Now a new game has been presented, and a new gate has been opened for us to help initiate the rise in our consciousness. No longer do we need to play outside of the physical body; instead, we are being encouraged to take the body with us and to begin the journey from within. In a sense, it is the reverse of what we have been doing for eons of time. We are still entering the meditative state, but this time, we take the body with us as we attempt to start the changes from within the heart center. Everything has to begin with the heart. It is the new control center, and it will become the core of the new root chakra of the new human body structure. The energies that we are building from within create the power, the engine to start the rebuilding of the new system. In a sense, we are rebuilding from the inside out.

The space we currently live in is filled with waves from numerous sources forming interference patterns, and images can be created out of them. The media has specific surface three-dimensional sounds and images that we can all hear and see, but there are also masked sounds and images. These subliminal communications are used to encode us with negative thoughtforms. Any one of us is capable of picking up these metallic vibrational communications because our own life forces generate electromagnetic fields. However, unless your vibration is raised beyond the access of the “World Management Team” (the Annunaki-imposed Earth management team), your electromagnetic fields can be penetrated and/or monitored. According to researcher David Icke, a race of Nordic humans lived primarily in Atlantis before the firmament collapsed (the Deluge) and a reptilian race lived primarily in Lemuria (Mu). After the Great Flood, peoples who survived in the higher elevations returned to the lowlands. Survivors from Atlantis (mainly Nordic and Aryan bloodlines) and Lemuria/Mu (reptilian bloodlines) trekked to other lands and utilized advanced knowledge to found other cultures.

In the first chakra, the chief operating force is gravity. In the second chakra, the chief operating force is the attraction of opposites. In the third chakra, the chief operating force is combustion. In the first two chakras, there exists a power which is felt as a pull. In the third chakra something quite different happens. We have an explosion—a release of energy. It is this release of energy that provides our willpower with the energy to manifest our desires and dreams in the world.

For many years we were guided through many methods of meditation that brought us to an altered state of awareness We were then encouraged to reach the astral planes by leaving the physical body behind, as we experienced these different layers of the mind.

Now a new game has been presented, and a new gate has been opened for us to help initiate the rise in our consciousness. No longer do we need to play outside of the physical body; instead, we are being encouraged to take the body with us and to begin the journey from within. In a sense, it is the reverse of what we have been doing for eons of time. We are still entering the meditative state, but this time, we take the body with us as we attempt to start the changes from within the heart center. Everything has to begin with the heart. It is the new control center, and it will become the core of the new root chakra of the new human body structure. The energies that we are building from within create the power, the engine to start the rebuilding of the new system. In a sense, we are rebuilding from the inside out.

Many will argue that they have already walked this path, and they are correct. However, the challenge is to raise the vibration of the internal journey to unprecedented levels and to maintain it is not an easy process, as I found out. The power that is needed to run this new machine is the breath, the deep prana breath that increases the level of oxygen in each cell. We are so accustomed to our automatic shallow breathing that we have forgotten what deep breathing is all about. It is the breath of life itself, and it is the only one that supports the massive changes necessary to propel us into the higher layer of consciousness. The intensity of the sustained breathing is the power that will move the great shift within each and every one of us.

Numerous channeled messages have been given to us to help us get started. Some have even suggested that we stop meditating altogether. This has caused some confusion and misunderstanding. The message was meant to encourage us to release the old way of meditating—in other words, to stop doing it the familiar way. As we change our focus, we will indeed realize that the new way is quite different from the one we have been following all of these lifetimes.

I call this process energy meditation, for as we breathe, we ignite the internal generator that will power the wheels of change within. It brings the consciousness into the higher understanding that the divine source of light—the energy we know as God—is within us. There is no need for us to look up into the heavens, for the treasure we seek has been within us all along.

Energy meditation still brings us into an altered state, but now allows us the full awareness of all the layers of our body. There is no need to roam the astral planes any longer, unless that is your choice. This journey is focused internally and stirs up the congestion held within each cell. As the frequency of the energy begins to rise, fanned by the breath, it begins to release old patterns stored within the human tissues. With intent, we can now begin the process of dismantling the old structures within just as we would dismantle an old house before building a new one on the same lot.

We have been granted the state of divine grace to help us with this starting point. It is a kind of divine dispensation to help speed the process of ascension. Every effort, every intent to change and to walk the talk will be granted a boost, a magnification, and an acceleration of the transformation.

We are shifting in sync with the Earth’s magnetic grid and are moving into a stronger magnetic configuration. The higher conscious mind demands a more powerful line of communication. Compare it to more sophisticated fiber optic cables that increase the carrying capacity for data and information to be communicated all over the world. We have that technology now within our computer and phone systems. These advanced systems require better grounding fields; and thus, as they change, so do we.

