Mastery of life

In order to ascend we must master self, in other words, our thoughts and emotions. We have discussed abundance, which is created by the positive direction of thought, word, emotion and deed. A Master must do much more. He or she must also be able to master matter. By raising your vibration to the frequency of the Divine, you can control the formation of matter. You can do it not only on this planet but in other galaxies and universes and become a Master Creator.

This is a highly important work for those who have passed their tests of initiation and are ready. Most will master the Laws of Manifestation on this planet first but there are those of you who came in encoded to help also on other planets and who will do much work there. You will be valued and rewarded in the Great Scheme of Things. The basics of manifestation are to master the mind and emotions. All things at the higher levels come back to this. Devote yourself to the highest.

When you can discipline your mind and emotions and focus them with darity and intent, you will manifest with power and wisdom. You are like an archer with his bow and arrow. Only stray thoughts stop your arrows of manifestation from reaching their goal. If you are easily deflected by the opinions and comments of others, you waver. You do not set your sights firmly and the arrow plops to the ground or misses its target completely. Masters set their target. Their minds calm and dear, their emotions steady, they aim and nothing and no one can deflect their arrow. The arrow itself must be straight and true. This is the intention. Intentions must be of the purest and highest. The feathers must be balanced and well trimmed.

These are the emotions, the confidence, trust, sense of rightness which ensure a true flight. The average person has a mind which is all over the place. The Masters keep their mind focused on the goal until it inevitably comes about. Once you have a clear intention that the greatest desire in this lifetime is Ascension, to do the will of God, to leave the wheel of rebirth, to serve with the Masters at a higher level, then life becomes simpler. Choices disappear. You flow in a higher stream of consciousness. Here is a great secret.

When you wish to manifest a thing, a person or a situation into your life, you focus on the higher qualities this manifestation will bring to you. Imagine you already have what you want to manifest and feel the feeling of enjoying this higher quality already. By the Laws of Attraction this draws whatever is appropriate to you.

If you wish to work with healing, for instance, you focus on the joy and satisfaction, the compassion, the grace you have to offer. Suddenly someone will give you healing crystals or teach you to channel healing. Because you are flowing with a stream of Divine consciousness you know that whatever manifests is for your highest good.

In the third dimension manifestation requires clarity about your goal, focus of mind, emotions and willpower, plus action to make it come about. It is essential to do something. In great civilisations such as Atlantis, where the vibrations were much higher, it was only necessary to focus the mind, the will and the emotional energy on a goal for it to manifest. No other action was necessary. Many lightworkers are remembering this and omitting to take action to bring their visions into reality.

The higher we raise our vibrations, the less necessary action is. In the fifth dimension will, thought and emotions alone are enough to manifest.

This brings up an important point. We all basically know that the hierarchy of inner-plane ascended masters work with us so that the plan of God can be manifested on Earth. What we seldom tap into is just how much the masters, our own higher self, monad and God are relying on those in physical embodiment to carry that plan to its desired conclusion. When we embody an intention, it is set in motion along with agreements and commitments for fulfilling that intention. This plan is made with a particular master and group of masters, but for them to work through us without encumbrance, we must align with the intent agreed on before we incarnated.

Another reason why many people don’t manifest their spiritual mission on Earth is simple: They don’t realize they are supposed to; they have not been taught that this is the real purpose of the spiritual path. We are here to become integrated spiritual masters or ascended masters on Earth and to serve in this capacity, making the changes needed in this world to totally reorganize and revamp it according to the principles of God and the ascended masters.

We must master the mental or emotional levels and our own negative ego so we are not victims. We don’t want our minds, emotions and negative egos to have us coming and going. To manifest our spiritual mission on Earth takes psychological mastery.

How can the ascended masters help your ascension? When you think about an ascended master you automatically make a link which calls them to you. The more you read about them, meditate with or invoke them, the closer you become to them. You may feel yourself very drawn to one or you may connect with several of them. When you make a connection the ascended master can help you in various ways:

  1. They can telepathically impart divine information and light to you.
  2. They enable you to access more energy of the ray or rays they work with.
  3. You can receive teaching or healing from them when you attend their inner planes retreats during your sleep.
  4. They can encourage your spiritual progress and enhance the qualities you need.
  5. They can act as guides.
  6. Just as you have one archangel who oversees your journey, you have a senior master who undertakes the same role. You can communicate with your master and, if you form a strong, mature relationship with them, it will greatly assist your progress.
  7. Your guides consult the highly evolved masters about the best way to help your spiritual progress. Then they will open doors, arrange meetings and synchronicities that will create the right possibilities for you.

In a like manner, we are all keys to one another’s victory, and we must be alert to affirm that victory for one another. For in so doing, we rise up the ladder of initiation.

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