Hidden wisdom in the Holy Bible the Illuminati don’t want you to understand . SANTA CLAUS – doesn’t have anything to do with the Christmas story. Its about kundalini awakening or Illumination and Santa Claus is part of the brain and the two olives trees is also part of the brain. The two olives are two infinitesimal eminences on either side of the medulla, with the Pyramid between. The cerebrum is the God brain (even know as Santa Claus). The sixth chakra is the gateway to these parts of higher consciousness. Secret teaching about Yoga & Kundalini (Part 2 of 4)

Mastery of the forces of nature, whether external or interior to a person in the physical body, depends upon the ability to control, to separate, and thereafter to manipulate the positive, negative and neutral currents of the electrical energy of which nature consists. The Adept is taught the secret of this power in the Mysteries, and by training and practice acquires the necessary capacity for its control. The human will, when spiritualized and united irrevocably with the cosmic will, is relatively omnipotent in its action upon the forces and Intelligences of nature (Devas). The fully trained initiate can so direct the currents of cosmic energy that the appearance, position and condition of existing natural objects can be changed. Others can be made to appear seemingly out of nowhere, though actually made from the materials in the inexhaustible storehouse of substance which is the akasa. In this process, control of the three currents of the creative energy is essential. From within, the Adept similarly brings under the direction of the will the same three electrical currents. Thus charged, the whole body becomes as an electrical system, a series of circuits, with spinal cord and brain as main conductor and cable.

Transformed by the rise of whirling energies the individual pictured has through his practice created the golden immortal body. We see that he has discovered the secret of eternal life by the insertion of gold upon the apex of the pole. Unable to rust, tarnish, or decay, gold contains the divine nature of the sun. Found in alchemical illustrations and manuscripts, gold is the highest state of a metal and the goal of the transformative alchemical arts. It is a symbol of enlightenment and immortality achieved

Dr. V. G. Rele, in his book “The Mysterious Kundalini” says that the Ida and Pingale Nadia, previously mentioned, are the left and right sympathetic nerves, and the Sushurnne is the spinal cord.

Other authorities hold that the Sushumna is not the spinal cord, but is a nadi inside the core bro-spinal Structure next to the spinal marrow, is cofnr-posed of etheriC substance, and is in the center of the Royal Road, the Braila maned!, the “tube” thtu which the tree Kundalini Force ascends from the sacral plexus, the Mulhadare Chakra.

The Sushumna is the central staff of the Caduceus, represented in the Bible as the gospel Jesus crucified between two thieves, the letter representing the Ida and Pingala nadis (Lu. 23:32).

The Sushumne is uniform, erect, starts at the Mulhadara as the Filum Ter-minal& passes thru the other chalcratas it ascends, and, as the Tantric text expresses it, “sparkles like a string of Jewels.” For the Yogins say that the Nadia are “lumintous arteries” of changing colors, depending in color on the Pranic (solar) force flowing thru them.

The Sushumna is said to enter the We chbkra between the eyebrows, and extends upward to the Pineal gland in the brain, and on to “Brahmarandhra • ” which means “the hole of Brahma,”. Starting at trie Sikidhishthana chakra, the prostatic plexus, the Ida and Pingela ascend to the Ajia chaklra In the forehead, but with an inverse serpentine movement which causes them to wind from right to left, and inversely, surrounding the Sushumna and the chakras, but not passing thru the chakras as does the Sushumna.

The properly constructed Caduceus shows these two intertwined nadas as two serpents, a black one (Ida, evil), ‘and a white one (Pingala, good), and the areas where the. two serpents should cross the wand (Sushumna) are the points where the chakras are located In the body.

In the spinal nerve system three different forces have been discovered, each on a different frequency, two of which can be registered and traced by instruments, but the third, as it nerd the Pineal, is soon beyond the range of all scientific instruments. Its vibrations have been estimated to be in the billions of cycles per second.

Some assert that this third force is the real Kundalini, the current enter-ing the Sushumna at the Muladhara chakra (root of the spine), and that the Sushumna does not energize until the force of the Ida and Pingala has reached the forehead. So the two thieves were crucified with Jesus to make the pict-ure complete.

This third force, we are told, is actually the product of the blending and intensification of the other two, which increase in power at each chakra on the ascension, then return to the sacral plexus and enter the Sushumna at the Muladhara, ‘flowing upward and activating the chakras as it flows.

