Once the crystal gleam of First Matter has been distilled, and its spark of life released, First Matter and spark are then recombined into a philosopher’s stone (genius) from which new and amazing properties emerge. Tavistock Institute. Part 137

The first thing is that in this world matter and consciousness are not two separate things. What we call matter is consciousness asleep and what we know as consciousness is matter awakened. In reality matter and mind are not different; they are different manifestations of the same thing.

Existence is one, and that one is God or Brahman or whatsoever you want to call it. When that one is asleep it appears as matter, and when awake it is mind, or consciousness. So don’t treat matter and mind as separate entities; they are only utilitarian terms. They are not really different. Even science has come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as matter.

How amusing it is that fifty years ago Nietzsche declared that God is dead, and fifty years from now science will have to declare that God may or may not be dead but matter is certainly dead. As science goes deeper and deeper into matter it finds that matter is no more and only energy remains, only energy is.

What remains after the explosion or splitting of the atom is only particles of energy. And what we know as electrons, protons and neutrons are particles of electricity. In fact, it is not correct to call them particles, because particles connote matter.

The scientists had to find a new word, which is quanta, which has a different connotation altogether. Quanta is both a particle and a wave. It is difficult to comprehend how a thing could be both a particle and a wave simultaneously, but quanta is both. Sometimes it behaves as a particle—which is matter; and sometime? it behaves as a wave—which is energy.

Wave and energy are behaviours of the same quanta. When science dug deep it found that only energy is, and when spirituality delved deep it found that only spirit or atman or soul is. And soul is energy. The time is just around the corner when a synthesis of science and religion will be achieved, and the distance that separates them will simply disappear.

When the gap between matter and God has proved to be false, the gap between science and religion cannot exist for long. If matter and mind are not two, how can religion and science be two?

The separation of science and religion was dependent on the separation of matter and mind. To me, only one is; two simply don’t exist. There is no place for duality; so the question of matter and mind does not arise. If you like the language of matter, you can say that everything is matter. And if you like the language of mind or consciousness, you can say that everything is consciousness.

We can. for instance, say that only the seed is, and not the tree. And it is not wrong to say so, because the tree is only a transformation of the seed. But there is a danger involved in this statement. The danger is that some seeds may say. If we are Reeds all the way up. then why seek to become trees? We will remain as we are; we will remain seeds. ” So it is better if we say that only trees are, and not seeds. Then the possibility for the seed to become a tree remains. I prefer the language of consciousness, so that what is asleep can awaken, this possibility should be available.

There is a similarity between the materialist and the spiritualist; both of them accept only one—either matter or mind. But there is a difference too. While the materialist accepts the primary thing and is thus deprived of the ultimate, the spiritualist accepts the ultimate which includes the primary in it. It is all inclusive; it does not exclude. I love the language of spirituality; and therefore I say that everything is consciousness. Consciousness asleep is matter, and consciousness awakened is consciousness. All is consciousness.

According to alchemic tradition, the prima materia or true state of matter is produced by taking as raw material some compound of common matter and gradually distilling or “improving” it. In the arcana of the Hermetics, there is a debate about what that proper raw matter is, and some adepts have argued that it could in fact be anything because at the root of all things lies the prima materia.

For the creator the raw material, the “anything” are the tacit sensations of vision. In themselves those sensations are perhaps no more extraordinary than anyone else’s, but creators concentrate their fire on them. Both creators and the alchemists are materialists at heart, but of a special kind. They crave possession of a material or objective form (a scientific law, a painting, a concerto—a philosopher’s stone) to capture something exquisitely nonmaterial like a truth or subtle perception.

Alchemists claimed that the process of distilling the raw material into prima materia releases a spark of life. The spark is a return to “inspiration,” that is, the vibration breathed into all diverse things at the first creation. Richard Cavendish, a modem scholar of Hermetic texts, observes that alchemy “is based on the belief that the universe is a unity.

The alchemists found a principle of unity and order in a substance called First Matter, which remains unchanged behind all First Matter is not matter in any normal sense of the term, but the possibility of matter.”

The First Matter for a creator is the distillation of vision.

Once the crystal gleam of First Matter has been distilled, and its spark of life released, First Matter and spark are then recombined into a philosopher’s stone (genius) from which new and amazing properties emerge.

The prima materia (vision) now possesses the ability to produce new elements, convey immortality and ascend to the power of what alchemists call “multiplication or augmentation,” i.e., the ability to produce more of itself. Polanyi says of the scientific genius whose vision of a “hidden reality” has led him to a great discovery: “…The vision is renewed and becomes dynamic again in other scientists and guides them to new discoveries.”

