Kundalini has emerged out of the realm of the unknowable, mythical and mystical as the evolutionary energy of the new era. It is an activating, neural, biological, psychic and spiritual transformative energy that allows for the expanded perception of being human. In short, the emergence of a new kind of human being—what Josip Vidmar called the PSI human, and what John White calls homo noeticus—is around the corner, as more and more people are beginning to work with it consciously.

Divine energy operates at a different level than physical energy does. It’s quicker than regular light. It doesn’t have to obey all the traffic cops of the universe, those that insist you dig a trench before you leap into joy or work a job before making money. As the chakras, in particular, clarify and transform, something magical begins to happen. The gifts inherent in each chakra, those that support your specific and special spiritual mission, start to activate.

Energetically, each chakra houses a certain set of these gifts, many of which lie dormant until kundalini awakens them. Through the kundalini process, we are freed from earthly constraints, fears,  and shackles and shouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves more intuitive, experiencing different ways of knowing, understanding, sensing, and being. As the kundalini clears away debris, our innate gifts are able to shine. Always there, they now come into our conscious awareness. We are now able to fully use them for good, to meet the higher purpose we are on this planet to achieve. If, at times, your kundalini process gets you down, remember it’s only doing so in order to lift you up. There’s always a higher plan, even if we can’t see it in the moment.

What might these gifts look like? Following are descriptions of what the siddhi might look like in our “normal” existence:

First-chakra abilities concentrate on physical empathy, the ability to sense others’ physical conditions in your own body. As the kundalini rises, this sensitivity transforms into the ability to manifest material needs for ourselves and others. For instance, we might feel compelled to start a new company or to make or manage money in a different way.

Second-chakra gifts center on feelings and the ability to sympathize or empathize with others’ emotions and emotional needs. As the  kundalini clears out this chakra, we become free from the codependent tendencies to take on others’ feelings and ready to develop our creative, compassionate potential. Most people apply these gifts in one of two ways: by serving in a therapeutic role for others or by exploding forth as a creative genius.

Third-chakra capabilities include mental quickness and clairsentience, the ability to sense information from and about others and the world at large. As the kundalini hones our skills, we are better able to serve in administrative and organizational capacities, applying our intelligence and intuitive knowledge to support a higher mission.

Fourth-chakra capacities are heart centered, which is another way to say they arc relationship based. A wide-open heart is able to give and receive healing for self and others.

Fifth chakra gifts are communication oriented. On the psychic level, they include the ability to receive spiritual guidance, channel, perform automatic and guided writing, and the like. The kundalini upgrades these gifts so we can access higher spiritual principles and divine knowledge, and then share these with others through verbalization, writing, and music.

Sixth-chakra gift attributes are visual, summarized in the term clairvoyance, which means ‘clear seeing: A higher-functioning sixth chakra allows us to accurately perceive the past (as in, looking through God’s eyes), choices embedded in current reality, and fixed or potential futures. By visualizing a preferred future, we can set about manifesting it.

Seventh-chakra talents are spiritual in nature. Before a kundalini awakening, they enable spiritual knowing, or the sensing of the Divine’s presence and heart, as well as the ability to sense others ‘current levels of consciousness and integrity. Through the unification of the feminine kundalini and the masculine spirit in this chakra, these gifts explode in brillianoe. They could be summarized as prophetic: the ability to animate the Divine’s mission on earth.

There are as many gifts as there are people on this planet. Part of the fun in opening to your kundalini is discovering exactly how gifted you are.

