Kundalini is that treasure within you which has been left unused, untapped. You could use that energy to transform this into a completely different dimension altogether; a dimension that you cannot imagine. The kundalini energy gradually rising to the head over a period of time becomes stronger and stronger and eventually brings enlightenment. The knot of the heart is pierced, and all the doubts of the heart are destroyed along with the bondage of karma. Then one has the vision of the Supreme. Tavistock Institute. Part 135.

Yoga is the art of uniting the individual soul with the Supreme Soul, of uniting the Kundalini Sakti lying dormant in the Muladhara Chakra with Siva in the Sahasrara Chakra. … Samadhi illumines the soul and reveals the Self, by piercing the veil of ignorance.

Vedanta says that the individual soul is enveloped by five sheaths—Annamaya Kosha (the gross body), Pranamaya Kosha (vital sheath), Manomaya Kosha (the mind), Vijnanamaya Kosha (the intellect), and Anandamaya Kosha (the bliss-sheath or the ignorance that immediately veils the Self), and that the goal of life, viz, Self-realisation is attained by negating the five sheaths and piercing the veil of ignorance.

Kundalini is not a modest energy; it is a monumental force that can be tapped, amplified, directed. As the source of all mystical experience, the awakening of the kundalini shakti vivifies health, vitality, mental clarity, and imagination. Kundalini has the capacity to radically enhance everything you experience, from enjoying the company of another to sitting in profound absorption, rapt with the energy of the cosmos f lowing through you.

Kundalini is that treasure within you which has been left unused, untapped. You could use that energy to transform this into a completely different dimension altogether; a dimension that you cannot imagine.

The kundalini energy gradually rising to the head over a period of time becomes stronger and stronger and eventually brings enlightenment.

The normal mind is incapable of piercing the veil of senses or of time and distance on account of the restrictions imposed by the very structure of the organ through which it manifests itself .

Shakti is able to remove from the minds of yogis the veil which covers the three worlds. This veil of ignorance, which has taken the form of the world, hides one’s own true nature, converts the state of Shiva into the state of individuality, and makes one undergo great sufferings. This veil consists of the three impurities and is also known as the knot of the heart.

“The knot of the heart is pierced, and all the doubts of the heart are destroyed along with the bondage of karma. Then one has the vision of the Supreme.”

When Maha Shakti Kundalini unfolds within, the knot of the heart is automatically pierced, all thoughts and doubts are destroyed, and all karmas are weakened. Kundalini gives a seeker true understanding of all the worldly pleasures which appear so wonderful, and, knowing them to be the cause of the seeker’s bondage, She roots them out for his own good. When Parakundalini Shakti, who is subtler than the subtlest, pierces all the knots which sustain the sense of limitation, the knowledge of the Absolute arises. Then, the yogini Kula Kundalini Shakti sports forever in the yogi’s pure mind. She fills the minds of yogis with bliss, leads them to the state of Shiva, and severs all their worldly bonds. For this reason, yogis continually worship Mother Kundalini through meditation, and thereby please Her. Swimming in the ocean of bliss, such yogis become intoxicated by drinking the nectar of love of the adoring Kundalini; for them, the entire world becomes the embodiment of love.

Kundalini is the belowed and Self-born ONE.

To move the Kundalini is to remove the veil of ignorance.

The last veil falls when our lesser selves are transcended and our center of identity becomes the Self. This is when we can experience the blissful state of Satchitananda and know we are home.

The citshakti kundalini lies hidden by the veil of inveterate ignorance , the shroud of indomitable ego , the mantle of the discursive mind and its varying distractions .

It is by sundering these obscurations and obstructions that the divine potentiality manifests itself . The revelation of the luminous shakti is accomplished by minds capable of transparent purity and penetrating introversion or deep meditation.

It is he who uplifts the Jiva from the quagmire of body and Samsara; removes the veil of ignorance, all doubts , Moha and fear . It is he who awakens the Kundalini and intuition.

The yogi attains freedom from worldly desires and the energy is now directed to higher planes and to the “gateway of liberation.” The aspirant now understands the real meaning of yoga—the Divine Union. With increased concentration and peace of mind, the yogi can see the past and present, and anticipate the future.

A guru is one who has full Self – illumination and who removes the veil of ignorance in deluded jivas. Only man is not aware of it , because of the veil of ignorance before him and getting man´s rightful share in the joy of Divine Bliss.

A Guru can awaken the Kundalini of an aspirant through sight, touch, speech or mere Sankalpa (thought). He can transmit spirituality to the student.

A Master whose Kundalini has been completely activated through the grace of the Guru and who has the blessing of the Kundalini can fully awaken the Kundalini of his disciples.

Shaktipat is the transfer of energy for awakening of the Kundalini of the disciple by the grace of God and Guru.

Scriptures say, seek out a Guru who can awaken Kundalini Shakti, remove the obstacles in your path, and establish you in the Supreme.

The kundalini of others can be awakened only by those whose kundalini is awakened. Those whose kundalini is not awakened cannot awaken the kundalini of others.

This is because he does not possess the necessary knowledge , steadiness of mind , or patience required for this difficult undertaking . Many seekers are found wandering here and there in search of a guru who will awaken their kundalini.

Yoga is definitely a system of having control over the senses , so that these should not disturb the mind striving for the removal of the veil of ignorance.

Moreover an experienced guru ( spiritual guide ) can awaken his desciple’s kundalini apparently by touching his forehead or backbone .

Once you start the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation, these chakras get charged up and begin to vibrate at a new and faster frequency.

