Kundalini awakening can be described as an initiation to a deeper relationship with creation. We are part of a grid of energy and Kundalini helps us to realize this. This knowledge will strengthen your inner spiritual force

Helping people awaken is important towards shifting the planet to a higher vibration. Every time a person awakens to Kundalini it brings an immediate quantum shift to the collective. The more people who awaken the more we as an entire planet and human race will transform into higher consciousness and increase vibrational energy.

When kundalini awakening happens in sushumna, awakening happens in all the phases of life. In any case, if awakening just happens in ida or pingala or in one of different focuses, it is in no way, shape or form total. Just when kundalini shakti awakens and goes up the sushumna entry to sahasrara is the whole store of higher vitality in man released.

In the center of sahasrara lies a nectarous ocean. Within it, on an isle of gems, the wish-fulfilling tree grows. On that isle, inside a radiant temple with four doors, is an altar with the 50 mantra letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.

Kundalini is supreme spiritual power. But when this eternal energy is entangled in the finite realm, then she remains coiled at muladhara (root chakra). The upward movement of kundalini toward Paramashiva effects a spiritual flow to God in consciousness as the cosmic principles are systematically absorbed. In other words, as kundalini travels up the spine, piercing each chakra, she dissolves the tattvas in every chakra.

Each chakra indicates specific subtle frequency levels and progressively higher states of consciousness, from basic survival instincts, associated with muladhara (root chakra), to intuitive powers in ajna (third eye area), and finally spiritual enlightenment in saharara (crown chakra). Thus, the three lower chakras (root, pelvic, and navel) are concerned with material life and bodily survival. The upper chakras (throat, third eye, and crown) deal with spiritual life and higher creative expression. The key that unlocks this entire system is the middle chakra—heart chakra. The chakras embody your spiritual path. These seven gates to higher consciousness open your ascent from limited awareness to expressing your full potential.

The tattvas are absorbed in reverse order from the sequence in which they initially manifested. In other words, absorption begins at muladhara, where kundalini absorbs the earth element, smell and excretion principles, bija mantra (seed sound) lam, deity Brahma and Shakti Dakini. Similarly, kundalini travels up sushumna nadi, continuing to absorb all the elements of the first five chakras. Then, at the sixth chakra (ajna), she absorbs the lower mind. In manas chakra she absorbs the sense consciousness.

In the root muladhara, she absorbs the earth element and odor. In pelvic svadhishthana, she absorbs water and flavor. In solar plexus manipura, she absorbs fire and form. In heart anahata, she absorbs air and touch. In throat vishuddha, she absorbs ether and sound. In third eye ajna, she absorbs manas (lower mind). In manas chakra, she absorbs chitta (sensory mind). In indu she absorbs buddhi (intellect). In nirvana chakra, she absorbs dhi (higher mind) and ahamkara (ego). After nirvana chakra, Chandra (moon) Kundalini passes through the visarga power-bridge to the triangle lying in the nectarous moon region of guru chakra. From there she travels into the luminous triangle within the moon region in the center of sahasrara chakra. Here Chandra Kundalini becomes Turya Kundalini, only realizable in samadhi.

In indu chakra, she absorbs the intellect. This is her last phase of absorption on the sensory-mental level. After the tattvas are absorbed, kundalini moves toward sahasrara (thou-sand-petaled lotus). There, spiritual consciousness is itself absorbed by kundalini and becomes mahat—superconsciousness fully illumined by kundalini, free from limiting elements. This is samprajnata samadhi. Finally, kundalini is herself absorbed into supreme Spirit when she unites with Paramashiva and becomes one and the same as he. This is mahalaya (great absorption), the final stage of asamprajnata samadhi, the highest state of spiritual enlightenment and end of all seeking.

The Fire of kundalini, (the inner fire of matter), is aroused as a final step in man’s spiritual development. There is much misapprehension about the raising of kundalini, but let us assure you, it is most difficult to raise. Only when it progresses geometrically up all three spinal tracts, ida, pingala, and sushumna, with simultaneous action and uniform vibration, is true kundalini fire aroused, and it can only be done by the Higher Self. Then, when all three fires merge and blend in man’s highest chakras, will he emerge as a perfected Being, and the powers latent within him will be full expressed. In this way, man is slowly changed by solar fire through the long process of earthly evolution and persistent rebirth. But man can be changed rapidly by the Divine Alchemy of meditation, a process whereby Solar Fire is consciously brought to bear on the personality and on the mental, emotional, and physical bodies of which it is composed. Man is prepared for entry into the Fifth Kingdom and moves from mortality to immortality, from transience to permanence.

As man undergoes expansions of consciousness through the process of alchemy, increasing responsibility is placed upon him for his actions. Millions of years ago, the crude men of Lemuria crossed from the animal kingdom into the human kingdom through the event called Individualisation. Extra-systemic Fire was applied to the cortex of his brain.

