One of the most central principles to understand is that we are not humans experiencing light, rather, we are light experiencing being human, which means the light must come first, as it is the Source matter from which we are made. To transmute base metals into gold is just a metaphor of change. Bio-chemical transformations of base metals is the art of transmute a lower frequency and raise (or change) it to a higher frequency.

In actuality, you are all multidimensional beings, who are here to discover multidimensionality with other senses which comprise you. And when you discover your extra senses, you will discover the Universe.

Alchemy can be defined as the ‘art of transmutation”

“Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art.”

If the Universe is mental in nature, then mental transmutation must be the art of changing the conditions of the Universe along the lines of matter, force, and mind. So mental transmutation is really the “magic” that ancient writers discussed in their mystical works, and about which they gave so few practical instructions. If every-thing is mental, then transmutation can not only change conditions ordinarily thought of as “mental,” but also material conditions.

The primary goal of alchemy is presented as the transmutation of metals, from baser to nobler ones.

It is prepared from one substance, with which the art of chemistry is conversant, to which nothing is added, from which nothing is taken away, except that its superfluities are removed. No one will question the utility of our Art, if he believes that it enables us to transmute base metals into gold. That base metals are capable of such transmutation is clear; Nature has destined them all to become gold, but they have not been perfectly matured…//…How patent, then, must the spiritual nature of our Stone be, which can effect more in one hour by a bare projection than Nature in the course of ages. If that substance which Nature supplies be taken in hand by Art, dissolved, coagulated, and digested, its perfection is increased from a monadic to a denary virtue; by repeating the same process, it is increased a hundred-fold, and then a thousand-fold, (1000 petals/lotus).

The more petals the chakra has open, the higher its frequency is and the higher chakras is made available, the more subtle and finer the vibrational frequency is activated. Humans are the art in its most alchemical sense. … It is an art process, ever in an alchemy of quantum logic and leaps, moving as resonance, as frequency, from higher frequency to lower resonance, from lower resonance to higher frequencies, down from the realm of spirit to the realm of matter.

To transmute base metals into gold is just a metaphor of change. Bio-chemical transformations of base metals is the art of transmute a lower frequency and raise (or change) it to a higher frequency.

Separation is a results of a unware illusion that your one vibration, separated from all the other vibrations (frequencies) that represents the wholeness, and this limitation creates a fragmentated reality that you are not every vibration and frequency. This then prevents all bio-chemical transmuations from making lead to gold (change of frequencies), and this then creates a suppressed version of who you are. The other vibrations and frequencies is needed to be able to transform the lead to gold. Another way to prevent this process could be to say that 97% of the human DNA strand is “junk DNA”. These other 97% represents the other frequencis in the chakras that is needed in the journey climbing up on the ladder upwards. The purpose of life is to move up in vibration, until all you can see is pure essence of life.

There is only one thing which is vibration; therefore you are one thing that vibrates differently than other parts of you. You are many vibrations. Being unaware of the aspects of yourself creates illusions that you are not every vibration, that you are separate from all the other vibrations. This in turn creates the ego. What we see in this metaphor is how ineffective mind’s and ego’s methods are, it has but one result, which is the lessening of the vibration and higher frequencies.

“All solid matter is made up of atomic particles arranged in some definite crystalline structure. Certain crystals can act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energy. It is quire likely that we would be able to demonstrate that they can transform or amplify other forms of energy, if scientific equipment were sophisticated enough.'”

The human body is made up of many crystal-like structures (as in the pineal gland). It follows then, that we have an especially resonant connection with minerals and crystals. We can assimilate their energy and interact with it; therefore they can be very helpful allies to change our vibration.

Minerals in the earth vibrate with a specific frequency. Some minerals have a very specific energy and a narrow range of vibration. Others carry a much more extended range of energy. Crystals and stones carry the entire spectrum of light energy available to us.

The lower frequency energies resonate with the physical realm and the high frequencies are associated with spirituality. They basically work by entrainment; your energy is brought into alignment or resonance with the stones.

Two things that happen when we come in contact with stones and crystals.

“First, the electromagnetic frequencies, carried by that stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our own energy field through the physical law of resonance, creating a third larger field of vibration.”

“This information is sent to the brain causing bio-chemical shifts in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems. “Second, tiny particles of minerals in your body which also carry that frequency will move into resonance with the particles of minerals in the stone. This causes your body to believe that you actually have more of that material in your body, and it will react accordingly with additional bio-chemical shifts.”

