Heart—The Cosmic Antenna, Heart—A Powerful Force. The heart is, in fact, a highly complex, self-organized information processing center with its own functional “brain” that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system. Oneness through the Heart

When your chakras are cleansed and balanced it is like a bath for your entire being (mind/body/soul). Your three-part being is completely in alignment with each other and feeling completely revitalized energetically. It may take a few times of doing one to truly appreciate what it does. If you have gone your whole life without balancing or cleansing your energy system than its probably pretty blocked up. When you can release all your blockages than you will feel the full effect of itl You will feel light again, free, and buoyant as you float in the love of the All.

The more you open and strengthen each of these chakras, the more you will raise your own personal vibration. You have your own unique energetic vibrational signature. Your vibration is made up of a lot of factors. The greater portion of what comprises your energy signature depends on the evolvement of your soul. This is formulated from previous experiences it has gained and integrated over countless prior lifetimes. We are eternal beings, do not think we only have one shot at life and that is it. The universe is eternal. We are an aspect of this universe, thus, we are eternal. Remember, upon death, we transform, we transcend form.

This signature is subject to your emotional, mental, and physical state as well. There is no way to decrease below the vibration that you came into this life with. Your soul would not choose to incarnate into a life experience where it could actually be detrimental to your soul growth. You come into this life with your base vibration and can only expand upon it from there. How much so, is up to you and your free will. The more you consciously seek to raise your vibration, the more vibrant your life experience will become, thus, the greater growth your soul will experience in this lifetime. If you have a hard time believing that you possess an etheric energy body we are going to do an experiment right now.

Once you begin living and maintaining your energetic connection with the abundance of the universe, you will realize just how disagreeable the ways in which you lived previously were to the soul. When you are pulled back down in the lower vibratory ways of living, you discover how diminishing it is to your energy and disconnecting it is. This will cause you to strive to remain in a high vibratory state, which will not only change your life, but also the world, if enough of us awaken to this state of being to change the collective dream.

There are other subtle ways in which we perceive energy. Use your consciousness to your advantage and really begin perceiving the surround energetically. You will gain a heightened sense about your surroundings and those with whom you associate or come into contact with. We are doing this all the time; a lot of us just do not realize it.

Fear is the lowest energetic vibration we can experience in either reality. It is the root system from which all other lower vibrations sprout. Often abused, fear is typically utilized to keep us in control. If you remain in a lower vibration for extended periods of time, you create a rhythm within that vibration that can be hard to transcend, but definitely not impossible. This, to me, is why addicts have such a hard time recovering. The harder the drug, the lower your energy signature goes, thus, the harder it is to break that rhythm to transcend to a higher vibration.

When you remain at a very low vibration, regardless of why or how you got there, all your chakras are suffering from blockages. You are highly unstable and insecure  you are emotionally scattered and distraught, you feel powerless and purposeless, love is at the “other end of the tunnel”  you perceive no creative solutions to your problem , the voice of your soul, or intuition, is a muffled echo (Oh), and you are completely disconnected from your higher self and from God . When you do not feel secure, physically and emotionally within yourself, you begin to look for security outwardly. When you feel out of control inwardly, you begin to seek it outwardly. You begin offering up your own control and sovereignty to others, which is very tragic.

Unfortunately, this control mechanism has been in place throughout our history. Governments and religions (even parents) have always utilized this unfortunate element of control. They focus primarily on disharmonizing your lower three chakras. If they can successfully do this then you are unable to truly utilize the upper chakras. Money is always scarce, the deficit is always growing bigger, and minimum wage is never high enough to survive. This weighs heavily upon the root chakra, or your sense of security and stability. Both, politics and religions, place taboos on our sexual identities, even laws and threats of damnation. This causes us to feel ashamed, sinful, and insecure of our inherent sexual nature, which causes disharmony in our sacral chakra. Systems that have been set up in our societies have led us to believe we are powerless over the course of our own lives, let alone the direction this world is taking. Some religions tell us we are born sinners and that we are all doomed to hell if we do not repent or ask for forgiveness. This causes a large majority of us to feel insignificant and meaningless which becomes a huge crushing blow to our solar plexus chakra.

If this fear becomes embedded in our psyches, whether subtly or deeply, then the upper chakras become difficult to access. They become synonymous with dripping faucets, each only trickling the most minuscule amount of life force. This level of vibration is very disagreeable to the soul, yet we have been conditioned our whole lives to teeter between a low and a medium vibration to the point that it has become comfortable. This is so sad. If you knew how great it felt to be in a high vibrational state, you would not understand how you allowed yourself to remain so unconsciously miserable for so long.