Rays of energy and divine vibration are coming from their bodies and entering yours. They are blessing you with their right hands, from which the rays come out and pour through your body. You are vibrating with the vibration of God. This is God’s direct shaktipat.

The brain and spinal pathway is considered to be the seat of consciousness in the body. Moving life force through the chakras is the kriya pranayama that purifies the mind and results in happiness. Thus purifying the mind and physical systems, the truth seeker attains a state of beatitude.


  • The superior, constructive influence of [superconscious] samadhi eliminates restrictive subliminal tendencies and instinctual driving forces. ‘
  • The tranquil flow of awareness then occurs due to its innate purity. Because of the [constructive] influence of samadhi, fluctuations of mental modifications cease and awareness of wholeness prevails.
  • When the meditator’s concentration is completely focused, sequential ideas that arise in the mind are similar.
  • The preceding four verses explain the kinds, fine varieties, and states of transformations that occur in the meditator’s field of awareness. – 3:9-13

Mental, moral, and spiritual strength are acquired by contemplation on friendliness, com-passion, and other noble qualities. By contemplation on various aspects of power, one becomes empowered. By contemplation on the light of Consciousness, intuitive knowledge of veiled, subtle, and remote things is acquired. – 3:24-26

  • By contemplation on absolute pure Consciousness, all innate knowledge is revealed.
  • By contemplation on the heart [Consciousness], knowledge [of it] is realized.
  • By contemplation on the self-existent reality of Consciousness, one acquires the ability to clearly discern the difference between it and ordinary states of awareness.
  • By contemplation on the reality of God, exceptional powers of perception are acquired.
  • If allowed to flow outwardly, these powers become obstacles to spiritual growth and to perfecting samadhi. If used wisely, they become superior abilities used to resist, weaken, and eliminate subliminal influences which restrict free flows of awareness. – 3:33-38
  • By contemplation on the senses, their powers of cognition and inherent characteristics, pervasiveness, and influences, mastery of them is acquired.
  • By meditative contemplation on the distinction between the attributes of nature and the reality of one Consciousness, perceptions of omnipotence and omniscience are acquired.
  • When the causes of bondage have been removed by renouncing attachments to superior abilities and to perceptions of omnipotence and omnipresence, the soul is liberated. Upon awakening to Self-knowledge, there should be no pride in regard to (one’s) spiritual status or attachment to it, as this can cause a return to former, unclear states of awareness. – 3:48-52

Absolute discriminative knowledge is simultaneous knowledge of the entirety of the universe and its aspects and manifestations. When the purity of individualized awareness is the same as the purity of the Self, [then] absolute liberation of consciousness is realized. – 3:55,56

The enchanted tree

In the fifteenth Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita there is a portrayal of the ‘enduring tree’ which has its underlying foundations at the top and its trunk and branches underneath, developing downwards. He who realizes this tree knows reality. This tree is existing in the structure and capacity of the human body and sensory system. One must know and climb this dumbfounding tree to show up at reality. It very well may be comprehended right now: contemplations, the feelings, the interruptions, etc, are just the leaves of this tree whose roots are simply the cerebrum and whose trunk is the spinal section. It is said that one needs to climb this tree from the top to the base in the event that he wishes to cut the roots.

This tree is by all accounts totally upside down, yet it contains the substance of all mysterious truth and mystery information. It can’t be seen mentally, however just through dynamic otherworldly awakening, for profound seeing consistently day breaks in a manner which is incomprehensible and unreasonable to the workforce of mind. This equivalent tree is known as the ‘Tree of Life’ in the Kabbalah and the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ in the Bible. Its understanding structures the premise of both Christian and Judaic strict customs, yet tragically it has been totally misconstrued all around, for quite a while.

So it is that everyone who is attempting to move from mooladhara to sahasrara is moving to the root without fail, and the root is at the top, the mind, the sahasrara. Mooladhara isn’t the root place by any means. So on the off chance that you are moving from swadhisthana to sahasrara or from manipura to sahasrara, at that point you are moving to the root, which is at the top in sahasrara.

Illuminating the mind In kumdalini yoga it was found that the various pieces of the cerebrum are associated with the chakras. Certain regions are associated with mooladhara chakra, others with swadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi and ajna. At the point when you need to turn on an electric light, you don’t need to contact the light itself, you work it by methods for the switch on the divider. In like manner, when you need to awaken the mind, you can’t manage it straightforwardly, you need to flick the switches which are situated in the chakras.

Current science separates the lethargic territory of the cerebrum into ten sections, though in kundalini yoga we isolate it into six. The characteristics or indications of the mind are additionally sixfold, for example the mystic forces. These show in various people as indicated by the level of awakening in the relating territories of the mind.

