In the 5th dimension of existence, energy becomes infinite. We are no longer creating from our emotional bodies but from our vibrational body. The new human is a 5D being walking through experience as vibrational awareness, attunement with the energy of the reality engaged rather than the limited constructs outpicturing. By connecting to your Divine source and energy you have taken the steps towards self-mastery. You become aware of the conscious and unconscious belief system operating in you. The Global Elite prevents people from reaching the fifth dimension.

The Elite Enemy is against HUMANITY, itself. They want to transform it through Transhumanism, enslaving Humanity for their torturous pleasure.

The gods of earth reveal information and knowledge to deliver humanity from the from deception and the Kingdom of darkness. Those dark side (network television, media programmers, the religious and education systems, and the status quo) have taken a lifetime to mold your reality for you and control your mind.

Network television is the problem. Locally based programs are creative and promote peace. Network TV uses repetitive programming to deceive and destroy you. Cable access featured free speech and perspectives ignored by mainstream television. It’s being taken over to control the free flow of information. The new block of programming will be universally accepted network coverage designed to indoctrinate and brainwash on behalf of the owner’s interests. Network television creates the hive mind as a result of the general public’s massive brainwashing. This is why all habitual news-watchers share the same thoughts, false knowledge, goals, and misguided understanding. Beware of what’s universally accepted. Our hive mind society is a slave towards conformity and fights against diversity. Mainstream television, network programming, weather, news, and ,drama shows are designed to artificially create your reality and world.

The media is intentionally deceiving you. Applying the principles of problem-reaction-solution will cause you to come to the conclusion that the media is about mass mind control. The elite create a problem or allow it to happen, then use their media to present it to the population. They blast the radio, television, and newspapers with an artificial problem to solicit a reaction from the people.

The method the Illuminati use to control people is to put one side against the other, a theory devised by Hegel which says, “Thesis verses antithesis equals synthesis.” They create forces, knowing that EVERY FORCE HAS AN OPPOSITE COUNTERFORCE, and with unconscious humans, conflict between the two creates the synthesis, which is the new situation.  The illuminati make themselves the synthesis. They create problems to be used for their own purposes. Everything is designed so they can apply a divide and rule process, which is why they play groups off against each other. They inserted immigrant groups into countries to divide and rule the people.

For example; when two sides or nations is in war with each other the Illuminati bankers loans big money to both sides, and become wealthier through wars. If they need to implement more surveillance they create some disaster or terrorist attack, or they create a mess and provides the solution; the next thing will be the One World Government. The next step after controlling money is to control all powers of Earth.

The elite rulers know that to control the media is to control the public. This is one of their stated agendas. Control of the mass media and financial institutions also open the door to complete domination of law, government and education. Centralized banking allows a few to dictate their vision to government, military, mass media, education and industry.

The global elite use the networks to set the norms in society and control humanity through their TV sets. The media hides what it’s stolen from us, which is our right to rebel and change the government by any means necessary. What’s on TV is designed to keep us from changing our government through warfare or revolution.

Programming began at birth and will attack truth-seekers because that’s exactly what it’s designed to do. If you don’t fall for the official version of events, you’ll be criticized and condemned by your co-workers, friends, and family. These programmed attackers are fighting your attempt to get to the other side (truth). Not many make it to the other side of this life because wide is the road leading to deception. Those who live through independent thought and critical thinking are honoring their real selves. It will take faith to get off of the broad road leading to deception/destruction and follow your real self. Take the leap of faith to discover and live out your real self.

The only purpose of the media is to help the global elite incrementally implement their New World Order agenda.

The pervading consensus reality, 3D reality as most people experience it, is only a subconscious agreement, a ‘box’ to repress our senses to mostly only the five we experience through the greatly limited physical body, logical mind (left side of the brain), and the tiny visible light spectrum. This limited perception of reality is especially supported by the Western, Newtonian model of ‘if we can see it, we can prove its existence’ which currently dominates mainstream science.

