent point A then we take metals, chemicals and mathematical formulas that represent—all with the correct astrological correspondences—the other side of the polarity, point B, and we place them all in a vessel. The vessel represents the womb of Creation. Catalytic agents are added to the ingredients and the vessel is hermetically sealed. Heat is applied to the vessel and change happens within the vessel that transmutes the polarity from A into B—lead into gold.

In the Alchemy of the Soul, we work with metaphysical formulas and you are the vessel within which transmutation occurs and this visible map is a map that tells your consciousness which way you want it to go. The polarity map gives deliberate and powerful direction to your attention, your thoughts. You use it to reverse the direction of your attention so that your thoughts move in the direction of point B and stay focused there. The Principle of Polarity is based on the understanding in the esoteric teachings of the principle of vibration.

This principle states that everything that exists is a form of vibrating energy. Form itself is created from frequencies of vibration. A rock and a cloud are each given form by the frequency or rate of vibration within the form but a rock and a cloud are on different lines of polarity. A rock and a cloud are not opposites, they are different worlds—different vibratory worlds—therefore for our purposes they do not constitute a polarity. In the Laws of Energy, a higher frequency of vibration will transmute a lower frequency if they are of the same polarity. For example: If they are both qualities, it is easy for the higher frequency to transmute the lower frequency.

You can transmute subconscious to superconscious because they are polarized along the same line, and the superconscious is the highest quality, or frequency of vibration, a human being can aspire to.

Therefore in the Principle of Vibration, Superconscious can transmute subconscious but subconscious cannot transmute Superconscious. But because the ego is guarding the content of the subconscious so that it won’t change, once you make a choice to raise your vibration, your ego, which works energetically, senses the new, incoming vibration and goes into red alert, aware that a new and possibly dangerous outside other is entering your vibrational field. This is a bit of a Star Trek metaphor but it is accurate.

This means that what really gets transmuted in spiritual alchemy are the vibrational energies of emotions and qualities. Emotions and qualities are of the same polarity.

Often, we may come across information and will not fully recognize how to Implement that material into the life that we are now living. If that turns out to be the case. the Information just becomes an addition to all the other content we hold within. until we figure out its relevance and how to put that information into positive action in our everyday life.

The difference between a person who understands something Intellectually and someone who is living the life they desire is that the latter has embodied the Information they acquired into daily practice until It gains the momentum to become a subconscious activity.

This practice causes them to have an entirely different experience than the person who simply knows and continues to any that information around In the same unincorporated form in which they have received it.

In gaining awareness of our Human Energy-Body. it actually activates an expanding of awareness within each of us, whereby we can then use this Information to consciously make choices that will empower us to navigate the scale of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. which are present within every construct of this physical and non-physical reality.

Weas humanity have a collective consciousness that holds a set•point vibrational frequency: this frequency while maintained is also fluid and ever ebbing and flowing, like the waves on an ocean between our highest and lowest constants. This is what causes the highs and lows that we each as individuals and groups as a collective, experience

Because we are connected to all things our frequency, below the radar of our cognitive mind, is in a constant motion of spiraling to achieve, for longer states. the expansive frequencies of another level of existence.

This continuous upwardly mobile process occurs when each individual gains in increasing their own Human Energy-Body vibration. So, collectively, we are all moving to a Higher Vibrational Frequency, but it is our own personal shift that actually gifts us empirical evidence of that, when, consciously, we see our own and collective reality morphing right before our eyes.

We are all operating within this physical realm, to transmute the manifest reality, situations and experiences that simply do not bring us joy, or into a life lived in a state of love.

We are each so powerful in our contribution to the whole of human consciousness, and also to facilitate assistance for this collective shift of humanity, especially when we work within the intangible and fluid state of our own Energy-Body to clear ourselves of all lower, dense energy that precipitates pain and suffering.

In assimilating and using this information, the dynamics of the energetic situations in which we interact become illuminated and clear. From this we can then make better choices in all experiences so that we become less reactive to those experiences themselves and more spirit guided to “being the action of doing actions.”

With any attempt at transforming our life, there is a process, an internal shift that we have to make before we see any results externally. Being aware of the energetic dynamics of life itself helps us to come to a point at which we understand how to make an energetically aligned choice, and then how to use that energy for intent-focused, divinely inspired creativity and spirit flow, so that we are able to live an authentic path, one that is married to the purpose of our being.

Living authentically occurs when we are able to live with the power of spirit-guidance in our life, and it starts with a simple repositioning of expanding our awareness.

A great place to expand awareness is, “Man, know thy self.”

With Human Energy Body Awareness, you receive information that reflects you to you. When you apply the question, “Is life living you or do you live life?” you open a portal to empowerment and can attract the tools and information to make any desired conscious choice that raises your vibration to the point where you find yourself living an authentic life.

When awake consciousness exists in the world of physical objects, its vibration is very slow and dense in relation to the total spectrum of energies, being limited by the physical nature of the body. Consciousness can go to a very high vibration at the level of awareness, with the wild mind quieted as it experiences a new quality of perceptions—of itself. The soul-consciousness can visit planes ofvibration lower than itself. The evolution of the soul through lives is always to move up to a higher frequency-vibration by accomplishing every task in the life path of evolution and fulfilling promises in all the incarnations.

The soul-consciousness-awareness continues to advance in its evolution to other higher, more refined energy fields (some esoteric schools call this next level the Mental plane), where knowledge, rather than emotions, plays the dominant role. We correlate this progressive wisdom with the concept of everything being a continuum of energies evolving in geometric proportion and therefore allowing further progress in quality and refinement. Evolution never stops, and one can eventually exist at ultra-high-frequency realms. Older teachings speak about such Causal planes. They say that consciousness has such a high frequency and subtle existence in those planes that there is no adequate concept or imagery for us to comprehend. We will know this level only when we are ready for it in our evolution, but we can move toward this aware state by inner work of self-regulation and self-discipline.

This brings up the existence of an afterlife. We can consider this current lifetime in this physical body as a time away from our real home. We are here for the purpose of developing a new quality of nesting energies as well as learning skills which improve the collective evolution of humanity. Universal Mind—higher consciousness in the universe—is not localized, as we are in this body. It can not be identified in a specific location; this is a paradoxical concept: it is everywhere at every time.

Awareness and Boundless Awareness

Awareness is the highest state that our physical organism can produce, and it arises in a manner comparable to what takes place in a black hole, where gravitational forces collapse all matter into an unconditional point of no return. Space/time sinks. Reality vanishes. Universes change, as does anything beyond our capacity to grasp with this limited mind at the present time. However, this can be a means of crossing dimensions to the unknown. Awareness, when developed unconditionally, is supported by High Will and goes beyond the ego boundaries. Then, joyful enlightenment flourishes in the universal web of wisdom and the essence of humanity. The psycho-physiological field in a state of Awareness has multiple interactive components that transcend the window of science known at this time. The nervous system is crucial for changes that the body needs to accomplish—with the mind’s intent to modify its own reality.

The brain communicates by two kinds of signals: electricity in the cells, and by a chemical cascade of neurotransmitters, responsible for the feelings and emotions. Olin cells in the brain express direct electrical potentials that science now accepts as a language of non-localized signals and memory retrieval.

The cerebellum, the medulla and the spinal fluid are very important actors in the symphony of awareness, each with different roles including magnetic fields, movement of information, thermal effects, and other actions of the subtle energies. The immune system has multiple involvements with the quality and quantity of blood circulation, metabolic nutrients, hormone availability, intra- and extra-cellular toxicity management, quick responses of gases in tissues, and thermal balance.

The immune system is paramount in the inception of a new state of higher awareness and optimal performance. We know the body is a crystalline ionic water cluster of organic molecules with a high degree of coherence. This allows movement from a linear state of consciousness to a more elaborate shift in awareness states. The thermal threshold of 96.6 F to 98.6 F for Chi in meridians is (in the scientific world) accepted as the required condition for the metabolic shift, and this has also been observed in our research and practices for more than twenty years.

The neurological cohorence occurring after achieving this thermal state significantly increases the state of awareness, and has lwen called Being Presence in schools of inner wisdom. In the field of brainwave biofeedback, precise measurements allow trainees to see, in real time, the physiological condition which separates real awareness from hallucination, simulation or an abnormal mental state. These dynamic measurements are a documented fingerprint of the state.

The signal is seen on high-tech computer equipment without artifact, demonstrating healthy self-regtdation and the state of awareness called Being Presence. The dynamic display of this Traveling Brainwave state as an EEC signal has been presented at numerous scientific congresses by the authors. We are a dynamic wave pattern of matter that interacts with waves of light, and also with the neurological chemical cascade. These substances are the amplifiers of certain states in the body. The attitude of letting go of attachments, addictions, habits, and degrading memories (content from the sociocultural personality) is primary training for all those aspiring to reach states of higher awareness, according to both Eastern and Western sages.

Each time we open our consciousness we are able to receive and hope-fully interpret new and higher frequencies. In spiritual science we can’t expect the Higher Beings to lower their frequencies to our dense world. We must raise our frequencies to a higher level.

What if the conscious mind, by raising its frequency, tunes into another reality that vibrates at a higher frequency than that of our physical universe? Perhaps, “tuning in means raising the operating frequency of the mind to match that of a higher order reality to achieve resonance. Resonance is an important concept in this context, because it allows transfer of information from one media to another. If two strings on a guitar vibrate at exactly the same frequency, then plucking one of them, will cause the other to start vibrating too, even without anyone touching it. The pressure of air moving in waves, produced by the plucked string, causes vibration in the other.

Bringing a mass consciousness anywhere is a tough job.

We are not limited to what we read in a book or what we are taught by the priestcraft. We also have our multidimensional selves if we learn to access them and bring the information down to our con-sciousness to use.

Codes are built into the tiniest particle to the grandest in the Body of God. A seed is coded to burst open at a certain time and temperature, root, and begin to seek the light. It is coded at a certain time to bloom. A human being is much more complex, yet simple. He is coded to return to his divine state. He carries these capabilities and potential each time he is incarnated and hopefully some of these codes are activated during each incarnation.

We all are in a position of awesome power, and it’s all locked up in our consciousness. We miss it because we are busy, being distracted by the material world that constantly demands to be fed.

The power of self-awareness is truly liberating, and oddly enough, it is free to us all. All you require is to be able to turn off the world around you for a period of time, let your mind quieten, and then to discover the power and depth that resonates from within you.

The realization of aligning yourself to live in a more harmonious state of consciousness instantly changes everything by providing you with purpose and meaning. You will begin to vibrate on a higher frequency of awareness that excludes the dependency of ego-minded thought processes. Greed, consumption of material life and judgment of your self and others will dissipate. Your resistance of the negative situations in life will fall to the way side as you realize the true power in each lesson that unfolds and how living in this higher consciousness allows you to stay reverent, humble and always in a state of gratitude.

As you begin to vibrate higher on this path you’ll understand from the inside out that learning to live happy is really learning that happiness is the egoless state that shares, educates, gives and exam- ple in unconditional love towards every one and every thing. You’ll find yourself not looking for acceptance or acknowledgment for anything that your ego may want to attach to. Whether it’s resisting to give your opinion or criticizing others, you will begin to see that life is not meant to be lived in seclusion and fear, but rather joy, passion, unity and freedom.

Chaos, chaos, chaos. This is what makes a misunderstood and hectic world go round. News, although sometimes with good intentions mostly thrives off of negativity. Most morning, noon and evening news shows equate to turmoil, gloom and doom as well as fear, more fear, disgust and anger. All of this negative energy bombards us and sabotages our spirit.

Without an open heart you can get just so far. Therefore, we have access to what we need in those worlds and dimensions, but we still are not whole in consciousness. We lost our wholeness as our consciousness became cloudy or blocked with Earth level density. When the density of Earth began blocking parts of our energetic supply (Divine Life Force), we had to find other ways to generate energy. Tavistock Institute. Part 43

Mass consciousness

In the spiritual states between Earthly incarnations and in other more physical worlds in the many Universes, our developmental stage is the same as when we are on Earth. However, we are focused on those particular worlds and dimensions. Therefore, we have access to what we need in those worlds and dimensions, but we still are not whole in consciousness. We lost our wholeness as our consciousness became cloudy or blocked with Earth level density. When the density of Earth began blocking parts of our energetic supply (Divine Life Force), we had to find other ways to generate energy, learning that different types of thought forms, emotions, and behaviors provide different intensities of energy. We began pulling from one another. In time, we have formed a group-mass type of consciousness that is very dense, heavy, and vibrationally slow. In order to break out of this mass consciousness, each one of us has to start consciously reconnecting with Divine Life Force, reworking one’s system (body, mind and spirit) to be able to vibrate once again in the Higher frequency ranges.


There are many zones of influence that exert power over us whether we realise it or not and they come in many forms. —) We are connected to mass consciousness thought and belief from societies, media, friends, family and politics and all this impacts on our belief bank. Unless we actively guard against this other power gets in and we absorb it as our own. We need to be aware of its manipulative power, guard against it, block and throw it out. Basic belief self-defence is a good starting point to block and change this outside power.

Once an awareness , no matter what the awareness is , reaches a critical point within mass consciousness , this awareness can touch everyone’s individual consciousness.


Governments tell us what to do, marketing companies hound us, media pressures us, advertising aims to bend us to their needs, movie stars, films and books influence us, and people in power argue about what is right and wrong.

Ignorance is but fear blocking reason and enlightenment. Mass consciousness is now generating great fear and hysteria, which is causing the physical manifestations of the weakness to increase upon planet Earth.

Most importantly you have to understand how the mass consciousness affects your ability to connect to the purity of

How To Transform Your Perceptions

There are some principles invoked with transforming your perceptions:

  1. Understand your perceptions are an intangible creation in your life that determines your emotional triggers and your creative ability. Understand this is a powerful step in transforming your perceptions because you are now aware that you have a choice of living with limiting perceptions. or transforming your perceptions to heal your emotions and expanding your creative ability to manifest your desires by allow ing the power of divine lost to flow through your chakras.
  2. Understand the power of divine love is the highest vibration that is able to connect with all other creations in existence and transform the vibrational rhythm pattern of these creations. The greater your connection to divine love. the more powerful your ability to transform your perceptions of pain. fear. and limitation. The key is to connect to the purest source of divine love possible.

The most powerful source of divine love that exists that can be used to transform your perceptions is located in the now moment. The now moment is a state of existence beyond time and the limitation of space where the illusion of the ego. of emotions, of limiting perceptions cannot exist. simply because the purity of divine love Uansfonns these lower vibrational rhythm pattern creations back to the innate perfection within these creations. Flow you reach the now moment is by living each one of the combat transformation principles. each of which arc designed to transform your evermon, that separate you from your divine perfection. and to focus your unlimited freewill to connect to the power of divine love that exists in the now moment. You have to transform your perceptions of time and space. You meditate to expand your consciousness into the now moment. Most importantly you have to understand how the mass consciousness affects your ability to connect to the purity of divine love in the now moment.

If you stood in the middle of a vast stadium of pure white light that represented the transforming power of divine love. your freewill could set an intent to heal a limiting perception stored in your chakra. The vibrational rhythm pattern of divine love would connect to and raise the lower vibrations of the limiting perception. In this example there is a clear playing field between your creations and the purity of divine love.

Now add billions of creations of fear to this vast stadium of pure white light. This transforms the pure white light where you could see. touch and connect to pure divine love everywhere into a jungle of limiting perceptions that hide and distort your connection to the pure white light of divine love. To fix this problem of billions of creations of limitation blocking your access to pure divine love, humanity’s requests and prayers for help to higher awarenesses In the universe were answered with the solution of seven energy pathways being anchored by them on the planet as a gift.

It’s as if you had engineers who went through the jungles and built a road. so that you could now go through the jungle on your transportation much easier that cutting your v. ay through and fighting all of the tree limbs, all of the plants. and all of the things that were in the way. The seven energy pathways anchored to your planet simply have cut a path for you through the vast anointsof limiting ribuJonal rhythm patterns of the mass consciousness. These pathways are maintained the same as the road may be maintained. You need do nothing to maintain these pathways.

They are a gift to you. Just as the road is built through the jungle, you may or may not choose to use it. You may choose to still take a wandering path through the jungle, or you may never be interested in entering the jungle at all. You may never enter into the road that is there yet it is there, and it is maintained any time you wish to use it.

The same is true of the seven energy pathways, so long as they are a service to humanity, they shall be anchored and they shall be maintained. Clearing your chakras using a clear energy pathway is not something you could do in the past before the seven energy pathways were anchored to the planet. It’s very important to understand that, because you may have made a very definite attempt to work on transforming the perceptions stored in your chakra system. Without using the seven energy pathways, you are working with masses of energy without being able to clear the energy. You are only rearranging the perceptions in your chakras somewhat and at times being able to transform some of the perceptions that had collected there.

  1. Set your intent to connect to the purest source of divine love you can and use the transforming power of this divine love to heal the limiting perceptions stored in your chakras. You can do this by connecting to seven energy pathways through setting your intent. You may want to see these pathways as light, or anything that serves you because the mind often needs a visual. Remember, energy is without definition and therefore, all this is, is clear energy without distortion. Your intent to enter that energy pathway simply puts your there. It isn’t difficult which is very important for you to know. See your perceptions travel from your chakras up into the pathways designed for them to be transformed by pure divine love. Then see your transformed perceptions returned to your chakras in a transformed state. To help you accomplish this read for the next ten days the following guided chakra clearing meditation:

Setting Your Heart on Fire

One of the highest skills wherein the practitioner wreaths himself in the Divine flames

The heart center feeds the upper chakras, and as it clears and becomes pure, the third eye chakra opens to a greater intuition and awareness, and the crown chakra opens to a higher consciousness. This purifying or clearing is like that of God’s refining fire…where the wheat and the chaff will be separated and “the chaff burned with unquenchable fire” (Matthew 3:12).

When the chakras are cleared, and the emotional and physical blockages are released, an opening in the crown chakra allows for an energetic exchange with the universal energy field.

……It also began the process of mass consciousness on the Earth to identify with masculine energies over feminine energies. mind over heart!

All too often people on the path of ascension spend so much time developing the light and wisdom aspects of self that they in essence close down heart. Without an open heart you can get just so far. The statement “God is love” is not a sentimental one but a fact. It is one of the essential qualities at the very core of this solar system.

The love/heart nature of God and ourselves is in dire need of attention as we seek to follow the path of initiation and ascension. What must eventually take place within each and every one of us is a complete integration of the four-body system with that of the higher bodies. In this process, none of the divine attributes that comprise ourselves on any level of our beings can be overlooked.

The lower-self qualities, or negative-ego qualities, must be brought under the control of the conscious mind and replaced with the higher, christed or spiritual qualities of the oversoul and monad. We must therefore work with that blessed attribute of love. In this process we clear away all hindrances to love’s true and full expression by working through the blocks that exist in our subconscious minds.

We likewise work with learning how to invoke the quality of divine love, which will descend upon us when called forth sincerely, as a downpouring from the very heart of God itself.

We begin with love. What is the nature and purpose of this divine heart-force that rises from the depths of our being? How does it melt the False Self and heal our relationships? And how can we participate in its sacred call to action?

In mystical consciousness, love is experienced as a divine force field that extends to infinity. It is conscious and its center is everywhere and wherever we are. In the experience of loving consciousness, there is no separation, no separate self, no other, only One. Beyond time, space and place, the power of love transcends all the artificial limits and beliefs imposed by conventional beliefs. Touch anywhere and we touch the whole, love anywhere and we love the whole, love the whole and we touch everyone and everything. Unlike a bank account, love never runs out, never, and we can never use it up. The more we spend, the more rises within, like a primed pump. The greatest gift of love is more love. Love can even affect the past and the future, for all is one, even time, and time disappears in love. When we immerse ourselves in the divine force field of love, we become what God is: Love. We discover all this when we learn to experience our own divinity.

This state of awakening consciousness and its subtle effects are real. They are what the world needs now to balance its endless call for more rhetoric, conflict, war, grandiosity and top-down agendas. Too often, our heroism simply moves the pieces of the problem around, like a never-ending chess game, changing nothing, for the self-idea and its intrinsic duality will always produce more actors to produce more tragedies. What’s the alternative? Wake up! Wake up as a Divine Human in a sacred world. Love is our ultimate goal, the Divine Human is the ultimate way.

Known as the Divine Plan, it included an accelerated period of consciousness-raising in the last years of Earth’s evolution that would awaken multitudes of evolved souls to their creative potentials and to their destinies to serve an evolution of consciousness on Earth. Reawakening to the power of the light within their hearts, they would begin a process of cleansing and purification to reintegrate the unified aspects of masculine and feminine intelligence. The evolutionary plan also included a promise to honor God above all.

People were to realize their divine connection as the unity that God had intended in the beginning and honor their promises to each other. The course was set as a divine destiny for humanity and for the Earth. A recent period, the “quickening”, awakened many to the potentials of their higher intelligence. It opened many hearts to the presence of God in their lives and sparked imagination to envision a more positive future, should enough of human-ity grow to the intelligence of love. Through consciousness raising efforts, many awakened individuals teach us that a mass consciousness shift will occur that will eventually transfigure the Earth and its inhabitants, completing Earth’s evolution and redeeming humanity in God’s eyes. However, the creative legacy of evil has proved more resilient than expect-ed, and as prophesied, there were many false prophets, as well as doomsday plans orchestrated by Dark Lords.

For when the mind is tranquillised and purified and the pure psyche liberated from the insistence of the desire soul, these experiences are free from any serious danger, — except indeed that of limitation and a certain element of error which cannot be entirely eliminated so long as the soul experiences and acts on the mental level. For there is then a pure action of the true psychical consciousness and its powers, a reception of psychical experience pure in itself of the worse deformations, although subject to the limitations of the representing mind, and capable of a high spiritualisation and light. The complete power and truth, however, can only come by the opening of the supermind and the supramentalising of the mental and psychical experience.

When we come into this world, we tie ourselves to matter, time and space: our temporary nature. There is also another side to us, one that is permanent and made from the matter of Invisible Light. When we are free of the restrictions of matter, and in the reflective light, we are alive in a refined copy of the physical body, but much more alive, sensitive and dynamic. When we are awake in this light, we can capture the true memory of nature and our motives, desires, and impulses. Opening heart and body to the earth expands us. Tavistock Institute. Part 42

“The blazing fire of sunlight”, “abundance of brilliance everywhere” – these poetic phrases convey the light of the eternal essence that Arjuna saw in the cosmic form. It is the same eternal essence that re-sides within all of us, but is covered with a layer of avidya or ignorance.

The energies of the first, the second and the third Tree are integral part of our structure. The Global Current of Creation (wherein each of us was an element as Original Human Seed), created and animated the different stages of the Mineral World, the Plant World and the Animal World. This Universal Management from which we are issued will continue through the construction of the tree of Man or tree of Fire, the Fourth Universal Journey.
To grasp fully the contents of each Journey, we should not lose sight. As soon as the Unitary Energy is differentiated, its densification begins level by level. At the time of the first Journey, the “Earth” one, the energy still descends, however it descends under its four aspects.

