Kundalini acts like a superconducter, Did you know that the way cells communicate with each other is by super conductivity? Everyone can access kundalini, but it takes a lot of dedication. Tavistock Institure. Part 128

As long as our energy body system suffers blockades, it lacks of supply of our organs with vital energy, what we have to balance on the material plane in any form. With a fully developed aura, our energy body system is like a superconductor, which can let flow the subtle and higher dimensional energies into our energy body system without resistance, which frees us largely from terrestrial dependencies. In my view without Kundalini energy it would be hardly possible, particularly in the Western world, to bring our Aura system fully to unfold or to extend. Of course, the existence of Kundalini speaks for itself.

Well it should be noted that the Kundalini energy is a very powerful energy. If our energy body system is not prepared for this energy it can bring serious crises with itself. Once excessive Kundalini triggering is done, then the energy body system can be so strong muddled up that for a certain time we stand between life and death, and we have no influence on the course. Here, a mental control is practically hardly possible. Therefore, it is advisable to learn to feel when we have to work really with this energy!!! We just live in a time in which the inner desire of people for spiritual development increases more and more. Once the aura system of people is prepared in relation to the Kundalini energy and there is also a strong inner urge for spiritual development, then the Kundalini energy will be noticeable as if by magic.

Kundalini acts like a superconducter

The word superconducter appears in the transformative process making monatomic gold

Let us make some serious research about the gold powder. Neither the old scriptures about the ‘what is it’, the ‘manna’, the ‘ambrosia’, the ‘light bread’ nor David Hudson’s ‘ORME’ (monatomic gold dust) are made up. The truth must be out there, not only ‘presened in heavens’ but somewhere in the labs or the heads of our scientists. David R. Hudson says:

Did you know that over five percent by dry matter weight of the brain tissue is rhodium and iridium in the high spin state? Did you know that the way cells communicate with each other is by super conductivity?

Do you know what speed the superconducting wave travels? The speed of sound. This, in fact, is what is in your body that we call the consciousness. It’s what separates you from a computer.”

Is the spiritual body the same as the super conducting waves within our physical body? Could we be like gods if we could feed it with, what they called, ‘the food of the gods’? Although those of our ancestors, who knew, have been exterminated, we are certainly intelligent enough to rediscover that lost knowledge, even if the research is overdue by thousands of years. Let us put forth our hand and take of the results of our research, eat of the tree of life and live for ‘ever’, in health. Even if we cannot live as long as the God of the OT, because longevity is partially depended on our genes, every extension of our lives would be welcome. The connection Gold–Gold Powder—Energy source becomes more and more obvious. We have been captured by religious doctrines long enough. The doctrine that spiritual salvation is only possible after death has been provided as disinformation. The purpose was to dis-courage us from making any research about things the god of the

When gold and platinum-group metals are transformed into the monatomic state, a fine white powder is produced. This substance was used by pharaohs and kings of the ancient world. It was also part of the secret knowledge of mediaeval alchemy and the Knights Templar. Research on this has been forging ahead, and some amazing properties of high-spin elements have now been scientifically confirmed.

Another reason is probably the passivity of the spiritual body. the lacking of high spin of mind. This is why we, sometimes, have to take time to think before we act (count to ten!). Our consciousness needs sometime to catch up. The high spin of mind and the super conducting waves in our body are working too slowly. For some people. those waves are moving much too slowly.

We cannot increase the amount of rhodium/iridium in our brain, as the amount of those super-conducting elements found in herbs is exceedingly low. Our conclusion is that by increasing such elements in our brain, through the consumption of gold powder (and other high speed essences of precious ‘metals’), we would be better beings. Logics would precede action. Health and longevity would be just a bonus. Escalation of development would be yet another bonus. We have been manipulated to believe that ‘shining’ is fro the gods alone, not for us. We have been prevented from understanding what kind of good life our gold could bring to us.

We have nothing to lose by taking the ancient information seri-ously. David R. Hudson’s research ought to be followed up. Any research on gold powder could show up to be better than storing the gold, or hanging it around our necks. Laurence Gardner says:

We have craved gold, killed for it, dug for it, and died for it, but when all is said and done, we took thousands of tons of the world’s most enchanting substance, molted it into bars and locked it out of sight in barricaded vaults as if it had never been brought out of the earth!”

AWAKEN YOUR KUNDALINI WITH BRAINWAVE TRAINING Our brainwave frequencies influence how we are in the world and how we see the world.

When the left and right hemispheres of our brain are balanced and stable, life doesn’t seem so scary, and we don’t over- or underreact to life’s challenges.

Changing your brainwaves, using brainwave traininng to stimulate the kundalini phenomenon, will leave your mind mentally and emotionally balanced – you’ll be in a “neutral mind.”

Everyone can access kundalini, but it takes a lot of dedication.

With a fully developed aura, our energy body system is like a superconductor, which can let flow the subtle and higher dimensional energies into our energy body system without resistance, which frees us largely from terrestrial dependencies.