There have been many advances in Quantum Physics that directly confront the limiting viewpoint of mainstream science and offer a much more expansive picture of a multidimensional reality with multiple parallel universes occupied by non-physical entities and beyond the constraints of the time and space illusion. In order to survive in this ‘prison’ of limited perception, a 3D Self version of us (or unaware or unawakened ego or personality structures or personas) is created out of a self loving need to ‘fit in’ with our reduced capacity and limited bandwidth of expression and with the dynamics in our birth families.

The 3D Self becomes distracted by the plethora of meditative realities of our modern world (i.e. the entertainment industry, technology, careers, money, relationships, etc.) to stay ensconced in the `body/mind’ reality. In general, the 3D Self is motivated by instant gratification, avoidance of feeling anything ‘negative’, wants life to be comfortable and safe, has a low level of curiosity, and goes along without consciousness with what the masses are doing. Our 3D Self can lock us out of our soul gift capacities and anything that might elevate us beyond the body/mind reality.

We are then blocked from reconnecting to Golden consciousness and remembering how powerful we actually are when we are expressing as our most authentic selves with an expanded consciousness. In this disremembered state, (which we have chosen on a soul level) we become open to energetic attack by outside forces and negative entities.

It seems that an ancient race of reptilian Aliens called Archons (as named by the Gnostics) created a type of holographic matrix over the Earth that keeps those who have chosen it capped at lower dimensional frequencies. Until they awaken to their Sacred Humanity, these Humans serve as energetic ‘food’ for these Archons, who may have penetrated high levels of government, finance, and entertainment through hybrid beings and possession. It is believed that this group has formed into what is referred to as the Cabal, the Illuminati, the New World Order, etc.

Third dimensional (3D) frequencies are of separation, isolation, competition, sense of survival and lack (scarcity). 3D is five sense reality processing (only what the body and mind can see is ‘real’), logic dominating, attachment to religious and other belief systems, with a focus on differences. Fourth dimensional consciousness is a transitional one into soul frequencies offering a deepening sense of Oneness, community, communion, beyond five sense reality experiences, soul remembrances, heart-based relationships, sense of abundance and gratitude, intuition leading, and openness to all while awakening your inner soul and heart wisdom. Fifth dimensional consciousness and beyond is an experience of telepathic communication, inhabitation of our light bodies rather than our carbon-based bodies, multi-dimensional overlapping, less linear orientation to time or space, Oneness sense of ‘one mind’ yet individual soul sparks too transacting in conscious relationship, unity consciousness, a mostly healed emotional body without reactivity and charged reactions or unhealed, subconscious projections onto others.

The 3rd dimensional reality that is visible to the naked eye is a finite amount of energy that merely recirculates and takes on different shapes and experiences. We have fallen into the sleep of creating from our emotions and fears, ingrained beliefs and unconscious programming passed down to us through generations, ever looping us back into our ancestry in unconscious patterns. The egoic mind is limited in its ability to break free from that because it dwells in the known, it thrives on predictability, routine, habit and the illusion of control that that engenders. This humanity has become lazy in its innate ability to dream and imagine, create and manifest in unlimited measure. We are the ones who have confined our sensibilities to that prison and we are the ones that must step out of that groove.

In the 5th dimension of existence, energy becomes infinite. We are no longer creating from our emotional bodies but from our vibrational body. The new human is a 5D being walking through experience as vibrational awareness, attunement with the energy of the reality engaged rather than the limited constructs outpicturing. We are constantly viewing our experience through our level of consciousness, interpreting our reality not necessarily with the fullness of what is but by the level of our awareness and understanding of the true nature of reality, which is love.

Ascension to the fifth dimension requires a great deal of prior purification and preparation. Liberation Breathing° is a natural ascension path. It is blissful and liberating and should be your prime directive in the new paradigm relationship at this time. You serve as priest and priestess, initiating each other into the worship of the Divine Mother. In India, they say there is nothing higher than worship of the Divine Mother. That is because the original spark of creation is a feminine aspect. The Divine Mother is the femine aspect of God.

The original spark of creation is a feminine aspect. She is beyond the beyond. I have written extensively about this in my book Rock Your World with the Divine Mother.