The four components of the Primordial Energy: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, are present during the first Journey in which only the Earth element will be awakened. The three other elements are inactive. On the second Journey, the Water one, the first element is activated, the second is awakened and the two other, always present, are still inactive. It will be like this up to the fourth Journey, which is still unfinished. We are therefore bearers of the four aspects of the Primordial Energy. The entity that each of us is today has never lived in the state of diamond, of rose, or royal eagle.

A Heart of Clay Becoming a Heart of Fire

Everything in the universe happens gradually. First, consciousness as identification conies about and form follows. Next mind and emotions evolve with their scaffolding of ideas for the building of knowledge and wisdom. Whatever the endeavor, gaining knowledge is based on binding the present with that which is believed to exist in the future. The first question one asks in this process is, “Who are we and how do we relate to the sun, the source of our system, be it humans, planets, or solar systems?” We originated from fire, heat, and light and we come from its elements: earth, water, and air. Subjectively, the sun is the sum total of heat and light. This Fire (mind) animates us and demonstrates as consciousness. The coming together of Spirit and matter, not only objectified the solar system, it also brought life and form into manifestation and provides the continuum of all human relationships.

On the lowest level, we are exact replicas in miniature of the universe including the sun. A veil of matter deeply hides everything, but the future is bright! In time and in due process, as the Wheel of Fire turns, all within that fire will correlate and assimilate the Flame of other forms, human or planetary, and all will eventually be complete in kind. We are all solar fires: a heart of clay becoming a Heart of Fire. We need to think optimistically about how we want our future to be. When we think about the future, proactively, it gives us increased power. We should see our planning as already happening and self-knowledge can contribute to that outcome.

When the human mind is on fire, it becomes a powerful weapon. A time will come when the warm breath of Cosmic Awareness will exhaust the dark sea of matter.

The more we explore this Inner Light, the more we will see similar parallels with the light of physics. Physical light and Consciousness have no mass; they are not part of the material world. Physical light seems to be necessary to the universe. The light of Consciousness is likewise necessary; without it, we would not be able to experience. The reality of the mind and the reality of the physical world share the same common pathways of the Light of the One Totality. When we return to the quietness of our Being, we are submitting to our future that has always been.

When we gain knowledge of the substance from which we surfaced, we can move into the true nature of our relations with fire/electricity. We then comprehend its quantity/quality and utilize it beyond present commercial uses. When we have discovered how to contact and use positive solar electricity in combination with our planetary electricity, human and earthly, we shall then see very benign conditions unfold in that ideal environment for happiness.

An individual optimistic view must be adapted in human for the preventative measures against poverty to take hold. A vibrant citizenry motivated by genuine politics of betterment will lead in finding the practical solutions toward overcoming poverty at all levels of the social stratum. The mind must rise above the concept of failure. Poverty is mirroring our collective social psychosis of wealth. Poverty and wealth both show a dislike for balance in the mutual interplay of the human magnetic field. This magnetic field bridges the underlying fields of the polarity poles of electricity, both large and small.

Idealistic minds and skilled scientists have said much about life, but with little purpose other than life being an education of the senses. Science has done little to lift the veil over the First Light of the Cosmos and the mysterious beginnings of life on earth. The more we try to penetrate through its vast levels, the more intense is the learning. Perhaps, somewhere along the way we will find that its mysterious ways lie in our own garden. Every molecule of the living body contains the germ of mortality in itself. It begins fading as soon as it is born so that its successor-molecule can pass on in its turn. Every part of the living being has some specific function in life and is a combination of such molecules. Through education, we transform the natural forces of life into feelings, will, thought, and conscious growth. Life and learning are everywhere and yet they are not permanent. We live and educate ourselves for decades only to find we have slept half of them away in the busyness of learning. However, life as an education becomes beneficial when we sense that space, time, cause and effects are but what we perceive within ourselves.

Because of our lack of transparency with the natural order of life, we tend to develop behavioral traits that are contrary to its order. As a spark of this order we are producing, evolving, and embodying the Cosmic Principle through the methods of attraction/repulsion and cyclic progress. When active intelligence utilizes the qualities of compassion and wisdom, eventually we will develop full self-consciousness that meets the needs of the indwelling thinker. In our struggles for strength and courage, in our laws to follow and faults to avoid, we will each forge the templates to bring out the best in us.

Whatever we do, say, or think in the physical world also penetrates the invisible world, or parallel universe. That universe becomes real only when consciousness anchors itself within that dimension. Once consciousness is within that dimension, its laws animate and govern, and the thinker awakens, either permanently or as a visitor.

When we come into this world, we tie ourselves to matter, time and space: our temporary nature. There is also another side to us, one that is permanent and made from the matter of Invisible Light. The life that flows into all forms (mineral, plant, animal, human) is an invisible substance that pervades space and serves as a medium for the transmission of light and other forms of radiant energy of the higher regions beyond the earth.

This invisible energy shapes consciousness so it can permeate the higher (mind), middle (heart) and lower (body) level of human existence in order for a relationship between oneself and one’s environment to take shape. Every person operates from one or a combination of these three parts of the self. Our behavior determines the nature by which we live life. By will we can ascend toward the higher or we can descend to the lower regions of action.

When we are just witnesses, we are alert and observe what is happening inside or outside of ourselves. As a result, there is no judgment and no attachment as to how one should be in the world. Our awareness then becomes a reference point of pure insight and not an action state. When we become overly attached to the action state, we fall into the lower self and become earth bound. When we are earth bound there are limitations to this invisible substance. However, when we are in the higher regions of the mind, these restrictions are no longer there and a commonality occurs between the heart and mind with each assisting the other in universal truth and equality.

In this higher state, the will of mind, powerful and rational, is now void of restrictions of matter and space. When consciousness and rationality are free from the web of another’s creation, the higher and middle parts can instantaneously create real places of refuge, real mountains and oceans, all front this Invisible substance.

When we are free of the restrictions of matter, and in the reflective light, we are alive in a refined copy of the physical body, but much more alive, sensitive and dynamic. When we are awake in this light, we can capture the true memory of nature and our motives, desires, and impulses.

Opening heart and body to the earth expands us.

The third element is Fire. The source of Fire and light in the solar system is the sun. In the human body, the source of Fire is the metabolism. Fire works in the digestive system. In the gray matter of the brain cells, Fire manifests as intelligence. Fire also activates the retina which perceives light. Thus, body temperature, diges-tion, the thinking processes and vision are all functions of bodily Fire. All metabolism and enzyme systems are controlled by this element.

Individual corporeality, the sense of one’s own body, gets transformed into the universal body which holds the potential forms of all things but in terms of their true nature. All of this connotes the potentiality of the Great Void.

In the heart flame healing system

Heart consciousness, to identify it with the Earth, is our shamanic intelligence. We have not yet begun to know who we are or what is avail-able to us. The biggest mistake of the eleven seconds we have been on Earth may have been to take ourselves as minds and bodies, directed only outwards. The psyche has its own deep mystery, wisdom and knowledge. We tune out its knowledge because we believe we cannot have it. How great is the power of our ideas to keep reality out.

As Heraclitus, a pre-Socratic philosopher put it: “You could not find out the boundaries of soul by traveling in every direction, so deep a measure does it have.” Earth is waking us up to the truth about our-selves. We are all, everything here, projections of God. There are no atoms in the void, but we are, very deeply, all connected with our source and with each other. All consciousnesses are interconnected.

Christ as a Wisdom teacher of the path of transformational love. Through his life and death, he made changes to and advanced the morphic field of all humanity, which enables us to truly follow that path. The journey is back to the heart of God, the divine compassionate consciousness from which we have come, and in whom we exist. That journey is helped by the practice of meditation and contemplative prayer as a means to attain unitive consciousness, a state of oneness with the divine, the “Sacred Unity.”

The Holy Vedas declares that within each of us resides the Atma—the divine spark of God that dwells deep in the heart.

God says: “Between you and Me, there are sev-enty thousand veils; but between Me and you, there are no veils.” Our work is to remove the veils. “Marry your soul,” says Rumi, “that wedding is the Way.” This is the work of aligning our person-ality to our higher self. When we accept our longings and bewilder-ment with compassion, deeper truths emerge organically and our divine identity asserts itself. Once the work of transforming the little self is under way, a cry from within bubbles up to the surface of our consciousness: “O my Sustainer! Open up my heart to Thy Light!” . We become aware at an experiential level that Divine Heart is in human heart.

And how do we open the window of our heart? There is the invaluable work of purifying our being and also the discipline of meditation and silence. These two practices bring us closer to the Divine Heart. But the essential work is to embrace not only the ten thousand joys of life but also its ten thousand sorrows. When we avoid or deny them, we are creating stone walls around our hearts and closing ourselves off from Divine Heart.

Our true names are not just our personalities, formed by our conditioned reactions to life circumstances, but also the gift of the Divine Breath bestowed on each of us. We need to make a distinction between behavior and being, between form and essence.

It is through man that God evolves himself and the universe, for man is the focus for the cre-ative evolution of God’s energy:” Whether or not Bergson and other philosophers of our time acknowledge the source of creativity and energy as God, they have glimpsed the process upon which hinges the function of consciousness. Bergson distinguishes between the consciousness of an animal and the consciousness of man.

He says: “In the animal, invention is never anything but a variation on the theme of routine. Shut up in the habits of the species, it succeeds, no doubt, in enlarging them by its individual initiative; but it escapes automatism only for an in-stant, for just the time to create a new automatism. The gates of its prison close as soon as they are opened; by pulling at its chain it succeeds only in stretching it.

With man, consciousness breaks the chain. In man, and in man alone, it sets itself free.”fl Since we know that animals are incomplete or limited expressions of the Word, having neither free will nor conscience, but only a group soul or awareness, we can agree with Bergson’s observations. Further on he says that “the movement of the stream is distinct from the riverbed, although it must adopt its winding course.

Consciousness is distinct from the organism it animates, although it must undergo its vicissitudes.'” For the student of Ascended Master Law, this statement is found to be startlingly accurate in the light of the knowledge of the Christ and the influence of the Word that affects all creation without being tied to the creation.

Nevertheless, the Word is molded by the cup of consciousness into which it is placed. “The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.'” Bergson says that by no means is the brain indispensable to consciousness; and as proof of his theory, he cites the fact That “the lower we go in the animal series, the more the nervous centres are simplified and separate from one another, and [that) at last they disappear altogether, merged in the general mass of an organism with hardly any differentiation.

If, then, at the top of the scale of living beings, consciousness is attached to very complicated nervous centres, must we not suppose that it accompanies the nervous system down its whole descent, and that when at last the nerve stuff is merged in the yet undifferentiated living matter, consciousness is still there, diffused, confused, but not reduced to nothing? Theoretically, then, everything living might be conscious. In principle, consciousness is co-extensive with life.

Our hearts have unlimited power also. It is very important to understand this, but of course we realize that the frequency of God’s heart and the frequencies of our hearts are very different. To transform the frequencies of our hearts to the frequency of God’s heart takes great time and effort. The true secret is that it takes time to transform the frequencies of our hearts to the frequency of God’s heart. The easiest way for you to do this is to consciously reach up to the soul. It is the soul level that will open the heart fully, for when you exist fully as your soul your heart will be completely open, your experience will be unbounded expansiveness. Tavistock Institute. Part 41

A Divine Soul Song is a divine mantra. It carries divine power for healing and transformation of every aspect of life.

The first line of this Divine Soul Song, God gives his heart to me, means God offers his love, forgiveness, compassion, and light from his heart to our hearts and to every aspect of our lives. God is an unconditional servant.

The second line, God gives his love to me, means God gives his love to every aspect of our lives to transform them. God’s love can heal, prevent sickness, rejuvenate, prolong life, and transform relationships, finances, and anything.

The third line, My heart melds with his heart, means God and I are one. God and you are one. Heart touches heart. Heart melds with heart. God’s heart has unlimited power.

Our hearts have unlimited power also. It is very important to understand this, but of course we realize that the frequency of God’s heart and the frequencies of our hearts are very different. To transform the frequencies of our hearts to the frequency of God’s heart takes great time and effort. Singing or chanting the words to this Divine Soul Song is one of the best ways to transform the frequencies of our hearts. Every human being has a different spiritual standing. Every human being’s heart has a different frequency. In order to transform our heart frequency to the frequency of God’s heart, it takes different amounts of time and effort for different individuals, but in theory and in practice, we can transform our heart frequency to God’s heart frequency.

The true secret is that it takes time to transform the frequencies of our hearts to the frequency of God’s heart. The fourth and final line, My love melds with his love, means God’s love power can become our love power. My heart and God’s heart are one. Your heart and God’s heart are one. My love and God’s love are one. Your love and God’s love are one. But we must realize that the purity of our hearts is far from the purity of God’s heart. The unconditional service—which includes unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony, and enlightenment—in our hearts is far from the unconditional service in God’s heart. To attain the power of divine love, it again takes time to purify our hearts and to truly become a total GOLD unconditional universal servant. Soul touches soul. Our souls are touched by God’s soul. Soul melds with soul. Our souls meld with God’s soul. This is the ultimate goal and destiny of our spiritual journeys.

A great deal of this ability to open the heart lies in the ability to make a full and conscious connection with the soul, for, as you will understand, at a soul level all is love. There is nothing else that is more important in the frequencies of light than the concept of frequency and the vibration of love, for in the living light which is the substance and body of the divine creator this frequency of love is the most preponderant. You could say it is the one which contains many other frequencies, and because of this it is one of the dominant frequencies of the universe, for there are many sub-frequencies which lie within it.

This is the key frequency of love. It contains many of her frequencies, and when it manifests upon the earth plane it manifests in many forms. But in these forms there are always commonalities, and these commonalities will tell you that it is compassion that is present. There will never be a mistaking of compassion, for it is such a strong and dominant vibrational frequency. Connecting into the frequencies of compassion and opening the heart to the extent that you wish to do can be achieved upon the earth plane.

The easiest way for you to do this is to consciously reach up to the soul. It is the soul level that will open the heart fully, for when you exist fully as your soul your heart will be completely open, your experience will be unbounded expansiveness, an understanding of the true, unbounded and limitless abundance of all that there is. And this abundance especially concerns the frequencies of love, for there is no limit to love — it is all about you. By tuning into this abundance of frequencies, this abundance of love, of course you will tune into an abundance of all else your heart desires.

But the interesting paradox of human growth is that when humans open to true compassion they are no longer interested in all the abundance of manifestation in quite the same way. They find the simple sight of a butterfly, the ripple of water, the rising of the sun, to be more exquisite than any beautiful antique or lovely painting.

Although these two will still be appreciated as the beautiful products of skilled hands, yet it is the natural and divine-sourced manifestations which will give the most pleasure. And there will not be much pleasure in watching the accumulation of the money within the bank account, for this trivial manifestation is not one that introduces much joy. It may bring happiness, but this is a different frequency. But it is not an untrammelled frequency of joy, which is part of the compassion range.

The Earth transforms back to its original state of divinity and paradise and your heaven of dreams becomes real once again. All hopeful souls living and breathing collectively to the finer combustion of dreams come true. Restoration is natural; all creations are thriving and ecstatic when in the field of pure light consciousness. Nature returns to your hearts and you all become one in the sea of loving particle matter in the chi of life. Our hearts expand into the universal field of limitless potentiality and we find our piece of heaven on Earth. You embrace each experience with open arms and graciously accept the gift from the lessons of the heart. Our collective consciousness propels us into eternity, as we find our place closest to the heart of the kingdom of love. Our vibration exceeds the gravitational oscillations and this frequency becomes foreign in our universal soul. Our higher self consciousness knows of returning to the gates of love and actively participates in the loving arena of dreams come true.

The new consciousness of love for your millennium is for every earthbound soul to walk their journey as their higher self of wisdom and joy, to see only beauty and promote peace. Let’s hook up and come fully into the realization that separation is out of date and embracing one another as we always have, is truly how we return to the kingdom of love.

The universal problem on planet Earth is the division of frequencies of love. The ruling and dominating frequency on planet Earth today is ego-based frequency. This has been controlling and prevent mankind spiritual progress for eons of time, and generation after generation, and for thousends of years. The One who is control of planet Earth is the Reptilians and they promotes fear as their source of control. In other words they create and world, reaility, culture and enviroment based on inducing fear.

Become fearless means to understand the humans original state is eternal. Its has never been born or never dies, because the eternal is always eternal. Something that knows is eternal divine being never meeds to fear nothing or anything. This gives power to the journey towards Divine Consciousness. This strenghten braveness to overcome this dominating fear frequency and replaces it with high vibrational frequency of love.

The presence of the Goddess links us to the Heart and The Power of Love. The presence of God links us to the Mind and to The Power of Knowledge. The Power and Frequency of Love is the Universal Language of Sound linking the Heart and Mind and all of creation in perfect vibrational resonance with each other. The Power and Frequency of Love, once activated, has the power to connect us to an experience of essence that dissolves all fears and territorial boundaries and makes possible our unity with One Universal Consciousness. In that oneness of being, love prevails, and no one can ever threaten each other again.”

Without prior knowledge, People might have been inclined to reject the new information he was presenting without considering any of it. Instead, people allowed their mind to open and expand to embrace new ideas, allowing a fresh perspec-tive to fill their reality and world with greater meaning.

To get there One must walk through the Water Consciounsess and Fire Consciounsess

Through Water and Fire

The journey from eternity to eternity is a journey through water and fire. As we look from the center, we can look back to the water, or the flood, or the sinking of Lemuria, and Atlantis. Thus, there are many vague memories of a flood in the so called past. As we look to the so-called future, we an see the fire at the end of the beginning.

Thus, we must look both to the past and to the future at the same time in order to see what the journey through the water and the fire is. We have water on one side and fire on the other. Thus, the so-called lake of fire at the end of so-called time is not something to be ignored as the figment of someone’s imagination, nor is the water at the so-called beginning of time the figment of someone’s imagination.

Of course. both the water and the fire are of the imagination, but as we know, the imagination is as real as anything else. Thus, we are concerned with actual water and fire. The lake of fire is as real as anything is supposed to be, and it is not something that we should seek to escape. for we need to go through it in order to learn the lesson of fire and water. Thus, the place of safety is realized by going through the fire, and overcoming it. Thus, when one survives the water test, one has yet to survive the fire test. Thus, the Solar Travelers go through the lake of fire, for they are ready to create a new solar system.

Thus, the Solar Travelers reconcile fire with water. The Solar Travelers bring the water and fire together as one, yet not one. This is how the sun is cooled off, or how the creation is performed. We have a vague memory, and a record of how the creation took place in the so-called past, but now we can look forward to the new creation instead of looking back to the old one. The same creation is about to be performed again. Some wonder how, and some wonder when, and some wonder where, but the Solar Travel. as do not concerns themselves about these things, for they are there when the creation takes place. They are the creators of it. and are aware of the creation taking place.

Those who do not pass the water and fire test will not know when the creation takes place, for they will be taken out of creation while it takes place, and then put back into it after it is over, but they will not know how they got there, and the creation will again be a mystery to them until they pass the water and fire test.

Thus, the Solar Travelers bring the creation to the present, or the center where the whole play can be seen at the same time. Thus, the so-called beginning and the so-called end of creation are seen at the same time. Thus, the water that cools the fire is not in the so-called past, and the fire is not in the so-called future.

The water and the fire meet at the same time and become one, yet not one. Thus, fire and water become aware that they are the same thing. Thus, when the water and the fire meet, they become one. and then split. Thus, this brings forth the new creation. When the fire and water meet, creation ends. or is burned up. yet comes forth as a new creation. This is the point that creation an rest, for creator and creation have become onc, yet not one.

The creator is not separated from Its creation, nor is It just one with it. The creator and the creation both become aware that they arc one, yet not one. They are neither male, nor female, and birth and death is at rat. Thus, the creator first gave birth to every living creature. and then It gave birth to Itself. Thus, the creator is the creator of all things, yet the creator of one thing. Thus, the creator goes through the complete cycle of creation before It becomes aware that It has been crating Itself. Thus, each creation will eventually give birth to itself, or will go on creating until it does become aware of itself. Thus, the creator will create everything that can be imagined, and eventually it will get back to itself, and give birth to Itself.

It will then be neither male, nor female, but both in one that it is neither one, nor the other. Thus, the creator learns the lesson of creation, and can rest from Its labors. Thus, one learns to create without creating. for creation is seen for what it is. Creation is an illusion, yea reality.

Thus, when one gives birth to oneself and become the solar body or soul body, one can create something without creating it. Thus ones creations need not interfere with the creations of another. Thus, one an Mite, and then do away with the creation without it affecting another. Thus, the solar body an materialize something. and then dematerialize it. Thus, one eventually learns that creation is creation, yet not creation. It isn’t an easy lesson to learn. Thus, the journey through the water and the fire is the journey from creation to creation, or from eternity to eternity. Thus, the end time events are concerned with the so-called fire test.

Fire is not what it appears to be. nor is water, but we must learn the nature of them. We must face fire as we would death, or anything else. We know that death is not death, and birth is not birth, for they are one, yet not one. Thus, water is nor water, and fire is not fire, for they are one, yet not one. Thus, we must go beyond the illusion of things, and reconcile illusion, with reality.

When the Solar Traveler realizes that fire is an illusion, it can form a body that will undergo fire, or a body that is one with fire, yet not one with it. The solar body is one with fire. yet not one with it. The solar body is fire, yet not fire at the same time. It is water, yet not water at the same time. It is solid, yet not solid at the same time. It is infinite, yet finite at the same time. Thus, fire doesn’t burn the solar body, for the solar body is fire.

The sun doesn’t burn itself, for it is the sun, yet not the sun at the same rime. Thus, fire can be overcome, and the solar body has already overcome it. Thus, the fire test is being presented to the entire universe. It is not just a test that someone gives you, for the test is in accord with the nature of things. The tat coma at the end of a so-called cycle. The lake of fire is a tat, and you are not forced to take the test, for you are the one giving the test.

Another can pass the test, and be an example to you, but if you do not follow the example, and do it yourself, it won’t get done. The Solar Travelers can bear the wrath of God for you if that is what you want, and they will, for they always do, but your salvation comes by bearing the wrath of God with them.

One dies for all, yet all must die for one. One can lead the way, yet each must lead its own way. Thus, we can bear the wrath of God to-gether, yet not together. Thus, we can act as one, yet not one. Thus, to bear the wrath of God for another is to save oneself. Thus, you are not asked to give your life for another, for you must choose this for yourself. If you give your life for something that you didn’t actually do, you will be saved from the destruction, for you will reconcile fire with water. But if you do not choose to give your life for something that you didn’t actually do, you will die anyway without knowing why.

Thus, to escape the wrath of God, one must bear it. When one bears the wrath of God, one reconciles the God of love with the God of wrath, and bears the wrath and love of God at the same time. Thus, wrath is canceled out, and love is canceled out, and the solar one is born, yet not born. Thus, the lake of fire is there, but it is not what it appears to be. We see that all things end with the lake of fire, begin with the new heaven and earth. Thus, we go from the water to the fire, yet we never left it. We started at the center when we started our journey.