We live in a sea of energy. Energy vibrates. Everything in the manifest cre-ation is vibrating. Even seemingly solid, inanimate objects are constantly vibrat-ing. They are simply vibrating at a slower or lower frequency than animate objects. Some vibrations are audible, they are sounds we can hear with our ears. Thoughts are silent sounds, electromagnetic vibrations. The higher the fre-quency, the less dense and more etheric the quality of the vibrations we hear and speak, the more our own vibrational frequency is raised. Raising our own vibration brings us closer to experiencing and merging with the highest vibra-tion of all, GOD, the original cause of the creativity of the universe.

There’s a vibratory frequency that corresponds to everything in the universe. By vibrat-ing a particular combination of sounds, you tune in to various levels of intelligence, or consciousness.

The humans ego keeping Mankind tuned into a world of low vibrational frequencies of negativity, ignorance and FEAR (media, news, movie industry, catastrophic events, or global treaths of somekind).

Granthies: The Psychic Knots Granthies are the psychic knots of the nadis in the spinal chord; these are other than the chakras made up of the ethereal matter. Granthies play an important role in deciding the awakening of the Kundalini, partially or fully. Unless tackled tactfully, these become the biggest hurdle and hindrance in the upward journey of Kundalini. These Granthies (knots) are responsible to provide many Siddhis and Riddhis to aspirants, if opened and balanced properly. There are three major Granthies:

Brahma Granthi Vishnu Granthi Rudra (Mahesha) Granthi Brahma, Vishnu & Rudra (Mahesha) are the Trinity of God (Adi-Purusha) as per the Scriptures. These Knots (Granthies) are the main hindrance in the movement of the Kundalini energy upward.

The Granthies are cosmic in nature and plays a vital role. The Granthies decide the full or the partial awakening in the opening of the six Chakras. The Granthies are also to be opened by the aspirant tactfully. The knot of Brahma restricts the Muladhara chakra. The knot of Vishnu restricts the Anahad chakra and the knot of Rudra restricts the Agyia chakra.

These knots font a significant role in yogic practices and the stages toward enlightenment by breaking through these knots. As per the Scriptures, four stages of progress are described such as arambha, ghata, parichaya and nishpatti. Arambha is associated with breaking the knot of Brahma. Ghata is associated with breaking the knot of Vishnu. Parichaya & nishpatti are associated with breaking the knot of Rudra. After balancing these knots Kundalini may ascend to Sahasrara.

It is the first major blockage to surpass. Without opening of Brahma Granthies it is not possible to come out of the bondage of the material worldly things. This Granthi is linked to other four smaller Granthies. These are known as Bhairavi, Vishala, Chamunda and Shirsha. All these Granthies keep the men under the temptation and bondages of material things like money, lethargy, worldly pleasures, land, property, sex, and ignorance due to Maya. These characteristics develop the concept of Ego `I’ and selfishness in the human personality.

That is when at the second stage, as the praanayaama rises, from the heart to the second stage that is throat area, it is possible to pierce the Vishnu granthi that is the sacred area in the throat. As it is pierced the Yogi experiences bliss, and is indicated by the sound therein. The Vishnu granthi is located at the fourth chakra. The Vishnu granthi is related to the heart and throat chakras and involves the mental and emotional aspects of our existence. Piercing them is what allows the kundalini energy to move unrestrained through our whole system .

Rudra Granthi It is the third and last major Granthi to obstruct. It belongs to Lord Shiva. This Granthi obstructs the aspirants from further progress from crossing the tenth door. This Granthi is responsible for the hindrance for the opening of the Agyia Chakra. Rudra Granthi is related to six important minor Granthies known as Roudra, Mukti, Sanathya, Kapali, Kalachudas and Kulashrva. All these smaller Granthies keeps the aspirant under the wraps of material attachments, illusions of Riddhis and inner psychic powers. This Granthi keeps the aspirant attached to it and stops his further progress. On balancing this Granthi the aspirant is blessed to attain the stage of thrvikalpa Samadhi and have the experience of the cosmic bliss of Shiva Shakti. This Granthi is very difficult to open by the aspirant himself. Only a self-Realized guru can help in opening this Granthi. A realized guru is needed at this stage for further progress.

The opening of Rudra Granthi bestows many powers, Riddhis and Siddhis like: The secret of creation of the universe is revealed to the aspirant. Aspirant is detached form the great illusion and delusion due to Maya. He comes closer to God-realization. Once opened this Granthi also remains opened for the lifetime. It provides many extraordinary Siddhis & Riddhis All the chakras are energized and channelized to connect with the Agyia chakra. The emotions like anger, dullness, agony, sadness, happiness, fear and surprise are get away one after the other from the aspirant. Once opened, it also remains open for the lifetime. When this Granthi is opened, the aspirant gets a victory over the illusions, delusions and Maya of the world. He gets connected with the realm of God-Realization.

According to The Siva Sutras, the Brahmagratithi is the first point pierced by Kundalini before the mulad-hara chakra (at the base of the spine) is pierced; the Visnugranthi is pierced between manipura (at the ab-domen) and anahata (at the heart) chakras; and Rudra-granthi is pierced between the visuddha (at the throat) and the ajna chakra (between the eyes in the forehead). In yoga these represent three levels of consciousness, or stages of bondage which must be released. When piercing Brahmagranthi the physical level or the false identification with the body ends, releasing identification with physical, emotional and sensate interests. One becomes established in totality. Since this is the initial granthi to be pierced upon awakening of Kundalini, this action may carry the responsibility for the chaotic physical and emotional activities that occur in early stages of the process. When the Visnugranthi or mental knot is pierced one gains con-trol of the subtle body, releasing identification with the mind, including desires and mental vacillations. One perceives the universal life principle. When the spiritual center or Rudragranthi is pierced ignorance is removed and the Self is attained, bringing a permanent sensation of bliss.

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