Samuel Sagan uses the analogy of a superconductor to illustrate the energetic power of meditation. At normal temperatures the molecules in a substance are in constant motion. This is the nature of heat. Similarly the ordinary mind is in a constant state of agitation with thoughts moving in all directions. If an electrical conductor is cooled down to near absolute zero, the molecules in it more or less stop moving. At this point, surprisingly, the flow of current through it does not freeze; on the contrary, there is zero resistance to the flow so the conductor can carry huge intensities of current. It becomes a superconductor. In the same way, in meditation, the mind becomes still and becomes a superconductor of consciousness and: “surprise, there isn’t boring dullness, there is teingtan experience which sanskrit texts compare with the rising of a million suns”:

Meditation isn’t just about relaxation. It raises the voltage of consciousness. It reveals completely new dimensions of yourself-levels of immense creativity, joy and fun, levels where you are alive, awakened and, even more interesting, levels where you just are. To be, to just be is something that people rarely think about.

As long as our energy body system suffers blockades, it lacks of supply of our organs with vital energy, what we have to balance on the material plane in any form. With a fully developed aura, our energy body system is like a superconductor.



The white-powder-of-gold or m-state was recently discovered to be in the air we breathe and the water we drink. It is a state of matter that is a room temperature superconductor and has inter-dimensional and antigravity properties. It is known as ‘ORME’ gold (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements).

“This information has been kept secret long enough”.

Superconduction is the passage of electron current without generation of heat and hence with zero electrical resistance. Such behavior has been observed only in organic materials and only at temperatures below approximately 20°K, although theory predicts that superconduction might occur in organic materials at room temperatures. The conduction of electrons across interfaces between adjacent superconductive layers behaves differently from current across ordinary solid junctions. Electron tunneling currents across interfaces between superconductive layers or regions have been predicted and demonstrated to have a particular form of temperature dependence… …Little…has suggested DNA as the sort of biological molecule along which electrons might superconduct…

In other words, at ordinary temperatures for living organisms, and under certain temperature conditions, their DNA molecules could actually superconduct electricity!

Perhaps this had something to do with the alchemical claims that the Great Elixir, the Philosophers Stone, also conferred healing and longevity properties on those who consumed it. But what exactly in the DNA could account for this behavior, and what in DNA could possibly link it to Hudson’s strange white powder? Hudson set out to answer these questions, and, focusing on the fact that nerve tissue was somehow involved in the phenomenon, procured the brains of cows and pigs, and decided to do an experiment. Hudson immersed the brains in alternating sulfuric acid and water several times to rid the brain matter of all carbons and nitrous compounds. What was left was dry matter, approximately five percent of which was rhodium and iridium — both platinum group metals! — in the high-spin state, the same state as Hudson’s fine white powderr° In other words, Hudson had found a possible connection, via his white powder high-spin-state platinum group metals, and via the superconductive properties of DNA, to the ancient alchemical insistence that the alchemist himself must in some sense be transformed or purified in order to confect the Philosophers’ Stone, for consider, we now have:

1) matter whose mass exists partly in (56%), and partly outside (44%), of this ordinary three dimensional space (or four-dimensional space-time);

2) matter which only exhibits this property after going through intensely stressful chemical processes in which the alchemical “sequence of colors” is more or less confirmed, and which, as indicated in those texts, exists in a fine white powder form;

3) these properties are apparently related to superconductive properties;

4) there is a relationship to DNA’s superconductive properties, which might account for ancient alchemical warnings that the alchemist himself must be transformed in order ro confect the Philosophers Stone.

To find the “ philosopher ‘ s stone ” of great price , according to this path , the light must enter into the darkness , the commonest , most overlooked and rejected elements of life.

This secret was once well known in the secret schools of Europe: it was called `attaining the philosopher’s stone’. To find the philosopher’s stone, you must discover the secret of the breath.

In Christianity kundalini is referred to as the Holy Spirit. It is the primal life force that animates all living entities, the evolutionary force behind all living matter. In Tantric Yoga kundalini is an aspect of Shakti, the divine female energy. The objective of Kundalini Yoga is to raise the kundalini energy to the crown chakra, where it unites with Shiva, or the male polarity, and inspires awakening. Intriguingly, the kundalini life force energy, referred to by various names, appears to be a universal phenomenon in esoteric teachings for at least the past three thousand years. Kundalini has been interpreted from the Bible as Christ consciousness.

This life force energy is also referenced in alchemical tracts energy using the symbol of the philosopher’s stone.

