Jacob´s ladder and Kundalini – In the Christian folk hymn “Jacob’s Vision” the ladder represents the cross (or the work Jesus accomplished on the cross). “The Cross of Christ is the Jacobs ladder by which we Ascend into the Highest Heavens”. Over the years, the elite who hold the power of commerce, government, religious institutions, etc. have successfully instilled fear around the number 13. It has been viewed as a most unlucky number when actually it is just the opposite. Instilling fear of the number 13 was a way to disconnect the masses from this powerful divine source energy. It is time once again, to remember that the vibration of 13 helps us to realign with source energy and our own healing.

Talk to him of Jacob’s Ladder and he would ask the number of the steps.

Western people say: “Jesus went to the ‘Holy Mountain.’ ” Hindus say: “Buddha went to Himalaya Mountain.” According to Sanscrist and Raja Yoya Technicque the “Holy Mountain,” “Himalaya Mountain” and Brahm Munda are all within the skull. The key will be given in the advanced classes for climbing into the “Holy Mountain” And “Himalaya Mountain.”

Jacob names the place Penuel (or Pniel, Pnuel; and also called Peniel “Face of God.) these names are very close to the Pineal Gland the physical representation of the Third Eye. Just the same for the ladder aka the spine having more than just 7 vertebrate. The ladder or escalator represents the spine.

While Jacob was ‘sleep‘ meaning unconscious to the spiritual realms his ‘Astro body or mind‘ was ‘awakened‘. Then his ‘eye’ was opened to see his consciousness from another, higher perspective. Each one of these ‘wheels‘ encases a ‘frequency spectrum’, a lower vibration and a higher vibration.

When these frequencies harmonize or balanced the gateways of each Chakra is unlocked. This process is also known as The Kundalini rising or Awakening Process. In the story of Jacobs ladder the ‘energies’ or Angels represent the Kundalini energy.

The first (base of the spine) chakra has always been known as the earth chakra; the Sanskrit name for the earth chakra is Muladhara. The Muladhara is in proximity with the crucible of kundalini. Intelligent lifetrons traveling up as kundalini power, or downward from the Sahasrara (or also from the medulla oblongata) activates chakras.

“…The ancient Caduceus symbol used by the modern medical establishment symbolizes on a esoteric level the alchemical process. The staff represents the spinal column which correlates with the Sushumna Nadi channel of yogic esoteric anatomy. The two ascending spirals of snakes represent the solar and lunar currents known as the Ida and Pingala of the kundalini life force. The spiral pattern is similar to the spirals of the human DNA The symbolism of Jacobs Ladder or Stairway to 3-leaven corresponds with the Staff of Life. The sphere at the top of the staff represents the energy center of the brain or the seventh chakra also known as the thousand petaled lotus. The Wings at the top of the staff is the culmination of the alchemical process. This represents freedom or liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth and death. One transcends the bonds of ego and bodily identification. The spirit is released from the confines of matter…”

In the Christian folk hymn “Jacob’s Vision” the ladder represents the cross (or the work Jesus accomplished on the cross). “The Cross of Christ is the Jacobs ladder by which we Ascend into the Highest Heavens”

Our father Jacob too prayed at Bethel and saw the gate of heaven opened, with a ladder going up on high. This is a symbol of our Savior that Jacob saw; the gate of heaven is Christ, in accordance with what he said, “I am the gate of life; everyone who enters by me shall live forever.”” David too said,” This is the gate of the Lord, by which the righteous enter.”” Again, the ladder that Jacob saw is a symbol of our Savior, in that by means of him the just ascend from the lower to the upper realm. The ladder is also a symbol of our Savior’s cross, which was raised up like a ladder, with the Lord standing above it.


Through the resurrection of Christ the way was opened. Therefore with good reason the patriarch Jacob relates that he had seen in that place a ladder whose end reached heaven and that the Lord leaned on it. The ladder fixed to the ground and reaching heaven is the cross of Christ, through which the access to heaven is granted to us, because it actually leads us to heaven.

On this ladder different steps of virtue are set, through which we rise toward heaven: faith, justice, chastity, holiness, patience, piety and all the other virtues are the steps of this ladder. If we faithfully climb them, we will undoubtedly reach heaven. And therefore we know well that the lad-der is the symbol of the cross of Christ. As, in fact, the steps are set between two uprights, so the cross of Christ is placed between the two Testaments and keeps in itself the steps of the heavenly precepts, through which we climb to heaven.