Now instead of visualizing roots coming out of our feet, we create a triangular magnetic pad below our feet. This magnetic pad still contains all of the energy strands flowing down from the body or “roots,” but this time, we “ground” this pad with the breath into the new recalibrated magnetic field in the ground. The same principle applies for the grounding above the head where the triangular magnetic pad is grounded into the magnetic grid there. Imagine the firm contact when two magnets are attached. No matter how hard you shake them, they will not separate, and they will remain firmly grounded to each other. As we enter deeper into the shift, the energy fields within and around the Earth are shaking and moving at a much faster rate.

These two triangular magnetic plates forming the upgraded grounding system are connected by the prana tube in the spine that forms the lightning rod for this structure. This creates a gyroscopic stable mechanism that is completely grounded into the magnetic grid. This stability creates the space where we can experience the storm of change in complete safety, for we stand grounded in the eye of the storm. The buffeting energetic high winds and the eruptions of energy will reach us, but will only make us sway like strong trees in the wind that are firmly rooted in the ground.

There are many variations to grounding within the new energy grids, and the method described here was gifted to us by the Goddess to help us weather the great changes that are now upon us. Everyone has the choice to find the method that works for them.

The Cocoon Experience

The Goddess gave us the metaphor of the cocoons as a safe place where the transformational process of chrysalis can be experienced. Just like the caterpillar, we too must surrender the self all the way to our molecular and DNA levels. The major shift and the alchemy of transformation and transmutation begin with the awakening of these dormant DNA strands.

For many years, our scientists were only aware of the double helix of the human DNA structure and were not aware of the dimensional presence of all twelve strands contained therein. Many of us are now aware of the important role of the twelve strands and that the chemical construct of the DNA is a vital means of communication at all levels of our existence. The numbering system of the twelve strands was established only for the convenience of human understanding.

Our molecules talk and interact with each other constantly through the DNA communication network. The chemical compounds within the DNA allows for the flow of signals that carry messages over unlimited space without any distortion of the information sent. It is a type of electrical circuit, and the DNA in the big toe will have access to the same information as the DNA strands in the brain cells.

DNA exists within a magnetic field that allows for information to be transmitted through many pathways including the interdimensional highways without losing any part of the messages. These intricate strands have the same qualities as those found in powerful and sophisticated transformers. Imagine a vast wireless communication system that has the ability to bridge not only interdimensional space, but also the etheric space of spirit within the Earth’s realms. In other words, the ability to communicate with your loved ones on the other side of the veil is now possible without the intermediary of a psychic reader.

The existence of interdimensional circuitry is one of the reasons someone who has his foot amputated can still feel the itching in the phantom limb. Messages are still being transmitted through the DNA channels from the foot to the brain receptors, another bit of quantum physical proof that there is an unseen link connecting our physical bodies to our etheric bodies.

Every living thing on earth such as vegetable, fruit, or animal has DNA strands; but their DNA does not have the same function or the same configuration as lit] man DNA. The vegetable, flower, and animal DNA was created to support the human structure; and their purpose is to interface with the human DNA when they are consumed.

Human DNA strands are the only ones that are connected with the akashic records. These are the records of every experience you have on earth and the Akashic Hall of records have the function of a library branch where you can access all your information immediately. Reconnecting, rewiring, and reactivating this massive intricate network is a phenomenal undertaking for the three-dimensional body. It will take time and effort to bring it to completion.

The following DNA information was gifted to us via the Kryon channel, and it is a vital part of the transformation process.

A big piece of this is the role of the pineal gland and the presence of the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a series of numbers also known as the Fibonacci numbers. It is a series of numbers that form the ratio of a spiral, which is the basic structure of creation itself. The golden ratio is found all around us. In nature, the spiral creates the structure seen in a shell or the unfurling of flower petals. It is also found in our own physical structure. For instance, the ratio of our finger, knuckles, and our legs and toes correlate with this ratio, including the cochlea of the inner ear canal.

One spiral that is of major importance for the transformation process is the spiral that caps the prana rod deep inside the brain. The rod begins from the earth star, anchoring along the spine and moving toward the medulla oblongata. The earth Star is the energy center about two feet below the feet and the medulla oblongata is the slight indentation at the back of the skull. When activated energy will move and flow from the medulla oblongata into the pineal gland found in the center of the golden spiral.

