Illuminati– The Fallen Angels Among Us: What You Need to Know

The Illuminati was begun in Bavaria on May 1, 1776, by Johann Adam Weishaupt. Through this organization, the fallen ones have infiltrated the governments, economies and bank-ing systems of the world. They always operate behind the scenes, attempting to draw into their camp the young and brilliant, the children of God as well as their own kind.

They flatter these recruits, appealing to their spir-itual and intellectual pride by telling them that they are part of an elite group and will become the rulers of mankind. They tell them that the masses are not worthy to rule themselves and therefore must be ruled by the intellectual elite and the men of science.

By perpetuating their power elite, the fallen ones deprive the children of light of their God-given opportunity to rule themselves according to the dictates of conscience. Whether in the West or in the East, no matter what the form of government, no matter what the rationale, the movement is toward more and more power in the central government with less and less authority given to the individual. Through this tactic, power and wealth are concentrated and hoarded in the hands of the fallen ones in every nation.

They have organized an inner false government through which they intend to control the world. One group through which these fallen ones operate is known as the Illuminati.

Popularizing a Culture of Death Having turned their back on God, the fallen angels cannot endow their offspring with a desire that they themselves do not have—a tremendous desire to be one with God. Rather, since they are committed to death, they endow their creation with the death wish, the de-sire for self-annihilation. And this is done for a purpose.

The plot of the fallen angels is to have enough laggards, enough rebellious or perverse individuals in embodiment to carry out that death wish, whether through the use of drugs, the consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages, or the misuse of energy through activities that squander light and the life force. All of this is popularized in the media as well as in the schoolyard to set an example, to show that those in the in-crowd are going the way of “sweet death.”

The fallen angels promote their anti-God philosophy and behaviors so that the children of light who remain true to higher principles will be outnumbered and will feel that somehow, by popular opinion, their concepts are wrong. Those who go against the crowd find themselves unpopular and alone, sometimes pain-fully so. Going against public opinion can be hard on people who lack a strong will, great courage and great vision. It can be very hard for an individual, especially a child, to go against the group activities of his peers. And when an individual’s resistance of peer pressure results in ostracism, this can and often does affect that individual’s psychology. In its various manifestations, then, the Luciferian drive to death promotes and relies on a certain herd instinct, a certain collectivism that has become a life-style upon earth.

Belittlement and Self-Condemnation The fallen ones never cease in their condemnation of souls of light. Their goal is to make us feel as though we are worthless sinners, condemned forever. They do this because people who feel worthless are more likely to allow themselves to be absorbed into the mass consciousness.

They are less likely to take a stand for truth, because they no longer understand that the truth is within them. Thus, lightbearers who have no sense of their worth or of their mission can be lured into alliances and sympathetic entanglements with the fallen angels. To this end, the devils attempt to keep our attentions on every bad deed we have ever done.

They will never let us forget our sins. They will hang out our dirty laundry even in the moment that we are ascending into heaven. They attempt to make our “deep, dark past” (no matter how minor our infractions) seem like an enormous problem that we can never overcome. This is a lie! This is the condemnation spoken of in the Book of Revelation as being delivered by the accuser of the brethren “which accused them before our God day and night.”‘

The accuser of the brethren puts this burden of condemnation upon us so that no matter what we do, we never feel that it’s good enough. This is what we tell ourselves when we listen to the lies of the fallen ones instead of to the voice of the good angels and of Christ speaking in our heart. Many lightbearers have picked up this habit of criticism, condemnation and judgment from the fallen angels, and we tend to apply it to others and to our-selves. We look at the human part of ourselves and feel inadequate.

But we aren’t here to perfect our human self. We are here to liberate our own inner greatness and to manifest the full potential of our spiritual self. We should never forget that we have the right to make mistakes. Why else would God have given us free will? Free will is the grand and noble experiment whereby, through our life on earth, we learn to focus our individual God consciousness.

Making mistakes is not what causes people to fail. What can be their undoing is making the same mistake over and over again and not getting to the root of why they are doing it. It takes diligence and self-mastery to avoid condemning ourselves or others as we engage in self-examination and strive to root out the obstacles to our spiritual growth.

On an esoteric level, the word evil is a shortened form of the term energy veil. The masters have told us that the English language comes down from the Atlantean tongue, and many of our words are abbreviations for concepts of cosmic law that we understood when we lived on Atlantis. Today we know the words, but we no longer remember their inner keys. Our memory of these laws has been clouded by the doctrine and dogma of the world’s religions, into which has been sown the seeds of the one we call Liar.

Whoever this Liar is (it does not matter), the fact that the lie exists, the fact that we still contain it within our consciousness means that in time and space it has become a temporary reality and an enemy of the soul that seeks to reunite with the Spirit of the living God. We can trace these lies against the Spirit of God within us and, thread by thread, one by one, we can uproot them. They are totally illogical, but until we take a close look at them, the truth may not be obvious or easy to discern. That is because these lies have been sown and woven into our consciousness embodiment after embodiment by Church and State alike.

