The dark ruler of this world is ego , the self – centered egotism which sets itself up as controller. Ego, like a beast, produces fear, so the earth shakes under its feet. Our Ego, our mind, can sometimes believe it is the master of our being and try to take control, which is precisely what should not happen. The ego has become the God of this world. Fear, stress and negativity is its alchemical formula. In transcending negative ego in its fullest extent, one has learned to transcend the world of duality. The ego that was established to serve the dualist mind. When you begin to expand your consciousness beyond duality, your energy vibrations rise to a level where those who remain governed by duality beliefs are simply not a part of your world anymore. The ego using negative alchemy to create bondage to duality, and real alchemy unite opposite energies into Oneness. Expanded in consciousness to the point they leave the belief system of the Mass Consciousness behind. When you move beyond the belief in duality you literally break free from the polarized pull of the negative/positive energy of the mass that holds this belief intact.

In transcending negative ego in its fullest extent, one has learned to transcend the world of duality

The ego that was established to serve the dualist mind

When you begin to expand your consciousness beyond duality, your energy vibrations rise to a level where those who remain governed by duality beliefs are simply not a part of your world anymore.

The meaning of (Luke 17:36) simply means that one has expanded in consciousness to the point they leave the belief system of the Mass Consciousness behind. When you move beyond the belief in duality you literally break free from the polarized pull of the negative/positive energy of the mass that holds this belief intact.

Spiritual transformation, also known as self-realization, is a process of going within to uncover and explore who we really are as multidimensional spiritual beings

True power and ego cannot coexist. If you live from your ego, which is the opposite of true power, you will be forever limited.

They cannot coexist in your mind without splitting it. This splitting state is the state of duality, and when the split state is raised to a higher vibrational frequencies it unite in Oneness. In the state of Oneness, duality dissolves. Therefore the ego duality can´t exist in higher levels of consciousness without being dissolved, so the ego has no knowledge and can´t understand the Spiritual realm, reality, dimensions and Universe as a Wholeness.

The dark ruler of this world is ego , the self – centered egotism which sets itself up as controller. Ego, like a beast, produces fear, so the earth shakes under its feet.

The ego is fear based. So each time you live small, you are acting from ego. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” It is your fear that creates your inadequacies. It is your ego that creates your fear, because if you become powerful, you will no longer be in need of the ego. Its very own survival depends on your fear.

The ego is a facet of our physical entities that we need to learn to identify with and keep at bay. It undermines our intuition and heaven-sent guidance. The ego gives rise to negative and fear-based emotions and thoughts.

You must keep in mind the premise that the ego will always serve itself first. That is, as long as it is assisting you in an activity that serves its own growth and well-being, it will serve your course of action. If it senses that an activity is going to assist you in becoming more independent of it, it simply will not. Therefore the ego tricks life; The Ego´s own Alchemy is Fear, Ego survives solely through attachment, like a virus, which cannot function independently from its host cell. It cannot be emphasized too strongly that the ego has no life of its own. It is an illusion which keeps perpetuating itself through attachment to the individual and, by its various methods, tricking the individual into believing that he or she is the ego.

Therefore the ego need mass consciousness and need the mass consciousness energy grid matrix to be fed off to not be dissolved. When the ego feels threaten by any form of change, or if anyone begins to tuning into the powers within and real divine self and become more free and independent from the domination of the ego, then ego activates mass consciousness within people. This is organized gang stalking, organized bullying, organized gaslighting, organized noise harassment for mention some of all actions. Mass consciousness is not the divine higher collective consciousness, its a collective desire consciousness of the ego. The ego, mass consciousness is the matrix, the mind prison, the dreamstate of duality, or the past-future consciousnes. The past-future consciousness is not just the state of duality, its also the foundation for the dreamstate humankind is living in, or is trapped within.

The ego is always in service to itself. It is never in service to you. The ego is the voice of fear. It is born of the separation from God, and although it is sometimes helpful to you by enabling you to do and to complete activities which are difficult, it is more often undermining to your ability to maintain your direction toward your purpose or to continue on your path of purpose.

Then the ego is mass consciousness, the ego or mass consciousness will just serve information and knowledge to streghten the political beast system and prevents anyone from finding their inner divine self or its divine power. He who overcomes fear and negativity will recieve “the hidden stone”. When one has overcome the ego´s fear and negativity the ego is dissolved. It is our own compromising A.I. EGO preventing us from ever knowing our own FreeWill.

Dissolve the Ego with all its fears and negativity and start to live in the moment.