So alchemy and transmutation is the art that creates a bio-chemical shift in frequencies. What alchemist refers as alchemical transmuations to other nobler metals, is in fact a process of changing bio-chemical frequencies, from lower to higher, and this then mean shift in both frequency and consciousness/awareness.

The Apocalypse in Book of revelation is simply a change in vibration and change to Divine Consciousness. Redemption is the return to oneness, the vibration of the all, the end of duality and of time; the Self immanent Divine

In terms of alchemy the crucifixion means; Death (time) of separation (duality) and crucifixation of duality, the end of duality and of time, and it means death of illusion duality-reality. The Apocalypse is simply a change in vibration. Redemption is the return to oneness, the vibration of the all, the end of duality and of time; the Self immanent – Divine born into Divine.

The Self is the Divine Self and is represents by the Gold or the highest frequency and this is your Higher Self.

This Universe you live in was meant for all to partake in, was meant for all to explore, was meant for all to realize how magnificent the Divine within is.

For it is the Divine within your being who has created all of this, and it is the Divine Self within your being who wants to experience all of this. But first you have to recognize its existence and recognize that things do exist beyond your five senses, beyond that which you call sight and sound and location, for you don’t need to be able to see something in order for it to exist. Its existence is independent of your actual physical sight.

In actuality, you will have many more than the five senses. In actuality, you are all multidimensional beings, who are here to discover the other senses within your multidimensionality. And when you discover your extra senses, you will discover the Universe.

You won’t need books to learn from anymore, for all of the learning will take place within you. You’ll be able to travel any place you desire, and learn from the actual experience of going there. Books will become obsolete, for the real place of knowledge is within.

Know yourself, and you will know everything. For you are the source of everything, you, are where everything is stored; you only need to learn tut to access the Living Library within your very being, within your very body, within your Temple.

Marvelous things await you as you raise yourself in consciousness and raise yourselves to higher frequencies of Light Vibrations. The higher you vibrate, the more you can access, and the more you can access, the more of yourself you will know. All knowledge is within you, and you are within all, and it is quite simple to access it once you’ve moved up your vibration to the necessary frequency where suddenly all becomes available to you and all becomes a spiritual gift from the Source of Light.

So the purpose of life is to move up in vibration, until all you can see is pure essence of life, the pure essence of all that is. As you raise yourself in consciousness, you will be able to access higher frequencies and all wisdom and knowledge is within you as the Library of Light or Frequency of Light. The higher you vibrate the more you can access.

Transforming the Physical Body beyond Third Dimension

When the body is transformed beyond the third dimensional veils of illusion, more of the spirit is able to enter the body, as the vibration opens up to a wider spectrum of the soul’s vibration. Further codings of light are then able to come through, revealing and opening up your life purpose further. When the physical body undergoes transformation from third dimension to fifth-multi-dimensions, many structures that pertain to third dimensional restriction, begin to fall away from your energy fields.

The liquid light energy fields of the multi-dimensional body then begin to take shape. The bodies of light are able to express the spirit with far more completeness and complexity. The bodies undergo an entire re-circuiting of expansion to allow for a connection to all that you are. The brain circuitry is rewired to allow the human mind to link to the higher mind of the self. When this work is undergone, it is necessary to take a break out from too much activity, as apparatus that is normally operational, is temporarily taken out of activity in order to perform the rewiring. It is possible to feel a little blank minded at these times, but this is part of the process to have the body linked up in totality to the full potential that you are.

The more petals the chakra has open, the higher its frequency is and the higher chakras is made available, the more subtle and finer the vibrational frequency is activated.

Everything is composed of vibrations, of movement, of change. Every atom of the universe is in vibration, no matter of what elements it is composed — everything is in motion, everything is action. All knowledge that man possesses, is the result of vibratory impressions made upon his brain cells. This means that everything in life is composed of energy that consists of atoms moving and vibrating throughout space. Everything is composed of energy, thus everything has a vibration.

We are living in a multidimensional universe composed of realities and beings existing at other frequencies of vibration. Vibration or “movement” is the structure behind both what we experience consciously and what we do not. In other words, it is our awareness of vibratory rate that keeps us aware of this reality. Changing our awareness of vibratory rate then, is the key to travel within the space-time continuum.