The rebirth = as your cerebral spinal fluid climbs your 33 vertebrae(Jacob’s Ladder) and meets your 12 cranial nerves(12 disciples) it connects you with your higher self(Christ).

The seed, the Son redeemed, the Eternal Christos, followed the Golden Thread of Life back to the Altar of Life. The Golden Thread of Life is breathed forth from the Cosmic Christ or Buddha, who is the Lord of the 12th Aspect of Deity, the Opal Aspect of Fire.

Over the years, the elite who hold the power of commerce, government, religious institutions, etc. have successfully instilled fear around the number 13. It has been viewed as a most unlucky number when actually it is just the opposite. Instilling fear of the number 13 was a way to disconnect the masses from this powerful divine source energy. It is time once again, to remember that the vibration of 13 helps us to realign with source energy and our own healing.

The Elite who holds the power of control has a designed a world and reality which prevent anyone from climbing on the ladder and reach the Heavens. For example all the petals within humans is pointing downwards and are mostly closed. When Kundalini awakens it turns them upwards when  climbing on the Jacob´s Ladder on his way up to the brain and pineal gland in same way Jacob did.

13 is the Key, the completion of a task or a karmic cycle. The vibration of The Christ and faith. The crowning of the lion in Alchemy with is the crowning of The Christ, 13 is the number that´s unlocking the higher realm of consciousness of the Heavens.

Therefore; 13 is a number relating to “kundalini”, a spiritual practice focusing on spiritual ascension up the spine.

Buddha breathes the Fire Breath of the Father of all 12 colors and Aspects of Deity into the Heart of I AM, the 13th Aspect, the Son.

The Manger, or cave, in the solar plexus, in which the child Jesus, the fish, seed or fruit is born. In Bible terminology it is the 13th child of Jacob and Rachael. Benjamin, the only one born in the Holy Land. It is Bethlehem, “House of bread.” “I am the bread of life”—directly under the house or place of material bread. “And they did eat thereon.”

After all Christ had 12 disciples so he himself was the 13th.

Some say 13 is a unifying vibration that activates the solar light body. Said another way it is the 12 around 1. The One is us and each One is integrating the twelve archetypes of the signs that when embodied and expressed through each of us is the 12 around 1 or 12 in the One. Together the 12 in 1 becomes 13 and then we truly know the experience of Unity within the Diversity. We are the One who the twelve circle. So each One of us is essential to the whole as we make up the 1 in the number 13. After all Christ had 12 disciples so he himself was the 13th.

For many 13 represents the return of the Divine Feminine including the mysteries connected with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Shekinah and Sophia representing the natural rhythms and cycles coming into sacred balance. 13 is also thought to be the essence of the empowered and embodied Christed Feminine. Some say 13 is a number that transcends matter and is coded with the frequencies of Ascension, Oneness and Unity that transforms all things. Since 13 is a prime number it is only divisible by itself representing purity – as 13 then is incorruptible and exists within its own integrity.

13 is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Many ancient secret societies and mystery schools understood that the number 13 represented death and rebirth through ascension into eternal life and it represented the secret knowledge of all life including sacred sexuality. It is synchronistic that the 13th card in the Tarot is the Death card and the 13th rune in the Norse alphabet “Eiwas” is also linked with the balance between light and dark, death and rebirth, the Heavens and the Underworld.

For example: the Latin phrase on the Great Seal e pluribus unum has 13 letters and means “out of the many, one” or “one from many” or “many uniting into one”. On the back of the Great Seal it says Annuit cœptis. This phrase is take from the Latin words annuo meaning “to nod” or “to approve”, and coeptum meaning “commencement, or undertaking”. This phrase is literally translated as, “He approves of the undertakings” or “He has approved of the undertakings”.  He refers to God.

Many of their astronomical cycles end with thirteen, the number of death and rebirth. It is the harmonic number of perfectly pure and all-pervading love, translated as the hope to ascend the superior planes, to attain the place of no doubt in the totality of being. It is also believed to be the energetic number of the speed of light. The number thirteen is the realm of perfect clarity and reason in the endlessly spiraling time and space of the cosmos.

