Kundalini Energy: Kundalini is actually the power of consciousness, whether it’s in our body or in the universe at large. The awakening of kundalini is the greatest enterprise and most wonderful achievement in front of man. That inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand gigawatt amperage. Kundalini energy dwells in a potential state at the base of the spine, ready and waiting to be released. Once activated, the vibration of kundalini initiates a process of spiritual development that leads to the realization of your true nature and mergence with universal consciousness.

The Sleeping Serpent The exact science of Kundalini yoga (referring to specific meditation techniques that generate specific effects or outcomes) was developed as a direct and efficient means to access and integrate kundalini-shakti , the primordial power of the universe embodied in every individual.

Like prana, this power is a basic bioenergy; however, kundalini is a much more powerful and potent force that remains dormant in most people, while prana is active, is more accessible, and can be sensed more readily in the body.

Not to be underestimated, prana maintains the functions of the body and mind, keeping your entire system in working order. Without prana there would be no life. On the other hand, kundalini-shakti is the cosmic energy of consciousness that propels psychospiritual growth and healing in all human beings. It’s a wellspring of creative energy, the boundless energy of your soul representing your immense capacity and power to thrive.

Kundalini energy dwells in a potential state at the base of the spine, ready and waiting to be released. Once activated, the vibration of kundalini initiates a process of spiritual development that leads to the realization of your true nature and mergence with universal consciousness. The cosmic energy increases spiritual capacity when awakened in an individual. As psychic energy, kundalini moves through the subtle body, breaking apart stuck patterns in your cellular makeup and psyche — deconstructing your personal identity, which has sustained the experience of separation.

The energy is drawn up along the spine to activate the higher centers of the brain, opening you to deeper levels of sensitivity and receptivity and broadening your perspective beyond the normal capacities of the conditioned mind. Your entire consciousness expands, so much so that you begin to sense that everything and everyone is part of you. Accessing your brain’s higher centers increases your mind’s capacity to first imagine and then experience your infinite Self beyond limited notions of reality. The heightened state is usually temporary (you inevitably return to your normal orientation); however, the shift in perspective is not completely lost, and with more sensitivity and awareness than before, you begin to live your life from an elevated place.

Well beyond mere physical exercise, Kundalini yoga is designed to work on the subtle body to bring about profound energetic effects aimed at elevating your consciousness and promoting feelings of connection, peace, and oneness.

Because the energy is very powerful, it can ground the recipient to the energy of the Earth, opening them up to being more intuitive, insightful and more knowledgeable.


Your aura, the electromagnetic field encircling your physical body, is also considered a chakra in the Kundalini yoga tradition, for a total of eight chakras rather than the traditional seven. The eighth chakra represents radiance and protection, combining and integrating the effects of all the chakras. When all seven main chakras are balanced, your aura fully radiates and you feel vibrant, healthy, and more expansive.

The Tantric method of sublimation consists of three steps: purification, elevation, and reaffirmation of identity on the plane of pure consciousness. First, the aspirant must rid himself of the dross of grossness by reversing the outgoing current into the return current.

According to Tantra, in the process of evolution, the pure cosmic principles (tattvas) at a certain stage cross the line and pass into impure principles, the latter constituting the realm of nature, which is like a ‘coiled’ curve, in which the Jiva is held a prisoner and where it wanders caught in a net of natural determinism from which there is no escape unless the coiled curve can be made to uncoil itself and open a channel for its release and ascent into the realm of the pure cosmic principles.

Until this is done the jiva remains afloat on the outgoing current, moves with it, and cherishes desires which are gross or carnal. Whether yielding pleasure or pain, these desires fasten the chain upon the jiva with additional links. Its hope lies in uncoiling the coil of nature that has closed upon it. This is called in the technical language of Tantra the ‘awakening’ of the Kundalini, or coiled-up serpent power, by which one moves from the plane of impure principles to that of pure principles.

The head of this coiled serpent is turned downward; it must be turned upward. This change of the direction of the serpent power, which after evolving the jiva remains involved in it, is called purification. The next step is called elevation: the order in which the cosmic principles move along the outgoing current must be reversed with the starting of the return current. Ascent is to be made in the reverse order to that in which the descent was made.

The aspirant must raise himself from the grosser and more limited elements to the subtler and more general ones until he attains to the realisation of Siva-Sakti. The last step is the reaffirmation in consciousness of his identity with Siva-Sakti. This is the general framework of the method of sublimation into which can be fitted all the methods of sublimation followed by the dualistic, non-dualistic, and other systems of thought.