According to quantum physics, matter fuses with energy, so much so that everything that exists is composed of vibrations and information. The fifth dimensional light-body structure usually lies dormant in the etheric blueprint and holds etheric crystals, which … Its sixth dimensional structure holds the templates set for the formation of matter and lightbodies and the DNA codes.

When the the pineal gland is activated, we can pick up higher frequencies, which in turn produces a change in chemistry. When the Pineal Gland pick up higher frequencies, it can produce more light and lights activate dormant dna strands and this raising awareness and expands consciousness.

Your pineal gland houses a crystalline patterning that is metaphysically considered an infinite structure of intuitive knowledge, wisdom and subtle communication abilities. When your dimensional attunement includes the activation of this pineal world, you have a sophisticated receiving and sending wireless system turned on, with an energetic antennae furnishing you the privilege of subtle communications, impressions, downloads of information from energetic portals that otherwise would not be available for your assimilation.

The property of these Pineal crystals is that they can store information

The key to understanding the assimilation of energy into our physical structure is through the awareness of our bodies as a series of synchronous, interacting, crystal structures. The human body on this level is a linkage of oscillating solid and liquid crystals that form an overall energy pattern for the total body. Each organ, gland, nerve system, cell, and protein structure, even the tissue salts in the body, shows a level of organization with some degree of crystalline function.

The human energy field exists as an array of oscillating energy points that have a layered structure and a definite symmetry, and that these properties fulfill the definition of a normal crystal in material form.’ Our bone structure has long been recognized as a solid crystal structure with piezoelectric properties. A piezoelectric effect is the creation of an electromagnetic field (EMF) pulse when a crystalline structure is physically stressed or pushed out of its normal shape. Although various esoteric traditions have implied that the pineal and pituitary glands have solid crystal structures, our skeletal bone structure is the only proven solid crystal structure in the body. As a solid crystal, it has the ability to convert vibrational energy, such as sound or light, into electromagnetic and electric energy. Crystals can absorb, store, amplify, transduce, and transmit these vibrational energies.

The pineal gland has been called a “neuroendocrine transducer” and crystals has transformational properties. Scientists have recently figured out how to use crystals to store one of the most challenging sources of information: quantum light, which, made of photons, has a tendency to disappear. This light-encoded information is now able to be stored in certain types of crystals, which actually share the information through an “echoing” of the original data. The pineal and crystals can through this transformational properties healing.

One of the most central principles to understand is that we are not humans experiencing light, rather, we are light experiencing being human, which means the light must come first, as it is the Source matter from which we are made.

Then the fall of Consciousness has created a matter reality where all other frequencies is excluded or not activated, or in other words the chakras that holds the other frequencies is sealed and closed, and the “Third Eye” of wisdom and knowledge is also closed. Humans have a large band of 7-12 frequencies, 7-12 chakras, 7-12 stages of Alchemy, but the human mind is tuned into the ego-matter-frequencies and this creates a Matrix reality there One frequency have domination over the mind or feeding the Ego-Mind. The consequence is that the other frequencies is been excluded or they are been suppressed to not be awakening. This then creates the Ego which then is tuned into One Way Frequencies of Matter.

It is obvious that creatures existing in the band of large vibrations do not see the world of high frequencies and when other higher frequencies is been excluded or suppressed there can´t be any transformation and acivation of new dormant DNA strands to achieve higher awareness about higher dimensions on the spiritual level. The fall of consciousness keeps the human mind in the frequency band and state of duality. This “duality” is then been controlled by rigid systems of a Control Matrix and everyone is held captivated in the Matrix of Duality or are tuned into the one way “Frequency of Matter”. In this plan, Consciousness is asleep to its True Essence; it exists and operates in separation from itself. This is the duality matrix, the illusion of separateness. The sleep state is a form of hypnotized state of mind, hypnotized by the system and the belief that the “tree of duality” is real. Because of this system people walking around trough the daily lives like robots programmed to act in a certain way – just like a computer. The whole process is keeping the “True Divine Essence” of the Higher Self realization asleep or keep the other frequencies asleep, or unactivated in same way the Pineal Gland is unactivated and Third Eye is closed.

Man fell into a lower state of consciousness when he began attributing propagation to individuals as apart from God. It iS the life of God that produces. Without this life nothing could be produced. But man fell into the dream, or illusion of the mortal senses, which seemed in this dream or illusionary state more and more real. The record of the fall of man from the dependence upon God as all power and the only life, into the dream or illusion, that individuals had power of themselves and so could propagate on the sense plane, is found in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Genesis. Man indulging in this mortal thought, or illusion of power, was asleep to the consciousness of the power of God and did not realize that all power and all production was from God. In that condition of sleep, or unconsciousness of God, whereby the mortal senses became active through sensuality, the female element became separated, forming an individual called woman. This mortal or sense consciousness of man thought it was producing and that it was a god.