Sahasrara is the genuine seat of Kundalini Despite the fact that the old style portrayals place overwhelming accentuation on the awakening of kundalini in mooladhara chakra, there is a boundless confusion that kundalini must be awakened there and made to go through and awaken all the chakras thus. Indeed, the seat of kundalini is really sahasrara. Mooladhara is just a controlling focus or switch, similar to the next chakras, however it happens to be simpler for the vast majority to work this switch.

Each of the chakras is free; they are not associated with one another. This implies, if kundalini shakti awakens in mooladhara, it goes legitimately to sahasrara, to a specific community in the mind. Correspondingly, from swadhisthana the shakti passes straightforwardly to sahasrara, from manipura it goes directly to sahasrara, etc. Kundalini can be awakened in an individual chakra or it can awaken all through the entire system of chakras on the whole. From each chakra, the awakening stun climbs to the highest point of sahasrara. In any case, the awakening isn’t continued and those focuses in the mind come back to torpidity. This is what is implied by the arrival of kundalini to mooladhara.

On the off chance that kundalini awakens in an individual chakra, the encounters which are normal for that chakra will be brought into awareness. This may likewise happen when one does the practices for an individual chakra. For instance, swadhisthana practices will raise happiness; manipura practices will build the self-statement; anahata incitement will extend the affection; vishuddhi practices will awaken separation and insight, and ajna practices will expand the progression of instinct, information and maybe extrasensory capacities, etc.

Opening the storage facility of vast awareness In spite of the fact that there are fluctuating perspectives about kundalini, one thing is sure – kundalini can enact the human awareness so that the individual can build up his most advantageous characteristics, can enter a considerably more personal connection with nature about him, and can get mindful of his unity with the entire universe.

All the extraordinary supernatural occurrences of the remote and late past, and the ones yet to come, have sprung based on what is known as the storage facility of vast cognizance, the brilliant egg, the brilliant belly, the covered up hiranyagarbha inside the structure of the human cerebrum. This specific place in us isn’t dozing or latent, yet it is oblivious, simply because we are not aware of it. What came as disclosure to the antiquated rishis, is existing in us likewise, yet it went to their cognizant plane while it doesn’t go to our own. This is the main distinction between the roused craftsman and the normal man.

The point of kundalini yoga isn’t generally to awaken the intensity of man, but instead to bring the shut sensible or to bring the intensity of the oblivious or higher cognizance, to typical awareness. We have no compelling reason to awaken the cognizance, for it is ever wakeful. We have just to deal with our higher cognizant powers. By methods for kundaiini yoga we simply attempt to bring the focuses from mooladhara to ajna into activity with the goal that the higher information will be continuously uncovered to us.

Return to the Heart and raise your inner vibrations and exit the MATRIX

Our God is a consuming fire.” (Heb. 12:29). The soul’s fire consumes the external body.

Agni is held up as both a god and the way to meet God. Agni is both the ability to transform and the means to transform. It is the fire that consumes and illuminates. It is the process of absorption and transmutation, and fire has its roots in every religion, ceremony, and tradition. It is both energetic and embodied in each one of us. It is both the mitochondria of each of our cells and the fire enthroned in our bellies. It is our fire center, or core, and getting reacquainted with it can allow us to become conscious of our full power and promise. In fact, the roots of the word Agni give us insight as to how vital this concept is in our lives:

Ag: “to overcome darkness, to move forward, excel, divinity itself’

Agnir: “leader, guide, going in front”

Agri: “first in the universe to arise”

Aj: “to drive”

Realize that your consciousness is in the spinal altar and in the Kundalini fire and in every cell of your being and in your chakras. And that God consciousness is able to hold a fire, an all-consuming fire, for the cleaning up of the earth and also for the wisdom of the Buddha (or Christ) that tells you the way to go.

Once you’ve danced the edges of the fire, and warmed up your Kundalini energy, let the heat begin to flow upwards, and move into the white/blue space at the center of the flame. This is much stronger heat that partakes of its brothers, the cores of stars, in miniature. Here you begin to incinerate, and the flame rises upward through the heart, throat, and eventually the crown chakra to connect you to your God-within. Vibrate with this flame energy, and allow yourself to feel not only your small fire, but also the heat of the stars.

Awakening the According to esoteric yogic doctrines, when the polarity balances and unites the alchemical, evolutionary fire is automatically ignited. The internal polar opposite forces then merge as the androgynous Cosmic Fire or Kundalini power at the base of the human spine, and then the normally dormant serpent fire commences its work of purification and evolutionary transmutation of the human form.

When we balance our polarity these opposing energies unite and become what they were at the beginning of time, the androgynous Cosmic Fire. Then, according to its predestined program, the inner Kundalini fire ascends the central channel of balance within the spine, the Sushumna Nadi, in order to gradually destroy our bodily impurities and transform us into perfected reflections of our collective self.