The spiritual awakening of a sadhaka is described in Tantra by means of the symbol of the awakening and rising of the Kundalini power. What is this Kundalini? Properly understood, it is not something mystical or esoteric, peculiar to Tantra, but the basis of the spiritual experiences described by all religious faiths. Every genuine spiritual experience, such as the seeing of light or a vision, or communion with the Deity, is only a manifestation of the ascent of the Kundalini. Let us try to understand the Kundalini with the help of an illustration from classical physics.

There are two kinds of energy associated with a piece of matter: potential and kinetic, the sumtotal of which is a constant. The kinetic energy, which may be only a fraction of the total energy, is involved in the movement or action of a body.

According to Tantra, the Kundalini, in the form of cosmic energy, is present in everything, even in a particle of matter. Only a fraction of it, like the kinetic energy, is operative, while an unmeasured residuum is left, like the potential energy, ‘coiled up’ and untapped at the ‘base root’.

It is a vast magazine of power, of which the operative energy, like the kinetic energy of the particle, is only a fraction. In the jiva-centre, also, are both this potential energy of the Kundalini, which is the storehouse of the energy of the body (physical, subtle, and causal), and also the active energy of the Kundalini, which accounts for the action and movement of the jiva. The coiled-up Kundalini is the central pivot upon which the whole complex apparatus of the body and mind moves and turns.

A specific ratio between the active and total energies of the Kundalini determines the present condition and behavior of the bodily apparatus. A change in the ratio is necessary to effect a change in its present working efficiency by transforming the grosser bodily elements into finer. A transformation, dynamisation, and sublimination of the physical, mental, and vital apparatus is only possible through what is called the rousing of the Kundalini and its reorientation from ‘downward facing’ to ‘upward facing.’

By the former the physical body has been made a ‘coiled curve,’ limited in character, restricted in functions and possibilities. By the force of the latter it breaks its fetters and transcends its limitations. This is the general principle. But there are various forms of spiritual discipline by which this magazine of latent power can be acted upon. Faith and love act as a most powerful lever to raise the coiled-up Kundalini; also the disciplines of raja-yoga and jnana-yoga. The repetition of the Lord’s name or a holy mantra, and even music, help in this process.

Tantra recognizes all this. The student of Tantra should bear in mind the psychological aspect of the process of the ascent of the Kundalini, which is more of an unfoldment, expansion, and elevation of consciousness than a mechanical accession to an increased and higher power. The aim of waking the Kundalini is not the acquisition of greater power for the purpose of performing miraculous feats or the enjoyment of material pleasures; it is the realisation of Satchidananda.

The passage of the awakened Kundalini lies through the Sushumna, which is described as the central nerve in the nervous system. A kind of hollow canal, the Sushumna passes through the spinal column connecting the base centre (chakra) at the bottom of the spine with the centre at the cerebrum. Tantra speaks of six centres through which Sushumna passes; these centres are so many spheres or planes, described in Tantra as different-coloured lotuses with varying numbers of petals. In the ordinary worldly person these centres are closed, and the lotuses droop down like buds. As the Kundalini rises through the Sushumna canal and touches the centres, these buds turn upward as fully opened flowers.

The return journey

The awakening of dormant Kundalini followed by its ascent up through Sushumna marks the return journey. To awaken Kundalini is the biggest hurdle, an extremely challenging task. An entire lifetime of pursuit and practices may not be enough to achieve this goal. Many Tantric practices tap the most powerful source of energy in the body, aroused sexual energy, to awaken Kundalini. Usually the guidance and grace of a guru is needed to awaken as well as to control her once awakened, as it triggers dramatic physical, emotional, and mental changes in the body that may have an adverse effect. Ferocious goddess Mahakali represents Kundalini’s terrible and destructive power that is out of control and deadly; in iconography this wild aspect of Shakti is shown trampling Shiva, the Consciousness. Goddess Durga represents the same power under control that benefits the practitioner.

“No one should underestimate the powers of kundalini. They can guide you and help you, or cause your great pain and suffering. The secret of kundalini yoga is in the retention of breath, but if you hold your breath for too long you can stimulate kundalini beyond the power of control, causing it to rush upward, bringing you great pain and misery. Many practitioners of kundalini yoga and even some very advanced yogi have hurt themselves by their unwise practices and prolonged retention of breath.

“The secret is in using the power of visualization and making samyama on the relation between the body and the element of ether. Ether is the prevailing substance in the Universe. If by the power of visualization and samyama you are able to identify yourself with this element and become totally absorbed with it, you will develop the lightness of a feather and soar through the air. Those and many more are the powers you can develop.

“The awakening of kundalini is the greatest enterprise and most wonderful achievement in front of man.”

The Kundalini is one of the most powerful forces that man can use, especially if used to do good work for God!

Those who know how to use it, raise this powerful force, which is lying dormant throughout most people’s lives.