When the physical senses become dormant, one sleeps and dreams. The illusions in that dream seem real to the sleeper. So when the spiritual senses become dormant, the dream or illusion of the physical senses seem real to mortal consciousness. When the mortal consciousness caused Adam to be asleep to the consciousness of God, the femine part of Adam become separated, as an individual.

In such a state, we truly are asleep—asleep to the power of spiritual transcendence. When a human being admits that he has his consciousness asleep, you can be sure that he has already begun to awaken. As we head toward the consciousness of peace, we celebrate coming to greater realization that the more we abide this realm..

Most of us are asleep in the sense that our perception of the world is automatic. This automatization is a work of the ego-perception that´s hides all other chararacteristics and fundamental realities which are hidden from us by our normal automatic perception – and reveal themsleves when our perception is de-automatized.

The first stage, sleep refers to actual sleep. the second stage, the waking sleep state, is the state in which the world operates. We think we are awake, but in actuality our lives are ruled by mechanical actions. This state is called the “waking sleep” state, the state of autopilot that most humans routinely operates on. In order to wake up, that is to stop being a machine.

If our concepts of time and space are created by our perceptions of vibration in the environment around us, it follows that it might be possible to free our consciousness from its bondage to the physical realm by altering our perception of vibration through sound, rhythm and light.

A thorough, unprejudiced examination of the character of the processes in nature will convince us of the same. We say, under the great illusion of contemporary science: effects are the result of their causes. It is not so. In nature we must look for the actual causes elsewhere, just as we must look for the cause for the sequence of letters in our understanding. And where, by and large, lie the causes for what happens in nature? Only through spiritual perception can we determine that the causes lie with humanity.

Do you know where you must look if you want to see the real causes for the development of nature on the Earth?

You must investigate how the will, deeply asleep in our present state of consciousness, is located in the center of gravity of the human being—that is, in the abdomen. Only a portion of the will is active in the human head, and the greater part of it is centered in the rest of the organism. What comes into existence as the outer development of nature depends on what the human being is in relation to this unconscious will. Up to now we could only quote one significant case in this development, but it applies to the whole of it.

We are only able to shift the center of gravity of our life from the peripheries to the center.

The created world was in its infancy. Nothing was growing. Evolution had not yet begun. There was no rain filling from above, but there was a spring of water coming up from the depths, from the bedrock. This was the water that flowed out over the earth to set in motion the whole pageant of creation. The elements, those basic building blocks ofcreation, were all present in the first crescendo of fire that we call the Big Bang. They were present in the earth. God took this earth, these same basic elements, and wove them into the fabric of lift.

These same elements from inter-stellar space became the elements of the human body. The same creative energy that had set the process of creation in motion became the breath of life, and the desire forgrowth that animates every living being. Front these two sources, the elements of the earth and the living stream of water, life evolved, and the breath of desire flowed through it all and made it live It was the garden of original wholeness, and in that wholeness all living beings were in bedrock union with the source oftheir being. whom they called God. They walked with God in the garden of creation.

They experienced constant blessing. They knew how deeply they were interconnected with each other, being formed of the same elements as the earth itself and animated by the energies ofcreation. They talked freely with God. Their dialogue was unbroken. There were no power cuts, because they lived and moved and had their being within the source ofall power. Their centre ofgravity was undivided. Their conscious and unconscious selves were one in that deep centre.

Until a new presence entwined itself into their hearts. An unseen voice. The voice of suggestion. The voice suggested this: You could be an island, with your own autonomy. There would be less for you to rule, but of that less, you would be the absolute ruler: In your own little world, you could be God. Your kingdom would be yours to control. If you pluck this suggestion down and take it into yourself your whole view of the world, and your whole understanding of your place in it, will change, and you will see that you, not God, are at the centre ofyour world” And they plucked the tempting fruit of this suggestion. And they took it in, or rather, they were taken in by it. And the inner voice was right.