The Sushumna rises and crosses the base of the skull and contacts the Ajna chakra at the Pituitary back of and between the eyebrows, then passes upward to the Pineal, below the thousand-petalled Sahasrara of the “Brahmar-andhara,” the crown of the head, called the “above of Shiva,” by the Yogins.

The Pineal gland is electrical (positive, male), and is connected with the Pingale nadi, which crosses the spinal Ford at the base of the skull in the medulla oblongata, and extends down the right side of the spine to the Kande (Prostate, Svadhishthana chakra).

The Pituitary gland is magnetic (receptive, female), and is concected with the Ida nadi, which crosses the spinal cord at the same point as the Pingale, and extends down the left side of the spinatathe Kande. Then thru the sem-ilunar nerve ganglion the Ida and Pingala merge into the solar plexus. The pneumagestric nerve, rising, in the fourth ventricle of the brain and connected with the cerebellum, crosses the spinal cord at the base of the skull where the Ida and Pingala cross. It sends branches to the throat, lungs, heart, thymus, stomach, etc., and ends in the solar plexus, the abdominal brain, consisting of twelve large nerve ganglia, sometimes symbolized in the Bible as the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

The solar quintessence of creative quality is refined in the kanda and the gonads, and when not consumed in masturbation or copulation, it flows up the Sushumna and returns to its Throne in the brain. So Jesus, as a symbol of the Life Essence, “was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hzrd of God” (Mk. 16:19),

As the Life Essence ascends the Sushumna (the ascension of Christ), it makes the crucial crossing at the base of the brain (crucifixion of Jesus be-fore being received up into heaven), and returns to the optic thalamus, where It undergoes a final refining process, and is then transmuted into the Golden Oil (Zech. 4:12) which is deposited in the “crystal lamp”, which represents the optic thalamus.

Your spine – (River Jordan) is a clue to where you will ‘find the fish. In the search, you will discover how to climb Mount Olympus.

Two fishes = first Jesus = everyone “Symbol codes: very small ex ample – Christ = fish oil. Eden = in The Song of The Sea. Then Christ(ted) = anyone who has had a kundalini = Resurrection, (Santa Claus) brings the gift of the gold of Ophir. “‘Mount Olympus: Your brain. As you have seen Mary and Joseph (Pituitary and Pineal) are the two glands which are the female and male of the physical body and are the parents of the spiritual son born in the solar plexus of each human being, commencing about the age of twelve. The Pineal is cone shaped, and secretes a yellow or golden fluid.

The Pituitary, opposite is ellipsoid in shape, and contains a whitish secretion, like milk. Hence — “a land flowing with milk and honey.” The fluids that are found in both these glands come from the same source, namely, the Claustrum, which means ‘barrier’ or “CLOISTER,” Uri is referred to as cloister for the very good reason that a precious holy thing is secreted or secluded there. Saint Claus, or Santa Claus, is another term for this precious fluid, which is indeed a holy gift in the body of each of us. ‘Dwarf: = soul. Mary (or Mare) – Sea. God=Esse. Jesus = From the Greek Ichthos fish.

In the Divine Pymander (II: 8-9), (“Divine Pymander 11:8-9,” n.d., p. 62) the Mind of God also is recorded to have said: “I am that Light, the Mind, thy God … and the union of these is Life.” If the image and likeness of God is Light, then it follows that Love must also be Light. Invisible subatomic electrical power and human beings are made in the image and likeness of God. The Coptic approach to God was a quantum, subatomic approach which duplicates the journey of Moksha) or “spiritual liberation.” In Moksha, the soul is compared to a drop of water.

Liberation is compared to the water droplet merging into the vast ocean which represents the Supreme Soul of Great Creator. The individual soul is compared to a green bird that enters a green tree or Supreme Soul of Great Creator. The individual soul only appears to have merged but still retains its unique identity. Many spiritual practices and rites of passage are aimed at liberation and consider moksha the goal of life. Liberation as understood by and achieved through meditation leads to freedom within the Oneness of All-That-Is. This Universal dance called spiritual liberation culminates as ascension through the cosmic eye to reclaim full consciousness.

Many of the other-worldly meditation experiences are an impetus requiring the maintenance of open pathways from the brain frequencies connecting Beta to Alpha and beyond. Once the door to higher realms has been opened, the three-dimensional experience of life on earth retains the knowledge that so much more exists all around. Know or unknown, seen or unseen, once that personal awareness has expanded, the magnetic attraction to move further into the light will not be denied. Traveling through the specific resistance at each chakra, the electrical energy carries the chrism or Holy Christ oil energy from the solar plexus up the spine. Upon reaching the apex of the pineal gland itself, the alchemical ‘wedding ring of fire’, (electromagnetism acting upon the optic thalamus) activating gnosis or the inner sight. The energy continues building with the oil, until it passes through the anterior pillars, Jachin and Boaz, where it then culminates in the third ventricle of the brain, or the Holy of Holies.