We started out as an unmanifested star, or sun, and. we end as the manifested sun. Thus, we never went anywhere. We are always on the sun. The Solar Travelers never move anywhere. They are always right where they are, and that is everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. Thus, the Solar Travelers do not need to seek shelter. They remain at the center of the sun through the water and the fire. There is nowhere for anyone to go to escape the so-called lake of fire, and the Solar Travelers know this, and go right through the fire.

Thus, we find that all things come back to the so-called center. The water on one side, and the fire on the other side are but two sides of the same thing. The water and the fire meet. Thus, all things meet at the center. Now we can see the nature of the one cosmic war chat rakes pace at the so-called and of time. We can see how the so-ailed battle of Armageddon will be fought, and why it is fought at the so-called center of the earth.

We can see how that they come from the four corners of the each to do battle, and why it is the battle that ends all battles. We can see that this battle is neither in the past, nor the future, nor the present, but in all these places at the same time. This battle takes in all from eternity to eternity. for it is the reconciliation of all things into one, yet not one. Thus, we find that we are always on the battle ground, for we never leave the center, except as projections of ourselves.

The only nape is the sun, or the center, and that is the lake of fire, but only the Solar Travelers know this. No matter where one goes, one is still at the center, for the center is every-where. This is why there is a cosmic battle being fought. The four corners of the universe appear to be opposed to one another. Thus, the four corners of the earth come to the center for battle. Thus, we can sec the nature of the four angels of the four corners that are ready for battle. We can see how this is the battle to end all battles. None an oppose the four angels, and this proves itself when it is tried.

The lesson is learned when it is seen that nothing is opposed to anything else. Thus, when this battle is ended, it will be seen that all things RC one, yet not one. The Solar Travelers start at the center, and end at the center. Thus, they never need to move anywhere, for they are everywhere. yet at one point. Thus, when the solar traveler comes back to where It started, It must end all conflict, or neutralize all things, and bring them into balance. This is what happens when one Solar Traveler returns home. That is, It ends all conflict within Its so-called small world, or the world of Its creation.

This so-called small world is equivalent to all worlds, and what happens in one world, happens in all worlds as far as the Solar Traveler is concerned, for all worlds are one world, yet not one.

Thus. one new creation indirectly affects all creation. for one new creation is equivalent to all creation. Thus. we need to see how it is that things appear to oppose themselves, and then we will see how all so-called opposition will be brought to an end.

First, we have the conflict with God and Satan, or the positive and negative side of things, or the north and south of things. Then, we have the spiritual travelers, and the So. lar Trawlers in conflict, or the so-called neutral conflict. or the east and west of things. Thus, we have the four corners of the earth represented at the one cosmic battle. We found that the conflict of Satan was an illusion. Satan seeks to keep one in hell, or prison, so it appears. But we know that we must return to this so-called hell. Thus, Satan is neither for or against us. While Satan seeks to keep us in hell, God casts out of heaven those that don’t belong there.

Now, while Satan seeks to keep one in hell, It is also telling people the so-called way to es-cape hell. It does one thing. and preaches another. Thus, Its gospel is preached in the world of matter, and it appears to be a contra-diction, but it is just in conflict with Itself, and isn’t aware of what It is doing. In the worlds of Spirit. God does the same thing. for It seeks to get people back to the world of matter, yet at the same time, It becomes the spiritual trawler and goes into the world of matter to deliver those that are that to take them to the world of Spirit. Thus, this appears to be a contradiction also.

Thus both God and Satan have a dual role to play. But the conflict doesn’t end with the spiritual travelers, for they find that there is still some conflict with the Solar Travelers. Only the Solar Travelers know that there never was a conflict to begin with, and only they an end it. and it does end with them. Thus, all things meet at the center that is not a center. All things meet at the center that is everywhere, not just at one point.

The Solar Trawlers bring all things into balance by reconciling all not one with all bodies in the universe. The solar body is at the so-called center of an infinite number of bodies that it has created while becoming aware of Itself. Thus, the solar body was the first body, and it becomes the last body to be created, for when it started its journey, it wasn’t aware of Itself, and was as the unmanifested star. Thus, it started as itself. Thus, it was born in the beginning, yet it was not born, for it was always there, but unaware of itself. Thus, It needed to be born again. Thus, at the so-called end of the journey, it is born again, and becomes the manifested star. Thus, although we were never actually born, we still create ourselves. Thus, we are neither born, nor are we not born. Thus, by the time we have created ourselves, we have created the whole universe, for we used the trial and error method. It took a while to get the job done, but it is a job well done when it is finished.

One eventually learns that one is both Bride and Bridegroom, and that one always was and always will be. That is, one is neither Bride nor Bridegroom, male nor female, yet one is both without being either. Thus, the solar body is neither male, nor female, but it can assume either a male or female body, but these so-called male and female bodies are but projections of the solar body. Once the solar body becomes aware of itself, we become aware of it. We are the solar body, yet not the solar body.

The solar body forms a body around itself. Thus, it can form a body around itself on any one of an infinite number of planes. The four corners of the earth also can represent the four sea-sons of the year, for these will be reconciled at the end.

The four angels holds the seasons in their hands, for they are the seasons, yet not the seasons at the same time. The four angels control the whether at all so-called points of the compass. Thus, it can be seen how the disturbances of nature mentioned in the book of revelation can be carried out. The four angels all work together. The whole universe works together as one, yet not one, whether it knows it or not. Thus, the Solar Trav-elers are aware of all from beginning to end, and beyond that on both sides. Next, we have the spiritual travelers and they are aware of all except the details of the nature of the Solar Travelers. God, as one knows God is aware of all below the spiritual travelers.

Next, Satan is aware of all below God. Thus, all have a certain part to play in the overall pattern of creation, but all are working to-ward the same goal. Thus, there is an appearance of conflict until we get to the Solar Traveler, but when we get to the Solar Traveler, the conflict is neutralized, and all things are seen to be in their rightful place. Thus, we have the four so-called independent workers of eternity. Of course, there are other workers that come under these so-called four independent workers. Thus, all have workers both above and below them.

That is, the outer sun, and the inner sun are realities, yet they are illusions at the same time. When this awareness is realized, reality and illusions become one, yet not one. The outer and inner sun meet at the so-called center, and we are at the so-called center.

The water and the fire meet, and we become the sun, or the new creation. Old things pass away, and all things become new. The new Sun is a light unto itself. Day and night is no more, for day is reconciled with night. Eternal day and night meet and become one, yet not one. All things are, as it were, neutralized. Thus, there is neither male, nor female, hot nor cold, for all things are in balance as creation takes a rest.

So it is when a soul returns home again. This rest is waiting for all who can become aware of it, for all who return to the center from which they came. Therefore, all things start with the Solar Traveler, and all things end with the solar traveler. The Solar Traveler is the beginning and end of all things. Thus, we started as the unmanifested sun, and ended as the manifested Sun. We started in the water and ended in the fire. We start where we end, and end where we start.

The beginning and the end are one, yet not one. We are at the point where we can become aware of the beginning and the end at the same time. If you have followed what I have been saying through my writings, you will see that I have brought you to the point where you can see both ends of eternity at the same time. All records up to this one are not complete in that all of eternity is not accounted for, or both sides of eternity is not accounted for. This is a record of the complete cosmic cycle from one side of eternity to the other and back again to where we started.

Accordingly, everything we find, we lose, and that is the cosmic lesson to learn. We find ourselves and then lose our-selves. When we find one, we lose it, for it becomes what we are, and then becomes an independent co-worker in the King-dom of the Sun. Now since the Transcendent One is the ultimate of that which can be found, to find It is to find all things. Accordingly, when the Transcendent One finds you, It has found all things.

Thus, when the Transcendent One finds you, you can give up the search, for you will have found It. You then become the co-worker of the Transcendent One, for you become the Transcen-dent One. You become free of all and servant to all. It then becomes one for all and all for one. Thus, all are being gathered up and brought into the Kingdom of the Sun.

The Transcendent One has found the Kingdom. It has found everything that belongs to it. It has caught or cap-tured the entire universe of universes, which is the Kingdom of the Sun. At the same time that It captured the Kingdom, It turned it over to Its captives. Thus, It allowed Itself also to be captured. Thus, the captives become the chosen ones.

Thus, each must learn to capture, without capturing; and to allow itself to be captured, without being captured. The student allows itself to become a captive of a Master. But the Master must allow the servant to become Its Master.

Thus, everything in the universe becomes both Master and servant. Thus, each become the most bold of all things in the universe. But at the same time, each become the most humble of all things in the universe. Each, therefore, becomes the balance or the reconciliation of all things.

Thus. if anything sect itself up as God. it will fall or be captured, for one so-called God cannot compete with all infinite number of them.

The transcendent God of the universe does not claim to be God, for if It did. It would only lose that position. That which is needs no claim or mod of what it is. for it is all things and nothing, at the same time. When one claims to have found oneself to he God. one will lose both oneself and God. And when one claims to know God, one will lose the knowledge of God.

And that, of course. is why knowledge has ceased in relation to the old world. Those who worship what they refer to as an unknown God have also lost the knowledge of God. The time has come to reconcile the unknown and the known God. For both the known and the unknown God have been captured by the Transcendent One.

The Kingdom of the Sun transcends the realm of matter. It goes all the way to the realm of spirit and beyond that. Thus, its no wonder It has become lost. It is not at the bottom of the ocean. It sunk all right, but not into the ocean, It sank into the realm of matter. It is transcendent of both spirit and matter.

Thus, It became spirit and then matter. Thus, you were allowed to get just as lost as anything could possibly get. The realm of matter is the so-called lowest part of the universe to hide, but nonetheless, you have been found in the realm of matter. There really is no place to hide, for the hidden things of darkness are, indeed, come to light. Since you have been found in the realm of matter, you must, by the nature of the thing, come captive with me unto the Kingdom of the Sun. Thus, we must resurrect ourselves from the realm of matter and go home or come home, for we don’t simply come or go. We raise the vibrations of our consciousness, and thereby raise the planet up from the realm of matter.

We go and come at the same time. The Kingdom of the Sun is not just a physical or spiritual Kingdom, for It is that and more, for It is transcendent of both spirit and matter. It is the reconciliation of spirit and matter. It is the transcendent consciousness, the transcendent everything. Thus, we must move the planet with us as we go. We must move into an interdimensional association with the transcendent consciousness of the Transcendent One. For we are held captive, by our own rules of the game, to move with the captor. Thus, we will move all things out of the positive-negative world concept and place them in the Kingdom of the Sun where all dwell in transcendent freedom.

The Crucible of Being

Now that all are being gathered unto the Kingdom of the Sun, we must speak boldly and enter boldly into the throne of grace. Both religion and science can now recognize just what the sun in the sky represents. Within the scope of religion and science, we can include all things. Science can recognize the sun as the center or the neutral ele-ment in all things. It sees all things revolving around the sun.

It is the neutral element of science that makes for the chemistry of change in all things. Thus, the neutral element is the melting pot where all things go through changes of vibrations. It is the neutral element that allows one element to change into another. Thus, the neutral element is, indeed, a crucible for melting down anything. It is the cosmic fire for purifying all things. Thus, the sun, the neutral element, is the lake of fire mentioned in the Bible.

The science of chemistry has been trying to realize the nature of itself. But there is much confusion in the world of chemistry. It has come to be something that has defeated itself. It has lost itself, and has become a thing of matter. One relates it to the changing of base metal into gold. Chemistry is transcendent of itself just as all things are. It is ones being that is to be tried in the fire and brought forth purer than gold.

The trial of one’s being is much more precious than gold. For when one is tried in the fire and becomes one with it, gold itself will conform to the pattern your mind makes for it. Thus, the streets of gold is not just an imagination of someone.

For in the Kingdom of the Sun, all the elements of nature conform to the mind of its inhabitants. The elements are conscious of themselves. That is, they have the same consciousness as anything that relates to than. Thus, it is a waste of time trying to change metals. for what little good it might do even if you did change them would be insignificant compared to what one can do by changing oneself.

It is not necessary to force nature to do anything, and it only hinders the process when one does try to force things. When one captures an element of nature. that clement becomes one’s servant.

Thus, one need not force anything. It is a matter of capturing the elements, and then freeing them so that they can serve willingly. We must function in harmony with them, and allow them to function in harmony with us.

Since the Transcendent One has captured all the elements both above and under the sun, all the elements are set free to serve It. Thus, the heavenly cities are actually built by the minds of its inhabitants.

The elements that have come through the fire into the Kingdom of the Sun are the purest of all elements, for they are the elements of the reconciliation. They vibrate at the level of transcendency.

Therefore, the dements of the Kingdom can change their form to conform with what the mind of it, as reflected in the mind of an inhabitant of the Kingdom, has set for it. Thus, one literally has everything to gain by becoming an inhabitant of the Kingdom of the Sun. But the cost is great.

That is, the cost appears to be great. One must face the crucible of being, and have the elements of one’s body purified. It is a matter of facing the crucible of being willingly. One does face it unwillingly, but one doesn’t know that one does.

Thus. one must remain in fear of it until one does face it willingly. This is the same with the concept of death. One must learn to die, as it were, daily. Thus, dying willingly. Those who do not learn to die willingly die anyway but they don’t even take that into account.

It has led captivity captive. The captives are being led to freedom. Thus, all are free to move as they will. However, one cannot even will to go back to the old, for one must. of necessity, move with the rest of the universe, for no one wants to be left alone. All the opportunities will be in relation to the reconciliation of all things.

There is a job for everyone, but the nature of it is the opposite of what has been the trend. Now that we are moving in relation to the reconciliation, we need to realize the nature of the reversal of things. Since we are moving in relation to the new universe, we need to realize what relationship is the suitable one for the time.

Now that we have brought the old cycle to an end, we must relate to the new one. We need to realize how the old world ame through the melting pot; how the old world was neutralized: how we brought the old cycle to an end. All these things. we are realizing now. We have brought the old world to the transcendent end of itself, for there is no actual end to anything. We brought it to an end in our transcendent consciousness. We moved from the realm of time/eternity into transcendency, and then back into time/eternity.

We begin the reconciliation that has neither beginning nor end. In the old world, things were moving apart in consciousness. They were moving that way because they were let move that way. But now that which !imeth has been taken out of the way. The forces that held the old system together have been removed. They have been put through the fire of the neutral elements. The neutral ones came to outnumber the positive/negative force. That brought the old world, as it were, to its knees. The world came to bow before the transcendent Christ. All things were put under Its feet.

Thus, with the end of the old system of the world, we begin the new, for the neutral ones became the transcendent ones. Thus, the reconciliation is begun. We are moving consciousness toward the reconciliation. The things that were let fall apart must now be reconciled. As the falling away marked the end of the old world, we can secehow it brought itself to an end. It simply fell apart.

Now we are going to do what none ever thought possible. We are going to pick up the pieces and put the world back together again. That which had a great fall is being put back on the wall. We are now reconciling the possible with the impossible. There is nothing that doesn’t come under the reconciliation. All things above and below the sun are being reconciled.

Thus, when we realize the nature of the reconciliation, we can see how the reconciliation affects all things in the universe. We can see how time is reconciled with eternity. We are in time, but at the beginning of eternity. This is a matter of consciousness, for we were always in both time and eternity. We are just changing our relationship of identification.

We are relating to the new consciousness of eternal day. We are now relating to the beginning, not the end. We are at the beginning, but we are reconciling this beginning with the end of this cycle. As we reconcile the beginning with its end, we will have reconciled all things within and without the cycle. That is, by the time we reach the center, all things will have been reconciled. And when we get to the end of this cycle, we will at that time transcend it and start another movement of consciousness, and go forth again in the other direction.

Of course, that is in the far distant future, at the other end of this new cycle. Thus, our purpose for being at this time is to function in relation to the reconciliation. Any other purpose would be sense-less at this time. Just as we had one purpose in coming down into matter, we now have one purpose in moving out of matter. All are now serving the reconciliation, whether they know it or not. Revo-lutionary changes are taking place all over the world. Thus, an infinite number of things are coming under the reconciliation. Thus, each thing as an individual thing is coming under the reconciliation.

Each thing is reconciling itself. Inasmuch as a thing reconciles itself, all things around it reflect that reconciliation. Thus, the entire universe is coming under the reconciliation. The whole and the part arc becoming reconciled. Thus, each individual will find his place in relation to the reconciliation. Each starts from where one is. Each reconciles what one is doing with what all are doing. Each reconciles what one is doing in relation to the positive-negative concept.

That is. each reconciles the positive world with the negative world. The two so-ailed ends of a thing are being reconciled with the center. Whether it be one thing or an infinite number of things, all are being reconciled. The reconciliation is a thing of consciousness. We keep the reconciliation of all things at the forefront of the mind at all times. We no longer think in terms of separation.

We no longer think in simple positive and negative terms. We are reconciling the positive world with the negative world. Thus, one of the things to be reconciled is the language of the world. Thus, all the languages of the world are coming under the reconciliation. Those who are working with languages will have the responsibility of reconciling and building the new language that all the world can speak.

It is not that someone will sit down and write a new language. The language will develop as the concept of the reconciliation demands it.

The old language cannot serve the new consciousness, for it cannot express itself fully. The new language will be the reconciliation of the positive and negative concept of speech. The entire universe is being born again.

Just as it took it an eternity to die, it will now take an eternity to be born. Birth and death, destruction and creation is not an instantaneous thing. Each take an eternity to be performed. The instantaneous aspect of birth and death is in relation to the Transcendent One.

The world has been brought to an end in the transcendent sense. Thus, you can now enter the new world of the reconcilia-tion by an act of faith. Even if you would, by an act of faith, reject the new world consciousness, that would not affect it in anyway. It would only show you where you are in relation to the transcendent universe.

Accordingly, all can now become free of the old world by an act of faith. You arc not forced to recognize the Kingdom of the Sun. You will be allowed to make your own decision in relation to It.

However, now that we have come to the new world consciousness, we an see just how much freedom of choice we ever had. For example, in the old system, we had a positive, negative. or neutral choice. Of course, that is all one ever needs in any cycle of time. The only other choice, and the only one left for those in the old system of things, is the transcendent choice. It is the choice, decision, or the act of faith that marks their birth into the new-born Kingdom of the Sun.

Thus, ultimately we find that there is no such thing as a choice. That is, we find that we have four choices. The four choices are all that one ever needs, and all that one will ever get. This may stem like a hard thing to face, but that’s how it is. So that’s the way I’m telling it. Thus, the newborn Kingdom is being offered to all, and all will make one of the four choices in relation to it.

Accordingly, if you think that you have escaped being captured by the Transcendent One, you can now forget it, for you have all been caught, as it were, sleeping. You had to be awakened from your nightmarish dream. Your dreams will now become the reverse of what they were in the old system. They will no longer be in conflict with themselves.

Thus, your dreams will now reflect the reconciliation of all things. Your dreams will now reflect your waking life. Dreams are now seen to be but a pan of your waking life. Your dreams were dreams of confusion because your waking life was a life of confusion.

Accordingly, everything that one has learned about dreams is now used up, for everything is now reversed. We need no longer seek to interpret dreams, for dreams are now become a part of one’s waking life.

They have come under the reconciliation. As we move the positive and negative world toward the neutral center (the spiritual heart), we are reconciling the dream world with the waking world. We are, therefore, uniting heaven and earth. We an now move in and out of the body. We can go from one dimension to another. We are reconciling all dimensions into the one central dimension, the Kingdom of the Sun.

Thus, while we are in the so-called waking body, we are conscious of our dream body. And when we are in the so-called dream Body, we are conscious of the waking body. Thus, we are come to function in parallel bodies. This is not something to consider a difficult thing, for it is but the natural process of reconciling the positive and negative world. When we reach this point in consciousness, it becomes as natural as anything an get.

Heart Fields and Heart Coherence. When we are in heart coherence, we can access the “heart’s intelligence. The Heart Bridge. It serves as our connection to the unified field and represents the union of duality or polarity. It is where separation, division, and polarized energy merge to become one. From this creative state of wholeness and oneness, magic begins to happen in your life because you’re no longer creating from duality or separation. Tavistock Institute. Part 40

The whole organizes the parts, and when we align our physical human self with our nonlocal primary consciousness, we optimize our human potential and positive relationships with others and our world. When we are in coherent states, our connection between our human self and nonphysical self is clearer, and when our primary nonphysical Self is more available and present, our human self becomes more coherent.

When we come into relationship, we share information at every level of our being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and reality (local, energetic, and nonlocal). These can be shared consciously or at unconscious levels. We share information from past and present experiences and from future events. We can influence and be influenced by one another in this shared holographic field of experience (McCraty, 2003; Radin, 2006).

Heart Fields and Heart Coherence

Scientific findings from the Institute of HeartMath says; The institute’s extensive research suggests that our heart’s electromagnetic rhythmic field acts as a global synchronizing carrier wave for our whole body; that when our heart field is more coherent, our brain and our whole system becomes more coherent; and that our emotional states are correlated with the patterns of heart coherence. When we experience expansive emotions of love, well-being, gratitude, and joy, we are more coherent. When we are in constricted emotional states, such as frustration or anger, we lose coherence (McCraty, Trevor, & Tomasino, 2005).

When we are in heart coherence, we can access the “heart’s intelligence,” which HMI defines as:

“The flow of awareness and insight that we experience once the mind and emotions are brought into balance and coherence through a self-initiated process. This form of intelligence is experienced as direct, intuitive knowing that manifests in thought and emotions that are beneficial for ourselves and others.” (The opposite, when it is not operating in an orderly manner, is heart incoherence).

The Heart Bridge

As you read about blessing the energy centers, the heart, located right behind the breastbone, is the body’s fourth energy center. It is our bridge to greater levels of awareness and energy, as well as the center where our divinity begins. The heart is the intersection of our lower three energy centers (associated with our earthly body) and our upper three energy centers (associated with our higher self).

It serves as our connection to the unified field and represents the union of duality or polarity. It is where separation, division, and polarized energy merge to become one—where opposites unify as the yin and the yang, good and bad, positive and negative, male and female. past and future. When your heart becomes coherent, your nervous system responds by increasing the brain’s energy, creativity, and intuition, which has a positive effect on virtually every organ in the body.

Now the heart and the brain are working together, causing you to feel more whole, connected, and content—not only within your own body, but also with everything and everybody. When you are in a heart-centered state, the wholeness you feel consumes any feelings you may have of want and lack.

From this creative state of wholeness and oneness, magic begins to happen in your life because you’re no longer creating from duality or separation—you’re no longer waiting for something outside of you to provide relief from the internal feelings of lack, emptiness, or separation. Instead, you are becoming more familiar with your new, ideal self and creating new experiences of yourself.

If you keep activating your heart center properly enough times during the creative process each day. in time you will feel more like your future has already happened. How can you ever want or feel lack If you feel whole? If the first three centers reflect our animal nature and are based on polarity, opposites. competition, need, and lack, the fourth center begins our journey to our divine nature.

It is from within this heart center that we change our mind and energy from living in selfish states to living in selfless states, and then we feel less affected by separation or duality and are more prone to make choices for the greatest good of everyone.