Our free will is fundamentally constrained. We are, of course, able to make choices, but the choices we make are limited by the framework of beliefs, rituals, dogma and taboos that we have assimilated as part of our personal and cultural programming. We are stuck inside a box of beliefs about how the world works. The box is the cultural framework of beliefs within which we were raised. We are unable to access our full potential—the best version of who we can become—until we can find out who we truly are, beyond all our personal and cultural programming.

The ego-mind is the aspect of our personality that has been conditioned to believe that it has a physical human body on which its life depends. It believes it lives in a physical world and has a limited amount of time and resources to achieve what it wants. It believes in scarcity and considers life to be a zero-sum game. It sees separation everywhere. The ego is wrapped up in the day-to-day physical experience and is totally focused on satisfying its survival, relationship, and self-esteem needs. Abraham Maslow called these deficiency needs. We

I – Transformation is simply the transformation of our frequencies of ego, and selfishness, into higher, less dense vibrations of selflessness and humility. This is the main event of the New Golden Age of Love. This transformational event will be experienced by a surge, not only in quantity, but in the quality of love that we convey to one another.

Those that make the choice to enter this land of golden love will have to do so with hard work The transformation of frequencies of ego and anger into less course frequencies of love is not an easy one. Those who choose this work will only help in speeding up the process of I – Transformation through a spiritual osmosis encouraging others to do likewise. This is the process of slowly bringing along the masses into our new era of golden consciousness.

In this dark age of the negative power we have forgotten who and what we are. We have forgotten our original home, the almighty force, the ocean of all consciousness, from whence we came. One of the key paradigms for this new era of quickening consciousness will be the mass realization that who and what we are are not the same. Every human being within, is com-plete, equal, and whole unto himself. In truth, this is the essence of unity and harmony. We realize we are not different, that spiritually we are all the same. We are all perfectly imperfect. Personal transformation helps us realize this truth. If it is practiced along with meditation, and implemented into our daily living processes, then we really accelerate our spiritual and emotional health process. It is a very powerful paradigm shift in our consciousness when we come to realize that an illusion of dualism and multi-fractured has been falsely mistaken and accepted for our reality.

This energy or power is all about itself, and is so full of self that all it sees and can see is itself. Because of this, it will forever do all that it can to keep us within its domain and within the energies of the mind (thought), emotions and of course, the five physical senses. The negative power does not want any soul to rise above physical, emotional (astral), or mental (causal) consciousness and realize itself, its true nature, as soul.

Our Ego, our mind, can sometimes believe it is the master of our being and try to take control, which is precisely what should not happen.

When the mind is aware of true reality (the Void), there is openness. The result is freedom from time, space, delusion and limitation. The dissolution of limitation means understanding all things. Freedom from the delusion of the Non-Void is freedom from karma, as karma is the action of the mind. All human limitation is mind-created. Because we perceive reality as in a mirror, this truth is obscured. When we know this truth, however, all the things that hold us back from Enlightenment and keep us tied to the delusion of the Earthplane are released. This realization is an understanding of how the world works.

A hypothesis about the ego is that “we” are the ego process in the brain. But without our ego process’s awareness, our main brain knows everything what we are thinking. In computer terms we are just a sub-program (ego) of a big comprehensive master program (brain). We have been programmed to assume we are the master program (hidden system + ego program). But we are not the master program. We don’t have any control over the master program or even have the slightest awareness of its existence. We are limited to the boundaries of the ego based sub program. We assume and feel that we run the master program. But we don’t. The big program runs us, controls us, and restricts our control only in the territory that it wants us to be in. The master program even makes our ego program to reject this type of ideas just like an antivirus program rejects the viruses. The master program and the ego programs that we understand as ourselves, is our entire brain that comprise of complex arrays of massive networks of living cells. We human beings are mere puny mortals who cannot ever hope to understand that this due to our limited perspective.

It is an interesting concept that we would be trapped in a computer program or enslaved by a self-aware machine that outwardly tells us that our godlike qualities are our weakness and undoing (Luciferian program, that was Agent Smith talking to the bound-up Morphius) but ultimately are shown to be a lie and, in the end, saves us after we reach a summit of SELF-recognition, where we are no longer blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and the machine itself is now no longer the colluding adversary but a willing and eager collaborator to propel its host to new heights of SELF-realization.