Cosmic Fire is the incipient form taken by the Peacock Angel during the early stages of the creation of our universe. Kundalini, a name for Cosmic Fire, can therefore be conceived of as the Peacock Angel’s manifestation within the human body. This at least partly explains the resemblance of the names Kumara and Kundalini.

This esoteric truth can be found within the science of Rasayana, the Hindu path of alchemy. It can thus be said that when Kundalini moves throughout the human body and consumes it in transformative fire, each one of us will become the Kumara. Not only will we become pure energy like the Son of God, but we will acquire his wisdom and supernatural abilities.

Thus the yogin who, through the stirring of the energy, dwells steadfastly at the junction of the twofold movement of ema-nation and resorption, is returned to the primordial oneness, the vibration of the universal heart. In churning the energy’ on every level, starting from the lowest one, Siva takes back the divided energy, turning it inward by a series of withdrawals to the initial vibration of the peaceful Center. When all the rhythms have merged into the great rhythm of Consciousness united with Energy, the identity of Siva and Energy is realized. The awakening and the ascension of the most vibrant Kundalini is therefore a gradual process of reintegration of the various levels.

“Siva, conscious, free, and of trans-parent essence, is always vibrating, and this supreme energy reaches to the tip of the sense organs,’ then he is nothing but bliss and like him the entire universe vibrates. In truth, I do not see where transmigration, a mere echo, could find a place.”‘ So the Kunclalini energy is nothing but vibration the vibrant undulation of emanation, the more and more subtle vibration of resorption—a high-frequency vibration.

The dance of Siva’ suggests the primordial rhythm of the di-vine Heart whose pulsation initiates each and every motion in the universe. The Paratrin4ika defines the heart as the Essence of the Self, of Bhairava, and of the supreme Goddess, who is identical with him. In the center of the Heart is an etheric void, free from duality, called vyoman or kha. It is identical to the initial vibration, spanda.

According to Abhinavagupta, this eternal, peerless heart is the still and vibrant center of Consciousness, a universal receptacle wherein all the universes are born and withdrawn. He states further: “From kha surges forth the nondual state of bliss where one attains the vibration (spanda), and to attain the spanda is to attain efficience.”

The Heart of Bhairava being undif-ferentiated awareness and all-pervasive, subtle vibration (pari-spanda) at the source of the ceaseless contraction and expansion of the three principal divine energies—a realm of peacefulness and supreme bliss–, heart, vibration, soaring, fervor and wave are all synonymous, for the vibration dwells in Consciousness like a wave in the ocean, and without the wave of awareness there would be nothing but a crystal-like immobility, and not an ocean of Consciousness. Similarly, the still and ever-pure mystical heart, whose pulsa-tion energizes all that is living, is also the resting place of Light and of still-undifferentiated Self-awareness.

Heart chakra

If we have been able to allow kundalini to rush upward from the Earth chakra (grounding), through the root chakra (trust), and through the solar plexus (power), then the energy begins to accelerate as the heart burns and purifies the last of our resistance once kundalini fire consumes the heart. This process imprints the spirit into every cell in our bodies. With the opening of the heart chakra, the telluric energy of the Earth actually can be felt sucking up through our lower bodies to reside in the heart center. The heart chakra opening is the signal of “radical embodiment”—the soul totally in the body—which is the most exquisite experience available on Earth. The integrity of a person with an open heart is always astounding.

This fire consumes the I (ego), for this free and spontaneous mystical dance takes place in the human heart, which it fills with bliss.

Kundalini and Soma – Forms and Powers. Men, as soon as they discover this most secret place, become free from rebirths in this universe. The proper awakening of the Kundalini provides a tremendous energy and inspiration, a vast widening of the consciousness, and can aid in deep healing, rejuvenation and longevity.

Without the proper prior preparation of the Soma or nectar in the crown chakra, the Kundalini fire can overheat and burn up the nervous system, depleting our Soma and even reducing our longevity. That is why for anyone who seeks to develop the Kundalini, developing the corresponding Soma is imperative. In fact, if one develops the Soma above, the Kundalini will naturally arise to partake of it. No other effort, action or practice may be required. On the other hand, if one seeks to develop the Kundalini and has no inner Soma, the Kundalini will be irritated, not awakened. We must remember that Kundalini awakens in search of the Soma. To awaken it without Soma is to awaken a serpent but have nothing to feed it. Meanwhile to awaken the Kundalini in a positive manner, we must also stop seeking the outer Somas. It is the outer Somas of sensory enjoyment and ego imagination that keep the Kundalini asleep.