A second aspect of the symbolism of the baptismal immersion is to represent death and resurrection, bringing about a participation in Christ’s mystery. The entrance into the water signifies death and rising out of the water signifies new and supernatural life modeled on Christ’s Resurrection.

This is the melding of all colors of the Circle of the Sacred Twelve, the Twelve Aspects of Deity, as one Sphere of Cosmic Christ Consciousness flowing freely into the 7 outer and 5 inner chakras and melding them as one magnificent aura of Etheric Light Energy.

The crystal cord is now a free-flowing river of consciousness. These 12 Aspects of Deity are the fruits of the Tree of Life. And the Mother now trims the wick, which means the thread of life, the crystal cord and the Ropes of the Ruby Ray, that extended from the Spirit to the Matter Spheres, now resides back home, the Sphere of Omega is married again to the Sphere of Alpha, as one Sphere.

The wick does not need to extend to the extremities of Being as it is returned back into the Temple of Light. When the milk and honey of the Pingala and Ida Nadi cross (x) at the Solar Plexus Chakra, it is transformed via the 5 elements of the Father and the 5 elements of the Mother, that together make up the 10 petals of the Solar Plexus Chakra (the inner 5 are the Mother, Omega petals and the outer 5 are the Father, Alpha petals) as a Yod, a Point of Divine Origin.

This action is also communicated in the colors of this chakra which are Gold and Ruby. The Gold represents, the Son, the Eternal Christos and LORD over Heaven and Earth. And the Ruby color of the Solar Plexus represents the Ruby Ray of the Holy Spirit which unifies all 5 elements of the Alpha and of Omega (fire, air, water, earth into the ethers) into one wholly healed Being through the Fires of Love, the Mother Ray. This energy of the Omega Solar Plexus Chakra of the emotional or water body, is ascended to the plane of its corresponding Alpha chakra, the Throat Chakra (the Word, oxygen) uniting in perfect balance the mental body, through which All Life is imagined into Being.

It is here upon New Earth that Jesus walked upon the water, as the energy of his emotional body were calmed and raised to the plane of the Throat, and the words spoken through the Throat Chakra, represent the peace and the purity of the Savior, the redeemed Son, Jesus. By defeating the lower carnal instinct of the Base of the Spine and Seat of the Soul Chakras, the purified oils cross (the pelvic or “X” cross bone) the Red Sea and climb Jacobs Ladder, the 33 vertebrae, through the chakras, for cleansing and balancing all chakras back up the spine (the river) to Golgotha.

This refined / redeemed oil clears all energy centers, allowing the Waters of the Ascension energy to raise up in the central canal, the Sushumna Nadi, where it flows freely up to the Crown Chakra. This clearing allows the milk and honey that is energy of the Resurrection Flame, the Flame of the Solar Plexus, to rise up within the lamp to the Pituitary Gland in the Cerebellum, and freeing the water in the Sushumna Nadi awakens Spiritual consciousness.

It is interesting to note here that Ascended Lady Master Nada (Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi and Sushumna Nadi) is the Master of the Solar Plexus Chakra, and the guide of the Golden Thread to the inner path of Love and return on the Path of the Ruby Ray, the ray that unites all parts of the Self into the ethers as one wholly healed Being.

Within the human body, Golgotha is the place at which the top of the spine and the base of the brain cross each other, which is called the medulla oblongata. This is where the Secret Chamber of the Heart Chakra is found in the etheric body.

This chakra is the union and presence of the Father as the “t” Cross of Saint George) and as the Mother as the “X” (the Cross of Saint Andrew), united as One. See the Secret Chamber of the Heart Chakra. This is the significance of the crucifixion.

The crucifixion is the raising of the androgynous energies by the Son who has redeemed and overcome the lower world, the animal instinct, raising the Mother energies, the Matter energies, up through the river (the crystal cord) to unite with the Soul in Spirit, the Alpha energies at the inner doorway of the Mind of God.

It is here at the medulla oblongata that the Alpha and Omega energies are fused, or married together as One Androgynous Consciousness of ether, as a new Son and Spiritual Resurrection Flame (Flame is Spirit). it is then carried by the Waters of the Mother to the pituitary gland, where it is stored for 3 days, or one moon cycle.