Their entire view of creation changed. Their whole understanding of the world changed. They felt as if they were being raised to the level of God. But actually they were being raised from the bedrock reality to the shifting surface view of From then on, all they could see were the islands of each other. They forgot that once they had lived in the bedrock and known each other, and all creation, in its wholeness. They rarely saw God after that, because their vision was focused on themselves. They rarely heard the whispers ofthe holy. because their ears were tuned only to the narrow frequency oftheir own music. They thought they had been banished from the bedrock union. But in fact they had banished themselves.

A barrier came down between things and the source from which they sprang. It was like a fiery, flashing sword, dividing them from themselves, dividing them from the very ground of their being. In the new kingdom of their ego-selves, they discovered that they had to fight for their survival. This wasn’t surprising, because, after all, every living being had become its own island-kingdom, and every little kingdom had to struggle to keep itself alive and to guard its boundaries against the demands of all the others.

From then on, two brothers born of the same parents were in competition for same piece of land Conflict began. Violence, suffering and death followed on its heels. God’s Dream, which had once been the Deep Dream of every living creature, had become fragmented into a million little hopes and fears. God’s Desire, expressed in the original Wholeness, had been broken into a million little personalised wants and wishes.

Yet God kept on weaving the divine Dream, making tunics of skins for a am creation, to protect them from the worst effects of their choices. Above all, God spread a shelter over them, called death, not to punish them, but to ensure that their brokenness should not go on for ever. And God kept on weaving.

Nothing is still. You may not be able to see the atoms and the molecules moving, you may not see the vibrations that the atom is composed of It does not matter if you cannot see it. Nothing is ever still because when it is still it does not exist. It does not exist as it cannot be still, therefore nothing is ever still. The smallest unit of matter is always vibrating because many things are composed of the smallest unit of matter, everything vibrates. Only vibration exists. There is only one thing which is vibration; therefore you are one thing that vibrates differently than other parts of you. You are many vibrations. Being unaware of the aspects of yourself creates illusions that you are not every vibration, that you are separate from all the other vibrations. This in turn creates the ego.

The dimensions are simply ascending vibratory rhytms of our being. They are levels in the awakening of our subtle senses and codes that hold the multi-faceted aspects of our one, soul structure. There are dormant portals and doorways into greater states of being that are currently asleep within the human … that the human is currently asleep to, rather.

These doorways are made available when he gets recalibrated to the experience of new dimensional states of his being. In the recahbration of his energetic system, he become attuned to the frequency of the dimension he is going to be accessing and downloading from. This dipping into or initiation into higher frequency compatibility states, is what we sometimes call ‘attunement In energetic attunement or initiation, we are exposed to the planes where these energy states can be contacted, accessed, and assimilated.

The resultant new and augmented vibratory frequencies and transformational energies we display, do correspond to the frequencies of the plane we have been elevated to, for harmonious dimensional interaction, and co-creatorship. The mind interacts with an equivalent energy dimension to customize and bring forth the creations it is capable of furnishing the corresponding frequency match to.

When we are energetically recalibrated, our neurological function also gets adjusted and we become chemically rewired, to facilitate adaptation to the new changes that would allow us to perceive and process the new sensory output. Our mental and energetic transformation creates that adjustment and compatibility with our new form of higher awareness, and the subtler plane residency we have just been established in, and have just been exposed to.

The fall of the human arrested and rendered inactive certain energetic circuits within his energetic and spiritual system, resulting in the shutting down of some vital communication channels. ‘their template potentialities atrophied, and their circuits progressively froze from lack of use over time. It is of paramount importance that these circuits he reactivated and reconnected. It is vital that these original templates be awakened into functionality.

When Oneness-Consciousness chooses to explore the concept of dualiy, it sets the plan that makes the human experience a possibility .. . the art of forgetting one´s true nature. In this plan, Consciousness is asleep to its True Essence; it exists and operates in separation from itself. This is the duality matrix, the illusion of separateness. This inspired expedition to hide its own powers, in order to experience the power and joy of recovering it, is the genius design, puzzled up’ to explore the illusion of the “separate self”. Man´s migration into the human was partly for the excitement of individuality, self-expression, and creativity. The straining process, foreign to him then in the non-plysicah would inspire the need to find the way back home—into resonance with the original True Self . . . Oneness with himself

Within our blueprint matrix, resides the divine geometry, containing the ascending, rhythmic, frequency, ‘initiation chambers’. These vibrational forcefields, make up the structure of the multi-dimensional ladder of ascension. Within these dimensional vibratory chambers, demarcated by the different ladder rungs, the frequency rhythms therein, announce the acceleration pathways of man’s evolutionary journey. Initiation is the progressive transformation and upgrade of consciousness … the continual awakening and expansion of our awareness.