The proper awakening of the Kundalini provides a tremendous energy and inspiration, a vast widening of the consciousness, and can aid in deep healing, rejuvenation and longevity. Yet as a powerful electrical force, Kundalini can be difficult for the nervous system to handle, particularly in the case of practitioners who are not adequately prepared to handle its powerful currents. We must be able to endure and sustain the awakening of its power, which requires the necessary Soma, calm and peace.

There tends to be an overemphasis on Kundalini in modern books on Yoga and the chakras, which rarely emphasize the necessary preparation for arousing this powerful force or the necessary factors for keeping it in balance, once aroused. There is a naive thinking that one can manipulate the Kundalini mechanically by personal effort, through certain asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, mantras or yoga kriyas, largely of a physical or mechanical nature, as if it were little more than a matter of technique to get it to move.

The role of Soma in the awakening of higher consciousness is probably more important than that of the Kundalini, though it is a secret not easily found. If one’s Soma is not first protected and prepared, the rising of the Kundalini can have side effects or fail to occur altogether. If our Soma or inner mind is pure, the Kundalini will naturally arise to receive it and will do so with grace and gentleness. Kundalini, we must remember, is a force of the non-ego and for the ego to try to manipulate it will only serve to inflate the ego, taking it eventually to a point where it is likely to break and disturb the nervous system.

Kundalini is a force of nature like lightning that is beyond our personal control or our ability to predict. To safely arouse the Kundalini requires the right life-style, emotional balance and power of concentration. In fact, if one has the right preparation, particularly the inner Soma to attract it. the Kundalini will arise in a gentle and harmonious manner. Kundalini is a sacred spiritual force, a power of the Goddess that we must approach with reverence, respect, devotion and humility. To allow the Kundalini to arise in the best possible manner, we must first prepare our Soma. This means developing the cool, content, meditative mind of the crown chakra or lotus of the head. It requires that we ourselves, particularly our psychological natures, become the Soma and allow ourselves to be purified and consumed by the higher forces. As a power of fire. Kundalini requires our own internal purification or tapas. We must be willing to burn up our own ego in the Kundalini fire, which occurs in the lower chakras where both the ego and Kundalini dwell.

Kundalini as the Shakti naturally seeks out this detached Shiva energy or Soma, which is her lord. If an undetached motivation awakens her, she will not be happy. The yamas and niyamas of Yoga help purify the Soma, as do the other limbs of Yoga, if applied in the right manner, notably pranayama, mantra and meditation. We must learn to breathe in the Soma, which occurs through the third eye, when the mind and breath are calm and balanced. This hap-pens when our mind has no burden of memory and our emotions have been transformed into devotion. This unitary breath is the basis of both Soma and Kundalini, which are the water and fire aspects of this primal Prana or air energy. When the Soma in the crown chakra fully develops it overflows and descends to purify the body and to collect in the ocean of the spiritual heart that is its final abode. That is why Soma is closely connected to the heart as well.

The Sushumna as the Soma Channel To access the chakras and their Somas, as well as to awaken the Kundalini, we must first energize the Sushumna, bringing the prana into the central channel of the subtle body. If the Sushumna is not energized then we cannot directly access the chakras, whatever else we may do. All the chakras are connected to and can be regarded as an expansion of the central channel or Sushumna of the subtle body,which is our inner space or void.

The chakras can only be opened by an expansion of that inner space of awareness, not as mere physical locations, emotions or personal powers. Sushumna means ‘what is very blissful’. It is our inner space in which the Soma can flow. Higher Yoga practices require opening the Sushumna or central channel of the subtle body. Otherwise neither Kundalini can arise nor can the Soma descend. This opening of the Sushumna in turn requires releasing the knots of the heart, letting go of our deep seated fears, desires, anger and attachment.

Without developing our inner Soma, there is no space for the higher energies to move within us. To reach that inner space requires the unification of the dualistic energies inside us, which are mirrored in the duality of our breath, thoughts and emotions. We must go beyond inhalation and exhalation, attraction and repulsion, like and dislike.

Soma is the key to all higher Yoga practices, the magic, the nectar and inspiration that allows them to work — and the flow of grace that takes us beyond personal effort. Learning this yogic alchemy of Soma is the true immortal art. It not only revitalizes the body but also creates within us a consciousness that can endure beyond death.

The Arising of the Shin or Purusha Energy Along with the ascent of the Kundalini, there needs to be a complementary ascent of the soul, an arising of the Shiva consciousness, which is part of the awakening of the Purusha or higher Self. This is experienced as an ascent of calm and expansive force, around which the Kundalini spirals and is held. This rising Shiva energy, symbolized by the linger or pillar of Shiva energy, affords stability to the mind and nervous system. This ascending Shiva force rises to reach the immutable immortal Shiva force in the head. Yet it is also like the power of a mountain. It is on that mountain of Shiva that the Soma can be found. Like Kundalini, with which it is connected, this ascending Shiva energy is fiery. It needs to be continually cooled through pouring the water of Soma over it.