There it is electrically charged and raised in vibration 1000-fold or one great gross in the duodecimal system of the divine standard. The Crown Chakra of the Father has 1000 petals, and so the vibration of the seed (Spiritual energy of the soul) in the pituitary, or in the vision illustrated, sits upon the altar, the foundation stone, for 3 days. It is then raised to the pineal gland as the Fires of Spirit, the Fires of the Christ Self called the Spiritual Resurrection Flame, where it is anchored in the pineal gland, which is the Third Eye. It is the vibration of the Son, the seed, the Christos (oil) that raises itself to glorify the LORD Father in the pineal gland. In turn the Father ignites the Spiritual Resurrection Flame, glorifying the Son, the WORD made Manifest, showering him in the Golden Oil of Ophir (the riches of the Kingdom of Heaven).

This action unites the milk which is the Inner Light of the seed (the Mother) with the honey, that is the outer Light of the seed (the Father) marrying the Father Alpha to the Mother Omega, and illuminating the Resurrection Flame in the pineal gland, activating the Third Eye inner vision, and illuminating the whole of the temple, opening the Crown to receiving the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Da’at sefirot is Alpha and Omega, the entrance to the Mind and Heart of the Godhead, the Pyramid and Inverted Pyramid (or inner Pyramid), that is the Temple of the Holy Spirit (whole eye Spirit), wherein the single vision of the Self is a reflection of the Purity of the Heart and the Truth of the Self Being.

Through the ascension process the diamond is made whole, and the Eternal Christos returns to be reunited with the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Lower Pyramid, inverts and returns into the Temple of God, becoming the Holy Mountain of God. That mountain is the fountain of eternity, the mountain of treasure of the good oil, the Waters of the Mother filled with the treasure of Being, the good oil of all chakras (seeds), that have all become sun seeds of Light.

This mountain is filled with the treasures of Light, that were made WORD, or God incarnate, and now are returned to glorify the Lord, the Father, and in doing so are raised up as the “Spires of Christ Wholeness”.

The Mother is the Fountain of Light that raises the Spires of Christ Wholeness filling the Temple with Light, and is the sustaining manna of All Life returned to the inner Heart of God. The Mother raised the Son, the Solar Plexus the seed up to the Father by the buoyant Waters of the Ascension Flame. The Mother clothed with the Son, the lamb (the lamp) washed clean of all Blood lost through wandering away. Now returned as One in the Temple of the Most High.

The Son, who has filled his inner temple with the Light of the Tender Mother (the Pia Mater of the central river, Sushumna Nadi) is now raised up by the powerful Ascension Flame, that is the oil of the lamp.

The Base of the Spine Chakra (the Ascension Flame and the Mother energies, the Immaculate Blueprint of the soul, and the base of the Pyramid of Light), raised up through the Seat of the Soul, purified through the last clearing of the Violet flame, now a pure seed of the desire body, is raised up to the Solar Plexus as a wholly healed Son. The good oil of the Son now sits upon the Waters of the Mother, the oil now floats and walks upon the waves and the currents of time and space, that is no more, and is resting in the Heart of Peace.

Having control over our Light energy we calm the waters and illumine the path of ascension. These are the waters from which John baptized Jesus the Christ. In Hebrew John means ION, or the purification by the ions within the waters of the Ascension, the waters of the River of Life, the River Jordon. Jesus (the fruit born of the womb of Ma-ray, the Mother Ray, meaning born through the Mother energy) Christ (oil or Christos, the Father), was washed (baptized) of the ION, the purifying Ascension Waters over his Crown Chakra, whereby the Ascension Flame raised the purified energy from the Base of the Spine Chakra up to the Crown. The entire temple of Self is now full of the Holy Spirit, the fullness of the real Self, the Spirit Self as the Trinity of Being, in manifestation, for the full integration of Christ Consciousness. The temple, the whole body, was purified through every cell and atom, every energy center.

The milk and honey are the Grey Matter that make up the foundation of the altar, the Rock upon which All Life is built. This is given to us by the Father via the chimney of the north pole, from the suture of the skull. This milk and honey is the oil of the Resurrection Flame, that is focused into the 6th Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra. But the milk flows through the Ida Nadi, and the honey flows through the Pingala Nadi, crossing each other at each of the 7 outer chakras. As they do, they resurrect all that is of worth of goodness, within the energy centers, and the 4 lower bodies. As the soul continues to transform all shadowed substance into Light, the energy centers become full of Light. Each energy center or chakra then becomes a radiant golden sun.