In other words the “fall” and the “flood” whether or not they happened physically, likely happened within an individual or on a spiritual level. And Atlantis, whether or not was a real island continent heading an advanced global civilization, likely also referenced the soul, the pineal gland, and chakra system within the individual. The most sacred secrets of the Masons and world Royalty pertain to the chakralenergetic system, the amanita muscaria, DMT, and Kundalini yoga’s activation of the crown chakra.

“A new center — presently dormant in the average man or woman — has to be activated and a more powerful stream of psychic energy must rise into the head from the base of the spine to enable the human consciousness to transcend the normal limits. This is the final phase of the present evolutionary impulse in man. The cerebrospinal system of man has to undergo a radical change, enabling consciousness to transcend the limits of the highest intellect. Here reason yields to intuition and revelation appears to guide the steps of humankind. This mechanism, known as Kundalini, is the real cause of all so-called spiritual and psychic phenomena, the biological basis of evolution and development of personality, the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines, the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source of philosophy, art, and science, and the fountainhead of all religious faiths, past, present and future.” -Dr. Lee Sanella, “The Kundalini Experience”

“The ancient yogis and sages who developed Kundalini Yoga had a deep respect for the Creator of this human body. They knew, in their profound devotion and worship, that so perfect a Creator could only have created perfection in design, function and potential. Based on this respect, they sought knowledge of the totality of the human being They researched the human ability to maintain good health, increase vitality, open consciousness and expand the experience of the excellence of human life. Their research gave them a great understanding of the nervous system, glandular system, organ system, energy system, and brain. They learned how blood, nerves, muscles, organds, and glands all work together.

They investigated the seen and the unseen, and the inter-relationships between the physical and the subtle. From this research they developed Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is a highly evolved technology based on a thorough understanding of the ecology of the human body, how the breath affects the thinking, how the angle of a finger affects the pituitary gland. This technology works with the systems of the human body using the body’s own means. Hand position, breath, posture, sound, and motion are employed in various ways to create the optimum balance among all the body’s components … until recent times these techniques had been secret, taught only to a chosen few.” -Harijot Kaur Khalsa, “Kundalini Yoga, Physical Wisdom”

“Contemporary spiritual literature often notes that the chakras, as described in the esoteric kundalini documents, bear a strong similarity in location and number to the major endocrine glands, as well as nerve bundles called ganglions. One speculation is that the traditional practices have formalized a method for stimulating the endocrine glands to work in a different mode which has a more direct effect on consciousness, perhaps ultimately by stimulating the release of DMT by the pineal gland, which may be analogous to the ‘pineal chakra. The late Itzhak Bentov studied Kundalini from an engineering perspective. According to Bentov (1990), the 7.5 Hz oscillation of the heart muscle rhythm induces mechanical Hz frequencies in the brain, that in turn create a stimulus equivalent of a current loop.

The nerve endings in that loop correspond to the route through which the Kundalini ‘rises. ‘ This current polarizes the brain part through which it flows in a homogenous way, effectively releasing tremendous amounts of stress from the body. The body then becomes an effective antenna for the 7.5 Hz frequency, which is one of the resonant frequencies of the ionosphere.

In layman’s terms, you then pick up information from the air. This might account for repeated descriptions of heightened senses as a result of rising Kundalini, e.g. as described by Yogananda:

‘The whole vicinity lay bare before me. The ordinary frontal vision is theen changed to a vast spherical sight, simultaneously all-perceptive.'” -Crystalinks, “Kundalini”

Kundalini is actually the power of consciousness, whether it’s in our body or in the universe at large. Most of us are so preoccupied with the objects or entities we perceive in the world around ourselves or in our thoughts or emotions that we fail to attend to the force of consciousness within us that is doing the seeing, thinking, or feeling. That inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand gigawatt amperage.

They’re veritable power stations of kundalini

Although the quantum physics research has barely begun, there are some indications that the DNA acts as an “antenna receiving and sending signals to turn on or off the expressions of the genes” and that it is not the “master key” but actually “mediates our intentions, volitions and beliefs.”

1. The heart-aorta system produces an oscillation of about 7 Hz in the skeleton, including the skull. The upper part of the body also has a resonant frequency of about 7 Hz.

2. The skull accelerates the brain up and down, producing acoustical plane waves reverberating through the brain at KHz frequencies.

3. These acoustical plane waves are focused by the skull onto the ventricles. thus activating and driving standing waves within the third and lateral ventricles.

4. Standing waves within the cerebral ventricles in the audio and supersonic ranges stimulate the sensory cortex mechanically, resulting eventually in a stimulus traveling in a closed loop around each hemisphere. Such a traveling stimulus may be viewed as a “current.”

5. As a result of these circular currents, each hemisphere produces a pulsating magnetic field. These fields are of opposing polarities.