The ascending Shiva energy is also called the Hamsa, which means both the Prana and the bird of the soul. It flies upward with the breath as it were. Hamsa is also the bird that dwells on the lake of the Soma. As the higher spiritual fire and light energy arises within us. whatever name or form we give it, we must learn to bathe it with the descent of water and grace which is Soma. This bird of Soma becomes the eagle of higher perception as the flow of Soma cleanses the doors of our perception and opens us up to the vision of all things as infinite and eternal.

During realization, the Kundalini absorbs the ego and the superego. Thoughts fade away. There is no past, no future. All that remains is reality, that is, the present. And in the present the Spirit, shining in the heart.

Kundalini’s Forms and Powers

The ancients say that when kundalini travels into the void region (sahasrara), she remains only momentarily, then returns to muladhara (root chakra). Only by consistent practice does divine union become permanent. When Shakti unites with Paramashiva in sahasrara, the perfected siddha (adept) becomes jivan mukti (liberated soul), dwelling in eternal bliss, possessing all powers. As kundalini travels through the chakras, she exhibits various forms:

1. In root chakra (muladhara), she is Kula (root, lineage, dynasty) Kundalini. Here she rests in samadhi (transcendence) as svayambhu linga. She is a nonentity, as if asleep.

2. When awakened, she is termed Vahni (fire) Kundalini, deep red in color as she moves from muladhara to the heart chakra (anahata).

3. In anahata, she becomes Surya (Sun) Kundalini of brilliant vermilion color as she moves to the bottom of third eye chakra (ajna).

4. In ajna, she is called Chandra (Moon) Kundalini, white and nectarous as she travels to nirvana chakra.

5. In sahasrara, she becomes Turya (fourth state) Kundalini—samadhi, beyond the three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping. Here she is the nature of pure consciousness, experienced in samprajnata samadhi.

As kundalini pierces each of the chakras in turn, she absorbs the principle (tat-tva), element (mahabhuta), and sense object (tanmatra) associated with each chakra. In the root muladhara, she absorbs the earth element and odor. In pelvic svadhishthana, she absorbs water and flavor. In solar plexus manipura, she absorbs fire and form. In heart anahata, she absorbs air and touch. In throat vishuddha, she absorbs ether and sound. In third eye ajna, she absorbs manas (lower mind). In manas chakra, she absorbs china (sensory mind). In indu she absorbs buddhi (intellect). In nirvana chakra, she absorbs dhi (higher mind) and ahamkara (ego). After nirvana chakra, Chandra (moon) Kundalini passes through the visarga power-bridge to the triangle lying in the nectarous moon region of guru chakra. From there she travels into the luminous triangle within the moon region in the center of sahasrara chakra. Here Chandra Kundalini becomes Turya Kundalini, only realizable in samadhi.

While in the luminous triangle of sahasrara, kundalini exhibits three aspects: 1. Her ama kala form, the experience of samprajnata samadhi. 2. Her nirvana kala form, beyond samprajnata samadhi, into which she absorbs even samadhi consciousness by virtue of her power of supreme control (nirodhika vahni). 3. Her nirvana shakti form, the all-absorbing kundalini power. Here she absorbs Prakriti, Purusha, and Maya, and passes into supreme void, the circular region within the luminous triangle. The center of the void is Shiva. Kundalini coils around the circular void, forming the circumference. The void, experienced only in asamprajnata samadhi, contains four aspects: supreme bindu, supreme nada, Shakti, and Shiva.

• Kundalini first coils around supreme bindu, absorbing supreme bindu.

• Kundalini then coils around supreme nada, absorbing supreme nada.

 • Kundalini’s third coil is around Shakti, which she then absorbs.

• Kundalini coils halfway around Shiva, whom she unites with and absorbs.

• Kundalini is then without coils and is absorbed into Paramashiva. This is the final stage of asamprajnata samadhi—the supreme absorption.

Sahasrara Attainments

“Men, as soon as they discover this most secret place, become free from rebirths in this universe. By the practice of this Yoga, he gets the power of creating or destroying the creation, this aggregate of elements. When the mind is steadily fixed at this place, which is the residence of the Great Swan and is called Kailas, then that Yogi, devoid of diseases and subduing all accidents, lives for a great age, free from death.” —Siva Samhitas

Living from the Heart – The heart’s electric field is 60 times stronger than Earth`s magnetic field, and its magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s. Kundalini Inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand gigawatt amperage. Anyone who calibrates over 700 can counterbalance the negative energy of over 700,000 people. We just using 6-10% of our brain potential because life on Earth is designed to keep us disconnected from ONENESS, INTUITION and HIGHER WISDOM.