Otherwise known as the fornix of the brain, or the vault or cave of Brahma or Christ. Arriving in the cave like structure of the brain, the electrical energy ignites the oil. This is the passage of kundalini, the journey of the prodigal son, Samadhi, Nirvana, enlightenment or the death of HiRam. The stone is said to be rolled away to receive Christ consciousness.

All down the ages there have been stories of fairies, gnomes, mermaids, naiads and fabled characters galore. The ancient Norsemen, Dutch, Huns and all the oriental races possess literature prolific with allegories, parables and fables built around the wonders and physical and chemical operations of the human body.

The birth of the monthly seed is the basis of the Mother Goose Stories arid similar tales in all lands. Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sea-farers, virgins and children, is the bearer of gifts to children on Christmas eve. Of all festivals celebrated all over the known world, that held in honor of Santa Claus ranks as first in the hearts of all humanity, old as well as young.

This in itself is a most significant fact. It is time that the truth in regard to this age long custom be made known to the world, time that its real and true significance he understood. Then will it he truly celebrated, for it will have become an inward process, as well as an outward observation. Parents, from time immemorial, have explained to their children that the presents which they found in their stockings, when they jumped eagerly from their beds in the morning, were placed there by a mysterious person called “Santa Claus.”

 No one saw him come, no one saw him leave, but he left unmistakable evidence of his visit. Some children ask many questions in regard to this mysterious “person,” and when they become too insistent the ingenuity of parents is sorely taxed to give satisfactory answers. There comes a time, however, when they must have the Santa Claus “myth” explained to them, and it is then that their deep childlike trust and confidence in their parents receives its first shock.

Thereafter they commence to doubt their parents, to question their veracity, and many tears have been shed, because, after all Santa was not a “really, truly person.” THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS, IT IS A PHYSIOLOGICAL FACT, and IT does “SECRETE” the most holy and wonderful “gift” or substance in the body of every individual. ‘Dose who understand it—who receive it in the right spirit—have “Become as little children.” “As above, so below.” As in the Macrocosm—the universe, so in the microcosm-man. Can anyone think for one moment that the parables. fables, allegories and myths that have conic down to us through the ages have no basic foundation? They. as well as the fast days and feast days are founded on great esoteric truths. Otherwise they would have ceased to he.

The Great Hierarchy that rules the Universe see to it that nothing is forgotten that needs to be remembered. Santa Claus. or Saint Claus. is derived from the same root word as “claustrum,” from which “cloister” is also derived. Claustrum means a barrier, a covered place, seclusion. Cloister is referred to as a place of seclusion. and more especially as a place of seclusion for something holy, something dedicated to divinity.

There is a Saint Claus, or Claustrum within the cerebrum, and whoever gave it that name knew why they did so. The suture of the skull is the point where the bones meet. We can very easily see this place on the head of infants, as the sections are not then drawn closely together, and the vibrations of the brain can he both seen and felt. In Sanscrit this is called “The Door of Brahm,” for it is the apperture through which the Ego, or Spirit leaves the body. It is also the chimney of Santa Claus.

The vertebrae as a whole is called the “stick of Brahm.” Directly underneath the “door of Brahm” is a tri-angular shaped body named in physiology the “Island of Reil.” This is the place where “John” was when “he” looked back and saw the wonderful vision of the regenerated man in the “Isle of Patmos” This island is the central lobe of the cerebrum, and is also called the Pole; (tos]

Thereafter they commence to doubt their parents, to question their veracity, hence, t1ie Island of Keil is the North Pole of the body, and is,. as we well know, the imperishable, sacred land. In Santee’s anatomy of the brain and spinal cord, we find that this island is “situated in the medial wall of the lateral fissure of the cerebrum, between the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes, whose growth, after the fifth month in utero, gradually covers it over. At the end of the first year of extrauterine life, it is entirely concealed by temporal, parietal and frontal parts of the operculum” —cover or lid.