The pineal gland is called the master gland, and it plays a vital part in our ascension process. When the pineal gland is fully activated, it induces the formation of calcite crystals, which then increases the ability to receive and send energy through the electromagnetic fields of the body. X-rays taken from a person with a very developed and activated master gland show the pineal surrounded by a soft blue light.

It is this golden roadway that raises our brain wave function from the lower beta waves up to the alpha, rising onto the theta and delta waves. Many magical things begin to manifest when the circuitries of the theta and delta pathways are connected and fully

In other words, just as in myth the hero is that offshoot of the gods who wants to break free of the gods. so the ego breaks free of the soul, its matrix, in order to reflect soul,

It is life in the Trinity where we discover our true vision. Sprawling, colorful, electric—the Father, Son, and Spirit are the vision, the lens through which we see, as well as the thing that is seen. It plays out differently for each of us, that’s how vast it all is—billions of differences … it could be trillions and never be exhausted because it’s infinite, this Trinity-life. But it is an expansive vision, where a self-centered vision is reductive.

 Though it is rooted deep within, it moves us outward and grows us, forever. The difference between self-life and Trinity-life is the difference between bondage and freedom. To live according to that cultural gravity, we have to hold on tight. The cultivation of an image and a lifestyle of means has to be carefully managed, meaning we literally become care-full. We are increasingly concerned about things and about people, though not in a healthy way.

We have to put others in their place—either exalted or brought low as the ego dictates—so we can better carve out our own place. The desperation of it all, the grasping at control, has our fists and teeth clinched tight. What’s really happening, though, behind the ever-tempting illusion of control, is bondage. Those clenched fists are really bound behind our backs.

The vision of the Trinity is liberation! It liberates us by grace. It is the Father who made us, not the culture, and the Father loves us desperately and knows and wants what is best for us. We learn to trust his love, and this trust is freeing.

It is the Son who frees us, not more buying and possessing. He bought us with his own life, so there is no more we can do to get free. Nothing more we can buy, do, imitate, even sacrifice. It is accomplished. And it is the Spirit who guides and empowers us, not the dictates of cultural gravity. The Spirit guides us toward the intimacy and likeness of God, which can’t be bought or envied or otherwise attained.

 It can only be realized in the power of this love working in us. It’s there, a vision awaiting discovery, awaiting perfection. We grow rich, not in goods but in grace. Our prize is the knowledge and love of God. This is both the means and the end. If this isn’t enough, then the fault, dear Brutus, is in ourselves. Fellowship fuels fellowship as union fuels union as glory fuels glory . . . and it is the Lord who does this (see 2 Cor. 3:18). Our striving need only be toward God, which is simultaneously a striving toward a greater experience of freedom and a truer vision for our life—a striving toward non-striving.

No product, no celebrity, no job or status or relationship or riches of any kind can ever grant us such freedom and meaning and life. All one can do with a vision so glorious is live into it, break free from the pull of cultural gravity and fix ourselves to God’s mystery, God’s revelation, God’s unending embrace. “To all who received him … he gave power to become children of God” (John 1:12, NRSV). Here, at this point of receiving him, begins a vision worthy of a child of God. We have the power to receive him. We have the power to choose this vision. We have the power to will. We have the power to become.

Recall that the root provides base support for the physical universe (e.g., Body of God). When you adopt any of a combination of these root chakra control clauses, you unwittingly shape the manifestation of reality on this earth in support of the hierarchical Annunaki system. By degrading the Body of God, the Annunaki are able to engage in all manner of magical trickery. For example, a degraded earthly sphere justifies predatorial, warlike behavior. The notion of a degraded physical universe also underpins various attempts to create deep structures in support of Annunaki hierarchy. We all exist in degraded form (we are all “fallen from grace”), we are told, however some of us (the strong, the chosen, the few, the proud) may overcome their naturally degraded state. The strongest shall prevail. Those who do overcome the “natural” degradation are then “fit” to exert control over the world.

This root control clause encourages you to create a world where everyone feeds off everyone else and the strong necessarily dominate over the weak. In the end, by adopting the limited control clauses on the root chakra  and its energies, you create a world where the most powerful parasites survive by feeding of the least powerful parasites. You also help create an asymmetrical energy flow where extraction of energy and accumulation at the top is justified by notions of strength, domination, and power over this earth and the physical things on it.

Like the fear of Gaia, this fear of God prevents your consciousness from fully entering into your body. Who wants to enter a prison where you have to undergo harsh treatment after all? Religion also blocks your root by teaching you that life is dirty, satanic, and beneath the life of Spirit.