Let’s assume that the cortex, the seat of consciousness is a mil-lionfold network of neurons. A fantastic computing machine. Cultural learning has imposed a few pitifully small programs on the cortex. These programs may activate perhaps one-hundredth of the potential neural connections. All the learned games of life can be seen as programs which select, censor, alert and thus dras-tically limit the available cortical response. The consciousness-ex-panding drugs unplug these narrow programs. They unplug the ego, the game machinery, and the mind (that cluster of game con-cepts). And with the ego and mind unplugged, what is left? .. . What is left is something Western culture knows little about. The open brain. The uncensored cortex, alert and open to a broad sweep of internal and external stimuli hitherto screened out.

The mind is very good at keeping itself busy so that it appears there is no space left for anything else. But this is only an appearance; it’s what the ego (or self-made image of who you think are) uses to blind you to who you really are. Our minds go quiet many times a day, but we don’t notice. Why? Because our conscious awareness is experiencing what is happening without needing commentary from the mind. Thinking is not required; it is called living in the moment. The ego or mind-created entity we call me does not like the present moment because the ego cannot exist in it; it’s not required. To survive, the ego has to take you into the future or the past. When you go there mentally, you are no longer here, in this present moment. Even though your physical body is present, your mind if off somewhere else, which deprives you of living now. It is an ingenious game but a game played solely within ourselves.

In order to break the habit of depriving ourselves of living in the moment, we have to become conscious of what is really happening. Instead of being just aware of what we are experiencing, we must become consciously aware—aware of the mind game the ego is playing inside our heads.

Once the ego is seen for what it is, it cannot survive. The ego has kept us in the dark for most of our lives. It became who we believed ourselves to be. Once you become aware (although you are always aware; you just haven’t realized it yet)—rather, consciously aware—of what the ego is and what role it plays, the ego begins to fade away. It is like putting a small candle in a dark room; even though the light is small, the darkness loses its power over the room and shrinks. It is still there in the corners, as the small light cannot penetrate the entire space. So it is with you.

As you create this space inside yourself, you shine the light of conscious awareness onto the ego, or false self. You begin to realize that the ego is not you. You are not your story, or mental conception, of who you believe yourself to be. You start to realize that you are actually the conscious awareness itself, the real you. It is no longer a mental concept; it becomes a direct knowing. You become self-realized; another popular term is enlightened.

This is a wonderful discovery—to “realize” your true nature! You are not a bunch of stories, feelings, and emotions that, when added together, become a me and my story. You discover you are separate from that. You are something you cannot describe in words, but you feel it; you sense its presence.

Your true Self exists within you and observes both the inner and outer world. The ego on the other hand, lives in the outer world and is incapable of looking inward. The ego pursues the outer world and enjoys sending you on assignments to attain the things of this world with the promises that they will bring you joy.

The ego seeks that you should become caught up in one drama after another. Like a canoe immersed in a raging river, the ego lives for and enjoys turbulent emotions because it thrives on the drama and the energy of discord. Turbulence is what fuels its energy, its life force and keeps it alive. If the ego was not able to gain your attention, you would have no need for it.

This lower state of consciousness is destined to find friction and dissension because distress has a way of consuming much if not all of your attention. However, once you decide to stop giving it energy, the ego does not dissipate immediately, instead, in protestation the ego finds new ways to capture your attention. Many will fall for the games of ego, but this is part of your evolving spiritually; for the ego only teaches you to ignore it by causing you such discomfort and pain that you long for peace.

The technosphere is the mirror representation of the disconnected DNA patterns. Together the two forms create a virtual mirror net, where the internal manifests the external structures, which in turn keep the mass of humanity bound and hypnotized in the 3D world.

The Earthly Life Mind is immersed in the maya-hypnotized existence, remains in ignorance, deeming himself to be a physical being. The maya-hypnotized ego creates the distortions of reality or distortions of the powers within. The first distortion-error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, the second distortion-error is made through believing in the dying nature of man, and not the undying nature of the real Self/Soul. The third error-distortion of man´s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The human body system and chakra system has “three knots”. These knots are found within the energetic interior of our psychic system. They are problematic because they bind us in a state of ignorance, distort everything we experience, and lock up our wisdom. These mind-errors is the mind-illusions that distorts reality. Another term for illusions is “maya” and the “dream state” of the mind is the maya-hypnotized mind.

These structures feed and live off of negative emotions. These distorted structures farm energy from the DNA, on a collective consciousness level, guiding it into supporting the ever-expanding technospheric matrix, literally feeding it with human life force so it can grow.

The distortions then become even more entrenched in the collective consciousness, feeding back into the human DNA and creating a feedback loop or junk DNA pattern: a vicious cycle. Together, the junk DNA that contains the codes of self-limitation, and its mirror image in the technospheric matrix create one single entity—the ancient mind of humanity.

