Kundalini seeking wholeness- The whole means that nothing can be added to it, ant the zero or emptiness means that nothing can be deducted from it. There is no way of going any farther from the absolute, and there is no possibility of plunging deeper than the deepest void. You cannot divide either the whole or the void into parts; they are indivisible. And the whole cannot be bounded, because whatever is bounded cannot be the whole.

The manifestation of the kundalini is called the “awakening” of the kundalini to stress that it is latent and must be made active. The traditional means by which kundalini is awakened involve a variety of yoga exercises passed down through the centuries including specific breath exercises and purificatory rites. However, it is also known that acts such as falling or getting hit on the head may trigger spontaneous kundalini awakening, and as well, certain drugs are known to mimic aspects of the kundalini experience. Kundalini awakening encompasses the whole gamut of personal human experience: there are alterations at physiological, sensory, emotional, cognitive and spiritual levels. The changes produced by awakened kundalini are so drastic from our usual states of consciousness that it is reasonable to say that a person undergoing awakened kundalini is experiencing an altered state of consciousness.

Finally, the supreme manifestation of kundalini awakening, and the formal and proper goal of the practices leading to kundalini awakening, is the experience of enlightenment, also called satori, cosmic consciousness, or the mystical experience. Enlightenment is a direct apprehension of the unity of the cosmos, a direct apprehension and identification with the transcendental essence of life and consciousness. Its essence is a “direct knowing” and a clear comprehension into “the scheme of things”.

Enlightenment has been an aspect of Eastern religious thought since the beginning of known history and plays as central a role in Tantric theory as it does in any other aspect of Eastern thought.

It is clear that the awakening of the kundalini is not a series of a few small alterations in consciousness, but involves a global transformation of the entire person.

The resulting state may be properly called one of hyper-awareness. As such, the fact that the kundalini experience exists at all indicates that we are dealing with an emergent property, or quality of consciousness, that results from a hyper-activation of all the systems of the body and mind. This is not a state familiar to most people. It is not even a state familiar to most people who practice kundalini yoga.

We are thus dealing with an altered state of consciousness that occurs relatively infrequently. The implication here is that, if indeed the kundalini experience is a hyperactive state of awareness, then we cannot rightly judge it by criteria used to ascertain our normal and usual states of awareness. In other words, to attempt to understand the kundalini experience, we are forced to go beyond our ordinary notions of consciousness and human nature. If we do not, then we miss the most significant aspects of the kundalini phenomena.

‘Kundalini is one of the greatest energies. The whole body of the seeker starts glowing because of the rising of the Kundalini. Because of that, unwanted impurities in the body disappear. The body of the seeker suddenly looks very proportionate and the eyes look bright and attractive and the eyeballs glow.’

It has already been discussed that there are so many ways to reach the ultimate stage to attain the Kundalini. There have been a number of yogis whom we know and the unknown yogis who do not reveal themselves, experienced the dormant energy awakened. The awakening of the dormant energy or the Kundalini brings various kind of miracles to the common man. It may seen very surprising to some people the music is one of the ways that lead to awakening of this energy. When the music vibrations are taken from navel chakra to the throat chakra repeatedly, the awakening of the Kundalini is experienced.

When the spiritual current of the sushumna is enlivened within the human physiology, it acts like a fountain of spiritual energy that fills the head with celestial fire. When the subtle fire in the head reaches a certain critical density, it becomes capable of reflecting unbounded pure consciousness At that point, the luminous spiritual current emerges through the crown of the head and assumes the form of a glorious spiraling column of light. The presence of this spiraling column of luminous subtle energy has been tradition-ally represented as a “halo.”

Those who possess the divine halo and are established in the state of pure consciousness may be considered enlightened. They automatically have Agni (the Divine Messenger) as a “guest in their house.” The Holy Spirit abides in their body in the form of a glorious column of divine fire. Such enlightened souls may be understood as earthly embodiments of the Divine Messenger.

The major role of Kundalini is to take the jiva slowly and slowly towards God, which is the goal of Kundalini and which is the goal of jiva also, so that jiva gets a contact with Shiva. In some cases, it is Shiva who first provides the contact to jiva and then the Kundalini starts becoming active. Thus the jiva is always safe.

The Kundalini is the most important instrument in the hand of the Guru.

When the Kundalini is activated, the man is caught. Otherwise people come to a Guru and run away. They don’t want to become Yogis because it is a difficult path. When the Kundalini is active, you are caught. Now you have to go on this path.

The Kundalini makes the body fit for the residence of God. The basic purpose of the Guru is to remove your darkness and give you light which means, that He is there to put you on the path of wisdom. When you are bound with the Guru, you are liberated from all bondages. Nowadays the Guru forcibly brings you on this path out of mercy. Nobody comes on this path: it is the Guru who grants you an experience, who shakes your mind .