All of us have felt the consciousness of the heart center at one time or another in our lives. This energy is related to being fulfilled and at peace with yourself and your surroundings. When we embrace the feelings related to the heart—feelings that lead us to give, nurture, serve, care, help, forgive, love, trust, and so on—we can’t help but feel filled up, whole, and complete. This is our original innate nature as human beings.

Heart coherence is an optimal state of functioning that synchronizes the heart and mind and creates harmony in the systems of the body.

Coherence between the heart and the emotional brain stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, both sympathetic and parasympathetic. Having reached a state of balance, we are optimally poised to confront any and all contingencies. We simultaneously have access to the wisdom of the emotional brain—its “intuition”—and to the faculties for reflection, abstract reasoning, and planning of the cognitive brain. The more training we have in using this technique, the easier it becomes to induce coherence. Once accustomed to this inner state, we become capable of communicating directly, so to speak, with our heart.

Christ and heart coherence

spiritual coherence

According to the transcendentalists, such states of ecstasy are rational and even wise because of the coherence of superconsciousness. Superconsciousness refers to consciousness of the “superincumbent tendency” by which all life is supposed to be organized as part of the cosmic order (Emerson 1841, page 57). Emerson’s disciple Bronson Alcott described the psyche as an oracle to which we should listen with enthusiasm.

“Believe, youth, that your heart is an oracle; trust her instinctive auguries, obey her divine leadings; nor listen too fondly to the uncertain echoes of your head. The heart is the prophet of your soul, and ever fulfils her prophecies; reason is her historian; but for the prophecy the history would not be.” (Alcott 1840, page 87)

The functions of the soul as an oracle or inner voice are multifaceted according to transcendentalists. Initially, Homer distinguished the essence of understanding (i.e., sentient life or Greek quh `c) from the will (i.e., Greek jum’ ov). According to the Orphic mysteries, recognition of the true path of spiritual knowledge also depended on inspiration from the Lake of Memory, which allowed people to recognize the divinity within themselves (Geldard 1989).

The human drive for coherence requires the integration of these three functions. Growth in self-awareness increases understanding, but recognition is required before understanding. Recognition depends on memory, and the will of the psyche is to do spontaneously what is understood to lead to well-being. Therefore, to learn is to remember and to act. By the time of Plato, the three functions of self-aware memory, understanding, and will were regarded as interdependent functions of the indivisible psyche, thereby permitting coherence to arise by growing awareness of what is divine within all things.

According to the transcendentalists, the key to any radical transformation of consciousness (i.e., metanoia) is the contemplation of the unity of being, which requires the mind to be aware of itself. Hence, when we listen to the psyche, the appearance of a subject-object dichotomy is eliminated.

When we pass beyond the narrow gate of dualism, which appears to separate physical matter from its surrounding immaterial atmosphere, we enter into awareness of oceanic feelings.

According to the naturalist Thoreau (1848), such contemplative thinking is merely the awakening of the “common sense.” Materialists, of course, regard the “common sense” as simply a romantic illusion. Reliance on the physical senses alone leads toward the negative philosophy, whereas listening to the psyche leads toward the positive philosophy.

Questions about the role of intuition in consciousness are at the crux of disputes about whether human beings can know the truth of reality directly by intuition or only through appearances from the physical senses. The understanding of materialists is that belief in the nonlocal consciousness and phenomena like spiritual healing are illusory.

Consequently, human beings can advance step by step if they use their freedom of will (i.e., the space free for expansion and contraction with the seasons) to move along the ascending path of consciousness by keeping their thoughts elevated in search of what is beautiful, true, and good.

“This is then God’s will, that the soul should labor like the body in search of nourishment … that our minds may be always thinkin.g of Him, advancing slowly step by step toward His perfect knowledge; for if we could reach that knowledge at a bound, we should walk on and search no more; but to be ever seeking after truth—this is to live. ” (Lamartine 1851, page 138)

Hence, there is freedom of will to grow in awareness along the path of the psyche. Such growth is an evolution of the degree to which we can see and recollect the interdependent influences on our life. As we grow in awareness (i.e., as we “awaken”), what was formerly part of the collective unconscious becomes conscious, according to Jung’s terminology. Growth along the path of the psyche is the awakening of awareness of the cosmic order in the individual being.

The finite cannot hold the infinite within itself, but it can participate in the infinite with ever-decreasing resistance. Such nonresistance must involve freedom of will because what is unbounded is necessarily free. The free and stepwise reduction of our resistance to the intelligibility of the cosmic order is the path of the psyche.

According to the transcendentalists, we differ in our capacity for selfless love in proportion to our awareness of the truth that all humanity participates in the universal unity of being. Our little individual self in space-time becomes one with the universal Self that transcends space and time.

In addition, Emerson described the movement thong the path of the psyche as fluid and free, like flowing water, action and reaction in the cycles of nature, or beautiful dancing:

Beauty is the moment of transition, as if the form were just ready to flow into other forms. Any fixedness, heaping, or concentration on one feature … is the reverse of the flowing, and therefore deformed. Beautiful as is the symmetry of any form, if the form can move we seek a more excellent symmetry. The interruption of equilibrium stimulates the eye to desire the restoration of symmetry, and to watch the steps through which it is attained. This is the charm of running water…. This is the theory of dancing to recover continually in changes the lost equilibrium, not by abrupt and angular but by gradual and curving movements…. To this streaming or flowing belongs the beauty that all circular movement has … the annual wave of vegetation, the action and reaction of Nature; and if we follow it out, this demand in our thought for an everonward action is the argument for the immortality. (Emerson 1860, pages 178-179)

In contrast, materialists deny the possibility of free will and think that everything is caused by something in the past, which may or not be measured. This leads materialists to regard people and the world as deterministic machines for which love is a dispensable convenience, rather than an intrinsic living spontaneity. For materialists, what is unpredictable is the result of not knowing what to measure or the action of chance in nature. Nevertheless, according to modem physics, freedom is a fundamental quantum phenomenon underlying all things. There is underdetermination of all events in space-time, such that only probabilistic statements can be made about material events. More exactly, there is a limit to the precision with which any material event can be predicted in space-time. The unpredictability of physical events is another way of talking about freedom.

BALANCE OF HEAD AND HEART Heart and Minds, though both part of the mental body, are quite distinct. Mind seeks to find a coherent meaning in multiplicity and to create new and integrated things from it; heart starts from the inner unitary view and seeks to give expression to it in a multiple world. Each must adjust to the other and its differing viewpoint and functions.

They must balance each other, neither one predominating. It is an important point that harmony between them is so vital for the life of spiritual undemanding which is integral (or one) and undivided, not being set one against the other nor heart against head. If we concede that heart is different from love and that it is part of the mental body, where does that lead us? It is certainly true that at the moment of Realisation love is the be-all and end-all. It seems to me that on the Path, heart and mind must go hand in hand right up to the banks of the gulf of Realisation, where their separate bits are ended in awareness of oneness with God, because there all separation ends, whether separate mind, separate heart, or separate ego.

Head and heart express themselves through reason and love. They relate to eath other in three ways. They can be divorced from each other, running parallel but kept as separate as possible and inaccessible to each other so that love is unillumined by reason and reason unlimited by heart. Or they may be mixed up together and in a state of conflict. where both love and reason operate but not in harmony. Although this causes confusion it is a necessary stage in the evolution of a higher state, which transforms them.

There is a third way where heart and head are truly balanced.

SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS. Baba says about the stages of cooperation between love and reason: in the third type of love, this synthesis between love and reason is an accomplished fact—with the result that both love and reason and so completely transforme that they precipitate the emergence of a new lewl of consciounsess that, compared to the normal human consciousness. It is described as superconsciousness.” (Meher Baba. Disantries, p. III) It is the consciousness of Beyond-Beyond God’s Being. Baba says this super-consciousness appears in the seventh plane in the vacuum of Nirvana in the first stage of Realisation. where fully involved consciousness is only aware of Beyond-Beyond God’s ‘I AM’ and the divine absolute Vacuum.

“it is but natural that the full consciousness, fully involved, and now free from even the slightest trace of any impression, should give no other experience but that of the original, absolute vacuum state of God [in the beyond the beyond state of God] which once prevailed and which is now experienced consciously. This full consciousness, fully involved, is the super-consciousness . . . The unconscious God in the original, absolute vacuum state is now fully conscious, or super-conscious, of His original state of God in the Beyond the Beyond state.” (Meher Baba, God Speaks, p. 125) This is an enormous statement, that the synthesis and transformation of love and reason can precipitate the emergence of super-consciousness, which is God’s consciousness of His own original state.

This limited strength is related to our entrance into the second circle of creation (abyss) long ago, where we measured our creations by means of positive and negative viewpoints, duality. In other words, we used a 2-dimentsional corresponding system, which means that in the second circle our energy was like — in character, quantity, origin, structure, and function — what it was in the first circle. The difference was that we began to record our creations by using the 2-D system of a mental level, perception, time, and space. Do not confuse this 2-D system with your 3-D consciousness. Because we brought a large but limited amount of energy into the second circle (astral/physical realms) with us, everything came from the same structure, quantity, and origin of the first creation. The only difference was that the energy was limited. In other words, it had the same character and the same function as in the first — which was universal — but in the second creation the energy had a positive and negative blueprint to it, which made it limited. Since leaving the first creation, we have been restructuring and reorganizing that limited amount of energy into positive and negative patterns.

Solar Plexus Chakra The third chakra, or yellow solar plexus located in the center of the belly, lends the spark of fire that has the transformative ability to produce energy from solid matter. In the solar plexus we harness the fire and put it to work for our ego. After the birth of self in the first chakra and the experience of “other” in the second, our ego brings us into an autono-mous self that chooses to be separate. This progression is necessary; it is here that we begin to define ourselves in relation to the wider world and our role in it. In the third chakra we come to understand our purpose in life and the actions we need to take to fulfill this purpose. These actions require willpower in order for us to move forward toward our future in a conscious way, and so it is the function of the third chakra to engage our willpower. The concept we have of ourselves is established in the third chakra and when it’s balanced, our self-esteem is confident, bring-ing vitality and healthy choice through our will. A compromised third chakra could manifest in low self-esteem that becomes a self-destructive downward spiral threatening our very spark for life.

If only we can shut down the constant, superficial ego-chatter of the left brain, we can gain access to blissful and expansive states of awareness.

The left brain is our normal conscious mind (or limited ego self ), while the right brain has access to a far wider spectrum of consciousness. The left brain is designed for focusing, and when it is in balance with the right brain, it focuses helpfully on the positive, and on our goals and desires. But when it is out of balance, the left brain can stress and torture itself with anxiety, blame, guilt, negativity, worry, self-doubt, judgement, pretence, defensiveness and hurry-sickness — whereas our right hemisphere seems to be a doorway to states of inner peace, love, joy, compassion and authenticity. While the left brain is head-centred, our right brain is heart-centred. When the chattering mind becomes silent, we can listen to the heart.

When we are in a state of heart coherence — when the so-called ‘heart-brain’ is functioning well — this seems to coordinate all the systems in our physical body and energy field, so that our physical health is supported along with our happiness and spiritual growth.

With a conscious universe, the human body — rather than being controlled by genes and biochemistry — is dancing to the tune of consciousness and subtle energy. This is then mirrored in changes in our biochemistry, neurology, organs, muscles and physical structure, and even in how genes are expressed. In other words, what happens at a physical level is merely a symptom of what is occurring at higher levels of organisation — just as we can begin to affect our physical health in moments by connecting with our higher self. Within this new model, changes in the body ‘unfold’ into physical reality from the invisible realms of energy-consciousness .

Thus discriminative ego shuts up man in his one bodily habitation and prevents him from enjoying his proper estate , the rich universe. Let go of your EGO And you will find GOD.

The ego accomplishes this by shutting down the heart to the point where the portal remains closed to the spirit world. The portals pop open only when a certain amplitude is reached, so keeping it below a certain level prevents opening. What keeps amplitude low are all the familiar maladies: fear, hostility, self-importance, depression, self-doubt, cynicism, and frustration. Because of these, most people’s hearts are shut down most of the time,

It is possible that the “Christ Within Theory” holds the most simplicity and power. This would mean that all people contain a part of the Divine Spirit within themselves that they are responsible for connecting to and serving. Many may connect with that Inner Spirit by prayer or meditation. Others are driven to be useful or successful in the world because of this faith or Spirit connection, and they do not want to deny the power of God by wasting any given talents. The channel between your mind and the Spirit can he shut down through you own self-will.

Overall, we can gain a supernatural connection and faith when coupled with the use and exercise of prayer, gratitude, and acceptance. When you are able to identify your god as the source of all that is needed, then, you are on the right path.

The ego is not pure and holy, it is perception and desire of that in which is just an illusion that gives the ego pleasure. And as we grow more purely, we lose those ego perception of discrimination and desires. We no longer see the illusion of beauty in the faces and appearance of others, for the illusion begins to unfold and reveal it’s illusion of truth. We no longer desire that in which makes the ego happy, for we are no longer deceived by their deception of those desires, and we find happiness within our selves and our spiritual lives. We only see and attracted to the soul that exist behind the illusion of flesh. We seek a higher spiritual wholeness in which we do not desire the illusion of sexual perception and lust. We no longer desire that of material nor social expectations. We lose our ego self, and we free ourselves from the temptation of other egos. We become true spiritual beings. We desire nothing that is of egoism, only a free and pure peaceful spiritual life.

Beyond The Conscious Of The Human Mind

Conscious is not just that exist in living beings nor departed spirits, it exist throughout the entire universe. One can truly say the universe is one conscious of many. For this is the absolute truth, but do not just accept this as truth until one finds out for one self. Until then, know that all is truly God, in which God is one of many. And those many is the cosmic spirits that dream creation and life into being. This does not mean the ego is God, but the ego will play god. The ego is not pure consciousness, it is just a program. Just like our entire existence. Only the matrix is the true God, but the matrix is many up of of many pure conscious. And the ego does not go unchecked when it tries to play god, for the dark forces keep the ego in check as well. For the light and dark conscious work hand to hand in order to keep balance, and only the ego will disrupt this balance. And it is the ego conscious that we meet it’s fate when it departs from the physical body. For the ego minds of wickedness will in fact be haunted by that of darkness in which will take them into the darkness of unpleasantness. Only in the darkness the ego becomes a slave, only in the light the ego is free of it’s existence.

Reality is like geode, we can only perceive it’s physical layer. But our higher conscious mind can heighten our perception to cut through reality and see it’s many unseen layers.

Kether holds the greatest promise, but he needs the balance of conscious conviction to keep his spark alive and on track. To avoid burning wildly or burning out, he must be attuned, grounded, rational and emotionally committed. That is, in order to remain successful, in addition to staying consciously attuned, he must balance the fiery part of himself with the other major elements: Earth, Wind and Water. Connection with these elements—Earth for grounding; Wind for rational thinking; Water for emotional commitment—will both fan and temper his flames.

The essence of the tempering process is to keep the processes of production and destruction in active balance. Remaining temperate is the processual goal of Fire Father. Fire Father symbolizes the inner connection to wisdom. With the wisdom that results from balance and proper attunement, Fire Father becomes the master of growth, inner development, and increased perception. Growing through every challenge, he becomes the essence of dynamic change in conscience and consciousness. Moving in tune with the cosmic flow, he becomes dedicated, powerful, loyal and noble: the very essence of success and leadership.

The Fire Father is the white hot flame of spirit. He rides the beast of radiant darkness into the limitless The Fire Father is the white hot flame of spirit. He rides the beast of radiant darkness into the limitless light. The dark horse treads the sea of wisdom, so cold, that, like dry ice, it burns. The dry ice is the dry eye/the dry I of the One of Fire.

it longs to be wetted by connection with feeling and understanding. The Fire Father’s magic wand and his steed’s hooves spark on contact with balanced (gray) wisdom. Wisdom is gray because it comes from a combination of light and dark forces. As this sparking occurs, new flames—new possibilities—flare into existence. The only danger is that Fire Father’s wand is burning at both ends. If Water is not encountered, the magic will be lost.

The rider’s steed dances at the portal between layers of consciousness. Just beyond the Fire Father is a layer of light—Higher or Super Consciousness. This is the light of Kether, the God force. The layered concentric circles of light and dark imply that light and dark are forever contained inside each other, that there is limitless light in darkness and radiant darkness in light. When the Fire Father moves fast enough, light and dark collapse and become one.

“We behold by Fire, and we ascend by Flame. There are no other propellants, and therefore blessed be the Fire-conscious”, proclaimed the Master in the Agni Yoga.6 The Masters themselves have a fiery nature, which accounts for their invisibility and inaccessibility by ordinary earthly humans.

The cone of fire is necessary in order for individuals to understand the circle of fire and the dot in the center of the circle, signifying the First Monad and the expansion of the monad from the base of the circle to the apex of the cone. “The cone of fire is involved with the constructive spiral of manifestation. For out of this energy is given the pattern by which man may rise in divine symmetry, without flaw, in the ideational patterns of his existence. Unless this occur, the smoothening of the way will not be possible—it will not be possible for individuals to shape their tube of light as they ought in preparation for the ascension.

When it is understood and the terms light and fire become syn-onymous in their consciousness, individuals will understand how space can be hallowed by divine thought and feeling. They will understand how a given amount of space—so many cubits of space—can actually reflect either light densities or vacuums of consciousness. If vacuums of consciousness are filling that space, this indicates that there is indeed a lack of light within the cone of fire, and intensification must occur.

It is like a spiral of wire: the energy does not necessarily travel around the wire cir-cle by circle, but through magnetism and induction it suddenly animates the whole by the principle of the divine soul. “This principle is universal cosmos; it is cosmic essence. And this principle can, as a spark leaps a gap, flash forth through the coils of manifestation. The residual ash will then fan out from between the coils and fall to the floor or to the ground…. “I would like to point out that there is a certain waste in the white ash.

Actually, the white ash ought not to manifest at all, but often it does because of a lack of preparation on the part of the aspirant. “Let men understand that by constructive spirals of thought, by discipline of mind and heart, and without engag-ing in any strange states of consciousness, individuals can fash-ion the ascension spirals.

Some are prone to use the power of mortal imagination, and they fail to recognize that we are deal-ing with the true geometric figure. “We are dealing with true geometry. We are not dealing with imagination. We are dealing with fact, with the spirals that are closely knit, with the spirals that follow the cone pat-tern, with the spirals that stem from the base of the circle of identity, and with the desire for cosmic purity, which is akin in miniature to the Cosmic Central Sun behind the Central Sun.

“By the power of the three-times-three, the triad of mani-festation can produce the fruit of the ascension within the forcefield of the individual. But men must understand that as these spirals become closely knit, there is a definite responsi-bility to the cubit stone. The cubit stone of identity must con-form to the necessary patterns whereby there will come about the manifestation of individuality in accordance with cosmic principle.

“The science behind the ascension is very great indeed. And if the necessary conditions were met by mankind, there would be built in the world order a pillar of great beauty, a pyramid of lives in harmony, a pyramid of architectural grandeur. “When that day comes, the greenswards will stretch toward the four corners of the earth. Then the pyramid will glow. Then the fire of the Spirit will transmute first the base stones, and the capstone will be the last to glow. All energy in the capstone is from on high, and that which is in the base is from below; but the qualifications of the base must conform, by reason of thought and devotion, to the pattern from on high.

Thus, the fire will draw down first to the base stones. Then the capstone, supported by the base stones, will glow as the sweep of the great electronic stream from the heart of God moves down symmetrically and in perfect divine order through the entire structure and then rises from the base as a mighty cone of fire, causing the entire pyramid to glow on the greensward. “And it shall come to pass that, with the accomplishment of the capstone crowning man’s achievement, the civilization of the permanent golden age will begin.

“The divine geometry, through the symbol of the pyramid, draws the aspiring consciousness of man into the idea of an ascendant life. To ascend is to blend in cosmic unity with the heart of the Eternal. It is the destiny of every man. Those who understand this will rejoice in the consolation of their own ultimate freedom from every earthly travail, as cosmic pur-pose is enthroned in consciousness both now and forever.”

“The Masters are Mediators. They have safely risen to the highest contacts with great Cosmic Beings and back to the very heart of God. They have maintained a state of willingness to enter into human consciousness—with all of its degradations and all of the accompanying uncomfortability that the Masters face in descending into human consciousness—all in order that they might do the work of God and restore man to his rightful place so that he can safely rise into the arms of the waiting Deity, who longs to welcome him home.

As we compare the joint services of Ascended and unascended , let us define the term “mastery.” Mastery is the state of having power of command, expert skill or proficiency in a given field, area of knowledge or discipline. Now, there are of science, of art, of music and of the professions. These are not necessarily masters of life and death.

In our consideration of we are referring to those who have attained mastery over themselves. These are they who have learned to govern their energies and to discipline their thoughts and feelings. They have mastery over the cycles of life and are mastered by neither the tides of their returning karma nor the tides of the mass consciousness (with the exception, perhaps, of a narrow margin of their personal lives that may require the attention of the Master of masters).

“It is also true that some of these find it impossible to demonstrate the mastery of retaining life in one body. There fore, they do reembody from time to time, while c g to abide in the nirvanic state during intervals in their long tourney toward higher mastership and the ascension. “The powers that these unascended masters demonstrate arc sometimes phenomenal, but this does not set them above those who are in the ascended state.

All should know that soul progress is the real goal, not the exhibition of power in one or more of its forms (although such powers are often evidence of soul development). Also, seekers should beware of false adepts whose control of substance is used for self-aggrandizement and destructive intent. Often these put forth an appearance of good, but in reality they are self-oriented. “It is true that by the exercise of their sovereign free will, men can elect to fulfill their evolution in any manner and by any means that they deem acceptable.

But all should be apprised that we who have overcome the world point the way to the ascended state as the highest state to which anyone can aspire.

From this state mankind do not fall back again into a form of lesser consciousness, and from this state a permanent en-trance into nirvana and even higher aspects of God conscious-ness can be developed and retained as infinite progress is made. “It is known that many of the Eastern masters do not summon enough of the Divine Will to enable them to pass all of the required initiations in order to transcend the flesh. Yet it can-not be denied that they frequently manifest high states of con-sciousness. To be associated with them as a disciple is not with-out responsibility, nor is it without limitation.

Devotees of the light who have desired a closer union with God have used various techniques through the ages. These practices have differed from East to West, but always the goal has been the same: the spiritualization of consciousness and the reunion of the soul with the Spirit.

The ego-minds-conscience, who have arrived in this fourth dimension of antimatter, wavering, gasping, fearful of the unknown, and who, upon realising the second spiritual initiation, did not succeed in uniting themselves with the spirit. their inner master, are like the avatars who are in profound meditation in the spheres of golden fire, waiting for their inner master, the divine spark, and the programmes actualised for a new reincarnation in the worlds, planets where they are to exist as avatars for the fact of having high levels of evolution, and consciousness.

Ego-minds-conscience, who unable to unite themselves on the initiation platform, irradiated by the six-angled star of golden fire, did not become conscious that the spirit their inner master are one individualised in the absolute unity, because their atoms, electrons, positrons, fluids, vibrations and sounds of conscience, offered resistance, shunning the divine union with the spirit, the inner master, for a mysterious reason.