Jungian psychology equates Kundalini arousal with the seven stages of transmutation of metals [=activating/transmuting the seven chakras] in the attainment of the coveted Philosopher’s Stone, described in ancient alchemical texts. Halligan showed how the raising of Kundalini to the crown chakra at the top of the head essentially equates with alchemical “conjunctio”, the mystical marriage of opposites in any spiritual journey which makes union with the Divine a subjective reality, where the Self is fully formed. “A conjunctio metaphorically creates the Philosopher’s Stone, the Self, unity with the Divine. Therefore, for many Jungians the experience of Kundalini awakening is the Eastern version of individuation [coming into Self-hood].” [Frederica R. Halligan and John J. Shea, The Fires of Desire. Erotic Energies and the Spiritual Quest (New York: Crossroads, 1992)]

The day has come when we should seek to unlock the treasure of this ancient volume with a key fashioned from the Philosopher’s Stone . ” ( The discovery of the philosophers ‘ stone and the awakening of Kundalini are treated as one.

In Lords of Light, W. E. Butler is quoted as saying that these psychic nerve channels exist in the planet as well as humanity, in the form of ley lines. The natural power of creation, the Secret Fire of alchemy or kundalini, is the force, which continually changes all of creation, moving it forward to more and more refined levels. When we create and ingest spagyric or alchemical products, we are assisting Nature, in the quickening of our personal evolutionary process.

For the average seeker, even today , kundalini is a supernatural force which can work wonders when aroused. Only, like the Philosopher’s Stone of the alchemists, one should know the secret by which it can be aroused or manipulated.

For this reason, it may also be termed “autogenic” (Greek for “produced by oneself”)

Spirit is the real elixir of life, the Philosopher’s Stone, the fountain of life eternal, the transforming power that changes to golden truth all that seemed dark and mysterious in the past.

Kundalini is an energy that is to be respected.

But what is kundalini? Is it the energy of the higher spiritual bodies breaking through into the lower levels?

The awakening of kundalini, then, is considered a very special grace in Hinduism. It represents the beginning of the realization of the life of the divine as the essence of the soul itself.

Do not think that you have to have a teacher for everything. The teacher is you! The power is within you, and you do have a regulatory sys-tem. . . . We live in a benificent universe, and guiding spirits are always present to help us in our explorations.” Jesus said quite simply, “Seek and it shall be found, ask and it shall be given unto you.” As I mentioned earlier, the Sufi Masters of the Near East say the same thing: when you are ready for a new lesson in life, the teacher will appear, in whatever form available in your present life.

As we continue to lay our foundation in abiding inner silence, all good things will come.

The guru is in you.

Kundalini, the power of the inner Self, is a potential spiritual energy inherent in every human being. Yoga can be effortlessly achieved by awakening and channeling kundalini, which is loacted in the subtle body, not in the physical body.

It is said that no super conscious state or samadhi is ever possible without the kundalini awakening. Although the word kundalini originated in India, the kundalini awakening experience is common to all religions. For example, in Christianity, it is called the “Holy Spirit.”

Kundalini awakening is a divine gift of God received through the medium of a Guru (true spiritual master).

If we allow the vibrations of the right frequency and phase to reverberate in the brain , we can accumulate enormous amount of energy . This energy is Kundalini.


The terms venicalitation and venicalizing the chokes were coined by David Wagner. the inventor of the Tachyonization process. which will be described later. With-oh/anon in yogic terms is described by Gabriel Canon. M.D. in his book Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Din, as part of the evolution of the Kundalini process and of awakening. In this kundalini process. the SOEFs become more and more organized as the energy is drawn up.

Our body tends to become more ethnic. The increasingly energized kundalini vortex transmutes more mann and more energy from the more dense subtle energy systems until the subtle energy of the whole organism is drawn into one energy vortex. As the energy naturally begins to lbw down. wan] we literally become one and esperience ourselves as whole and complete. An experiential reminder of this is the almost continual awareness of oneself as single venical transcendent energy field resonating with and being drawn back into the cosmic energy vibration.

This venical resonating and merging experi-ence. particularly during periods of silent mediation. seems to penetrate to the very atomic level of one’s being. At the time of the kundalini awakening. the chakras and the subtle bodies become absorbed into the more purified powerful energy of the kundalini vortex. Enough of the chakra energy is leo to maintain us on the physical plane. but the chathas lose their predominant role and significance.

What is left is the continual experience of the pulsation of the pure pram flowing down through the kundalini vortex. This becomes the central energy source of the physical system. The crown chakta changes at kundalini. awakening from a minor portal of energy entry to that of the moat important source of energy in the system.

The whole system thus reaches a higher level of SOEF organization and pros ides a model that explains the process of resurrection. It may also explain the passage in John 20:17. in which Jesus says to Mary Magdalene. “Stop clinging to me. For I have MN yet ascended to the father.” In John 20:19 and John 20:26. Jesus passes through the locked doors of his disciples’ dwellings to bless them with peace.

What may he happening is that Jesus SOEF was so highly organized and his physical structure so nearly transmuted into the ethnic level that he was able to go the next step and make his body totally ethnic by the use of his mind.

This would allow him to pass through locked doors.. By projecting his mind down into ihe vortex. he could draw up the materials needed into the SOEF to repaitem and recreate his own body as needed to serve the will of God. This is a theoretical extension of our total seats and SOEF aspects of our new holistic paradigm.

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