The truth is that the Church was invaded centuries ago by fallen angels who were cast into physical embodiment in order that they might work out their karma on earth for their sin against the sons and daughters of God. These fallen ones, instead of embracing their earthly sojourn as penance for their rebellion and as a continuation of life’s opportunity, penetrated the Church hierarchy to continue their blasphemy against the Son, the universal Christ, by betraying his little ones.

Therefore, having lost the memory of our cosmic history, many of us have lost the knowledge of our divine identity. No one told us about our indwelling divinity, that we could become the Christ. And so the veil of maya became very thick.

Without a teacher, we could not know the way. We believed the lie of the fallen ones that Jesus is the only Son of God, and we accepted their mass condemnation. Through our acceptance of the fallen angels’ lies and our intermingling with them, we have made karma. We have reacted to them and been seized by their anger, and we have responded in revenge.

And therefore our karma has tied us to the fallen ones, sometimes in a very personal way in a family situation. This is one reason that in some families we see both people of light and people who don’t love the light. We find, therefore, that almost without exception—and it is important not to have that spiritual pride that makes us think we are the exception—the children of light on earth have absorbed the influences of the fallen ones. Without even realizing it, we have taken in at subconscious levels their philosophies, their way of life, their sense of morality, their emphasis on “the good life.”

“Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you die” is the byword of the Luciferians and the Watch-ers, because they know they will ultimately receive their final judgment. So they teach that doctrine to the lightbearers and draw them into a pleasure cult, a cult of sensual thralldom. The fallen ones, knowing that their souls will be canceled out, have only one goal. They say, “If we’re going, we’re going to take the children of light with us.”

 This is why they continue in their ways. They would destroy the planet—whether through wars, nuclear holocaust, environmental disasters or other means—in order to take with them as many souls of light as they can. To further their cause, they enlist those who unwittingly give allegiance to them. Through the false governments the fallen ones have set up, they have drawn many into their camp. Nazism is a clear example of a government controlled by fallen ones taking millions of children of light into their camp by the sounding of the fierce voice, the beating of the drum, the military rhythm, and the exultation of the concept of a superrace.

Appealing to the pride that the Luciferians had already instilled in the children of light and drawing them in by it, they brought them into a mass hypnosis. This scenario has happened over and over and over again. Civilizations have risen and fallen as the result of the Luciferians, the Nephilim and the Watchers entering into the top echelons of government and only slightly perverting the true philosophy of the Christ and of Almighty God.

“There Is Only One Son of God” The great lie of the ages that the fallen ones have perpetrated is that the only Son of God is Jesus Christ. This is the lie that has been the watering down of true Christianity. Through a similar lie, the fallen ones have taken from the children of the East the understanding that they have the potential to realize Buddhahood in the here and now, not in some astronomically distant future.

Jesus was calling for the belief upon the inner Christ. Therefore, if you believe in the Christ in Jesus, then you must believe that the Christ, the Son,12 also lives within you, that this is your spiritual birthright. The apostle John affirmed this when he said that Christ is “the true light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

‘”All sons and daughters of God have the potential to become the Christ, as Jesus did. Christhood is not something that is unique to Jesus. It is something he achieved through becoming one with the Logos, or divine Word. Logos is a Greek term for that aspect of God which mediates between Creator and creation. We, too, can become one with the Logos—in other words, become the Christ, become full-fledged Sons and Daughters of God. When God created man, he gave us the power of his Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit is always the consummation of the Father and the Son taking up their abode in our temple.’4 And wherever there is the power of the Holy Spirit, there is also an abundance of the gifts of the Spirit’s This power was with the early apostles—hence the testimony of the Holy Spirit,hence the testimony of miracles.

A true miracle ts a transfer of energy from God to the soul for a permanent change in consciousness and the turning around of the energies of being. This is the type of miracle that we seek. This is the type of power that we seek. And this is the power that was our original birthright as sons and daughters of God.

Man’s access to this power has been curtailed for two reasons: First, mankind misused the power. Be-
cause of his misuse of and disobedience to the laws of science governing the release of God’s power, man was no longer qualified to receive it in full and thus was stripped of its use until he could prove himself worthy. Second, certain individuals, recognizing the power that God had given to man, placed themselves between this power and the people through a priestcraft whereby they could reserve these powers and the secret mysteries for themselves and deprive the people of them. We have seen this happen in both East and West and in most of the religious traditions upon the planetary body.

The result has been that either through an individual’s own disobedience to the laws of God or
through the manipulations of the archdeceivers, mankind en masse have been deprived of the power of God. They have received some of the wisdom, but the knowledge of the use of this power as the science of the Christ, the science of the inner potential of the soul, has been lost.

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