When we become aware of these distortions and transmute them, we can leave this ancient mind of the mass consciousness behind. In order for humanity to begin its next phase of evolution, a new species will have to be born on Earth, one that is biologically and genetically different from present-day humanity.

To realize your Christ consciousness, you have to get rid of your negative ego consciousness. When you achieve this state of thinking and perception of reality, you are loving, joyous, happy, even-minded, and peaceful all the time. Did not Buddha say, “All suffering comes from your attachments”? God does not suffer, so why should we?

We are here to become the light, to become the love, to realize God. You will not achieve God realization unless you die to your negative ego, which is fear, separation, materialism, and selfishness. If you die to this lower-self type of thinking, then you will be reborn to your higher-self way of thinking and you will realize Cod. This is the main curriculum of the spiritual path, regardless of which path or teacher you choose to follow. Contrary to what other people will tell you, you do not need negative emotions. They are created by your mind. They do not come from outside of yourself or from your instincts. They come from your interpretation, perception, and beliefs about reality.

When you are free, you experience joy when moment by moment you learn to connect to the Self within and remain above the drama going on around you. Each moment you choose to connect with the Higher Self, the pathways to the ego are weakened. If you train yourself to go within several times a day, the path to the ego becomes nearly nonexistent and you will find it difficult to enjoy the energy it offers. You may still experience your ego from time to time, but you no longer fall so easily for its reasoning or the illusory gifts that it offers. Going inside you and finding the Higher Self requires a level of centeredness.

The negative ego are still run by the emotional body, succumb to lower-self desire, and are filled with negative emotions. Worse, they are taught that they cannot transcend this state but must adjust to it. It is simply not true that you cannot transcend the negative ego.

As many of you know, the subconscious mind exerts control over much of our reality. One life purpose is to open our soul’s eyes so that we can see the unconscious aspects of self that lead to inappropriate actions and put us on the merry-go-round of unsatisfactorily patterned and programmed behavior.

To regain control over our nonreasoning subconscious, we must retain our personal power and resist using it in service of the negative ego. This is one of the most important processes to employ while on our spiritual path. We can never truly realize God until the conscious mind masters the subconscious mind.

The rulers, powers, authorities is subconscious negative programming this state of mind from not changning.

Where did the negative ego come from? In the beginning, prior to and just after creation, there was no negative ego mind. God didn’t create the negative ego; humanity did. When human started to overidentifying themselves with the physical body and not their divine higher self, the negative ego was developed.

The Bible relates this as the story of Adam and Eve. The pair ate the forbidden fruit, having been lured by the serpent, which symbolically represents the negative ego mind or lower self.

These two competing philosophies (listening to Cod or listening to the serpent/negative ego) could be called the philosophies of the lower self and the higher self. If you listen to the lower self, you live a “low life existence: meaning that you are primarily concerned with the life and material needs of the physical body. If you listen to the philosophy of the higher self, Holy Spirit, soul, monad, Mighty I Am Presence, or Christ mind. you live a `high life existence” because you are *Wing to integrate the three minds and the four subtle bodies. ‘lb realize God, you must re-move your attention from the lower-self interpretations and perceptions of life, and instead keep interpreting and perceiving life from the higher self.

Since our thoughts create our reality, which philosophy we choose will determine what we see. In truth, we see not with our eyes, but with our minds. ‘”Your mind creates bondage. or your mind creates liberation’ We will have negative emotions if we think with our negative ego mind. We will have positive emotions if we think with our spiritual mind. Our thoughts create our feelings, emotions. behmior, and physical health or lack of health.

Psychological health is nothing more than maintaining a good mental diet. The key is not to allow any thought that is not of Cod to enter our minds. We must be vigilant for Cod and His Kingdom at all times and never go on automatic pilot.

Whenever a negative ego thought tries to enter your mind. just deny it entrance and push it out. Switch your mind like a channel changer to a positive and/or more spiritual thought. This is the concept of denial and affirmation. You use this tactic literally hundreds of times a day. You are the executive director of your personality and thus you choose what to think. Cod and the Ascended Masters will not do this for you no miner how often you ask. This is your job. By denying the negative thoughts and keeping vour mind steadilv in the light at all times, the negative thoughts will die from lack of energy, and a new positive habit will be formed in vour subconscious mind, making it easier to be positive.

