Kundalini, Laya Yoga and Alchemy, the power of the philosopher´s stone, To awaken and uncoil it is to break the ontological plane and attain the sacred center or enlightenment.

As kundalini moves up through sushumna, it is with-drawn from the phenomenal world; hence kundalini yoga is also called Laya Yoga. Laya in Sanskrit means dissolu-tion or extinction. In this process kundalini ascends from the muladhara chakra (Saturn chakra) to the ajna (Sun) chakra.

In ho-tish (astrology) Saturn rules the metal lead and the Sun rules the metal gold. The transmutation of the base metal lead into gold is, in the popular mind in both the East and West, the epitome of the science of alchemy, rasashastra.

There is, of course, much more to the discipline than that. The deeper meaning of the ascent from lead to gold, from Saturn to the Sun, from muladhara to ajna, is the process of raising kundalini. The goal of the process is to become rasasiddha, literally, brought to perfection by means of quicksilver, and skilled in alchemy. Quicksilver in this case is akasha, and the akashic pathway called sushumna. It is also known as the royal road, the pathway that allows one to enter other lokas and converse with the devas.

The dissolution of Laya Yoga is the first part of the alchemical formula solve et coagula. Energy is withdrawn in each of the lower four chakras, and the building blocks of our forms, complexes, and attachments dissolve into their respective elements. Earth, water, fire and air are transmuted into akasha, the fifth element.

The solve process of transformation is acted out ritu-ally in the Tibetan Tantric practice of sand painting in which intricate mandalas are created and then destroyed upon completion. This destruction of form is a clearing process that makes way for a more refined expression of kundalini via the four elements; in other words, the field is cleared so that one’s life energies can be reformed with fewer obstructions.

The reforming, the coagula of alchemy, occurs as kundalini energy is naturally drawn down into the lower chakras during the everyday processes of life. That down-ward moving kundalini expresses the four elements to create a new mandala; but this time the mandala (which is maya) is in accord with a broader and more harmonious perspective of the universe.

Each new mandala will also be destroyed and replaced in the process of kundalini rising in an ongoing cycle, until moksha, liberation, is achieved. Each chakra is related to a planet as well as an element. The elements and the planets are specific complexes of energy which ebb and flow, and color the quality of time and space.

The ebb and flow of these particular energies is cyclic, the cycles range infinitely, cycles within cycles revealing a fractal patterning of time. On the human scale, we are normally tuned in to a limited bandwidth of cycles, measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.

The formal study of these cyclic energy flows and their influence on us in day-to-day life is Swara Yoga (cycles and modes of breathing) and astrology (jyotish). However, as you attain a more enlightened perspective from any yoga practices, you will be able to readily discern

these cycles and the type of energy involved simply by ob-serving the patterns in your everyday life. Prana enters the body through the chandra chakra. It is distributed to various parts of the body through the other chakras and nadis. In the chakras, the prana is shaped in accord with our samskaras.

Thus, pure pranic energy is trans-formed and transfigured by our mental, physical and emotional patterns into the aura (energy field) which surrounds our bodies, with its particular patterns of color and feel. Each of us has unique patterns of energy flow that form our aura, our distinct personality, which in turn shapes our actions and reactions in time and space to other energy flows, objects and people. It is easy to see these patterns in your astrological birth chart.

Our aura is what others react to either consciously or unconsciously when they come into contact with us. The aura also reveals our energy connections, our relationships, to various ideals and ideas, and organizations and people – everything including family ties, work situations, friends, lovers, religions and other affiliations. This is due to a give-and-take pranic energy flow between the parties involved in the relationship. Some relationships take more energy from you than they give you; some give more back to you than you give, while others are a more balanced give and take.

Svatantrya is a state of psychological independence. It is commonly defined as self reliance, following one’s will, etc.; but, it is not following the willfulness which is a prod-uct of our ego-selves. Svatantrya is based in cosmic con-sciousness, our higher selves.

This state is fully achieved when we are firm enough in feeling and knowing our deep connection to cosmic consciousness, that we do not re-quire any sort of validation from any part of maya. It is questionable whether an incarnated human can ever fully achieve and sustain this; but, svatantrya, owning oneself, is an ideal the Tantric always moves toward.