So you can see what a change has come. Only God can reverse the direction of the flow of this energy in the minds of the people. The flow of this energy is reversed by Kundalini and sometimes by the single touch of the Guru.

When you are ignorant, you may ask what does it mean? You are a flame, and you say, ‘I am the chimney.’ You are consciousness, and you say, ‘I am the body.’ This is fundamental ignorance! When you are ignorant and you consider that you are the body, you claim, ‘I am this body!’ This is the first claim you make. This is the root of the ego in man, root of ignorance.

When you put it back and cry and pray for His mercy, then some day. He activates your Kundalini again from the bottom of the spine. This Shakti, when it gets activated from the bottom of the spine is known as Kundalini. The Kundalini goes towards Shiva only, and it will push you also towards Shiva. So it becomes a liberating force. The same Shakti that binds you, also liberates you.

When your Kundalini becomes active, and God is pulling you towards Himself, can you do something at that time? Of course you cannot do much, but still you can undertake some exercises if you understand what Shiva wants you to be, why He has granted you Kundalini, and what the Kundalini will do.

When you are completely in a crisis and you know that nobody in the universe can help you, and at that time if you cry, ‘Guruji, save me!’, at that moment this Guru-Shakti (known as the Shakti of the Guru or Shiva) gets active and solves your problems and gives you protection. At that moment it is known as Gurutattwa.

Kundalini is very free-willed. She will purify you because the order has come from Her master, Shiva (or Buddha or Christ).

Because when you love Jesus, your attention will go in Jesus, and when your attention is in Jesus, your Kundalini will get active, and you will be transformed slowly and steadily, yet inevitably. Nobody can stop it. Once Lord wishes, He has to transform you through Shakti. Nobody can stop it.

The real inner heat gained through concentration melts the kun-dalini in the central channel, and this produces bliss, which is then used to understand nonduality. The unified bliss and wisdom of non-duality consumes superstitions and ego conflicts. We do not have bamboo, pine, or olive trees to burn as our inner fuel, but we do have plenty of ego garbage and superstitions. The main function of inner fire is to burn all our delusions and superstitions and allow a non-superstitious, simultaneously born great blissful wisdom to grow. All nonconducive energy is burned by the inner fire, and only the useful energy remains. Our meditation causes tremendous energy to be absorbed into the central channel, which automatically draws in all the garbage from the other channels. Upon entering the central chan-nel, this negative energy is transformed and perfected so that it can no longer harm you.

If you follow the course of the stream which is the source of your well’s water, you will not only come across my well and all other wells, you will ultimately come upon the great ocean itself. In the same way, in the context of the kundalini the individual is there only at the beginning of the journey—as the journey comes to its end the individual too, comes to his end. Then there is only the all, the whole, the absolute, the one, or whatsoever you call it. So at the starting point of the journey you are separate and I am separate, but at the destination, the ultimate point, there is neither you nor I. We are just fragments or parts of that which is there at the journey’s end. So when the kundalini manifests itself in you, it will seem at first to belong to you—the individual. It will be yours. Naturally, you will find yourself standing at the edge of your well. But as the kundalini will ascend and expand, you will by and by find that your well is connected with all other wells also. And the more the experience deepens the more and more your individual well will disappear, and in its place the ocean will come into being. And it is in the ultimate experiencing that you will be able to say that this kunda belongs to all. It is in this sense that I said that the kunda is one and universal; it is one cosmic pool of energy.

What is true in the context of zero or the void is also true in the context of the whole or the absolute. In fact, you cannot conceive of the whole except by way of emptiness.

The whole means that nothing can be added to it, ant the zero or emptiness means that nothing can be deducted from it. There is no way of going any farther from the absolute, and there is no possibility of plunging deeper than the deepest void. You cannot divide either the whole or the void into parts; they are indivisible. And the whole cannot be bounded, because whatever is bounded cannot be the whole.

To be bounded means that something remains outside the boundary, and so it cannot have wholeness. Then it is less than the whole. If the boundary of your house begins where the boundary of my house ends, it means that my house is not the whole; if it is the whole it should include your house as well. So there can be no limit to the whole; it is illimitable. Who can limit it? It needs a

So if you understand it correctly you will know that the void and the whole are two ways of saying the same thing. And a religious pilgrim can follow both ways: either you become the whole or you become the nothing. Both ways will take you to your destiny, which is the destiny of all.

Breath plays a great role in the awakening of the kundalini. The kundalini is your energy asleep. You cannot awaken it with the help of carbon dioxide. Rather, carbon will deepen its sleep. Oxygen is a great aid in awakening the kundalini. This is the reason that we have always given such great importance to morning meditation. The reason is this: that in the morning even a small breath carries a large amount of oxygen with it. The earth happens to be in a very unique and extraordinary state for a full hour after sunrise, and to take advantage of this situation, morning has been chosen all the world over as the finest time for meditation.

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