Allow me to take this time to explain my personal definitions of unconscious and subconscious. Psychology likes to use these two words interchangeably, however, I do not. I do not like the connotations of the subconscious mind being referred to as the unconscious mind, for the subconscious mind is very conscious. It is so conscious it borders super consciousness. I really appreciate the word subconscious, because it is a more accurate portrayal of the situation at hand.

It is the consciousness that lies just below our personal consciousness, not something that is not-conscious altogether.

Yes, humanity has become increasingly unconscious. In my eyes, doing monotonous, routine-oriented tasks, unconsciously, does not imply that it is a subconscious function. It just says, to me, that you are stooping to a very low level of conscious awareness that you are not even exerting your conscious awareness enough to even be aware of what you are even doing at the moment you are doing it. Stop sleep walking through your waking life! Your consciousness, let alone your life, is far too precious of a gift for you to barely utilize. Everything, as we know it, is about to change. This is far too exciting of a time for you to not be conscious of the magic occurring on this beautiful planet.

We are going to begin discussing “subconscious fears.” This term is tagged to those fears in your life, which are of the deepest level. It is that person, place, or thing that cripples you, whether you consciously know why or not. It is a fear that seems to have come with you into this life, for there is usually not one distinguishable event that seems to have triggered it. In most cases, this is not a fear that you have acquired along the way at some point in your life. These have the potential to burden or even debilitate us.

Fear is an energetic threshold that will hold you back until you finally find the courage to break through it. It actually truly creates a metaphysical barrier. Have you not experienced being “unable” to stand up for yourself while you were being belittled? It felt like something outside of yourself was stopping you, did it not? It was not something inside of you, because your insides were screaming for you to do something about it, were they not?

How does it feel when you break through to the other side of that barrier? When you shatter that energetic threshold that kept you bound from experiencing that aspect of life, everything opens up. There is an airy expansiveness and total freedom that explodes once that barrier is broken down. Why is this? When you conquer a fear, your heart chakra bursts wide open and cascades love all throughout your being. With your heart chakra so open, all the rest of the higher chakras become more fully realized. This is the expansiveness that accompanies the breakthrough. This process is incredibly powerful and important in the waking life; however, it is even more so in the dream life.

Remember, that lower vibrations (all products of fear: anger, jealousy, wrath, hatred, etc), that are stored within your energetic vibrational signature, keep it low. The more you release and transmute these lower vibrational energies from your personal signature, the more you allow your vibration to expand and elevate! This simple process can transform your life completely. If you have ever wanted to be more peaceful, be more fulfilled, experience more love, and feel more empowered then this is one of the most viable avenues for you to pursue. Facing fears in a lucid dream, takes place deep within you at the soul level. Nowhere, in the outer world, are you capable of such a profound, life changing transformation. Every sage has always known this. Going within is the only path to enlightenment, peace, love, your soul, God, and healing. Allow me to further explain this notion.

In my understanding, based upon my personal experiences in the dream world, this process is the deepest healing because these are “subconsciously driven” fears. That is their point of origin. The only way to truly dissolve and transmute them is to go to the root of the problem and replant a new seed. Imagine the fear as a seed that sprouted forth and is so deeply embedded that its weeds actually realized themselves in the outer world. They extended through the soil of the subconscious and grew forth into the outer world of our conscious existence. We can cut these “weeds” in the waking life, but we have not rid ourselves of the root system, so eventually the weed has the potential of growing back. We must dig deep within and transmute that root system into something much more conducive to our total well being. This is where the act of lucid dreaming to heal fears is the most incredible gift and tool we possess.

HeartMath has also developed techniques that allow individuals to increase coherence in heart rate rhythmic patterns. Some of their more remarkable findings are best stated by the researchers themselves:

Our research and that of others indicate that the heart is far more than a simple pump. The heart is, in fact, a highly complex, self-organized information processing center with its own functional “brain” that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. These influences profoundly affect brain function and most of the body’s major organs, and ultimately determine the quality of life.

Knowing through the Heart The mind is the generally acknowledged organ of thoughts, but is not the only cognitive modality. There is another way, through the heart, that doesn’t just deal with emotions, but has to do with the search for truth and with a direct way of knowing. The knowing heart has been considered by spiritual. traditions as receptive to the intelligence of Universal Consciousness.