This is the holy oil that is called “Christos” in Greek. This is the story of the Christ within, within all of us. The oil is secreted by the cerebrum from the holy claustrum or “santa” claustrum. The story of Santa Claus comes from this inner science because Santa is bringing spiritual presents down your chimney. From the cerebrum/claustrum, it is then differentiated in the pineal gland and pituitary gland. These glands are known as Joseph and Mary. The pineal gland releases a masculine electrical portion which is known as “honey,” and the pituitary gland releases the feminine magnetic portion, “milk.” The sacred heavens are also in the holy portions of our brains. This is the land flowing with milk and honey.

Thus we see that Mother Nature has taken great pains to conceal this sacred center. Underneath this island, and directly in a line with the Optic Thalamus lies the Claustrum, but separated from it by yet three other bodies. The claustrum is a thin sheet of isolated gray matter, found just medial to the Island of Red. Santee says it “is a sheet of peculiar gray substance, and is made up of fusiform (spindle shaped) cell-bodies.”

It is from this claustrum that contains yellow substance within its outer grayish exterior, that the wonderful, priceless OIL is formed that flows down into the olivary fasciculus, “descending with the rubro-spinal tract through the reticular formation in the pons and medulla to the lateral column of the spinal cord. It terminates in the gray matter of the spinal cord, probably giving off collaterals to corresponding nuclei in the brain stem.”—Santee.

This is the OIL, the precious gift of which the Bible speaks, “Thou anointest my head with oil.” And riot only is there oil manufactured within this special laboratory of the brain, but there is actually an olive tree, which bears actual olives—so named in any anatomy. The two olives are two infinitesimal eminences on either side of the medulla, with the Pyramid between. They are one-half inch in length. It is found well developed only in the higher mammals.

They are RELAY (Santee) stations between the cerebrum and the cerebellum and between the spinal cord and the cerebellum. This oil is the most sacred substance in the body—it is the quintessence of gold—the “Gold of Ophir”—most truly a rate gift. Globules of oil are found in the vital fluid, the semen, and when the prodigal son has wasted  his substance, he finds that it takes a long time to replace the deficiency and make good the looted bank account.

This wonderful oil is the secret work of the immaculate Virgin, Mary (or Mare) represented by the sign Virgo. In chemistry we find that sulphate of potassium is the mineral salt, which, uniting with sulphur and oxygen, manufactures the oil. We find that this salt also crystallizes out from the mother-liquors of sea water and salt springs. People born under the sign Virgo. if they have become deficient in this salt suffer from dryness of the skin, and baldness.

We can also understand why draining of the vital fluid—living in excesses, will also produce baldness. If there were no oil in the body, the skin would become harsh and dry. The story of the wise virgins who had their lamps trimmed and filled with oil is given to emphasize the necessity for the presence of oil in the body, for they cannot go out to meet the “bridegroom” unless their lamps are burning.

“The lamb is the lamp thereof.” The olives, which contain the oil, are the reservoirs—the relay stations, of course, which furnish the oil for the lamp, the pineal gland. at the top of which is the flame or eye.

When the Kundalini, the serpent fire that lies concealed within the sacral plexus is awakened, burns up the dross within the spinal cord, and reaches the conarium, it sets fire to this oil and thus lights the “perpetual lamp,” which “Gives the light to the whole house.” Santa Claus is thus the giver of the supreme gift in the human body, the oil for the perpetual lamp—the gold of Ophir, the quintessence of richness. Anyone who has had a kundalini = Resurrection, (Santa Claus) rings the gift of the gold of Ophir.

A total lack of oil in the body will, in itself, cause death. Santa Claus brings his gifts when the Christ-mass is celebrated. The Greek characters that stand for Christ are X P 1, and the word itself (Christ) means oil, in Greek. The seed is the bread of life, and when anointed with oil (Christed and crucified) become the Christ-mass—the bread, eaten in the Father’s Kingdom. Thus we now clearly understand the meaning of Santa Claus and his Christmas visit with gifts to the children.

Christianity has never forsaken the worship of the Divine Mother Kundalini. Obviously she is Marah, or better said, RAM-I0, MARY. What orthodox religions did not specify, at least with regard to the exoteric or public circle, is the aspect of Isis in her individual human form. Clearly, it was taught only in secret to the Initiates that this Divine Mother exists individually within each human being.

She is the Comforter that Christ has promised. Therefore all our attention should be on Her, on the Now; and on self-realisation that She grants.

Indeed the Kundalini is the Mother of our second birth which is the identification with the Self. Kundalini is concretely manifested through Sahaja Yoga.

We very ordinary human beings, do feel the vibrations of the Holy Spirit and the new consciousness. If you are seeking Reality, if you are seeking God, come and get it NOW. It is here for you. We beg you: do not delay.

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