The journey of the kundalini energy to the crown of the head is called the journey of enlightenment. This journey takes place when this serpent wakes up and starts to split and dance around the spine, ionizing the spinal fluid and changing its molecular structure. This action causes the opening of the midbrain and the door to the subconscious mind.

No doubt you have noticed that all of the variations of the path of kundalini you have mentioned have one thing in common — part or all of the path is in the vicinity of the spinal cord. This is a pretty big clue on where the center of kundalini activity lies, and where the master control switch is.

Certainly kundalini can be observed moving in many other nerve channels (nadir) in the body –some major ones and many minor ones. Of course there is nothing “minor” about kundalini flowing anywhere. But it emanates primarily from the spine. Anyone who has awakened kundalini will tell you that. While some traditions go beyond the spine in their systems of practice, it is safe to say that the spinal cord is the master channel and controlling mechanism on the kundalini journey. In the yoga traditions, it is called sushumna. In AYP we usually call it the spinal nerve.

Kundalini is but one aspect of the journey, dealing with the transformation of the neuro-biology to a permanent ecstatic condition.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this creative, latent, potential energy and it continues to remain hidden. Throughout their lifetime people develop psychological and physiological blockages that prevent them from accessing this life force energy. A practitioner can access this dormant energy through the regular and disciplined practice of – yoga which includes the ancient techniques of postures (asanas), specialised, controlled breathing (pranayama), concentration and meditation. The massage techniques outlined in this book are designed to remove physiological blockages and also activate the life force energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine within all human beings.

This energy is inherently present within all of us and through self-discipline and the practice of yoga we all have equal opportunity of accessing this hidden energy and incorporating it into our daily lives. Of course, it is important to understand that like any investment that brings us high dividends, firm commitment and discipline are required. I would also like to remove from the minds of the readers any misconception they may have associated with the term “Kundalini.” In yogic tradition Kundalini describes the power of the divine having two aspects: one female, called Shakti, and the other, a male aspect referred to as Shiva. The female aspect is the dormant life force that is found at the base of the spine; once awakened, it can rise up to the crown of the head and unite with the male aspect, which is pure consciousness.

This union is a symbolic representation of transcending limitations and dualities and expanding our individual consciousness to rise to its highest level and unite with the universal or cosmic consciousness bringing us to a state of ultimate bliss. This symbolism is sometimes misunderstood to represent sexual union.

The ultimate premise of all forms of yoga is to unite our mind, body and soul; to transcend our senses and rise above limitations and dualities; and to expand our individual consciousness to unite with the universal consciousness. For the purpose of this book, and for all intents and purposes, Kundalini is seen as the creative, intelligent, corporeal energy that exists within all human beings. I believe any misconception or sexual connotations come from misinterpretation or the lack of proper understanding.

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