Kundalini rushing to the Sahasrara chakra and opening the brain centre at the top of the brain is the first step towards enlightenment. Liberation means that one does not have to take birth again

Non duality and Kundalini reinforces each other Bliss originates from non duality. Kundalini awakening is semifinal bliss. Enlightenment is final/supreme bliss. Therefore, Kundalini awakening and enlightenment, both proves to be the states of semifinal and final non duality respectively. Morning Kundalini yoga strengthens Kundalini. That in turn strengthens non duality. That in turn strengthens bliss. Similar system works after evening Kundalini yoga too, so tiredness fade away immediately. Similarly, Non dual action strengthens kundalini and bliss, both together for all these three live together.

Surrender to Kundalini is the real surrender

There is a lot of emphasis on surrender to God in all religions. In fact, surrender to Kundalini is the surrender to God. God is formless. No one can see him, cannot know him, nor can anyone perceive him. How can one be devoted to someone, about whom he has no idea? In fact, only Kundalini is that small form of God, which can come in knowing properly. This kundalini can be in the form of a mental image of Christ, it can be in the form of a mental image of Lord Rama, and in the mind of someone.

It is you the great Guru first, who shown me God.. In comparison, the Guru has been told more important than God, because God is attained only with the help of Guru. Kundalini is really the image of the guru / lover in one’s mind. It also proves that devotion to Kundalini is more easy, human, practical and effective.

Surrender to kundalini is the surrender to God

Awakening is the beginning of enlightenment, which is a very long drawn out process that may take several lives for the soul to complete. Mahaparinirvana on the divine planes is miles ahead from enlightenment. However, the most important thing is to get the Holistic Insight. That puts us on the train going to the stations of enlightenment and liberation. Once on the train, you don’t have to do much to go to the destination. Always, the journey is better than reaching the destination. Enjoy the eternal journey.

Kundalini rushing to the Sahasrara chakra and opening the brain centre at the top of the brain is the first step towards enlightenment. Liberation means that one does not have to take birth again on the hell planet called earth and is free to roam in the astral and causal realms.

The carriers of pure intelligence work with Kundalini to pro-duce, maintain and destroy bodily structures. It is they who deter-mine the cubits of our stature at every level and in every sense. Really good aptitude tests are trying to discover the individual’s range and limits in terms of this kind of intelligence. It is of interest that it is a easier to arrive at these objectively than it is to be objective about states of consciousness. Also the methods involved are essentially the same as those used to uncover the intelligence implicit in a crys-tal lattice or an enzyme.

Kundalini awakening is a fact of life on the path of human spiritual transformation, no matter what system of practices or tradition we are following. It is much better to face kundalini and engage it in an intelligent and balanced process of unfoldment, rather than to try and avoid it and end up either with limited progress, or being thrown from pillar to post due to a lack of understanding and effective management. With good education and prudent application and pacing of a full range of yoga practices, we can enjoy the awakening of ecstatic kundalini and the many benefits of this great divine power and intelligence residing within us.

While we may seek our own enlightenment, we will only find it as we learn to give it away. That is how it works. The process of giving is an essential aspect of reaching the advanced stages of kundalini unfoldment and continuing progress on the path of yoga. The more we are able to give, the more we are able to receive in terms of our own spiritual evolution. The two processes are one and the same. This is not a moral guideline.

Giving is simply part of the ongoing process of inner purification. There is no need to force it. Giving will happen in its own way as the divine energies continue to advance within us. Giving what? That depends entirely on our personal inclinations. No one can define what the ideal path of another will be. It is within each of us, like a seed containing all that can be for us. All we must do is nurture that seed and allow it to grow to full maturity.

Yet, there is a commonality behind every seed. It is the reality of inner silence and ecstatic conductivity (kundalini), and the blending of these in action. This is how divine energy flows through us into the world. From the ecstatic kundalini side, there are tell-tale characteristics.

