Kundalini can become active any moment when you are near a Guru. That is why Jesus Christ often said, ‘When you are near me, you are near fire’. This Kundalini is fire. ‘Near me’ means ‘when you are near me’, ‘you’ means the consciousness in you, and ‘me’ means the Cosmic Consciousness. The Kundalini is the most important instrument in the hand of the Guru, by which He can take you on the path of liberation. The Guru is sitting inside you.

The Guru is sitting inside you, because Shiva (or Christ, Buddha) is sitting inside you. The form of the Guru is always inside. Similarly this Shakti is at the command of Shiva, the Cosmic Consciousness and the Guru also. In the human body, this Shakti can work at any moment. When you are sitting near a Guru and looking at the form of the Guru, walking with Him, talking to Him, laughing with Him—at any moment it can become active: because this Shakti, the aspect which is known as Kundalini, is also searching the Cosmic Consciousness, Shiva.

This Kundalini can become active any moment when you are near a Guru. That is why Jesus Christ often said, ‘When you are near me, you are near fire’. This Kundalini is fire. ‘Near me’ means ‘when you are near me’, ‘you’ means the consciousness in you, and ‘me’ means the Cosmic Consciousness.

When the body of Guru is near the body of the sadhaka, the attention is also in the form of the Guru. That is the advantage. But merely two bodies being close to each other will not create the current. This fire will not become active. But when your attention is in the Guru, it means that your individual consciousness is in touch with Cosmic Consciousness.

You do not know that when you walk in the ashram, most of the time individual consciousness is in touch with the Cosmic Consciousness. So any moment you may feel the vibrations, the Shakti will become active, and your body will start moving. Now what does the Kundalini do? From the base of the spine, it has become active. It is the Shakti of Shiva, it wants to go up and meet Shiva, since it has become active in your body, for which . your personal consciousness, individual consciousness or jive has done some efforts.

This Shakti takes this jive also towards God, because you are praying to God, you want to meet Him, you want to contact Him, you want to have oneness with Him. Because of that the Shakti became active. Shiva said to Shakti, This jive, wants to come to Me, you get up, because by his own efforts he will not come to Me!’ So the Shakti gets up, and it is the purpose of Shakti also to meet Shiva; and It takes the jive with It towards Shiva.

So it is the liberating force, it is the force which grants you Moksha (Nirvana) or kingdom of heaven. But before you achieve that kingdom of heaven, this Shakti will break your mind. Whatever wrong formations are there, whatever formations which contain any kind of attachment, whatever emotions: jealousy or violence or lust or anger—all are considered as basically false in a human personality.

This Kundalini, this Shakti will move up and start breaking these formations which contain these items; because the jive, unless it is purified thoroughly, the fire, and the things, contaminating the Svc are removed, it cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven. So the Kundalini fire, the Kundalini Shakti, gets up and then it starts moving towards Shiva. But Shiva keeps control on it.

If Kundalini Shakti wants to meet Shiva immediately then it can really break the whole nervous system, if it is not controlled, Shiva keeps control on it. It will break something, remake something, destroy something, reconstruct something and slowly, the whole of your mental system, mental body is reconstructed; and all your faults are burned into this fire, and are reduced to ashes.

Similarly, the Kundalini will keep on burning your faults, not you. Suppose there is a paper, and there is a stone here; we burn the paper; but the stone feels. ‘I am going to be burnt!’, although the fire will never reach the stone and it will never get burnt. Only the external things which stick to it will burn. Similarly, bondages and karmas, which bind the jiva, will be burning and sometimes you will feel the trouble. You will feel that the danger is to you, but you are absolutely safe. Kundalini will burn only your bondages, your karmas, and would liberate you. Purification means, it will purify you and take you to Shiva. Meeting with Shiva means, that you have entered the eternal life, you have become one with Shiva, you have become a Yogi and you have achieved the kingdom of heaven. But you must pass through this hell. Most of us are not ready to pass through the hell.