The second initiation, important, because upon uniting themselves with the spirit, the inner master, the divine spark, they transform themselves into veritable masters, losing part of their identities of ego-minds-conscience, with divine powers, gifts, to be able to struggle, cope, on the various planes of consciousness, worlds, planets, universes.

Dark and luminous resistances of duality, and continuing with evolution, on the pilgrimage, in their physical, psychological, and mental universes, until the last reincarnation with the checkmate to divinity, and breaking the hymen of golden fire, the illusion of the circle, beyond the golden spiral of evolution, so as nor to be. Absolute, without form nor name. God.

Absolute, without form nor name, the one humanity calls God. Or however they call him, God, is not composed of adjectives, effects. And this is the fear of humanity, to be God at the end of their incarnations, losing their identities, family, fortune, heritage, beliefs, dependencies, honorary diplomas, of being great ecclesiastical authorities, kings, princes, counts, erudits, in some subject, or military field. Adjectives, effects, illusion of duality, of the third dimension of conscience, thought. Although in the ill named death, in the transition of evolution, they already lost all that is mentioned above. And only take with them virtues or defects, and imperfections, improving them to be promoted to a superior level of consciousness, or suffer the hell they created themselves on Earth. The measure that you mete, shall measured to you again ». Master Jesus the Christ.

Ego-mind who has to fuse with the spirit, the divine spark, his inner master, when he, she is prepared, so as not to feel the difference, rather that he, she, shall be the master effect and causality one, to continue lighter from the weighty burdens of the spirits of darkness, from the elementals of love, pleasure and desire. From emotions, feelings, from beliefs, fetishes, myths, legends, superstitions, created by the ego-mind, man, from the dawn of times, on the search of the absolute truth, God.

This integral fusion of the ego-mind, and spirit, will be realised as a master where the spirit and the ego-mind are one, and as master, one may, with ordinary consciousness, sublimate the elementals of love, pleasure, desires, and psychological weights, thought, necessary, that makes them exist on the pilgrimage towards divine life. In this crucial ordeal, is where many ego-minds fail, in the second initiation to fuse with the spirit, the divine spark, one’s inner master.

Reconnect with your heart. As long as we are alive, it is never too late. We are free in each moment to choose the path of our heart, which never stops quietly whispering to us, urging us to follow it. The second key to successfully following our hearts is to learn how to deal with fear. Fear prevents people from reaching their fullest potential in life. “When the ego is in operation, it shuts down the heart centre, and when the heart centre is open and in control, it shuts down he ego.” Then ego is mass consciounsess, the heart is shut down by the matrix of the this world. Tavistock Institute. Part 38

One of the greatest ways to overcome fear is by praying. Prayer gets our all-knowing, all-powerful God involved. When the ego is in operation, it shuts down the heart centre, and when the heart centre is open and in control, it shuts down he ego.” Then ego is mass consciounsess, the heart is shut down by the matrix of the this world.

One of the greatest ways to overcome fear is by praying. Prayer gets our all-knowing, all-powerful God involved.

Reconnect with your heart. As long as we are alive, it is never too late. We are free in each moment to choose the path of our heart, which never stops quietly whispering to us, urging us to follow it. The second key to successfully following our hearts is to learn how to deal with fear. Fear prevents people from reaching their fullest potential in life. It comes in many flavors—fear of looking ridiculous, fear of failure, fear of rejec-tion, fear that we simply aren’t good enough, and sometimes even fear of our own potential greatness.

Unfortunately, no one else can overcome our fear for us; we must learn to master it on our own. The most important insight about fear is that it seldom exists in the pres-ent moment. It is almost always about the future, something we are afraid is going to happen.

When we direct our attention fully into the present moment, fear greatly lessens or disappears. The second important insight about fear is that it is almost always a creation of our minds; it rarely exists in the physical world. We can dissolve fear in our minds by bringing self-awareness to it and consciously choosing not to give any additional energy to the fearful thoughts.

Rather, we should use the energy that fear creates to focus the mind more intently on the present moment—where fear doesn’t exist. We must learn how to do this if we really want to be free from fear and stay connected to our hearts and to our higher purposes. Contempla-tive practices that teach us how to quiet our minds and focus our attention can also help us overcome fear.

When thy heart is pure the darkness will disappear. When thy mind is freed from passion, thou wilt reach the end of trial, and when the thought of self-preservation is yielded up, there will be no more cause for sorrow.

Until you overcome your fears, especially the fear of failure and try something new, something totally different from universal norms, you can never get your vision realized.

He who never risks anything will never gain anything worth-while. God wants us to master our faith and extinguish our fears. In His mind, fear is a matter of personal choice. This is why Jesus said—”Do not allow your hearts to be troubled. Trust in God. Trust in Me and My ability to help you. Fear not. I am going to give you a supernatural peace that the world at large will not be able to understand because they have not been able to grasp it. You won’t be able to understand it yourself except to know that your confidence comes from Me” (see John 14:27).

Fear cannot remain in God’s presence. He doesn’t allow it.

God is dwelling among his chosen people. God is dwelling in the heart. God is greater than the heart. God is all, not a part, yet every part. Love God with all your heart. Love yourself with the same devotion. Love all who come to you as you love God. But practice finding the loving within yourself before you look out. With loving, nothing is impossible. With loving, you can overcome all things. You can overcome your fears, your insecurities, your disturbances, everything. Through the Christ consciousness that is your heritage, you are born anew, resurrected in Spirit.

The outer forms are designed to focus and direct the mind and provide a structure to relate to. But the changes, the growth, the learning, and the understanding all take place within you. It is not an outer process as much as an inner one. The Spiritual Traveler has the ability to touch the inner consciousness, communicate with you directly through your inner spiritual essence, and affect change from the inside out. Change can never be imposed on you from the outside; change takes place inside first and then manifests on the outer levels.

You are a god in your creativity, and in Spirit you have access to spiritual power. You do not necessarily have access to that spiritual power here on this level. If you can keep the two levels separated very distinctly and understand the different values of the spiritual levels and the laws governing them, you can start leading a very enchanted life.

The quality of the Soul is different than the quality of the Inner Master. They are not the same, except perhaps in the macro consciousness where there is no separation and no thing is different from another. In expression, however, the Soul is an individualized spark of the God form, and the Inner Master is an extension of the greater Master form we call the traveler or the Christ within.

God’s agent has manifested itself in a very special form and has run an extension through all levels of creation and maintained it through nurturing care and loving concern. It is like an iron rod giving strength and a focus around which you can gather your energy.

The Inner Master is, in essence, a rod of power. It is indeed an all-knowing, all-encompassing, and totally loving force field that knows the intimacy of your beingness. In its wisdom, it realizes the functional reality of the Soul’s experience, gained as you dabble consciously in this world. The Inner Master stands back, much like a benign Iftather, as you make your mistakes, learn your lessons, destroy, create and progress through he world.

The Inner Master is present in everyone in greater or lesser form. In those who are following a spiritual path and are consciously seeking to attune themselves to Spirit’s inner guidance, the Inner Master takes on a more solid form.

The Inner Master forms an identity level within you as something that is cognitively real. It is not a hallucination, but something you can communicate with, ask questions, and ask for guidance. It is something you can love and adore. You can also ignore it, yell at it, or criticize it, and it will continue to love you because it knows the ultimate with which you’re dealing and keeps the ultimate present with you whether you’re expressing and experiencing the macro or the micro consciousness. The Inner Master makes sure that you never really lose track of the vision.

Now you have another lesson to learn. Do more spiritual exercises. Chant your tone more. Build up all the Light units you can. Strengthen your awareness of the rod of power present inside of you.” Use every opportunity to make your contact stronger with the Inner Master.

Advises us to overcome our fear by gradually replacing that fear with knowledge.

This is the central key for the Illuminati; Fear controls the mind and lack of knowledge make mandind easy to mind-control-manage by fear.

When you deal with fear by indulging it, when you address insecurity by catering to it, it grows and grows. There is another path, a way to overcome fear. That way is never to succumb to fear, never to buy the lie that you were born insignificant and now need to acquire things and prove yourself to others to start mattering.

If you are now out of your heart source, go back in. Just say, “Heart source.” Set your intention to experience the change of energy as it moves in you. Now this might be difficult to experience, because how do you know what the energy is outside you? Feel the energy as it comes in to you.

See whether you can feel the subtle changes as the energy moves in through your crown, the back of your heart center, the front of your heart center, or your first chakra. Notice how the energy subtly changes as it moves. it acclimates to your energy according to your intention. When you bring energy in from the creative chaos with the intention of creating form — whether that form is something in the physical or something that happens within you, such as spiritual expansion — it combines with your current energy and you can work with it more easily.

Those of you who have made a pot out of clay, what is the process? First, you kneed the clay until all the bubbles are out. You pick out any impurities, such as small pieces of twigs or leaves. You keep kneading it until you know it is the correct texture and smoothness, and you feel for what you are going to create —a pot, tea mug, bowl, or other beautiful artwork. You bring that energy you use for creating your form into you and work with that energy. That is what happens when you bring in energy with the intention of creating something new.

The vibration begins to change as soon as you set that intention. When that vibration is to create something new in your life, such as spiritual expansion, the energy takes on the vibration needed in union with the energy you already have to spiritually expand. if your intention is to learn a new language, that vibration comes in. It is automatically the energy of the Ein Sof, the chaos, the creative-force energy. You’ve already begun to change it with your intention.

Yes, that energy is pure love. It is undifferentiated love. It is love without form. And through your intention, you create form. Consider that. That is how powerful your intention is to create that form. As soon as you set that intention, the energy changes.

The team at HeartMath have also sought to measure the electric and magnetic fields produced by both the brain and the heart. They report that the heart’s magnetic field is over five hundred times bigger than the brain’s and that the heart’s electrical field is sixty times bigger than the brain’s. This effectively means that your heart fields radiate out into life, transmitting and receiving information, constantly interacting with the energy fields of other people and mass consciousness. As information travels back through the heart fields into your body, the energy is transmuted, physical changes occur and you receive feedback in the form of emotions, feelings, and intuitions. There is a strong argument to suggest that many of the subtle intuitive feelings we have arise from fluctuations within these subtle energy biofields as they detect energetic shifts in the “quantum energy soup” of life.

Not only does the heart create measurable energy fields that extend beyond the physical boundaries of your body, the heart has a mind of its own that sends meaningful messages to the brain and other areas of the body. The heart has a complex neural network, which has led scientists to refer to it as the “mini-brain.” Its neural circuitry enables it to act independently of the cranial brain, to learn, remember, make decisions, and even feel and sense via the secretion of a number of hormones and neurotransmitters. There are more ascending neural pathways than descending—this essentially means that the head sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. This gives an entirely different picture to our usual idea that intelligence takes place exclusively within the brain.

“When the ego is in operation, it shuts down the heart centre, and when the heart centre is open and in control, it shuts down he ego.” Then ego is mass consciounsess, the heart is shut down by the matrix of the this world.

Don’t live life aimlessly and without purpose, or thi small daily insignificant things or problems will start erode you away. Look at tM greater picture of all tire days put together in the future, but learn from the past and live positively now in the present and get your, mind set right to be truly happy.

Which way is the wind blowing, wind being your mind. The journey to the centre of the heart is a challenging one, and there will be many trying moments, and each of these trying moments is there to teach you/me/us something. It’s how you approach each of these trying moments which decide your highs and lows and your future and our future.

With Self Realization each one of us reaches a certain level in their journey at different times and the infor-mation obtained by us, and the message received doesn’t necessary have the same meaning to another person on their level of their cycle of life, and the raising of their consciousness. You choose thit direction and the people you want to be with, whether it’s forward, around or even backwards. So choose wisely.

The Sculp of Self is a never ending process. So you decide what you want to look like by chiselling and moulding your shape, your personality. You can call back traits that you don’t like and put forward the one’s you do, a process of moulding and carv-ing your seed, that seed grows to be the big “YOU”. When the ego is in operation, it shuts down the heart centre, and when the heart centre is open and in control, it shuts down he ego. When you become AWARE of Yourself, you can become Peace and Love which is connected to Light.

Alchemy is the transmutation of base metals into gold. Inner alchemy is the journey through the CHAKRA’s (energy bodies), from the base chakra – earth body to the crown chakra. At the end of a rainbow you will find a pot of gold. You will find this gold which is the halo, or mouth piece to the Great Spirit when you learn the lessons of each ” vibration or body’. Our bodies are the same colour as the rainbow, hence HU (=Colour) Man (= US).

You need to ascend up from the red root earth body, through to the orange emotional body, through the yellow fire or spirit body, though the green wind intellectual body, though the blue communication body, though indigo vision body, though violet the crowning glory body learning the lessons that each bring, transmuting the dense energy into higher energy. This process must be done by been constantly aware of your thoughts, actions and deeds. There are no short cuts.

You turn base metals into gold by using the elements which we are made from which are earth, water, fire, wind. By working with these elements you create the golden halo around your head which is the ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”.

En- Lighten-Ment. Each element and chakric body resonates at a different vibration, and brings its own set of challengers and lessons and only when you have mastered each body, can you successfully move up to the next body, layer or level. Your whole world is what is going on inside of yourself, as this reflects outwards in your outer world. So if you keep looking outside yourself to make you happy, you will always be hollow and unhappy. But when you start to look inside yourself for contentment and blessings, you will find what you are looking for, and your turbulence water/emotions will become still. Don’t allow outside influences to get the better of you.

Awareness and imagination are two great tools we have at our disposal, so start to notice what is going on inside, and outside of yourself by using these great tools.. Release your suffering by becoming aware of your every thought, your words you speak and the actions you perform, and take yourself into your Divine kingdom.

When fear overtook the human mind. Our bottommost will center is driven by fear. Once people know how to go direct to their heart intelligence for new understanding , the cycle of grief can be shortened considerably. When we prepare our minds, without fears and without worries for greater things, greater things will be given. Introduction Part 37 – Tavisrock Institute

The word, Master does not refer to a specific person. This is the state of spiritual awareness.

Learn from whom you can and keep your attention on the state of your own mind, heart, soul, and spiritual connection with Universal Consciousness.

The difference is thinking a thing, and knowing a thing. In a state of true consciousness, one does not think. Mind is completely transcended. One simply knows. The everyday person has flashes of this which she is apt to call intuition. Those instances when one simply knows, though she can not say why. A master, dwells in this state constantly. When you overcome your identification with the body, the mind, and the little `self’; and through the practice of yoga achieve union with the infinite Self, you will become incapable of making a misstep or speaking a word in error.

One must refine your thoughts and master your emotions. Outward devotion is not enough. The battle must be won again and again on the inside. The weed in the heart must be torn out. Pride, the sense of separateness from any other part of life, must be obliterated. The identification with the little self can not remain, if one is to reach their potential.” “Why have the world religions been silent about this potential?” “Most are concerned with outward devotion, dogma, and rules of conduct. It is good for groups of people to behave in a cooperative manner.

Research at the IHM has also found that negative emotions disrupt the heart’s rhythms so that they become jagged and disordered. They found that positive emotions produce smooth harmonious heart rhythms which in turn increase a person’s mental clarity, intuition and ability to perceive the world more clearly as well as enhancing their communication with others. – Being able to sustain balanced and harmonious heart rhythms allows a person to sustain a positive life perspective and intuitive flow and to access positive emotions at will. – When our heart rhythm becomes balanced and coherent, every organ of the body is flooded with neural and biochemical events that improve their functioning and health e.g. experiencing compassion boosts our levels of IgA, a secretory antibody that improves our immune systems resistance to disease. – The electromagnetic field of the heart is approximately 5000 times greater in strength than the electromagnetic field produced by the brain.

Increasing head/heart coherence requires reducing emotional and mental stress by monitoring and mastering our thoughts and feelings. The more we do this the more powerfully our DOW can radiate Itself through the higher heart and magnetise more Grace to our field. – The difference between heart and head intelligence is that the heart is open to intuitive solutions and the head is open to linear and logical solutions. When they work together we again have more choices in life and a clearer vision of how to fulfil our dreams. Coherence between the head and heart also allows us to operate more effectively through all fields of life

Every condition can be transmuted and everything is always changing. The only consistent thing in the universe is the indestructibility of energy and its changing form. This is also known as the Law of Alchemy – every condition in life can be transmuted into glory and made divinely beautiful, no matter what that condition is. If we accept it, bless it, thank God for it or be ‘thankful in all things’, we can transmute even bitter and heart-breaking experiences and conditions of life into spiritual loveliness by this most perfect and exacting law. We can also receive the power to transmute our spiritual desires and dreams into tangible material manifestation.

True heart intelligence begins when they realize that in order to do this they must first and foremost master their own emotional state.

Men and women of real power and influence are few, because few are prepared to make the sacrifice necessary to the acquirement of power, and fewer still are ready to patiently build up character. To be swayed by your fluctuating thoughts and impulses is to be weak and powerless; to rightly control and direct those forces is to be strong and powerful. Men of strong animal passions have much of the ferocity of the beast, but this is not power. The elements of power are there; but it is only when this ferocity is tamed and subdued by the higher intelligence that real power begins; and men can only grow in power by awakening themselves to higher and ever higher states of intel-ligence and consciousness.

A man commences to develop power when, checking his impulses and selfish inclinations, he falls back upon the higher and calmer consciousness within him, and begins to steady himself upon a principle. The realization of unchanging principles in consciousness is at once the source and secret of the highest power. When, after much searching, and suffering, and sacrificing, the light of an eternal principle dawns upon the soul, a divine calm ensues and joy unspeakable gladdens the heart. He who has realized such a principle ceases to wander, and remains poised and self-possessed. He ceases to be “passion’s slave,” and becomes a master-builder in the Temple of Destiny.

Once people know how to go direct to their heart intelligence for new understanding , the cycle of grief can be shortened considerably

When we prepare our minds, without fears and without worries for greater things, greater things will be given.

Our bottommost will center is driven by fear.

When fear is transmuted into confidence, the suffering of others stops freaking us out. We no longer have to distance ourselves by blaming the victim. When passion is transmuted into devotion, we don’t have to identify with others in order to care about them. Instead of imagining what they are feeling, we perceive it directly. When territoriality is transmuted into integrity, we don’t have to borrow our strength from the weak. We respect the au-tonomy of those we are trying to help. As a result of these transmuta-tions, the will centers learn to take instruction from the heart. As the philosopher’s stone, the heart will become the source of all our magical deeds. Even its perceptions will impact the world, as if to perceive were to do. Its vulnerability will become active and savvy compassion. This is not because the heart itself will change, but be-cause everything around it will have changed. Transmuted and re-aligned so that they all face the heart, the intention centers will inspire it and the will centers will empower it.

Yet in the 192os, public fascination with the alchemical nature of the new atomic sciences had reached such a pitch that the consequences of transmutation began to seem relevant to fields other than religion and science. The possibility that an alchemist, radio-chemist, or nuclear physicist might actually harness the mysterious alpha and beta rays to synthesize gold seemed to many to entail fan-tastic and alarming consequences especially for the world economy.

Transmuting an item sometimes leads to the discovery of anew recipe.

You do not need someone in power, control or authority, since your authority is in the heart. Each one of you who has bro-ken out of the structure—be it out of a church, be it out of a governmental force (that is what civil disobedience is) or be it out of making your own decisions about what you should do—has broken out of the old energy and flowed into the new energy.

All human conditions are based on this principal or spiritual law. Love is reaching out, to touch, to experience life in the moment – in the ever changing now. Fear will stop this. Fear will keep you trapped in what’s called the past or what you perceive as the future. This is a normal human condition. All, who incarnate into the human or earth experience, will experience fear (some have interpreted this as original sin). No ritual can cleanse or wash away fear. Without fear, we would not recognise its’ absence, which is love. Fear is part of the earth experience, of all human existence. Earth offers the incarnating spirit endless opportunities to face or recognise the fear and transmute or replace it with love or light. Understanding this with the mind is not enough to transmute fear, although it is the first step in the process. The transmutation, changing and replacing must be experienced in your heart — centre, not your physical heart but your heart centre – the seat of your soul, the centre of your being.

Light and not light are/ is the ever changing now. You choose how you want to experience now. The forces change the moment you choose. Fear manifests in many, many ways. In fact, it adjusts to suit the individual and individuals make up the collective. When the individual chooses change from the heart — centre, changes occur in their life circumstances and also how they react to these changes. When enough individuals choose change from their heart — centres, changes occur in the circumstances that effect the collective. The collective can only change as individuals change themselves.

This world don´t create Master´s, it has created a world where they make themselves to Master´s and the masses to slaves. Your own innate blueprint is your individual code that is stored in your DNA. Even your DNA is connected with your divine essence, while it is not a pan of it. When you tune into your divinity, your connection positively impacts the body, stemming from your thoughts and way of being. Your thought patterns can also act as keys that can unlock the sacred codes of your DNA. Tavistock Institute. Part 36 of 36

This world don´t create Master´s, it has created a world where they make themselves to Master´s and the masses to slaves.

The word, Master does not refer to a specific person. This is the state of spiritual awareness. As an individual you cannot see beyond your understanding. And as you are, you cannot envision a master. This is the reason the masters appear from time to time to manifest that state of awareness. Thus, in response to time and plate. manifests the light absolute and the path laid down by the chain of matters. In no way does a master present any new God. Also, he does not change the way.

Instead, he presents the old wine in a new bottle. Man cannot see beyond the physical appearances, therefore. you need to feel the undercurrent of consciousness behind name and form. Take any master for instance; he presents truth according to the time and the needs. So if you can see behind the visible, you will get the sante taste or fragrance. It is like the sea water, whose taste never changes.

Master is the taste of the unknown. He is the glimpse of what is within each one of us. And what is possible for all of us. His very presence creates an atmosphere. And this presence enables us to experience love, awareness, and compassion to take the jump ourselves. A master is the bridge. a guide towards our own inner master. A master is a door. A gesture of the unknown! A beacon light! But not a person at all! He is an open door through which you can come into the vastness of the existence. A master is a voice from the wilderness. A master is an invitation. A master is at the most an occasion. Seeing into the master, feeling empathy with the master, feeling love for the master, you are assured.

You can take a jump into the unknown. Everyday the master invites us to take this jump. The Master assures us that each moment is an opportunity for growth. Ile assures us that each man is a man of bright prospects, because each man has God within his ultimate flowering. The master assures you that he has experienced the moments of inner joy, love, and trust. One can trust only when you are ready to go into insecurity. If you are ready to sail your boat without any map into the unknown! Trust is immense courage. Because only a courageous person can say yes! In the beginning, trust is a feeling.

However, in the final flowering, it is being. If you can trust, something will always happen and will help you to grow. You will be provided for. Whatsoever is needed at a particular time will certainly be provided. Such is the beauty of trust. Thus, by and by, you learn the ways of how existence goes on providing and caring for you.

A real master will not try to convince you of the truth, but he will definitely persuade you towards it. A master can only help you in removing the obstacles so that meditation happens!

It is through the intuitive – mind that the good non out – flowings emerge , are manifested and are realised . Fortunate it is that intuition is not momentary for if the enlightenment which comes by intuition were momentary the wise would lose their “wiseness” which they do not.