In the fifth dimension, one becomes ageless and can even conquer death. If you stay in the third dimension, death is inevitable. It is said that the Divine Mother can give you the blessing of physical immortality. Life is the natural state, and you have to become infinitely flexible in response to it. Life is either resistance or surrender. Resistance leads to suffering. Surrender leads to bliss. There is no room for death if one is saturated with life. (People die when the body can no longer clear itself, but now we have ways to clear the body.)

Death is hardening ourselves to the natural flow of evolutionary change (staying stuck in the old paradigm and the third dimension). It takes a huge expenditure of energy to keep the infinite away. It hastens decay and destruction of the body. The masters suggest that you discard events or situations that throw you back into a space of heaviness. This may mean a complete transformation of lifestyle, but what better do you have to do with your life?

if you are not giving your deepest consciousness and light, how will you feel complete? Offer your fullest radiance always. Ask to be overlighted by God and the masters. Fear is the number one restriction to ascension.

“Ascension is based on undoing the negative energies of our minds that keep us stuck in the lower frequencies. Obviously, anger and disapproval are lower frequencies. Feelings of insecurity and lack are also blocks to rising up. On the path of ascension, a couple must foster a spirit of gratitude in every aspect of their life.

“Without some time spent every day on your spiritual evolution, it is not possible to ascend.

Life is not to work at some job and be miserable in the drudgery of survival. The purpose of life is to liberate yourself from limitation, lack, sorrow, and even death. The purpose of life is to realize perfect happiness that does not make death and sorrow real. In Sonnet 146, Shakespeare describes the ascension process:

“Buy terms divine in selling hours of dross; Within be fed, without be rich no more: So shalt thou feed on Death, that feeds on men, And Death once dead, there’s no more dying then.”

“To ascend we must undo our thoughts of death and feed on them as Shakespeare pointed out. Being rich no more means that you place your internal life of the mind and spirit over your external life of acquisition and physical survival. This does not mean you disregard the body’s needs and the mind’s needs for refinement and beauty; but it does mean you have to overcome your attachments to limitation and death. Use the hours of work to support your inner life of the spirit. This is the proper use of your energy. Ascension is your function, and the rewards of immortality come to those who erase their limiting thoughts [of death] through forgiveness.”

The fifth dimension is another universe that has the shape of a sphere. At certain points in Earth’s revolution around the galaxy’s Central Sun, corridors or portals appear through which Earth can experience the fifth dimension intersecting with the third. At that intersection, tremendous downloading of higher dimensional light takes place. Some have called this downloading of energy the ascension wave. It accelerates psychic abilities and expansion of consciousness. But in order to receive this higher, intersecting energy from the fifth dimension, you must tune to the right frequency, the right energy field. For example, your FM radio has a station that plays great music. You need to know the frequency number — such as 106.3 – to receive it. What if your radio does not go up to 106.3 FM and only goes up to 105? You will never hear the station without that higher frequency.

It is in your genetic codes to ascend, but an ascension wave during an intersection can augment your abilities. It can help you be in touch with your higher self, your higher consciousness, and you can download and use this energy in a variety of different ways. Being on the planet during this intersection of energies is healing.

The process of Ascension is simply going “up”, going up the dimensional scale by raising your frequency rhythm of your body. It’s a concept because that is what the concept of Spiritual Evolution really is about. As you do this you start to connect with your God/Source. Remember you are an infinite power! Align with the flow of light and love by remaining peaceful. In this peaceful state of Being you become in touch with your own power and become a reality shifter.

By connecting to your Divine source and energy you have taken the steps towards self-mastery. You become aware of the conscious and unconscious belief system operating in you. Immerse yourself in this frequency and begin to manifest your desires. Use the Law of Attraction. Shifting out of the 3rd dimension into the 5th is like a massive upgrade to your entire operating system. This is upgrading a human consciousness to a galactic consciousness. When you are ready to move beyond the 3rd dimension you enter the 4th dimension first before you can enter the 5th.

The 4th dimension is a filter to purify you. This realm is of the heart energy which fills you with love and oneness and light. In the 5th dimension the energy is lighter in frequency, contains pure light and love and cosmic consciousness. This is a true multidimensional reality. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back are often experienced. This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens within.

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