The independence of action of svatantrya is tempered with full responsibility for one’s own actions, and the re-percussions of those actions. We take part in the world with eyes wide open. We enter into relationships with other individuals and groups, but do not “sell our souls” to any of them in the process; that is, we give our pranic energy, our kundalini, to them in a conscious, measured way. One does not allow oneself to be victimized.

All actions take place in time by the interweaving of the forces of nature; but the man lost in selfish delusion thinks that he himself is the actor. But the man who knows the relation between the forces of nature and actions, sees how some forces of nature work upon other forces of nature, and becomes not their slave. Those who are under the delusion of the forces of nature bind themselves to the work of these forces (The Bhagavad Gita 3:27-29)

Observe and study. The maya that you see before you consists of objects and events that are really dream sym-bols. What we perceive as past, present or future is only a matter of perspective, our angle of observation. Through the practice of raising kundalini one becomes the knower of past, present and future, a time lord or trikala jnani. The Tantric works with the eternal now (akasha, bin-du, sushumna), which is at the very center of past and future. In bindu, your past no longer defines your future, and your future does not define your present. Past, pres-ent and future are all occurring at the same time. You can refine and redefine yourself in each new moment.

The Alchemist and the liquid gold Amrita the Indian people call it, Aurum potabile the Europeans call it — that mysterious potion of immortality. He wanted to have this potion. Obsessively, he read old books, destillated and cooked, and tried many a formula. A kind heart gave him a little phial. “This is from what Amrita originates.” The alchemist was excited. He will find the formula and destillate it by the litre, he was sure about that.

A characteristic feature of Taoist mysticism is the transformation of animalistic life forces into a spiritual essence of light from which the “diamond body” is developed (diamond as a symbol for the pure and imperishable). This transformation of the inner powers does not only happen through the mystical exercises of light circulation, but also through a conformable change in way of life, combined with physical exercises.

Through an inner alchemistic process, Ching (water and life force) and Chi (fire of the heart) are transformed into vapour (ascending water), which ascends the spinal column to get lightened by Shen (heavenly light) in the head region. Through this process, the golden life elixir is developed, which accumulates in the abdomen and grows to become the immortal body of light. With ongoing meditation, a body of light or even several bodies of light are formed and released.

The prime function of the Alchemical Breath Control is to procure a transcendental power through charging the Supreme energy of the universe to access into the sphere of “Anything is possible.” According to St. Germain, this mainstay of Tantric conception and practices was essential to the Great Work of Alchemy known as the “Philosopher’s Stone.” The secret essence of Philosopher’s Stone is associated with this Alchemical Breath Control. As you practice St.

When the Alchemical ingredients are conjoint, they crystallize into one super-potent remedy to produce the quantum manifestation power. It is even possible to accomplish the Alchemist’s ultimate goal, the Philosopher’s Stone, to enter a transcendental state of being: the living saint.

According to the Tantric texts, Kundalini is a mysterious psycho-spiritual force, a conceptual and practical mainstay of Tantra, which originally served as a road map to awaken the Kundalini power. If it is uncoiled and raised to the thousand-petalled lotus at the crown of the head known as the seventh chakra, which represents spiritual unfolding, it obliterates the sense of individua-tion and floods the body with divine nectar, the Kula-amrita, thus allowing you to have inexplicable beatific state of experience. When Kundalini begins to ascend through the chakras, it brings increasing powers into play, until it reaches the highest point of total awareness and realization.

To awaken and uncoil it is to break the ontological plane and attain the sacred center or enlightenment.

Two forces operative in the universe. In Alchemy they are the male sulfur and the female quicksilver, the power of transformation, the solve et coagula of the Great Work, the synthesis of opposites and the transcendent function of mediation between the upper and lower realms. The outspread wings at the upper portion of the Caduceus represent divinity, which protects and pervades the power of the deity and the power to transcend, freedom, swift victory, and the golden harvest.