Our energetic plane of residency is directly proportionate to the amount of crystalline-based energy we hold within our cells and energetic receptacles- As we let go of the templates bearing the unsening patterns in our lives and relationships, and as we adopt the higher perspective through which to view our world, we work towards the realization of greater union with the Divine Presence. Initiation into higher light frequencies is invaluable for the forward advance within the pyramidal ladder of ascension.

Within our biological and electronic systems reside the divine geometry, containing templates, bearing the ascension codes. The pyramidal, initiation chambers, retain the programming of our ascension to Unity-consciousness.

When activated by divine radiation assimilation, the grid system to which these ascension code templates are mounted, creates an amplified power of light within the individual, resulting in a shift in frequency and consciousness. This shift facilitates the formulation of an influential and inductive forcefield, that serves to eliminate conflict-based patterns or discordant and harmful energy within his system. The Diamond within our physical biology, reveals the Divine Presence matrix, containing the time-coded programs, with the template of our new spiritual species configuration.

The initiation process functions as the portal access key, that unveils the coded genetic programs. This unveiling, activates the DNA receding process whereby the dormant strands are reconnected, realigned. recalibrated. and activated, to provide the ethereal network system, that Facilitates multi-dimensional communication and experience. With upgraded system functionality, and through the process of system recalibration.

During recalibration, and as these ascension codes are being fired within our grid encorlanent, our physical biology is going through that which is similar to energetic detoxification, system defragmentation and reformatting. This vibratory action is making way for the activation of the new templates that will be instilled upon our new grid matrix. As our initiation is taking place,we are being recalibrated into the higher pyramidal chamber of light frequencies that our readiness calls for.

After we have been energetically wired, made aligned and our frequency level has reached the therapeutic and safe point, our newly installed blueprint, and its electronic configuration are activated and amplified. As new energy paver our energetic network system, it accelerates the vibratory activity of the electrons that make up our atomic structure. This activity induces the creation of a better, cellular framework, while quickening our ascension into higher energetic rhythms and plants of awareness.

Initiation is for the purpose of system reconfiguration. Reconfiguration quickens our transmutation and transfiguration. The initiation process can be characterized by an intense period, whereby the experiences that assemble around us, would turn out to be those definite triggers that would serve as mirrors, for the clearing of some of the deepest discordances and misquahricd energy states, within our grid … our mental and emotional filing cabinets.

During such strategic moments, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual clearing is done at the root level, as inharmonious files are progressively peeled off, layer after layer, and repolarized. Thus, as we are purged of some of the vile stuff we need to let go, we are said to be travelling light and gaining altitude.

As we predispose our mentality to vibrate at the frequency of gratitude, appreciation, and acceptance, the discordant energies we hold are activated, brought to the top and transmuted by the alchemical flames of the higher frequency state of equanimity we have chosen to vibrate at. In other words, the lower frequencies that produce our (stuckness’ are dumped into the great incinerator . . . the activated multi-dimensional perspective frequency of gratitude and empathy. “they are incinerated and repolari.ed. In other words, this increased vibratory action within the accelerated electron spin that the higher frequency has activated into being, is that which converts our carbon-based frequencies into crystalline-based frequencies.

We are now ready to anchor more light within our cellular structures, for both personal and planetary service. It is after the activity of alchemical purging fires are done, that we become cleared enough for the DNA recoding process to begin. DNA recoding will hardly take place, when we bypass the invaluable, preparatory process of energetic clearing. Genetics engineering is in progress as our genetic blueprint is being upgraded, wired into our etheric network, connected, realigned and activated. Emotional and mental clearing, aid in the building of the energetic, network communication system, and in the construction of an inter-galactic connection to facilitate the Oneness experience of all of God’s creation.

The process of clearing our mental and emotional files induces a shift into our multi-dimensional and multi-body energetic systems. Without energy clearing, and without going through the electronic, initiation process, there is no assimilation or absorption of higher light frequencies. Without being initiated into dimensions of higher light frequencies, there is no ascension. There must be room in the ‘inn’, to let in the light. Through energy clearing, we create an electronic receptacle that functions as a fit, anchor system, with which we can assimilate and ground more light.

