Jung stated; “in 1932 and called the kundalini, “…the divine goddess… She is the anima, the shakti (power) which has conceived the world.” The Gestalt of kundalini theories is that she is female and God’s imprint in each of us, capable of bestowing divine powers on the seeker but she must awaken to grant enlightenment.” The soul is currently the impermanent atom of being and the seed of selfhood, anchored in time and space in the matter planes. It is here so it can evolve into a self realized God through its own freewill. The soul is surrounded by an electronic force field of its negative karma that keeps it bound to time and space.

The kundalini is renowned in Hinduism as the female, divine energy responsible for creation itself. Each human being has a part of the divine kundalini energy located inside the triangular sacrum bone at the base of his spine. Sacrum means ‘sacred’ in Latin and it shows even the Romans acknowledged this bone’s spiritual significance. C.G. Jung, the father of analytical psychology was the first western psychiatrist to examine the kundalini and yoga’s beliefs from a scientific perspective and study how they help develop higher consciousness in a person. He conducted seminars on the “Psychology of Kundalini Yoga” in Zurich in 1932 and called the kundalini, “…the divine goddess… She is the anima, the shakti (power) which has conceived the world.” The Gestalt of kundalini theories is that she is female and God’s imprint in each of us, capable of bestowing divine powers on the seeker but she must awaken to grant enlightenment.

The Shiva Samhita, an ancient Sanskrit text on yoga from which our modern yoga movement has emerged, says this about her: “The kundalini is ineffable, too great to be described in words, constantly worshiped by Gods.” The text goes on to say that kundalini awakens only inside a real seeker of spirituality after he or she has performed extreme yogic penances, sometimes lasting for lifetimes.

Zen Buddhist equivalent, satori, meant the end of suffering: spiritual enlightenment, freedom from the “wheel of birth and death” the cycles of reincarnation. Something within me knew this was the only goal

The kingdom of heaven lies within your own heart and soul. You can experience inner shaktipat through your own experiences. You can have direct contact with your inner guru who will bless you with the recognition of ecstasy and bliss within. You can attain spiritual enlightenment by yourself, without looking to others for advice, for energy, for kundalini, or for anything.

You can awaken kundalini through innumerable means, including prayer, devotion, worship, intellectual inquiry, meditation, yoga practices, yoga breathing exercises, willpower, discernment, knowledge, and body purification. You cam discover some of these ways. In fact, any manifestation of spiritual gifts or supernormal powers indicates kundalini is already awake to some degree. This enigmatic kundalini energy, which brings bliss, energy, power, and ecstasy, is definitely worth seeking and finding.

“When the sleeping goddess Kundalini is awakened through the grace of the teacher, then all the subtle lotuses and worldly bonds are readily pierced through and through. Let the wise person forcibly and firmly draw up the goddess Kundalini, for She is the giver of all miraculous powers.”

Vedic texts suggest that this energy is triggered at the time of conception in the womb and then lies coiled three and a half times at the base of the spine to hold the energy field in stasis till we die when it uncoils and returns to its source. The Kundalini can be awakened in various ways.

Once awakened, it rises through the chakras and finds expression in spiritual knowledge and mystical visions, which eventually leads to enlightenment. The goal of Kundalini practice is to open up all the chakras of the body, thereby allowing the ascent of the energy from the Muladhara to the Sahasrara, traversing through the various chakras. When the energy finally reaches the top of the head, it is said to bring about the liberation of the soul. Vedic texts explain that from the Muladhara chakra, ida and pingala alternate from the right to left sides at each chakra until they reach Ajna chakra, where they meet again in the sushumna.

The rising of the Kundalini is seen as the process of the awakening of spiritual consciousness. It brings about liberation from illusion and ignorance, leading to the development of wisdom and ultimately a union with the Universal Consciousness.

The earth and other heavenly bodies spin on their own axis while also moving around the solar system in their own set of rhythms and patterns. Every atom that exists in the Cosmos is forever moving as the electrons spin around in their own orbit, nothing ever resting. We are all infinitely connected to this eternal wheel that is continually playing out in all of life. As is above, so it is below. We, too, hold within our own beings the wheels of spinning Universal energy, the vortexes of life — the chakras.

“Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.”

Yoga means a “union” of the individual self with the absolute consciousness. It is also a union between physical, mental and spiritual energies. This union leads to a healthy and balanced life. Yoga offers its practitioner a glimpse of bliss that is, in fact, the true nature of our bodies.

The threefold flame is the flame of the Christ anchored, a spark of light anchored in the heart of the sons and daughters of God. Often when one is saying prayer or devotions, mantras, they may feel their threefold flame glowing in their heart.

God is protecting you and allowing you to build a momentum of stability and balance in your threefold flame. The threefold-flame balance corresponds with the three parts of this Kundalini- the ida, the pingala and the sushumna, which is the central canal of its flow.

How joyous it is to be free, free from the dweller-on-the-threshold in every form and mode, and to know that not any manifestation of it at all, in this or any world whatsoever, shall ever again threaten or cause to fear or tremble the sons of God. For God has given us the key, and God has given us the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ with us to reinforce our attainment and light and fearlessness flame.