Whatever the external catalyst, they are the ways consciousness calls attention back to itself and launches the “I” toward “transformation,” or “self-realization” or “enlightenment.” Within the dream the spiritual path arises as the way out of suffering and toward freedom.

This is the crucial turning point in spiritual life, when you become aware of that pull, when you feel the opening of the heart or the stirrings of a vaguely familiar knowing. If you are willing to follow and give it your full attention, the individual con-sciousness may fix itself into a homing orbit, impelled by desire and drawn by grace. And if you are so blessed, you may see that the push and pull are one and the same force, and in that realization individual effort dissolves into the effortless flow of the totality.

So we get “on the path.” It is thrilling, comforting, exhilarating. You are on the heroic journey home. You have sighted the goal and are moving toward it. It is a righteous feeling. The “I” is now a seeker, a spiritual person. We are no longer wandering around lost in the wilderness. We begin to live on purpose with intention and direction. We clarify and simplify our lives. We discover the rich, fascinating treasure house of world philosophies, spiritual traditions, methods and practices that promise us clarity, bliss, freedom.

We are turned on by teachers, preachers and sages, led and misled by charla-tans and fools. You study, you learn the practices and techniques, become fluent in the languages of spirit, acquire the ritual paraphernalia, the clothes and emblems of the ever burgeoning tribe of seekers. You meditate, pray, breathe, practice yoga, raise the kundalini, balance the energy, heal, dance, drum, study your chart and cast the hexagram, stare deeply into each other’s eyes. And indeed it does bring comforts, glimpses of illumination, tastes of peace and happiness.

Divine Self, and many beings of light to express your true, authentic Self

Your understanding becomes a likeness of the thing that is understood as you move closer towards your divine essence. According to Aquinas, the human soul needs a higher intellect by which it can be guided in reaching understanding. Your higher consciousness is what guides you in accessing your divine essence. Your higher consciousness is linked with the soul part of your being human. Your intellect cannot understand the infinite in actuality, but only in potentiality. Your intellect will always have the potentiality for understanding more. The true light of God enlightens you as a universal cause, from which your human soul derives a particular power.

Your divine spark is made up of the same light as that of the universe. The light is within you, and you are in it. The light is you, and you are the light! In the same way, your divine essence lies within, just as your essence lies in your divinity. They are one and the same. When you are identifying with your divine essence, you are connected to all that is within and without, because you are at one with the universe and the universe Is one with you. When you are fulfilled by your desire, you know what it is to have peace, joy, and freedom. You are the creator of your own life.

Your own innate blueprint is your individual code that is stored in your DNA. Even your DNA is connected with your divine essence, while it is not a pan of it. When you tune into your divinity, your connection positively impacts the body, stemming from your thoughts and way of being. Your thought patterns can also act as keys that can unlock the sacred codes of your DNA. As the frequency of your thoughts and emotions rises in vibration, so does your way of being on a physical level. Your vibration, when raised, can activate your DNA even further in ways you have not experienced up to now.

As your DNA activates, it can mutate into higher levels of being. Now it is known that your DNA is influenced by electromagnetic fields, and this includes thoughts. Expressing your divine essence is the key to your DNA activation. You resonate at a higher frequency in vibration when you are attuned with your divine self. At this higher vibration, your experience changes as you can see more of all that is.

Now you understand at a deeper level how the universe operates and how you can manifest all the abundance, Joy, and happiness you desire. This is your birthright. You are a magnificent being, much more so than you realize. You really have the power to manifest your true desire in physical form, for this is your mission in realizing the vision of your desire.

The higher your vibration, the easier it is for you to manifest what you desire into your life. Your divinity is at one with your authentic self, and only by going inward can you bring out what you truly want in life to fulfil you soul purpose.

The key is to go through your authentic self, where you can become at one with your divine essence. Your authentic self is the doorway to your divine essence. Keep your spirit high by radiating love (unconditional) and light. Keep your thoughts enlightened and in line with your own truth instead of outside appearances. No matter what is taking place on the outside, remain calm, collected, and serene with access to your own true power in this way.

You can see through the calm waters of a pond with clarity only when there are no ripples. You can see with clarity when you remain steadfast in your divine essence. This allows you grace and ease through life as you continue to express your truth and so be at one with your authentic self.

At birth, this knowledge of your essential nature is forgotten. It can be recollected during life through your bodily experiences of your senses interacting with the environment. Even though you may think you are a human being that has a few occasional spiritual experiences, you are actually spirit having a human experience. Your essence is the core of who you are in your heart.

This divine essence is your birthright. It is where your power emanates from, and it is linked to the field of quantum possibilities. This is your authentic self. You are much more than you think you are. You have more power inside than you may realize.

Through the conditioning of human life, you have forgotten who you really are. Remembering is a journey in itself that results in the layers of conditioning being removed. At the centre is your divinity. Once you become aware of this aspect of You, know that you have more power in co-creating what you want in your life.

Becoming your Ecstatic Divine Self is not earned or strived for . . . it is naturally present when you surrender into being. Being fully aligned with all that you are is a non-doing. In stillness we become present to the infinite energy and power of our true eternal being that is always freely available within us. Divine Presence is the constant truth of who we are and being that Presence is always available under all conditions and at all times.

We are eternally as our Creator created us to be, nothing can threaten our perfection. The only threat that ever exists is the innocently mistaken fear within our own mind. When all the veils of illusion within our mind disappear, the presence of who we truly are naturally appears. When all the masks that hide the truth of our perfect holiness disappear, our unchanging and constant Divine Self is naturally revealed.

In the stillness and silence of the undoing we discover the greatest treasure, the light of our own consciousness, the sacred divine inner substance that is who we truly are. We can access the deep spring of wisdom within and experience our divine beingness in every instant and for all eternity.

The most powerful experience in the entire universe is experiencing the ecstatic light of our own divine awareness. When we experience our true Self, we experience the infinite love of God within us. Being your Divine Self is being everywhere and nowhere in the same moment. Your Divine Self, or true nature, is being eternal peace, bliss, and love.

Our unchanging true Divine Self is available in every moment, regardless of the inevitable ebb and flow of external circumstances within the dream illusion. When we are in touch with our true Self, our present moment experience is the same regardless of whether we are walking down a road, flying across space on a roller coaster, watching a sunset, or watching the grass grow.

When we are being Self our ecstasy is independent of the outer fluctuations of physical life, and that unchanging presence is available constantly, eternally, and unconditionally to all. When we become Self we no longer look to external circumstances to alter our state of mind, we simply become present to the inner divine aliveness in all circumstances and connect with the eternal, ecstatic presence that is our truest nature, our divine essence.

Being Self is our most natural way of being . . . it is changeless, infinite, and eternal. Any aspect of who you believe you are that isn’t eternal, is not who you truly are. Self is the pure, unconditioned, natural state or your being. Being Self is alert awareness of the magnificent, infinite, eternal force that is who you are … being Self is being one with God and all that is. Who you are is pure consciousness, light, love, and innocence … your magnificence is unfathomable!

Your true nature is eternal enlightenment, and you can always merge with the fullness of who you arc. Your light is always extending itself and always available . . . who you truly are can never stop existing. You may be unaware and out of alignment with your authentic Self, yet nothing can threaten the reality of who you truly are as God created you.

Our ego splits off from our eternal essence, our true and authentic self.

Spiritual perceptionary is our higher perception in which is linked to the core of our being, that in which is beyond our ego consciousness, that deep within the matrix of true conscious essence. The essence is light conscious, light in which is the divine conscious of the Great Divine matrix we call God. For it is here where all divine wisdom, guidance, and our spiritual existence exist. It is here, the light inspires us to seek a higher purpose, inspiring us in many ways. Leading us to a goal in which we help awaken us to the cosmic true of our being, our role in this life dream, and inspire those who are lost and need guidance to find their true inner self, and lose their ego and seek to know their God is all that exist. Know that all that one does to our planted and the natural world, we are not just doing to our selves, nor our kin beings in Nature, but God.

At the core, is the true angelic being in which we are, the conscious light in which in fluencies our experiences in many way. But the divine is not easily known, it has to give clues of it’s exist by projecting them into the ego conscious in which is the one who is dreaming the experiences as an separate entity in which has no clue it is only part of the dream.

And like a seed, ego ghostly self is rooted into our body. While it exist in body, it must wire it self and channeling energy in and out of the body in order to experience it’s external world as something real. A real that is nothing more than perception of the dreamer, it is not the real reality.

Only the divine higher conscious self knows the real, and it is willing to reveal that in it’s spiritual perception. And it is this spiritual perception that heighten our physical sensory. Sensory that are nothing more that energy, energy in which has a conscious of their own. And the higher we are spiritual in mind, the more pure we are in state of being.

The more spiritual we are in being, the higher are our spiritual energies. The higher our spiritual energies, the stronger our spiritual perceptions and healing capacities. While we exist as an ego being, we perceive with an ego perception. As long we exist as an ego being, we exist within this dream-like reality full of suffering. A dream the we perceive as something we can sense and do us harm. While we exist in this dream of suffering, we have to eat, drink, and breathe. Other wise we starve, and starving is suffering. So we have to rely one our primitive instinct in order to survive life’s hashish lessons in order to live. At the same time, we need a more keen senses in order to perceive that is beyond our selves.

So our spirit heightens our animalistic senses in order to survival life’s harsh experiences. Therefore our spiritual perceptionary serves as our higher instincts. But we live between the light and the dark, and it is that we can not see is why our heighten instincts serves as a higher purpose. So we also have to survive spiritually just as well physically, other wise we suffer by the dark influence in which can mislead us to the lighted path, and inflict us with torment in our selves and experiences.

Influences that has no power of our divine conscious, but work their way into our ego. By influences telepathically, and manifestation into some divine being, beings in which can easily fool our spiritual perceptions, but they can not deceive our higher conscious, and it is our higher conscious is inspiring us to seek.

Human beings on Earth are free to choose. When we follow the mind, our reality is limited and distorted. We count happiness and fulfilment according to materialistic and social values: we believe that possessions can make us happy; we follow trends; we think that meaningful relationships are based on receiving; we insist on having a socially accepted lifestyle even if it does not bring us happiness; follow a religion/political party/social belief and actively supporting fear, separation and duality. If you follow the heart and block artificiality and materialism, it may seem at first that your life is falling apart but in reality it is the conditioning that is falling apart. When you continue to follow the wisdom of your heart, you start to understand our true-self.

The heart centre does not fight the mind but simply creates possibilities for growth beyond it. Our society and its institutions do not encourage us to follow our heart wisdom because this offers us freedom and empowerment.

The social system, which is a projection of fear and limitation, wants us to be sleeping continuously. The ideas of predictability and rigidly structured life-patterns which are the building materials of our society, rule our individual as well as the collective consciousness.

We are brainwashed from young age to ignore our most precious gift: our divinity.

Therefore when we express the need to wake up and become our divine self, the majority of people around us not only do not understand but they feel threatened by us.

Our society has a mechanism to deal with people who are awakening: it labels them as crazy and isolates them.

This way the awakened individual goes underground to avoid ridicule and personality assassination leaving the rest of the population who want to continue their mechanical existence, to go safely back to sleep. It is clear that we are all one, we all have a heart centre which is the home of our divine spark.

Our spiritual path is very real and it is our life purpose. When you follow your heart you can escape the mind-prison and enter the eternal oneness. A great deal of this ability to open the heart lies inthe ability to make a full and conscious connection withthe soul.

The veils of illusion – has for so long have blocked access to the true light of our inner celestial sun. As increasing amounts of cosmic light pour into the earth’s atmosphere, our spiritual vision, divine spark, and inner hearts are being called to consciousness, to gently guide us back to our true home — to the divine experience of magical and blissful highest good living, each and every day. The illusory veils that have long separated us from conscious connection with Creator Source, Source energy, and Source flow – are thinning and clearing now at rapid energetic rates. And the truth of our divine, infinitely expansive, and eternal Source light is emerging once more, to rise and brilliantly shine for all to see.

If you are going to believe in your new future with all of your heart, it had better be open and activated.

You don’t have to have a degree in the field of science or theology to understand your energetic self. Simply having an awareness that your heart and thoughts need to stay in unison creates a positive energy field. This finer frequency of love emits a wave of vibration into the universe of love. If your mind, body, and soul are in three different directions, you’re sending out distorted waves into the atmosphere. It doesn’t actually reach our consciousness, as our vibration is of the purest frequency of love omnipresent vibrational energy.

Everyone can access the greatest power of love, as we are all connected to the same bright thinking source. Home is where the heart is. To be centered is to be enlightened. Look within your mind, look within the core of your being. Search inside yourself. In the center of the mind, the pineal gland regulates the frequencies of the unconsciousness.

The people of Earth have to believe that they are gods who carry the divine seed. They will ascend to a higher vibrational frequency if they accept their own divinity and allow love and light to go through them.

Forces on Earth trying to block Earth´s ascension and keep mankind enslaved.

The Challenge of the Way of the Heart. Awaken the heart. Society is not used to heart consciousness it functions and is sustained through the head when you become all heart people will miss understand you they will oppose you they will Judge you and they will stigmatize you it is but natural because by being with the heart you are starting a revolution the revolution of consciousness. Tavistock Institute. Part 35 of 36.

Self-realization – rebellion against mind technology, brainwashing and indoctination programminf.

The goal of psychological, as of biological, development is self-realization, or individuation. But since man knows himself only as an ego, and the self, as a totality, is indescribable and indistinguishable from a God-image, self-realization—to put it in religious or metaphysical terms amounts to God’s incarnation?

Awaken the heart

The Challenge of the Way of the Heart…

The way of the heart is the way off rebellion. Both inner and outer. When you listen to heart and do what that says then you have to be ready for great obstacles and opposition

Society is not used to heart consciousness it functions and is sustained through the head when you become all heart people will miss understand you they will oppose you they will Judge you and they will stigmatize you it is but natural because by being with the heart you are starting a revolution the revolution of consciousness

“So nue it is yet so sad…. every mystic in his time is called mad”

You have to be courageous enough and strong enough to face the world and accept it with love you have to become extremely compassionate you have to empathize with the people who’s flowering has yet not happened this is all part of your journey….

The inner rebellion is going to be against thoughts, the ego and the past it will become a reality by being in the present moment__ by not letting the past to infiltrate the beautiful present

The outer rebellion is going to be against outside conditioning and societies’ constant efforts for making humans into robots the conditioning includes people expectations, projections, judgments and impositions that is a constant effort into making the human being a head based clog in the machine of society.

It takes a lot of guts to be in the heart and to listen to heartbeat but for bliss to grow and awakening to become a reality… this is the only way….

And so don’t be afraid of society they will be against you…. but if your consciousness has flowered they would not be able to affect you or even touch you….

Don’t fear your mind or your ego, they are both illusions, Insignificant and substance less. if you put your energy to the heart they will not be able to sustain themselves….

We doubt these things at times because we doubt the divine power that we are. We forget that we are co-creators with God. We forget that we are “Gods in the making,” as Scripture states. We forget our divine heritage. We forget that we need not look outside of our-selves to find strength, peace, confidence, and faith in ourselves. We forget that our Higher Power is not outside of us, but within us. We don’t have to run here and there seeking for affirmation and ap-proval. All we need is within us.

That divine spark that is part of God is still a part of us. Becoming aware ofthis and accepting who we are and the responsibilities that come with being willing to ex-press ourselves, we will find ourselves growing. Being willing to con-front our doubts, which are really opportunities for further self-awareness and greater clarity, we will find great joy as we begin fulfilling the pattern of our soul.

And in doing so, we allow ourselves to complete our mission, that was started as we entered life. Therefore, as our doubts beset us, let’s not be dismayed by them, but let’s instead be grateful for the opportunity to learn greater truth as the veil of doubt is lifted from us.

Your higher spirit-self is you on a higher level of awareness. Your human self holds blocks and blinders to the wonders of the world, both earthly and divine. Your higher spirit-self is your guide to letting this pain go and stepping completely into your chosen divine role. You have found the key to greatness: you already hold it within. The divine model of awakening is designed to open your heart and allow your divine higher spirit-self to lead you home to your expanded consciousness. Your will and strength of intention drive the intensity of this process.

Awakening the spiritual heart

The Principle of Spirit is the manifestations of wisdom and illumination; from the illumination of the heart to the illumination of body, mind, and will.

The Illumination of the Mind must both deepen and direct the Awakening of the Heart . ILLUMINATION therefore is the next step in the Process of Development of the Spiritual Life which claims our attention

Once we are on the path of enlightenment we find we are more in touch with our intuition, that we start to allow ourselves more right brain activity. Our right brain is our intuitive and creative side, the part which urges us to act because something is intuitively right for us.

On the other hand our left brain is our logical side, which encourages us to do nothing until we have all the facts and have thought about all the possibilities and permutations. Most of us have learned to ‘survive’ in a competitive and what we perceive to be a dangerous world by repressing our right brain activity and using primarily our left brain.

Many of us have lost our spontaneity, perhaps to the extent that we don’t even believe we have it within us. Spirituality calls on us to reverse this process; to discard logic and calculated thought — or at least put it in its place — in favour of trusting our intuition, our spontaneity, our creativity.

There is intuition and creativity within all of us, not just a ‘special’ few; it is our birthright.

The creative energy is all around us. It is simply a question of tuning into that energy, letting it flow through us and allowing it to work with us.

When the One World Government begin to connect peoples minds to super-mega-computer they will become part of the global world brain, and at same time lose both intuition and creativity.

Buddhists teach that enlightenment is not something to strive for but rather something to wake up to.

THE only way, says Kant at the beginning of the Transcendental Aesthetic, in which our knowledge can relate immediately to objects is by means of an intuition.’ And an intuition can take place only in so far as an object is given to us.

The divine intellect is said to be both intuitive and archetypal. That is to say, the divine intuition creates its objects. But this is not the case with human intuition, which presupposes an object. And this means that the human subject must be affected by the object in some way. Now, the capacity for receiving representations of objects by being affected by them is named ‘sensibility’ . ‘

By means of sensibility, therefore, objects are given to us, and it alone provides us with intuitions?’ If these remarks are taken purely by themselves, the term ‘sensibility’ has a wide meaning, being simply cognitive recep-tivity or the capacity for receiving representations of objects by being affected by them. But we must remember that Kant looks on the divine intuition, considered precisely in contrast with human intuition, as being not only archetypal but intellectual. It follows, therefore, that human intuition is sense intuition.

And sensibility thus means the capacity for receiving representations of objects by being sensibly affected by them. ‘The effect of an object upon the faculty of representation, so far as we are affected by the object, is sensation’.’ Kant agrees, therefore, with the empiricists to the extent of saying that human cognition of objects requires sensation. The mind requires to be put in con-tact, as it were, with things through an affection of the senses.

The awakening of the Heart is much more complex than the awakening of consciousness. The awakening of consciousness is comparatively simple. The awakening of the inner states is not a final goal but a foundation upon which the real goal can be attained. This goal is the complete awakening to the dimension of Me. Ignorance is a valid dimension, for it constitutes the experience of most human beings. Ignorance is an experience of oneself in which Me is completely fragmented, unconscious and without any center or foundation. The mechanical mind totally overpowers the psyche, not allowing one to experience either the Being or the Heart. In this state, one is totally identified with psychological events, thoughts and emotions. Because there is no center, every thought and emotion creates a separate Me. Tavistock Institute. Part 34 of 36

The awakening of the Heart is much more complex than the awakening of consciousness. The awakening of consciousness is comparatively simple. There are certain states you shift to, then you stabilise and the state is permanently there. In the case of working with the Heart there are many, many layers because evolution into the Heart doesn’t have an end. But there is something like Enlightenment of the Heart and stabilisation in the Heart. You can say, we reach the optimum of the Heart, it opens fully and this experience is stabilised. One cannot lose it, but even though one still evolves into the Heart, it is never-ending. This is not a contradiction. There is Enlightenment to the Heart, stabilisation of the Heart but the never-ending journey into the Heart continues. What you are aiming at, is to reach this optimum where the energy centralises in the Heart, where it vibrates in an optimum way and the Heart opens fully.

The awakening of the inner states is not a final goal but a foundation upon which the real goal can be attained. This goal is the complete awakening to the dimension of Me. Though it is beyond states, Me rests upon them. The Final Enlightenment transcends the Inner, as well as the outer in the pure, transparent, absolutely direct, personal and intimate apperception of what “I Am.” Enlightenment to Me is the real purpose of our evolution. We are here to discover fully and doubtlessly what Me is. Me, the experiencer and enjoyer of all states, finally must be awakened to itself. This is the highest beauty and the greatest joy; going beyond the illusion of spirituality, one at last discovers Oneself.


Ignorance is a valid dimension, for it constitutes the experience of most human beings. Ignorance is an experience of oneself in which Me is completely fragmented, unconscious and without any center or foundation. The mechanical mind totally overpowers the psyche, not allowing one to experience either the Being or the Heart. In this state, one is totally identified with psychological events, thoughts and emotions. Because there is no center, every thought and emotion creates a separate Me, an identified Me. As in a dream, one lives in a fully objectified reality or one is this objectified reality, without the existence of a subject. Me is objectified and identified with what is perceived and thought. For that reason, one experiences suffering and negativity to a much higher degree. The state of ignorance represents a very flat and narrow reality. There is no depth to it. The functions of awareness and sensitivity are very limited and unconscious in this state. In this state the Soul suffers, and at the same time is not aware of itself. The unconscious reigns. One lives in the world of ego-images; how one perceives oneself always relates to the outer. Ignorance cannot be regarded as a conscious state. It is between the conscious and the unconscious. It is vague, unclear and empty of any real substance. It is to be transcended. This is the challenge, sooner or later, of every human being.


In order to transcend the mind we must first awaken the aspect of Attention, the seed of being conscious within the mind. This attention is generated in the mind, and due to it, the unconscious, mechanical aspect of the very mind becomes transcended. The self-recognizing attention, when seen in itself as separated from the “perceived,” gives rise to the state of Presence. The purpose of the cultivation of attention is integration of and stabilization in the Presence, so that it finally becomes a constant and stable center of awareness at the background of the psychological self.


Without bringing into the state of Being and Attention the quality of deep sensitivity of the awakened Heart, one is far from experiencing the complete I Am. Although we describe the Heart as the center of feeling, at the same time it is a dimension of Being. The energetic presence of the Heart brings warmth to the coolness of awareness and being. Heart is the balance between the inner and the outer, without which one is pulled in too much, and the relationship with the outer cannot be harmonious and expansive. We are essentially feeling beings, and the intimate center of our identity as “Me” is placed in the Heart. Without the Heart we cannot experience fundamental sensitivity and inner beauty.

The “Me” that entered the spiritual path and is completing all of the inner states, is still in a mysterious way, unconscious of itself. One can be Enlightened to the I Am and to the Absolute, and still be unaware of the very Me who has reached Enlightenment. Who is the seeker? Who is the finder? It is here that a totally new understanding beyond the knowledge of traditions emerges: awakening to Me. But without the realization of the inner states, one is not capable of seeing what this Me truly is. The inner states create the perfect environment, a spotless mirror in which the Me at last can be reflected and apperceived. Without awakening to the Heart, Me cannot be seen as anything in particular. The center, the essence of Me, is in the Heart. We call it the Soul. Only in the heart can Me fully meet itself.