Developing this positive habit is difficult only in the beginning, although we must remain vigilant regardless of our level of development. “Ihe essence of negative ego is fear, separation, and self-centeredness. As strange as it may seem, the truth is that the negative ego doesn’t really exist. As Jesus revealed in A Course in Miracles,

“The Fall never reallv happened, we just think it did.” In other words, we have all always been one with God and have ahwvavs been the Christ, or sons and daughters of God. But if we give in to negative ego thinking in our own minds, we will believe in the fall from grace, and live in that negative state of consciousness even though it is not true that we have fallen. This is much like living in a negative hypnosis, or like dreaming.

Masss consciousness is been controlled by the forces of maya, and the powers of maya is illusions and ignorance. When reality is affected by these powers and when the humans mind is held in the past-future reality they are kept in the dreaming state of the mind.

Personal power is nothing more than channeling the energy in your physical body and subconscious mind to control your life. Part of own-ing your power is being a spiritual warrior in your life. Never giving up and having the will to live is really possessing the will to fight. Yoga teaches that life is not only a school but also a battlefield. You are trying to get to the top of a mountain. Progress many times entails taking three steps forward and slipping back two, again and again, until you reach the top. This is the nature of life for everyone on the spiritual path. The most important thing is not to quit.

Your power fuels your risk taking. If you don’t own your power, you are going to have a hard time keeping your bubble of protection in-flated. Your power is what allows you to “fake it until you make it.” When you own your personal power, you feel more centered. When you use your power over a long period of time, you develop what is called discipline. Owning your power allows the conscious reasoning mind to stay in control and not to be overwhelmed by subconscious or environmental outer or exernal forces.

Each microcosmic world is a cell in the Macrocosm, a crystal fragment of the Greater Crystal, reflecting a portion of his glory. Each man is a manifestation of God (a manifest action of God), the image of the higher Cosm reflected in the lower cosm. The key to infinity is won through the mastery of the lesser self (the microcosm) by the power of the Greater Self (the Macrocosm). This is the power of the Superconscious Ego over the ego, of God the Macrocosm over man the microcosm. Through man’s correct use of the sacred gifts of life, including free will, his consciousness in the microcosm can identify with the fullness of God’s consciousness in the Macrocosm. But first it is essential that he learn how to make the contact, how to establish and maintain his relationship with the Superconscious Ego.

This exchange is accomplished through the consciousness of the Christ, the Super Ego, who, positioned in the center of the cross, is the agent of the alchemical transformation that takes place between the energies of God and man.

Freedom from the ego requires becoming aware, as awareness is our basic nature. There are a great many techniques for increasing awareness: some are specialized meditation practices, which require a one-pointed focus, whereas other techniques can be incorporated into everyday activities.

The problem of unhappiness arises as soon as the ego identifies, and thereby creates the boundaries of the self, setting not-self apart from self. For as soon as you identify a “self,” you must defend its boundaries. The ego has an agenda: it wants both to define its self-identity and to preserve it, and thus it must distinguish what is the self from what isn’t.

Its goal is to control its environment in order to clarify and preserve the boundaries of that self, a goal which necessitates desire-satisfaction, or seeking pleasure (desire fulfillment) and avoiding pain (thwarted desire). At a fundamental level of the ego, it’s a simple equation: pleasure affirms the self, while pain threatens it. The greatest fear of the ego is self-dissolution—which is death, or non-existence.

The ego is often referred to in spiritual writings as ‘the lower self or ‘the false self’ because it isn’t who you truly are, despite your identification with the thoughts, desires, and beliefs that constitute it. Ego is a constructed self, while the spiritual (or “higher”) self is your true nature. It is that part of yourself united with Spirit, and it is peaceful, blissful, timeless (or eternal), and unconditionally loving. Your spiritual self has no desires. It is happy as it is, because there is nothing that it isn’t: in being united with Spirit, it is united with all things. It is one with All, so there is nothing outside of itself to desire or resist. It is the clarity of pure seeing: an awareness that knows itself in all things as the eternal self: joy, truth, beauty, and love.

In stark contrast to your deeper spiritual self, which is this infinite and boundless awareness—there is the ego, which by its very nature knows itself as separate from what it is conscious of. It is always aware of being a subject apart from the object of awareness. This subject-object duality is inherent to the ego, so your ego can only know about something: it must always stand apart from what it knows. It is unlike your spiritual self, which knows directly by being what it knows, by self-identity; it is not an isolate subject separate from the object known.

The spiritual self, in its union with Spirit, is united with all things; thus it knows all things directly by being them. Knowledge acquired through awareness is not knowledge about, because that type of knowledge posits a division between the knower (you) and the object known. Rather, knowledge by awareness is knowledge by identity: awareness knows directly by being the object known. And awareness is the real self: it is your eternal nature.

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