This spiritual heart has a connection with the body in energetic terms. The heart chakra, for instance, is located in the chest area. Even if the energetic connection is considered unscientific, it has been discovered that the physical heart has its own nerve cells which also send information to the brain. With the discovery that the heart has its own dedicated nervous system, the Institute of HeartMath is researching the critical links between emotions, the heart-brain communication, and cognitive functions. In the article “Science of the Heart” (2001), they reported that the heart is the organ that produces the largest electrical field, about 60 times greater than the brain. An electrocardiograph (ECG) can detect it anywhere on the surface of the body. Also, the magnetic field of the heart is more than 5,000 times greater than that of the brain and can be detected several feet away, in any direction, using SQUID-based magnetometers. Perhaps further research will reveal that the neurophysiology of the heart is the physical counterpart of our capacities for subtle knowing.

With a slow, full, balanced and entrained breath, as in Heart Rhythm Meditation, the magnetic transmission of the heart is focused into a syn-chronous beam of low frequencies; this means the magnetic field can extend quite far, like an FM radio broadcast, and the message carried on this wave is a very simple and coherent message: peace and harmony.

Radiating Waves of Peace into the world

The ultimate purpose for breath control is not to increase the capacity and health of your lungs, heart and nervous system, nor to increase your capacity for stress, nor to make your work more creative and productive. Breath control will do these things, but its real purpose is to increase the gift of your harmonious heart to others and the whole world. When the breath is entrained with the heartbeat, the magnetic pulse generated by the heart carries a powerful message of spiritual harmony and peace. Magnetic fields extend into space indefinitely, influencing all other fields they contact. It has been shown that people receive information from the magnetic fields of others. Those who receive the heart’s harmonious transmission absorb its message and become more harmonious within themselves and with others. Thus the heart-centered breath is a direct way to affect others.

Breathing for a Better world

As you breathe in, be aware of a flow of inspiration entering your heart from behind, between your shoulder blades. This is your spiritual inheritance, like a hand on your back, continually energizing and guiding you. As you breathe out, send an energy stream from your heart forward, opening and illuminating the path in front of you. The key to using the breath is to send out into the world the same energy you would like to have more of. Breath is a stream; the more that flows out, the more that can flow in. With your awareness of breath, which is spirit and subtle energy, in the rhythms of expanding and contracting cycles without and within, and with the power to transmit waves of peace and harmony through your exhalation, you can have a greater effect upon the world than the world has upon you. We all need your help to keep spirit flowing through the cycle of contraction and into expansion again. Honor every breath; entrain your breath to your heartbeat; live from your heart.

“Breath nourishes your body and fuels physical life. Conscious Breathing heals and clears emotions. Even Breathing relaxes the mind, allowing greater focus and peace. Breath unites you with the Divine. Therefore, Breathe into this one precious moment. Breathe! And claim your life!”

Heart—Our Spiritual Center

The ancient seers of India knew that there are seven psychic centers, or chakras, or energy centers … these chakras have their biological counterparts. Each chakra plays its important role in maintaining good health, life and energy. The Heart Chakra is the fourth Chakra from both ends. That is why it plays a dual role in creating the real you consciously. The first four spiritual centers belong to the gross physical body; the last four belong the subtle body or mind. The Fourth Chakra plays a double role as a two way bridge between the physical and the subtle.

“The heart of the scriptures is not the fleshy heart. It is the mysterious divine substance which is sentient, which feels, which is filled with sublime sentiments and higher emotions, and which is the seat of the Lord.”

Heart & Transformation

This spiritual Heart Center is the fountainhead of all human emotions. Sometimes we try hard to listen to the silent language of the heart. The heart is the only divine antenna and through its electro-magnetic field it is directly connected to the morphogenetic field of universal intelligence, and to each and every living organism. Its conscious pulsations can be monitored, directed, and sent at will to any-and everybody on this planet and beyond. It takes a highly spiritual and transformed human being to know and tune into the potencies and the mysteries of the heart.

Heart—The Cosmic Antenna

It is said about Mahatma Gandhi that before starting a new movement he would fast. His idea of fasting and meditating was to purify and focus his entire energies, physical, mental, and spiritual (especially the spiritual) to the task in hand. In spite of the lack of TV, radio, and other means of mass communication, he could electrify the whole country with his spiritual powers. Sometimes without informing anybody he would reach another city by train. There he would find hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets, waiting to greet him. He had the power to touch and move millions of hearts instantly with the power of his heart.

The internationally famous spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy said:

.. It is not the size of the arm that makes the man; it’s the size of the heart that makes the man:’

The process is no secret, it starts with being aware of the heart’s vast potential … though intangible, not in our usual three dimensional world view. That is why it takes patience, grace and an altered state of consciousness to know and feel the heart’s benign touch.