Kundalini energy will infuse them with new energy and blow the blockages apart. This is much like blowing an electrical cir-cuit breaker. The Heart Center then begins to open up like the blossoming of a flower. The Heart Energy radiates out ward and upward. For some people this is a gradual process. For others it happens very fast. When it occurs rapidly, it can take a while for a person to adjust to the new energy.

During Kundalini Rising, the heart center can open up with tremendous volume and can cause life-changing events to take place. On the negative side, those with blocked heart energies are often subject to heart problems, sometimes resulting in a need for medical intervention, or so serious as to cause heart attack. Working with the heart center to help balance all the upper and lower Chakras is a good way to facilitate clearing blockages and promote a healthy energy flow.

The rising of Kundalini energies from the root chakra up the spine encounters the energies of the fourth chakra as well as any blockages that reside there. The blockages in each chakra are opened up since they cannot withstand the direct power of the Kundalini energies. This rising of the Kundalini and the opening

Once the shifting starts, the person may be drawn to make major changes in their life style, personal interactions and/or be drawn to move to another physical location. The transformation from being third chakra centered and becoming fourth chakra aware is a major turning point in a person’s spiritual evolution. There is no going back from this point. Old paradigms and control mechanisms will no longer work for the person. A new consciousness is born out of the Heart Chakra energies and it creates new energetic pathways all through the energy body. This is an extremely powerful energy redistribution within the entire being, including all subtle energy levels and levels of consciousness. This is an evolutionary process.

The Evolution of Our Physiology

This new energy of the heart also affects our physiology and creates new brain pathways, giving us greater access to subtle energy centers in the body and greater access to our inherent creativities. New talents can emerge and often do. New goals begin to replace older, more third chakra centric goals. This transformation can wreak havoc in a person’s life as it will turn relationships upside down. Personal relationships, work relationships and love relationships will be affected. Some relationships will be transformed, others will end and new ones begin. This is a time of tremendous change and growth. Me speed and power of these changes can be unsettling for the person involved and for those around him or her. Most people do not recognize a spiritual awakening of these energies and only perceive the shift in third chakra energies into something else as a change, sometimes unsettling, sometimes mysterious, often frightening


There is another interesting phenomenon in the human condition and that is that people tend to be aware of the energy interchanges and reality level of the chakra they are primarily operating through, but not consciously aware of the chakra immediately above it. Those who are focused on third chakra energies operate at the worldly level of power, acquisition, judgement and control do not “understand” someone who is operating from the heart center energies. Third chakra-focused people view fourth chakra-focused people as an oddity, or weak or even threatening. People who operate primarily at the third chakra level see the world through the eyes of self-centric power. They are closely tied to the lower vibrational energy of fear.

Fear, Anger and Power

Fear, anger and power are closely associated. Fear is energy go-ing out from us in a dispersal pattern. When we experience fear, we lose our sense of focus. We feel out of control. Fear is a loss of power from the whole chakra system, but most significantly from the third and lower chakras.

When one feels that his or her power is being drained from the third chakra, they immediately descend into the level of fear. Their reaction is to fight back against a perceived attack, or to flee the attack. ‘They are unable to take the quantum leap in aware-ness to the fourth chakra level where they will see relationships and interactions with others as mirrors of inner struggles and growth processes within themselves. When they can eventually make this transition to the heart level energies, they will find the heart energies will transmute the fear they have into a feeling of unity. They will be able to transcend the need for daily power struggles and will be able to relate to other beings on a higher vibrational wavelength.

The Anatomy of Fear  – “Fear is the little death…”

The Archetypal Warrior and the Eternal Battlefield

In our daily lives, it is very easy to get pulled down to the third chakra level of power struggles. The third chakra is the home of the consciousness of the “Eternal Warrior.”

The nature of the Eternal Warrior’s energy vibration is one of eternal struggle. There will always be another battle to wage in order to prove the validity of that energy’s existence. You only win the third chakra battles by transcending that vibrational level into the higher levels of heart energy, the fourth chakra.

As beings on this planet we have lived for many millennia within the energy sphere of the third chakra. It is the cause behind our wars, our battles over territory and our battles over food, re-sources and power. Some of these archetypal struggles were a necessary part of our evolution as beings, but we must not make them the focal point of our future energies.

When someone who is operating at a third chakra level challenges you, it is an attempt on his or her part to bring you down to a lower vibrational energy level. Once you come down to the level of third chakra power struggles, there is no ultimate win or loose to that game. The playing field of this game is the “Eternal Battlefield.” ‘the biblical message “Love your enemy” does not mean ignore violence and become passive. It means do not play the game of returning hatred and violence with more hatred and violence. From an energetic standpoint it means transmute the energies of hatred and anger into higher vibrational states. You never win by hating your enemies. You only win when your enemies cease to hate.