Kundalini is awaiting you to carry you to your true spiritual home. Kundalini is wholly secular and unites whole humanity. Kundalini is the basis of all spiritual practices. It knows no religion, region, race or colour…! It is the simplest liberal secular gateway to a happy life and spiritual salvation

The Kundalini awakened from its slumber and propelled you, not only through your own chakras, but through the seven planes of existence above. All the knowledge contained in the Kundalini and the seven planes was thrust upon you.

The serpentine fire (kundalini) coiled along man’s spinal cord symbolically represents the trunk of the tree, thus the kundalini is associated with the serpent. To awaken the serpentine fire and raise it through the spinal column (tree) means liberation from the sensorial world to a higher level of consciousness; this is confirmed by the fact that the Bible states that once theat of the Tree their eyes will open. Precisely the ultimate purpose of some mystical schools as well as of Indian Yoga (meaning union) is to seek the raising of the Kundalini which is located at the base of the spinal column to the Pineal Chakra, situated on the forehead and connected with the mystical Third. Eye, to obtain enlightenment.

If one great lesson is to be learnt from the life of Jesus Christ, it is that you have to remain contented in the state in which the Almighty has placed you. Jesus did not change his mission.

He did not separate himself from the society, but actively involved with all norms of the society. He attended marriage ceremonies and even made the arrangements. He never showed his helplessness. He was much more dynamic than most kings.

Christ was not afraid of anyone.  Therefore be not afraid of anyone that stands in opposition to the Authority of Christ . No wonder Jesus so often said, “Fear Not”, or “be not afraid.

Whatever He had to say he said it. He was not afraid of crucifixion or of any such so-called punishment. It is only the human beings who have these false ideas about life and want to impose them on God. God is not concept at all because concept is a thought.

As soon as the Kundalini crosses the Agnya Chakra, the thoughtless awareness is established. It is the power of Jesus Christ which is instrumental in opening the subtle door located above the Agnya Chakra. For that purpose you are to recite the `Lord’s prayer’ composed by Jesus Christ. After crossing this door, the Kundalini power enters the limbic area of the brain. It is after the Kundalini enters this area, which is also termed as the Kingdom of God, that the state of thoughtless awareness is established. In the limbic area of the brain there are Chakras which activate the seven main Chakras and also the secondary Chakras in the body.

The Kundalini is the Truth. When you will merge into the Truth, when you will get absorbed in it, only then you would understand that you are but an instrument of God. If the Agnya Chakra of any person does not open, Kundalini would not rise, because the Mooladhara Chakra would also remain constricted till the Agnya Chakra remains constricted. If a person’s Agnya Chakra is too much constricted, the Kundalini power would not rise, whatever efforts you may make. For removing the catch on the Agnya Chakra, we apply “Kumkum”. This has the effect of reducing the troubles of the ego as also other troubles. When the “Kumkum’ is applied on the forehead above the Agnya Chakra, the Chakra is opened and Kundalini rises. Such is the intimate connection between Jesus Christ and the Kundalini Power. Shri Ganesha, who is stationed at the Mooladhara, and protects the modesty of Shri Kundalini, also opens the door at the Agnya Chakra, for the Kundalini to pass through it.

Yoga is a science that advocates control of the mind, concentration or focused attention, and walking on the path of Truth. The second birth or Upanayana among the Hindus, or the Baptism amongst the Christians is nothing but the re-establishment of the connection with the Divine. This is possible only by the awakening of the Kundalini energy which after it rises, passes through the six energy centers and piercing the Sahasrara Chakra, establishes the union with the all-pervading power of God.

Jesus Christ healed many with the power of love flowing through him. Jesus Christ came to save and liberate the whole mankind.

If we recognize that God incarnated as Jesus Christ we can grow in spirituality which will enlighten the soul spreading happiness and bliss everywhere.

DR. CARY’S CHART Dr. Cary has been in India for many years. He tried to translate the Hindu Spiritual Anatomy into the Christian Spiritual Anatomy. Read what he his to say about it in his chart. Think about it and see what is in it.