The heart is the most powerful cosmic antenna having the ability to receive or remit messages around the world instantly, faster than the speed of light. The heart is the seat of intuitive wisdom, the conduit to Universal intelligence and the fountainhead of all emotions. Through the heart you are instantly connected to this invisible power and energy, infinite in scale and magnitude.

It is probably one of the most powerful tools in the hands of those who have the good fortune to know its humungous potential and how to use or misuse. It is the only divine gift accessible to each and every one equally … the gift that must be cultivated, nurtured, harnessed, strengthened and adored with passion, clarity, wisdom, and utmost faith, stemming from the heart.

Heart—A Powerful Force

The heart contains the most powerful inner force that must be reckoned with; it is an unlimited source of passion, creativity and inspiration. Real adventure begins from the heart. It is where you decode the purpose of your life on this planet, and it is where real transformation happens. The heart has the ability to develop control over sense organs; it is where you re-illuminate your love and your relationships in your life. It is the direct link to the universal birthing cradle of the cosmos . . . it is where you have the capacity to be instantly in touch with anybody or everybody in the world. It is where you experience unimaginable bliss and ecstasy. The thoughts that are imbued with the energy from the heart are more powerful and have the capacity to change anything in this world.

The power to create beauty, power to create infinite wealth, power to heal, power to manifest anything you desire; these all lay dormant in your heart, and you hold the key to unlock your potential. Once you understand it, and you have tried and decoded the message from your heart and start putting faith in this invisible source of energy, a tremendous transformation will take place in your life. Your life will change . . . you will know and understand that there is nothing impossible in this world.

It is the same force that pulsates in every beat of our heart, and it is the same force that connects us with the whole universe. It is the same force that puts colors on the chameleon, or the flowers, or fragrance in the roses; makes the earth move on its axis, rotates the planets on a fixed path, creates all the insects, animals, and the plant kingdom; and at the same time, feeds every cell of our body. And most of us think misguidedly, it is we who mould our own destinies, or we have the choice to do what we want to do.

Path of the Heart (Heart Awareness

Once you are on this path of heart awareness, you are guided moment-by-moment, step-by-step by an invisible force that does not fail you. All it asks of you is to show implicit faith and integrity from the purity of your heart and to pursue the path of the heart. The only way to access this limitless source of energy . . . the energy of love, is to get anchored into it every moment of the day. It is this Heart Center that not only heals you but heals others as well. Abandon your feelings of isolation . . . get connected to this Infinite source—the infinite energy of love. The heart has the power to control your health, your wealth, your relationships, and your destiny. Negative emotions from the heart can manifest into disease. Positive emotions can heal and rejuvenate you. Once you become centered in the heart you become very aware of its infinite potential, and this awareness puts you in tune with your body and everybody and everything around you.

Mind without the heart is like an empty vessel making much noise. Mind by its very nature has a tendency to be effervescent. It gravitates towards whatever it contacts, which makes it restless and jumpy like a monkey. Mind can be taught to merge with the purity of the heart, or the purity of the intent in the heart.

Intention is powerful particularly after it has been culled by the mind and sifted through the heart. Without the benign touch of the heart and without a positive consciousness brought to it, the mind can be destructive, particularly when it is used in the name of religion or some fanatical creed or an ulterior selfish motive. Mind is like the cloud and heart is like the blue sky. A cloud can never stain the sky. However dense it may be.

Nobility of intention is not a product of the mind or intellect. Nor is it a mechanical process, or a product of the machine. It is also not a numbers thing, or a random theory of isolated occurrence, or some fate or destiny. It is directly connected to the source of the heart. It is connected to the source of the Universe where things emanate from nothing. Therein hides the greatest source of energy, infinite in nature. That energy makes it possible for some people to be capable of doing thing that are impossible for others to do.

Heart—The Abode of Truth & Love

“As the man thinketh in his heart, so is he, spiritually, mentally and physically?’ Jawan. anstes.,)

The findings of science are not contrary to the spiritual truths propounded by the seers of Vedanta. But science has not evolved far enough to find that both the paths lead to the same truths. It was Swami Vivekanand who said that the higher truths come through the heart, not the head; and that in a conflict between head and heart, the heart should be given preference. Though he possessed gigantic intellect, he confirmed his intuitive revelations by reasoning and thinking. Science has validated the existence of the morphogenetic field of love connected with the heart, and this energy is many times more than what comes out of the mind or brain, as ancient seers of India knew intuitively.

Mind is conditioned by its own limitations and cannot have a balanced perspective. Mind can be trained, not only to carry out day-to-day chores of life, but it can also be taught to merge with the consciousness of the heart and with its subtle invigorating touch. Mind or intellect has to be sharp enough to know its own limitations. Wisdom sustains life, but heart nurtures it. Heart has to play a major role in the affairs of the mind to achieve more balanced and harmonious results. Sometimes we need insight more than the whip of the intellect; sometimes we have to listen to the yearning of the heart and its silent whispers of compassion and kindness.