The energy within us increases in flow as purification advances within our nervous system. As inner obstacles dissolve, kundalini manifests with increasing power. What we find is mind-boggling energy and intelligence flowing through us. Whether we claim this as our own or not is a matter of how we see ourselves.

We may see the flow as an expression of our own being, or we may see ourselves as a channel of the flow coming from the divine within. Either way, it happens, and we find ourselves able to do what before might have seemed impossible.

“After the process of creation of the body is complete, Kundalini Shakti is said to go into a dormant state. But it can become active again later in life as the spiritual process known as a Kundalini awakening. But rather than creating a new life form from a fertilized ovum, it now undertakes a process of renovation of the existing human body, particularly the brain and nervous system, so that a more advanced faculty of mind — cosmic consciousness or enlightenment — can be manifested.”

As stated previously, it’s responsible for the blueprint of your being, responsible for the formation of your embryo, for your fetus, for your physical body up to the moment of birth, at which time it hibernates. up to the moment of your birth, it stays one step ahead of your actual embodiment, carefully matching your anatomy to the three-dimensional form as prescribed in your blueprint.

“There can be no doubt that the DNA contains the master plan for how every type of cell in our body is maintained and replicated. Nor can there be any doubt that the constitution of our cells determines many aspects of how our body functions. But the building of a fetus in the womb is a process many orders of magnitude greater in complexity than building a protein or enzyme in a cell. If no physical mechanism can be found that can coordinate and control this process, then the only conclusion that can be reached is that it is being done by a creative intelligence that is totally unknown to science at present.”

Nevertheless, throughout your life, Kundalini Shakti waits to be summoned from slumber and use its super-conscious intelligence to guide your now capital ‘B’ Being to a more enlightened state. If remedial metabolic, somatic, or anatomical work needs to take place, the awakened kundalini is able to call forth and access your original blueprint and use it as a pattern to restore your body to its intended physiological state, according to the blueprint.

The Intelligence that rules the universe is entirely beyond the grasp of our intellect. The disproportion between human intellect and Divine Intelligence can be illustrated by the analogy of the brightly lit specks of dust floating in a state of motion in a shaft of sunlight entering a dark chamber, as compared to the blinding radiance on the surface of the sun.

Our incapacity to transcend the limits imposed by our senses prevents us from encountering other Intelligences in the universe. Humanity with all its technological achievements is like a colony of ants running hither and thither in search of food, and the human wars are like the sustained battles fought by ant colonies hostile to one another.

Because of the sensory bondage on his perception, the average human being misses the glory, the majesty, and the Omnipotence of Cosmic Intelligence. Yet the human race is slowly moving in the direction of a titanic consciousness. The process of evolution is not active in the brain alone but operates to bring the whole organism in line with the highly expanded state of the mind.

The average human frame of our day is not yet sturdy enough to maintain the brightly burning flame of Cosmic Consciousness. It needs to be remodeled to make heightened spiritual activity possible. In numerous cases of psychosis the malady is due to the disproportion between the body and the mind. The former is not able to maintain a brighter light.

Kundalini energy is the awakened identity of your true self, which can be experienced as a timeless and infinite love of the soul. Kundalini is a complete science that may be divided into different components, yet it is the experience of participating in the totality of that structure that allows you to touch something beyond the physical body and recognize the infinite quality of the soul. In the moment when Kundalini is awakened, the ego has nothing to do.

There is only bliss, joy and a huge sense of gratitude for that which has been given as a gift to all of us. The total experience of a Kundalini awakening can have a profound effect on your awareness of your mind, body and spirit. The transformative power of the awakened Kundalini releases blocks and overcomes difficulties, opening paths to healing and change. Kundalini energy has the capacity to cut rapidly through the limitations of the ego, so that you can tune in to your innate wisdom and true potential.

There are no words that can capture the experience. The human mind has the potential to be creative and expansive, but in practical reality we don’t train our minds to take part in this process. Through regular Kundalini meditation you can awaken Kundalini energy and release the mind’s control. Training the mind in this way and giving it a regular experience of its infinite potential will free up the creativity of your intellect and the intelligence of your soul.

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