According to St. Germain, the symbolic writings of the secret of initiation rites are based on his own experience, which manifested through the accomplishment of the Magnum Opus, the final stage of the alchemical process known as the Philosopher’s Stone. The Philosopher’s Stone is an ancient symbol of the perfected man whose divine nature shines forth through a chain of purified and unfolded supreme vehicles. As the rough diamond is dull and lifeless when it is first extracted from the black carbon, so the spiritual nature of man in its fallen state reveals little, if any, of its inherent luminosity. Just as in the hands of the lapidary expert the rock will transform into a radiant gem, so upon the lathe of the Divine Lapidary the soul of man is ground and polished until it reflects the glory of its Creator from every atom.

Another important color and substance used in the Alchemist meditation and ritual was gold. The color gold is considered sacred, due to its purity and majesty. It represents power, longevity, prosperity, and transformation of the soul. It also represents the untarnished pure state of being, wisdom, understanding, the pearl of enlightenment, and being a source of Light.

Thus, gold and purple are illuminated by flames to become the symbolic interpretation of wisdom. Alchemists, throughout the ages, believed that the essence of gold is the link between heaven and earth, and associated it with great work. The final stage of the Alchemical process, known as the Philosopher’s Stone, is to be enlightened. It is said to be concealed in the formula V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Visit the interior of the earth; through purification thou wilt find the hidden stone). The core element of Alchemy is fire, as it is a symbol of the generative power aroused and tamed for mystical use, which relates Alchemy to the core elements of Tantra.

This fire, stimulated by air passing through holes in the Athanor (the symbol of the human body and known as the Alchemical vessel or oven where the elixir is prepared and is either flowing naturally or fanned with bellows), recalls the yogic Pranayama breathing techniques used to arouse Kundalini, “Serpent power.” Alchemists believed one can encourage health and longevity by imagining that the abdomen is like an Alchemical crucible where the body’s vital energies are combined to form a golden pearl and immortality.

In alchemy, sulphur is the Sacred Fire or the Awakening of the Kundalini by an electric induction. This happens when a positive (+) and a negative (-) current of Mercury come into contact in the Triveni, close to the coccyx bone.

The master can merge all four elements so that they sublimate into the highest state – Akasha – total perfection – God – unity with God.

If, as a species, we learn to govern that process and to increase the flow of kundalini in our bodies, we can begin to change the nature of our bodies to such an extent that ulti-mately (which won’t be for thousands of years) we come to a point when the physical body is responsive to kundalini shakti through its every atom. And then, if we want to walk through a wall,  we resolve the physical body into prematter and we walk through the wall without obstruction. It is what the theologians call, “the resurrection body,” the body which walks out from the tomb, which can walk through walls. That resurrection body which we have within us is the glorified Solar Body.

When the physical body is changed into that resurrection body—as it is destined to be—all the physical power of the physical body will be at the service of the freed spirit who can materialize at will in any place. He will be able to take his body on any plane he wishes, including the physical.

There are great masters of life, the true masters, who have realized that secret which is in every one of us. They can reconstitute their physical bodies so that they become temporarily immaterial. No, I’m not talking nonsense; there are authentic cases of this happen-ing. In time this material universe and everything that is of ma-terial substance will become immaterial. The whole of the uni-verse will pass into a condition of no matter. In the East it is called “pralaya,” a condition wherein no life can manifest be-cause there is no form by which it can manifest. The goddess is sleeping; the universe sleeps; all material things are no more. Perhaps those black holes we now hear so much about are a phenomenon in which matter is being disintegrated and formed back into prematter. It rather looks that way.

The time will come when all physical life has gone, the inner planes have gone, and all that remains is the Eternal Spirit brooding over the creation that was and which has now reached its fruition, the fruits thereof absorbed within Itself. Then, in the far distant future, there will come a time in the dawn of the gods when the life of Kether flows once more, and Binah is reestablished; when the plastic substance of the universe again comes into manifestation.

All the old forms, all the old knowledge of the Logos now locked up in that wallet which the fool of the tarot carries, all that knowledge will come into manifestation again. All the sons and daughters of the One Life who have evolved in this universe will return as universe builders. We shall be the morning stars who sing together for joy as we begin to work together in cooperation with the Logos in His new task in the new Universe in a realm of new ideals and new conceptions of reality.

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