As the mind starts attuning itself with the heart and becomes focused, it reaches at the highest point of one-pointed concentration, and it turns to spiritual energy. It turns into yearning … a yearning of an infant for his mother; or of a devotee for a mystical union with the divine. This yearning is not from the physical or mental plane; it is from the eternal springs of the heart. It springs from the silence of the heart, the womb of infinite creativity, music, art and all sciences. At this point what the poets call the “mystical peak”, Infinite finds a way to reach the heart of the individual and gives the aspirant a glimpse of the Infinite.

The heart is the seat of consciousness, the abode of love; not of the mental or physical kind, and not of the business kind of give and take. The heart does not expect anything in return. It only believes in giving and giving without setting any conditions. As they say, true love is unconditional; and love that is based on giving. It makes the giver feel good from inside for the sheer joy of giving. There is no manipulation of any kind from the lower contriving mind when the heart is involved. True love has this quality of divinity, quality of synchronicity, quality of abundance that defies description. It multiplies and comes back many-fold of what you are giving, whether it is tangible or intangible, so long it springs from the nobility of thoughts.

Heart & True Awakening

True love has the power of this pure energy hidden in the heart, and the heart-anchored person can easily tap into it and transmit this power at will. It is like being connected to a dynamo of energy, while the mind dissolves into the heart and merges with the purity of higher consciousness. The only way we can attain that unity is by the anchoring of the mind in the heart, thus creating a new mind—call it the super-mind, awakened to the purity and the humanizing touch of the heart. This will create a newer understanding and unity, based on compassion and purity, and the realization that we are all tiny slivers and part of the whole. We are all part of the divine intelligence that permeates this universe, connected at the heart-level. We are one, and the common link that unites us together runs straight through the heart.

Oneness through the Heart

We are one … we are one family … this understanding is inborn in us. It is our primary consciousness that we are born with. It is part of our 5 billion year evolutionary journey on this planet; to live, to strive, to grow, and to understand the universe, but the final understanding is from the heart. We grow and develop different levels of consciousness; we go through a series of awakenings and we evolve to love, to nurture, to protect others and join others in the common goal for the welfare of all mankind, and feeling one with the universe.

Once we feel one with the universe, we become one with this Universal Energy, which stimulates the body and brain, or human consciousness, via this unknown Primordial Transcendental power. This is the same feeling of oneness that unites us all together on this planet. It is same bond that unites us at the heart level; and it is not clouded by the limits of the lower mind or the narrow boundaries of caste, creed, color, sex, national origin, or other politically or fanatically motivated biases. It is only when we get completely anchored in the heart that we can access and interact with this energy. It is about time that the awakened among us steer all mankind towards a global village concept before we destroy ourselves through technological advances. We have to learn to accept and respect all forms of life on our planet, not just cats, dogs, cows, or elephants.

It is in the heart . . . in it lies the gifts of infinite abundance, beauty, peace, eternal bliss and infinite wisdom. The universe is abundant in the myriad ways it speaks to us and how we express ourselves to others. All we need is to learn how to connect with that infinite source in fulfilling all of our desires and our fondest dreams.

All of us have to find our center, our own Heart Center, as everything and everybody in this world is centered in the heart. There is no other world and no other life than this. We are the God living in our own heart. We need to own up to ourselves by getting anchored in the purity of our own heart. We need to anchor ourselves in this new consciousness, deep within our hearts, creating a new kind of thinking, based on compassion, generosity, empathy and self-less service, responsive to the challenges of the new age. And it all starts from the heart. Life should not be measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments we live from our Heart Center, with harmony, peace and serenity . . . and this is no secret!

When the human consciousness disappears into the divine consciousness or merges with it and becomes one . . . it gets a glimpse of the peace of eternal life. Our life is essentially divine . . . there is no difference between humanity and divinity. Though it is a long and arduous process for a person steeped in baser senses to uncover his or her own divinity. The ego-based mind fails to know this. The mind, pursuing the externals can never be satisfied because they are temporary in nature. Only when the aspirant realizes the futility of the chase, he or she turns inward and comes in tune with divine consciousness that dwells within his or her own heart. His or her life then starts radiating the pure, spontaneous, integrated and graceful life. He or she feels joy, peace, truthfulness, kindness, patience and all those moral codes society is trying to impose on citizens through laws; these come naturally to the aspirant.

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