‘This viewpoint of third chakra energies and fourth chakra energies should not be taken to mean that one does not confront evil in the world. It is important for loving beings to act together responsibly for the betterment of our world conditions. The challenge is to do this from a higher vibrational level and not from a level of judgment or hate. This is an extremely difficult challenge at this time.

Heart Energies and the Global Consciousness

Just as individuals operate from different levels of consciousness and different chakra energies, the nations of earth also operate from different levels of group consciousness and group energies. Many poor nations on the planet today are at the first or second chakra consciousness of basic survival and procreation. Many other nations are at the level of the third chakra consciousness in their evolutionary growth. These third chakra nations see all other nations as being in a potential power struggle with them. They build armies either for protection or for expansion. They focus their energies on maintaining extreme nationalism, enforcing boundaries, zealous control or slaughter of their own internal populations, and exploiting or even wasting earthly resources. None of this is reflective of fourth chakra energies. It is important for the eventual survival of humans on this planet that nations are able to evolve through and beyond the third chakra energies into the fourth chakra energies. It is at the level of the fourth chakra consciousness, that nations will act in brotherhood with other nations, and will recognize that all nations are partners on the planet. The fourth chakra consciousness will bring with it the ability to understand one-another through love and compassion, and a realization that conflict harms both sides.

The Archetypal Struggle of “Good vs. Evil”

There is no doubt that the earth is still in the midst of the powerful good vs. evil archetypal battle. Old power struggles and hidden forces are coming to light and being exposed on a global scale. Bringing dark energies into the light will raise their vibration. Those that can transmute to higher levels of energy will do so. There will be some that cannot change at this time. One of the goals of the energy facilitators we talked about in Part One is to raise the vibrational energy and consciousness of those trapped in this archetypal battle so that they can evolve beyond it. This is a global consciousness shift that will be unlike any previous era in human history.

As part of this shift, social structures and conditions will be affected on a broad scale. Things will simply not be the same as they have been in the past. The perspective from which we view these changes will be a reflection of our level of consciousness at this time. There will be times of confusion as old paradigms cease to work and old social values are brought into focus for re-examination. People will be challenged to look at their own individual life priorities and make conscious choices on how they want to live their lives. People will need to make choices as to what mental thought forms they want to hold in their minds and in their hearts.

We are moving into an era where the compassion and wisdom of the heart will be sought out and valued as a means to balance the lower energy vibrations of fear and control.

The Wisdom of the Heart

“Open your heart. Let it show you what it knows. Learn to trust what you know. You’re wiser than you think.”  —Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart

Because of its vast interconnected web to other energy centers in the body and to the body’s energy field itself, the heart has a greater depth of wisdom than you will find in the intellect alone. The heart and the head (intellect) do not speak the same language.

The wisdom of the heart runs deeper into your psyche than does your intellect. It is very important to achieve a sense of balance between the head and the heart. Many people who have ignored or suppressed their feelings for years have a difficult time listening to the heart. For them, this is a new and different approach. It may take some getting used to. This is part of the modern paradigm of the new energy, which is to “think with the heart.”

An Open Heart and the Power of Healing

When the Heart Chakra is open, a person has a heightened ability to sense energy flows from other people and other living beings. A person with an open heart can also send heart energy (love energy) outward to others to help them heal and achieve greater wholeness. On open Heart Chakra is an energy vortex that can be used to focus energy and connect with the energy fields of others. When your heart center is open, there is a definite feeling of deep warmth in this area, a deeper warmth than any other you have known. As your heart energy expands out from your heart center, it has a radiating quality that can be very healing to other people. This is a very real energy, not an imaginary feeling.

The Rulers of this world has hidden plans for mankind. They want keep whole mankind disconnected from higher powers in all forms, and they using FEAR to strengthens the lower negative magnetic field – because then they can keep the soul bounded, caught, controlled, fed, manipulated and enslaved below the three first chakras.

The heart’s electric field is 60 times stronger than Earth`s magnetic field and its magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s (McCraty, Bradley, and Tomasino 2004-5, 16).

The real secret is this; we are disconnected from each other on a electrical field meaning.

Those who do energy healing know the tremendous power that the Heart Chakra holds. One makes an energetic connection with another through the heart center, and expands their love energies into a powerful healing, radiating flow.

Here is some other secret facts the rulers don’t you to understand:

Kundalini Energy: Kundalini is actually the power of consciousness, whether it’s in our body or in the universe at large. The awakening of kundalini is the greatest enterprise and most wonderful achievement in front of man. That inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand gigawatt amperage.

A fully awaken individual who can reach the heart-chakra and then the crown chakra may then be the most powerful man walking on planet Earth. The rulers have always and for thousands of years suppressed mankind to following and accepting their way

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