Something similar could be said of the philosopher-stone visions of a Picasso or Brahms. Creativity, like alchemistry, is perplexing work, There are devilish paradoxes in the process. “Circular paradoxes,” they might be called: The distiller is the very thing distilled. The creative prima materia (the vision) is both the object sought and its own raw material. Conceit begets humility; uncertainty, a certainty; the individual, the universal…

For instance, the word “Christ” was often used to refer to the Philosopher’s Stone, the spark of life concealed in the darkness of matter.

ALCHEMY is the ancient science that sought to transform (transmute) common into precious metals, such as lead to gold. It was believed precious metals were made from baser metals, so it should be possible to duplicate this process. Alchemy also sought to transform human nature into the divine. The basic idea is to create something from nothing, or life from the lifeless.

The ” Just Man made Perfect ” is the Alchemist, who, having found the ” Philo-sopher’s Stone,” becomes glorified and immortal by the use of it. To be said to ” die,” is when the material elements can no longer maintain or cohere. To ” rise,” is when the immaterial life or spark is liberated out of its perishable temporary investment. To be ” glorified,” is when the powers, or independence, are attained which properly ap-pertain to the supernaturally perfect ” Light,” into which he knows ” all,” can be ” all,” and do “all.” It is this ” draught of immortality ” which enables him to assume what form he will, by passing through Nature as its master, and renewing his body by means of his art projected by Nature through, to the other side of Nature.

The alchemist is supposed to be superior to Nature to that extent, that he can pass through it (that is, through its appearances), and work on it, and in it, on the other side. It is here—in this true Anima Mundi, or ” Soul of the World “—that the alchemist, regathers the light dispersed or shaken-out of its old broken forms. Gold is the flux of the sunbeams or of light, suffused invisibly and magically into the body of the world. Light is sublimated gold, rescued magically, by invisible stellar attraction, out of the material depths. Gold is thus the deposit of light, which of itself generates. Light in the celestial world, is subtle, vaporous, magically exalted gold, or ” spirit of flame.” Gold draws and compels inferior natures in the metals, and, intensifying and multiplying, converts into itself. It is a part of the first – formed ” Glory ” or ” Splendour,” of which an objects and all souls are points or parts.

A Personal Philosopher ‘ s Stone The alchemists of medieval times attempted to create or discover a ” philosopher ‘ s stone ” – a chemical … stone – hope – to spark the alchemical transformation of loss into emotional growth and creative action.

For Gnostics man is divine , a misplaced spark of light engulfed in darkness through no fault of his own . He must struggle to free himself from this mortal coil and soar back to the empyrean realm from which he came . The struggle is difficult . Overwhelmed by this death – in – life , which the ignorant take for living, man.

The natural power of creation, the Secret Fire of alchemy or kundalini, is the force, which continually changes all of creation, moving it forward to more and more refined levels.

Kundalini works in the prematter on the etheric levels; and, as all substances, and all elements have their bases in this prematter, they can be approached from that angle if you know how to adjust and direct Kundalini.

Kundalini power allows us to have control over what we call inanimate nature. Not that there is anything really inanimate. There is life in all matter; nothing is dead. There are simply degrees of life: it’s in a trance in the rock; it sleeps in the vegetable; it awakens in the animal; and it becomes consciousness in mankind. One Life behind all things. So you see we carry a lot of potentiality within us.

The day has come when we should seek to unlock the treasure of this ancient volume with a key fashioned from the Philosopher’s Stone

Opening of Muladhara gives power over all the elements of the earth, includ-ing metals (particularly steel) and the earth part of the person, or flesh.

⦁ In Greek mythology , it is the kundalini which was the fire Prometheus brought from Heaven in a fennel stalk.
⦁ The kundalini also seems to be a factor in the production of the Philosopher’s Stone.
⦁ With inner fire, you are dealing directly with your own inner reality; you are simply increasing the power of the kundalini and heat energy that you already possess. It is amazingly powerful, like a volcano erupting from within you.
⦁ The discovery of the philosopher’s stone and the awakening of Kundalini are treated as one and the same phenomenon.
⦁ Working with the transcendental aspect of the spiral symbol is a means to break free of ego trappings and the symbolic chains that bind us.

For the average seeker , even today , kundalini is a supernatural force which can work wonders when aroused . Only , like the Philosopher’s Stone of the alchemists , one should know the secret by which it can be aroused or manipulated .

Inner fire is like the main door leading into a complex of hundreds of treasure houses. All the facilities for magnetizing realizations are there. Since it penetrates the very center of the universe of the body, it is incredibly sensitive in producing realizations. In fact, the super-stitious, conceptualizing mind cannot count the realizations brought by inner fire. It is the secret key that opens you to all realizations.

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