Enlightenment to “Me,” which is the flowering of the Soul or individual evolution, reaches through itself, its ultimate expansion. It merges into the apperception of that which is beyond its ultimate frontiers, the Universal I AM. Here, the individual Me transcends itself into the Supreme Dimension beyond Unity and Separation.

‘To someone practising the Way, the outside world exists but because of awakening he knows that this world is fleeting. Thus there are three worlds, the one before the one after awakening and the outside world.’ The master answered, The outside world and its manifestations is not the awakening to the essence. Once awakened, one does not respond by thinking. Due to awakening one knows that the outside world is fleeting, for when awake, the outside world no longer arises. Then, “before awakening”, “after awakening” and ., the “outside world” are just three afterthoughts.’

When a person is unable to regulate their mind or traverse the various layers of consciousness it is Transmission that prepares the way into superconsciousness—the vast expanse of the consciousness spectrum that is above the narrow sphere of consciousness. They cannot move even a millimeter in consciousness through self-effort. Transmission acts like a cane or crutch to support consciousness to expand into another dimension. It helps us transcend from one level to another level, to soar higher into superconsciousness and dive deeper, cleaning the subconscious depths of the mind. That is its primary role. We receive the essence of Transmission in the first meditation session so that the Source can work its magic. When we compare meditation without Transmission to Heartfulness Meditation with Transmission and feel the difference, we are recognizing that shift in created by Transmission.

The Soul is so deep, so beyond our human ability to conceive of, that it will take a lot more human experience of what is not true before humans can access that depth of truth that is our Soul. Soul is beyond any human interaction; it is where we are God. We are just beginning to study the superconscious mind.

The word, superconscious, refers to both the highest frequency that human consciousness can reach and the God-spark, or point, where human consciousness merges and communes with Cosmic Consciousness.

Once the human body has been transformed into a conductor, then power can be transmitted to the body of another and caused to flow according to one’s own will. This ability greatly expands the range of the dynamic structure and capacity for exerting force in the human body. It also elevates the degree of independence in the active employment of power. At the same time, this is a stage in the whole process of combined refinement of consciousness and the body at which it is comparatively easy to perceive how this special capacity of consciousness is formed.

The force of consciousness can pass through and beyond the human body, and can even act and transmute in space after liberation from the limitations of the physical structure of the human body.

Based on this, it is possible for consciousness, with the cooperative action of thought or thought plus intent, to create at will a formless consciousness field that can be deliberately controlled. It is also possible to evoke a corresponding dynamic effect, which could be called a field effect.

When a human body that has been made into a conductor of power transmits (or releases) that power into a space, this power is no longer subject to the limitations of the structure of the conductor. Furthermore, in the course of a certain process it departs from the medium of a solid body and an electric body (i.e. the human body), thus coming under the direct control of conscious thought. When this power reaches open space, then it is “energy:’ It could also be called a field of consciousness and energy, which is thus a field of conscious energy, or the energy of consciousness. This can be concentrated and dispersed, and can create a formless point, line, plane, or body; it can take on any mode of movement and spatial dimension desired.

The reason that modern science finds it extremely difficult to study this phenomenon, aside from fundamental methodological problems, is that present-day techniques of brain science have not yet developed to a level where they can measure the various levels of interaction among thought, intent, consciousness, and vitality-energy-spirit. The computer is not sensitive enough for this task; the essential nature of consciousness has not been made explicit; and the essential nature of energy has not been clarified.

Mind Power—creative visualization and using the potential power of the brain to boost energy and heal. Mind Power is mind over matter, which means the mind can heal, rejuvenate, and transform every aspect of life.

The powers of the mind are yet like a vast uncharted sea.

Beyond the brain and heart, other parts of the human anatomy and physiology are vital to the proper functioning of the whole body as absorber, conductor, and emitter of energy. Every element of our being has a distinctly defined role but all have one objective: to support the proper functioning of the whole body. It is more than a coincidence that discussions related to health care, obesity, nutrition, exercise, and addiction are receiving so much attention at the national level as a matter of public policy. Sure, escalating health care costs and the need to provide more affordable, quality care options are contributing factors. But a growing number of people are aware of how healthy mind-sets and habits contribute to the quality of life. There is a wondrous intricacy and complexity to being human. We truly are designed to connect beyond ourselves. It is through the alignment of our thoughts, words, and deeds and our minds, bodies, spirits and souls that we exhibit talents and abilities to create the tools and approaches that influence and manipulate the world in which we live.

The journey of the Soul’s evolution is complex and almost impossible to be grasped by the mind. This information presented here has not been given to explain everything but to create the basic and important understanding of what our purpose Here is. It is essential to remove certain misconceptions and superstitions, which bring confusion and can easily hinder the proper perception of one’s evolutionary path. In the dimension of time, knowing and Not-knowing are mixed and support each other. Tavistock Institure. Part 33 of 36

This post is designed in 33 parts, from 33-1. It will try to illustrate how everything onés was illuminated to higher levels of knowledge, intuition, wisdom, and a constant flow of spiritual energy, and it begins in this end, and travels to the other end, where everything has become influenced by Secret socities, Freemassons, The Illuminati, Bilderberger Group, Shadow Governments, Committee of 300, and the mind controlling Institute; Tavistock Institute.

One must go within to open the door from inside to become free. And this text will try to illustrate how this higher levels of spiritual journey was fed by high vibrational frequencies of love, and through times and generation low vibrational fear frequencies has taken over the world, ego and mind. The Controllers of this world who change this frequency paradigm was done by the Reptilians or Annunaki. Reptilians controls Earth today.

Spitual knowledge to have on the journey through water (consciousness/chakra) and fire consciousness/chakra), and how to raise your inner vibrations to Divine levels. Knowledge has three degrees: opinion, science, illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition. Tavistock Institute controls the first and second level and prevent people from reaching the third level; illumination and intuition.

“Try to raise the divine in yourself up to Divine of the whole universe”

“Öne, perfect in seeking nothing, possessing nothing and needing nothing, overflows and creates a new reality by its superabundance.”

Knowledge has three degrees: opinion, science, illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition.

Perfect awakening in a single moment refers here to enlightenment attained in a single moment of supreme, immutable bliss. It is the spiritual awakening that arises from bliss and that, in turn, generates immutable bliss. Thus, it is “of the na-ture of bliss and not of some other karma.” The moment of supreme, immutable bliss is the moment after which there is no origination, duration, or cessation of any phenomena. The moment of perfect awakening in a single moment of bliss (sukha-k4ava) signifies an absence of all moments, and that moment of bliss is the means by which the ten powers (data-bala) of enlightened awareness descend to earth from space. The purified aggregates that are produced by that moment of bliss, in turn, generate that bliss.

There is six basic fears-concepts that limits and prevents spiritual awakening:

The six core fears are: 1) fear of not being good enough or less than 2) fear of not belonging or not fitting in 3) fear of being found out 4) fear of not getting what I think I want 5) fear of losing what I think I have 6) fear of the unknown.

The word “oppress,” according to Webster’s Dictionary, means, “To weigh heavily on. To crush by abuse of power.

There is two kinds of powers in this world; one will worl for total enslavement of mankind, and the other work for spiritual liberation.

The goal is to create an age of enlightenment that extends to every sphere of human endeavor, to every institution and every relationship. The goal is to transform separateness into unity without sacrificing individuality. The goal is to enhance individual and collective creativity to unprecedented heights.

The key is to systematically raise the consciousness of all those who dwell on this planet. The only way all this can happen is through the birth of a new vision: a new vision springing from a new awareness and a new desire to live that awareness. This transformation will emerge from the level of our being. This transformation will become our collective consciousness. This is the only way.

This does not mean that this vision will become reality all at once, although it could. It does not mean that it will become reality without action and effort. At first, change may be the work of a few. At first this transformation may be slow. It appears that there will be conflict. Some, perhaps many, may choose to cling tightly to old, outworn ways. The path to the new may be, and at present is, beset with difficulty. That may not be necessary in theory, but so far it appears to be the case. Conflict does exist. The outcome is far from certain. The stakes are astronomically high. Unless we change, we may be doomed either because we deplete our resources, or because we succumb to the holocaust of war. These are serious times.

Our current difficulties are due to the fact that we have chosen ways that are not in accord with all the laws of nature—or God’s Will if you prefer. Unless we become the vehicles through which all these laws find expression in manifest creation, we may fail to survive. It is no longer enough, if it ever was, to choose to follow a few of these laws. We need now to choose to follow all of them. We have that choice. We are attempting to align ourselves with the full force of creation and evolution. It is our choice—as always.

Our enlightened educational system will be designed to establish each student in the field of pure consciousness, to provide every student the means to full Self-realization through their own process of Self-creation, to become fully human, to become wise rather than only knowledgeable. That is an educational system that will be the joy and glory of humanity. Such a system will produce creative, loving people who will cherish themselves and each other, be willing to examine life, admit mistakes, and always move toward a more fully spiritual world. This will be education for the people, by the people, and of the people. Such an enlightened education will be the very cornerstone upon which an enlightened society, upon which an enlightened world will be created. This is the vision of education that is being born in this spiritual awakening.

Awake, arise and do not stop until you reach your goal. Awake thou, that sleeps, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.” We must awake , arise , and advance in the light.

After we have been awakened to the presence of the Spirit, a new moment arises in our spiritual life. Our effort is now directed to respond-ing to the internal law of the Spirit written in our heart rather than simply conforming to the external obligations as they have been presented to us by the authorities in our life. We do indeed continue to fulfill these ob-ligations, but our reasons have been more deeply internalized. And re-sponding to the Spirit is a far more challenging project. It demands that we habitually live in tune with our inner experiences, distinguishing those which flow from the Spirit from those that do not. The term “inner experience” will be used throughout this book; by it we simply mean all those movements that arise within ourselves, such as our memory, imag-ination, thinking, feeling, and willing.

The spiritual domain is a mandatory must option as the way out of darkness. The challenge for world peace and world survival and salvation is a theological challenge. Those persons who proclaim to know the will, ways, works and wisdom of God, must now arise to the challenge to point the way for humanity. The challenge is to add the transforming spiritual dimension to our secularistic, pluralistic, diverse and decaying culture. The practice of public theology is ready to implement this plan a with the spiritual domain.

When you have been well-prepared, made ready, and are willing to receive the truth teaching through the activity of the Holy Spirit, you consciously begin a spiritual walk to an awakening. Your “now” has come. “Arise, shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee” (Isaiah 60:1).

The mind has to be understood for what it is—just another sense. It has, as its base, the brain, just as sight has the eyes. As the mind moments arise and contact is made with them, we start believing and even owning what we are thinking. We are greatly concerned with our thoughts and look after them, just as we look after our belongings. Yet they never bring to happi-ness. What they bring is hope and worry and doubt. Sometimes they enter-tain us. sometimes they make us depressed. When doubts arise and we go along with them, they can lead us to the point at which there is no practice left at all.

Yet the only way to prove that the spiritual life brings fulfillment is to practice, to let go of expectations and desires, so that there is nothing lacking and nothing to fill. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Wanting outside proof is the wrong approach. Looking for fulfillment outside ourselves is a common mistake: “I want to be given knowledge, understanding, loving-kindness, consideration. I want to receive a spiritual awakening.’ But there is nothing that we can be given, except instructions and methods. We need to do the daily work of practice. so that purification will result. We cannot remedy our lack of fulfillment by being given something new.

Where would it come from? From the Buddha? the Dhamma? our teacher? We are not sure. Perhaps we hope to get it from our meditation, or from a book. But the task is not to get something, but to get rid of obstructions. What do we need to get rid of first? Preferably the convolutions of the mind that tell us fantastic and unbelievable stories. When we hear them, we are apt to believe them. One way to look at them and disbelieve them is to write them down. They sound absurd when we see them on paper. The mind can always think up new stories—there is no end to them. Renunciation is the key. Giving up. letting go. Giving up also means giving in to that underlying, subconscious know-ing that the worldly way does not work, that a different approach is possi-ble. Instead of adding something to our lives, we relinquish our ambitions. (To stay the way we are and add something new—how can that possibly work?) Relinquishing our ambitions means accepting that our old ways of thinking are not useful.

Awakening Transcendental Intelligence

The Beloved in her original form is in a condition of Rest, where the Absolute and the Heart are one and unmanifested. The Divine Dimension itself is a “result” of the primal polarisation, within the Original State, into the Absolute and the Heart -Beingness and Love. This polarisation gives rise to the field of knowingness, which is the Universal Me. That’s why the Divine can be experienced in our heart. In deep sleep, when consciousness doesn’t operate, what remains is the Beloved in her original state, the unmanifested energy. That’s why the Heart is not experienced in this state.

Therefore, the Original State can be seen as the unmanifested Heart, the Divine as manifested Love. Now we can understand, finally, how Consciousness is born. It is created from this original polarisation between the absolute energy of Beingness and the one of Love. Within the space that arises between the Absolute, which is the ground of Existence, and the Heart, which is the manifestation of Love, the field of knowingness is born, which is the manifested Intelligence of God. In our reality of separation we are able to experience different aspects of the Ultimate, as if taken out of the universal context. For example, we can experience Consciousness without the Heart, and the Heart without the Absolute; or we can be in the Absolute without Consciousness, like in a deep sleep state.

This very ability to have an incomplete experience, paradoxically, is the foundation of the evolution in Time. The Ultimate, experienced from the human dimension, is reached through the channel of Me. That’s why it is not the absence of Me, as some past traditions claim, that is the presence of the Ultimate, but the awakening to this very Me. When Me is absent, what remains is the Beloved at rest, prior to Consciousness. Indeed, the Existence of Me makes it possible to experience the Divine in the human realm.

The Divine is beyond time – it eternally Is. It is not touched by the movement of becoming. It does not arise in time – it simply Is. The polarisation we spoke about, between the Absolute and the Heart of the Creator, has not been created. It is not an outcome of an event in time – it is present timelessly. But even though the Divine is not in time, its abidance is not one of pure absence, which is the Original State.

The field of knowingness. its inherent brilliancy, and the infinite mystery of its transcendental Intelligence. which is Love in truth, indeed, allows us to perceive it as the “Created Reality.” The Divine looked upon from the viewpoint of the Original State, is “created,” metaphorically speaking; whereas seen from the perspective of phenomenal reality, it is untreated: The Supreme Dimension, which is timelessly present in-between the realm of the Creation and the one of the Original State, is itself the Primordial manifestation of the Light of God.

Prayer is a part of the blueprint of being human. It means that it is expected by the Divine. It is the Beloved’s wish to be communicated in this way. Here we can speak about the relationship between the Creator and the Soul. The relative separation allows a wide range of feelings to be experienced in this whole journey of returning home to the state of Unity. Prayer is the essence of this relationship, the expression of the Soul’s which is Love.

The awakening to Me is the final goal of our evolution in time. Enlightenment to Me is the complete experience of the Soul. The Soul apperceives herself as a unity of thoughtless Awareness, absolute rest in Being, pure Intelligence and the infinite depth and sensitivity of the Heart. This total experience takes place beyond the inner and the outer state, giving birth to the Transparent Me. Here, the evolution of human intelligence reaches its highest peak and exhorts itself. At this stagq the power of Grace enters again to create a new momentum of evolution. The Transparent Me becomes pulled from the cross-section of the Here and Now, where it gave birth to itself, into the vertical depth of the Now. Within this vertical depth of the Now, which is the Beloved herself, Me becomes one with the original Light. When Me meets the Beloved, its will becomes consumed in the ocean of the Divine. One enters the final Samadhi – in the Heart of the Beloved.

Higher Intelligence is another name for Grace or Guidance. Higher Intelligence is multidimensional, embracing all possible dimensions of Creation and it mysteriously dwells in the Heart of the Creator. It is inconceivable but its rays are reaching us bestowing Grace and loving care. Guidance is the intelligence of God. Higher Intelligence is complete and absolute, but its expressions represent different grades of truth, depending on the level of the dimension where it enters. In the “New Age” movement, for instance, the concept of Guides and Guidance is very popular. Various beings transmit through channelling information and wisdom from other dimensions.

A lot of this information is valid and valuable but does not always represent the highest understanding. The Buddha Mind, the insight into the Absolute, the inner map of awakening cannot be found in New Age technology. The New Age is not, at all, grounded in Reality, trying to explore the other dimensions and encounter with other beings, because it lacks the fundamental experience of the I Am. Even when we can find in this movement the notion of the I Am, it still remains on the purely conceptual level.

The New Age message is, in truth, awakening to the Soul, but bypassing the basic work with Awareness and the connection with Being. We can understand, however, why the Buddha’s insights have been unconsciously ignored by this Movement. For the very simple reason, that in the message of the East, the Soul has been negated.

Therefore, the deepest meaning of the meeting between West and East is, in reality, the meeting of the Self with the Soul. The “New Age” is valid but it must include in its vision evolution into Inner States. We can say that the understanding of the New Age is still confined to the horizontal reality. The vertical dimension of the Self, the centre of gravity which is Being and the presence of awakened Awareness are completely lacking.

Higher Intelligence is another name for Grace or Guidance. Higher Intelligence is multidimensional, embracing all possible dimensions of Creation and it mysteriously dwells in the Heart of the Creator.

As there is the Soul, so is there the Over-soul. The Over-soul is that which gives birth to the Soul – it is the Soul’s parent. The Guidance, which revealed to us the Supreme Understanding beyond traditions, is nothing but the Over-soul itself. The Over-soul- is this particular part of Universal Intelligence, which encompasses the number of Souls having the same blueprint of their completion. When a Soul finishes her journey in time, she becomes a part of the Over-soul. The Over-soul is not “a being,” nor does it exist in time or place. Its fundamental quality is Love and Understanding which is immediate. The Over-soul is the link between the Soul and the Beloved. The Over-soul controls lovingly the Soul’s evolution. It creates the right circumstances on the path of life, bringing Grace and multidimensional healing. It cleanses the past of the Soul in order to manifest her Future, the ultimate Completion.

We are unable to have a clear vision of the spiritual evolution unless we understand the role of the Soul’s blueprint. The blueprint is an inherent vision of the Soul’s destiny and her completion. Spiritual traditions tend to superimpose one and unquestionable vision of the ultimate goal for all seekers. We can say that they perceive a global or general blueprint. But, even though there are certain universal elements in the evolution of each Soul, at the same time, each Soul is unique and possesses an unique blueprint or evolutionary plan.

The challenge of each one of us is to discover which elements need to be present in our life in order to manifest the true completion, that is. happiness. Each Soul must find her way to her destination and transcendence. It usually involves an emotional fulfillment, reaching certain essential Inner States, realizing basic desires, adventuring in life, and ending of the Karma, which in truth contains all of the other aspects.

The Soul lives mysteriously between the inner and the outer reality. In herself, she is neither created nor uncreated. She grows in the world, maturing emotionally and developing her intelligence; while from the other side, through the inner expansion, she finally reaches the union with the Beloved, her Source. In order to be complete for the Soul, both the inner and the outer elements must be present.

The blueprint is the Soul’s destiny, but how she will reach it is her relative free will. She may accelerate or delay her evolution. Her journey in time is confined to the laws of the Universe. She co-creates her task of reaching the completion with the whole of Reality and the presence of Universal Intelligence and Love.

Pure Me and the Psyche

Me in its pure form is the Soul herself, in her original state. When Me is awakened in the human dimension. it experiences itself beyond the environment of the subconsciousness and the psychological self.

The psyche is this layer of Me which allows one to experience the Here. The psyche, simply speaking, is a mixture of the subconscious mind and the emotional body. It constitutes the “mood” of Me within the Here, that is, in the world. In the case of an unawakened person, what exists is this mood only, the personality alone.

When one is awakened, Me experiences itself out of the context of the psyche. However, it is because of the psyche that Me can live in this dimension of time, the psyche still remains as a part of the multidimensional reality of Me. After the awakening of Mc. further evolution aims at the purification of the psyche.

The psyche needs to be aligned with the purity of the Soul. It has gathered from the infinite past the dust of negative experiences and ignorance. Now the process of cleansing the subconscious mind and emotional maturation can begin. How can the psyche be re-aligned with the Soul? In truth higher technology is needed, which is Grace or the intervention of Higher Intelligence. It has been an experience of many enlightened beings that even after Self-realisation. the psyche has not changed, but remains as it used to be.

Of course, a new level of freedom has been added which is the very presence of the Inner State. For that reason, the idea of disidentification from the mind has been so strong in some traditions. Because one is unable to change the mind, one negates it as “not Me” and chooses to abide in the safety of the Inner State. If the Soul, however, wishes to be truly whole, certain work with the psyche must take place.

If the souls has original blueprint, so does the reptilians have their own Reptilian “Ancient” Blueprint (or agenda) which they desire to follow and implement on Earth. The Reptilian seem themselves as Rulers, Master´s, Gods, and the masses is conditioned and programmed to become a “consumer” of the materialistic world which they rules over.

As we can see. there have been two main streams in spiritual evolution. One speaks about transcending the personality by reaching the I Am. That is the foundation of all traditions aiming at Enlightenment. The second stream is directed towards the transformation of the personality in order to bring it as close as possible to the Soul’s original purity, the principle of harmony and love. Because psychological work has proved to have very little effect in the task of transformation, the “New Age” movement emerged. New Age therapeutic work involves more subtle and esoteric tools of transformation.

Various beings, channels and energies from the other dimensions are invited into the healing process. But even here human sorrow, sadness and suffering seem to be fundamentally untouched. Unfortunately. if a person is disconnected from the real centre of the I Am, the transformation of the psyche is barely possible or basically impossible. The mind of Me can become transformed fully only if this very Me is present.

The intelligence must have a centre of identity, which is the presence of self-attentive Awareness: the energies of the Heart have to be activated to allow the process of transformation to begin. It is truly sad or even shocking to realise that almost all human beings are devoid of the conscious existence of Me.

There is only the collective mind. which runs through the unaware of herself Soul. This is the reality of most. How sad! How can we speak about transformation. if there is no Me present to be healed in the first place? Both, the negation of personality, where one chooses to rest in the Inner State, and psychological work without the essential presence of I Am, arc incomplete.

The psyche must be re-aligned with the pure Me. This is a complex process, for the subconscious mind and the emotional body arc not conscious and have been crystallised throughout many lifetimes and numberless experiences. Even from this lifetime we carry so many wounds, blocked energies and unconscious negative patterns, that we can hardly conceive of healing all of them. For this reason, higher technology is needed, an intervention of Grace. What an individual can do is to awaken to the vertical reality of the I Am, as a foundation, and bring as much Awareness and understanding into the functioning of his/her mind and emotions.

Apart from this the clear intention to be healed and transfonned is essential. Nevertheless, soon one discovers how helpless one is in the attempt to bring about the radical and full transformation of the way the psyche operates.