1.The “Door of Brahm:.” The suture where the bones of the skull meet; a passage-way leading from the optic thalamus outward through the Internal Capsule, the I.entiform Nucleus, the External Capsule and the Island of Reil, the latter being directly under the suture. It is through this passage-way that all vibrations from without impinge upon the organs of special sense, through the nerves. It is the “chimney of Santa Claus” and the doorway by means of which the Ego leaves the body in sleep and at death.

2. Alma. The Divine Monad, the cerebrum; corresponds to Aries, and is the Tribe of Gad, or God; the Most High; the Kingdom of Heaven and God; the heaved-up place; the Holy Mountain; the Almighty; the Father, made from the Mother Substance • (Mary, Virgin Mare, pure sea or water). In physiological terms this sub-stance is called “pia mater tender mother. It consists of the most finely attenuated, the most highly differentiated substance in the body, and when living and vibrating it is more like gas or steam than anything else. The new Jerusalem; “the City of Peace”; the Lotus petals.

3. The Optic Thalamus. The Heart of the Lotus; the eye within the chamber; the “All-Seeing Eye”; the Lamb or lamp which (when lit) gives light to all within the house, the Eye **single”; Buddhi.

4. The Pineal Gland. The male organ of spirituality and fecundity; Corresponds to Joseph; the tomb; corresponds also to the Sun and the sign Leo; it is the 7th Chakra; it is the “First Thief”; electric; Sanscrit name Sahasrara; is the church of Laodicea mentioned in Revelation; connects’ with the right sympathetic system.

S. Corpora Quadrigemina. “Four fold body”; two nates (but-tocks) and. two testes (testicles).

6. The top of the Medulla Oblongata.

6s The Valve of Vieussens.

7. The Pituitary Body. The sixth Chakra; Isis; the .”Second Thief”; connects with the left sympathetic system; Manas; corresponds to Mary and is the female organ of spirituality. Note that it is located. in a lower position ,than the male organ; Sanskrit name . Ajna; In Revelation it is the Church Philadelphia; sign Cancer, under the Moon; ‘”Magnetic body.

8. Pingala. Male electric current; right sympathetic system; connects with solar plexus; the Nadis or nerve currents on right side of spine; connects with pineal gland:

9. Ida. Magnetic current; female, Isis; connected with left sympathetic system; semilunar ganglion; connects with pituitary body; Eve; Nadis, on left -side of spine; lo of the Greeks; Aditi and Vach of the Hindus. These two currents cross at the base of the skull (Golgotha), the place of the second crucifixion.

10. Cerebellum. The home of Man who never dies, the Ego: the Head oC the Tree of Life; corresponds to Taurus; the chauffeur of the human automobile.

11. Gethsemane. The place of olives (Garden of Olives).  On the side of the Mount of Olives were many private enclosed gardens, where the well-to-do people of Jerusalem would go to escape the heat of the city. Jesus had access to one such garden. Named,  “Gethsemane,” or “Oil Press,” it was a site where olives grew and were crushed by a press in order to produce oil. In Gethsemane, the place of the Oil Press, Jesus would Himself be crushed as, submitting to the will of the Father, He sweat great drops of blood (Luke 22:44).

12. The Twelve Dorsal Vertebrae. The twelve stones set up (“which are there to this day”), where the Ark of the Most High God entered the Jordan; the Priests are the twelve nerves of forces connected with the solar plexus; for they, having become controlled, serve the Most flight God.

13. The Solar Plexus, Jacob; containing the seven “breaths” pneumata, the lunar forces, and the five solar forces, pranas or vital airs; they are the twelve children of Jacob, or Israel. 0. The Jordan. The spinal canal; the passage-way for the Kundalini; the Euphrates, the river of crystal “flowing forth from the throne of God.”

14. The Manger, or cave, in the solar plexus, in which the child Jesus, the fish, seed or fruit is born. In Bible terminology it is the 13th child of Jacob and Rachael. Benjamin, the only one born in the Holy Land. It is Bethlehem, “House of bread.” “I am the bread of life”—directly under the house or place of material bread. “And they did eat thereon.”

 15. Sodom and Egypt. ‘Where our Lord was also crucified.” The first crucifixion; the descent of the Ego into matter.

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