The major role of Kundalini is to take the jiva slowly and slowly towards God, which is the goal of Kundalini and which is the goal of jiva also, so that jiva gets a contact with Shiva. In some cases, it is Shiva who first provides the contact to jiva and then the Kundalini starts becoming active. Thus the jiva is always safe. The Kundalini is the most important instrument in the hand of the Guru, by which He can take you on the path of liberation. Nowadays many people are incapable of following various steps which lead to purification.

When the Kundalini is activated, the man is caught. Otherwise people come to a Guru and run away. They don’t want to become Yogis because it is a difficult path. When the Kundalini is active, you are caught. Now you have to go on this path.

A you straight. Kundalini will not rest fill it makes you straight. The more you cooperate with it, the more beneficial it is for you, and when you go to a Guru, be very conscious of it.

Kundalini is the cosmic energy, which is lying asleep inside you, and it can become active, and it should become active with the grace of the Lord or Guru. Then it goes on and you will have to cooperate.

You are trying to reform the Guru since ages. But you have never succeeded, because He is unchangeable! You will have to change! But you make a lot of attempt to change the Guru, His habits, His style, but you say, ‘I am striking my head against the wall! This Guru will not change!’ So you feel frustrated; but you will have to change. He is the unchangeable truth. You are the changeable ego. From the ego you have to be changed to spirit. Now you feel that you are flesh and blood, and tomorrow the Guru will tell you, that you are the consciousness.

So this work goes on like this. Guru is not possessive, that after granting you realisation He would like to possess you. No! His only business is to make you realise God. Then you will become absolutely independent in happiness, in knowledge, and Guru will say, ‘My child, now you go and show this path to other people.’ When you start telling this path to other people you will find it extremely difficult to put even five people on this path! Everybody will oppose you! It is a very difficult path.

You know that many individuals have no idea of spirituality. They may be religious people going to temples and worshipping God. This kind of religion is a conditioning, it is a bondage. Spirituality is a process of liberation. Spirituality and religion are very different things. A man, who is ignorant about spirituality and does not know the way to God, sometimes comes to a Guru, and quite often gets an experience which changes the direction of his life all together. For example, the Guru may come in the dream and tell something at night which comes out true then, the whole mental structure of the person gets shaken, trying to find out ‘How did it happen?’ A man comes with an incurable disease, and the Guru just comes in the dream and touches the person, and the disease is gone. Or, some day the man may come near the Guru, and this Shakti, which is known as Kundalini, starts moving automatically.

Such mind-body experiences take place near a Guru, and the life of the individual takes what you call a new turn: it goes absolutely in a different direction later on. This experience through the Guru is responsible for putting thousands of people again and again on the spiritual path. When you come into the world, all your senses tell you that this visible world, which you can approach through senses, is real and this is the only world. So you work for it, you work in it, you get all education to be a very efficient man in this world not bothering about some of the more real questions: who are you? why should you come in this world? how long are you going to live? when are you going to die? why should you die at all? and why should you not want to die? A more important question is: when you have seen thousands and millions of people dying daily, why should you not accept it willingly and consciously? Some day somebody puts you on the spiritual path, a Guru specially, and then he starts making the operation of the cataract of your Third Eye, because your Third Eye is not able to see the reality as it is clouded, the vision is clouded. It is the Guru who starts operating on it.

How did the Guru communicate something to me which is true? Is it possible? You fear to tell it to people. They will laugh at you! But you never know that this Shiva is already in your room. He does not need any door to enter. The Guru is just His representative. The Shiva, who is present on your left and right and everywhere, just manifests Himself.

People do not know the reality of spirituality that you are also everywhere. An experience through the Guru starts changing your life; it starts changing your thinking. A state will come when your thinking will be the same which is given in Bhagavad Gita or in Upanishads, or in many other scriptures.