Between your perineum center and your kundalini reservoir, there is a threefold flame, one of three threefold flames in your body  The other two are located in your pineal gland, and in your soul area of your heart chakra. What you must do is connect with all three of these threefold flames simultaneously. In your upper chakras, the threefold flames appear more like light and geometry than in your perineum/root chakra location. Once you have collected the threefold flames in the pineal and soul areas and spun them around themselves, you draw them into your root chakra to blend with that threefold flame there. This last one is the fire

The Threefold Flames are located in your pineal gland, soul matrix, and perineum center.

As we have seen, the binding and casting out of the dweller-on-the-threshold is a key element of the spiritual path.

“Once ignorance is removed, the false, relative knowledge gives way to Absolute Knowledge – When the Individual soul becomes aware of its original state, that of Reality or Brahman.”

The soul is currently the impermanent atom of being and the seed of selfhood, anchored in time and space in the matter planes. It is here so it can evolve into a self realized God through its own freewill. The soul is surrounded by an electronic force field of its negative karma that keeps it bound to time and space.

“Although the form of an individual may show signs of age prior to his ascension, all of this will change and the physical appearance of the individual will be transformed into the glorified body. The individual ascends, then, not in an earthly body but in a glorified spiritual body into which the physical form is changed on the instant by total immersion in the great God flame.

“Thus man’s consciousness of the physical body ceases and he achieves a state of weightlessness. This resurrection takes place as the great God flame envelops the shell of human creation that remains and transmutes, in a pattern of cosmic grids, all of the cell patterns of the individual—the bony structure, the blood vessels, and all bodily processes which go through a great metamorphosis.

“The blood in the veins changes to liquid golden light; the throat chakra glows with an intense blue-white light; the spiritual eye in the center of the forehead becomes an elongated God flame rising upward; the garments of the individual are completely consumed, and he takes on the appearance of being clothed in a white robe–the seamless garment of the Christ.

Sometimes the long hair of the Higher Mental Body appears as purr gold on the ascending one; then again, eyes of any color may become a beautiful electric blue or a pale violet.— “Lighter and lighter grows the physical form, and with the weightlessness of helium the body begins to rise into the atmosphere, the gravitational pull being loosened and the form enveloped by the light of the externalized glory which man knew with the Father ‘in the beginning’ before the world was. “This is the glory of the ascension currents.

For the light of God will penetrate your consciousness as you lie upon your beds and cannot sleep, when the cares and oppressions of the world seem to press in upon you and you find difficulty in finding peace.

If you will turn your hearts toward the Christ and make a call unto him, he will respond and with blazing light come into your forcefield to bring you that same peace and love which he brought to mankind long ago. You are dealing now, beloved ones, with immortal-ity. You are dealing with the realm of the ascended masters.

You are dealing with the compassion of heaven. It is no ordinary or mortal concept that comes to your mind, but it is the concept of Life, the concept of eternal Life, the concept of the grace of heaven. The grace of heaven, beloved ones, transcends his-tory. It transcends the known world. It transcends your human thoughts.

The grace of God is sufficient for you”‘ or every occasion which you may ever face. And with the waning of all human sensibilities, mankind will find the dawning of the cosmic sense wherein they are able to cognize the nearness of the heavenly octaves and the spheres of light to their own consciousness.

The pressure, then, of mass consciousness builds up a synthetic man—not a manifestation of the eternal light, but a manifestation of carnality destined to be confused, destined to confuse, and destined eventually to perish as an individual entity and pass from the screen of life. But this is not the plan of immortality, and God is immortal. God is immortal!

And in his immortality there is peace and joy forever without end. The harshness of the world, the clanging furor of the tides of mortality do not comfort mankind; and therefore, they run to and fro, seeking peace. And no peace is given to them, and yet they continue to seek. For it is the Great God Self within, that manifested in the cosmic sense in the tiny babe, that must awaken. This cosmic sense, like a rosebud, must unfold. Like a lotus it must breathe its perfume into space.

Invoking the violet flame on a daily basis will accelerate our consciousness and propel us toward the fulfillment of the goal of the ascension. Serapis gives instruction that can help us make progress in identifying with our Real Self: “The real miracle and first lesson of alchemy at Luxor is the separating out of the Real from the unreal in the psyche (soul) of the individual,” explains Serapis.

“What is real in you, what is unreal? I charge you this day, students of the Most High God, to give answer; for you are not students of Serapis Bey or Morya or Saint Germain, but you are students of the Almighty, of the Christ, and we stand as mentors and fellow servants of the Most High God.

The bonds of divinity are so far greater than mortal concepts that it is sometimes difficult to bridge the gap between human words and divine ideas so that mankind will understand the wonders.. Mankind today are plagued because of the fact that, through the semantics of words, they do not always understand or conceive of the true power of the Word of God. But the Word of God is the progenitor of every individual within this place, upon this planet, and everywhere in the universe.

The light of heaven will lift you up in consciousness until you will feel at home beneath the stars! For you will know that there are points of light—chakras within your body, and centers of light—and that in time all of these points of light will blend into one beautiful star, the star of initiation whereby you are able to pass through the star doorway and commune with nature, with the elementals, with the angelic hosts.

You will no longer be possessed with a mere sense of a physical body and the limitations of that body. You will he able to leave the body at will, and you will be able to move anywhere upon this planet or upon many planets at will. And you will find a freedom from fear, from bondage, from the need to partake of food, from the need to be subject to natural and man-made laws in an ordinary sense. For you will become subject to the great cosmic laws, and these transcend all other laws.

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