When you adopt these ideas, you necessarily hold back in order to avoid being defiled. Ideas are, in this case, insufficient to implant the powerful fears necessary to block your root and prevent your grounding so in addition to these ideas, the Annunaki also bring to you experiences which confirm the “truths” about this universe (i.e., that is it defiled, that we are prisoners, that we have a cross to carry, etc) that they teach you in school and in church.

We always worry about our job, our income, and our retirement. We are kept on a constant treadmill barely making ends meet and never ever really being able to step off and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed. In all this, power is held by a few and those few use their power arbitrarily in order to punish those who do not follow the rules.

All life is interconnected. All life supports all life. Notice also how your energy is not depleted with this transfer. In fact, the more energy you transfer, the more your tornado touches down, the more confident you become, the stronger you appear, and the more energy you can handle. As you continue to practice this meditation, your multidimensional physical body continues to grow in power. Your energy tornado expands as you practice and learn to hold and transfer ever-increasing amounts of the energy of creation into this world. Do not fear.

You have been doing this for thousands of years and there is no danger that you will lose control. Remember, you are a co-creator and Spark of the One.

The power and wisdom of all of creation is yours if you claim it.

Control Clauses

As always, the Annunaki expend great effort in implanting control clauses into your unconscious mind in order to direct and control how the energy of a chakra is manifested. In the case of the Will of God, the Annunaki’s first preference is to cut off the energies and weaken the connection between your genetic code and your spiritual consciousness. They find this restriction necessary in order to weaken you creatively and make you less of a threat to their world systems. Attacking this chakra and cutting of the flow makes you impotent and barely able to sustain your own life much less sustain your creative intent in your local physical environment.

In general the energies of this chakra cannot be fully blocked. The energies remain important for the procreation of the slave race (i.e., the human form). As noted above in the section on control clauses, finely tuned control of these energies is important to the Annunaki because it is these energies, more than any of the other sacral energies, that are responsible for the form and content of the physical world. Shaping these energies creates “the system” in some deep and profound ways. Simply consider how much our gender

The ego fears the reality of life and the Master. The ego discovers that it is not the unchallenged master.. It is innately endangered by the prospect of the Truth. Deep down in its psyche, it is acutely aware that reality lingers as a threat on the horizon.

Whenever we happen upon a waterfall, we feel the activity of the transforming power of Grace. We are naturally humbled and moved by the undeniable intelligence, power, and majesty. The living water draws us to dip our feet or cup our hands in it, or perhaps even to strip off our clothes and get in. Intuitively, we know it is miraculous.

In Christian and Sufi mystical literature, “wine” is code for “living water,” the alchemical spiritual substance that transforms our consciousness to realms beyond the ordinary. jesus’s first “miracle” is the turning of water into wine at the wedding at Cana.

Reflecting on this parable afresh, nowhere does it mention who is getting married. Perhaps it is not really an outer marriage of people, but a mystical inner marriage: the dissolving of inner masculine and inner feminine, the marriage of dual and nondual, inner and outer, physical and nonphysical, ego and essence.

The transforming power of Grace not only sets us free from unnecessary polarity, it also wants to take us somewhere new if we will surrender to it. Most importantly, the transforming power of Grace helps us deal with the tough terrain that every human life involves: the betrayals, the hurts that are hard to bounce back from, the places where we get stuck in deeply entrenched patterns. We need Grace to help us address these challenges of being human.

The next four chapters are an invitation to come to the waterfall. Dive in through time-tested spiritual technologies of forgiveness, true compassion, unwinding ego identity, and abiding in your boundless nature. Ultimately, you cannot do spiritual transformation. As you yield to the transforming power of Grace, it finds you.

Every spiritual path, regardless of its mode or level, comprises three great degrees: purification, which causes “the world to leave man”; expansion, which causes “the Divine to enter into man”; and union, which causes “man to enter into God”.

This might also be expressed somewhat differently; there is something in man that has to die, or has to be destroyed: this is soul-desire, whose existential limit is the sensorial body; there is something in man that has to be converted, or has to be transmuted: this is soul-love—soul-will—whose center of gravity is the ego; finally, there is something in man that has to become conscious of itself, that has to become itself, that has to be purified and freed of what is alien to itself, that has to awaken and expand and become all, because it is all—something that alone must be: this is soul-knowledge,’ that is, the Spirit, whose subject is God and whose object is likewise God.

The role of meditation is thus to open the soul, first to the grace that draws it away from the world, second to what brings it nearer to God, and third to what reintegrates it into God, if one may speak in this way; according to circumstance, however, this reintegration may be only a fixation in a given “beatific vision”, that is, a still indirect participation in divine Beauty.