You will speak the same language. You will say, ‘God is everywhere. I am that reality. I am also everywhere!’ because then you know that your physical body is not true. But this is the end of spirituality when you know this. In the process of reaching that state you go to many stations, and many stations will come where you stop for a moment, half-confused, half-real, and you find that most of the people are going in this direction.

When you alone are going in that direction, you doubt your own journey sometimes. All your relatives ask you, ‘What has happened to you? You were a very successful man in life, you were drawing very good salary, you were respected in the office, and now you are talking something else?’ Hence, sometimes it creates a doubt in you whether spirituality is the right path or is it just fantasy. But this is the same journey which Buddha performed, which Mahavira performed, which each one of you has to perform some day, whether in this life or in the next or in the next to next, till the drop of water merges into the ocean or meets the ocean, till one meets Shiva which is

Yoga itself, till one finds the true goal. Yoga is not standing on your head with your feet towards the heaven. Yoga means that the individual consciousness must meet Cosmic Consciousness, they must unite. There is an eternal desire for this spiritual unity. When I say, ‘I have a desire of love!’ it means a desire of meeting Shiva. The jiva has got separated from Him, who was complete, who was full, who was all bliss, who was all ananda. Now the jiva is hankering after getting bliss, but out of confusion it is searching happiness in so many other things. Till it returns back to its source (that is Shiva), it will never be fulfilled.

So you can see what a change has come. Only God can reverse the direction of the flow of this energy in the minds of the people. The flow of this energy is reversed by Kundalini and sometimes by the single touch of the Guru.

In the cosmos there is one God. It has two aspects. One is Cosmic Consciousness which is Shiva. It is stable. It represents the entire wisdom and will power. There is a second aspect of God which is Shakti. All the visible world is produced by this Shakti. This is the operational aspect while Shiva is the intelligence aspect. Shakti represents the dynamic aspect, Shiva the static.

When you are ignorant, you may ask what does it mean? You are a flame, and you say, ‘I am the chimney.’ You are consciousness, and you say, ‘I am the body.’ This is fundamental ignorance!

When you are ignorant and you consider that you are the body, you claim, ‘I am this body!’ This is the first claim you make. This is the root of the ego in man, root of ignorance. Then you claim, ‘This body of the mother is mine!’ It is a tendency to claim things as mine. This is known as Ahamkara-ego and Mamkara-possessiveness. Ahamkara means, ‘I am this body!’ Mamkara means a tendency of the ego that ‘this thing belongs to me!’ These are the two most basic foundations on which the personality of a person starts developing.

In many cases, it gets active when the crisis is very deep. Sometimes it gets active when the breakdown is taking plea, sometimes it gets active when the man is at the point of death, sometimes it takes place when the doctors say, ‘This man is dead, he cannot be revived!’ and the man suddenly calls on the Guru: maybe the force then starts working!

When your Kundalini becomes active, and God is pulling you towards Himself, can you do something at that time? Of course you cannot do much, but still you can undertake some exercises if you understand what Shiva wants you to be, why He has granted you Kundalini, and what the Kundalini will do.

Because when you love Jesus, your attention will go in Jesus, and when your attention is in Jesus, your Kundalini will get active, and you will be transformed slowly and steadily, yet inevitably. Nobody can stop it. Once Lord wishes, He has to transform you through Shakti. Nobody can stop it.

When people talk about Kundalini, they only talk about some problems that after Kundalini arousal this happened and that happened. They never say, ‘I got such and such insight into divinity, I got so much peace and so much happiness.’ So Kundalini is positive. It is not negative. Whatever negative things appear in your life, they may be due to your own karmas. Kundalini is only pulling you out of these karmas.

Kundalini is the main support of all the yoga practices. When kundalini is sleeping it is aroused by the favor of the guru [spiritual teacher], then all of the lotuses [lotus here stands for nerve center] and granthis [swallowings, nerve plexus?] are pierced. Then prana goes through the royal road, susumna. Then the mind remains suspended and the yogi overcomes death.

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