This magnetic field–radiated by the head acting as an antenna–interacts with the electric and magnetic fields already in the environment. We may consider the head as simultaneously a transmitting and receiving antenna, tuned to a particular one of the several resonant frequencies of the brain. Environmental fields may thus be fed back to the brain, thereby modulating that resonant frequency. The brain will interpret this modulation as useful information.

In relation to the brain, the acoustical standing waves in the heart cause vibrations in the cerebral ventricles, which are fluid-filled cavities in the brain. In turn, the stirred vibrations vibrate the gray matter lining the fissure between the two brain hemispheres, polarizing the cortex and setting off a signal that moves along our sensory receptors, starting at the toes and moving upward. The entire body, including the skull, starts to move in the same rhythm.

In relation to the brain, the acoustical standing waves in the heart cause vibrations in the cerebral ventricles, which are fluid-filled cavities in the brain. In turn, the stirred vibrations vibrate the gray matter lining the fissure between the two brain hemispheres, polarizing the cortex and setting off a signal that moves along our sensory receptors, starting at the toes and moving upward.

The entire body, including the skull, starts to move in the same rhythm. A person now experiences a kundalini reflex, perhaps even the full set of sensations reported with a kundalini process, such as tingling or electrical discharges. They might also report bliss, which occurs when the electrical signal stirs through the body, causing a full loop along the hemispheres of the brain and activating the pleasure centers. The electrical current in both hemispheres has now created two pulsating magnetic fields of opposing polarities around the head, pulsing in harmony with the rest of the body.

While most kundalini symptoms start on the left side of the body, Bentov acknowledges that the right brain is nonverbal and intuitive and can therefore override our linear self. However, once the kundalini completes its circuit, both sides of the brain are equally available and we can function on higher levels of consciousness. Essentially, the EMF of the meditator—the kundalini yogi—has formed an antenna above the head that integrates with the geomagnetic force field of the earth as well as the EMF and other energies in the solar system and universe at large.

The enlightened person is now tuned in to the world around them, able to sense what is occurring there and what might occur elsewhere. This heightened consciousness, at one level, infers that a state of supraconsciousness is really a basic magnetic and bioelectrical attunement with the universe.

As the kundalini activates our physical but also subtle energetic structures, our personal energy becomes more organized and is drawn up through the layers of reality. Dense matter can now be (re)converted into higher frequencies. Eventually the chakras and subtle bodies themselves become absorbed into the purified and powerful energy of a kundalini vortex. Over time, chakras lose their importance because we are converted into pure prana flowing through a kundalini vortex, which now becomes the central energy source of the physical system.’ Eventually the vibration of the elements or tattva are sped up to such as extent that, after becoming quite subtle, they are reabsorbed into the cosmic matrix.’ At this point we experience spirit over matter. We are not limited by time or space—only by our own consciousness.

  • Therefore, the solar plexus is our receptor antenna
  • Our pineal gland is our transmitter center.
  • This chakra collects the solar forces and nourishes all the other plexuses with them.
  • The Yogi/Yogini who awakens this chakra acquires the sense of telepathy.

Fear is the great enemy of spiritual growth. And there must be a certain sense of faith within us, if we are to risk expanding our consciousness in spiritual directions. Joseph Chilton Pearce speaks of how faith plays a vital function in chakra awakening,. If we don’t deep down trust in the spiritual universe, if we don’t make contact with our inner Master and feel we are being guided in positive directions, then we won’t be able to open ourselves to kundalini awakening—because who knows what we might encounter as we let go of the known past and venture into genuinely new territory within us. We tend as a culture to place our trust in material things, in technological powers, and to remain afraid of our inner spiritual presence and power. This underlying fear of our spiritual dynamics is what keeps most of us unaware that we possess these energetic centers up and down our spines.

Think of your entire spine as an antenna sending waves of healing to the physical body and the electromagnetic space around you, your aura.

Regardless of the strength of the awakening, the Kundalini energy has the task to flow through all the energy pathways of our energy body system. By its flow and pulsing manner it solves gradually all possible energy blockades and lets the Aura more and more unfold. At the same time this energy harmonizes the aura centers (chakras, which are transmitting and receiving antennas) one after the other, so that the aura will become more and more receptive to higher dimensional energies.

So, the Kundalini ensures that internal higher dimensional energies can flow in and can be incorporated in the aura system. This contributes to the overall harmonization of the energy body system and thus to the energy blockade solution at all possible levels. About this way our mind gets clearance. Once all energy blockades are dissolved, then our mind can be connected along the main power canal over the Crown Chakra with the cosmic consciousness, so as to cancel the limits of mind.

As a result skill, talents and gifts can grow as we could not imagine in our wildest dreams. Thus, the Kundalini energy is something like a pioneer for the liberation of our mind.

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