Living the divine life requires the merging of both sides of the  Divine—namely, the female and the male. The kundalini seek her consort, her mate, her lover. Our kundalini rises to transformation  isn’t complete until this happens. Exactly how this happens—or which lovers play what part—depends on who is telling the story. In the Vedic tradition, the goal of kundalini is to rise to the seventh chakra, where, through the clearing of seventh-chakra issues and the activation of that chakra’s gifts, we are able to achieve union with the Divine. The emphasized outcome is a somewhat asexual intercourse between self and the Divine; the chakra itself is thought of as nonsexual, although three faces of the male divinity

dwell within it. These three forms of God are Shiva, the god of destruction; Brahma, the god of creation; and Vishnu, the god of maintenance; all of which unite, once the kundalini integrates, in the form of Lord Dattatreya. These individual figures represent the three fundamental powers of the masculine, existing perpetually. Although Shiva’s realm is usually associated with violence and pain, Hinduism says that Shiva invites us to pay attention to what has enduring, rather than transient, value. Brahma suggests that subtle energies are more powerful than physical ones. No one can control the universe, but by seeking truth, we can shape the uni-verse inside and outside of ourselves. Vishnu lights the pathway to truth. His love is especially important in our times of crisis and darkness. Ultimately, Vishnu’s teaching is that we each carry a light, a torch that can illuminate the way for others and ourselves. Com-bined, these three divine forms merge with the feminine kundalini to marry us with the Divine. In the Tantric tradition, however, there is usually only one strong masculine figure: Shiva. Upon arising, the feminine kundalini, Shakti, unites with her masculine counterpart. There are a few more fireworks and flares in this version of the kundalini story, and followers are encouraged to embrace the divine feminine and mas-culine inside of themselves—in some traditions, through intimate relationship. There is yet another adaptation to the love story between Shakti and Shiva, and it is my own, which is based on years of cross-cultural research, spiritual study, and client observation.

Both feminine red kundalini and masculine golden kundalini are based in the energetic body. While the feminine kundalini lies in the first chakra (and is why this kundalini is seen as red), the masculine kundalini enters the body through the ninth chakra, which hovers an arm’s length above the head and connects to the body via the diaphragm. Gold is the color associated with the ninth chakra, which means that the masculine kundalini is also golden in color. The best way to understand the golden kundalini is in contrast to its feminine partner.

The feminine, red kundalini, as known to most traditionalists, clears and empowers your chakras, as well as your physical and emotional energy. The masculine, golden kundalini represents your soul energy, as well as higher spiritual and mental forces. The red kundalini rises or climbs up; the golden winds down. They eventually meet, blending the highest of celestial truths with the most organic of earth energies.

The red kundalini, the red serpent, which rises from below, is hot, sometimes searing. It livens you physically, emotionally, and mentally, sometimes setting off issues you would really rather not acknowledge, but must.

The golden kundalini, which falls from above, contains no hint of danger. Flowing along a river of pure divine light, the golden kundalini is personalized energy that initiates your soul in body, accentuating your life purpose and spiritual gifts and opening you to divine blessings. Bringing these two kundalini together is another gift of a kundalini awakening.

Together, these two kundalini merge not only feminine and masculine, but also earth and heaven, physical and spiritual, soul and body. What compels the golden kundalini to descend from on high? It often lingers in its heavenly haunt until its feminine lover arises to the seventh chakra, at which time, upon spying its matching partner, it hurries to the meeting ground of the seventh chakra.

This is the most typical way golden kundalini descends. Sometimes a spiritual experience persuades the golden kundalini to drop into the body whether or not the red kundalini has started its upward climb. If the golden kundalini, without its complement, completes its own cycling through and around the body, it continues to revolve until its feminine lover is ready to mate. In this case, your

Kundalini is often simplified as the flow of Shakti energy up the spine, but it is, in fact, much more. Yes, it is Shakti, the feminine force, but permeated by the conscious luminosity of Shiva, the masculine! Kundalini is a sacred union of HE + SHE, masculine consciousness and feminine energy rising up the spine as energized light, the energy of divinity, which gives awakening to the bliss body, the home of the individual soul.

The Crown Chakra gives you access to the power from on high. It melds its functionality with the brow chakra to provide the spiritual significance through understanding, wisdom and tapping into the abundant supply the Universe has to offer. The crown chakra is the place of infinite space where gardens of the mind are sown.