It is at this stage that one needs to invite consciously the help of the Divine. Only the One who created us can finally transform us. In Rumps words: “whoever brought me here will have to take me home.” The presence of Grace and help from the Beyond is always present. It comes from the Over-soul to the Soul as a response to the direction of the Soul’s evolution.

But a conscious invitation to Higher Intelligence and Love into our healing process, by law, opens the gates of Grace much wider. One simply receives a bigger dosage of help and healing. Our evolution is a co-creation.

We evolve from the inside and we receive assistance from the Other Dimension. When we see this clearly, the complete understanding arises as to what is happening to us. Through this very understanding the power of co-creation reaches its possible optimum and the destiny of the Soul is manifested quickly. She attains her final future, which is the Complete Now.

The Awakening of the Soul

The awakening of the Soul is the true purpose of human evolution. The Soul is the pure light of the I AM manifested as the most intimate flavour of Me in the Heart. The Soul is a reflection of the Beloved in her individual creation. The Soul originally is not aware of herself. She needs first to develop consciousness and the mind in order to become self-conscious. The ego is the mind of the Soul. The Soul is not the mind, but she needs it to be conscious. The Soul needs a certain environment to discover herself. As we need a mirror to see our face, so the Soul needs different elements to become awakened.

The essence of the Soul is in the Heart, but without the support of Awareness the presence of the Heart is unconscious. To discover herself she must first create the environment of the I Am. In Huth, the I Am is the all-encompassing presence of the Beloved, the womb within which we incubate and become conscious of our own existence.

Therefore, the realisation of the I Am is a foundation upon which we can meet our ancient Soul identity. The I Am is an impersonal energy. For instance, when we rest in the State of Meditation. we are absorbed in the state of complete peace. That is the ultimate environment where the Soul wishes to abide. The one who experiences the I AM is not the I AM, but the Soul. She lives in the I AM, but she herself remains for ever its innermost expression. The awakening of the Soul is directly interconnected with her dwelling place. The discovery of this Soul’s abiding place. makes possible her own awakening.

The awakening to the I AM and the awakening to the Soul are interconnected but not the same. One can fully realise the I AM and not be aware of the Soul. On the other hand, without the realisation of the I AM the awakening to the Soul can be only partial. The complete I Am is like a pure spotless mirror in which the Soul is reflected fully. The Soul is made of the I AM. but simultaneously she constitutes the very individual centre through which the I AM can experience its own existence. The full awakening to the Soul takes place in the Heart Centre.

The Soul encompascos our whole being. but her innermost centre is in the Heart. The manifested centre of the Soul in consciousness is the State of Presence. It is her centre in the mind, the centre of intelligence. When the State of Presence is not awakened, the Soul operates in the mind as the intuitive intelligence or as the subconscious Me.

The ego is a shadow of the Soul. When she doesn’t recognise herself she lives only as the ego. When the State of Presence is awakened the Soul has, for the first time, a centre in the mind, the I Am in the mind. The centre of the mind is Me, but not the whole of Me and not the essence of Me. That’s why a person whose Awareness is fully activated, still does not necessarily realise the Soul. Without the ability to rest in Being, the Soul does not have any roots. She is disconnected from the centre of gravity, from the Source.

Without Being, the very energy through which the Soul operates is fundamentally restless. She is deprived of depth and of the continuity of Rest. In order to be able to abide in her own presence, the Soul requires the continuity of Awareness and stability in Being.

When all the elements are in the right place, the Soul can discover herself fully in the Heart. It is here that she meets herself face to face. This meeting is itself an expansion. As she meets herself within the space of the I AM, through this encounter with herself, she merges with the essence of the I AM, which is the depth of the Heart, the Beloved herself.

Incantation of the Soul

To incarnate is to come from light into the darkness – and back to the light. The Soul forgets her eternal identity and gets lost in the play of phenomenal reality. She is no longer conscious of the light and lives in the dark cave of ignorance among shadows, taking illusions and phantoms as real. She starts to play the role of a manifested being, subject to time.

The adventure of apparent separation and the journey in time begins. Why would a Soul decide to leave her original condition of pure oneness with the Divine, to experience forgetfulness and separation? This decision was not made in a conscious way and there was no one, in the first place, to decide. This decision comes from the impersonal wisdom of the Source itself — it is not made on the personal level.

The Universal I AM manifests the conscious Me in order to experience the totality from a certain angle of perception. The sum total of all potential and actual angles of perception constitutes the multidimensional composition of the Creation.

The presence of any angle of perception is itself a designed limitation. This limitation is an experience within polarities. The Ultimate is unlimited not only because of being itself beyond polarities, but also because it is able to experience the reality of limitation, through its individual expressions. We have come from light to darkness so we could experience the grandeur of returning home.

Only if one leaves the home, is it possible to be wholly appreciative of its existence. However, it is not only returning to the original light of the I AM. which is the goal of being here. It is also the experience of the Here, which is the created reality, which is a part of our blueprint.

If the Soul, for instance, has awakened already to her origin, but has not completed a certain wide range of experiences in the world – she will come back to the Here, she will have to incarnate again.

The concept that one can choose how and when to incarnate, is one of many spiritual superstitions. No one can choose, for the choice is being made by the Higher Intelligence. After the dissolution of the physical body, which is the container of human consciousness, and the only vehicle for it, one dissolves into the state of Rest.

The human Soul is unable to exist without the body. There are certainly energies and Presences, which do not need a physical form in order to exist, but they are certainly not human spirits. Of course, some energy is left after a human being departs from this dimension and this can be felt or experienced. For that reason, the belief in “ghosts,” phantoms or conversations with dead, were created. These phenomenon are in truth a combination of human subconscious fears and projections, which are mixed with some residues of energies, that in the past were crystallised as incarnated souls. In this way, the illusion of an objective encounter with the mind or the spirit of a person who passed away appears.

But in reality there is nobody there, but a play of subconscious fears, projections and impersonal energies. After the dissolution of a particular individual human Me, one returns to the deep sleep state, where the information of Existence is not present. There is no need to prepare oneself for the next life or after death challenges. Some traditions, out of fear developed specific practices.

For example, their adepts make special visualisations to be able to leave the body in such a way that the negative post-death experiences could be avoided, so that the pure land or heaven could be reached directly. However, there is no reality behind these concepts but simply a false belief system. There are certain areas in life where one simply needs to trust. We didn’t decide to come to this life – the higher intelligence decided.

Why wouldn’t we trust the same Intelligence to direct the destiny of our Soul, according to the principles of love and harmony, also after the dissolution of our human form? After this dissolution, if the blueprint of a Soul is not complete, soon, when the timing is right, one incarnates again. One finds oneself again in a particular body and in a particular environment to which one has been destined.

There are also times when a Soul incarnates into the non-human realm.

The journey of the Soul’s evolution is complex and almost impossible to be grasped by the mind. This information presented here has not been given to explain everything but to create the basic and important understanding of what our purpose Here is. It is essential to remove certain misconceptions and superstitions, which bring confusion and can easily hinder the proper perception of one’s evolutionary path. In the dimension of time, knowing and Not-knowing are mixed and support each other.

Our knowledge is ultimately an expression of our essential clarity and intelligence. ‘While Not-knowing, the divine ignorance, represents our humility and child like innocence. Our knowledge is freedom from the false and the Not-knowing, which ultimately is the I AM. is Freedom itself: pure rest within the Heart of the Creator.

The Realm of Polarities: Role of Imperfection

The existence of imperfection is an equivalent of being Here. The reality of imperfection has been designed for a number of Souls who had the wish to experience forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is itself a pan of the Soul’s blueprint as a temporary experience, but when the Soul gets addicted to it, the Golden Gate to the light shuts down and one becomes completely lost.

The existence of imperfection has a purpose, otherwise it wouldn’t become our reality. This purpose can be viewed either from the ultimate or from the relative perspective. The earth, which for some obvious reason is our main concern, is a part of the ecological organism of Totality. Similarly, as a finger is a part of the hand, and the hand is a part of an arm, this earth exists in itself, and simultaneously belongs to the bigger structure of Existence.

We tend to give categorical opinions about this reality in terms of good or bad, but do we really see the whole picture? Certainly not. For that reason, in the end, a wise man becomes completely silent transcending any conceptualisation.

But even though non-conceptualisation is the highest state, representing the ultimate surrender, it still, in a paradoxical way, must include a certain destined understanding and clarity regarding the meaning of our existence.

The imperfection is equal to the presence of polarities. Some realities are more and some less imperfect. If we imagine, for instance, a planet where beings don’t need to eat each other, (unlike on earth), where flowers blossom eternally and everyone is in a state of permanent joy, we might see this as a “perfect place,” compared with our planet. But in truth it is the amount and the kind of imperfection that is different there. The very presence of Me involves the existence of imperfection.

Imperfection is the movement of time and perception, which can arise only in duality and relative separation. Evolution. the movement of becoming can only occur when the wholeness of Perfection manifests the presence of limitation within itself; a certain relative absence of the absolute motionless quality of pure isness.

The presence of imperfection constitutes our human reality. and this has to be accepted and respected. These are the laws of the Universe and they were created by the Supreme Intelligence. in front of which we can only bow in humility and silence. It is only due to polarities that we can experience the extraordinary richness of life.

Because there is life so there is death; because theta is light, so there is darkness; because there is ugliness, so there is beauty. It is the contrast which allows us to appreciate reality. For instance, when we leave the smoggy city. we can recognise blissfulness, the silence of the mountains and the freshness of forests much more deeply.

It is due to our loneliness and lack of emotional fulfillment that we can experience the thrilling joy of love and affection. These are the dynamics of living within the polarities. Our evolution is a divine paradox. We are destined to live within the polarities. At the same time, as our path unfolds, we move more and more into the place beyond polarities, where the I AM alone reigns.

On one hand, we evolve within the polarities in the attempt to reach the optimum harmony and maturation in our life and psychology. On the other hand, we are transcending this dimension by becoming one with the unconditional motionlessness of Pure Being, which is the Timeless. Therefore, the Self-realised being is a paradox. He/she dwells in unity with the Divine. Yet he/she still, lives Here, within the imperfection itself, where opposites give birth to each other in the eternal dance of Becoming.

What is the conclusion? It is the presence of imperfection, which creates the initial impulse to move out of the Here and to transcend the state of forgetfulness. One can, indeed, enjoy polarities but one is unable to rest in them, for the Here is restlessness itself. For that reason, the desire to go beyond this reality of limitation arises and one begins the spiritual search, the search for the secret way out of the Here.

This is not merely to negate the time-dimension, but to experience it from a higher and deeper perspective — from beyond polarities. This reality is to be lived. It will never be perfect and that we must see with the utmost clarity. As the Buddha discovered: sickness, old age and death are indivisible from life itself. But life, regardless of our opinions, is to be lived, so our intelligence and sensitivity grow and the primal desire, which originally brought us here, to experience all the richness of life can be realised and fulfilled.

Do not expect this life to be perfect. Be patient and humble in your meeting with life. Do your best to live in the optimum way which is aligned with your Soul’s evolution. In this way you will expand and mature in all areas of your being. In this process you will finally become fulfilled in the outer and the inner reality. And you will let go, let go more and more into the Now, into the Beyond, into the Mystery, into the ultimate surrender, into the Beloved… until you dissolve. And you will dissolve, dissolve into God, into Love, which is the eternal heart of the Now. And at last you will merge into this complete, immediate, supreme understanding that, in truth, nothing has ever happened, nothing has ever existed, only Love. Only Love Is.

The vast majority of mankind are no nearer reaching the kingdom they refer to as heaven than they were 4000 years ago. How many more thousands of years do you all wish to be in misery for? Mankind has taken the gift of duality and taken the scientific, technical, logical route; which has moved mankind further away from self-fulfilment. The Reptilians, Illuminati have prevent this spiritual progress for mor ethan 5000 years, and from 1900th Tavistock Institute has become the central key for all mind control and brainwashing. Part 32 of 36

As all action is estimable only in proportion to the grandeur and dignity of the efficient principle, so this action is incontestably nobler than any other. Actions produced by a divine principle are divine; but creaturely actions, however good they appear, are only human, or at least virtuous, even when accompanied by grace. Jesus Christ says that He has life in Himself.

All other beings have only a borrowed life, but the Word has life in Himself, and being communicative of His nature, He desires to bestow it upon man. We should, therefore, make room for the influx of this life, which can only be done by the ejection and loss of the Adam life and the suppression of the activity of self.

This is agreeable to an assertion of Saint Paul: “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17). But this state can be accomplished only by dying to ourselves and to all our own activity so that the activity of God may be substituted in its place.

Therefore, instead of prohibiting activity, we enjoin it, but in absolute dependence on the Spirit of God, that His activity may take the place of our own. This can be enacted only by the consent of the creature, and this concurrence can be yielded only by moderating our own action so that the activity of God may, little by little, be wholly substituted for it.

This shows how necessary it is to renounce ourselves and all our activity to follow Christ, for we cannot follow Him if we are not animated by His Spirit. Now that His Spirit may gain admittance, it is necessary that our own should be expelled. Saint Paul says, “He that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:17). And David says it was good for him to draw near to the Lord and to put his trust in Him. (See Psalm 73:28.) What is this drawing near? It is the beginning of union.

Divine union has its commencement, its progress, its achievement, and its consummation. It is at first an inclination toward God. When the soul is introverted in the manner before described, it gets within the influence of the central attraction, and acquires an eager desire after union. This is only the beginning. It then adheres to Him when it has gotten nearer and nearer, and it finally becomes one, that is, one spirit with Him. Then it is that the spirit that had wandered from God returns again to its end.

Into this way, then, which is the divine motion and the spirit of Jesus Christ, we must necessarily enter. Saint Paul says, “If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his” (Romans 8:9). Therefore, to be Christ’s, we must be filled with His Spirit and emptied of our own. The apostle, in the same chapter, proved the necessity of this divine influence. He says, “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” (Romans 8:19).

If all who labored for the conversion of others sought to reach them by the heart, introducing them immediately to prayer and the interior life, numberless and permanent conversions would ensue.

On the contrary, few and transient fruits must attend that labor that is confined to outward matters, such as burdening the disciple with a thousand precepts for external exercises instead of leading the soul to Christ by the occupation of the heart in Him. If ministers were solicitous thus to instruct their parishioners, shepherds, while they watched their flocks, would have the spirit of the primitive Christians; the husbandman at the plough would maintain a blessed communion with his Go; the manufacturer, while he exhausted his outward man with labor, would be renewed with inward strength; every kind of vice would shortly disappear; and every parishioner would become spiritually minded.

We are told in Scripture that “the entrance of [God’s] words giveth…understanding unto the simple” (Psalm 119:130), and we are also assured that God loves to communicate with the simpleminded: “The Lord preserveth the simple: I was brought low, and he helped me” (Psalm 116:6).

Man frequently applies a remedy to the outward body while the disease lies at the heart. The cause of our lack of success in reforming mankind, especially those of the lower classes, is that we begin with external matters. All our labors in this field produce fruit that does not endure, but if the key of the interior be first given, the exterior would be naturally and easily reformed.

Now this is very easy. To teach man to seek God in His heart, to think of Him, to return to Him whenever he finds he has wandered from Him, and to do and to suffer all things with a single eye to please Him, is leading the soul to the source of all grace and causing it to find there everything necessary for sanctification.

What, then, does God do? He sends His own wisdom before Him, as fire will be sent upon the earth to destroy by its activity all that is impure. As nothing can resist the power of that fire, consuming everything, so too this wisdom destroys all the impurities of the creature in order to dispose it for divine union. The impurity that is so fatal to union consists in self-appropriation and activity.

Self-appropriation is the source and fountain of all that defilement that can never be allied to essential purity—as the rays of the sun may shine, indeed, upon mire, but can never be united with it. And since God is in an infinite stillness, the soul, in order to be united to Him, must participate of His stillness; otherwise, the contrariety between stillness and activity would prevent assimilation.

Therefore, the soul can never arrive at divine union but in the rest of its will; nor can it ever become one with God but by being re-established in central rest and in the purity of its first creation. God purifies the soul by His wisdom as refiners do metals in the furnace. Gold cannot be purified but by fire, which gradually consumes all that is earthy and foreign and separates it from the metal. It is not sufficient to fit it for use that the earthy part should be changed into gold; it must then be melted and dissolved by the force of fire to separate from the mass every drossy or alien particle, and it must be again and again cast into the furnace until it has lost every trace of pollution and every possibility of being further purified.

Let me, however, explain. By man’s giving a passive consent, God, without usurpation, may assume full power and an entire guidance; for having, in the beginning of his conversion, made an unreserved surrender of himself to all that God wills of him or by him, he thereby gave an active consent to whatever God might afterward require. But when God begins to burn, destroy, and purify, the soul does not perceive that these operations are intended for its good, but rather supposes the contrary.

And as the gold at first seems rather to blacken than brighten in the fire, so it conceives that its purity is lost—so much so that if an active and explicit consent were then required, the soul could scarcely give it and would often withhold it.

All it does is to remain firm in its passive consent, enduring as patiently as possible all these divine operations that it is neither able nor desirous to obstruct. In this manner, therefore, the soul is purified from all its self-originated, distinct, perceptible, and multiplied operations, which constitute a great dissimilitude between it and God.

It is rendered by degrees “conform,” and then “uniform,” and the passive capacity of the creature is elevated, ennobled, and enlarged, though in a secret and hidden manner, hence called mystical. But in all these operations, the soul must concur passively. It is true, indeed, that in the beginning, its activity is requisite; however, as

None can be ignorant that God is the Supreme Good, that essential blessedness consists in union with Him, that the saints differ in glory depending on whether their union is more or less perfect, and that the soul cannot attain this union by the mere activity of its own powers, since God communicates Himself to the soul in proportion to its passive capacity to be great, noble, and extensive. We can only be united to God in simplicity and passivity, and as this union is beatitude itself, the way that leads us in this passivity cannot be evil but must be the most free from danger and the best. This way is not dangerous.

Would Jesus Christ have made this the most perfect and necessary of all ways, had it been so? No! All can travel it, and as all are called to happiness, all are likewise called to the enjoyment of God, both in this life and in the next, for that alone is happiness. I say the enjoyment of God Himself, and not of His gifts.

These latter do not constitute essential beatitude, as they cannot fully content the soul. It is so noble and so great that the most exalted gifts of God cannot make it happy unless the Giver also bestows Himself. Now the whole desire of the Divine Being is to give Himself to every creature according to the capacity with which it is endowed. And yet, alas, how reluctantly man suffers himself to be drawn to God! How fearful he is to prepare for divine union!

This is just what is done every day. Let us all agree in the way, as we all agree in the end, which is evident and incontrovertible. The way has its beginning, process, and termination, and the nearer we approach the consummation, the farther is the beginning behind us. It is only by leaving the one that we can arrive at the other.

You cannot get from the entrance to a distant place without passing over the intermediate space, and if the end be good, holy, and necessary, and the entrance also good, why should the necessary passage, the direct road leading from the one to the other, be evil? 0 the blindness of the greater part of mankind, who pride themselves on science and wisdom! How true is it, 0 my God, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them unto babes! (See Matthew 11:25.)

This world leading mankind further and further away from the Divine God, and they programming the herd mentality to welcome a One World Government. This is leading the “herd” or the “cheap” into a total and ultimate enslavement.

God is still working with humanity in order to bring it from undeveloped life (bios) to a state of self-realization in divine love.

We are still looking back to the pentecostal events in a dazed way instead of looking forward to the goal the Spirit is leading us to. Therefore mankind is wholly unprepared for the things to come. Man is compelled by divine forces to go forward to in-creasing consciousness and cognition, developing further and further away from his religious background because he does not understand it any more.

His religious teachers and leaders are still hypnotized by the beginnings of a then new aeon of consciousness instead of understanding them and their im-plications. What one once called the “Holy Ghost” is an impelling force, cre-ating wider consciousness and responsibility and thus enriched cognition. The real history of the world seems to be the progressive incarnation of the deity.

Will lead the people further away from the path of God through his deceit, which will only cause God to wreak further havoc on the world.

Following the archaic, embellished words of the Bible has created a world that has suffered a thousand years of misery in their own negativity; their own living hell and damnation. The vast majority of mankind are no nearer reaching the kingdom they refer to as heaven than they were 4000 years ago. How many more thousands of years do you all wish to be in misery for? Mankind has taken the gift of duality and taken the scientific, technical, logical route; which has moved mankind further away from self-fulfilment. The weak will continue to cling onto traditionalist religion for as long as they can, because they feel safer in their comfort zone.

There’s also another major element to take into consideration here. Fear! People are frightened of the unknown. If people can’t see and know what’s ahead, they’re afraid of the consequences or outcome. What if they tried this new belief; learnt to meditate and connect with God; and failed? What then? Failure for most people is not an option. Take the least route of resistance. Stick to what you know. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t. Put you hands over your ears so you can’t hear; so you won’t be susceptible to evil thoughts. What if?

The writing is on the wall. Traditional religion is doomed. No longer can we hang on to a medieval world that no longer exists. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s time for a new belief. You are about to be awakened to the reality of who you truly are. Your continued belief in the status quo is what draws misery and suffering.

The power you give to your religious leaders are the ones who perpetuate division amongst you all, thus leading to violence, hatred, discrimination, abuse and suffering. It’s time for you to awaken to the fact that you are all one and the same, so you can happily share the food and possessions you have; choose love, forgiveness and peace to create and define for you the world that God; light; the one conscious energy; actually had originally intended. It’s time for you to understand that, even without trust in the Bible; the message is still the same: a belief in God; light; love; the one conscious energy. But this belief needs to be with loving actions and liberation, not guilt, blame and brutality. We’re talking about a new dawn; a new day; a new belief; needs of people today, not of thousands of years ago.

Transform your thinking. Understand yourself, your life and what life is all about. Question which is the truth. Scientists are already being stopped in their tracks, having to accept that there is a force ‘out there’ that they can’t explain. A force that defies all logic and all current laws of science. Until you embrace your duality and connect once again with your spiritual side; the barriers will remain. No amount of logic, calculation or invention will explain this force that eludes scientists. It has to come from within. You need to stop thinking about mankind being a dispensable commodity, and start accepting we are all connected and have access to that force.

Take a leaf from the book of Star Wars: May the force be with you. The ‘force’ in that series of films is closer to reality than people will presently accept. Remember, God; light; the one conscious energy, cannot be comprehended by mankind, but it ‘can’ be connected; through your words, deeds, thoughts and beliefs.

It’s time for you to learn about the universal life force grid that keeps everything unified; and how to utilise this energy to manifest for yourselves, total healing, acceptance of each other and harmonisation. Wake up and smell the roses.

It’s time to stop putting money into the banks of those that want you to continue to live in fear of the wrath of God; want to take money for atonement; want you to ‘gift’ money for an archaic book of prophecies with embellishment which was written thousands of years ago, for people in those times; want you to give for the sake of Jesus; want you to subscribe to the teachings of the Bible; want you to pay to listen to someone giving their own interpretation of the Bible… Stop!; and listen to the word of God; light; the one conscious mind in the 21th century.

People around the world and even religious teachers and leaders are still hypnotized by the The New God-Image.

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