The first thought that is capable of delivering man from earthly attachments is that of death, and more generally—and correlatively—that of the ephemeral nature of all things. This meditation, which also implies the idea of suffering and is intimately linked to the attitude of renunciation, throws light on a fundamental aspect of our existence; it can therefore serve as the basis and symbol for spiritual realization despite its apparently negative character, which is necessarily compensated for by a positive aspect. Indeed, to with-draw from the world is to open oneself to the divine Ray; it is to be disposed to know the Eternity of God. To flee from the impurity of the created is to take refuge in the Purity of the Uncreated; to leave suffering is to enter into Beatitude.

The immensity and irresistibility of numinous Spirit alter the ego system in fundamental ways. The ego is shaken at its foundations because, in becoming aware of numinous Spirit, the ego discovers that it is not the unchallenged master of its own existence. Far from being master of itself, the ego here finds itself a small, weak subject whose fate is to be decided by Spirit’s changing, bivalent winds.

The ego fears the reality of life and the Master. It is innately endangered by the prospect of the Truth. Deep down in its psyche, it is acutely aware that reality lingers as a threat on the horizon.

The ego here realizes that it is not the sovereign power of the soul but is instead a mere subject, a subject subservient to sovereign Spirit. The ego, although awakened to Spirit, has not yet been reborn in Spirit and, there-fore, although no longer a worldly ego, is not yet a spiritual ego. Spirit does not yet play a role internal to the ego system. The ego is thus betwixt and between mundane and spiritual orders. Having died to the world of everyday life, it stands at the entrance to supernatural realms.

Whether it is a man or a woman, unless ego and fear are conquered thoroughly one can never move nearer to Atman or God. So the basic sadhana a real guru teaches you is to rise above your ego and your fear. The tests a real guru puts you through are intended to make you cross these two hurdles. This is true spiritual sadhana.

The truth is this – unless you rise above these two things -the most basic and fundamental hurdles in spiritual life – ego and fear – you can never become closer to God. This is one of the fundamental truths of spiritual life.

The dark forces look so pretty and handsome. They are very forceful and always try to attract you. They look good outwardly but inside they are highly poisonous. The godly forces are very simple, humble, non-attractive and calm. They never try to attract you at all. But if you allow them they work through you and take you to the Lord. They are non attractive to the outside but contain nectar inside.

What to choose between the two is always your choice. People usually choose the dark forces only to repent later. By the time they realize the fallacy of their decision, it would be too late. Only very few choose the godly forces right from the beginning. It is not easy to choose them. It needs deep thinking and tremendous will power to choose the godly forces and to reject the demonic forces. These two forces have always existed on the earth.

The supreme lord is invisible and incomprehensible. But moved by the devotion of the devotee, He appears in the form of a guru. He acts through the guru. He takes charge of the being of the guru and guides the disciple on the path. That is why we regard our guru as God Himself in human form. For all outward appearances, the guru might be just like us. He/she cannot be otherwise, because the body is human. But the inside (the mind) is not so.

So the search starts again and again. We work for sometime, then take a vacation to refresh ourselves. We live at a particular place for years and then we move out to a new place. We live with our family and friends – only to get bored in course of time and we change them. But will it work in the long run? Think over. Can you understand what you get by this? It is only a fleeting excitement and nothing else. And this is a very transitory phenomenon. It never lasts forever and you get bored again after some time. This boredom is a tool of nature to push you forward on the path of evolution. It never allows you to get stagnated in life. But we always take it the wrong way. Instead of going out,you have to go in.

That is the secret. You have wandered enough in the world. Did you get what you always wanted? Did you meet your ‘true lover’ anywhere in the outside world? No. It will never happen. Occasionally it might happen for some people.

They are very fortunate. But the majority of us will never get our ‘true lover’ in the outside world. In other words, nothing in the outside world can satisfy you totally. It is not in the nature of things. We try many new things, new hobbies, new friends, new lovers, new places, new jobs, new pastimes – what not everything but everything fails ultimately. You will be disappointed with everything in the end, for sure. So what is the way out? Go in, instead of going out, you go in. Instead of searching out, you search your inside. You understand your restlessness, what is its cause, why is it there, what actually are you searching for – you understand all this very calmly and very clearly.

This is the real meditation. As of now, you don’t know the answers to these questions, because you have no power of meditation. This understanding comes only through a very deep meditative awareness, which you have to develop by years and years of inner struggle. It does not come very easily. It never comes in a day. So my advice is – if you want peace of mind, if you want a stress free life, go in. Search your inside. This searching inside is what is called dhyana, meditation. Real tourism should happen inside you not outside. Tremendously beautiful and valuable riches are waiting for you – in you. And you are vainly roaming outside in search of them.

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