The planetary monarch’s spine is the Earth’s Axis Mundi, the towering mountains of the Himalayas and mythological Mount Mew, which unite our world with the heavens. When the Kundalini reaches the crown chakra within enough humans, Kundalini will then rise to the top of the Axis Mundi and merge into the upper heaven worlds. Thus, both the Earth’s ruler and much of humanity will simultaneously experience union with the Higher Self. The rise of the Kundalini up the King of the World’s spine is alluded to in Tibetan prophecy. The legends of Shamballa maintain that a lineage of thirty-two kings will rule the land of the immortals before a New Age commences. Thirty-two is approximately the number of vertebrae in the human spine (some spines have 32, some have 33). Thus, the sequential kings of Shamballa are individuals, as well as the vertebrae comprising the spine of Sanat Kumara.

When the planetary Kundalini finally merges within Sanat Kumara’s head, his redemption will be complete, and each person on Earth will have an opportunity for redemption and a chance to unite with their transcendental selves. Thus, when Sanat commences living from his higher self.

We can become embodiments of the Son of God in a matter of years or literally overnight . Much depends on how much spiritual work we have done on ourselves leading up to Kundalini awakening.

Normally dormant and unstimulated areas in the brain are stimulated and the person ‘wakes up’. The Buddha when asked “who are you?” said “I am awake”. This is the defining quality of the rising Kundalini. It wakens the sleeping consciousness by activating certain areas in the brain.

In Eastern meditative lore, the transformation to cosmic consciousness is achieved through the activation of the kundalini. This Sanskrit term means “coiled up.”

The term represents a postulated, subtle form of bioenergy said to lie latent, like a sleeping serpent, at the base of the spine. Under certain circumstances, however, this energy can be activated, and when it is, it is said to travel upward through the spine (in a special channel). As it travels, it affects certain energy centers (called chakras in the yogic tradition) and may induce explosive and destabilizing energy transformations that are experienced both psychologically and physically (Ring, 1984, p. 230).

The arousal of the kundalini catapults the individual into a higher state of consciousness. It throws his/her nervous system into overdrive and transforms the brain cells. It awakens latent potentialities and capacities and permits the individual to experience the world in a rapturous manner and also allows for the flowering of psychic abilities.

Kundalini has emerged out of the realm of the unknowable, mythical and mystical as the evolutionary energy of the new era. It is an activating, neural, biological, psychic and spiritual transformative energy that allows for the expanded perception of being human. In short, the emergence of a new kind of human being—what Josip Vidmar called the PSI human, and what John White calls homo noeticus—is around the corner, as more and more people are beginning to work with it consciously.

As we enter the Third Age of Revelation, the Kundalini, the Holy Spirit is awakened within us, for all who desire it, and thence the transformation into the promised stage of the higher consciousness. As this process can happen at the collective level, its impact can transcend our contradictions. We are trapped within the gunas and how the freezing of the heart is due to malfunctions of the right hemisphere of our brains.

The stress on the liver is linked to the over activity of the left hemisphere of the brain, and in this condition, the central channel of our evolution is closed, and the awareness of Self is clouded and numbed. Redemption time occurs when the Kundalini pierces the fontanel bone at the top of the brain; it does so at the very point that triggers the dynamic of integration and balancing of the two hemispheres.

This breakthrough is a concrete happening. It takes place at a given point in the life of the psyche and when it happens to a sufficient number of individuals, transformation works on society as a whole. The click, the trigger, is hidden in our nervous system. Something must happen to change the way we know, before we can change the way we act. Individual transformation precedes the transformation of the community, of the corporation, of the city; collective transformation precedes the transformation of the Yuga, of the historical cycle. Let us understand Shri Mataji’s demonstrated ability to empower the seekers of Self-realization in a global context. The opening of the Third Way, the big historical synthesis, corresponds to the moment when Self-realization is available for all – and not only for the spiritually gifted elite. Spiritual democracy or democratic spirituality mean that access to the power of the spirit is opened to all, and that no Pharisee can any longer block the access door.