As we absorb more light for personal benefit and for facilitating earth’s consciousness state, we are fulfilling the Divine Intent within the planetary project … that the destiny of every hurnan is ascension and union with the Divine Presence. Through the initiation process, we assimilate and hold more intelligent light, thereby raising our cellular vibration. In other words, the initiation chamber is where the electrons that constitute your atomic structure are activated for an accelerated spin, and your recalibrated system is made to correspondingly respond to your raised vibration.

With system reboot, there is the decoding of the sacred geometry; resident within your internal, pyramidal ascension chambers. As your system reboots, you also experience the recoding of your dormant DNA strands, for multi-dimensional living and for greater experience of your perpetual state of liberation and freedom.

Initiation and recalibration predisposes you to the process of anchoring and activating your higher dimensional energy system, aligning you with the level of energy download, that you are prepared for. The light that you assimilate, is indeed information, and consciousness fields, coded with programmed, sacred geometry. These codes will begin going off within you long after the initiation is completed, and while you are waiting for the next initiation process. It is geared towards the unfolding of and recall of your mission assignment and how to fulfill it.

THE FIRE OF YOUR HEART will now change to violet. This solitary flame burns clean and true and is fueled by Source light through a steady connection to the Grid. The violet flame of your heart can now work in conjunction with your retuned ego and mind in a manner allowing poise to enter into your ionic field. Whereas some believe an ego-driven nature projects confidence, those moving into the glow of the violet flame begin to understand that genuine poise is the origin of authentic Self-assuredness.

Poise, defined at a root level, embodies equal weight, balance, and consideration. Therefore, poise surpasses the ego’s version of confidence in that it’s anchored in the unity of the Collective; moving us from the ego’s and mind’s I inn to the light-based Collective’s Oneness is. It’s when we cease creating separation and needing to put our own accomplishments before those of others, or misusing our light to outshine those around us that we find lasting peace and belief in our respective Self. Poise comes when we recognize that our light, when joined with that of others, connects to light’s Source. Meaning, in Oneness with the light from which we are made, we are tapped into the Force of the entire Universe.

Once we have experienced this kind of connection and resulting poise, we can begin to comprehend that outshining others is counter to the laws of unity: in diminishing the light of another, we are damaging our own. Seeing as we’re tethered together electromagnetically, if one individual attempts to diminish the light of another, they have succeeded in lowering their own frequency. Thereby, that individual will be vibrating at a level lesser than that of Source and potentially attracting undesired energetic currents. The frequency of the person they intended to outshine remains unchanged, while the individual seeking to diminish them has compromised their systemic integrity by allowing their vibrational level to be reduced.

What we see in this metaphor is how ineffective mind’s and ego’s methods are for creating separation because it has but one result, which is the lessening of the vibration and Collective resonance. On the other end of the scale, when we seek to raise the vibration of another or to amplify their light, we send an electromagnetic charge throughout the Grid.

This light-charged pulse heightens the frequency of the Grid as a whole, seeing as the Collective then boosts the signal and magnifies it through the channel to Source.

The conscious choice to unify with the Collective amplifies that individual’s signal, in turn increasing the size of the pie tenfold. What we’re seeing here is the mind’s primal impetus to separate, transitioning into the realm of conscious Oneness, in turn changing “One for them means less for me,” or the myth of lack, into “One from them means all for One,” or the Law of Amplitude.

Experientially, we are energetically tethered, which means the more individuals awakening to the frequency of Oneness, the higher we vibrate as a whole: “So, as the one (individual), as is the whole (Collective).” In retuning the mind and ego, and in aligning the elements explored thus far (water, air, fire), you have enhanced your connection to Source Grid and have begun the process of attuning to the Collective. Now, you have access to Universal Force in a profound manner, and that connection will serve to further refine your vibration and relationship with both Self and the Law of Amplitude.

This is where you’ll gain the very essences of poise: equal weight, balance, and consideration. Equal weight sees you even-footed and grounded, balance gives your heart the space to continue radiating its violet flame, and consideration gives your soul and spirit the freedom to explore the alchemy associated with Oneness. Our experiences while in the humanistic profile are driven by the level of purity in our connection to the Grid. And our highest vibration while in the humanistic profile can only come from aligning our light with Source, while allowing poise and harmony to infiltrate our cellular architecture.

One of the most central principles to understand is that we are not humans experiencing light, rather, we are light experiencing being human, which means the light must come first, as it is the Source matter from which we are made.

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