Not everyone has the power to awaken the Kundalini. But someone does have that power.

Those who experience clairvoyance may also possess the ability to see beyond the 3rd Dimensional plane. They may be able to see into the higher dimensions and into alternate realities (parallel Universes). Many parallel Universes exist in the same exact physical space that our 3rd Dimension occupies. They simply exist at an energy vibration that is different from our planetary energy vibration. Some parallel Universes exist at a higher-energy vibration than our own, and some exist at a lower-energy vibration than our planetary consciousness.

Therefore, because our energy vibration does not match other energies, we normally do not perceive them. A person who possesses the ability of clairvoyance and the other “clairs” (see below) may sometimes see into the other Universes. They may see physical objects, buildings, animals, and even other sentient beings in the other Universes. This is the opening of the third eye, the full kundalini Awakening, which happens in the 5th Dimension.

In the 5th Dimension. People who possess the ability of clairvoyance may also be able to see the energy field that exists around all living things. They may see a gray energy field surrounding living things, or a gray energy field emanating from living things. They may also see an energetic duplicate of objects. Some who possess the ability of clairvoyance may even see, in great detail, the colors of the auras of others. Once we are on the path of Ascension, the veil begins to lift, and we begin to experience our true, natural, multidimensional nature. We transition beyond the 3rd Dimension to a higher state of being. We are no longer limited to the five physical senses of the 3rd Dimension Earth plane.

We do have these 5D abilities at our disposal. The progression of the planets has brought us to a place where we can begin to manifest them in true superhero fashion. Over the next two years, I believe we will begin to experience more awareness on a global scale with help from the higher civilizations (extraterrestrial) and Christ Consciousness. We are now ascending in consciousness at a rapid rate into more and more SD awareness, which will align with the Age of Aquarius. We will simply move from one Dimension to another as our own vibrational consciousness ascends higher, proving that we are multidimensional beings. Imagine what each of these superhero powers will be like when we are truly like Harty Potter, living in the magic of the SD world of love. In a 3D time-space reality, there is a past, present, and future. All things and people are separate. This 3D reality assures that the past is always influencing the present and future. This mindset constructs, perceives, thinks, and acts according to preexisting events. This is the mind that functions according to fate.

The 3D human is pushed forward in time. It evolves according to physical law and believes it is solely a body that eventually transcends. SD humans are infinite in that they live according to universal and spiritual laws. There is no time or space. They are interconnected in the Oneness of the Universe: SD humans

understand the nature of a 3D reality yet know how to shape time and space to co-create the future. In other words, they are always, like the ancient mystics and avatars of old, dreaming their world into being. Everything, in every moment, is radically new. They have tapped the secrets of the Universe to become the creator of their destiny, 5D humans know they are Spirit as much as they exist in a body. They know they are immortal and eternal.

This mindset of genius gives the SD human a freedom from a limited life experience. They live in a 3D world, yet know how to entangle themselves in the quantum field of infinite potential of the 5th Dimension. All dimensions and all realities exist in this moment. We create our own right to choose our own choice to live in the fastest, greatest God Frequency, the 5th Dimension. Once you learn how easy it is to get into it, you won’t want to be out of it, and when you shift into the 3rd and bounce back from it and see how quickly you gain your abilities to stay in the 5th, it will become apparent you have ascended into the 5th. Depression and the negative pull of 3D no longer have to be in your existence.

The 5th Dimension is the magical Dimension within which spontaneous disappearances of cancer tumors and diseases, or genetic mutations of tissues, occur with regularity. To tap into your SD nature, you must unlearn and undevelop the 3D mindset of the ego that separates every word, every thought, every perception in every moment. SD humans know they are Spirit as much as they exist in a body. They know they are immortal and eternal. This mindset of genius gives 5D humans freedom from limited life experiences. They live in a 3D world, yet know how to entangle themselves in the quantum field of infinite potential of the 5th Dimension, to create a super conscious and beautifully magical life experience based exclusively on the Law of One.

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